Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A Message From Our Sponsor & A Word From John Kaminski

The Human is not for the idiots who watch the Joe Rogan show, brought to you by the Temple of Set, or follow the now insane rantings of social media. What we talk about here is the realest material allowed on the internet. We enjoy a rather exclusive readership here and those that read us know we deliver reality as far as it can be distilled from a world gone mad, driven insane by the fact that for them there is no reality. In keeping within that format, I have received word that I may yet get to see justice delivered by the end of 2022 to those who have been foolish enough to misconstrue the dire circumstances they and everybody else are in as an opportunity. You fucked up and now you must pay but we'll wait. We have to finish Century of the Magicians anyway. In the meantime, we will keep our readers entertained and informed with writers like Mike Kay and John Kaminski. I'm told this is where the powers that be are at with the "vaccination" fiasco right now.  - Jack 

Schizoid shadow

shatters America

Mystery disease, poison cure

usher in new totalitarian era

By John Kaminski

The gulf that now divides the American people is greater than at any time since the Civil War. The same situation fundamentally pertains in both cases: the men who control the money say war is needed, individual freedom is suspended illegally, hundreds of thousands die and the country is destroyed. Only this time it’s the world.

In the Civil War, there was no crime, only the powerful North desiring to enslave the productive South. In the COVID epidemic, there is no disease, only a phantasm invented by the rich to completely enslave the productive poor whom they imagine to be annoying pests complicating their posh plantation, a nuisance to be eliminated by a pesticide through a needle.

Those pathetic proletarians who still trust their doctors have been brainwashed to believe a disease is being caused by healthy people which they call “the Plague of the Unvaccinated,” but those who have studied the matter thoroughly and don’t simply parrot media slogans foisted on them by corrupt shills have steadfastly refused to poison themselves with an untested vaccine that is proving to be utterly lethal in a variety of ways. They predict most of those who were jabbed will be dead in a few years, if not sooner, from one malady or another.

This is the great toxic divide now causing a crisis of mental illness devastating America with needless sanctions and numerous afflictions. It’s a plot by the rich to eliminate individuality and control everyone’s finances electronically. In the process, those who believe and those who protest are tearing each other apart.

What proves the murder plot in the COVID epidemic is this. 

From the start, the lead doctors advised NOT to treat the disease early. Then when it was serious, go to the hospital and receive medicines and treatment designed to kill you. Plus, hospitals were paid extra — a lot extra — to attribute death to the COVID phantom when people died from some other ailment. The result so far: at least 400,000 officially dead from the treatment, not the disease. How many died from the disease? The disease has never been proven to exist.

Just like 9/11. We needed to bomb Afghanistan, we needed to bomb Iraq, we needed to bomb Libya. Why? Because Israel, using their Saudi co-religionists and American traitors in the White House and throughout the government, blew up the World Trade Center, and all those other countries needed to be punished. And thanks to a complicit media and bribed politicians lying through their teeth, most of the American people believed them. This is the way the American government has always been run.

“They hated our freedoms,” said President George W. Bush. By now we know it was Bush who hated our freedoms. It was Obama, Trump and Biden who hated our freedoms, bombing all those other countries that had nothing to do with the atrocity planned and executed by Washington and Tel Aviv, the worst crime in American history before demented doctors and psychotic politicians concocted the COVID epidemic.

Now it’s sinister doctors protected by lying media and servile politicians, lying to the public, sharing the bribes and protecting the criminals who are enthusiastically erasing the common people so the engines of corruption will run more smoothly, and more undetected.

Lawmakers mandate masks, lockdowns and vaccine passports as small businesses are ruined and the specter of starvation haunts the land while millions protest in the streets and the death toll from the cure far exceeds those who perished from the imaginary illness. This has been done by the people who pretend to be protecting the health of Americans. From the corrupt judges to the lying journalists — not to mention the guilty doctors and the silent priests —  who all deserve the worst kind of punishment which our corrupt judiciary will never give them.

Right there that’s enough to make you crazy.

Consensus obliterated, arguments proliferate

There is no consensus anymore. Only chaos, cognitive dissonance and confusion. There seems to be no way out, only misery, misunderstanding and death. And with a number of different remedies proposed by various doctors who all pretend to be on the side of the people, solutions appear elusive and the poisons continue to be peddled.

Only one thing is certain in this unprecedented time of trouble for America and the world. This whole operation was planned by the world’s richest men who seek to recalibrate the world’s financial system and kill off billions of unwanted people in the process.

These two things no one can deny. Yet those in charge do nothing to halt the operation. Instead, they fix elections, sabotage supply lines and in general go along with the heinous homicidal plans of those who bribe them to do their bidding, no matter how demonic their plans devastating the majority of citizens they have pledged to protect.

Even among doctors opposed to government overreach, confusion reigns. Some say some vaccines are good; others say none are. The public remains confused, divided and increasingly agitated.

Suspect solutions and bad examples

While government favorites like Fauci and Varic continue to elude criminal scrutiny for their felonious actions producing a horrific death toll, scrutiny by the sleepwalking government overseers as well as doctors who pretend to be critics of the official mass murder programs has been significantly less then successful, reminding most observers of the scandalous behavior of the so-called alternative media which continues avoid naming the chief culprits of all these gigantic social crimes that have undermined the republic for most of the last two centuries.

As the true perpetrators of 9/11 who stood cheering from the across the Hudson River and later raked in $7.4 billion in insurance payouts from clever and complicit underwriters — as well as the judges and political functionaries who arranged all the pseudo investigations and simplistic reports that covered up all the critical details of the 9/11 bombings and fairy tales that came afterwards — these were never adequately investigated by the media giants who are tied so closely to the powerful Jewish button pushers who from behind the scenes engineered this treasonous masterpiece before and after from start to finish.

We have basically the same lineup in the COVID extravaganza with the kosher flavor of Big Pharma teamed up with the Hebraic enterprise of the World Health Organization and the World Economic Council perpetrating this colossal fraud on the world in order to turn everyone’s countries into carbon copies of the Chinese system originally invented at Yale University that is allowing the descendants of the Rothschild empire to finally control everyone’s bank accounts from inside their own bodies and usher in the era of the absence of individuality from the world and the eventual elimination of the last vestige of human freedom that anyone will ever possess.

And that would be the final elimination of your soul, coming soon to a vaccine passport office near you. So this is why people are so worked up. Your future has been canceled, and should you survive this unprecedented shakedown cruise we are about to embark upon, chances are you won’t recognize yourself when and if we get there.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  1. In my hometown of Milwaukee they wait in line for hours to get their fake covid tests administered and security is needed to punish line skippers to the back of the line and the MPD arrests people for line skipping. Nevermind that Milwaukee has rampant crime of the violent sort since it's a Democrat controlled shithole as real estate prices soar in the Red counties not controlled by crazy black democrats.

  2. Speaking of enemies of humanity, The Milwaukee teachers union is pushing mandatory masking of children in spite of masks lowering IT'S yet they march on! Next on their agenda? Forced vaccines upon children and judging by the massive lines to relieve fake covid tests the sheep will sacrifice their children to the blood soakedvaxx gods.

  3. Your link to mm. That guy is an ex pat military guy living in China. His website is obviously controlled by the CCP as how else could it not be? Fucking Duff 101 may he rest in peace. However, even controlled opposition has to tell some truth to the rubes right?

    Covid is and was created and deployed by the US Military and to view otherwise is very foolish IMO! The likes of Fouci and Gates? All DARPA funded. Why the CCP and its policies go hand and hand with those that run the American military. One big club Jack right? The die off is comming and its going to get ugly!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. As usual, Nine-- you manage to grasp some of the basics, but are woefully ignorant of the bigger picture. And clearly know nothing about who Metallicman is, what he is, and nor have you read any of his material either, I'd wager.

      (But just so's you know-- he ain't retired military, he's something else entirely. So your comments about him and what he's about are inaccurate, and reveal you as a bit of a fucking idiot, frankly.)

      Moreover, you, as a paid-up subject of a REAL military empire-- as opposed to the Chinese one of your imagination-- who views reality through a lens created for him by stooges of a police state that has deprived you and millions of others of a voice, any semblance of control or power over your own destiny, and a future....

      Well frankly, you're just geopolitically misinformed, amigo.

      In other words, you know nothing about modern day China, or how She works. (Hint: Meritocracy, and food on the table, heating and 3 square per day for EVERY citizen. But I'm guessing CNN haven't told you about that. Nor the hydrogen fuel-cells, nor the clean energy, nor the advance 'air' craft that are running rings around the USN in the South China Sea.....

      ....China's just a smog filled, serf run shithole crying out for fweedom and democracy.


      Why you know so little is by design, of course. Throw in some REAL knowledge about the rest of the world, too, while you're at it.

      But don't feel too bad-- you, and millions like you, have been had by what was formerly the best in the business.

      They're even telling you you still have your FWEEEEEDOMMMMMMssssss.......


      Ouch. Rather you and your panty hose than me, bud.

      Too much blade saddle up that creaky old arse. Tights a bit tite around the ballsack?

      Eeeeewwww. Gross.
      You guys should be put down.

      Anyhoos, fyi. Enjoy, learn, and desist from commenting on that which you know nothing about if you please. And on the plus side, the incoming Events will shut that silly old gasbag 'Dave Odell' up one and for fucking all. He's probably had three jabs in his butt cheek, by now.
      Silver Linings Playbook, eh?


      p.s. fyi-- and learn something:

  4. Thanx for the correction bangs but I am not critical of China just suspicious of American Intel folk as they lie about everything and to bikes the fastest ones are designed in America and made in China as the dumb Americans gave that market to China as I don't blame them at all. America? Look around. A cloth mask to stop covid? And the narrative we have now? The internet has always been weaponized and I believe very little that I read and if you think I am retarded you should see my neighbors and friends.

  5. American cyclists? Now that is a retarded bunch banger! They are a vaxxed bunch and in the rural areas the local truck drivers have this quaint custom called rolling coal. Look it up on YouTube for a laugh! And I stand corrected on our dear mm. Speaking g of the vaxxed cyclists I know they are all getting sick and slow on their bikes and it is vaxx related! I know two pro riders with career ending heart problems at 30 years old. The UCI the governing body of cycling are absolutely vaxx tyrants.scum of the earth.

  6. at least you don't have to eat breakfast with those chumps every day.
    And what's with you coming over all conciliatory? I expected a cutting repsote, or two.
    Maybe I should try the blade saddle and bicycle thing, myself. You sound well chilled out.

    1. I was wrong and you kindly corrected me. If you and Jack vetted him what do I have to say? And cycling? I could show you roads in Illinois on a bike that would demonstrate what a great place flyover country can be.And our dear mm highly recommends aerobic excersise in our covid environment as I read his reports.

    2. I wouldn't doubt it for a second. Some of the nicest, friendliest and most stand up Americans I know come from 'flyover states'. The very same family loving folks that Duff has declared null and void-- and should be either imprisoned or killed for reserving all rights over their own bodily autonomy.....

      Jim Fairy Dean even told a commenter who dared question their narrative recently that he was probably abused as a child.

      Speaking of which, both of those Brokeback Mountaineers have been eerily quiet, of late. Even Carol has shut the fuck up telling people to go get experimented on.

      Ah well, after the 4th booster the cracks should start to appear in the narrative. If they haven't started to already.

    3. I just looked at Rolling Coal. LOL. Thank you for providing me with the best laugh this side of Armageddon. Breaker Breaker, Big Nine. That's a Bear in the Air if ever there were.
      Love it.

  7. And cyclists? My "kit" is an ole flannal shirt and cut off jeans and of course no helmet. Still fast for an old duffer and not wearing a plastic hat really annoys them an added bonus. Greg LeMond America's greatest cyclist only wore a plastic hat when they paid him handsomely to do so as bikes were raced for 140 years with few deaths by head injury. A tip to annoy the cyclist? Get them going on a anti helmet rant. LOL

    1. I take it all back, Amigo. All I need now is for Mike Kay to plunge in the fatal dagger while we're down and it's lights out.

      Still and all, rather at the hand of a bard than Schlomo's experimental jab in my arse.

      Time I looked for a new job. The flock is about to get shorn.

  8. I personally know a nice, retired lady-- 'educated' up the wazoo-- who lost her two fit and healthy older brothers within a month of each other last autumn. One dead in the garden the other in bed. Massive heart attacks.
    And this silly tart is telling everyone in her walking group to go get the booster.
    Duff got one thing right: Too stupid to live.

    As for Metallicman-- all I know is he's got everything right over the past two years. And his forecasts for what's coming would chill you to the bone.
    We're on the cusp of a major historical event and most folks think they'll be 'back to normal' soon.

    Although that Malone interview on Rogan freaks me out. We all know what Rogan is-- so are they trying to ferment a cilil war stateside? Because the folks behind Rogan do not give a shit about the average chump in the street. That I know for sure.

    As the pagans say-- history isn't over. We're just watching it unfold as opposed to a Discovery Channel documentary.

  9. Banger, very sorry for the loss of your friends as this is going to get ugly. I am done trying to warn others about the jab as I have done my best to dissuade all I knew to not take it and in return just a bunch of guff but Christian charity says we must be kind to the lost. What do I know?

    1. The pagans got one thing right IMHO, Nine: Never meddle. Adopt a principle of non-interference at all times. And never more so than now.
      Watch yer back out there~

    2. Think I just committed an act of heresy or two, right there.
      Ber(ma)goglio can go sue me. But he's on shaky ground himself, LOL.
      (and anyone who thinks the moniker is a coincidence has a screw loose.)

  10. for anyone crying out for justice-- here's the unedited version. Intro by an Irish commentator who also knows what the fuck he's talking about. Rogan and Malone. Enjoy.

    This is what is known as a glitch in the Matrix, mon amee. It is ALL there.

    Whoever is behind Malone-- they wield a power most folks would find unimaginable.

    I have my doubts about Rogan and his motives, but Malone will tell you what's happening. And for anybody still clinging on to VT as a news source? Listen to the opposite of what they've been advising you for the past two years.

    And this from the guy who invented the fucking MRNA tech, almost had a heart attack after his second dose very early on, and then decided to get serious.

    Chumps gonna be chumps. Cults gonna be cults and will kill you rather then admit they're wrong.

    So stand wellllllll~ back and watch it all burn down. It's a long interview and I have a few days off. I suggest you listen to it all:

    'we're witnessing an explosion of vaccine related deaths.'

    'Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine known cures very early on and prohibited by bureaucrats in the CDC.'

    'Hospitals get a bonus if someone is declared dead from COVID.'

    Thanks, Duff~ Love ya.

    1. Rogan affiliates himself with heretics like Anton Lavey and Michael Aquino, anyone can Duck Duck the pictures if they want, and is pushed relentlessly by Twitter. This "interview" coming right after they jettisoned Malone's account ought to set off red flags all over the place just on that. But what the fuck is he talking about, with his pseudo-scientific Schlomo double speak about mass hysteria? The "Nazis" were hysterical when they attempted to defend themselves against the sick fucks of the House of Windoser, their American and French sycophants, and their trained attack ferret Schlomo? We all know this must true, it's on the BBC and discovery channel's 24/7, in between the relentless push to inject everyone on earth with an experimental concoction that traces back to the Wuhan Lab, Chappel Hill and quintessential mad scientist Dr. Charles Lieber. What harm could it do right? They are normalizing zombification and trying to sell the pod people as mentally unbalanced when in fact they are all dangerous zombies whom the human race must put down like the living dead they are if it is to survive. LOL, listen to that clown show at your own risk. The people I know in military intelligence no longer read VT, they read me, and I read Metalica man, he's very good. There are things in China nine even I won't talk about, many American expats are there, I suspect because it is far freer than America. We are the monster in this world and have been since we murdered 10 million Germans under the Morgenthau plan following WW II. VT sold me out from day one, but then I play a pretty slick game of chess myself. B is totally correct time to step back and watch the beast die from its self-inflicted wound, with the September Newsletter and the Spartacus Letter I've done what I could for the sentient. I got my commercial advertising shut down by Facebook just for linking to the Spartacus Letter. Its cost me and its cost me dear on book sales, but I can write another book and I am. I did what's right, anyone still lying about that "vaccine" is a willful murderer of children and they will pay the price, lets watch, and thank you guys for a most interesting morning in Orages comment section.

    2. If I were a betting man I'd put a few bucks on Malone having been given the go-ahead and support/protection of factions of the US armed forces who are still sentient, Jack. And human. No way they're gonna get dragged into a suicidal kinetic with China-Russia. And the Chinese have figured out a way to locate the boomers and disable their systems.

      Sure, the US have a few toys at their disposal, too-- but it's a zero sum game. Go easy on Malone-- he clearly still believes that he lives in a democracy with institutional oversight, checks and balances, etc. Rogan knows better. so, either it's a play to inform the slobbering masses that the 'West' has been taken over by demonic forces intent on killing off most of them-- (waste of time IMHO, FEMA 'dry-runs' have concluded they'll march off a cliff if ordered to)-- OR, they're trying to set off another Civil War stateside and/or setting up a 'The CCP and the Wuhan Lab added some zombie shit to our vaccines and we have to libehhwate dem enslaved Chinese peeples fwom dose fweeeeedom hating communeestas' scenario.

      Who the fuck knows, anymore. I'm just glad that Dave Odell will finally quit serial posting his babble on VT due to a serious cognitive incapacitation-- one that'll stop him typing this time, though, LOLLLLL. In addition to his previous affliction.

      That goofball would bore my fucking turtle to death.

    3. But Jack, I did tell you before-- the Wuhan Lab is a public health facility researching SARS viruses and their effects on urban populations, mainly.

      Do you honestly think they'd be researching Frankenstein 'viruses' in the middle of a major conurbation? No way, biowarfare research don't roll like that.

      Middle of the Gobi Desert? Maybe.
      Angola? Fucking probably.
      Mauritania? Sure as a Dave Odell word salad. With a double garlic dressing.

      C'mon, now-- Lieber probably invented the creepy crawly microscopic spiders they've discovered in the zombies' bloodstreams, but they were mass produced in the same place they're handling the black goo.
      Sure as a David Odell serial post.
      They should send him to the same place they sent Lieber.
      (Hint: we won't be spending his double salary, let's just say that.)

    4. Trust Malone if you want but this is not a matter of science, and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that. This game is being played for souls between Devils, Gods and Saints. Science just muddies up the water. "Trust the science." LOL, yea trust Athony Fauci, the man is evil incarnate. You'll excuse me if I have little use for his colleagues, I don't care whose side they say their on. I'm concerning myself with writing Century of the Magicians, you could say it's the bad news sequel to the New Testament. I have to go edit Before There Was Darkness There Was White which I just posted on Patreon for the patrons. I got few over there in Asia and I'll say this their more worried about their family's trapped in Europe, my girl there sent me this yesterday.

    5. I get ya, I get ya. Trust but verify, my good fellow, LOLLL.

      Malone is being used to 'wake up' the slobbering masses, clearly. To what end though, that is the question. (Not much point in getting esoteric with that lot.)

      You can bet your muscly, firm ass it has nothing to do with health, though.

  11. Timeline of Lyran / Vegan ancient extraterrestrials on Earth:
    2,080 BCE
    Jehovah displaced by Kamagol I Kamagol I forced all earthly religions into his control and created terrible cults which demanded human blood. Kamagol II his son was even worse, he overthrew his father, deprived him of power and let him die miserably in a deep dungeon. Kamagol II introduced the monstrous mass murder of Earth-born terrestrial human beings.

  12. Mr. K. is a very capable writer. He sums up the visible in few words, as relates to the specific condition we are all groomed to bathe in.
    However, there is much more to the story that is not so easily seen.
    I could lay out the agenda to destroy the United States. It is one that begins before the blood of the independence war was dry. If you believe this a dalliance, or a flirtation with conspiracy, you need to return to your study of history.
    I tried to warn people about the black sickness, about the agenda a Biden regime would usher in. I tried to tell whoever would listen that they wouldn't recognize their country once the Bidenistas took hold. No avail, we are now in it.
    The people in this country are facing a terrible choice. Don't think this isn't known, even as it's trampled by the meme machines of politics media and buisness.
    Right now the Bidenistas laugh and joke and lampoon the simpletons whose lives they gleefully destroy. Yet in what passes for their hearts a great fear grows, for beneath the errant stupidity they have found iron they cannot bend.
    There will be damage.
    There will be death.
    Be aware of what you wish for.

    1. Never mind John he knows what he's doing and I'm sure is surrounded by the very best. It's you speaking for her that really interests me. Where's our next Mike Kay piece? Eight years Mike, driven like that, all trying to avoid this, but she wanted a judgement. It was never going to be any other way, its back there in the comments somewhere five years ago. As noted by the peanut gallery you nailed the date where it all went wrong. Yea there are somethings that just cannot be bent but the wave function is not one of them. Why would anybody or anything pick a fight with something that demonstrated it could bend the wave function? You will have to ask these morons you are railing against, oh and ask her. She always knew how this would turn out. Just the way she wanted it. She's the true master of this game...

    2. That question, of why those who should know better refuse to heed all sensible warning signs is a very, very large question. It's tempting, on the surface, to blame everything from a suspension of intelligence to manipulation via others, yet however one chooses to look at it, it is perhaps the most significant question of this time.
      This question will appear in my upcoming piece, although I don't imagine many will like the implications.

    3. That is the question Michael and I, Gordon Duff, Duncan Roads and Alec Newald have already given them their answer. Because I was a science guy I scoffed when Gordon Duff claimed it only afflicted the impure of heart but I'm not scoffing anymore. Apparently, the Devil is quite the general, first send in Schlomo with license to corrupt the entire world with his materialistic rejection of all that constitutes the higher soul. When Schlomo has drained them of everything that's holy and sublime, leaving only a husk, I believe you Gnostics call Hylic man you attack on a biological level and destroy the corporeal.

    4. Jack,
      Everything is related. It goes back to the beginning when error was emanated. This question has not been settled because it can't be, and I hope to show the why.
      I am still at a bit of a quandary with exactly how much information about graphene to cite, because too much is pretty much mind numbing, and counterproductive. The insect revolution, error, and graphene are closely linked.
      Hyllic, Psychic, and Pneumatic...characteristics more than states of being. Unfortunately for the world and themselves, Judaism is indeed a haven for the Hyllic.
      What is truly amazing Jack, is the character of gold. It is so far away from being a useless metal. Anyway, I have way too much for any one piece, if it's going to be readable. It will be complete soon, and I will send it to you.
      If you don't like it, that's fine, but I'm writing it anyway.

    5. It's not for me to like what you have to say. You speak for her not me, whatever you write will be published right here. Just don't get like John and start recommending shooting people, obviously I can't put that up.

    6. Jack,
      As you know, I don't fight the time. I also rarely concern myself with politics because they tend to define the mind in rigid and counterproductive ways. Even with the oncoming of our present situation, I didn't advocate shooting anyone. I tried to simply state what people were moving into.
      The point of this next piece is to correct what we, all of us, have been forced to believe by those who hate our potential. If one assumed loss of memory, just one, is corrected, it will be a victory.

    7. LOL, Mike slow down, I was joking. B is right about you, no sense of humor. Your essays have been Brillant thus far, but since technically this is a Kaminski post, with a lot of help from B, I will take this one opportunity to disagree with your disparagement of Vengeance. Vengeance from the Viking warriors of yore, to the untamable Pashtun tribesman of today, is the highest quality a man can have. Vengeance is what keeps villains awake at night, and by embracing the Jew god Set most Free Masons can expect only Vengeance...

    8. Right Jack.
      EVERYTHING they say about me is true.
      Since I'm so well known, then it must also be known that when it comes to vengeance, I've been there done that.
      Y'know I hate movies, but the scene, in Excalibur, where the gate opens to reveal the Grail...a moment such as that changes ones' mind.

    9. I'm looking forward to your next piece and see what you come up with MK.

      My sister lost about 60 percent of her cognitive ability post jabs. She has a Phd. in Public Health & Safety and a master's in microbiology. She said from the onset of the 'pandemic' that it was all handled in a horseshit way. She knew better, she said better. Now she can't make a cup of coffee or fry an egg without burning the house down,

      Then Fauci tootled his flute and she began swaying to the hypnotic tune. Couldn't wait to roll her sleeve up for something she claimed was horseshit a month before. NOW, when you reasonably point out something she flips out. I asked her about a guy at work who has a raging case of CVDand he's been double vaxxed plus a what? She panicked and went running to CNN to find someone to reassure her that the vaccine is in fact 100 percent effective.

      It seems like CVD and the jab is a sort of emotional safety blanket to pull over one's head to protect them from the reality of the situation.


    10. Brilliantly put, if I may say. And you're experiencing directly the madness at the core of this whole event sequence.
      Careful you don't catch a dose of the real disease: Cray Cray.

      And you've also reminded us that for the first time in medical history a) I have to take the "vaccine" as well as you for it to work, and b) inoculation prevents one catching a bad dose of something, but you can still catch a mild dose.

      How the fuck duzz DAT work, Doctor Bob?

      Easy: real vaccines do nothing of the sort, and very, very soon people all over the comfortable and secure world of US hegemony are going to have to face up-- and "live" up-- to the consequences of not researching an emergency medical intervention for themselves.

      Trust the science!!

      (And they slag off the Abrahamics for flipping the faith and reason coin, eh? I'd put my faith in the Big Guy Upstairs over sime rat arsed geek in a white coat ANY fucking Sunday.

      Fresh air, good food and exercise. Call me old fashioned but my grandparents on both sides touched a hundred in relatively good health and I intend to do the same, God willing.

      Eat an asshole, Dr Bob and Monsignor Jab. I'll look after my own health thank you very much.

    11. E9,
      Thank you for that narrative.
      The world is massively changing, and the old ways will not be tolerated. For many, too many this is intolerable. If you ask them they will not know, but what they do says it all.
      It is in the actions because their spark is unavailable to their level of speech. The divine spark from the mother of manifestation, that which truly animates.
      She has given the fruit of her will all their own choice. They who do not know her run to the ersatz love that will leave them bereft in their hour of need.
      She knows they have chosen the oblivion of the Kenoma, yet her determination is to give them the choice.
      Do not despair their choice, for it was made in their heart of hearts. Rather, get your own gumption going, because that which convinced them will challenge the aware generation.


    Just for shits and giggles I had to leave a comment.

    My cycling friends are all vaxxed up and I mock them and lay down benjimans and say let's race down in Illinois on the knarly gravel roads. No takers Jack and fuck em.

    1. just twats banging a softball at each other for mega-bucks, man. If he had any cohunes, he'd have cancelled his trip to the Australia matches, and made a public statement in support of that decision, to begin with.
      Now he just looks like a clown and is getting a taste of the real power behind this agenda.
      Fauci can lie to congress all he likes, 'Biden' can cheat an election, shit, they can takeover the entire world's media practically overnight-- not to mention 'governments'-- so locking up a tennis 'star' in a hotel room for a few days isn't gonna be that difficult.
      Next time the lanky Serb or whatever he is might wanna seek better travel advice. Because in the Crown Colony of Australia, they are fucking full on and deadly serious implementing this agenda.

    2. Really there's no arguing with them, fighting thems a whole other story, they are slow, stupid and winded in seconds, the day we start killing them as soon as they open their vile mouths is the day, we turn this thing around...

  14. Banger, that's why I am a huge fan of Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers American football team as I will trade my flannal shirt for an Aaron Rogers jersey for cycling.

    How do you rile up a Jewish cyclist Banger? Ride a bicycle without a helmet. LOL

    I will add to that as riling up a Jewish cyclist will include an Aaron Rogers jersey. LOL

  15. Banger, meet that "lanky Serb" on the court and see what happens. They are effin cowards my man. Simple as that.

    Lets run to OZ and hide behind their vaxx laws and avoid that Serbian monster on the tennis court. Well, your analysis of the power structure is spot on as usual.

    If I were him I would put up a bunch of prize money in a neutral country regarding vaxxed athletes and lets party.

    Money talks and bullshit walks.

  16. I bet the United States would let him in to play a monster game of tennis. Perhaps I am wrong but money always drives the issues in the States. Just an observation....

    1. I know, I know-- he'd hand me my firmly toned arse for breakfast. But he could have handled it better by refusing to go and that's caused a much bigger stink. They may be cowards, but so were the staff officers 10 kilometres back from the trenches in WW1. They still called the shots, though. Snivelling little men can make life difficult for the warriors on the front line. Ask the guys surrounded back at Stalingrad.

  17. The only relative that I know that plays tennis I know took the vaccine as tennis like cycling are un-American activities however, many um Americans ride bicycles and smack their balls along with a mesh covered racket and all such activities get slower and less sure with every vaccine.

    1. They were always different, amigo. Always lived among us. It's just that thanks to COVID we now know who they are.
      Let's just say I'm considering my options. I never signed up for this. And I'd personally rather get sick and die than consent to an experimental inoculation filled with G*d knows what. Pressure's starting to mount up but as far as some colleagues and I are concerned,
      Fuck, thaaaaaaat.
      Next thing we know it'll be a COVID cert to get into a confessional, never mind a church.

    2. Nonsense B you Catholics are doing great in spite of a globalist pope. Archbishop Vigano, Cardinal Mueller and Alexis Bugnolo are just a few of the notables. If nothing else thus just may be the end of the protestant schism, their pastors just about to a man and woman have failed them miserably. The jews have been told the vaccine is anathema by their own Rabbinical court yet their punk ass Rabbis have went right along with Massa Fauci. I'd like to hear from more Muslims to get a line on them, but I don't think their imams are worth a shit, they never were. Fight the good fight, the battle will be won on the other side...

    3. Far as I know most Muslims wouldn't touch the vaxx with your lengthy one, Jack. Let alone mine. And pretty much ignored the lockdowns in English speaking Europe, at least. They went to prayers and the cops didn't dare stop them in case the woke lawyers got on their case.

      Indigenous populations however were locked down like rats in a cage. I'd say it was tragic if it wasn't for the fact that most of them seemed to enjoy it: Netlix, blow and free money instead of commuting into their shitty jobs every morning was the better option, methinks.

      UBC and a Great Reset?
      Think that lot would even get it? Never mind resist it.

      Think that lot give a shit about 'human rights'?

      a} most of them aren't human, and b) Mad Max post-apocalypse they ain't. They'd rather play computer games in their y-fronts and crash on the couch.

      I'd say, forgive them Lord for they know not what they do....
      ...but I shalt not lie, LOL

  18. Unfortunately, the notables you refer to above are very much on the margins and personae non grata. But time will tell. Most bishops have told their congregations it's their Xian duty to get jabbed in the arse with a Schlomo Shake Shpecial. Annnnd, surprise surprise, not much resistance, there.

    Two words from Banger and the Merry Mongers, though: 'Faaaaack' and 'Youuuuuuuuu'.

    (The episcopacy never liked us much, anyway, LOL.

    Go figure.

    1. Quality not quantity B, only the strong will be left standing...

  19. I always figured people would die of their own stupid because that's what the stupid do I didn't figure they'd stupid themselves out of existence with a self-inflicted medical mass extinction event.

    People seem to LIKE this shit. People are flipping out at the thought of the pandemic ending. Dying in droves by a vax, seems to have given them new life.

    It goes back to natural law, the natural hierarchy of Manking--gnobilty and artisan--- that have lasted a good long time in spite of their fewer numbers and having virtually all of the mass of humanity hunt them as witches at some point in history. Mankind vs. the mass of humanity; the commoners and the merchant class that have always preyed on them. They are the ultimate prey now, snagging them all in a single shot, no pun intended. But they walk into the snare and feel good about it even after it closes and tell everyone else to get a vaccine as they are spread eagled in a hospital bed with their heart bulging from their chest and their arteries clot clogged.

    If the strong still stand, they have an opportunity with this mandate. The mandate determines vaccination of employees working at corporations with more than 100 employees. I think a lot of people for whatever reason will leave. I know where I work at, fully 70 percent of the staff will walk. It's going to cause a crash primarily in manufacturing, agricultural companies, food processor, etc. That gives rise for an opportunity for small businesses to rise again as the mass of unvaccinated are discharged, perfectly positioned to employ and serve those who aren't vaccinated and don't want to be.

    For the time being anyway.


    1. Well E 9, master Seargent, highest rank an enlisted man can achieve, much like our own Phil Hunter, I know just how you feel. This is a simulation though, computer programs are subject to bit rot, in time the original program becomes unrecognizable, memory banks fill up too. This is combated by a killer program called Sacrifice Child:
      It just gets rid, by using a set of heuristics scoring, of all the unneeded programs that are the children of the original program. This is done so the new program can run efficiently. Stand by and we will get to see what the new program is. I'm sorry about your sister, mine seems to have lost cognitive ability too but do not forget this is a war, we are going to take casualties. In fact, no one's getting out of here alive...


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