All Life Is Struggle by Loki Hulgaard


Hitler said it best: "All life is struggle"(Alles Leben ist Kampf) and substantiated this statement with another: "Those who refuse to fight do not deserve to live". Such is the law of life- the stronger force overcomes the weaker and this applies across all kingdoms from the micro to the macro organismal- all entities which reside within the Cosmos seek to live and perpetuate themselves and their kind and place themselves and their own kind first and foremost above all.

Ben Klassen spoke of this in the book "Nature's Eternal Religion" which illustrates the eternal law of life. However within this world of the Demiurge the laws of biology as construed by contemporary science apply to organisms who dwell within the material plane and whose structures are subject to Demiurgic Time-flow, to degeneration and corruption.

At higher levels nature's laws abide by different principles not expounded upon by mainstream 'scientism', the religion of modernity. Nonetheless the general principles of eternal struggle apply and are the constant of nature, that is to say Reality, the fabric or structure of the Real.

By strict implication it follows from the principle that "all life is struggle" that failure to struggle conduces to death, lacking power to overcome that which would overcome oneself leads to ones being overcome. Hence fight and live or cease to exist is the only conclusion that can be drawn by any reasonable and intuitive person.

The path of the left-hand, that against the death force of the Demiurgic explosion, that force which is Time, creating the perishable and material conditions of being that lead to atrophy and death and the cycle of the eternal return of reincarnation of the energies- this path of the vama marg is the only path that can be pursued in the attainment of life, that is to say the perpetuation of one's vital being.

The alternative is to follow the path of 'submission' before the Dark Lord, that of the right-hand path of mainstream religions all of which follows the path of the death force toward atrophy and death. This is the 'path of peace' which is to say the path of self-destruction , of 'resting in peace', a spiritual suicide through pacifistic cowardice and underhanded passive-aggression (at best- or worst), the path of the slave and the coward, one who 'gives the Lord his soul to take' as he has no capacity, owing to his inner weakness, to have self-mastery and to take himself, his very soul, from 'The Lord's' greedy maw.

The National Socialists' flag the Blutfahn (or blood flag) allegedly named after a martyr who soaked the flag in his blood, was blood red with black and white colors. A black swastika of leftwards rotation, connoting the reverse wheel of the zodiac against the cycles of Time, against the Dark Lord and Time flow which is the mode of the Demiurge, his Will to Power, creating a degeneration and progressively increasing chaos through entropy.

A leftwards swastika is black connotative of the nigredo phase of hermetic alchemy, the breaking down or 'blackening phase' which is undergone through a combat against the forces in time, against the servants of the Demiurge who as emissaries of his will are the embodiment of chaos on the earth.

The morality or values of these forces bases itself on imminence, on an immersion in the lower states of consciousness and eschews the transcendent path, being bound to the lower states of consciousness within the realm of the Demiurge and, not having come from above do not go above or rather find the Eternal Realms inaccessible to themselves.

Hence they follow the rightwards swastika of entropy, chronology (Time-flow) and exists 'in time' subject to the cycles of incarnation becoming even more atrophied as a soul going forward as their souls are energies recycling the wheel being fed upon by the dark forces.

The path of struggle, of extropy, what the Jehovah worshippers of 'The One' call the 'Satanic' path, is that of the leftwards swastika against Time-flow following the transcendent path of detached action.

This leads just as is depicted on the Blutfahn to the albedo phase, to a consolidation of one's being, a strengthening of the elements of one's being, the path of the integralist whose soul becomes formed through overcoming the challenges he voluntarily subjects himself to, overcoming them and forming his soul through the crucible of hardship.

This is depicted as a white circle representative of the vimana, the scarabeus of the soul in its proper form, a winged disk, a spherical monad that has attained form under the Will of the initiate- not only does the white sphere connote the shape of the soul and the albedo phase (a soul pure of its dross being white or 'pure') but it underscores a correlation between the white race and the transcendent spiritual property possessed by those of its members who have not followed the path of disintegration becoming an earthbound soul like the 'human-all-too-human'.

They have become the white disk and attained the albedo phase of alchemical transmutation. However they have not yet attained immortality and are thus subject still to the cycles of incarnation within the entropic soul prison of the Dark Lord, to disintegration and the loss of what they have constructed through overcoming challenges and integrating the disparate elements of their being into a unified form, a vortex of energy, a 'self propelling wheel' in the words of Nietzsche.

The Blutfahn or blood flag of the National Socialists has a red square or rectangle which surrounds the white circle and the black inner swastika. This connotes both the rubedo phase of alchemy, that of the immortalization of the soul and the Graal or memory of the blood of the Aryan race, of their Divine origins in the realm of Eternity from a faraway star.

The rubedo phase is that of immortality, of the consolidation of the elements of one's being and this through the appropriate ritual action. One becomes incapable of disintegration as a soul, becomes what has been called 'the diamond body' of immortal vajra. His vimana can't be disintegrated, he is a fully integrated soul and has crowned himself like Lucifer with the holy Graal through Will and Skill able to transcend that will beyond this Demiurgic prison-but choosing to dwell within it to fulfill his mission of combat against the hordes of the evil tide of the Demiurge.

Thus the Blutfahn entails symbolism connotative of man perfected not through the vile rites of semitic Dionysian chaos and trafficking with infernal entities but rather a perfection achieved through the vama marg (left-hand path) in its proper form- combating the forces of chaos both in this dimension and at higher dimensions. Man has become a God through the great work and thus is immortal.

His morality is not that of the Judeo-Christian 'good versus evil' or the judeo-masonic false 'transcendence' of trafficking with 'evil' as a means of attempting to overcome it, rather his path is that of the transcendent man, the Solar-Uranian path beyond good and evil, the path of action not contemplation, the Aryan path up the mountaintop of self overcoming, overcoming the 'human-all-too-human' fallibility of his base tendencies which would otherwise render him an earthbound soul subject to the cycles of Time.

He doesn't pursue a path of deliberate commission of evil, a childish attempt to transcend the 'jealous God' Yahweh-Jehovah, but rather to dwell within the higher planes above this entity and opposing his 'great work' which is great only in the Mind of the Prince of darkness. He abides by the maxim "all life is struggle", identifying life with action and overcoming not only one's self and his base born tendencies but overcoming all of those forces which obstruct his True Will be they person, tribe or entity.

Pacifism is not his God, what has been called by the Abrahamics 'peace', for he recognizes that allowing himself to become atrophied as a soul simply leads him toward the grave through a failure to perform the great work of the Ars Regia, the alchemical transmutation of his soul from base metal into philosophical gold.

He eschews the infantile notion that clinging to a jewish voodoo doll nailed to a cross will ever grant salvation from the corruption of his soul- he wants nothing to do with 'Christ', the external savior figure 'deity'. Rather he wants Lucifer and to become like him, a living God on the earth, the very incarnation of transcendence in imminence.

He waves the Blutfahn over his head in a gesture of challenge and assertion of power as an Aryan- not in 'pride' and vainglory as those of the magian morality would condemn him for, placing themselves on a pedestal as if qualified to judge and condemn he who transcend their limited comprehension; rather he waves the flag to signify his readiness to combat the Enemy and this through whatever means most effective to achieve his goals.

His life is struggle in his system of ethics and Weltanschauung-he joys in the struggle and condemns the path of 'miserable ease' spoken of by Nietzsche. Self-overcoming is his goal and the means is his Will and Skill, the Divine Spark which lies within his being.

Thus one faces a choice and a choice of life and death- between life and death. One may either transmute himself into a God or devolve over the incarnations (assuming such a one's soul can even withstand the Will of the Demiurge , it's gravitational fields, it's electrical fire, tearing apart his being, fragmenting it through a lack of inner strength to integrate all of its elements).

He may either find Eternity as his home through resurrection, through the triumphal attainment of victory (over himself and over the countervailing forces which seek to tear him down and precipitate his death- or he may find the lake of fire as his state, his soul disintegrating under the influence of the countervailing forces).

To follow the ethics of the magus, of the Near-Eastern or is to follow the latter path: one of contemplation and pathos-a purely emotionally chaotic, 'human-all-too-human' path, following the downward spiral into the abyss. The Faustian soul of the Aryan race follows the vama marg or left-hand path of the leftward swastika- to victory or to Valhalla achieving victory even in death.

The distinction between the two soul types is that of it adhering to a condition of entropy (following the rightward path of Dark Lord of Time-flow, or rather acquiescing to the evil tide through pure contemplation and supplication, a pusillanimous subservience before the Prince of Darkness) or adhering to one of extropy (this is the vama marg).

It is not without reason that all varieties of religion, which are the mind programs of the black magicians of Zion, are following the same path: that of entropy, and the consequent atrophy of the soul through a lack of challenge and resistance to 'evil', i.e. to the destructive forces of entropy (the 'Will' of the Demiurge and his vampiric legions who seek to absorb the soul energy of all within themselves, indeed within himself).

This is the 'right-hand' path of extinction, of Nirvana, of 'going to God'. This, throughout the history of the programming has been distorted as 'goodness' as 'love' and marinated in the emotional pathos of the magian soul (especially of the jew). The magian soul-type, being a distorted creation of Jehovah has brought these 'religious' mind programs into being and imposed them upon their slaves to keep them cycling in the wheel of incarnation and giving off their bio-energy through the process of 'earning their bread to the sweat of their brow'. Indeed all paths lead to 'God' and this in the worst sense imaginable, that of the extinction of the soul.

Hence the prudent and wise must draw the conclusion that such a path is not one to tread should one value the continuation of his soul. On the contrary he must as a matter of life and death follow the upward path, that of challenge and hardship, of combat and war against the Demiurge regardless of the risk, in order to arrive at his proper destination-the stars.

Only through the springboard of risk will one attain reward and the bigger the risk the greater the reward-so long as it is an ontologically valid set of conditions and not a mere appearance of causality. The path of the warrior and of the wise man (who are one in their proper form) is that of extropy, of opposition and of contest, of agonistic confrontation and opposition to that which is adversarial to oneself and one's being-that which harms rather than helps, and that which disempowers harms, that which empowers helps. "Judge them by their fruits" is the maxim which applies.

All pretense of help such as that which is given as a 'false gift' by christians- which is the only help they are able to give- all of this is the act of an enemy. One must act always with regards to the consequences, not with regard to purely temporal (earthly) rewards but with regards to the higher principles of action-serving the empowerment of himself and his kind and disempowering others-the 'Other', the adversary of his goals and motives on this earth and indeed in all planes and dimensions of being.

He must not acquiesce or succumb save in death and not seek death as a goal but only a means and only if no other means presents itself to him. His combat is, like the polestar and the leftward swastika of the pole, constant, reflecting his origins in eternity.

God-like he acts from principal and neither yields nor waivers before the foe. He is, like an eagle, forever seeking his prey not out of some perverse cruelty but of necessity for he has many enemies who seek the destruction of himself and his kind. And who seek to obstruct his goals.

These enemies are they who are of a completely foreign ontological constitution- their bodies and souls in diametrical opposition or of a jarring incompatibility. Such he can have no 'remorse' for as they are 'enemy' and 'remorse' along with 'pity' and 'compassion' are the foreign ethics that are embraced by many of his enemies. These he tramples upon as a steel shod stallion, an iron-heeled soldier crushes his foes beneath his combat boots.

Such is the path of 'extropy' and by nature, of its essence, is the path of the adversary, the antagonist to what the magian moralists call 'God'. Indeed they call their adversary a 'Satanic' figure, this adherent of the path of power, as his path is that adversarial to the Dark Lord and 'His Will', to His influence of entropy and the crystallization (atrophy) of the soul leading to the extinction of the weaker type.

Hence he, the warrior, follows the path which opposes God and indeed all of the adherents of 'God' who have driven all the noble spirits they were able out of their crude materialistic pigsty they call 'paradise'. All of the torture and murder perpetrated by the cruel and barbarous adherents of the 'right-hand path' of Demiurge worship throughout history are a function of both their inhibited neurotic mind, their soul being possessed by the host of the Demiurge and controlled and influenced by His Will and their will to power finding an outlet through the permission of their religious dogma which permits the murder and bloodshed of all who do not 'bow before He' the Prince of Darkness.

Not being an adversary to a being of this kind and his bloodthirsty minions is a sign of a lack of vitality, perhaps even one of being a captive soul of his will. Those who fight against 'God' (the Demiurge) thereby demonstrate their healthy vitality, their heroic nature, pitting themselves against the death drive which brings nothing but destruction in its wake.

The true violators of the harmony of existence are these adherents to the right-hand path 'religions' of this being. Their cruelty and cowardice is a direct function of their magian consciousness-a cowardly and spiteful 'female violence'-passive aggressive and covert, concealing itself with a smile and ever being a bearer of false gifts, the poisoned apples of their 'Lord', his 'glad tidings' (tithings). These minions follow the path of extinction, of entropy, their souls eventually expiring and 'going to God'.

See that you follow the path proper to yourself for: "by their fruits you shall know them".