'Entartung': Jewish Degeneration Tactics by Loki Hulgaard



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The modern world is a Demiurgic system which operates as a violation of the harmony of existence and leads to the degeneration of the Aryan race. It is a prison matrix, a torture chamber, a death cell in which the white man is placed and subject to slow disintegration by multifarious means-all orchestrated by the cabal as a deliberate attempt at sabotaging those who they seek to destroy and who are their greatest enemy.

This is not by their own choosing but by the selection of the black magicians of Zion who has selected them for extermination as the greatest obstacle toward the realisation of their plans and the greatest object of jealousy, as being pure and being derived from the gods. They the Aryan race are the light which outshines the false light of the Demiurge.

The forms of degeneracy that are discussed in the following are practices; processes; substances and lifestyles all designed for that sinister purpose on the part of jewry as a gradualistic; means of eroding the health wealth and power of Aryan mankind. Though the following are divided into arbitrary categories to make the impact of these processes, etc. more intelligible, these processes, etc. all are interrelated across these categories and have simultaneous effects upon the mind-body-soul complex of the Aryan and indeed of all those who are considered to be 'Goyim'.

Though many of the jews are harmed by these processes themselves the leadership of jewelry acknowledges the necessary sacrifice of same, indeed many, of their own as a means toward the realization of their ends, as it is the global dominion of jewry which is sought by their leadership, not the comfort and pleasure of all, and owing to their beliefs in reincarnation their reasoning follows the lines of:

regardless of the suffering (real or imagined) of contemporary jewry as long as they the jews can eliminate the white population they will be able to reincarnate in a jewish body and as long as a sufficient number of Jews continue regardless of the losses to themselves this is considered a 'victory' over their enemies and for themselves, indeed for "The Absolute Supreme Being" (God Himself).

Hence though the nets are cast wide and pull in many of the jewish community along with a larger amount of non-jews the ends justify the means in the reckoning of the cabal.

The jewish leadership by the top-down structure of the Kehilla, transmits the information to those at lower levels and to the extent they deem necessary as means of giving the jewish community "the edge" over the goyim. Throughout the following the writer will explain to the best of his knowledge how that edge is given and what specific form it assumes in a given case.

‘Entartung' means "degeneracy", which in the case of the Demiurge'd disintegration of the white race means the harmful and damaging means of destroying by slow degrees their enemies. The policy of the elders of Zion has always followed this course in their disintegration of their hosts because:

1) they are insufficiently numerous or powerful physically to overcome the white population and

2) they are bound up with the white population in a relationship of vampirism whereby they absorb the energy of their hosts into themselves and thus require them to live while simultaneously and absurdly seeking their death or at the least a sadistic desire to injure to the point of recovery their hosts, creating a balance between maintaining a host to parasitize off and destroying that host, a balance which is in reality impossible as the two motivations are contradictory and thus are self-defeating which would eventually, should the cabal be able to obtain their purposes and goals, lead to their own destruction either through destroying their host, destroying themselves and not destroying the host or the host destroying them.

Accordingly the black magicians' motivation is absurd and doomed to fail and it is only through their self deceit that they continue to persist in their aggressive parasitism and it is only tolerated by the white population for this same reason of deception:

1) the white population not knowing who or what is being done to them and

2) being deceived to the extent they know anything that it is caused by some other party, for a cause. That requires either siding with or bowing before jewry or not factoring in jews into the equation at all and thus enabling jews to perpetuate their actions against the white population.

Hence the modus operandi of Jewry is deceit, 'the dissimulation', deception and this as a means of degenerating the white population.

Their policy is dysgenics as opposed to eugenics, the recipe for degeneration of the blood and by countless means some of which will be discussed below. The influence and mechanism of action of these processes; practices; actions against the white population will be discussed as well as the typical response anticipated by jewry based upon their keen observation of the white population and historical precedent and the actual response on the part of the white population. In most cases the whites have acted predictably according to the jews' assessment of the likely outcome and thus the Jews have moved the goalposts of their plan forward by slow degrees according to their serpent strategy of gradualism, two steps forward, one step back.

The first category of 'entartung' or degeneration that jews have introduced into white culture and that they have viewed correctly as instrumental in the destruction of their host will be the 'psycho spiritual' as this is the means through which they have been able to have the greatest deleterious (degenerative) influence on the white population. The psycho-spiritual influence is the black magic of Jewry who employ this black magic as a means of exerting mental influence over their host and manipulating their behavior so that it is serviceable to themselves and harmful to their enemy. The invocation of demons or entities (dark energy matter entities) with whom jewry works-what they presumably call quotes "Angels"-and the deployment of these beings as means of possessing and controlling or influencing the whites.

Demonic possession can readily be seen in the zombie-like features of those who frequent the judeo-christian churches of today and it is a fair assumption that those buildings are hives of these entities who have been invoked in these particular Loci so that they can enslave the parishioners. The cabalistic rituals encoded in 'the Bible' are almost certainly the formulae used to open up dimensional portals to enable these beings to manifest in the physical plane and exist within that region. All churches being of a certain architectural form it is inferable that their architecture serves the metaphysical purpose of binding those entities to the earth and to those who are the intended slaves of jewry, the zealous adherents of their 'religion', i.e. of their mind program of judeo- christianity.

The more intense the devotion to the 'Scriptures' and the more extensive the presence on the part of the parishioner in that locus of black magic the more tightly bound the entity to themselves. The architectural structure of the churches are characteristically cubic or square shaped and this is the perfect form for trapping energy within itself and the steeple, having the shape of a cone, being a transmitter of that energy toward those entities or whatever destination of that energy off planet, renders the point (steeple) the source through which energy is directed from the base of the cone, and the direction being skyward implies some off planet or other dimensional destination of that energy.

Hence all of the savages' energies are drawn from them, released into the aether and then vampirized by whatever entities jewry is bound up with and thus empowering jewry with the energies of the christian slave class who enters into a downward spiral of possession and vampirization, having their life force drained from them over time and intensity of its release. Thus the slave program of judeo-christianity is foremost in the processes of degeneration that jewry imposes upon their zealots. The binding of the 'goyim' via the thought forms of judeo-christianity, the quotes scriptural on quotes terms and words, names, etc. are all formulated for the purpose of mind control, demonic possession and soul vampirization.

The psycho-spiritual influence bleeds over into the new age philosophies and religions which are themselves formulated by the cabal for the same purpose though not as effective perhaps, as there is not as much thought energy involved and thus they are not as powerful as the christian program which had been going forward for the past two millennia. In all cases of jewish takeover of white society it is the slave program of psycho-spiritual mind control of jewry which is the main mechanism of control over the population as the strongest influence over the very principle of the being. The subsequent formulae of jewish mind control such as the new age philosophies are still largely tied into the veneration of savior figures and gurus to whom one must devote oneself exclusively, to give oneself over to a fictional character in large part, or an actual jewish guru who involves himself in the black magic of mind control as means of ensnaring his followers. This is more an overt and obvious example of the psycho-spiritual influence of the black magicians. The subterranean strategy of jewry however works in many cases especially in those of today in a more guileful and subtle manner.

The hypnosis machines deployed as weapons of warfare by jewry called T.Vs and their forebears, movie theaters and more contemporaneously computers and computerized cell phones are means of spellbinding the goyim. The flicker rate of these machines and the electromagnetic influence they transmit are all a means of enslaving and manipulating the consciousness of the goyim and implanting subliminal messages into their consciousness and indeed beyond this restructuring their conscious mind through the transmission of electromagnetic fields rendering captive the souls of those who expose themselves to these media transmitting machines.

Thus, as with christ-insanity, the mind becomes the program that is engineered by jewry, an ensemble of thoughts, and emotions which translate in real life into action and which serve the purposes of jewry: 'buy this'; 'consume that'; 'kill Whitey kill' and other programs.

The insidiousness of the psycho-spiritual programming which pervades all media and akadumbia is such that it is not the content alone that is the programming but the form itself-the structure of the churches; the cadence and rhythm of the music and the choir; the sensations and emotions work up through the establishment of certain energetic states that pervade the atmosphere and modify the conscious mind. The engineers of this mind control are not only employing technical apparatuses and hardware but working with and presumably under the influence of demonic entities who all work to achieve the enslavement and vampirization of the population's energy as means of empowering themselves. Indeed there are no sources of information not pervaded with this programming-from the language spoken and its form of writing (left or right, e.g.); to the colors and images and symbols in magazines and, etc. to the very texture and scent of the pages of magazines and the vibrational effect of movies (e.g. THX technology, that designed by George Lucas, a jew, signaling his original film THX 1188 which prophecies the future technocratic slave system).

Psycho-spiritual mind control and programming is inherent in the semantic content of all works of fiction and alleged "facts" those works which are represented as scholarly and ("objective") in reality objectionable in relation to truth, actual fact and brackets. All of these works scribed by the jewish scribes and Pharisees and their subordinate minions in akadumbia and the masses media (including the judeo-churches and organized religion as a whole), are scribed according to a standardized template that is adhered to by the mob of controllers, the entire cabal; and which entails top-down prescriptions; demands; obligatory forms of style and content (the form is in most cases the content itself not only owing to its superficiality but also to its magical formulation whereby the 'medium is the message' and this at the most subtle level of affect on the consciousness of the perceiver) that must be carried forward by the loyal minions. Thus anything one reads nearly without exception for at the very least historical exceptions exist and those existing on the margins of society, those deemed "taboo" such as the words you are reading now and brackets is a vector of mind control programming mind control, world control.

The two-tier society of slaves and masters has no place for exceptions this is why it standardizes the hive mind of the 'goyim' through such means as information bombardment of a certain (and sufficient) quality; quantity and modality to structure the wax soft minds of the 'goyim' into the mold desired. The desired mold or "product" of this standardization process is that of the optimist-pacifist, the happy and powerless slave whose happiness is bound up with their comparative simplicity and superficiality, their otherwise natural aggression being channeled toward hostility (always of a passive aggressive form) toward the marginalized quotes "Other", he who does not fit into the paradigm of the kosher slave. Even the Masters, when they are forced to make a public appearance, masquerade as happy slaves themselves, even more humble than the most humble (humble hypocrites).

Of course, once they have attained total power and have no longer any checks and balances they can make a more forceful show of their despotic power-always however, a power of the benign nature which is held only "for God" or "the people" as a shepherd king shepherding the flock along the straight and narrow path. The false claimants of these priests of the order of Melchizedek hold soft power and even in the case of a Stalin have their Iron fists sheathed in the kid gloves of masonic secrecy and oriental deceptiveness. Thus they rule over the mind and in doing so neutralize any potential subversive thoughts that may be conducive to their overthrow or loss of power.

The cell towers and satellites which modified the electromagnetic spectrum from the ether and thereby the mind of the 'goyim' which in conjunction with myriad other dysgenic modes of action such as chemtrails; graphene oxide in the food and water supply-a weakening of the bodies and souls of the 'goyim' as means of more effectively manipulating their consciousness and thereby of controlling them. ELF (extra low-frequency radio waves) is blasted into the minds of the populace to condition their minds to operate on a certain frequency: in church the frequency is elevated to increase the happy vibes of the slaves and to render them more receptive to demonic possession and the vampirization of their soul energy by the astral parasites with whom jewry works as means of empowering themselves and enslaving the world under their dominion. In the school system ELF is used to render the mind docile and in a state of hypnosis such that the students, slaves of the future, are conditioned to follow the path to their exploitation and perdition as the inevitable outcome of their slavish lives of subordination to jewry.

The reaction on the part of the whites toward the slave programming has been in many cases an intense rejection of that process of mind control and accordingly has assisted in tearing down to a degree the barbed-wire fence, cutting holes in it to enable some to escape the slave plantation and to assist others to do the same. Thus far opposition to the spiritual mind control, the psycho-spiritual influence of mind manipulation has come in the form of spiritual practices and their introduction through clandestine means against great odds such as being hunted down and burned at the stake or tortured to death in medieval dungeons by ghoulish priest-caste black magicians, jews and christians alike. The means through which jewry diminishes the reaction on the part of the 'goyim' is to render them decadent and lead them to the slaughter through creating spiritual blindness, in other words sowing the seeds of destruction in the form of a tellurization of consciousness, rendering it grossly materialistic.

Alternatively jewry creates a perversion and distortion of the ancestral culture and rites of the area and intermingles their poison into the otherwise pure draught of Aryan spirituality which preexisted the defilement that was the jewish admixture. This two pronged approach of degenerating Aryan spirituality is the principal form of degeneration ('entartung') that jewry perpetuates introducing it as a means of subversion, of either hijacking and/or destroying Aryan mankind.

In tandem with more overtly psycho-spiritual means of degeneration march the legions of physico-chemical means of subversion of the Aryan and of Aryan society. The countless and innumerable nostrums and "medicaments" deployed as weapons of warfare against the Aryan race by jewry and their minions all have an influence in degenerating spirituality, rendering opaque and hazy the otherwise lucid mind of the Aryan at least as a longer-term consequence with habitual usage, the deployment of speed or amphetamines or other forms of ergogenic psycho-stimulative nostrums by jewry have as a necessary consequence the overall breakdown (degeneration) of the mind via sympathetic nervous system burnout and though for an acute period they may be conducive to enhancing the clarity of mind at least at some level they are over all degenerative creating a chaotic increase of sympathetic nervous system activity and thus a destabilization of the conscious mind and a consequent diminution of clarity of consciousness. The precedents are also an artificial suppression of the conscious mind and reduce clarity of vision, of perception, to a hypo-normal level even "hypo-" within the context of the slave matrix of dumb down sub-consciousness.

Whether at a hyper or hypo-level of consciousness, the nostrums administered are causal agents in the breakdown and deterioration of the mind which is the goal of jewry, the purpose of research and development of these formulate of black magic poison pills is to disrupt the equilibrium of the soul by way of the route of disrupting the equilibrium of the body with which it is bound. Whatever specific formula of physico-chemical nostrum that is administered the intended result is the same though always via a subtly different route so that the damage is greater and more overall harm to the person is a result. Of course multiple nostrums can be administered simultaneously with the same mechanism of action and the result would simply be a more forceful and immediate damage. The poisoners are subtle in most cases as that is their strategy to escape the poisoning of a large population who could overthrow them should they ever discover what is being done to them. Hence the usage of subtle poisons administered over time such as the fluoridation or chlorination of the water supply or the addition of various substances to foods which have a homeostatically disorganizing effect so that that damage may accumulate over the long term.

Whether it be Street "illegal" drugs or those considered kosher by the cabal the result is the same-a generalized poisoning of the population under the guise of benefiting the population. The jewish controlled drug laboratories exist all over the world which pump out poison to infect the white population. The jewish slaves who are conscripted to traffic in the nostrums of poison are simply fools who are employed by the jews and the cabal to transfer their sins onto. Pharmacy and street pharmacy blend imperceptibly to gather within the context of the slave system so that whether something is considered "legal" or "illegal" has no value in terms of preventing the trafficking of soul destroying poison as all of it has the same influence in the end: addiction and destruction of the bodies and souls of others.

Though it has become conventionally looked upon as "socially acceptable" through the mind control programming of jewry the consumption of alcoholic "beverages" a.k.a. liquid soul destroying poison is one of the staples in the bestialization of the "broad masses", rendering their conscious minds unconscious and brutalized to the level of goyim, beasts as it states in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion": "behold the alcoholized animals bemused with drink-it is not for ours to go that route", i.e. the path of destruction of the body and soul. The cheapness of the manufacture of alcohol and the consequent cheapness of its cost serves as the perfect potion to degenerate the poor elements of society and to more effectively work them up into a frenzy to assault and attack anyone who is not so inclined, those they would deem "anti-social" by virtue of their willingness to participate in either the consumption of the holy water of christ -insanity or the firewater of alcohol. To ostracize all by portraying all who refuse to partake of either poison as "anti-social" is the method employed by the cabal to assimilate into itself all who are the slightest bit quotes "Other" in relation to the system.

They want "all" to be "One" and hence there is no room for exceptions to that rule as a rule elevates itself to the level of the "law"within the totalitarian despotism that is the system. Alcohol and drugs are the foremost well-spring from which flows the blood of the innocent and is the primary causal factor in degeneration on a "purely" (all being interrelated) physical-chemical basis, a direct assault on the body and soul of the population.

The propaganda mind control of the media conditions the slave class to partake, in addition to the low vibrations of rock music (or its Negroidal equivalent ("rap"), the poisons of drugs (inclusive of alcohol) the last of the unholy Trinity corresponding to the unholy ghost "sex" in its most animalistic form of expression be that in the form of pornography ("prostitute marks", its meaning in terms of Greek etymology which mark one with the mark of the beast, in his soul) or in that of variations on the theme of sexual deviance i.e. pedophilia; faggotry; race -mixing and other perversions undergone to sate the brute lost of the debauchee. These practices are encouraged in all organs of information save most of the mind control churches thus making these the only publicly available socially acceptable "alternative" to a lifestyle of depravity but still conducive to enslavement and soul degeneration.

The creation of extreme vice amongst the population serves the purposes of the Jews in driving the "immoral majority" middle cast of trade slaves and producers into the ranks of the churches as the goyim flock who will then be shared of their wool in the form of taxation and slaughtered by the Jews for their sacrifices once they have expended their labor use value.

In terms of the intensity of the soul the chronic involvement in sympathetic nervous system dominant activity leads directly toward the fragmentation of the soul and its attachment to the material plane as an earthbound soul, becoming bound up with 'sensa' (or sensory impressions or sensory objects) and thus dis-integrated in its integrity. A life of "sex, drugs and rock and roll' is a recipe for soul destruction and vampirization at the hands of the cabal of soul reavers.

Up until the present time, the apogee of liberal libertinism the white sheep of society have been partaking of their habitual egocentric quest for superiority over each other, over each and all, competing with one another over the barest trifle. Some have followed a nobler path, that of self cultivation, and accordingly have managed to transcend, to however slight a degree, the baser nature of their peers. All well and good and yet most with only the rarest of exceptions have not managed to transcend the pull of the succubus of liberalized society, a society in which any and everything goes-and typically dies, following the path of the lemming off a cliff or assuming the role of the dodo bird waiting around for the vicious savage hunters from the Third World and their Jewish allies, the domestic enemy within that most have been too blind to see and have thus enabled to open wide the gates to the foreign invader for the intended slaughter of the "innocent sheep" who are innocent in so far as unaware but far from innocent in their degenerate existence.

The cultural forms of 'entartung' (degeneration) have all been designed by the white controllers to "hook in" the goyim and to lead them to their destruction. The imposition of an idealized conception of the multi-cult is imposed upon the white masses who, being beguiled by the manner in which the foreign ideas and artifacts of culture are portrayed ('the medium is the message') believe the coal they have been given is a black diamond and eagerly venerate their love objects of Japanese animation; Taoistic practices such as Chi gong and tai chi; yoga and Indian philosophy; the mysteries of a misrepresented archaic world of Lemurian "spirituality"-in reality a world of demonology and of bloody rites of sacrifice, cannibalism and torture-murder.

This the façade or appearance again blinds the masses and they partake of it as the fly is beguiled by the ornate camouflage of the spider in its web, the incandescent kaleidoscope of colors creating a pleasing illusion of "the good" which is then consumed as so much candy but is in reality the sticky strands of the spider's web of the Zion slave matrix. The alleged "rainbow reality" of the multi-cult is in reality a muddy chthonic-tellurian animalism immersing the white robed Aryans in the mire of darkest savagery and bestial pursuits. The ultra-violence of the Japanese animation, a cathartic for their own rigid cultural norms, working perfectly well in their own realm for themselves, serves merely to incite violence amongst the gullible and more 'liberated sheeple' of the white race. The apparently benign yogic practices and trance inducing music of ancient India in the modern context, if practiced outside of the forms of Mc-yoga in the new age culture center in reality leads toward the abyss of demonic possession and obsession and the disintegration of the soul.

Likewise the spiritual practices of China when taken in a "Western" a.k.a. degenerated modern context and applied to the white race as a collective or individually are unsuited to the "Western" bodies of Aryan mankind and may very well serve as vehicles of possession. At the very least they import into the consciousness of the Aryan foreign and conflictual thought forms which subvert the integrity of the white culture leading to its degeneration. The degeneration of white culture by the Jewish cultural usurpation has been a deliberate attempt to erase from the minds of the whites a recollection of their heritage, to obfuscate and distort their historical sense and to impose upon them a false sense of self is the act of a murderer seeking to destroy a people through the act of demoralization, of falsification, of having their identity disfigured by these psycho- surgeons of Zion with their noumenal scalpels of violence, weapons of degeneration and genocide.

The whites had assimilated like a poison into their consciousness the vile slander of jewry and, because of their naivety and the jews near total effacement of historical truth and its distortion via:

1) textual distortion (rearranging texts; falsifying translations; interpolating passages not belonging in primary source works, etc.);

2) concealment or destruction of essential texts; papyri (library of Alexandria); bas reliefs; etc. and

3) substitution of fake pseudo-texts or vehicles of 'truth', i.e. 'the Bible' in place of that of which it was a plagiarism.

All of these nefarious machinations are the jews' technique for tearing down and destroying the white culture and by virtue of that fact creating a dissonance between their own brand of kosher culture and that of the organically developed white culture. This creates extreme conflict in the soul of the white population and, on this basis, leads to a destruction of the soul and a destruction of the body as a mere afterthought. Those who do not know who they are and how to stand on a foundation properly their own cannot stand at all in the quicksand of the cultural-marxism and cultural antagonism of the enemy, programs of mind control and degeneration.

The falsification of history by the jewish word twisters and semanticist scribes has led the white population to have an overall negative view of itself and to thereby have a reduced willingness to defend itself against the assault of the white race and its intended genocide by the anti-white haters who lived to tear it down and seemingly for no other purpose save their own personal empowerment at its expense. To portray the white race as so many of the jewish academicians (akadumbicians) have done as the "cancer of the earth" and as offering nothing in the way of contribution thereto save "violence, slavery and colonialism" in an act of genocidal demoralization.

The effacement of white cultural achievement by the cabal, their desecration of white history physically and textually and most importantly their mass murder of the spiritual leadership of the white race portraying them as "witches" and, etc. are all perfect examples of the desecration of white identity which is undergone for demoralization purposes such that any time anyone brings up anything regarding white people in a positive sense they are immediately vilified as 'haters'; 'terrorists' and/or 'mentally ill'.

The consequence of this is embodied in the phrase "the violence of silence" as a climate of taboo is created around white identity whereby it is considered an act of violence to articulate anything positive about whites and their culture and identity and consequently is an act of violence against whites as a psycho-spiritual basis as a de facto assault against the white race.

This is a reason why the cabal has monopolized the information organs of the state and has amputated whatever truth could be gotten out of the (as they are themselves distorted forms of past sources of spiritual truth) and have created tumorous conditions in then such that they have become diseased and are now able to only transmit false and garbled information like a frayed wire transmitting electricity. Those who are discerning enough can pull aside the veil of appearances and thus those can see whatever faint glimmer of truth. Those unfortunately are the small minority which is what the cabal banks upon in its concealment of the facts and its continued subversion of white survival.

The old history books, works of truth and wisdom are brought up by jewish old booksellers who then destroy the historical works and substitute them for the mass-produced trash-replacing the old leather bound volumes of yore and to the point of rendering everything electronic, meaning it could be effaced in an instant by the controllers who would then be able to impose their "new truths" or rather falsehoods upon all and convince the average person that what is false is true, anyone not acknowledging it or not going along with it being considered a freak or marginal. Such is the case today when the falsifies of truth have transformed their illusions into reality in the minds of those who are blind to the truth.

Harmful practices follow from this world of illusion wherein none have the truth-at best an infinitesimal fraction of the population. This is the means through which the jew inserts the thin end of the wedge and tears apart the white population through the degenerative process. In addition to the above-mentioned psycho-spiritual and physico-chemical modalities of degeneration/disintegration there are many lifestyle practices (perhaps too many to name) which the jew has introduced into the white population and which serve to harm to the greatest extent possible while being as undetectable to the white population as possible and yielding the greatest profit to the Jew as possible.

The taxation of the body and soul by various "lifestyle practices" such that the person is subject to harm to themselves through this "lifestyle practice" as a causal means of that harm is the primary motivation of jewry for introducing that "lifestyle practice" in the first place. Examples abound but can be seen in the following both simultaneously harmful to whites and profitable to jews: pornography. This industry is obviously oriented around "getting off" by virtual means and the illusion system ensures that the customer becomes addicted to the stimulation of the virtual-reality illusions in the form of what ever contemporary technology-visuals; vibrations; sounds-a veritable kaleidoscope of sensual illusions similar to that portrayed in the movie THX 1188 by George Lucas or Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", a sensory bombardment of soma (psycho-somatic illusions of desire which initiate a cascade of mind-body-soul processes drilling into one's psyche and modifying it such that the illusory experience becomes a veritable drug, creating addictions and a downward spiral of degeneracy).

The case of excess is writ large in the practice of bodybuilding which is a prime example of the degeneration of spirit into matter and the coarseness of modern degenerate life. The excess stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system by way of exercise is counter-balanced by an excess stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system-an excess of one simply being heaped upon one pan of the scale over and against an excess of the other-of gluttony and lethargy the inevitable consequences of a "bodybuilding lifestyle". Hence both are excessive and both tear down and destroy the mind and soul even as the body swells up beyond all natural proportions via excess portions of coarse matter ("food") and drug administration (F. D. A).

A corollary re-of this lifestyle practice is athletics in terms of a superfluous expenditure of energy upon practices having no great value in and of themselves and pouring out all of one's energies into these largely meaningless endeavors when energy could be invested in more healthful and thus more beneficial pursuits. The demotion of one's mind to the study of a juvenile game and of undergoing constant exertions as a means of playing this game testify to its amounting to a squandering of the life force in a dog chasing its tail circulo vitiosa.

Yet another lifestyle practice advocated in the Jew world order at this time is that of video games, a perpetual stimulation of the mind activating the brain-stress axis and pumping out constant dopamine (the pleasure chemical), bombarding the vision and body with sights; sounds and vibrations of stimuli that are overall harmful to oneself as well as constituting the hook of addiction by which the player becomes a powerless pawn in the game of the cabal, a hypnotized zombie who is placed into a reactive minded state of existence and thus has his own will subverted by the artificial screen. He becomes "screened out" and loses consciousness, reduced to a zombified state. This applies equally to exposure to computer screens and two movies, cell phones etc. the flicker rate of the screen, the radiation generated by the screens all create a state of "deadly orgone' in the sense of Wilhelm Reich and this almost certainly has a detrimental effect upon the soul as well as on its material vehicle.

Additional harmful practices also have their "drug-like effect" and in the most literal sense in the case of drugs and alcohol, "lifestyles" which are of necessity harmful to the addict (or the de facto attic who lives in denial). Sexual license in its contemporary form of wanton promiscuity is yet another form of degeneracy as is the neuroticism of Abrahamic religion and its inhibition of the sexual act,it's inducement of neuroses via creating a sense of sin in the engagement of sexual acts.

The entire modern world is a world of degeneracy and the slippery slope is greased with the desire for illusions that are concocted by jewry as a means of tearing down and destroying the white population. Their technique is always "by invitation only" and the white population are invited to partake of their own self-destruction under the guise of the potential attainment of some desirable goal, "the good". The apparent good supersedes the actual in the jew world order and the imitation of the truth, the fake, the simulacra obscures the true object/reality.

Acting on the basis of this falsehood the white who has been ensnared in the clutches of the Jews and is led down the slippery slope into the abyss becomes gradually destroyed through a slow process of disintegration of their essence: mind, body and soul.

This work has been written in the hopes that the general process of jewish genocide, a gradualistic process, will be better able to be understood and that the particular examples will be adequate for the reader to understand this process though by no means being exhaustive of the degenerative process and its seemingly endless particular forms of assault against the white population and indeed against all sentient life on earth-mineral; vegetable; animal; "human" and what ever other forms the Jews can subject to destruction and vampiric absorption of their life force.

To oppose this process requires not a slavish devotion to an external savior figure nor of being repetition of passages from some exalted holy quote unquote text but rather a willingness to stand on the Truth, to investigate, to think independently and to finally act on the basis of recognizing Truth what is and what must be done. What is is the jewish orchestrated and intended genocide of the white race and what must be done is to oppose it by any and every means. To fail in this duty is to violate one's duty to God and to himself, to live a life of inauthenticity and falsehood within the world of illusion orchestrated by the jewish puppet masters.

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