Zombie Apocalypse by Loki Hulgaard


 In the end time the zombie apocalypse is the scene most commonly observed throughout the urban landscape. Thus far it exists more in a virtual form than in that of a physical form and that the virtual precedes its concrete physical manifestation means that the Zombification phenomenon is replicated amongst all populations including the remote rural areas via virtual technology.

Prior to the omnipresence of virtual technology the rural population was relatively safeguarded from the reach of the eye of Sauron, of the screen of Satanic luminescence which has served as the most significant medium through which the Zombification process has occurred.

This process the cabal has engineered over decades and has brought forth to its present state, utilizing the technical skill and profane knowledge of their slaves. It is a multi-faceted assault that operates covertly and through guile and secrecy and has targeted certain facets of the being of its subject matter- 'the goyim', mind, body and soul.

Perhaps for the entirety of its presence on the earth the cabal has been operating to achieve their goals of rendering healthy and independent populations their golem or Frankenstein's monsters.

The process utilizes technology which for the profane would not qualify as 'technology' but would appear instead (if it would appear to them at all), to be a wonder or the apparition of ghosts or devils, or simply the behavior of mad men. Everything starts at higher planes and manifests in concrete reality if it doesn't exist only at higher dimensions. "Everything's eventual" as Stephen King said, meaning phenomena (beings; Platonic ideas; egregores; spirits; non-physical entities) crystallize in greater material density over time and with the cycles of Time, with 'G-d' (the Demiurge, the Time Lord).

Hence what may appear (or not appear) to be x, y, z in the mind of the profane has probably already manifested in another form and certainly invariably has higher, more subtle causes than meets the eye or lower senses that are available to the 'mundane'.

This is the level the 'technology of Zombification' starts from and eventually manifests on the earth plane as more dense and apparent processes and influences. The technology employed thus is spiritual (many would say 'demonic') before any denser and more physical form of manifestation. Religion is the dense form of spiritual praxis and is the lowest level of magic practiced by the adept. For the black magicians of Zion the religions of Zoroastrianism; vaishnavism and eventually christianity where the particular forms of 'religion' (religious technology) used to keep the masses in line and to reduce them to the level of witless slaves who adhere only to what the priest-caste imposes upon them without any independent consciousness or independent action.



The credo here is "mind control, world control" and that the intention of the 'Elders of Zion' is to golemize and Zombify the 'goyim', it follows from the premises that controlling the mind leads to the control of the population and can facilitate their protocols for reducing the 'goyim' to the level of witless slaves and ultimately, according to their plan of cleansing the earth (Tikkun Olam) of reducing their slave class to manageable levels within a closed system of entropy called 'Zion' ruled by their Demiurge deity, His 'angelic hosts' (of reptilians) and themselves overall.

Christianity was a more recent phenomenon of the Kali Yuga, a slave religion formulated to enslave the 'profane' non-jews just as the prior Zoroastrianism and vaishnavism were also creeds of pacifism and weakness that led one down the right-hand path of the rightwards turning swastika toward extinction via entropy, within Time, within the closed system of the Demiurge having their souls fed upon throughout their lifecycle by the black magicians and their angelic hosts.

The path of extinction('Nirvana') was and is to this day the path of the fool who never grows wise and the path of suicidal self-destruction through a reduction of oneself to the lowest level of existence, a pure subsistence level of being in which the only purposes of life consist of 'praising' Brahma/God/Jehovah, etc. (the Demiurge) and working with 'humility', "earning one's bread through the sweat of one's brow".

They must serve the parasitical elite who hypocritically pose as 'humble' before their Demiurge deity while in actuality being self-serving black magicians who practice vile rights of vampirism and cannibalism. Their 'humility' being a simulacral mask behind which they conceal their true nature.

In pious arrogance they stand forth before the congregation and spew moralizing bigotry with brimstone and hellfire added in to justify their ill-gotten gain in the form of tithes; taxes and 'gifts to God' which they take for themselves to acquire a monopoly on power.

To reinforce their monopoly on power they employ their religious technology to enslave the minds of the laity, their 'flock', shearing them of their wool (glad tithings) and slaughtering them once finished, their use-value as a utility or commodity (labor) having been expended.

Once finished their days' drudge they are further degraded and cast into the old-folks home and poisoned amongst other technical-technological means of genocide, always subtle and yet 'hiding in plain sight'.

The spiritual/black magic technology of Zombification was and is run on a two-tiered basis, with the lower level being the religious dogma formulated by the priest-caste and a higher level, that formulated by the Elders of Zion for the goy elite, that being (at least historically) Freemasonry.

The 'mysteries' were hijacked by jewry and transformed into their Qabala of iniquity. Their infiltration of masonry (and perhaps this via the Scottish Rite and the 'French' masonry developed during and before the time of the French Revolution) led to its being a vehicle for their globalist dominion mandate.

Perhaps before this the Qabala was formulated by German jews in Germany through an expropriation of the Kala and secret gnosis of the Teutons mixed and combined with near Eastern and Caucasian Gnostic ideas (Cainites; Bogomils, et.al) and crystallized into the Qabalah of Isaac Deluria in the Zohar.

Such syncretic process is spoken of by Miguel Serrano in "Adolf Hitler The Last Avatar". Additionally the infiltration from a much earlier period into the Druids by the jewish Golan of North Africa and jewish Phoenicians into Ireland and even in South America were other examples of the hijacking and subjecting of the Aryan mysteries to jewish pragmatic purposes.

Regardless jewry became intertwined with the Aryan mysteries (the remnants of Hyperborea) and distorted them to serve its purposes. As far as a writer knows masonry serves to 'hook in' and hoodwink the naïve and gullible Gentile elites, at least if "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" can be believed to be an authentic template of jewish praxis.

This document speaks of using masonry as a system of enslavement to compartmentalize and divide and conquer the 'goyim' (nations) and compromise and frame people if need be should they ever have the willingness to violate there masonic oaths.

In addition to the form of enslavement through threat, the same or similar processes as in religion is undergone with the 'goyim' (the non-jews) being possessed by the 'angelic hosts' only in the case of masonry being subject to a process of possession and possible displacement of the soul, the Mason becoming a Z.O.M.B.I.E (Zion Occupied Mind By Infernal Entities) and this perhaps to a greater degree owing to the greater degree of intensity of interrelationship between entity and host, though in this the writer can only speculate.

Indeed 'as above so below', the mechanism of the enslavement of the population, for the hijacking of their minds, comes in the form of the demonic praxis which masquerades as 'spirituality' both for the profane in exoteric religion and for the 'elite' through the now iniquitous 'mysteries'.

Priest-craft or better spoken of 'witchcraft' was and has always been the mechanism through which the world has been subjugated which underscores the validity of Rene Guenon's book "Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power" at least during the time of the Kali Yuga when the warrior Priests of Atlantis had their function bifurcated into the Brahmanical priest-caste and the administrative aristocratic caste who governed temporal ('worldly') affairs at the behest of their priestly-caste masters.

The priest-caste has arranged affairs to enable themselves to perpetuate their system of slavery through playing upon the mind of their worldly subordinates. Through having a monopoly on priest-craft, on 'higher authority' as intermediaries between the Divine and human realms they have ensured their supremacy at least in the minds of their slaves. Accordingly they have attained control over their minions converting them into so many limbs of the Octopus System, so many instruments- human batteries; gears and parts of the system of the Demiurge which they run in his name and service.

However there have always been those who are capable of discernment and pulling aside the veil of appearances which threatens the control system through its exposure and which, to whatever degree of probability, may wake up an adequate number of powerful opponents who could overturn their system and with it themselves, they who exist to hold others in subjection.

Hence the priest-caste must have recourse to a further level of the Zombification process in the event that there exertion of diabolical ('spiritual') influence via mainstream religion is inadequate.

Their recourse is to reduce to the greatest extent possible through other means the probability of the 'goyim' knowing who they are and what they're doing and to carry out the appropriate means to subjugate their puppets through this 'Diabolism', their enslavement and subjection of the population to their G-d's will. These means are two-fold:

1) Dysgenics or Malgenics (deconstruction): the degradation of the body and soul of the 'goyim';

2) construction- the modification or transmutation of the body and soul into a Z.O.M.B.I.E

The first means of carrying out the Zombification process on the mundane plane (which means are intertwined with and a translation into physical action of their black magic 'spirituality'), is that of deconstructing the 'goyim', which is to say breaking down or destroying the current state of healthy being of the 'goyim'.

This may be considered the 'blackening' phase of their black magic diabolism. Countless means are used that are employed in an imperceptible way such that there is minimal probability of detection of their activity and motives.

To transform a healthy and strong population united with their Culture Soul, their gods or archetypes (what Carl Jung called 'psychoidal' entities or archetypes), the spiritual destructive process is undergone first as above stated and once fissures in the wall of the Culture Organism have been opened up with the sledgehammers and dynamite of their deconstructive process new contents of consciousness (archetypes) are added in (e.g. The messianic egregore of Jesus and 'the chosen people').

From hence this blueprint or software of their consciousness can be activated by the appropriate symbols and signs of priest-craft (qabalistic incantations; number; symbol; color; tone, et.al) and on this basis more mundane misinformation can be added to the chaotic egregogric stew which serve as instructions for people to follow certain paths that lead to the weakening and degradation of their soul and body.

With respect to the former in the nigredo phase, the perpetual castigation of the old gods as 'Satanic devils' in the most negatively intended sense is a procedure undergone. Thus individual members of the Culture Organism are turned against themselves, against an authentic form of life and the source of their power and strength.

After this blackening of the old gods (at least in the mind of the 'goyim' not necessarily in actuality) is undergone a substitution of new egregores (gods) is put forth and the 'goyim' are influenced to invest all of their time and effort worshiping and 'praising' the Demiurge ('The One') and the particular angelic host of this entity which are given different names for different ethnic groups of 'goyim' tailoring the narratives and pantheons to whatever forms will work to suit the particular ethnos the black magicians are attempting to co-opt.

Thus they become through this spiritual means Z.O.M.B.I.E.S possessed and controlled by the archetypes of the black magician priest-caste. This phase may be installed as demonic software gradually as the old gods are slandered and castigated and the new brought in with much fanfare and spectacle to make them appear more appealing to the 'goyim'.

The nigredo phase of deconstruction of the mind of the 'goy' is thus undergone simultaneous to the construction phase of the supplantation of another kosher brand of software, that approved and desired by the black magicians.

The form of the diabolical software put forth by the black magicians is that which is most effective in their being able to hijack the particular ethnos and to mix with it and usurp power through infiltration. The installation of the software is a means of enabling mixture and the monopolization of power.

Their technology is thus first and foremost the technology of idealism, of the introduction of ideas (thought forms; egregogres, et.al) into the consciousness of the 'goyim'. These thought forms are variable and pleomorphic having a parasitical function or mode of existence within the terroir of the culture organism and its particular individuals- mutable, ever changing and adapting to the defense mechanisms of the host.

In most cases jewry has deceived the host into thinking they are an affiliated 'tribe of Israel' and thus employ this tactic to ingratiate themselves with their host. The alternative is to introduce ideas of strangeness and wonder which beguiles their host leading them into deviant and self-destructive lifestyle practices (black magic practice; the beguilement of foreign flesh; the curiosity of the 'foreign' or unusual culture; the thrills provided by various drugs, etc.).

In the main however the goal is the installation of the 'Universalist fallacy' of "all men are brothers", a statement which encapsulates the absurdity of the fallacy (being a homologous statement)-'man' presupposing a universal object or entity which could only be a fallacious notion ( being a mere 'humanist' conceptual construct it is absurd to claim universal validity for it). This notion is typically 'substantiated' with the additional reference to universally equality 'in the eyes of God' (the false 'Universal' of the Demiurge, a false claim as nothing, in so far as it is a thing can ever be equal even in the eyes of any 'God').


Embracing such an idea leads to the receptivity on the part of those embracing it to foreign inclusion and eventual assimilation under the influence of this diabolical software (Universalist egregores). Jesus can be of any ethnicity and be anything to anyone but is in all cases (universally) a kosher egregore which conduces to the empowerment of jewry who are 'His' brethren, granting them a special place and this regardless of any false humility on their part. Black Jesus; Filipino Israelites, etc.-all the same software of Abrahamic religion, and this 'Universal' functionality applies in all cases of Universalist religions which can assimilate anything into themselves by definition, unless the particular form of the universal is particular to themselves, i.e. ethnocentric (this applies somewhat to Hinduism and to a lesser extent to Islam which latter is accommodative of jewry, enabling them to continue to expand their power and influence for their own benefit at the expense of the host).

In the mundane sphere the degenerate culture and kosher approved culture is put forth, a culture which is formulated to tear down and destroy the pre-existent culture of the ethnos and this simultaneous to working with the culture jewry deems serviceable as a positive substitute 'made in their image', one which is presented as appealing and desirable and which is tailored to specific classes and subcultures within the cultural organism.

Both the spiritual culture for the elites and its worldly analog are presented in this twofold manner and to the extent they are able to install it without having the host nation subjected to punishment. Over time their gradualistic procedure for monopolizing culture and society in general has enabled them to be virtually immune from any form of punishment within the bounds of their 'law'.

With respect to masonry, the Universalist construct of the perfect Ashlar or 'man perfected' posits or affirms the 'Universal' originally formulated in mainstream religion (whatever its specific origin): "all men are brothers" and serves the function as does religion in chipping away at the organic being of the 'goyim' molding them into a kosher approved shape.

The creation of a Z.O.M.B.I.E, a 'Zion Occupied Mind By Infernal Entities', may not necessitate the deployment of myriad tactics of physical assault but it is typically the necessary analog of the spiritual deconstruction and reconstruction Zombification process, the trance-formation of the once healthy and strong organism into a mere beast of burden (a 'goy').

Over time jewry has managed to convince enough of the 'goyim' (non-Jews) that it is either an unfortunate necessity or in their interest to adopt certain processes and procedures to regulate (in actuality to allow the jews to regulate) their lives and this to an infinitely minute degree of micro-management.

In terms of the physical assault against the body-mind of the 'profane' by the cabal a representative sample of techniques and technology employed is covered in the work "Jewish White Genocide".


The Zombification process spans across the spectrum of the elements: the Akasa (fire; electricity; the element of the Demiurge); Earth (GMOs; chemtrails, etc.); Water (alcohol; caffeine and other forms of liquid drugs; the sexualization of society); Air (EMF/ELF; sound-waves; synthetic telepathy, etc.). The element of plasma also plays a significant role in the Zombification process which has been covered more extensively in the section "Venom of the Demiurge".

All elements of which there are five are the medium of poisoning of the goyim which serves its purpose of degrading their body-mind and transforming and transmuting it into a Z.O.M.B.I.E (Zion Occupied Mind By Infernal Entities).

To illustrate the general deconstruction-reconstruction procedure one need only observe the lifespan of the average 'goy' under the current epoch, for example a person born in 1960. From birth he was injected with 'vaccines' (a.k.a. bio-weapons of the bacteriological and multi-biological kingdom substances- the mineral kingdom- aluminum; mercury, etc.; The bacteria or micro-organismal kingdom which might be both plant and/or mammalian-DNA particles or viruses of animals and the 'human-all-too-human' blood; dead fetal tissue, et.al).

He is bombarded by harsh lighting which negatively affects his sleep cycle; he is subject to ultrasound in the womb which causes mutation of his body-mind, his soul and its physical form of expression. He is traumatized through hospital birth and given a poor diet lacking essential nutrients which conduce to brain growth and often infant formula which further degrades brain growth; the umbilical cord is severed which deprives the baby of adequate nutrients and oxygen to inhibit and stunt its growth.

As his life progresses he is further subjected to constant physical assault along these lines while being kept in a state of total and complete ignorance while the jews and their affiliates have the best of everything which they hoard for themselves.

Hence his body and mind are underdeveloped by definition 'retarded', in relation to what he might otherwise have attained but for the dysgenic and malgenic influences brought to bear against him as an assault against his very being.

At the present age-one of ever increasing entropy- a multi-pronged assault is amplified to a great extent and the child, assuming they come of age, is unlikely to even have gotten to the point of maturation before degeneration sets in making a cretinous and retarded being of a potential God.

Rendered a zombie through the processes of chemtrails; injections of (and possible respiration or ingestion by food or drink of) graphene oxide in conjunction with all of the above tangible weapons of the occult war, the Z.O.M.B.I.E is in process of formation.



The somewhat recent addition of TV; computers; 'smart' phones and chips (as yet undisclosed to the population but in process of implementation) render the trans-humanist agenda not yet "fully operational" but on the way there, the 'human-all-too-human in Nietzsche's terms being transmuted by a black magic alchemy into a robotized and Zombified creature , a Frankenstein's monster concocted in the laboratory of the hyper-real, in the prison without walls that is 'society'.

The Zombification process shows its symptoms in the vacant stare of the population, their inability to concentrate or otherwise total apathy; their lack of any connection to higher dimensions [itself revealed in the complete self-serving amorality that is not so much 'beyond good and evil' as simply a purely egocentric focus, a selfishness to the extreme of 'psycho-pathology', of the disease of the soul: psyche (soul) pathe (passion/emotion].

'Screened out' in Baudrillard's words, a zombie staring blankly into space without any conscious awareness of anything save momentary stimuli and, as an alternative as above stated- nothing.

The recipe for zombification is clearly apparent to all who still retain a capacity for a higher awareness: abulia (will-lessness); apatheia (lack of emotion); agnosia (lack of knowledge in the gnostic sense) according to the terminology of Michael Hoffman.

The mass injection of the population with graphene oxide and other body and soul-destroying toxins is already upon us. According to some the graphene oxide causes liver damage and prevents the body from self-detoxification, leading to a gradual slow and agonizing death, to the teeth of a person falling out and their skin becoming discolored as well as acquiring various sores and pock marks on their body and the degradation of their brain- a literal Zombification of they who are deemed 'goyim' or cattle by the hypocritical black magicians.

The movie "Dawn of the Dead" released in the 1978 when much of the dysgenics protocols were being increasingly implemented was predictive programming for what inevitably will come. The'goyim' properly so called to serve the cabal and are its labor force, specifically Zionists, the right-wing conservatard psychopaths who in their egocentric mini mind exalt themselves as a 'righteous, spiritual superior',are being conditioned by their jewish puppet masters to find amusement in the suffering and death of their own people including women and children.

The right-wing propaganda is setting up a cartoonish scapegoat of 'the liberal' to blame for all of the sins of the 'chosen people' and their minions the christard conservatards who cater to their every whim and worship their every word as Beavis follows and imitates Butthead.

The popularization of phenomena such as the zombie apocalypse and the notion of 'zombie killers' (as if this were an amusing idea that would not be problematic to act out in real life) is a commonplace at this point in the Kali Yuga.

The self-righteous arrogance of the Zionist has led him to the point where he looks upon anyone 'Other' to himself as a 'worldly' devil and associates then in his mendacious and hypocritical schizoidal mind with 'tranny's' and 'pedophiles' justifying to himself his murder of his own race.

Though Seneca said "cease to hope and you will cease to fear" there is in actuality no need for either as hope is irrelevant to the inevitable end of Zion, if not immediately in this world of the Demiurge then beyond in the higher planes.

No fear need be had when one lives in the Truth. Those who apathetically disregard the suffering of their own and indeed delight in it, though in their specious and self-deceiving minds having no great fear over their fate blinded as they are by their hubris, they will be the ones to find their fate in the lake of fire while many of those they have assisted in transforming into 'zombies' will make their way to higher planes.


  1. The iconic anthropologist Mircea Eliade, whom because of his association with Julius Evola Schlomo has attempted to expunge from history, postulated that there were two realities; the Sacred and the Profane. The profane was the world of the material, it mattered little and was more or less just the byproduct of the sacred which, hidden from the eyes of the profane, was the raison d'état for existence. Every once in a while, I guess to make up for how evil the rest of them are, the tribe generates a man of magnificent genius, for instance Bob Dylan. David Bohm was another such man. Along with the great neurosurgeon Karl Pribram, he discovered the holographic paradigm. Bohm said there was an Implicate order and an Explicate order. Again, the explicate order, the world of the reticular activating system of the human brain, the material that his mentor Einstein whom he was now rebuking held so dear, was just a phantom, a byproduct of the explicate order. In Platonian dialectics the explicate order is the shadows on the wall of the cave. Consciousness itself is naught but the perception of scattered signals being generated by the implicate order. In the words of me, Jack Heart, the world burns because heaven burns...

    1. Burn Baby Burn, hellfire awaits they who are the dark forces vehicles on this earth. Eliade approached things from too human a perspective. His sociological/anthropological angle pales in comparison to Serrano and Evola's insight. However he had his moments.Someone should make a curriculum of philosophers who had the Truth as there are many pitfalls in navigating 'the world'.

  2. Our dear elites have a sense of humor.
    They pontificate on their media 24/7 about "life saving vaccines" as the best of the goyim drop dead right in front of them and no questions are asked by said goyim and the rest I see? Zombies.
    Look at euro trash athletes such as soccer players and cyclists since their governments mandate vaxxines and for a buck these athletes become unpaid spokespeople for Pfizer.
    They want me to be a zombie to by force so I laugh at them when they drop dead and rejoice when they do!
    In the end, those that survive the jabs will still vastly out number the unjabbed and will force one to take the jab or else.
    I view it this way as now I have a hill to die on and a war to prepare for as it will come down to them or us.


  3. First they print "holy books" favorizing "Israel/Isrealites" (Schofield bible) and "Hebrew-Jews-Semites", creating a picture or dogma that the only ones in this whole wide world that are worthy of sympathy are the ones who claim they are Jews, since Holocaust has become a religion (the deaths of Armenians and other non-Jews don¨t really count) while killing true Semites, proven by DNA-science; the Palestines, and fund the modern state of Israel that they have created, while continuing to brainwash some millions of not just evangelicals but also their own "Jewish/Christian" both secular and religious media stations and their audience all over the Western world. The U.S.A. is fighting the wars of their holy land Israel by feeding the war machine with American soldiers, whom you know much better than I the exact sacrificial death toll number of the lambs that were slaughtered, yes their own children, for a God they say is the Father of Jesus who told the world to turn the other cheek... and that "My kingdom is not of this world...", and then every U.S. president that is able to stand or crawl as a puppet will donate enormous sums of money to the state of Israel where only "Jews" (from Khazars) have a future, not Semitic Palestinians, "in the name of Jesus"... blasphemy from the cradle to the grave, praising both Jesus and the "secular" state of Israel based on Talmud in one breath in their dens of robbery called churches ("houses of prayers") selling the Holy Spirit Dove-gold necklesses and health products from "Israel" where Palestinians once used to live before they were bombed out of their houses, while Great Britain and the rest of the Western world refuses to condemn the acts of Israel and label it as an apartheid state... So, yes you are right about Beavis and Butthead. The western world is following the U.S. and Great Britain as our allied, so your friends are our friends, and whom you want to bomb we want to bomb, and our children is your children, and the belly of Baal is getting fatter and fatter, but his fire is never quenched.

    In Norway people are getting more and more poor, but the state does not care, no matter how rich and fat its money reserve is becoming. Our Defence is in lack of money, since in US-Britain we trust, while they give away money to Ukraine in stead, since fighting Russia is on our agenda, since it is on yours. I wonder which band will entertain on our Noble Peace Prize party next time? And the only ones who are allowed to fight and protect this country from our "enemy" (Russians) are the ones who do not have enough money to buy vehicles to protect our nation, because the State is prioritizing to support the "projects" that is important to the "elders"; biggest guys of NATO. In the U.S.A. the people, civilians, are allowed to defend themselves against intruders, but we are forced to put our trust in soldiers who are not equipped to defend this country.... It is an insane world which in a "god" we trust whose greatest and only enemies are Russians, Moslems, Chinese and Iranians.





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