Christian Sadism by Loki Hulgaard


Christians are notorious for their sadistic hostility toward others, toward anyone 'Other' to themselves. These 'Others' they invent various labels to project upon and, once the 'Other' is labeled as 'XYZ' (heretic; liberal, etc.) this other can then be treated as an 'XYZ'-subject to hostile, violent action, what was called during the despotism of the Catholic Church a 'jus bellum' or 'just war'.

The frame up tactics of jewry are replicated by christians who adopt their chosen masters modus operandi, that of:

1) setting up an 'Other' as a 'strawman' through vilification tactics then

2) justifying attacking that 'Other'

3) in the name of 'morality' ('God'; 'love'; 'peace', etc.).

The sadism of christians manifests itself through their witch hunting abuse of the 'other'. The excuse they avail themselves of is their 'moral' dogma which justifies in their mind and according to itself their assault against the 'Other'.

'Morality' (their particular magian morality) they use a mask which covers up their feral bloodlust and serves to justify its expression in the form of their violence. Their violence is that characteristic of their 'magian morality', and inhibited neuroticism and hyper-tense restrictive package of values that is soaked in emotionalism and irrational pathos and which has a transmutative influence on the dogmatist who adheres thereto, transforming him into a mental jew only one more castrated than those of the jewish 'faith' whose supremacistic tendency is at least a healthy expression of the will-to-power at least to a degree, not a suicidally stupid ideology of self-castration and pathological altruism as in the case of christianity.

The sadism of christianity is inherent in the creed. It's neurotic inhibition suppresses rather than sublimates the drives and on that basis and as a consequence they manifest themselves in behavior of an aggressive and violent nature in an unhealthy manner threatening to the autonomy of the 'Other'.

Christianity, by virtue of its proselytism and it's inherently supremacist of nature ("all are one in christ") is inherently violent as a violation of the conscious mind of the 'Other'.

It prohibits all thought; expression and action not entirely consistent with the christian program. All thought that conflicts with christian programming it seeks to censor the expression of; all action based upon such thought it also seeks to curtail. Indeed any manifestation in word or deed of anything non-christian it persecutes and seeks to negate and this as an expression of the christians' will-to-power, their self-proclaimed (and typically never explicitly proclaimed) 'jus bellum' against all and sundry who refuse to be brought into 'the fold' of the 'sheep' else, barring that possibility, to slaughter as 'the goats'.

Thus one is either a 'sheep' or a 'goat'; 'wheat' or 'tares' and subject to the appropriate treatment on the part of the christians who arrogantly establish themselves through main force into the judgment seat overall, the 'worldly sinners', who they would cast down in their frenzied irrationalism like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth their 'scriptural truth'.

The history of christianity reveals the sadistic nature to attack others inherent in its creed. One need only view the history of witch-hunting and the Inquisition; witch-burnings and to observe the fate of Hypatia of Alexandria and the burning of the library of that city to understand the nature of christians: intolerant and violent, they violate the 'Other' as a matter of course, out of a desire for power and dominance over the 'Other', they who would simply live a life without being subject to molestation and being able to think their own thoughts and to investigate reality for themselves rather than to simply have a dogma injected into their soul as a terminal cancer eating away at them from within.

The neurotic inhibition of christians, critiqued by such as jewish psychologists and Wilhelm Reich as a sign of mental illness and a causal factor of 'fascism' may very well be at least to some extent the case as their behavior is channeled in the forms of a rigid and limited restriction.

This is not to say that these jewish psychologists or indeed psychology as a whole are credible but these points are valid. (For a critique of psychology see Rene Guenon's "The Misdeeds of Psychoanalysis" and Julius Evola's "Ride the Tiger").

The 'psychology' of christianity (what the writer would prefer to call the demonology or spiritual sickness of christians as it supersedes the psychological level or dimension of the 'human- all-too-human) has been well critiqued by Nietzsche in his books "The Genealogy of Morals"; "Beyond Good and Evil" and "The Antichrist".

Christianity is a limitation or shackle on the mind which restricts its healthy operation. It creates limited thought patterns which render one who has been subject to its spell incapable of running outside of these grooves to the point of crystallizing in actual neural architecture, of certain patterns of axonal connections obstructing the formation of certain other patterns owing to habitual tendencies of such thought patterns.

The violence of christian dogma is the fear pornography or horror movie of the ancient world and dark age where the adherents absorbed the violence of the 'scriptural' stories or fables and programmed their mind to operate on the basis thereof; to mimic these stories and the behavior of the jewish figures who constitute the stars of this biblical show: "Genesis to Apocalypse", the movie in written form.

The sensationalism the melodrama; the pathos and excitement of these tales have conditioned the stupid and naïve to parrot this programming and to act in the mode of these 'stars'. Hence all of the violence and irrational aggression of the jewish writers of these 'Scriptures' were a manifestation of their conscious mind and this transmission of their consciousness (in reality an act of black magic) which infected the minds of others and on that basis transformed the white population in Rome and the Mediterranean and Near East into jews-their violent temperament manifesting itself in violent behavior, thought translating itself into action through the vector of the christian whose greater expertise in war led Jewry, with whom he was bound as a servitor of his 'Israelite' masters to facilitate their dominion mandate, traipsing over the earth with their bloody hoof prints with their christian thugs serving as meat shields and mercenary 'soldiers of christ' (in reality soul-die-ers of Zion).

Regardless of the Aeon, in so far as christianity continues its expression in behavior it will perpetuate a world of sadism. In so far as christians exist (i.e. they who are under the spell of Christianity) their sadism will exist.

One must draw the conclusion that for the sadism of christianity to cease to exist christianity must cease to exist. This presents they who are christians with a dilemma: either they cease to be christians and come to an understanding of reality or they cease to exist themselves. Perhaps christianity has been or could be modified in such a way that christians would cease their sadistic abuse of others. Should this be the reality and it exist as an option for christians to become non-sadistic in their behavior they should then be treated in a manner appropriate to their behavior.

In so far as christians (this new, modified form of christian) are pushy and proselytizing they should be refuted and exposed through sound argumentation and their religion revealed for what it is in Truth educating the masses to the extent it is effective regarding the black magic nature of christianity, it's concealment of esoteric Truth under the exoteric façade of various fables and stories which it claims to be literal- historical fact rather than what it is, namely, allegorical representations of metaphysical principles; coded language concealing star lore and cosmic truth which in its covert form the dumb down masses have minimal to no comprehension of.

That christianity, regardless of its form, is a raceless universalism that leads as a necessary consequence of its adoption to an interbreeding of the diverse 'races' or 'species' of bipedal; anthropoidal entities falsely called 'humanity'.

On that basis christianity is an ideology completely divisive for the preservation of whites and a danger for white people and their preservation, a threat that must be dealt with. To neutralize christianity and his genocidal function (intended or no by its adherents) it must be exposed and understood in its proper meaning and, if possible, transmuted from within to reveal what it has concealed throughout its history that being the theosophy of sacred wisdom that preexisted it by millennia and will certainly exist after the fact regardless of its brutal violence and suppression of independent thought.

The seeds of destruction are inherent in christianity given that it is based upon a lie and, through time and investigation it becomes exposed in its lies and on that basis will inevitably cease to exist over time.

Regardless of this fact that christianity was concocted or 'formulated' by jewry as a blueprint for the destruction of the white race means that its existence, regardless of its particular form, is a divisive and genocidal influence and so must be excised from the mind of whites in so far as whites are to continue to exist.

Christianity is a formula for not only the extinction of racial identity through its mongrelization advocacy but, beyond this, even in the case of a modified form such as a racially-based creed of 'christian identity', a formula of jewish witchcraft for binding the souls of they will come under its spell. The sinister nature of christianity lies in its pretense of altruistic love and its offering of 'glad tidings' and 'the promise' of the 'everlasting love of God'- the bait with which it snares its game the prospective christian.

These offerings, similar to the 'angels' which the christians believe they are interrelated with, are mere 'false gifts' or 'simulacra' that serve as egregoric binds which bind the slaves to the church. The greater the devotion to the creed of Christianity the greater the strength of that bind. To quote the passages from 'the Bible' and this with 'sincere devotion'; 'earnest prayer', is to strengthen one's bonds to these entities.

In the mind of some this is not only not intolerable but a sign of 'blessing' from 'the Lord'. They traffic with these angels and in doing so become bound to them. These angels are in reality reptilian trans-dimensional entities and these entities presumably manifest to the consciousness of the christians as a benevolent creature beguiling them and trapping them as means of absorbing into themselves their energy, attaching to them and serving as a leech which absorbs into themselves their vital force.

The christians are subject to the mental influence of these entities who motivate and impel them to attack others and to perpetuate the viral spread of christianity. Failing their attaining new members, those who reject their 'Savior' the christians seek to destroy and this through all manner of means, typically in a passive aggressive form of indirect violence.

Examples of this can be cited: starvation; homelessness (excluding others from the christian society's coerced employment); slander and rumor-mongering; outright murder and assassination usually through various proxies such as paid assassins (mossad; jesuits; criminals; ex-military and police etc.) and this through other cowardly and underhanded means: gassing; poisoning; microwave weapons; fake arranged accidents, etc.

The sadism of christianity is inherent in its bloodthirsty and irrational creed-infanticide and child murder; wholesale genocide and horrible torture. The book and website "Exposing Christianity" by Joy of Satan Ministries reveals much in the way of the abusive sadism of Christian history as does the ten volume set of Karlheinz Dreschner: "The Criminal History of Christianity".

It is reasonable to conjecture that the sadism of christianity is not motivated by 'psychology' but by the impelling influence of these 'angels' beyond the 'human-all-too-human' level indeed be 'angels', ie. trans dimensional reptilian shape shifters are clearly exerting a motivational influence on the christian.

The more devout the christian the more enslaved they are, the more enslaved the more violent, acting but their behavioral directives through the voiceless communication by these 'angelic hosts'. One need only observe christians to understand that they are not fully in control of their mind and that their bodily movements and gestures are governed not by themselves but by these entities.

Their robotic quality, the movements of a marionette on strings held in the hand of these entities, testify to their puppet-like quality. The novel "Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi depicts an allegory of this process. The puppet, created by the craftsman Geppetto (representative of the G.A.O.T.U or Demiurge), is a mere puppet (a "robot of the Demiurge" in the words of Miguel Serrano) incapable of acting autonomously, has to operate in a pre-programmed way to carry out his Master's orders: "go to school", become a programmed robot and work within the confines of 'the town', ie. the matrix prison of the spatial temporal 'world'.

Pinocchio, through challenging experiences; trial and error; through walking a path of spiritual development, transforms himself into a real live boy and thereby transcends the matrix of entropy.

The christian is the wooden head puppet who is manipulated by the strings that have been attached to him by the 'angelic hosts' or particular 'angels' who serve not as his 'conscience' being his guide but rather serviceas his jailer and manipulator, impelling Pinocchio the christian to serve and scrape before them even as they the angels leech off his soul to empower themselves with his life force.

The wooden heads of this world who refuse to undergo the transformation process of becoming who they might be, namely a 'real live boy' must be either isolated from society and transplanted into a region of quarantine or cast into the flames as kindling to warm the hallowed halls of a new artisan or craftsman's shop, one which crafts illuminated beings not wooden headed dullards and pedants.

To purge the 'angelic host' from the population thus entails a disjunctive choice: either the christian wooden head will undergo a transmutation of their soul and purge themselves of their 'demons', i.e. angels, else they will be subject to other forms of purgation, namely their incineration in the bowels of their own hell, their total ostracism from society and their inevitable extinction of the soul through being fed upon by these angelic hosts.

The danger of course in attempting to achieve this purpose of finally ridding the jewish despot and their christian minions from society lies in the persecution complex of christians. Any attempt to critique or call into question the dogma of organized christian religiosity is met with by a violent reaction of aggression on the part of the zealots.

They understand perhaps at a low and suppressed dimension of their consciousness that christianity may not be reality and that therefore it can't withstand any criticism. They understand that they are incapable of refuting any of the counter-claims to christianity's legitimacy as it is easily verified that nearly all of what calls itself christianity today, be it catholic or protestant, is merely a plagiaristic borrowing from antecedent and legitimate spiritual Tradition.

The books "The Great Jewish Masque" by an anonymous South African author and "Jesus Never Existed" by Kenneth Humphries are well documented and argued works which reveal that christianity is simply a jewish invention and therefore serviceable to jewry and for that reason, given the genocidal intentions of jewry, is a existential threat to the survival of the white race and thus must be dealt with with extreme prejudice.

Of course, one might argue playing 'Jesus advocate' that all the claims regarding christianity being an invention are false and are simply motivated by antichrist pagans who seek to serve the devil wittingly or no and are thus impelled by entities to do their dirty work under the banner of 'free thought' and 'broad-minded objectivity'.

Should any christians have any capacity to refute the theses propounded above they may do so and indeed are invited to do so. However, given the writer's experience with christians he must defeasibly and provisionally conclude that they are under the mental influence (better said 'demonic influence') of entities which have bound to them via the black magic energetic ties of jewish witchcraft and which impelled them to carry out their plans for global enslavement.

The probably syncretic nature of christianity, being a hodgepodge collage of various and sundry 'pagan ideas' mixed together with jewish theology as the glue which binds them together suggests that no refutation of these claims is possible and that therefore christianity is (probably) what it has been portrayed as in the above analysis.

Those who are not christian must therefore avoid its influence and those who are must- should they value the preservation of their soul and avoiding its vampirization by the entities which have bound to them- as a matter of life or death seek to purge themselves of this influence.

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