Esoteric Hitlerism by Loki Hulgaard

 The events of the second world war were result of the ideas that crystallized around that time. These ideas are what Alfred Rosenberg called "the myth of the blood" and the reaction to the chaos and violence imposed upon Germany and Europe by the Allied powers under the hegemony of jewry was made possible through these ideas being made available in the consciousness of the population, motivating them to act in their defense against the external threat of 'Allied aggression'.

These racial ideas will be discussed elsewhere as the focus of this section is on Hitler as a myth, an idea concretized in the flesh and they who, after his disappearance at the end of the second world war again took up the Hitler myth and mediated it through their own particular consciousness and worldview.

The Hitler myth was modified as a pleomorphic idea in the minds of different ideologues; philosophers and grassroots political activists all of whom have embraced the label 'National Socialism'. This label is inextricably bound up with Hitler himself as a historical figure who served as its spokesman and who manifested this idea of Hitlerism through his writings and speeches which were simply the flip side of the coin of his actions.

The actions; decisions and life of Adolf Hitler as a man confirmed the truth of the National Socialism Idea and this through its practice corresponding to its idea, no hypocrisy or falsehood being bound up therewith such as in the case of communism; democracy; christianity and freemasonry, the Idea of egalitarian universalism which was espoused by the Allied powers.

The Democratic idea, which is simply a secularized version of the christian notion that 'all men are brothers' put itself into practice revealing the true barbarity and hypocrisy of the untermenschen and their violent aggression and duplicity which masquerades as 'tolerance love and compassion'. The second world war revealed the moral turpitude of the untermenschen and they who, regardless of the quality of their biological race, had been infected with this mental virus of the subhuman and it's irrational and emotionally based instinctive hatred for that which is higher than itself.

The spitefulness and vengeful hatred against they who were the physical embodiments of the Superman can be observed in the fallout of that war and the subsequent occult war waged on all fronts against that same racial stock, just as it has waged without abatement from the beginning of the fall of man.

Hitler's idea, that of the superior racial type of Nordico-Germanic, Aryan mankind has been kept alive by several key figures whose pedigree substantiates the legitimate claim to supremacy of this Idea and of its attraction to superior people who serve as its embodiment.

Throughout the time of Hitler's fight against the forces of chaos several figures existed in the background who supported the idea and fought for it in word and deed. They spanned the globe and occupied many different countries and even racial groups not of purely Aryan stock.

First to be considered is she who some have called "Hitler's priestess" Savitri Devi, the assumed name of the Greek woman and mathematician Maximine Portas. She had been actively involved in India in publishing a magazine with her Indian 'platonic' husband Asit Krishna Mukherji called "The New Mercury" during the second world war.

During this time she wrote several works favorable to what she called 'the Hindus', the miscegenated stock of India, in assisting them in opposing the British Empire. She became at one point a legitimate Hindu and was venerated in India by the indigenous.

After the second world war she published works related to her experiences and hand out leaflets in occupied territory for which she was incarcerated in the book "Defiance" (1951). Her advocacy of the Hitler Idea and National Socialism was based perhaps in part or at least found articulation in the statement of a Hindu  Swami Satyananda who referred to Hitler as an avatar of Vishnu the destroyer God, the God of justice whose Nordic equivalent is Thor, the Greco-Roman Jupiter. The Indian may have seeded the Idea into Devi's consciousness or may only have given the idea articulation which latter is more likely to have been the case.

Devi wrote "Gold in the furnace" (1948/9) which was a work that illustrated the way in which the National Socialism weltanschauung becomes stronger like an alloy or mixed metal thrown into a blazing furnace of a certain temperature and pure gold being the outcome, meaning that the more abuse and suffering one undergoes for the Idea the stronger It becomes and only they were capable of facing the Truth and possessing it will come out of the furnace of conflict and chaos retaining that mythos. The harsher the conflict and assault the stronger the person as Truth can't be destroyed only the person who is too weak and fallible to adhere to it.

The Avatar Hitler became, Devi spoke of in her work "The Lightning and The Sun" (1948-56) which presented a tripartite conception of different types of man as represented in historical figures according to her interpretation. Though her interpretation is not entirely correct it was a fair presentation of the archetypes of "The Man In Time "(Genghis Khan); "The Man Above Time" (Akhenaton); and "The
Man Against Time" (Adolf Hitler).

The meaning of these ideas and how they express and characterize the Hitler myth and National Socialism Idea is as follows:

Being 'in time' means they who have the consciousness of 'worldliness', they who live within the world of spatio-temporality 'in time', and who have no transcendent quality, are simply a being who acts within the limited causal conditions of mundane and phenomenal life, purely materialistic and wholly devoid of any spiritual orientation or attachment to the Divine.

Genghis Khan may have been partially Aryan and adhered to the Mongolian religion of Tengriism however from historical accounts Devi was acquainted with he was a warlord personified, occupying himself with brute force exclusively and having no higher motive or purpose than worldly conquest and dominance.

As such he well illustrates the 'man in time', which many who have in recent years embraced their own false understanding of National Socialism have mimicked, following the path of Genghis Khan whether they know it or not without compass or destination let alone any higher direction in their aggressive journey, attempting to uphold 'nature's law' of 'tooth and claw' and failing to understand what Hitler represented as a "man against time".

"The man above time", Devi characterized as, from her perspective or interpretation, a Brahman, a priest who existed in such a way as to be completely detached from 'the world' and though not having any involvement with it being a pacifist in the figure of a Gandhi or in her work that of 'Akhenaton' whose religious sun worship she claimed to have been an original Aryan religion which entailed a passive-contemplative detachment from the world more or less along the lines of a christ figure. She  misunderstands as perhaps not having had access to adequate historical works on Egypt, that Akhenaton and his 'Atonist' religion were in no way Aryan and that his solar worship was foreign to the consciousness of the Aryan being installed into the consciousness of Egypt by the Habiru jewish infiltrators who infiltrated Egypt and attempted to take over.

The only thing they managed to permanently install in Egypt however was the worship of the solar disk which led to the destruction of the Aryan caste system of Egypt and, on the false principle that 'all men are brothers' encouraged mixture which led to the downfall of Egypt in a logarithmic progression toward destruction, the millennial history of Egypt being brought down into the mire within a few hundred years.

The notion of the "man above time" however is valid enough and would correctly apply to Lao Tzu or perhaps the Dalai Lama as well as the Brahmanical caste of India both ancient and modern. However a criticism is that there is not entirely a 'detachment' in the "man above time" as he intermediates between the Divine and worldly and act in his capacity of priest to elevate and regulate the population in relation thereto, through delegating the administrative activity to the Kshatriya or warrior nobility.

"The man above time" could perhaps become a "man against time" or merge the two into a unitary form by way of the left-hand path and the mode of 'detached action' of the latter who may unite in himself both priest and warrior, both Brahman and Kshatriya to varying degrees.

Though not explicitly articulated by Devi, her conception of Hitler as a "man against time" describes this type of figure as a man "in the world but not of the world" he who acts 'within time', within the transience of Maya or phenomenal appearances being unaffected thereby.

His modus vivendi is action within the world and as characterized by Devi is more of a Kshatriya form of life as Hitler embodied in his actions. Hitler adhered to karmic law in his doing what was necessary to minimize harm to his people of whom he was the leader as the Avatar, the embodiment of the folk soul which served as a vehicle around which his folk polarized in their mutual action of rebuilding Germany after the first world war and leading them against their enemies in a defensive military action in the second world war.

The Hitler Avatar was the embodiment of "the man against time", Vishnu the destroyer manifesting on the earth to destroy the dark forces and their material embodiment. Devi writes 'Time' with a capital 'T' denoting and connoting the Demiurge or the God of jewry, the Time Lord from whom issued all generation corruption in His manifestation ("let there be light") which imposed itself on the higher planes of being and 'created' the material world or rather who materialized the pre-existent world of first Hyperborea.

The conception of the Hitlerist Idea propounded by Devi is that of extropy, the opposition to the Time Flow of entropy of the 'Lord'; and resisting this evil tide and it's otherwise inevitable extinction of the soul.

The Hitlerist conception is thus one of imminent transcendence, of 'wei wu wei' in Chinese taoist terms. This manifests in the action of Hitler's conscious decision to act understanding the consequences however harmful and undergoing the act irregardless, as it has been decided to be the right course- that which accords with karmic law and causes minimal harm to others undeserving of harm.

Thus Hitler made decisions which sacrificed many have his own people as well as others but such sacrifices were necessary to bring about the karmic consequences of the failure to adhere to the idea of hierarchy and authority as embodied in the National Socialism mythos and the 'myth of the blood'.

Savitri Devi was herself consistent in her worldview, practicing what she preached throughout her life in her involvement with Hitlerist movements in England and Europe. Though she fell into a misanthropic version of environmentalism and a form of vaishnavism which she misunderstood to be a form of Vedism she was nonetheless relatively consistent in her views with the primordial conception of Vedic India, one of the original Aryan empires after the fall of the Gobi desert civilization. Her hostility toward 'mankind' and her overly materialistic conception unduly supported a chthonic earth mother worldview which must be considered somewhat foriegn to the original National Socialism and it's more balanced and folkish approach.

Contemporaneous with the work of Savitri Devi was that of James Larrat Battersby who penned the work "The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler" (1952). This work of Battersby's was an attempt on his part to associate National Socialism with christianity claiming that Hitler was a christ archetype. The work is prophetic in its tone and was written just after the second world war in England from whence Battersby hailed.

The Scion of a haberdasher Battersby served the role of a prophet of sorts in his work prognosticating that the return of christ would be inevitable and with his return the destruction of the Anglo-American powers with both Russian and German forces uniting to overthrow the Zionist evil Empire.

He quoted from many National Socialism during the Nuremberg trials in their oracular statements forewarning what was to come for the 'allies of evil', the servants of the Demiurge and his work convincingly persuades the open-minded reader of the likelihood of these events transpiring.

Battersby, shortly after writing this work was interred in a concentration camp and subjected to torture which he documented in his work "The Bishop Said Amen: On the author's experiences during detention as a pacifist" (1947). He was shortly after his release run out of his parents business which he voluntarily left to prevent its economic sabotage through the smear campaigns of jewry.

He was to suffer a tragic 'accident', having his neck snapped in the paddlewheel of a boat possibly having been assassinated by jewry owing to his revelation of the method in "The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler".

Should Battersby's conception of christ be some form of esoteric or non-biblical understanding paralleling the work of Peryt Shou in the latter's work "The Mystery of The Central Sun" it may be the case that this is true with "the second coming of christ" being an increase of the emanations of the galactic center as the solar system moves closer toward it elevating the vibrational frequency of the earth and melting the ice rings around the planet Saturn which have transformed this earth into a soul farm for the dark forces.

Battersby died young not having had much chance to actively participate in the National Socialism resurgence but sowing the seed Idea and keeping the concept of Hitlerism alive in the Zionist occupation of England after the second world war, giving the people of England a blueprint for their own salvation: the Hitler Idea and its political manifestation-National Socialism.

During the 60s and into the 90s the National Socialism Colin Jordan also of England came on the scene. His work "National Socialism: Vanguard Of The Future(1993)" Is a compendium of his philosophy which critiques the degradation of contemporary English society and its degenerate youth who have unwittingly followed the lead of jewry in attempting to transform the purity and nobility of National Socialism into a skinhead movement centered not around love of the folk but around hatred for the 'other' and a deviant immersion and what the National Socialisms properly called 'Entartete Kunst" (degenerate art).

Jordan held a Masters degree in mathematics from Cambridge University and was a tutor of youth becoming a major spokesman for the National Socialism movement in England after the second world war after Arnold lease the head of the National Socialism party died.

Jordan spoke of the inevitability of the demise of the Anglo-American Empire and in the same terms as Savitri Devi of the forces against Time (they who follow the path of Hitler, that of the leftward swastika against the cycles of Time, the Time-flow of the Demiurge).

The idea of Hitler being an avatar was not made explicit in Jordan's works but was nonetheless propounded in an unexpressed or implicit way as well as the distraction between the dark forces as embodied in jewry and they of the light as embodied in the leftward swastika "against the cycles of Time" which Jordan explicitly referenced in his work.

Though Jordan speaks of 'Nature', this term is not meant in the sense of a purely earthly and moon gain understanding but simply in the sense of the 'nature of things' or that which is ontologically real, and corporative of higher dimensions and forms of life not purely confined to the mundane worldview of the profane.

Though Jordan's writings were written to target a more general audience they hinted at that which lay beyond 'this world' though in the hermetic sense of spirituality not in that of a judeo-christian pseudo-spirituality of Hebrew invention.

Across the ocean in America during this same time George Lincoln Rockwell was leading his "American Nazi Party" into the public consciousness in theatrical fashion. Having grown up in a vaudeville family, having been immersed in theater and having been acquainted with jews from a young age Rockwell followed his left hand path of rebellion against 'the cycles of Time' (of the Demiurge) throughout his career which ended in his untimely assassination.

Rockwell made the dynamic of the forces of light versus the forces of darkness clear and obvious to the average American with his rabble rousing speeches and television interviews, his cartoonish stunts and his clear and distinct logical presentation of the jewish problem in his works "White Power" (1967) And "This Time The World" (1961).

Rockwell is not very explicit in his conveyance of any esoteric dimension in his articulation of this world historical problem though his life gives one insight into the fact of not only his legitimacy as an authentic embodiment of the Hitler Idea but as a figure who had communion with beings from higher dimensions who worked with and influence him. Rockwell himself related an experience of this kind in his autobiography.

That Rockwell had obtained a philosophy degree from a prestigious Ivy League school, one of the best in America, should suggest to most that he was in no way a purely materialistic thinker. He married an Icelandic woman and the significance of this in spiritual terms is not only the purity of the blood, the blue-eyed, blonde haired Icelanders being the closest to the 'vanir' but the proximity of Iceland to the hollow earth and the radiations emanating therefrom having a transmutative influence on the consciousness of its denizens.

That Rockwell gravitated toward his Icelandic wife and was accepted by her means that he was no average everyday person but someone more spiritually inclined. Perhaps having been contemporaries Savitri Devi; Colin Jordan and Miguel Serrano (about whom more will be discussed later ) it suggests that he may have been an embodiment of the avatar as well as Hitler before him and his contemporaries along with him .

James Madole appeared on the scene in New York around the time of Rockwell and was a sort of rival of the Commander with his "National Renaissance Party". Madole is little-known but his work was nonetheless a valuable contribution to esoteric Hitlerism and the 'myth of the blood'. He was an adherent of Blavatsky's original Theosophy and wrote concerning the antediluvian world of Atlantis. He was also notorious for propounding the final solution to the jewish problem, that being extermination, which he advocated.

Just after Rockwell's assassination another proponent of the Hitlerist Idea came on the scene who, though as a fallible man critical of Hitlerism in some respects was a supporter of Hitler and the folkish Idea.

In the case of Ben Klassen however, the idea was amplified to be more inclusive of the entire white race and condemned nationalism as a divisive element in National Socialism. Ben Klassen preferred the term 'racial socialism' and manifested it in his works of what he would go on to call "Creativity", the white man's religion.

His major works encapsulated his conception of a (to all appearances) 'naturalistic worldview'. He departed from this worldview however in many of the phrases he used as well as the hermetic colors he used in his works, all of which were published with a red; white and black color scheme similar to the National Socialists. This color scheme connoted the nigredo (black) or blackening phase; the albedo (purification) phase and the rubedo phase of integration, the hermetic alchemical transmutation process of the 'magnum opus' or the great work.

"Nature's Eternal Religion" (1973) was his first work and is followed up with "The White Man's Bible" (1981) Which was a more didactic and less philosophical presentation of the racial socialist creed of Klassen's "Creativity Movement".

Later he would go on to author another work, his autobiography entitled "Against The Evil Tide" (1991), perhaps referring not only to the material forces on this earth arrayed against the white race but against the time-flow of the Demiurge (entropy) and entities who are his devotees and who the writer contends are the creators of jewry via genetic engineering.

Klassen made no reference to any higher forces than a tangible, palpable realities of the world and organic life visible and observable to the average person. This is probably deliberate as his intention was to throw out a wider net to capture the minds of more average and less intellectual people with his "basic creed and program".

That it is formulated in religious terms serves his purpose in appealing to a wider audience who have need of a well articulated value system that appeals to their level of consciousness and that does not leave the adherent "used, confused and abused" with the priestly caste claptrap of judeo-christianity and its delusional inventions which served to drive the flock into states of fear-based consciousness and lead them to live pacifistic life of cowardly obsequiousness before the jews to whom they sell their souls.

After Rockwell passed on Matt Koehl took over the American Nazi party organization and stayed largely in the background keeping the black flame of Promethean fire alive writing sparsely and being most recognized for his handbook compilation of "Mein Kampf" (1925) quotations entitled "The Words of Hitler" (1990) as well as his ideological tract "Faith of the Future" (1995) which was a work of naturalism to all appearances.

That Koehl was in contact with Savitri Devi may suggest he was more than a proponent of a crude  naturalistic worldview though his writings reveal no higher perspective than such an thus he could be interpreted to be a lesser flame of the luciferian light at best as far as they who were not intimately acquainted with him and his activity can glean.

The foremost representative of esoteric Hitlerism is the adept and noblemen who created the term 'esoteric Hitlerism' itself, Don Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat, active National Socialism and esotericism. His works encapsulate the Hitler idea as well as the doctrine of racial socialism of whom the German National Socialists were simply a particular instance and indeed laid out the template for the weltanschuaang which, though allegedly 'not for export', was and is perfectly adaptable to any society founded on blood and soil (and soul).

Serrano amplified the idea as a seed develops into a plant. His work is the fruitage of the seed idea of the Hitlerist worldview. In his work "Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar" (mistakenly translated into English as "Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar", 1984) Serrano provides copious detail from his own experiences and connections that Hitler did not die after the second world war and that the National Socialists of Germany (the original) departed for Antarctica after the second world war.

He relates his experiences in discussions with key National Socialism figures such as Hermann Wirth and Hanna Reitsch and his influence in political affairs all of which lend credibility to his more esoteric claim: that the average mundane could not nor would have any inclination to understand, confining themselves as they do to a purely materialistic worldview.

Serrano's conception of Adolf Hitler as an avatar of Vishnu is carried forward from Savitri Devi and Swami Satyananda from whom she derived the conception and is amplified in the influence of Hitler, the consequences and origins of Hitler's presence on the earth.

According to Serrano Hitler became possessed by the archetype just after he had attended a play by Richard Wagner and, being accompanied by his friend August Kubicek had an epiphany, breaking from his friend in ascending a hill upon which the avatar took possession of him.

Hitler was an 'avatar', a physical man possessed by a higher being who selected him to carry out the work needed to oppose the Allied aggression against Germany and indeed to put a stop to the usury system run by jewry internationally from their financial centers of New York and London.

Simultaneously the Archetype took possession of individual leaders in diverse nations who played a similar role as Hitler in awakening their populations to overthrow the parasitical exploiter of their race. Chandra Bose in India; Phibun (Plaek Phibunsongkhram) in Thailand; Hirohito in Japan; Mussolini in Italy who was perhaps simply the preliminary thunder before the lightning of the "Man Against Time", Hitler; Corneliu Condreanu in Romania; Juan Antonio Primo D'Rivera and Francisco Franco in Spain; Plinio Salgado in Brazil; Laureano Eleuterio Gómez Castro in Columbia; Arnold Margerie in Venezuela; William Pelley; Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh in America; Arnold lease and Oswald Mosley in England; Leon DeGrelle in Belgian; and General Andrey Vlasov in Russia; Ferenc Szalasi in Hungary and many others globally arose to the call of Vishnu the destroyer god and manifested on the earth to put a stop to the intrigue and disintegrative tactics of the international jew who concealed himself either in the mantle of capitalism or communism- marxism and attempted a coup in all countries simultaneously under the guise of 'the brotherhood of man and the federation of the world'.

The mundane cynic would interpret the simultaneous events which transpired in each country during this epoch prior to the second world war either as copycat imitators of Hitler or as a cleverly contrived global scheme to create a reactionary movement against the jewish internationalists, against their invented bogeymen of 'communism' and 'capitalism' and to orchestrate chaos as means of consolidating jewish power post-World War II.

The more spiritually minded individual however would look upon Serrano's conception of the avatar as more credible owing to its scope and the magnitude of its consequences. That Hitler was indeed a man possessed by the archetype of Vishnu is suggested by his apparently (to the mundane) incomprehensible decision-making such as his decision to strike against Russia as the greater threat even though to all appearances it was pragmatically useful to form an alliance with them against the Anglo-American powers.

To do so would have meant a compromise of the idea of National Socialism transforming it into a mere 'anti-capitalists' stance, dragging down the Higher Idea of hierarchy which depended upon Spiritual Authority to an Idea of materialistic leveling equality with no higher reference point to serve the higher type of Aryan mankind and thus to submerge the world in darkness.

Even though the average person would state that a temporary compromise would not have jeopardized the idea of National Socialism and would not have enabled its continuance that these ideas derived from higher forces means such a compromise would have rendered them impotent and thus have neutralized them if only after whatever pyrrhic and unlasting victory could be attained.

That the idea of a quasi-brahmanical hierarchy concentrated in a leader is an Eternal verity implies that the victory of Hitler even in defeat was inevitable. Indeed, as Serrano speaks of in his works, Hitler won in the Spiritual through losing in the physical as it was not on the basis of Truth, the Idea of Hitlerism as opposed to that of democracy and communism (individualism and egalitarianism) that the Allies had achieved their phyrric victory but only on that of brute force, of the weight of numbers and not on the basis of any higher principle reveals that Hitler did not lose the war. Hitler, as Serrano had said "won by losing", preserving the purity of his Idea against all treachery and deceit on the part of the Allies of evil.

Serrano's works entail a revelation of the coming war against the evil horde of jewry and their minions and the return of the original National Socialists who departed from this degraded world into Antarctica. In his work "Hitler's UFOs Against the New World Order" Serrano reveals the details of the National Socialist creation of UFOs (Die Glocke; the Haunebu) and how they had used them at the end of the second world war and departed with them to another dimension via wormholes as well as into the hollow earth through Antarctica.

Hitler was a member of the Thule Gessellshaft and its mediums were in contact with Aldebaran, the Aryan homeland in the constellation Taurus and from whom they derive much of their most advanced technology. This technology was articulated in Serrano's book and discussed Victor Schauberger its developer who utilized cold fusion and implosive power which Nikola Tesla had previously developed.

This technology enabled the National Socialists to depart from this world and return to Aldebaran. However not all did and the fiasco relating to 'flying saucers' appearing post-World War II was undoubtedly these craft of the National Socialisms who made displays of their power after the second world war preventing a further increase in hostilities of violence perpetrated by the usual suspects the 'allies of evil' servants of the Demiurge Jehovah.

Serrano's weltanschuuang is a comprehensive cosmology and anthropology or rather anthropogenesis which is similar to Blavatsky's Theosophy only more correctly adjusted and attuned to the original "Secret Doctrine" of the Atlantean and indeed the Hyperborean Tradition.

Serrano posits that the Nordico-Germanic race are the descendants of what in the Bhagavad-Gita are called 'Devas' and 'Vanir' in the Nordic Edda. These are the original race on earth of humanity properly so-called (hue-man, they who have the light; the blue blood; Divine spark of the gods).

All they who preceded them were the a Neanderthal beast men and various mixtures who occupied Lemuria which was also known as 'Mu' or 'Pan' during this time.

The subsequent mixture with the anthropoids constituted 'the fall of man' causing the aesir godi to lose their first estate and become who they are today. Serrano's booklet "We Will Not Celebrate The Death of The White Gods" provides a briefer synopsis of this anthropogenesis then his more extensive works such as "Manu: For The Man To Come"(1991) And "Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar".

Serrano's initial work in his esoteric Hitlerist quaternary "The Golden Cord: Esoteric Hitlerism"(1978) reveals the lineage of the Hitler Idea preceding Hitler which he equates with the 'luciferian' conception or conception of the left-hand path of imminent transcendence or "the man against time", he who fights the Demiurge both individually as an organism and politically as part of a larger organism his Folk against the forces of this Earth who wish to enslave its population and steal their souls.

Serrano speaks of this 'golden cord' which refers to the 'citrinitas' phase of hermetic alchemy, to 'philosophical gold' and which he puts forth as originally an Aryan conception having its origins in the ancient Aryan homelands of Atlantis and subsequently the Gobi desert and other regions of the earth up to the present day.

The persecution of the Aryan adepts by such as the catholic church and its controllers jewelry throughout the millennia are revealed and the intimate ties between the luciferian Tradition and National Socialism are also detailed in extensive discussion of Otto Rahn the SS leader and his work "Lucifer's Court"(1937) and experiences based thereon.

The golden cord continues to this day in the form of adepts such as Serrano who continue to fight against the dark forces and their master Jehovah the Demiurge. Serrano puts forth various recommendations and instructions that the worthy reader might adopt and follow in all of his works from the Armanist path of rune workings to Tantric Maithuna.

His works "Resurrection of The Hero"(1986) and "Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar" are especially revelatory in their detailed presentation of left-hand path practices to achieve the Magnum Opus, the full integration of the soul, i.e. immortality, becoming a living god.

These are the authentic Aryan practices not the vile black magic of the Near East as embodied in masonry and jewish qabbalah and its variants which Serrano critiques throughout his works. They are rather the magical practices of the Armanists, the ancient Aryan adepts who embody the principles of Truth and Justice and who still exist both on this earth and on other worlds and in other dimensions.

Esoteric Hitlerism, though undergoing different forms of manifestation, is this golden cord of the original Hyperborean Tradition extending to the present time-against Time, against the Demiurge and his legions of beastmen and vampiric creatures (reptilians; jewry) who require the vital essence of others in order to perpetuate their entropic existence. It is necessary and imperative at this time that all who merit the term 'Aryan' to devote themselves to perpetuating the golden cord of esoteric Hitlerism and to combat, to the greatest extent possible, the dark forces and liberate the earth of their pestilential presence.