Ideological Critique by Loki Hulgaard



This world of confusion called by some 'the modern' or 'postmodern' world is indeed a difficult world in which to survive let alone thrive. The confusion is largely based upon false ideas that are themselves a result of deliberate formulation on the part of malevolent forces and a result of the confusion of castes that occurred throughout the history of the world.

The cause of this chaos and confusion may be described in such platitudinous phrases as 'the fall of man' or 'the human condition' and this is a legitimate and accurate description though its meaning would escape most of those uninformed regarding this archaic history. Suffice it to say that the world in which we now live is a world of chaos on the brink of a reset, a transitional phase from the Kali Yuga or Iron Age to a new Satya Yuga or Golden age.

In order to conduct oneself within this period and to minimize the damage to both himself and others he must come to a proper understanding of himself; his position in the world and what he can and must do- and what he cannot, in so far as he is to realize his purpose and destiny in life and indeed must not do.

In order to guide himself in life he must have the proper understanding of reality (himself; the world and others; how to relate to himself; the world and others). He must employ thought and reflection in order to guide himself properly through the quagmire of 'the modern world' and to come out if at all hardened through the fire of challenge and suffering.

It should be clear that no life form may continue to exist in this world unless that life form has steeled itself to suffering and has hardened itself to endure the chaos. A worldview, Weltanshauung or 'ideology' serves as one's guide.

Accordingly, this short investigation will treat of various ideologies currently existent in the 'modern world' and will critique them in terms of their relative value in terms of the fulfillment of the destiny of Aryan mankind and further propound through such a critique, general principles upon which to base one's existence within this world.

To start the writer will define what the word 'ideology' means and make it intelligible to the reader. And 'ideology' is a system or constellation of related ideas that form a certain worldview or template that provides one with a guide for action, a certain form of life, a certain mode of living in the world (modus vivendi).

The ideology by virtue of its being codified in a certain human language and that this language has related thought forms strictly correlated with it implies that these thought forms have a certain influence on the consciousness (the soul) of the individual who experiences this ideology, and the soul is modified and changed through such influence as it were 'magically'.

Indeed this magical influence of ideas and the words which recall them to mind is the means through which the personality is structured and restructured by language. Granted the personality (and the soul) can be subject to such a modification through other means (symbol; image; sound; vibration; sensation) but language, by virtue of its recollectability and re-presentation has a memetic affect upon consciousness and, by recalling or re-presenting certain words; terms; phrases or sayings through which the structure of the consciousness becomes reinforced according to this mold or template and this proportionally- the more one subjects oneself to this influence the more he becomes a certain type, a proselyte of this particular creed, the sounds; images and symbols; the language and costume one subjects oneself to indeed the sum total of all of his experience related to this ideology as a transformative influence on the soul.

Thus the prudent, understanding cause and effect through reason and a higher intuition, recognize the nature of these influences and their effect upon consciousness. Either the influence can empower or it can disempower and this not based upon the object alone or entirely but on the way in which the object is appropriated by one's consciousness, how one relates to it.

However things (objects; phenomenal presences; sounds; images; symbols etc.) having a certain phenomenal structure, have a certain quality of influence on the consciousness and thus the prudent and wise must select certain forms of culture and activity and restrict one's experience to them as a condition of forming a certain type of personality.

The ideology one subscribes to brings them into contact with a certain set of objects; persons; influences of all kind and those things he experiences often lead him to adhering to a certain ideology or ideologies, sometimes consistent and sometimes conflictual and having a certain influence.

Thus in order to craft a certain character or personality (ideally one's True self), chipping away at the superfluous matter of his personality with the tools of will and skill employed with discernment, he must select the proper tools and understand their causal influence on the shaping of the personality.

He must understand how sounds; shapes; words and etc. are correlated with him and the nature of their influence. Ideologies and their related thought forms thus are correlated with certain states of consciousness all things being equal and the person will be influenced by them according to his nature, and his actions will also be influenced in the manner in which these thought forms condition his consciousness (and this in terms of the intensity and duration of influence- the greater the intensity and/or 'duration' the greater the influence on his personality).

Thus, though ideologies in various 'ideas' and cultural influences may at first appear benign they are in reality very significant in modifying and changing the personality (indeed the soul itself). The prudent will, understanding the causal nature and influence of certain ideas and thought forms, restrict oneself to those thought forms most beneficial to the realization of one's destiny (and this according to his astrological natal chart and self understanding).

Only certain experiences will be had at least until he has forged a sufficiently hard personality in the furnace of his will and on that basis can subject himself after the fact to strenuous testing to further harden his nature, through subjecting himself to challenging and even life-threatening experiences which serve to empower him.

The following examination of modern ideologies will be undergone with this pragmatic orientation in mind. Those ideas (thought forms) which empower will be discussed and in what respects they do so and those which disempower will be discussed and in those respects.

All ideologies currently existing have qualities conducing to power if only pragmatically; hypocritically and within the context of the modern world of generation and corruption. This fact is what makes them so popular and why they are consistently a presence especially regarding those ideologies which hold themselves out as sources of 'joy' and 'peace' and various other high-flown terms. For those who use these ideologies (pragmatically) they are control mechanisms which have served to bring into their hands a near total control of the earth and have served to reduce nearly all of its population to the level of witless serfs on a plantation.

The ideologies which function to disempower more than to empower in terms of having an enervating influence on the soul will be discussed first saving the 'best for last', those which have the converse influence, that of a strengthening and empowering influence upon the soul, which latter ideologies will be further illuminated in light of the errors of the former.


Part 1


Christianity will be discussed first owing to its representing the greatest enervating influence upon the consciousness of any who should fall under its spell. This notion of being subject to a mesmeric or hypnotic influence via the thought forms of christianity must be taken literally and is not a mere figure of speech. This is discussed in copious detail in the works of Joy of Satan ministries especially "Exposing Christianity".

The thought form of 'christ' has been ingrained in the consciousness of whites for two millennia and has instilled in their soul the magian morality tendencies inherent in this egregore.

The 'christ-like' behavior of this 'savior figure' has conditioned the consciousness of the white race to be that of a pacifistic (and inevitably passive aggressive as the nature of organisms is to express their will to power regardless of any 'moral prohibition') cowardly sneak, one was no capacity to be open and honest and to simply manifest his inhibited aggression in underhanded and deviant ways, often and perhaps in most cases toward himself (masochism).

The 'christ archetype' thus functions to weaken and inhibit the natural drives; to cause them to be 'bottled up' in the pressurized canister of the self. Such a restriction of one's behavior leads of necessity to a 'generalized neuroticism' if the writer may employ a term from 'academic' psychology.

The obligation to self censor and suppress one's natural inclinations is built into christianity with its commands to "turn the other cheek" and "judge thee not". To adhere in 'sincerity' (assuming this is possible) to the moral commands of christianity is to shut down one's conscious mind and to live in a state of willful ignorance, refusing to face the harsh realities of the fact that judgment, moral evaluation of others (persons; places and things) is natural and healthy and to attempt to suppress this tendency leads to neuroses, what 'new agers' might call 'chakra blockages' or preventing the harmonious flow of the energies of one's body and soul.

To "judge thee not" is to impose upon another in the form of finger wagging prohibition that they cease to think and to express their thoughts in word or deed. The finger-wagger, the censor, she who takes upon herself to enforce these 'moral' prohibitions seeks through this means to express her will to power within socially acceptable parameters.

 "Christianity is will to power in ethics" as Oswald Spengler said. The expression of its will to power is that of the Faustian soul, an aggressive imposition upon others of its own particular package of obligations; prohibitions and whatever sparse permissions it entails, it's 'morality' in short.

For those who are the priest caste of christianity this clearly serves their will to power, enabling them to accrue to themselves temporal power and all of the advantages accompanying it, namely wealth and control over others.

The function of christian will to power is thus serviceable to this caste and to they who adopt its preachments and utilize their position or identity as a christian to impose upon others there will to power: "thou shalt xyz"; "thou shalt not qrs"-these are the structures of the morality of christianity, simple and basic prohibitions and obligations.

Granted this serves its adherents in augmenting their personal power and wealth but it does so at a great disadvantage, that being the violation of their soul, its subjection or subordination to entities and its gradual merger with the hive mind structure of what the writer will call 'the Demiurge' or what the christians call 'God'.

Though this may appear 'virtuous'; desirable and agreeable, it is in fact a recipe for extinction of the soul through its absorption into 'The One' or the Demiurge and moreover, it's vampirization by the 'angelic host' or entities with whom the christian becomes bound.

Thus to all appearances viewed from the perspective of five sense reality the christian has employed the ideology of christianity as an instrument of his will to power. In reality however he has actually disempowered himself at the fundamental level of the soul through having his soul subject to disintegration through the hidden forces which absorb it into themselves.

The more 'christian' the christian, the more devoted to these ideas of christianity, the more entrained he becomes with the thought forms of christianity, the more easily he becomes possessed by these entities and the more of a hold they have over his soul.

The deception of jewish created christianity lies in its false appearance of 'kindness' and 'benevolence'. All that sickly creed purports to be what it is not and does the opposite of what it claims: it purports to help others but does so only materially and only as a means of proselytism, of 'bringing the sheep into the fold'-or rather transforming the 'goats' (non-christians) into 'sheep' (christian).

Its false gifts are trafficked in only as a hook of Mary to hook in the 'lambs of God' and they who would seek to rebel or bite at the shepherds crook let alone at the Shepherd himself are slated for slaughter by the priests of the order of Melchizedek as 'heretics' or 'infidels', the actual terminology deployed by the Catholic Church in its stigmatization of the non-catholic (however this applies equally to Protestants).

The promise of eternal life and immortality through undergoing various devotional prayers, the 'motions' of christian programming, rather than granting one this false promise instead grants one a one-way ticket to hell-fire owing to the above outlined process of entity attachment and the vampirization of the soul of the person.

This is presumably why the priestly caste wishes to have its sheep confined within their pen of the church preferably as much as possible as this facilitates the attachment of these entities and strengthens the programming. The programming disempowers the person and transitions them to the 'lake of fire' and the second death postmortem.

To hear the words and experience the relics and aesthetic pageantry of the church (be it catholic or protestant) is to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of these entities and to create a bind on the person through such associations, the person coming to view these experiences they undergo in the church as desirable and after a certain period essential, the person becoming a 'christian' and addicted to the holy water of organized christianity.

They render themselves a vessel of these entities and are thus under their influence and immersed to greater and greater degrees into the hive mind of the Demiurge and become his servants and the servants of his 'angelic host' who impel the christian to spread their religion- sell it by zealot.

Though this may not be entirely correct the writer surmises it is a fair representation of christians and the influence of christianity and their 'fate' in terms of its mechanics and influence, a faith in falsehood and false appearances and a faith that transforms one over time into a wraith like the 'ring wraiths' in J.R.R. Tolkien's work.

Joy of Satan Ministries speaks in some of their lectures of how christians over time take on a faded look, similar to Gollum who becomes enslaved by the 'Ring'-one need only observe old church ladies to see how they are of a faded complexion and this proportional to their 'devotion' to their  'faith' (wraith?).

Gollum's ring of power may be an allegorical representation of the rings of Saturn (Sauron) which, according to Norman Bergrun in his book "Ring-Makers of Saturn" are ice crystal structures created by E.T's and, according to David Icke in his presentation "The Moon-Saturn Matrix", these rings serve as a radio transceiver in transmitting certain vibrational frequencies to the earth by the artificial structure of the moon which in turn traps the inhabitants of Gaia within its electromagnetic matrix web.

The entire christian program, presumably created by jews 'from the beginning' was engineered by them in service to their 'Elohim' i.e. trans-dimensional reptilian aliens) and serves as a mechanism of keeping the population in fear and trembling, in a lower vibrational frequency state of consciousness and thus incapable of transcending the limitations of this matrix prison.

christianity is the ultimate slave program which transforms once normal beings into automata whose minds are crystallized and incapable of overcoming these limitations save with severe modification and shocking forceful influence and experiences.

The mind becomes limited to the spatio-temporal plane or dimension in spite of the claims to the contrary christianity adduces as its 'treasures in heaven'. The illusory heaven world christianity preaches is in reality a world ill-defined and merely affirmed to exist without any detailed mechanical description of its workings or how and by what process one arrives at such a destination save perhaps through the pseudo-spiritual expostulation's of its 'devotional prayers'.

These prayers are themselves simply a re-presentation of the thought forms which not only attract but which bind entities to oneself and transform one into a christian, which is to say one of the 'goyim' or cattle on the slave plantation of Zion.

Christianity, further disempowers its adherent throughout the life of the adherent having an obligation to 'work'. 'Work' means an expenditure of the life force, a dissipation of one's energies and their absorption into the entities which are bound to one through the process of church devotion (christian programming). Though one should be a 'secular (worldly) humanist' he too is bound to entities in whatever tavern he hangs around, both churches and taverns (pubs; bars- call them what you will) being run by jews in most all cases and serving to absorb the wealth of the 'goyim' into jewry through inducing addiction in their 'customers': either an addiction to holy water or two firewater.

As if this weren't bad enough, having to pay tithes and bar tabs, one must also pay with his soul, having his soul energy leeched from him by these 'angels' a.k.a. transdimensional reptilian entities with whom jewry are bound and by whom jewry are genetically hybridized with neanderthals.

Further references which suggest that christianity is a mere invention and should not be ascribed credibility or supported are here:

"christianity Exposed", Wayne Macleod

"Paul of Tarsus, or christianity and Jewry", Savitri Devi

(convincingly proves christianity was created by saul/paul of tarsus and the kehilla)

"christian Identity Crisis and the Jewish People", High Priest Jake Carlson (

"The Christ Conspiracy", Acharya S (aka. D.M.Murdoch)

(apparent afrocentric bias and affirms that Whites are in collusion with jews not as dupes in a conspiracy that is somehow favorable to Whites as a collective)

"Exposing christianity", (

(focuses more on catholicism than protestantism and doesn't treat of Identity. Convincingly proves christiantiy was/is a synthesis of pre-christian Aryan traditions similarly to "The christ Conspiracy" but less detail and no afrocentric bias)

"Hunter", William L Pierce

(discusses in fictional form how christian identity is/was created to get people out of christ-insanity)

"The Origin of christianity", Revilo P Oliver

(more of the same as the above but discusses it also from a pragmatic standpoint and its use and deleterious influence on Whites historically)

"An Open Letter to All christians", David Lane

(claims christian identity is a psyop created by pro-whites and that it is largely ineffective and that Whites should turn to naturalism/Wotanism/’original’ masonry aka. Hermeticism)

“Jesus Never Existed”, Kenneth Humphreys

(convincingly proves its title based on historical evidence archaeological and textual)

Though these above works approach christianity from the perspective of a more mundane and naturalistic viewpoint they raise significant points of criticism in terms of the actual historical 'reality' of christianity; its origins and the motivations of its formulators.

In more esoteric terms there may be some redeemable qualities within christianity both protestant and catholic. In the catholic church there have been assimilated much in the way of pre-christian symbolism; iconography and textual and figurative representations of metaphysical principles and cosmology.

The works "The Symbolism of The Cross" and "Insights Into Christian Esotericism" by Rene Guenon as well as the presentations of Bill Donohue give insight, as does the work "Central Sun" by Peryt Shou a German Armanist affiliated with Aleister Crowley.

This does not mean that what is called organized christianity today is spotless and pure or in any way desirable to traffic in- it simply means that what has been assimilated into it has value and thus christianity must not be viewed from a purely exoteric perspective.

Indeed to do so is to miss the point of its witchcraft as it is simply a syncretic formula of black magic concocted by jewry to enslave the 'goyim' as Nietzsche spoke of in his works though not implicating jewry as the causal agent.

To avoid the influence of this black magic witchcraft and it spread one must avoid and expose christianity for what it is and this in the most explicit way drawing upon the above sources especially those of Joy of Satan Ministries.

Failure to do so will augment the spread of christianity and will enable the dark forces to continue to enslave the earth and to reduce all to witless slave drones who cater to the whims of their masters the reptilians.

Christianity is the foremost threat to white survival and indeed to Truth and thus must be ruthlessly opposed through prudent and effective means. To speak about burning churches or executing christians simply plays to the victim- martyr complex of christians and is ineffective. An informational spread of counter propaganda against the christian program is necessary not only to deprogram the minds of its captive slaves and to liberate them but to expose it for the lie it is and to ensure that a world in which spiritual truth can banish the darkness of its lies flourishes.

Sourced From Aryan Practical Idealism | Substack

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  1. I challenge anyone to disprove that christianity is not a jew made religion

    1. The Rabbi's agree

    2. Christianity was created by the Roman's after the sacking of the temple in 70AD. Jewish Rabbis were recruited to write the New Testament based on the Jewish holy books. The Rabbis always work with the rulers or the powers that be same as the church leaders and this has always been so.
      What does that tell you about Jewish Rabbis and Christian leaders like the Pope's?
      Islam was created in the same manor with the founding scriptures being Jewish.
      Rome did this because jews were a huge problem in the first century requiring a huge army to pacify them so they pacified the jews in another manor.
      The enemy here is Rome now morphed into the powers that be which in our modern world morphed into the Bormon faction during and after WW2 , both Rabbis and Pope's work for these people running the world. Notice that in 1947 they made the CIA an official .gov agency totally filled with those German intel networks after the war. All intact and moved to America under paperclip.
      One fact rarely mentioned is the fact that many jews served in the German army under National Socialism however, Adolph Hitler was betrayed by these Jews and his own leadership under Borman on the Russian front.
      Bottom line? What did it get the Nazis long term blaming jews for everything wrong in Germany?
      History serves as a warning to our budding internet national socialists like gather here.


    3. My observation about Jews? First they stick together and second they hold to their beliefs no matter what to the last man.
      The Roman's and our dear modern powers that be have successfully recruited Jews into the world leadership apparatuses using the holy books first the jew then transfered to the Christian then to the Islamic world.
      Same power structures that move over time to suit the rulers needs.
      You have to admit that it's a fine system of control don't you?
      However, the true Jews just like the Gnostics after them were always followers of Spirit and notice how the power structure crushed gnostisism and its inheritors National Socialism in Germany.
      Germany was betrayed and crushed giving us the world we have today.
      Jews being our original model of Spirit have lost their true identity just like all the rest of us ruled under our current system.
      Just an observation.


  2. Yes, Loki, you know that story about knowing the tree by its fruit, and if one does apply it on Christianity as a whole, it is a very sad, bloody, rotten tree. First the states and countries picked up that fairytale book their own writers had written and put it in a pocket close to their heart and brainwashed themselves and their country men with it, in churches, schools and mission stations. These founding fathers made it a part of their countries' laws, protected by their kings, queens and state politicians, ministers, decorating ever defense unit with a crown and a cross, singing praises to both king Jesus and their own king, so beautifully that it was hard to see the difference between His Holyness and The Holy One in their regular, masonic services in their own cathedrals all over the place, promising to fight for "him" and take his (their) word all over the Earth. How it went one can see the results of in for instance Canada where the Indigenous people suffered greatly, and the Indians in the US, and the blacks in Africa, and Asia was not spared either, on this "Christian" mission-colonization evangelization with weapons in their hands, shooting down unarmed locals, just for the sake of grabbing a hold of other people's riches; stealing in the name of Jesus.

    People in other countries label European countries, Canada, the U.S.A. as "Christian countries" since it usually has been called a "State Religion". Then they look at them as "Murderers in the name of Jesus". Christians love the state of Israel, just like their "holy book" does, so much that they do not protest when Netanyahu says in public: "Christians are useful idiots", since they are so "one" with him that he and the state of Israel and the so-called Jews, followers of the Babylonian Talmud, can do and say what ever they want, as long as they are brothers in arms, which they are. And now the same people want to put you in jail for simply describing the fruit of the tree. I do not talk about black beasts, like you, but white beasts covered in crosses, crowns and Jesus-artifacts, leaving blood stains where ever they go. It is a shame, I agree.

    1. the christian component of Canada makes it more christian than can be tolerated: bigoted; moralizing; uptight; holier than thou--very christian. Every time I hear the word christian I have a disgusted taste in my mouth: it isn't the blood of the lamb or the body of christ I taste either but fecal matter coated in sugar

    2. "white beasts covered in crosses, crowns and Jesus-artifacts, leaving blood stains where ever they go. It is a shame, I agree." makes sense there are white niggers too


    3. Please don't use the n word, I'll let it go on this one because the comment has value, and it wasn't aimed at any particular race.

  3. First there was the jew

    Then lost the war

    Leaders worked for the enemy

    Said this must love your enemy

    The enemy I see right in front of me

    Now that you see him

    You know him

    Killing so anonymous

    We call it vaxxine

    Gospel I see


  4. Jesus also known as Lucifer

    Was put out of his misery early

    Hung upon a stick at thirty three

    I prefer the Nine

    Lived by Spirit

    Gospel I see

  5. The name Loki? Jack, in his works refers to the tricks a whore turns, of course any Queen will strip for the best of them.
    Why revolati9ns says she was a whore

    From Babalon

    Come for blood


  6. Anonymous, I am proud to say that by heart I am a white "N". This Christmas I saw Moslems having Christmas stars in their windows. In Norway they make a hell out of journalists who wear a tiny cross grandma gave them, if it is visible on the screen, but everything is OK if it is a red rose, symbolizing the Labour Party. Artifacts are all right as long as they are Luciferian, esoteric, satanic or what ever, but even those who pretend to be Moslems when conducting terror attacks may have the star of David neckless hidden behind their clothes. The one who is able to see beyond artifacts, head-dressing; hats, crowns, turbans, hijab or what ever, is wise. Things are not always what they seem, but yes, Christians and Jews/Zionists have a hell lot of blood on their hands, whether they are black or white, because they are following political, power and money-greedy "shephers".


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