Ideology, Monotheism by Loki Hulgaard

Monotheism is an ideology that posits or of firms that there is 'One' God or 'the sum total of Being' or 'Absolute' which one must cultivate a proper relationship to in order to obtain a desirable state of being.

It is conventionally associated with pacifistic and contemplative right-hand path practices (such as 'devotional prayer' or Bhakti yoga, etc.) and purports to facilitate the unity between 'God' and 'man'.

However, all things being equal it is a religion of extinction, a death cult, which leads to the gradual atrophy of one's soul through a failure to strengthen it the inevitable result of involving oneself in his pacifistic-contemplative practices.

This applies especially to the 'laity' of monotheistic religion as the priest caste typically conceals its left-hand path practices and empowers itself while the laity are disempowered, perpetuating the two-tier system of slavery established by the black magicians of Zion.

Granted there is a supreme Being. It becomes a question however what one wants to do with this 'knowledge' or 'faith'-to empower oneself and attain immortality or to disempower oneself and follow the path of extinction.

The monotheistic religions are oft-touted by people as a source of salvation within the modern world, within the Piscean age specifically during which time these religions seemingly arose as it were 'ex nihilo'. Perhaps their origin lies in jewry creating them as slave religions? The following investigation intends to discuss monotheism with an aim to answering this question.

The monotheist would contend that their religion comes 'from God' which begs the question as to the meaning of this- what God? What is the nature of this deity and how might this manifest in the form of 'human' language and texts and how does this monotheistic dogma function?

Is it in any way beneficial for the white race and its preservation and indeed is it in any way beneficial for anyone or perhaps simply a formula for slavery and a 'poison apple' given to Snow White by the wicked witch of the West (the jews)?

The writer must concede that he has no distinct or definitive opinion as to the origin or the reality of any variety of monotheism- he pleads ignorance and does not in any way hold himself out as a representative authority on monotheism and its deleterious consequences which can be tangibly observed in the historical record.

Though monotheism has had its historical stains it is by many claimed to be not only valuable but essential. However it is essential only to the extent that it poses an existential threat to the lives of white people (and indeed to all people) as of the time of this writing and throughout especially the history of Abrahamic religion which dominated the Piscean age. Monotheism thus is a problem and one which must be dealt with and this in the most effective way.

The varieties of monotheism can be divided into two broad categories: one which is a set of elements containing only one element- that being a monotheism which is racially supremacistic, it's 'element' being judaism and its religion being that of a tribal supremacy over the earth by and for jewry achieved through intricate legerdemain and manipulation tactics (the gradualistic dialectic).

On the other hand there exists the variety of monotheism which purports to be 'Universalist', for 'all people' but in reality is actually particularistic and serves as a cover for the racial and cultural supremacy of diverse groups of 'humans'.

Though 'universalist' hypocritically and to all appearances these 'universalist' ideologies of monotheistic religion are inclusive of those not of the original ethnic stock which adheres to them. They may however be included only as a subordinate or indeed properly speaking as a slave.

The following list of monotheistic religions will be presented in light of their probable historical origins and a particular ethnic-racial-cultural group that has formed around this monotheistic conception and/or formed it themselves either through themselves exclusively or as a syncretic cross-pollination of various related ideologies and cultural borrowings from other ethnic-racial-cultural groups.

They will be examined in light of what is pragmatically useful or valuable for the white race and what is detrimental, not only useless but overall harmful in light especially of the RaHoWa (racial holy war) and the power struggle between races to conceal their will to power and hegemonic aspirations behind the cover of monotheistic religion and its racial relationship, between that of the Idea and the ethnos.

Christianity, having already been discussed in a separate section, will be omitted from the analysis but what will be added to the previous analysis of christianity is that it has historically been associated with white people and white people have been used by its formulators the jews to serve as their instruments for the realization of their dominion mandate through such ideas.

Whites, naïve and gullible as they are, have gone along with jewry's schemes and have sought personal advantage through participation therein having been deceived by jewry to view themselves as 'Israelites' and to on that basis serve as their goyim cattle.

christianity and its mental influence have been discussed adequately in the foregoing article (part two) and in that of "Christ[insanity]-Identity: Pro-White or Kosher Psyop?" (cf. "The Race Idea") as well as in the article "Universalist Psychopathology" for more on which the reader may refer.

Part 3: Monotheism, Section 1


Hinduism is another monotheist ideology purporting to be 'for everyone' while in reality being for the brown people of India. The origin of the term 'Hinduism' derived from the British Empire which arrived in India and labeled the various spiritual practices they observed 'Hinduism' though the spiritual practices were separate and only related to varying degrees.

The antecedent form of Hinduism called 'Vaishnavism' is a composite of vedism (the Rg Veda and the earlier tantras and "The Law Code of Manu") and the Dravidian negro shamanism and 'demonology' that originally derived from the sunken continent of Lemuria, a.k.a. Pan, a.k.a. Mu.

This juxtaposition of the completely diverse forms of ideology, the Solar-Uranian of Aryan man coming from the Gobi desert and the cthonic-tellurian lunar mother goddess religions deriving from Lemuria becoming mixed through the colonialist expansion of the Aryan race and their formation of Empire.

The creation of 'Hinduism' or 'Vaishanavism' was presumably undergone during the Ashoka regime and Emperor Ashoka was the Indian subcontinents' version of Julius Caesar, the strongman backed up by jewry. That jewry existed within the Indian subcontinent at this time is reasonable to conclude and this period of history follows the same pattern of dialectic that jewry employs to 'divide and conquer' the nation (of the gentiles) namely: create decadence and corruption amongst the upper-class simultaneous to sowing seeds of discontent amongst the poorer caste and inciting the latter to riot and rebel through pacifistic ('non-violent resistance' a.k.a. Satyagraha) or overtly forceful means.

Jewry's installation or fostering of Ashoka via financial means served the phase of their dialectic of putting order into the initial chaos they created in the first place. Thus Vaishnavism is a religion which, installed by Ashoka as is Indian version of christianity, served to unify the distinct castes and work toward the destruction of the castes originally outlined by the Aryans according to the "Mānava-Dharmaśāstra" ("The Law Code of Manu") and its 'Varnashrama Dharma' ('the law of color and social function') which outlined a strict segregation along color lines of the different castes with Aryans constituting the Brahmanical priest caste as well as the Kshatriya warrior nobility and the lower castes being comprised of the darker substratum of the 'races', the Dravidians constituting the sudra or worker caste who were subordinate to the Aryans.

The breakup of the caste system, similar to what happened in ancient Rome, was instigated by jewry as a means of acquiring more power for themselves as a rootless trader cast (Vaishya) who interbred with the indigenous of that cast and thereby insinuated themselves into the caste system from without, eventually, again as in the case of Rome, acquiring enough power to enable their takeover to at least as great a degree as they were able.

Hence what is called 'Vaishnavism' and which to whatever extent metamorphosed over time into contemporary 'Hinduism' (the British term), is not an authentic Aryan religion but a syncretism of primordial vedism and Dravidian shamanism and which is hence authentic for the hybridized brown indigenous stock of modern India but not for anybody else.

Should one wish to partake of this religion and its practices he simply becomes assimilated into the culture of the brown people of India. Therein he may find some degree of spiritual truth but spiritual truth which is completely mixed with foreign thought forms (and hence falsehood, a syncretic result of hybridization of types) and thus becomes confused mentally and on the basis of this confusion of his mind becomes confused in his actions.

Thus the ideas of Hinduism may hold themselves out as wonderful, wise and insightful. They are nonetheless appearances and illusions that simply beguile the mind of the investigator and lead him toward a state of pacifistic resignation and ultimate extinction (Nirvana) on the one hand and on the other an ecstatic dionysian immersion in the left-hand path Tantric exercises which lead toward the immortalization of his soul.

The latter is a redeemable and more spiritually virile component in the broad category of ideas and practices now called Hinduism. It is the distinction between the right-hand path of contemplative immersion in 'the One'; the Demiurge, leading to one's extinction and on the other the left-hand path of Kaivalya, immortality via Tantric maithuna and other left-hand path techniques, the former leading to disempowerment the latter to empowerment.

'Hinduism' has become and perhaps was beginning a catch-all term for the sum total of spiritual practices in the region of the Indian subcontinent. It has value within it but also much in the way of distortion. Though Sanskrit was an Aryan language (related to contemporary German) it is now a dead one and us culturally foreign as the basis of a living culture supplanted in India with the living languages of Hindi and the twenty two other officially recognized languages of India.

Thus it may have preserved the original Aryan culture to a great degree but this culture cannot be accessed by any today save through modern languages which are themselves distortions and syncretisms of the primordial language.

Hence in a world of ruins one can discover treasures of the past though to find them entails wandering amongst the ruins and in most cases getting lost, following blind alleys or paths to destruction.

Since Vedism, one of the original Aryan cultures, is not Hinduism and Hinduism is to vedism what ruins are to an ancient temple in their midst, to follow the Hindu or vaishnavic path must be understood to be an inauthentic path for Aryan man tout court. Aryan man can however venture amongst the ruins and still discover spiritual treasure therein making use of these treasures pragmatically to empower himself and serve his race.

Many such as Rene Guenon would contemptuously sneer at such as 'eclecticism' and condemn they who do not follow a path which he considered to be an authentic 'tradition' (for more on which see the article "Counter Tradition" which critiques Guenon's position and path he followed).

His books "Introduction To The Study of Hindu Doctrines" and "Studies in Hinduism" present the mainstream right-hand path religion of Hinduism in terms of its symbols; meaning; cosmology and etc. in 'scholasticistic' and relatively basic outline.

Though inadequate in and of themselves they constitute a general presentation of these concepts of Hinduism, part vedic part Dravidian shamanism. Julius Evola's book "The Yoga of Power" (retitled from "The Man of Power") which is a general critique of yogic practice and Arthur Avalon's "The Serpent Power" present some redeemable practices within Hinduism.

The book "Tantric Kali: Secret Practices and Rituals" by Daniel Odier and "Kundalini Tantra" by Swami Satyananda Saraswati present some probably valid practices of tantrums and which could be subsumed under the category of "Hinduism".

These practices undoubtedly improve one's control over his soul and True self serving to empowered through strengthening the self against countervailing forces one subjects oneself to.

All things being equal, to participate in Hinduism wholesale in a manner of Rene Guenon is to subordinate oneself to the hybrid stock of India and to allow oneself to be absorbed into the cloaca gentium of the Indian subcontinent whether one lives in Delhi or Detroit.


Part 3 Monotheism

Section 3 Judaism

The remaining major monotheistic religions will be discussed in the following. They constitute the remaining power share of this world and are systems of organization based upon ideology that serve to regulate and control the populations and keep them subordinate to the priestly caste. Most of the priestly caste relate to one another at higher levels in a cordial manner and are often bound up with one another regardless of the apparent strife extent amongst their mundane counterparts.

Judaism is a religion of a racially (rather 'specially') supremacistic nature which serves the interests and political hegemony of they who call themselves 'jews' as of the time of this writing.

The books by the Catholic author Michael A. Hoffman "Judaism Discovered" and "Judaism's Strange Gods" go only so far in analyzing the nature of the religion of judaism and its consequences on this our world.

Indeed the religion of judaism is shrouded in mystery not only being concealed from the eyes of the 'goyim' (the cattle of 'non-jews' so-called by jewry) but being concealed in its hidden doctrine from the female jews as well as the 'mundane' or average jew though, relative to other religions, it is a religion of initiation into the mysteries of black magic.

Most jews the writer surmises are initiated to varying degrees into the black magic witchcraft of judaism and, being bound up with their 'elohim' or reptilian overlords, have a greater comprehension of their purpose on this earth than the non-jews have of their own respective purpose within the cosmic scheme of things.

Indeed jewry views themselves as a separate species, a stranger in a strange land but, beyond that, a stranger with a hostile and antagonistic relationship to their non-jewish host.

As many are aware the religion of judaism is supremacistic and is motivated by what is called 'the Dominion mandate', an obligation to conquer and enslave the earth and to absorb all of its wealth into itself for the jews and their 'Elohim' (i.e. reptilian trans-dimensional creatures who genetically engineered jewry via gene splicing with themselves and neanderthals millenia ago).

These neanderthals the Bible calls 'Adams' who were interbred with Elohim creating 'mankind' on the earth. Jewry considers itself 'the elect' or 'set apart' race owing to this reptilian connection and thus envisions itself to have an entitlement as granted 'from upon high' to rule the world and absorb all the wealth of the 'goyim' into themselves.

Judaism is a worship of these entities and is correlated with the planet Saturn, the Aion captured by these reptilian aliens and employed by them as a matrix generating station to subject the population to mind control (cf. "The Moon-Saturn Matrix", David Icke and "The Ringmakers of Saturn" by Norman Bergrun. For more on the reptilian connection with juries see the article "Space Invaders" in the writer's book "Lord of the World").

Judaism is a religion properly called 'demonology', a black magic formula for enslavement and mind control of others. Jewry are in large part black magician intermediaries who intermediate between the 'cattle' of 'humanity' (the 'human- all-too-human') and the reptilian aliens as administrators of their Zion matrix of political- economic control using black magic mind control and mental influence especially in their religious programs of mainstream monotheism to enslave their chattel labour.  Most of these ideologies they, via their reptilian overlords, have engineered as programs of slavery: mind control, world control.

Jews and Judaism are intertwined in such a way that their religion, based as it is on racial identity (the species that is jewry) functions as a program of political action and this not only in a mundane but in an occult sense. Indeed it is a formula for the waging of a Cold War via qabalistic black magic.

Judaism is a manual of warfare sanctioned by reptilian aliens and possibly even created by them ab initio as such, giving jewry directives upon which to operate and carry out their assault against all of that which they deem 'ungodly', i.e. that which does not subordinate itself to their will and that of their overlords.

Jewry are thus, being subordinate to the will of their overlords, under the latter's influence and are motivated toward enslaving; exploiting; sacrificing and killing all non-jews who do not serve them as slaves or simply who they do not want as slaves.

Their religion has found its extension in christianity which was further formulated by them as a mechanism of mind control to serve them and their Deity.

One might conjecture that the 'One' Deity is in fact a plurality of deities (the reptilians) and may be governed by one major deity going by the name of 'Jehovah', or 'Yahweh' this is all very difficult to entirely comprehend. Clearly jewry venerates what they have anglicized as 'G-d' which represents the ineffable 'One' or the 'Demiurge', the Monad whose transmission of its violent Will to Power has violated the pre-existent realms and has manifested upon these planes as a crystallization of the more subtle forms, materializing the spiritual through reducing the latter's vibrational frequency through the transmission of the 'Word' of the Logos.

Such is spoken of as 'the creation' by their reptilian masters as codified in their book 'The Tanakh' which is conventionally referred to as 'The Old Testament'. The creation is the plagiarization of the higher planes by the Demiurge and this violent force and aggression is venerated by jewry and their minions the christians who 'tremble before their Lord'.

Judaism and jewry specifically are the foremost enemy of the white race and are a being of a completely separate though symbiotically intertwined species. They are governed by the Dark Forces who serve the Demiurge and are thus a force which admits of no compromise: either total and utter submission to them and their 'Lord' or extermination.

Jewry's power lies in their witchcraft, their 'subterranean' tactics of subversion and deceit for which their Talmud (rabbinical commentaries on the Tanakh) and Tanakh prescribe a blueprint.

"Three Aspects of the Jewish problem" by Julius Evola discusses jewry and the problem they represent though it does not go into adequate depth in revealing the details of their essence or their existence. Miguel Serrano's works, foremost amongst which are "Manu: For the Man to Come", discuss the grand conspiracy of the Dark Forces in much more detail and the writings of Joy of Satan Ministries in still greater detail, prescribing occult means of fighting the occult war imposed upon all by jewry and their masters.

The work "Contra Jewry: Opposing the Dark Forces" also details the magical and manipulative tactics of jewry and presents a template for their visual identification and recognition enabling one to pick up a jew from the 'mixed multitude'.

To fail to face the threat posed by jewry is to ignore an existential threat to oneself and indeed to all and is therefore unsupportable. Jewry must be exposed and opposed with the goal of neutralization of them as a threat- else one lives on borrowed time without any prospect of a future either in this life or in the next.


Part 3: Monotheism

Section 2: Buddhism

The ideology of Buddhism has, rightly or wrongly, that associative monotheism. It is a nihilistic version of monotheism if the writer may be so bold as to claim not being an authority on the subject. It claims that nothing exists, that no determinative Being exists- all is in flux and transience and therefore there is no 'self', no identity; nothing that can be grasped conceptually nor that can be latched onto as a support of any development within the world- only through the active nihilism of one's consciousness can any power be developed for the ever-changing fluxual self.

Heraclitus took up this flickering torch of Buddhistic Promethean flame, the black light of transcendence through imminence, through the perpetual negation of the indeterminate and determinate immediate, the supersession of the transient illusory self. "You never step into the same river twice" he had said, and one might amplify this with a corollary statement: "the same river does not exist"-at least within the ontology of Buddhism which is an ontology of nihilism.

Buddhism has been considered by such as Manly Palmer Hall as more of a philosophy than a religion though that it entails a cosmology and a weltanschaaung with a determinate system of ethical principles it could therefore be interpreted to be a religion and properly.

The writer will therefore include Buddhism within his critique of monotheistic creeds while acknowledging that Buddhism entails more of the philosophical orientation to Being and less of a creed-bound dogmatism as the other monotheistic variants.

Buddhism has become a popular ideology in the modern world as a mechanism of "Riding the Tiger" or coping with the conditions of contemporary society and its decline and fall. Buddhism in its primordial or original form of Theraveda as expounded upon by Julius Evola in his work "The Doctrine of Awakening: on Buddhist Varieties of Ascesis", is the only Buddhism which can be said to be authentic, all other varieties being distortions and corruptions of the original.

Such variants as Mahayana are simply later distortions corrupted by the moralism of a crystallized philosophical worldview made by a decadent priest caste itself possibly (though the writer can't affirm it with any evidence) inclusive of jewry as the perennial corrupter of the pure doctrine of Tradition.

Buddhism as a philosophy and indeed as an ascetic nihilism (an 'active nihilism' in the sense of the article of Julius Evola, "The Active Nihilism of Friedrich Nietzsche") is useful to a degree in the development of the soul, its strengthening and attachment from the kaleidoscopic world of appearances that constitute 'the world' and especially the ever increasing chaos of the modern world of the Kali Yuga.

It may be used as a tool in overcoming pain and affect- and completely removing oneself from the world while acting within the world. Buddhism, in its proper forms conducing to empowerment is thus a valuable tool. It's meditation practice (consisting of void meditation by and large) is instrumental in developing the mind and overcoming hardships that would devastate the average 'mundane' not practiced in the strategy of spiritual virility, this 'bracketing off' of sensa and stimuli.

However unless one pursues a path of Buddhism of the unconventional nature such as vajrayana or Tibetan Buddhism which follows a more left hand path orientation he will only go so far in his spiritual development and power.

Buddhism in this letter form is more akin to the Tibetan Bon Po religion in its practices and is a primordial form of modern alchemy, the Ars Regia or royal art preserved to degree only in modern masonry.

The average everyday forms of Buddhism are simply right hand path pacifistic and nihilistic practices which serve the agenda of the control system in keeping the sheep in the sheep's pen, living a life of rule following servility while the elite practiced the left-hand path 'beyond good and evil'. These practices are spoken of in a fair amount of detail in "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama: Sexuality; Magic and Politics in Tibetan Buddhism" by Victor und Victoria Trimondi. The christian authors of this work stigmatizes practices as 'evil', judging from their perspective of christian 'magian morality'.

Undoubtedly some or all of these practices are practiced by the elite and are done so as they are causally related to the accrual of power for themselves and dealing with higher entities that empower them. This in and of itself is not 'evil' but only a relative 'good' in relation to the purpose for which these practices are undergone.

The true 'evil' of Buddhism consists of its being a distortion of the ancient practices of the Ars Regia in the religion which was formulated by Siddhartha Gautama. It was originally, so the consensus view has it, formulated for the elite but trickled down to the slave caste and became a Middle Eastern or Indian version of Confucianism, a collection of stories and 'ethical' and philosophical teachings which kept the sheep in line.

However, in keeping them in line they were also curtailed in their ability to develop themselves and thus follow of necessity a right-hand path of pacifism leading to weakness and ultimate extinction.

Buddhism, along with Vaishnavism thus was the early version of christianity for the Middle East (the Indian sub-continent) and led and to this day leads to the reincarnation of the soul and its atrophy via entropy over time and ultimate absorption in the Demiurge, ie. 'God'.

This is called, as far as the writer understands 'Nirvana' and is put forth as a wonderful appearance, something to be striven for by adhering to the rites and regulations of the religion but is in reality a path of destruction just as christianity's path is, a death cult leading to 'extinction' (Nirvana).

Joy of Satan Ministries had a collection of articles on the history of Buddhism called "Buddhism: Doctrine of Evil" which analyzes the history of Buddhism and its destruction of the prior secret doctrine of the Ars Regia present in Tibetan Bon Po which is the closest to the True Aryan doctrine as can be attained at this time of civilizational collapse.

This is presumably why Buddhism was installed in Tibet and why Mao Tse Tung, a crypto jew, installed this program upon the Tibetans after his takeover and cause the extermination of much of the spiritual leadership of Tibet who retained this secret knowledge.

That Germans such as Robert E.Dickhoff in his book "Agharta" praise vajrayana buddhism must mean that the secret doctrine is still a presence in Tibet under this mantle and why certain contemporary advocates of Buddhism condemn vajrayana or 'Tibetan Buddhism'.

The National Socialist made contact with the Tibetans as their movie "Geheimnis Tibet" ("Mysterious Tibet") reveals. What was not revealed was the occult connection they had and that their movie was only a public revelation of their presence Tibet. When the twelve body doubles of Hitler were found in his bunker at the close of the second world war by Allied troops with him were discovered twelve dead Tibetans. Perhaps they had followed him in their astral bodies to Aldebaran via a black hole/wormhole? This the writer can't say but can only hold out hope for their return and the final victory of the Aryan race and its secret doctrine.

As to Buddhism it is useful as a crutch for spiritual cripples in the age of the Wolf. In and of itself it doens't go far enough in escaping the jaws of Fenrir. Only the Ars Regia achieves this purpose.


Part 3: Monotheism

Section 4: Taoism

The 'religion' of the Chinese may have called Daoism or Taoism. It is a philosophy and a religion which can be construed as 'monotheistic' concerning itself with 'The Great Ultimate' or 'The One'. The distinction between this religion and that of others is that it is more oriented toward magical practice and is an ideological form of Chinese supremacy being in the Chinese language and probably exclusive to Chinese people at least at its higher echelons.

The same of course could be said for all of the religions save perhaps christianity- that at the highest levels the governing elites are all a 'racially' ('specially') distinct and unitary group: in islam it is arabs; in hinduism it is the brown people of the Indian sub-continent; in judaism it is jews and in buddhism it is both Indians and Southeast asians (Burmese; Cambodians; Thai, and the outlier being Tibetans).

Daoism is exclusive to the Chinese and is their ideological vehicle of their will to power, their expansion both culturally and racially outward as their culture organisms' necessary manifestation of its essence 'in Time', in 'the world of becoming'.

Daoism had its origin one may conjecture in the expansion of the Aryan migration wave from Atlantis into the Gobi desert area and, once this latter was devastated presumably by a nuclear war as an instance of a larger cosmic war it then formed around in the Asiatic region.

The culture of the runes, (the magical system of Aryan mankind, presumably has origins in a different world and which was imposed upon the earth with the arrival of the Devas, the white gods, migrated with their descendants the Aryan (Aesir or Virya) and manifested itself in the form of the Chinese hexagram system.

That all of the runes of the Futhark fit within a hexagram is more than enough evidence to prove this when taken in conjunction with the anthropogenic facts of that region, the archaeological evidence of whites in that region paleo-historically.

This magical system and related culture spoken of in Ali Aliabadi's book "Zen and Martial Arts" reveals how the migrations of the Aryans brought the culture with them into the public consciousness.

The hexagram system and the "I Ching" which constitutes its source of meaning and philosophy are thus Aryan in origin and were subsequently submerged in the mire of moralism by way of Confucianism, the secular social philosophy and system of ethics- that serve to weld together the Chinese race, conferring upon them a restrictive set of ethics that have served to chain their minds to the mandarins and emperors who enslave them within a rigidified caste system.

The natural tendency of the Chinese culture soul is one of the collectivistic and agrarian mode of existence which rewards sheeplike conformism and was ripe for the spread of the Jewish program of communism. Communism was used to enslave their country to an even greater degree and subordinate them to jewry since the crypto-jew Mao Tse Tung was installed as the strongman after the Boxer Rebellion (cf. "Chinese Communists, Chinese Jews", Istvan Bakony).

Further distortions of the "I Ching" and the magical system of the Aryan-both of which are complementary and neither of which can be properly understood in isolation from one another- had occurred becoming blended together with Chinese shamanic practices with much symbolism and iconography of animal totems, etc.

Perhaps they who are called the 'Chinese people' themselves are simply an amalgam and variations on this theme of the mixture of the Aryans with whatever prior indigenous group existed in this region.

Thus one can draw a sound inference that what is now called 'Taoism' or 'Daoism' is a syncretic amalgam of the prior Aryan culture and the shamanism which the Aryans encountered within this region, similar to the situation of the earliest period of Egypt with the Aryan conquest of the indigenous 'Nilotic negros' who were presumably either remnants of Lemuria or some type of Mediterranean Pelasgian stock.

Daoism thus, for one not ethnically Chinese would be only, like Hinduism and other major religions even including Buddhism (which is the best of the lot), a spiritual path unworthy of pursuit.

Unless, like those few that are not completely intolerant of anything outside of themselves (such as the Abrahamic religions) one (the aspirant) could simply select from what he wanted and cast aside the dross.

This would imply he was sufficiently knowledgeable about what elements of these religions are authentic and proper to practice or derive value from and that he was sufficiently discerning to conceal his selective bias from the hierarchy (assuming this could ever be undergone within the context of an initiate center or context and assuming it would be possible to practice the path in his selective manner).

The writer concludes based upon his experience of being a 'fly on the wall' of the various religions that those which admit of an 'inner core' are impracticable independently of the outer rind of the exoteric moralism and ethical practices and indeed the sum total of cultural practice in which one must be submerged as a condition of advancement.

He will make bold to say that it is indeed impossible to practice that which is foreign to oneself as its foreignness, by virtue of this very fact, is 'inauthentic' and imports into his consciousness foreign thought forms (egregores) which create havoc in his mind like the Chinese story "Monkey Creates Havoc in Heaven".

Thus to tie oneself into the foreign egregores is to incorporate into one's consciousness the thought forms of the 'Other' and to restructure one's thoughts to become 'Other' to himself and to the cultural organism of which is a part (eg. "I  think I'm turning Japanese"). This attempt to partake of the culturally foreign is an act of self alienation and thus an act of violence against oneself and his culture organism, i.e. his race.

Much value may be derived from the vestiges of authentic Aryan (Atlantean and Hyperborean) culture but it is no easy path to disengage oneself from the cobwebs and weeds of foreignness which have entwined themselves around the inner core of Truth that was the preserve of Aryan man.

The practices of such as Mantak Chia, a contemporary Daoist, may have some value as well as those of Jerry Allen Johnson, however they must be taken cum grano salis and examined with kid gloves as means of safeguarding oneself against the foreign and it's contagious influence.

Those not ethnically Chinese therefore may derive much value from the cultural forms of this region but they must first establish for themselves a solid foundation, indeed a fortress of their own Culture in which to strengthen and shield themselves and to forge a suit of cultural armor in order to avoid being harmed by the influence of the foreign and incorporating into oneself that which can only function as a bacillus in the body of they who are not sufficiently strong to deal with it and to derive from it value that can serve to augment their own repertoire of weapons for usage in the occult war.

As to the so-called 'ethics' of the Chinese and their entire modus operandi, the maxim "giving before you take" applies as their serpentine strategy for the expansion of their will to power. The cultural offerings of the Oriental are a Pandora's box within which are a series of nesting boxes ultimately leading to a fortune cookie whose message is :         "round eyed devil".

Some of the ethical philosophy of Xunxi and Sun Tzu may be drawn upon and is serviceable in the occult war whereas most of the restrictive and inhibitive moralism of Confucianism and his followers (Chuang Tzu; Mencius, etc.) are the dross which can be cast away with the shamanic elements both in martial arts and the broader Oriental cultural sphere as they are for use by the masses as a mechanism of keeping them beguiled as a pedagogical tool and instructing them to play their limited role within their limited understanding of reality in the caste system.

For they who wish to be adepts in both the occult and the mundane world against threats from without it must be understood that the Chinese are affiliated with jewry as far as the writer can discern (though he may very well be wrong- perhaps it is a mere appearance or an alliance of pragmatic utility or perhaps there exist factions which are opposed to one another in China. This writer cannot say with any certainty).

Thus to involve oneself with the Chinese is to play with fire and betray secrets to the enemy. Their culture and soul must be studied from the fortress of Atlantis and reconnaissance missions must be undergone with the greatest of caution. For example, to take Chinese martial arts or attend a traditional Chinese medical clinic is to situate oneself in the midst of the enemy enclave whether this be in a Chinatown or simply in a separate business building.

To traffic with the presumed enemy though this enemy represents themselves as a friend is again to play with fire and only those who have asbestos gloves should undergo to do so and only to the extent pragmatically useful.

One thing which the wise can derive from the Chinese is to follow their lead in guile and secrecy. Their secret societies are initiatic and based on Daoism and are racially ('specially') exclusivistic and oriented toward power and the consolidation of power, by and for themselves adhering to the principle of Sun Tzu: “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

Sourced From Aryan Practical Idealism | Substack

We publish unadulterated Loki Hulgaard here in order to give White nationalism a face other than that painted on it by the likes of the drooling David Duke and the doddering Kevin MacDonald. That is the face the World Economic Forum and their reactionary Jewish legions would like you to see. Unfortunately for the very reasons Loki is published here, that he is the genuine article, a steadfast Canadian dissident that is not afraid to stand up to totalitarianism, he has been targeted by the degenerates who have commandeered the once great nation of Canada and turned it into a fruit salad. 

He is so broke he can't even afford an internet provider and is facing substantial time in prison for his political beliefs. Without donations to Loki, it is doubtful whether we can continue bringing him to you and you will have to go back to reading "Lasha Darkmoon" (in actuality Nina Rosenwald the Jewish heiress to the Sears Roebuck fortune). We at Jack Heart because of our human resources know better than anyone who is who in the media, but we lack the financial resources to reward honesty and acumen with monetary compensation. That is up to you... Jack     

My Current Situation:

After 4 1/2 years of being prosecuted by the government of Canada ('the crown') for allegedly distributing leaflets and flyers critical of jews and being shut out of employment; slandered as a terrorist amongst other things through their gang stalking tactics ("State Sponsored Terrorism", Marc.M.Rich) I am now unable to pay for the internet and basic needs.

I am legally prohibited from leaving the province of Alberta owing to the prosecution and am unable to relocate. I am uncertain when I will be forced to stand trial but anticipate it will be within 2023.

For these reasons I am seeking donations to finance my basic needs and keep me going. Anybody willing to donate can send me a money order or certified cheque to the below address. Your donations are essential to keep me operating.

Thanks in advance to anyone who will donate:

apartment # 13, #144 2nd ave. SE, T1A 2K7

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Thank you for any help you care to give. - Loki 


  1. Thank you for the article that is stimulating for pondering and contemplation. The response to the question 'what is this God', changes, in the english when the word is changed to 'Who is this God'... Being is related to Who and 'what' to an object.... It is possible that my english language instructors were mistaken and ignorant, nonetheless the 'receptive' part to the response to the question changed in this 'what-who' interplay, at least as a 'filter' to the response...

    1. who are the GODS would be a better question

  2. A very interesting article, Loki.

  3. ''who are the GODS would be a better question''.... that takes it out of concept of ''MONOtheism'', which is the focus of the title and some of the content of the article, no?

  4. It's the God of the Jews Loki.
    Christians call it Spirit
    Pagans call it story
    Told over and over however, in america we have Netflix
    Automated story teller, but I have to say Jews are the best storytellers
    There is one creator followed by a creation
    Have a nice day


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