Ideology, Scientism & Mammonism by Loki Hulgaard


The religion of modernity thus far in the low point of the Kali Yuga has become 'scientism', a veneration of matter and all that which can be subjected to the instrumental analysis of the scientific method which method applies exclusively to the phenomenal plane of being or 'the world'.

The conceptual abstractions of science are all based upon quantity, what Hegel referred to as "formal quantity", arid abstractions unrelated to reality and based upon purely 'human' invention. All things when subjected to the violence of science become what they are not, reduced to quantity, the lowest dimension of being, pure matter.

Rene Guenon spoke of this fact of modernism in his work "The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of The Times" (1945). The language of science is based upon mathematics, 'formal quantity', and is an abstracting of the essence of beings rendering them barren simulacra of themselves. Hence 'science' is violence and the violation of the beings treated of via the 'scientific method' is a necessary consequence of science in its application.

Theoretical science is simply the development or invention of various barren or arid abstractions into what purports to be a 'consistent' or 'integrated' system of 'knowledge' and the subsequent application of this 'knowledge' follows ordine geometrico from its theoretical base.

The notion of 'consistency' within a 'science' which delimits it and segregates it from others is an absurdity as what is segregated is simply a theoretical construct comprised of words and formulate that are claimed to differ from other words and formulae- mere abstractions. The notion of correspondence and the correspondence theory of truth lies at its basis and indeed 'lives' is the proper word as no correspondence exists between words and objects.

This is critiqued adequately albeit in no academic philosophical form by Nietzsche in his work "On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense" that the notion of words denoting objects is at best "a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, and anthropomorphisms- in short, a sum of human relations, which have been enhanced, transposed, and embellished poetically and rhetorically[...]".

Hence words ('mere words') are at best poor vehicles to 'describe'; 'explain'; 'predict' and articulate or convey reality which latter can only be experienced and this via different nodes of consciousness (minds) within the larger fabric of Reality (Mind) as Leibniz wrote of in "The Monodology".

Science imposes violence upon Being as it attempts to grasp and control Being. In doing so it creates via its 'application' in technology a perpetual violation of the harmony of existence, chaotic motions in the ocean of Being which have karmic repercussions that only now at this time of a devastated Earth and degraded 'humanity' to the level of witless slaves can be seen. These slaves are controllable by that same technology and the wizards of Zion who pull the levers and gears of their technocracy (techno-crazy called 'Zion').

The quantitative language of scientism purports to be 'universal', applying to all and everything and this by virtue of its barrenness, its completely limited and abstract form devoid of content and occupying itself only with itself as mere 'wooden abstractions', indeed perhaps 'metallic abstractions' would be a preferable term as metal is elemental of the most base form of conscious life, wood being a once living structure retaining its properties of organic life, the life force.

That language does not 'apply' to anything but is instead simply an ontological fact, a crystallization of thought forms in graphic or sonic form mediated through the consciousness of a particular race or 'species' at a given time and place demonstrates the absurdity of scientism.

Hence there is no reality to any scientific notions other than their being mere 'notional entities' which have different meaning for different groups and individuals at different times. There are no Eternal verities encoded in language and at most symbols may be made intelligible to relatively similar groups of beings ('people'; 'animals', etc.) and this to the degree of their similarity as a group and the similarity of their spatio-temporal conditions.

Scientism as an ideology is venerated in "the modern world" as 'knowledge' or 'truth' per se, the authoritative standard of what is and is not reality "according to science". Science, far from possessing any truth is merely a pragmatically useful form of conceptualization of reality which, in its modern form not having any harmonious 'application' can only be used for so long before implodes on itself through its own violence.

The technologies of implosion are they which to a much greater degree correspond with a harmonious world order then they which operate on the basis of explosion (explosive power) such as the technology of today.

The implosive technology creates minimal to no disturbance of the force and minimal to no residue in the form of pollution. This technology has been suppressed by the dark forces and their earthly agents perhaps as a means of terraforming the earth so that their overlords the reptilian aliens can live on it in a way more conducive to their particular biological function possibly requiring a greater carbon dioxide and/or monoxide rich atmosphere to respire.

The dialectic of the dark enlightenment, of those of the false light (jewry and masonry and organized christianity, their minions) is designed to create chaos through ultimately violent means (earth pollution; war; economic hardship, etc.) and the deliberate pollution of the atmosphere creates the chaos they can blame on 'capitalism' or other scapegoats to justify the installation of the technology they have suppressed, the implosive technology created by the Aryans and thereby crown themselves as 'Messiah' blaming the Aryans for what they jewry have done. Either this or they desire the continuing destruction of the earth to accommodate not only their insatiable greed but their reptilian masters as aforesaid.

Regardless of their motive they are easily proven to be the cause of the us of dangerous and violent technology. A few examples will suffice to underscore this point: Monsanto (the jewish Monsanto family being its controllers) devastating and controlling the food supply; weapons of mass destruction (hydrogen bombs; white phosphorus; biological weapons such as vaccines made in the state of Israel and other weapons made by their proxies and paid intellectual 'workers' in america and other regions of the earth); the pollution of the air supply with chemtrails; the pollution of the aether with EMF; the pollution the water supply with chlorine (a chemical warfare agent) and fluoride (a rat poison and industrial waste product) amongst countless other technological violations of the earth and its population.

All of this fallout and destruction traces itself to the conceptual abstractions of what is called 'science' itself, formulated by the black magicians in their alchemical transmutation of the organic into the inorganic and attempting to hybridize; synthesize and distort Reality into a different form that is made in their image in a god-like fashion.

This can't be called so much 'luciferian' as 'Satanic' in the sense of being 'adversarial' to the harmony of existence, not leading to a higher synthesis for all (or even themselves) but merely a degradation of the good; the true and the beautiful, the Aryan race and all organic life becoming 'transmuted' into the inorganic or synthetic 'abomination of the desolator.'

The reductio ad absurdum of the modern world is derived from this abstract and artificial conceptualization of reality: in reducing everything distinct and organic into a 'unitary' (to all appearances unitary) amalgam, the consequence is the destruction of everything which has history and heritage and its violation and ultimate destruction by the process which has been called 'westernization', meaning in occult terms "where the sun (mind) sets", i.e. materializatian or reductio ad quanta, reducing all to a purely quantitative level, the lowest vibration of being.

This process spreads through its vectors the jews who by virtue of their nature as "the most Western race" (Rene Guenon) transmit this materialistic/chthonic tendency toward they with whom they came in contact and through such means co-opt those they have corrupted. This process is exemplified in the movie "Jud Suss" (1940) Based upon the book of the same name by Lion Feuchtwanger (1925).

The 'westernized nation process' begets through its spread the 'lowest common culture' as Baudrillard referred to it, based upon the 'lowest common denominator', all higher culture and society being degraded and reduced to that which has 'universal' appeal, that which appeals to the lowest average, the most coarse and low minded.

And science, far from elevating 'humanity' (itself a conceptual abstraction) to any higher level simply degrades and drags down to the lowest level all who prior to this influence of 'westernization' occupied a relatively proximal relationship to the Divine. Hence science is the instrument whose shears clip the angel's wings and cause Icarus to plummet to the rocks of densest matter from his intended height of spiritual consciousness.

Not only does 'science' reduce all to the lowest level of being it creates a standardized population of raceless and rootless cosmopolitans and thus is perfectly compatible with the commodification of 'humanity' and accommodates the internationalism of the merchant caste with its selfish disloyalty to blood and soil, all being or becoming under its influence 'citizens of the world 'and indeed, irregardless of the pseudo-spirituality of monotheism and its abstract 'oneness' called 'God', worldly denizens without any attachment to higher reality and having been violated in their being and wrenched from the spatio-temporal limitations in which they have developed an organic culture properly their own, the folkish culture of the people in their proper place.

They have thus become, have these internationalists, strangers in a strange land without any home and have thus been reduced to a consumer-producer economic unit, a buyer, seller and consumer of goods. They have not themselves escaped this state and have become a commodity under the influence of 'the reign of quantity' having to sell themselves and allow themselves to be consumed in their life force by others in order to consume on their own account as a condition of perpetuating their 'struggle for existence' against everyone and anyone, all of whom are rendered competitors- predators and prey.

Within this context of possessive individualism or its socialist or communist form of collectivism without regard for organic distinction, all are rendered 'equal' at least theoretically according to the 'scientific theories' of the black magicians of Zion. This is the Kalergi plan in action and if scientism alone does not achieve its manifestation the monotheist religions are intended to 'fill the gap' of the mongrelization agenda, being played off against scientism.

'Mathesis Universalis', the universal language is developed to engineer the universal 'Eurasian negro' who will constitute the subordinate population of the jews and their hybrid European stock with whom they have interbred. This the writer thinks is their motive in any case, retaining enough white genetics mingled with their own so that they can perpetuate themselves ad infinitum by the cycles of incarnation and the law of attraction or sympathetic resonance, the jewish souls reincarnating in similar bodies over time.

'Science' in its contemporary form has become 'scientism', has become more materialized and quantized, reduced to abstract quantity and separated from the sacred science which based itself on quality. Each individual 'science' is a 'satanization' (Saturnization-a subordination of the sacred to the profane) of its antecedent sacred form:

chemistry is a quantization/quantification of alchemy misunderstood and distorted into a practice of manipulation of matter at a chemical level; mathematics is an abstract formalized quantized form of numerology, the sacred science of number; geometry is its analog, a distortion of sacred geometry and physics is a materialization of metaphysics which restricts itself to the phenomenal, mundane plane of being.

This is the plane of the Demiurge, the G.A.O.T.U, which Jewry and their cohorts venerate and obsessively focus on, not having anything to aspire to beyond this dimension of being. Scientism is one means amongst others (e.g. monotheism) by which to restrict the consciousness of the population to 'this world' and to prevent the dark forces from defeating them on this earth as having no willingness to risk that which they have forgotten they have- a soul, which must be fought for and this against the evil horde which enslave this earth and would drag all down into the abyss with them.

The ideology of selfish greed is what one can call the ideologies of capitalism and libertarianism which, though particular and distinct in themselves are subsumable under the category of 'mammonism', the ideology of mammon or materialistic greed, what many of the sanctimonious religious types would call 'worldliness'.

A devotion to acquisitiveness or 'getting' in colloquial phraseology is the main drive and purpose of the 'mammonist' (the capitalist; the libertarian, the 'secular humanist',i.e. worldly humanist).

Thus to 'get' is the intention of this type of 'believer' whose ideology is centered around this purpose and motivation: getting, accumulating earthly treasures and this in the form not only of 'chattels' (tangible, transportable material 'goods') or real estate (landed property and its related buildings and fixtures attached thereto and the intangible 'rights' bound up therewith) but the treasures of hedonism ('candy' of the five senses: sight; sound; taste and touch) by which one derives sensational thrills and excitation. Such treasures are the principal focus of the mammon worshiper, the 'mammonist'.

Mammonism it is reasonable to conjecture has its seat in the lower consciousness, in its tangible counterpart the 'reptilian brain' (pons; medulla and brainstem) in which these desires are registered in the process of conscious awareness and interaction with 'the world'.

They who are incapable of elevation of their conscious mind above sensation and desire, directing their consciousness towards such focal points or attentional objects become conditioned to devote themselves to that purpose their mind becoming molded into a cubic shape (of matter)-purely materialistic, becoming a 'blockhead' governed by what Sigmund Freud called 'the Id.'

The writer will take the liberty of labeling such figures 'Id-I-Its' as their 'I' or self is oriented around a purely chthonic state of consciousness becoming no longer a subjective 'I' present for itself but an objective 'I' earthbound and materialized evermore dense in proportion to one's attachment to matter and material states of existence.

The Mammon worshipper is adopting a mode of life conditioning him to become, assuming he was not already, an 'earthbound soul' by virtue of his attachment to matter and hedonistic states of consciousness.

This 'as above so below' reflects itself in his behavior and appearance. The mammon worshipper is typically either excessively corpulent, wreathed with a Michelin tire man layer of adipose tissue or he's excessively muscular, testifying to his consumption of excess food (matter) by which he pleasures his palette and congests his form beyond a state of sustainable functionality becoming evermore degenerated as he ages even though superlatively muscular, the excess matter obstructing his inner organs and wearing down his metabolism leading to disease states through such obstruction.

Her appearance also may reveal excess in her baggy eyes from excessive adrenal hormone secretion through consuming caffeinated beverages; liquor, and involving himself in sexual excess, burning out her 'brain-stress axis' of her neural circuitry and causing excess adrenal hormone secretion through such stimulation and excitation of the sympathetic nervous system- all in a desperate attempt like Tantalus, to sate her insatiable desires.

Her excess weight is typically accompanied by an excess of material possessions which she in characteristically selfish form hordes for herself ofttimes burying herself in the sheer quantity of material objects with which she surrounds herself, her fingers bedecked with rings of gold, her shirts of finest silk and her body perfumed with the most beguiling fragrances, basking in sensualism and the excitation of the senses being her habitual tendency.

The flesh pots of Egypt don't deter her from partaking of her coarsest lust and increasing to the maximum her endless desire for pleasure and for the greatest pleasure of all-power, the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Egotism is a corollary-of mammonism as mammonism has egotism at its base as the ultimate cause of the acquisitive drive- to state and stimulate the ego, the lower self which, in its base born nature is forever seeking and desiring stimuli. Hence any ideology which has egotism at its basis accommodates mammonism if the ego in question is a false ego or 'mask of the personality' behind which the true self is concealed.

Thus mammonism and egotism are related as a principle and its agent, egotism being the principal and mammonism being one of its agents and indeed one of its foremost agents. The redemption of egotism lies in its potentially centering around the Higher self as its central star and thus enabling transcendence beyond that of the transient lower self. Hence egotism is not per se wrong or bad as an ideology to which to adhere but can trend in that direction and most often does.

The ideology of libertarianism is this negative directional trend along which the transient lower self speeds toward its destruction along this downward spiral path to crash against the square brick wall of matter becoming an earthbound soul-"ashes to ashes and dust to dust".

It was an ideology concocted by Ayn Rand, the girlfriend of Philip de Rothchild and was formulated during the period near the end of the second world war as a means of shifting the attention of the baby boomers of the Western world toward self interest maximization. This egocentric focus served as a means of facilitating the breakdown of their societies through decadent consumerist mammonism and as a means of creating fragmentation amongst them through consumerist status seeking competitiveness and an atomized individualism based thereon.

This 'me versus you' mentality was encouraged via libertarianism which held out, often wrapped in the american constitution, the promise of 'freedom' without restraint save intrusion into the freedom of another. Indeed liberalism was the source of this alleged 'right wing' movement that claims to be a reaction against 'communism' but was simply the flip side of the capitalist coin of communism- all centered around a materialistic, purely 'worldly' economic obsession with both 'sides' of this kosher shekel, both 'left' communism and 'right' capitalist being economically focused, i.e. their attention being riveted on Mammon.

The law of the jungle is an integral part of libertarianism meaning that each and all must vie with one another in ruthless competition for personal advantage, caring nothing for others and doing nothing for anyone but oneself: maximizing profit for self and his own (property; family, etc.) as a means of "maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain".

The book of Ragnar Redbeard "Might is Right" is an analog of this variety of mammonism, the capitalist competitiveness being well described by its title as well as its 'law of the jungle', ultimately anarchic and of a 'libertarian' bent.

The end result of such an 'ideology' is the collapse of society and the destruction of all higher culture and sensibility, the personality of all becoming coarsened in its madness for personal gain and greed and its apathetic disregard for others. "He who dies with the most toys wins". The reality of such a worldview of course can be better phrased as: "live by the gun die by the gun"-to live a life trampling roughshod over others incurs karma which leads to one's destruction.

To play the converse role of the christian and stumble over oneself playing Santa Claus with other people's property (eg. potential or actual- redistribution of their opportunities for a meaningful life) is equally false and leads to suicide, self-destruction: "living without a gun pacifistically save in allowing oneself to be shot by others or allowing others to shoot others- so long as they're not christian".

In libertarianism the Mammon worshipping orientation becomes a primary focus-one's attentional focus being the acquisitive desire to obtain profit or purely earthly goods and thus become 'earthbound', losing his soul through its attachment to the natural personality.

Capitalism in libertarianism are more or less aligned with libertarianism being of a more philosophical and broad scope and capitalism being restricted to the purely economic sphere of mammonism. Capitalism is not strictly related to libertarianism but libertarianism may be in its most general form simply as Ayn Rand phrased it in her book of the same name: "the virtue of selfishness". Capitalism is simply the economic system and related ideology which supplies a materialistic means of acquisitiveness on a broader, more systemic scale.

Capitalism traces its origin to jewry, the perennial merchants of the Near East and possibly earlier still to Lemuria. Their ideology, which formulated itself in practice as a rootless cosmopolitan creed was given tangible articulation by the 'English' jew David Ricardo who created the subsistence wage and the origin of wage slavery.

Prior to this, slavery was simply more tangible and not veiled under the hypocritical façade of 'humanitarianism' as the slaves had not as yet acquired adequate power and posed a credible threat of force to offset the power of the slaver jews who, along with their arab brethren and their shabbos goy race traitors, had been involving themselves in slavery from the beginning, their slavery practices being codified but certainly not originating in the Talmud (e.g."Ham was born for slavery").

The Mercantile 'spirit' of jewry is fundamental to their nature being sourced from their reptilian masters and the latter's slavery practices. "The demonic nature of the economy" so-called by Julius Evola is the creation of perhaps not even jewry but these intergalactic slavers so well depicted in Hanna-Barbera's cartoon "Space Ghost" and the episode of "The Lizard Slavers", a revelation of the method of jewry and an allusion to their overlords and creators.

Mammonism thus is integral to judaism ("commerce is greater than thou art", a quote from the Talmud by a rabbi as he sat in a field of wheat).

Jewry's practice of usury is also heavily emphasized in their political praxis with the fractional reserve banking system constituting their major weapon in their 'occult war' against the 'gentiles'.

Mammonism fosters usury as usury is a practice based upon receiving something for nothing and thus entails a taking without a giving. One could argue that the lender incurs risks in lending money and on this basis must have an incentive to give and indeed, according to the Mammon worshipper, he must have an interest or 'piece of the action' in the form of money in order to lend as he does not do so out of any altruistic other-regard but simply owing to selfish interest and desire for gain.

Hence the motive of the usurer is selfish gain and not any higher or pure motive but simply a crude mechanistic exchange of something (money) for something else (interest in addition to the principle money of the loan).

Usury is therefore a feature of the mammonist ideology and feeds itself through its practice: the more money lent the more money generated and this on a continual basis until this 'demonic economy' crashes and must be reset via some external catastrophe: war; revolution; famine; incurring debt from foreign powers or the host nation of the usurer obtaining citizenship; titles; lands, etc. in order to alleviate the debt burden.

The usurer exerts leverage in order to extort payment in the event of failure to pay on the part of the debtor (he to whom the money was lent and who is the debtor to the contract with the lender being the 'creditor'). He does this on a small scale level through hired goons (contract killers; 'hitman', etc.) and on a large scale through employing mercenary armies often flying the colors of the countries he has purchased via usury in past times or with whom he has brokered alliances. "The jew always gets his money" as the saying has it. The debtors who fail to pay have leverage exerted upon them through brute force or the threat thereof, usually in an implied mode to gesture and symbol.

Usury is witchcraft by definition as it is the generation of something (money) out of nothing (money)-a mere token or 'abstract universal value form' and on that basis a violation of the harmony of existence wherein something is always exchanged for something else on the basis of the principle that "nature (or God) abhors a vacuum" and energy is infinite and can only be transmuted not generated or negated from or to nothing.

Usury is a conjuring trick employed by the black magician cabal to gain a stranglehold on the wealth of nations creating dependency backed up with a credible threat of force upon themselves and their fronts and proxies who are their instruments of power the hidden hand can deploy against their enemy or mark (and indeed according to themselves all are marks or enemies to be exploited-even their own kind but to a lesser degree).

The national socialist economist Gottfried Feder in his "The Manifesto for Breaking the Interest Bondage of Money" (1919) propounds a solution to the economic issue while the catholic church had their own solution both of whom were overcome, at least as of the time of this writing, by the hidden hand through the latter's corrupting them or outright destroying they who couldn't be corrupted, e.g. the National Socialists.

Usury is a form of vampirism and is motivated by Mammon worship, the absorption of the substance of the 'other' into oneself. This vampiric behavior is characteristic of jewry who employ vampire tactics in absorbing the literal substance of the 'Other' into themselves, e.g. jewish ritual murder, vampirism and cannibalism.

These practices have their analog in the 'demonic nature of the economy' (Evola) of usury but both emanate from the same source: the Demiurge and the dark forces which enslave this earth. The vampirism of jewry and their overlords is revealed in its rapacity and the destruction of the earth by themselves and especially their minions the christians whose utter disregard for the Earth has transformed it into a devastated wasteland and this motivated by their base born greed.

Perhaps and even for the most part it is not a desire for the endless glut of consumer products that motivates the judeo-christian conspiracy but rather the desire to 'open up new markets', which can be translated into the phrase 'slave plantations' and which markets are not opened up for the sake of material gain alone but to chain the population to the wheel of industry and to thereby absorb their life force as it is dissipated from them through atrophy, 'generation and corruption'.

The ley line system and architectural layout of towns; cities; buildings, etc. are all designed to trap the slave within a literal magic square and to absorb the energies of the victim as the victim emanates those energies into themselves the priest caste hierarchy of black magicians and their reptilian overlords being transmitted via the aether and along ley lines and steeples,etc. (cf. the section "Vampire Farm" from the book "Lord of the World").

The insatiability of the mammonists is motivated by a base consciousness and an inner lack-I need to absorb the life force from others as means of perpetuating themselves and a cunning awareness of energy economy-the conservation of the life force and not its depletion through constant stress and exertion.

Hence mammonism, though initially appearing to be of a purely economic and materialistic nature, is actually a behavioral translation of vampirism and indeed of the Cosmic Vampire the Demiurge Himself. Mammonism is the ideology of the dark forces of this world which have through their actions devastated the earth and created nothing but chaos. The wise will avoid their path and strike out on his own: that of asceticism, and avoid falling victim to 'temptations' of both a financial and fleshly nature.

Sourced From Aryan Practical Idealism | Substack

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    1. "Tour" cyclists? We can plug in the numbers such as VO2 max and weight of the athlete etc, plus the aerodynamic efficiency of the bicycle used to determine speed over distance.
      Cyclists such as Lance Armstron used performance enhancing drugs and only admitted doing so as the evidence against him was overwhelming just like cyclists at "tour" level claim to be pFizered up. Are they vaxxed? And a cycling team owner perhaps turning a blind eye in exchange for a spot on the podium?


    2. All points duly noted. Been cranking since '52. Still in my blood. Currently,a Big Dummy electric is serving me well. Aerodynamic!? LMAO.

  13. Pfizer needs a cycling team to really pull off unreality as they could feature the best "in transition" vaxxed athletes on the planet since cycling already has transgendered costumes.


    My pals from Chicago in the cycling world. The current iteration on cycling and unfaired cycling aerodynamics. I was their helping a bit on its design.
    The Nocom is still a slug on long climbs but lightning fast on flats and rolling hills.
    Totally banned for competition in cycling.


    1. Sweet looking bike there. Late 18/early 1900's; there was two frame designs competing. The cheaper to make diamond frame. Then there was the Pedersen bicycle, which was much better but labor intensive to build. The diamond frame won.

    The above is state of the art bicycle aerodynamics.
    However, eurotrash cyclists are all pFizered up and should plaster the Pfizer logo on their recumbent speed machine.


    1. Nice eye candy. And it does roll. If we didn't have a technology cap,we could really turn out better transportation alternatives.

  16. Fuck eurotrash cyclists and of course Pfizer.


    1. Recumbent bicycles banned from bike racing? Time to blame the Jews for that to. Where's Kaminski and Loki when you need them?


  17. America? Brought to you by pFizer

  18. Speaking of Pfizer, it is more proper in polite society to blame Jews for the plight of America than to criticize Pfizer and vaxxines in general.
    See again as Jack always says that it's part of schlomo's contract.


  19. Let's kill two birds with one stone here. Let's ban talk of vaxxines being bad along with criticism of Jewish behavior under penalty of law both being antisemitic opinion. Opinions need to be banned along with discussions on opinions.
    We need an unacceptable opinion prison where the unacceptable are imprisoned. Perhaps execution for said opinions since that would be cheaper than keeping them in prison.
    Just thinking out loud as I think that this is acceptable opinion.


    1. Believe Taxes to be a death penalty state perhaps best to be executed there for wrong think

      Execution should be public.

      I chose hanging in public

      But a double tap will do

      Call them mercy

      Oh thank you for this glorious mercy

      I have changed my tune

      Will ride for pFliezer

      Send me a jersey like that

      Win the Tour?

      People I represent?

      Fuck you


  20. Why wait, that's what we have in Canada just ask Loki and our dearest Kaminski? America not far behind since first one will be jailed for being critical of black peoples behavior and the wrong speak about jews shall be a synch to ban next.
    For your good of course.
    Like for example, black people running red lights and killing innocent people with that behavior but that would be racist.

  21. So here is an acceptable opinion. Say you are stopped at a red light and a black person pulls up behind you and beeps at you to run the red light so he can follow you through the intersection it would be racist if you don't do so when he/she/it beeps behind you. But this only applies to black people and Jews.
    Now your beginning to get it.


  22. The comment section has put an exclamation mark on your essay Loki.

  23. My comments 9n the internet in general?

    I would rather watch computer Screen savers accompanied by E powwer Biggs playing Bach 9n classic Vinyl than browse the internet.

    Time to cancel Time Warner cable, name changed to "Rectum" I believe? `flix held captive by the likes of "Rectum" ?
    Me thinks every American should buy a Henry riffle chambered in 223
    Here they are great long guns



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