Liberalism, Ideologies: Part Two by Loki Hulgaard


The liberal ideology had its origins in a vague yearning for 'freedom' from the restraint and imposition of the catholic church. It is comprised at least in its classical form of the quantitative conception of 'humanity' to which it denies any meaningful particular difference; denies the value of organic culture and seeks to impose its quantitative reduction of all to a standardized unit upon everyone who is not as yet a subscriber to its creed.

As such it is hegemonic and intolerant though priding itself on its tolerance for any and everything- any and everything that is pacifistic and wimpy, that supports its preservation and exaltation or even sacralization of the caprice of individuals and their transient opinion or impulsive action.

Liberalism, it is classical form, is an ideology of quantity that effaces all quality and reduces the higher to the lower by elevating the lower above its level and this through liberalism's principles being based upon the 'individual' and individuals 'rights' and to a lesser extent his duties and having no regard for anything higher than the coarse animalism or intellectual masturbation of the 'reasonable man', the average everyday bourgeois types whose motivation in life is simply domestic comfort or sensation seeking, reducing all motivation to libidinal economy: "maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain".

Liberalism's flaws outweigh its virtues but nonetheless it's virtues remain (at least in its classical form), those being the freedom to express oneself in word written or spoken and to investigate reality and to have freedom of association; conscience; religion, etc.; the freedom to move about the country and to buy and sell, produce and consume.

That most of these alleged freedom touted by liberalism are absurd in terms of practice not being supported save in those cases within the parameters of liberal doctrine make of liberalism an ideological house of cards that falls under its own weight, having no basis of support other than the subjective interpretation based upon the subjective and transient opinion and sentiment of the 'human-all-too-human'.

The freedoms liberalism purports to grants are always qualified and restricted by the interpretation of individuals be it in a court of law or in terms of particular policies of particular institutions or groups whose overseers decide in individual cases whether the individual is permitted; prohibited or obligated to pursue their course or no.

These rules and standards are fluidic and flexible and change with circumstances and conditions. Change and adaptation is all well and good but such change tailored to suit the flighty sentiment and whims of individuals is the Achilles' heel of liberalism and renders it an absurdity.

A classical example of the hypocritical and absurd nature of liberalism lies in the case of the Canadian "Charter of Rights and Freedoms". This alleged 'eternal verity' reveals liberalism in its true light, that of an absurd and aleatory creed, one which has a protean nature forever shifting with the wind of opinion like a weathercock.

It claims that are certain package of rights and freedoms are 'guaranteed' but immediately nullifies the same guaranteed by incorporating within it the 'notwithstanding clause' which proclaims that "notwithstanding all of these rights and freedoms" they are null and void when a 'reasonably demonstrable' need exists through which they may be repealed or withheld. The examples of the creation of 'hate speech' legislation and freedom of conscience and religion being nullified by one's holding opinions or beliefs contrary to liberalism are notable.

Liberalism as many have critiqued previously, is oriented more round tendencies than it is around reason, logic or facts. The sentiments one has within liberalism largely determine the acceptability or unacceptability of actions or words and those who control the system import their own sensibilities into the decision-making or implementation of policy.

When liberalism takes root it is neither the letter of the law (policy, etc.) nor the spirit but rather the sentiment 'in the breast' of the lawgiver; maker and follower which determines whether or not the action or words are permitted or no.

Hence within a society rendered tumescent and dysfunctional by liberalism no certainty or trust can be had in conducting affairs as, at every moment, the decision made by a bureaucrat may be one thing or another depending on their mood state and their particular bias.

Liberalism is installed within a gentile society by jewry as a disintegration ideology, an ideology oriented around the destruction of their host society, a temporary nigredo phase in the political alchemy of the black magicians of Zion. In "The Protocols of The Elders of Zion" it speaks of liberalism in contemptuous terms: "we will eliminate the vile poison of liberalism".

It is reasonable to assume that liberalism was not created in its origin by jewry but by whites and this as a further development of protestantism, as a means of breaking free of the despotism of the jewish created catholic church.

That whites are essentially free-spirited beings seeking to live in a manner which enables them to create and invent and achieve a meaningful life, the proper realization of their destiny as creators. Given that it is fair to assume that liberalism as formulated by John Locke and his "Two Treaties of Government" in the 1600s and subsequently by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill in their works, it appears likely that liberalism was originally a white invented ideology that was motivated by an honest and sincere desire for liberty from the oppression of the catholic church and its jewish controllers.

Regardless of origins and motivations liberalism has been co-opted by jewry to serve its agenda and by the dialectical process of gradualism has been made ever more chaotic and a source of chaos, a tumor in society made malignant through jewish influence.

One need only observe what is called liberalism today at the bottom of the Kali Yuga to understand how jewry has modified an otherwise useful and valuable ideology though lacking in fundamental respects (e.g. a higher spiritual authority and meritocratic caste system based thereon), and how jewry have distorted it to cause harm to their host population. This as if to demonstrate the poison fruits of liberalism and its 'inevitable' consequences, what ultimately follows from a creed of possessive individualism based solely upon the caprice of the individual counterbalanced only by that of 'the majority', allegedly conducing to "the greatest good for the greatest number" on the basis of arbitrary individual willfulness separated from any higher authority.

Jewry is right in so far as this creed is the be-all and end-all, taken in itself. However it is doubtful that such theorists of classical liberalism intended their political creed to operate without the presence of any higher authority as can be observed in the case of John Locke in his "Two Treaties of Government" the first treatise being a theocratic one, the second being its implementation in a 'civitas dei' similar to Augustine only without the judeo-catholic despotism and with the individualism that is naturally sought by all creative and enterprising people.

Thus John Locke's political stance, which was the original formulation of liberalism (classical liberalism) was not without its value only it was still bound and this of necessity during the time of it's writing to a christian theocratic worldview as well as to an overemphasized individualism based upon the universalist abstractions of 'humanity' and their 'rights', etc.

Jewry's distortion and usage of this theory can be seen by the fact of their only teaching the second treaty in most contemporary universities, thereby restricting liberalism as understood by generations of youth to a purely secular plane of being without any notion of the sacred.

This was a strike on the part of jewry and appropriating liberalism as a weapon to attack the power block of christians and playing the white population against one another: christian versus atheist or masonic deist and thereby advancing their 'blackening phase' of political alchemy in lighting 'fires in the minds of men' and reducing to ashes their previous cultural structures.

This direction of liberalism toward individualism led to anarchism, the absence of any state (at least in concept-a concept wholly unrealizable in a social organism with it becoming terminal and being taken over by other social organisms as the inevitable end result of anarchism). The black flag of anarchism further underscored the 'blackening phase' of the hidden hand.

Ideologies have been formulated throughout history by this group and have been plagiarized from others to destroy or tear down the societies and races they wish to destroy. The ideologies have elements which are desirable enough to serve as baits with which to serve those they wish to corrupt. Once they have corrupted their enemy they may then use their allies (typically christians) to sabotage and destroy their enemies, they who, though to whatever degree divided (as in the case of the liberals and the anarchists), would live a life conducive to the realization of their proper destiny.

The ultimate conclusion of liberalism if detached from higher principles is 'the greatest good for the greatest number' and the pleasure principle of 'maximizing pleasure, minimizing pain' which we encounter today is in liberalism.

Liberalism in and of itself without any governing ideology overarching and restricting it in accordance with cosmic law and the positive development of organic life (the manifest destiny of particular beings and their existing their essence) is a recipe for chaos that jewry exploits to foster and cultivate as a metastasization of a tumor on society. This leads to the terminal state of social cancer born witness to today and the horrors of revolutionary violence that they intend to use as a fulcrum to install their despotism as a 'just' reaction (a 'just war') against what they perceive as a fertile ground for revolution against themselves should they not exploit it and turn it against itself.

Liberalism jewry and their agents (foremost amongst whom are christians) seek to transform into a scapegoat for their own sabotage of white society, blaming liberalism for their own sins.

Liberalism, taken to an extreme form of 'liberty' without restraint, fostered and encouraged by jewry in their media mind control system and their ability to socially engineer their desired changes, is the gaily festooned scapegoat that jewry serves up to the slaughter and associates with anyone they perceive to be competition to their power.

Employing this false association jewry wishes to orchestrate chaos and have their witless slave minions (again foremost amongst whom are christian) attack jewry's enemies on the basis of this false association. The cowardly christian conservatards would happily, as the historical record demonstrates, murder and burn to death their own racial members be they women ('witch' burnings) or children (e.g. the children's 'crusade' against arabs during the Middle Ages).

The 'Bible' being the word of the jewish demon god Jehovah-Yahweh advocates the murder of women and children. What's good enough for the jewish God is good enough for the christians as they commit mass atrocities all over the earth in the name of this creature 'Yahweh', presumably a reptilian trans-dimensional alien who genetically engineered jewry with neanderthals and their own blood ('genes').

Liberalism in its classical sense is an ideology which is unsustainable in and of itself but many of its principles are sound and acceptable such as people having an ability without legal restriction to speak their mind and to communicate in written word or speech or in a static form that which is a manifestation of their conscious mind.

This does not mean that the members of society would tolerate it or would desire it but it is up to their own will as a collective Culture Organism to tolerate or no and to treat the creator or they who express these ideas; thought forms, etc. in a manner suitable to themselves, either with criticism or outright physical force (reasonable force).

Though many in the pro-white and 'traditionalist' movements are justly critical of liberalism they are only seeing things in a one-sided way, limiting themselves to the narrow perspective of what they identify with their 'tradition' or 'ideology'.

To castigate liberalism as the 'bogeyman' of modernity but fail to understand that these ideas inherent in liberalism derived from christianity itself, those based upon the Universalist abstractions of 'mankind' and 'God given rights' that each are endowed with antenatally as an incarnating soul in utero, is to fail to understand wherein liberalism errs.

The patent absurdity of the pro-white conservatives and christian 'traditionalists' lies in the fact of their sharing more in common with christianity and thus by extension with liberalism than they understand. They speak of 'humanity' and 'mankind'; of 'rights' and 'guarantees' of same but do not understand these ideas are simply derivative from christianity and are jewish egalitarian Universalist abstractions.

That there exist no such thing as 'rights', that indeed there exist no such beings as 'humans' as these latter are mere abstraction. A negro and the Chinaman are called 'human' and claim to be equal and have certain 'rights' according to these 'traditionalists'.

However these are just invented ideas and no such entities ('rights'; 'humans') exist in any ontological sense they are simply pragmatically useful functions to keep the masses in their pens and to enable their masters to leach from them their life's blood and for the masters to appear a benevolent benefactor of virtue, a bestower of wealth, a shepherd king of the order of Melchizedek.

Liberal ideas can only function pragmatically to empower oneself within the context of a system based upon the weight of numbers where the mass can drag down the higher to the pit and derive more benefits and advantages for themselves against their superior though relatively small number of opponents. Thereby the higher is dragged down to the level of the lower and the lower is enriched temporarily at their expense and ultimately at their own expense as their perpetual demands for 'rights' will either lead to the destruction of society or to the destruction of themselves (or at least subjugation of themselves) as a threat to their society and its cultural stability put down by the iron heel at the behest of their parasite masters.

Liberalism, as an inevitable end result of its emphasis on quantity and individualism destroys itself as it is not reflective of organic hierarchy and subordinate to a higher spiritual authority with sound principles based thereon serving as its pillars of support.

Jewry, along with its christian minions, has simply expedited its fall in attempting to install in place of liberalism their Zion despotism. The inherently chaotic nature of a system run by a priestly caste of narrow-minded bigots, a social system infinitely worse than liberalism and yet still based upon universalist abstractions and quantity is the result: 'the goyim' and the jew as their mastermind ruler constituting the two-tiered society.

Hence all of those 'traditionalists' and right-wingnuts who insist on attacking what they have had identified for them as 'liberalism' by their jewish masters and media spin-doctors are making a grave error as regards preserving any liberty they currently possess and desire.

Should jewry succeed in destroying the remaining vestiges of liberty and the liberal whites who support and defend it the world would undoubtedly be transformed into a trance humanized slave plantation run by jewry via their technology, a technocracy of Zion, a two-tiered society of slaves and masters. Hence though one may have valid criticisms of liberalism he must be aware (caveat) of the value liberty has and not allow his consciousness to be shifted toward supporting a pseudo-traditionalist despotism run by jewry and their mind controlled minions.

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