Qlippothic Hybrids by Loki Hulgaard



In the jewish qabbalah, possibly derived from the Egyptian and Sumerian originals (but that history is tenebrous at best), the jews’ have the concept of the ‘qlippoth’ or soul shells which they conceive to be the fragments or ‘peels’ of souls that are imperfect and that manifest themselves in the form of the 'goyim', those who are not jews (‘goy’ meaning animal or excrement in the jews’ insane worldview).


Of course the reality is that those beings concretely who could never be pure biologically at a material level can never be the incarnate form of a pure soul given the maxim that ‘spirit and matter are one’ and therefore that     an impure soul cannot crystallize into a pure bodily form and neither can a pure soul crystallize into an impure bodily form. The physically pure, those not genetically hybridized or mongrelized cannot be anything but a pure being at all levels at least in their origin from the womb.


The thoughts, emotions and actions of distinct biological forms (‘entelecheia’ in Aristotle’s terms) together have    energetic effects which modify the physical form, just as physical changes modify the multi-dimensional soul which in turn has a rebound effect on the physical. Thus there is interplay between the two-’spirit and matter are one’ and accordingly what one does in life echoes in Eternity, in the aether, after his physical life-his ‘dharma or karma’, 'the wages of sin' or ‘treasures in heaven’.


Accordingly throughout the incarnations, biological beings in the physical are a product if you will of the crystallization of energy fields and are a direct result of the thoughts, emotions and actions given the material   conditions for birth in this life or past lives.


Those who are hybridized beings however cannot be the result of any but evil actions because hybridity is itself  an evil as it creates an inharmonious being and whatever soul incarnates could never be any pure being but rather a mere jumble of multiple souls given that the law of attraction would attract dissimilar beings to unite in  one physical form,eg. the negro soul attracted to negro sperm and egg and the white to the white.


The hybrid is a manifestation of soul chaos incarnate and will merely generate chaos through its behavior as it plays host to or is the crystallization of conflictual souls. Post mortum, after the physical life of the chaotic hybrid the  souls may split off, having been subjected to whatever karma their chaotic life created.


They may become through that means the qlippoth or incomplete souls or soul shells through whatever form of  degradation and incapacity to realize their destiny given their life of conflict, of essential tension and blockage.


Hence the hybrid, the mongrel, plays host to the qlippoth or is the incubator thereof and thus is an evil presence on the earth (evil being defined as having a willingness to harm others which the hybrid naturally does as the figures of Che Guevara, Mao Tse-tung, Joseph Stalin, Louis Riel and countless other hybrid creatures, leaders of revolutions and receptacles of violence, born criminals, have demonstrated through their   chaotic ‘Mind’ or form, call it what you will).


Hence the jew, being a mongrel, is inherently evil, predisposed spirito-genetically towards violence, which is to say a disruption of the harmony of existence. Thus, far from being a complete soul the jew is qlippoth himself, a ‘peel’ or ‘soul shell’ in his own words though of course he applies them to the ‘goyim’ (non-jews).


Perfection inheres in those of perfect constitution physically and metaphysically. Those who are imperfect can never be anything other than qlippoth and this as a matter of degree: The more pure the body, the more pure the soul-the face is the image of the soul-monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo ("monster in the face, monster in the soul").

Jewish Obscenity by Loki Hulgaard 

The conventional understanding of 'obscenity' is that which is deemed 'grossly offensive', obscene 'that which has a repulsive character and that which elicits disgust and is beyond the pale of tolerance. The historical understanding of obscenity as it relates to jewish cultural distortion is that of pornography, disproportionate and asymmetrical art, sleazy and smutty literature and poetry, etc.

However what may not readily be discernible to most is the parrallel which exists between jews and obscenity as a relationship between Creator and creation between that group creates a certain product and that product which is created by them, thus a relationship of necessity which exists between the two with jewry creating obscenity as a natural manifestation of their consciousness.

It is the jew who, viewed by their standards, must be viewed as obscene and the more jewish in the racial sense and in the psychological sense the more obscene they are. The pornographic industry in movies, cartoons and comics and literature and painting, plastic arts and indeed in music is the hallmark of jewish culture creation which amounts to cultural distortion.

All of the cultural forms of jewry are obscene. Jewish music is the music of chaos and vulgarity. An example is jazz music, a feral and cthonic rhythm that seemingly one might venture to speculate derives itself from the middle eastern dionysiac orgiastic rites which, given its grinding cacophony and chaotic tonality connotes the play of the passions in the trysting and desportings of the initiatic revellers amidst sex and death rites.

The urban music of the negro is in a way a jewish construct itself which shares in the soul and genetic structure of jewry and which is an even more degraded form of 'sonic tellurism' if such it may be called which drags the conscious mind into the depths of animalism and conditions the mind to restructure itself along these lines, transmitting into the consciousness a negrified culture which transforms the consciousness into that of a wigger (since we creators are always viewing the world from the perspective of the white race only whites are herein considered).

The obscenity laws of the catholic church and the turn of the last century were devised to prevent the incursion into white society of jewry and the introduction into the consciousness of the population of jewish ideas.

However they were obliviously inadequate in relation to the money power and its lugenpresse-judenpresse and the money controlled by jewry bought the influence needed to overturn its laws through the control of the mind and through the incentivization of racial treason amongst the ruling power of whites who allowed their nation to fall into the hands of jewry and on that basis allowed their own destruction through permitting the very obscenity they sought to prevent in the first place (the creedo catholico 'sicut judaeus non' obviously was ineffective to curtail the sewage from the cultural depths from rising and contaminating the relatively pure waters of white cultures).

Of course the history of jewish obscenity is the history of jewry and the history of jewry runs parrallel to that of the history of the white race for at least several millenia and thus the history of culture is the history of contamination of cultural purity-culture in the higher sense of a spiritual kind having been contaminated with the relative impunity of jewish ideas and ideals and thus bringing about the degradation of the white culture. The whole affair one might say is obscene both on its surface and in its depths and the only solution is the positing or affirmation of a cultural purfication or ethnic cleansing of the culture of the white race and this through a manifestation of whiteness in every and all forms of life as per Oswald Spengler's conceptions in "The Decline of the West"-that all creations of a Creator entail the Creator as agent of the Creation. The soul of the Creator is placed in the Creation and the Creation is a manifestation of the Creator's soul in tangible form and thus inextricably bound up with him.

The outer is the inner and the inner is the outer-the soul of the race externalizes itself in the aesthetic forms of its material vehicle's constructs and can be inferred therefrom. Hence one can infer that foreign forms of culture are harmful to the racial soul and must be observed as one would observe a virus under a microscope.

Should one have a stronger immune system he might be able to study that culture or art but none may return from it to their own culture unblemished and untainted. This is not to say that a crystallization of cultural forms occurs as the Racial soul is metamorphic, it transforms itself in relation to the Other-the terroir- and grows or atrophies and degenerates depending upon the culture it interacts with.

The jews know this which is why they deliberately create a culture which harms by virtue of it s discordant nature, its obscenity, when assimilated by the host as a morsel of food is assimilated by a creature the strength or weakness being akin to the consumption of berries or witch hazel for a herbivore.

The jew panders poison in the cultural sphere as means of destruction, poisoning of the host and of weakening it with a gradual 'sickness unto death' initiated by the introduction of the beguiling, of the mystique of the foreign, which the jew has learned through trial and error is the means of inserting the thin end of the wedge into the host.

As a trick the jew anaesthetizes the area of the insertion of its pincers before burrowing in, and the mystique of the unknown, the mysterious, is the mechanism of action that enables their penetration intothe host.

The taste of the nation at first may be refined and organic in the traditional sense but later becomes more and more vulgarized as the influence of the jew increases. The degradation of society, of the Aryan nations, and its culture is transitioned in a downward spiral towards total destruction. At this point all jewry needs to do is to pull the plug and unleash the chaos then blame it on 'liberals'; 'satan'; 'luciferians' or whatever other scapegoat and all of their christian slaves will inevitably follow suit, slaughtering and murdering whoever the jews tell them. It is either this or there will be a sufficient revitalization of the blood memory of the Aryan and he will awaken from the slumber he has fallen intoand overcome the parasite and his destructive influence. Victory or death awaits and it is only a matter of time before either course is taken and whites live or die and with them all worthwhile culture on the face of the earth.

Sourced From Aryan Practical Idealism | loki | Substack

We publish unadulterated Loki Hulgaard here in order to give White nationalism a face other than that painted on it by the likes of the drooling David Duke and the doddering Kevin MacDonald. That is the face the World Economic Forum and their reactionary Jewish legions would like you to see. Unfortunately for the very reasons Loki is published here, that he is the genuine article, a steadfast Canadian dissident that is not afraid to stand up to totalitarianism, he has been targeted by the degenerates who have commandeered the once great nation of Canada and turned it into a fruit salad. 

He is so broke he can't even afford an internet provider and is facing substantial time in prison for his political beliefs. Without donations to Loki, it is doubtful whether we can continue bringing him to you and you will have to go back to reading "Lasha Darkmoon" (in actuality Nina Rosenwald the Jewish heiress to the Sears Roebuck fortune). We at Jack Heart because of our human resources know better than anyone who is who in the media, but we lack the financial resources to reward honesty and acumen with monetary compensation. That is up to you... Jack     

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I am legally prohibited from leaving the province of Alberta owing to the prosecution and am unable to relocate. I am uncertain when I will be forced to stand trial but anticipate it will be within 2023.

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  1. Jazz music Loki?

    Blaspheme Spirit

    Didn't know

    Jazz musician led by Spirit

    Spirit creates families nations and gods

    to blame jazz music and call it jewish?

    Gotta call you out 9n your bullshit

    Public Enemy

  2. Avant-garde Jazz is heaven when played by John Coltrane.

  3. Sarah Elizibeth, can I watch Netflix on the job? And get paid? WaHoo!!!!

    However, I have a complaint for our dear leaders and masters, as you know, I am a cyclist, it came to my attention that sonic the hedgehog rides a bicycle without a helmet.
    I saw this on Nerflix.
    I am lodging an official complaint to the powers that be.

    All cyclists must wear a helmet at all times.



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