Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Year of the Dragon, “Let Us Pray...”

The Year of the Dragon, “Let Us Pray...”

By Jack Heart & Orage

 “Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.” - Miyamoto Musashi, the quintessential poet warrior and greatest of all the Samurai, he went undefeated in sixty-one duels to the death. The next highest number by a Samurai is thirty-three...    
“The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and willfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices” – Aleister Crowley   

George Santayana, an overly verbose Spaniard impersonating an American, employed his Tourette-like affliction in the service of the Anglo-American empire; painting happy faces on their atrocities. He famously wrote “when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Ironically perhaps, Santayana’s utopian maxim is often attributed to the psychotic drunkard Winston Churchill who murdered millions in the service of empire through two world wars.

You cannot get where you are going if you do not know where you came from. That’s why Truman cannot get out of the Truman Show. In order to plot a course you must have a point of departure. 

There are a thousand reasons why the thousand years prior to the last millennium never took place. Anatoly T. Fomenko, the brilliant Russian mathematician, makes more than just a case that the first millennium of the Common Era is an invention of Joseph Justus Scaliger and his successor Denis Pétau. It never took place, nor did almost anything else that is passed off as fact by academia that happened before the early centuries of the previous millennium. Many literate Russians believe him, maybe most of them; readers that are recognized for being far more cerebral than their western counterparts almost since the day Dostoevsky was born.  

Not surprisingly, Fomenko’s epiphany for the human race has been championed by no less than Garry Kimovich Kasparov, onetime Grandmaster and World Chess Champion, now a renowned writer and political activist in Russia. In the world of competitive chess where a man must prove his intellect without the benefit of a supporting chorus of academic chimpanzees, Kasparov is considered the greatest chess master who ever lived...

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