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Ragnarök II

Ragnarök II

By Jack Heart & Orage

“The sun grows dark, 
earth sinks into the sea,  
The bright stars  
From heaven vanish;  
Fire rages,  
Heat blazes,  
And high flames play  
'Gainst heaven itself.”  
22 – The Prophecy of the Witch (The Völuspá from the Poetic Edda)

And so the Eddas tell a tale of a poisoned world, a world born of Ice and impregnated by Fire, a world that must one day be consumed by Fire. 

Hitler and all his legendary scientists did not believe one word of Einstein’s ‘relativity’ gibberish. The very existence of the Ahnenerbe attests to how little they believed of academic history and the ‘glory of Rome.’ They were taking no one’s word about the cosmos either. Hitler, in a rare stroke of luck for the truth about National Socialism, is on record in ‘Table Talk’ as endorsing the “cosmic theories of Hörbiger” 23 for his ‘Thousand-Year Reich...’

At the turn of the twentieth century, Hanns Hörbiger invented the Hörbiger Valve; till this very day an integral component in the efficient production of steel, greater productivity in mining, High-pressure chemistry and the global network of gas exchange. HOERBIGER, the company he founded, is still active throughout the world as the leading player in Compression Technology.  

Like so many of the great German scientists, Hörbiger was also a visionary. He established Welteislehre or Glacial Cosmogony with the publication of Wirbelstürme, Wetterstürze, Hagelkatastrophen und Marskanal-Verdoppelungen in 1913. It is a completely different cosmological narrative than that espoused by the empires academic whores. Most Germans including scientists believed it. Amongst party members, it was a fact. Welteislehre would have been the crowning glory in the lavish planetarium National Socialism planned to build on Linz's Mount Pöstling. “According to the structure's plans, the ground floor was to centre around Ptolemy's universe, the middle floor Copernicus' theory, and the top floor, Hörbiger's theory.”24

There are four maxims for the World Ice Doctrine. “There is absolutely no completely empty space in space, that in this space no form of any force can reproduce itself without loss and that only a contradiction of the source of everything can happen.” 25 The fourth is an unmitigated slap across the face of Einsteinian relativity. There is no “heat radiation in space...” 26  

In the grim but startlingly plausible cosmology of Welteislehre, events in this world are based on an eternal conflict between the forces of Fire and Ice. It is through their contradiction of each other that the universe ebbs and flows. Or as is said in the Zohar, the holey living creatures rush forth and return... 

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