Black Sun Rising Part 2

Just who were the pre Columbian visitors? This is the tale of Akakor in the sweltering Amazon, the caves beneath and the Jaguar. Germans in the jungle. — Orage

Black Sun Rising

By Jack Heart & Orage

"We shall see them again at the epoch of the Revolution."
— Abbé Louis Constant (Éliphas Lévi) —

Written in good words and in clear script

What can be verified began in 1972 in a sweltering bar in a city called Manaus. The isolated city adorns the jungles navel where the black swirling waters of the Rio Negro flow into the vast brown water of the Amazon. German journalist Karl Brugger met with a deeply tanned and lithely muscled man of obvious European descent who spoke broken German, Portuguese and Quechua Indian. He was reputed by the Yaminauá and Cashinahua tribes to be a great chief and called himself Tatunca Nara.

Brugger, leery of the man’s claims as to his identity, checked with the authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Manaus and Rio Branco. What he found was documentation beginning in 1968 when the White chief had saved the lives of twelve Brazilian officials whose plane had crashed in Acre; Brazils uncharted jungle province bordering Peru. He had obtained their release from the Haisha Indians and brought the officials in to Manaus. Tatunca Nara was vouched for by officers at the highest level of the Brazilian Secret Service.

From 1969 – 1971 he had led the Indians in their doomed war against the encroaching White settlers seeking to mine their homeland in Peru’s wild province of Madre de Dios. He had fled across the border to Brazil when the war was lost. In the capital of Acre; Rio Branco, he managed to enlist the help of Bishop Giocondo Grotti in his ongoing efforts to obtain aid for his people. But the Bishop died in a plane crash three months later. Peru was now unsuccessfully seeking his extradition. It seems Tatunca Nara was the real life Tarzan and held in the highest reverence by Brazil’s military who had no use for Peru.

"Who can learn to fathom the acts of the Gods? 
Who can learn to understand their deeds?
For surely they were mighty, incomprehensible to ordinary mortals.
They knew the course of the stars and the laws of nature. Verily, they were familiar with the highest law of the universe. One hundred and thirty families of the Ancient Fathers came to earth and brought the light."  — Chronicles of Akakor

Tatunca Nara would recount to Brugger the history of Ugha Monguhala Indians, a race of White Indians that were chosen by the Gods to be their emissaries on earth. Tatunca Nara said he was their chief and gives Brugger an explanation which began fifteen thousand years ago with the Book of the Jaguar in the Chronicle of Akakor .

Golden ships appeared over a South American continent without mountains whose great river flowed from the eastern ocean into the great Lake of Titicaca then out to the western ocean. The occupants of the ships, 130 families of White skinned bluish black haired humans with six fingers and toes on their hands and feet, came down to earth and brought civilization to savages. They claimed to come from a far off place amongst the stars called Schwerta and mated with the Ugha Monguhala, which means Allied Chosen Tribes, to seal their covenant with them.

The infusion of the Gods blood made the Ugha Monguhala the Chosen Servants of the Former Masters, which is what the Ugha Monguhala sometimes called the Gods. Aside from having five fingers and toes the Ugha Monguhala looked just like the Gods; tall with bluish black hair, protruding cheek bones, a sharply delineated nose and almond shaped eyes. They were the only White skinned people on the continent. And for 12,453 years through cataclysmic wars and natural calamities that pushed this world to the brink of extinction they would remain as the new masters; the descendants of the Gods.

They built great cities of which Akakor, the capital city of the Ugha Monguhala, was the greatest. It was built fourteen thousand years ago in a high valley between the frontiers of the two countries now known as Peru and Brazil under the guidance of the former Masters. Akakor means second fortress. There were three fortresses.

The city, laid out in accordance to the four points of the Gods, was surrounded by a high stone wall in which there were 13 narrow gates. The largest of the buildings within the walls was the Great Temple of the Sun. In the time of the Former Masters there were 26 smaller cities around Akakor. All of them were catastrophically destroyed 13 years after the departure of the Gods. The Former Masters also built 3 great temple complexes, forbidden to man, to be used only in their own ceremonies.

There was a pyramid in the middle of each and one could still be found eight days journey from Manaus. For the Gods the pyramid is not only a dwelling place but the symbol of a place between life and death, another world between this one and the next where time runs different. To the Gods the pyramids are a link with a second life in that ethereal world.

With the arrival of the White barbarians the Ugha Monguhala would have to eventually destroy Akakor and flee to the hypogeum city beneath it, which is an exact replica of the one that had been above ground. There are twelve tunnels in the subterranean Temple of the Sun that connect to twelve other underground cities which are arranged to replicate the constellation of Schwerta beneath the Andean Mountain range.

The hypogeum Akakor is the center with the other subterranean city’s radiating out from it. These cities were constructed for them by the Gods and not even the German soldiers who settled with them in 1942 can figure out how they work. Even after years of painstaking and methodical study the lighting which baths everything in an incandescent blue glow with no visible source and the ventilation systems remain a mystery. The flag of Akakor is a sun rising over the sea.

When the Gods left in 10,481BC a war ensued between them and another race of Gods with the bodies of men and heads of animals. The war destroyed not only the earth but Venus and Mars too. Sometime during all this the moon settled into orbit around the earth.

In 10,468 BC what can only be described as the crustal displacement postulated by Charles Hapgood takes place. The earth heaves up into giant mountains, freezing people in their place. The Great River changes directions and steaming jungles sprout upon its banks, swallowing up vast tracts of land. Massive tidal waves drown the big islands of the western ocean.

What follows is over seven thousand years of barbarity that only ends when the waters of the great river rise up and flood the land and the waters of Lake Titicaca flow into the sea. The flood kills most of the lands inhabitants. One of the Ugha Monguhala went up to the surface and built a raft to preserve the animals, which after 13 moons have passed were brought to dry land on the sacred mountain.

In 3166 BC the Book of the Eagle begins. The Gods return for three months and leave behind two brothers, Samon and Lahasa. Samon went to the East over the ocean, presumably to found Samaria. Lahasa stayed with the Ugha Monguhala and once again made them a great empire.

It was said of Lahasa that he was a God and could not be defeated in battle. He would transform himself into an eagle for 13 days and rise into the sky for 13 days. That he would walk towards the sun for 13 days. All the tribes bowed down before him and under his direction they built Machu Picchu. Lahasa would frequently take his flying disk across the ocean to visit his brother in the East who had founded the Empire of Samon.

To strengthen the ties of the two empires Lahasa built the city of Ofir at the mouth of the Great River where it became the trading hub between the two great empires. After three hundred years Lahasa returned to his home in the stars but he left behind his flying disk made of an unknown golden alloy. He also left behind a strange vessel that could pass over mountains and water. It had seven long flexible legs, three in the front and three in the back that terminated in rollers and were attached to a silver bowl. The alien vehicles were left behind in the subterranean Temple of the Sun in the hypogeum Akakor.

For a thousand years Ofir was the richest city on earth till it was finally sacked by barbarian hordes from the East after Lahasa’s departure. In 570 AD fierce warriors came in dragon ships from across the ocean, calling themselves the Goths. They formed an alliance with the Ugha Monguhala and with their knowledge of iron working and superior martial ability they crushed all the other tribes including the upstart Inca who had been challenging the Ugha Monguhala for supremacy.

In the Book of Ants bearded White men once again arrived, this time in tall sailing ships during the early sixteenth century. They swept all before them except for some resolute woman from Akahim, the sister city of Akakor and another of the three fortresses of the Allied Chosen Tribes.

The women would come to be known as Amazons and made a gallant stand against the marauding White men, as numerous as ants, who deceive, plunder and murder under the sign of their false God; the cross. Eventually the Amazons were forced into a subterranean existence as were the Ugha Monguhala.

In 1920 prince Sinkaia defiantly urged a limited war of retribution on the White barbarians. After shedding much blood in outlying settlements he sent eighty Ugha Monguhala warriors through the subterranean passage system to emerge in the courtyard of a church in the heart of Lima. They attempted to free some captive Inca nobleman but all the warriors were slain after a fierce battle. The heroic stand gave the Ugha Monguhala a moment of pride but there were no real victories. The White barbarians brought a four hundred year period of sorrow for the Chosen Servants of the Gods, a time when they sang the song of the Black Sun.

“Woe on us / The sun shines black /
His light covers the earth with sorrow /
His rays foretell death / Woe on us.”

In 1936 the Ugha Monguhala captured four women from the town of Santa Maria. Three drowned trying to escape but the fourth; a German missionary named Reinha becomes the bride of prince Sinkaia after renouncing the cross. Princess Reinha bore prince Sinkaia a son; Tatunca Nara. After four years Reinha returned to Germany and brokered an alliance between the Third Reich and the Ugha Monguhala.

The first Germans arrived in Akakor in the dry season of 1941. By 1945 the number of two thousand agreed upon allies had been reached. They brought armaments and trained the Ugha Monguhala in the use of the modern weaponry. The plan was to attack Brazil from the interior while Germany seized her coast, but it never materialized. Germany was overrun by its enemies, marooning the German soldiers with the Chosen Servants.

When the gold mines of the Inca were discovered in Peru, the Germans used their knowledge of modern warfare and weapons to keep the gold-crazed White Barbarians from penetrating far enough into the jungle to find Akakor. Tatunca Nara was informed that one of their vassal tribes captured twelve high officials of the White Barbarians and after being ordered by his father prince Sinkaia to execute them, he disobeyed. Instead he brought them to Manaus to safety.

Nara used the gratitude of the officials to try to broker a peace and although they tried to help him he was unsuccessful to secure aid. From 1968 – 1970 the incursions of the White Barbarians were escalated with the discovery of oil reserves in Madre de Dios. Eventually the Germans and the Ugha Monguhala with some of their vassals were driven into the old underground cities. They destroyed all evidence of their existence on the surface

"Brugger had checked the names given against military records in Berlin and found that they had existed yet were declared deceased."

When prince Sinkaia died shortly after, Tatunca Nara became the chief of the Ugha Monguhala. Still in hope of brokering a peace he journeyed to Rio Branco to meet with the high priest of the White Barbarians; Bishop Giocondo Grotti. Tatunca Nara gave the high priest two documents written by the Gods as proof and convinced priest that he is who he said he is. The high priest traveled to Akakor with Tatunca Nara and was given three documents of the Gods to convince his people that the story of Akakor is true. Grotti went back to the civilization of the White Barbarians and they waited for him for six months. He never returns and they later find out Grotti was killed in a plane crash and that the Vatican now is in possession of the documents.

Over twelve millenniums ago before they left, the Gods summoned their beloved servant Ina before they left and told him “Ina, we are going home, we have taught you wisdom and given you good counsel. We return to our own kind. We are going home. Our days are completed. Keep us in your memory and do not forget us. We shall come back when you are threatened.”

In the end the priest’s of the Ugha Monguhala prophesize that the White barbarians will find Akakor and see in it their own mirror image. War will break out in the place where Samon founded his empire and gradually spread to the whole earth. The White Barbarians will reap what they have sown and there will be few left. Then the circle will be complete and the Gods will return and once again walk the earth with man.

The death of Bishop Giocondo Grotti in the obligatory plane crash was just the beginning of the Cirque du Soleil of strange that would become the Legend of Akakor. In late 1972, Karl Brugger would attempt to find Akakor. He took along a cameraman and Tatunca Nara. Somewhere on the uncharted Yaku River within sight of the Andes the canoe capsized and they lost most of their gear. The demoralized Brugger and cameraman turned back for Manaus in the canoe. By now thoroughly irritated by the whining of his over civilized companions Tatunca Nara takes off into the impenetrable jungle to see his people. He takes with him only the loin cloth and war paint he is wearing. Brugger and the cameraman make their way back to Manaus without him.

In 1984 Karl Brugger was gunned down by an assailant wielding an Uzi-like submachine gun on famed Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. He was with Ulrich Encke whom he was training to replace him at ARD, a Consortium of public broadcasters in German and the second largest broadcasting company in the world. Brugger was turning freelance so he could make another expedition in search of Akakor.

At the time Brugger was at the top of his game as a Foreign Correspondent. When a memorandum was made public that was issued by Chilean strongman Augusto Pinochet naming the foreign correspondents in South America to be spied on Brugger was on top of that list. Ulrich Enckes live report was broadcast only once, on Bavarian Radio. The next morning the assassination became a “fatal highway robbery.” Enckes original live report was never heard again on German radio or anywhere else.

The truth is an unidentified man emerged from the crowd, placed two shots in his target, one right through the heart, then melted back into the crowd. In fact the only theft that appears to have taken place is when men who identified themselves as representatives of the German consulate ransacked the dead man’s room and removed his research on Akakor.

Of course you will find none of this in English but there is much in Portuguese, Spanish and German. One particularly well researched Brazilian piece is titled O LIVRO PROIBIDO DE KARL BRUGGER (CRÔNICA DE AKAKOR) A CIDADE SUBTERRÂNEA DA AMAZÔNIA or the Banned Book of Karl Brugger (The Chronicle of Akakor) The Underground City of the Akakor.

The author Rodrigo Garcia Veronezi says that while researching archives from Nazi Germany Brugger unearthed the mother lode in the form of a 1945 film documenting the construction by elite units of the SS, equipped with submarines and sea planes, of a top secret base in the heart of the Amazon. He goes on to say there is evidence of Nazi teams arriving in the area right up till 1965. Needless to say that film is not on the internet, however there is a UFA film in German documenting a 1935 expedition the Nazi’s made right into the very heart of the Amazonian darkness; Documentário: Expedição Nazista na Amazônia (Vale do Jari) 1935.

The Jary Expedition, 1935-1937, classified by SS intelligence and overseen by Himmler himself, and financed through NSDAP/AO was ostensibly part of the Guyana Project documented in the film. The Guyana Expeditions stated purpose was to explore the Jary tributary of the Amazon near French and British Guyana for potential Nazi colonization. To this day no data has turned up on the Jary Expedition nor is it mentioned in the film but its leader; Otto Schulz-Kampfhenkel would later become the Third Reich’s acknowledged number one expert on aerial photo-reconnaissance interpretation.

Not long after Brugger was assassinated by his would-be mugger and as if on cue Zionist occupied Germanys "Federal Criminal Investigation Office" issued the absurd statement that Tatunca Nara was in actuality Günther Hauck. A man who in the photographical “evidence” appears more like a grown up Eddie Munster than the photograph produced of Tatunca Nara wearing his hair in the same style.

Hauck is a deadbeat dad from Germany who disappeared in 1967 giving him one year to catch a flight to Brazil, become Tarzan, lead an Indian revolt as the acknowledged chief of the most mysterious and feared tribe in the Amazonian rainforest, save twelve Brazilian politicians from a tribe of known head hunters who considered him their leader and in his off-hours learn and memorize more about forbidden archeology that the entire cast of Ancient Aliens combined. They would also accuse him of murdering just about everybody who ever disappeared in the unexplored regions of Brazil’s northwestern rainforest. Zionist occupied Germany even demanded his extradition without a shred of proof even for the alimony payments. Fortunately for Tatunca Nara the government of Brazil laughed at them like everybody else on the planet except for Zionist occupied Wikipedia.

As I keep saying our intrepid hero, the ever vigilant self-appointed guardian of all information dissemination in the western world never gives up, especially when it comes to his field of expertise character assassination. In 1990 Zionist occupied Germany’s media darlings Rüdiger Nehberg and Wolfgang Brög collaborated to produce Brög’s film Das Geheimnis des Tatunca Nara (The Mystery of Tatunca Nara), supposedly an expose of Tatunca Nara. In 1991 it played well on ARD for Germany’s version of the Huffington Post crowd in America.

But those that know the facts don’t buy any of it. The February – March, 2011 edition of Nexus Magazine ran a cover spread on the whole Akakor story appropriately titled Twilight Zone. It begins on page 63 promising its reader excerpts from Karl Brugger’s “rare book.” Thanks to Nexus the book is no longer rare or “banned” and the link has been made available to the book in its entirety in this article. The piece in Nexus ends with an editor’s note: “We are well aware of the German documentary which, based upon the book by Rüdiger Nehberg,
purports to prove that Tatunca Nara was a fraudulent German worker named Hans Günther Hauck. However, I remain of the belief that the Tatunca Nara exposed in that documentary is not the same person described by Karl Brugger.”

Someone that knew the real facts of the story; that Rüdiger Nehberg was suspected of being Buggers murderer by Brazilian authorities, might just jump to the conclusion that Nehberg was using Germanys Zionist controlled media to smear Tatunca Nara and cover his slug like trail. An example of Nehberg’s integrity is given in the article The Tatunca Nara Story by Wolfgang Sieberg. In his 1991 book Der selbstgemachte Häuptling Nehberg relates a story of his Jungle Adventures about how the insatiable serial killer Tatunca Nara, apparently on a whim, attempts to shoot Roldao Pires Brandao in front of the entire expedition.

Brandao was an archeologist representing the Brazilian government in the 1978 expedition to find Akahim. Nehberg claims that as they both wrestled for the gun on a canoe the gun went off shooting Brandao through the arm and causing the cancellation of the expedition. Famed adventurer and Swissair pilot Ferdinand Schmid witnessed the whole thing.

He said of Brandao “he kicked the completely unsecured gun out of the boat and the boat touched the trigger. He had the barrel between his fingers and the shot went into his right hand. There was a flesh wound, which I treated and bandaged.” Of Tatunca Nara’s whereabouts during the incident Schmid says “He was preparing camp for the night there on the plateau with his knife. I could see him well. Brandao was alone on the boat, and he alone has triggered the shot.”

Suspiciously enough Brandao would set out again in a few months without any of the Europeans or Tatunca Nara. His expedition would be financed solely by the Brazilian government. In the August 1, 1979 issue of Veja, a Brazilian magazine, it would be reported that the expedition had found Akahim. Photographs were published with the article but since then access to the area has been restricted by the Brazilian government and nothing more has been said about Akahim.

Not to be outdone by the antics of anyone Jesuit trained circus clown Erich von Däniken threw himself headfirst into the melee. In his 1973 book Gold of the Gods he said he had been shown the underground tunnel system in Ecuador by Janos "Juan" Moricz a well connected Argentinean businessman of Hungarian descent. Moricz claimed to know the location of both a tunnel system and a pre diluvian library of metal books hidden within it. Prior to his 1969 expedition to find the library Moricz had met with the Ecuadorian president and come to an agreement that he would control any discovery he could document.

There is no public record of Moricz having found anything during that expedition but never the less, unlike von Däniken, his reputation remained untarnished. His pet theory was the Magyars of the Carpathian Mountains of Europe are of American origin and are the post apocalyptic founders of Sumerian civilization. The theory was and still is endorsed by many accredited scientists from around the globe. In a March 1973 interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel Moricz denied having shown von Däniken the tunnel system but he did not deny its existence saying that it was guarded by a tribe of Indians and that it had been shown to him by a man he would not name.

Moricz would eventually befriend Scottish adventurer and writer Stanley Hall and admited to him that he had shown von Däniken a smaller cave named Cueva de los Tayos. The Tayos cave supposedly also connected to the larger system and would lead to the library. Hall organized a huge 1976 expedition that was a joint venture of the British and Ecuadorian militaries. The venture which included over a hundred scientists and specialists would have astronaut Neil Armstrong as its honorary leader. 

Cueva de los Tayos was mapped out but no metal library was found nor was any entrance into the fabled tunnel system of the Gods. Moricz died in 1991 but that same year Hall was able to trace Petronio Jaramillo as the man who had originally shown Moricz the library. By 1998 Hall was in the final stages of organizing another massive expedition which would be led by Jaramillo who had never divulged the library’s location when he received word in England that Petronio Jaramillo had been assassinated right in front of his home in Ecuador.

In 2011, Jaguar initiated a 30,000-meter drilling program on the main ore bodies identified in the feasibility study, Cipoeiro and Chega Tudo. The drilling program was completed in the second quarter of 2012. A total of 24,497 meters were drilled in 107 holes for 19,655 samples recovered. The drill results confirmed the extension of the mineralization to a depth of over 350 meters below surface at Chega Tudo and over 300 meters depth at Cipoeiro. Previous drilling programs, which included a total of 75,233 meters drilled in 543 holes, had confirmed the mineralization only to depths of approximately 130 meters and 170 meters at Chega Tudo and Cipoeiro, respectively. Gold mineralization at both the Chega Tudo and Cipoeiro deposits remains open at depth.”
 Jaguar Mining Comp.

The world suffers a lot. Not only because of the malevolence and violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.”

The White Barbarians are destroying their own world with their false beliefs. They are blinded to such an extent they do not even recognize their origin. For only he who knows his past will also find the way into the future.’
 Chronicles of Akakor

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Chronicles of Akakor.pdf (Autopsy at 14.30)
 Cueva de Los Tayos video from Crespi museum


  1. As always a super article. Shared as soon as I saw it. Yesterday I read a bit about Stanley Hall. He did have an interesting take on some of the monolithic stones around the UK and the meanings of the carvings. Seems he might have been out there a little, but what do people think when they see some of the stuff I read or post? The photos I've seen that are items that are supposed to have come from the caves are amazing. Father Crespi had quite a collection and like most collections of the sort they disappear when the guardian dies. There seems to be those who wish to ensure that the evidence of what we all inherently "know" doesn't emerge. Why else would there be so many who die at the hands of assassins?

    1. The Grosvenor’s as the bankers to the queen of England or should I say real-estate agents (the queen owns 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface)own National Geographic. They founded it to spread the mind numbing lies of Victorian science. Their cousin’s the Smithson's own the Smithsonian. The last person to audit the Vatican was Napoleon but I’m willing to take a wild guess that through their dead Jew on a stick religion they are the next runner-up in real-estate holdings. Then comes the Bush straw man “King” Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with his paltry 553 million acres but no worries about the Bush’s sliding into poverty they also own the United States of America. These are the people who decide what western man will and will not know and they prefer the serfs that work their land to remain stupid. There are those who do not like the way this covert feudal system works, how it has plundered the finite resources of a world where the infinite manifests itself, how through their own greed they have aligned themselves and all their resources against the very reason for its existence. They are the soldiers of the Black Sun and they are intrepid and cruel enough to defeat their enemy. They are not afraid of the truth nor its consequences. Black Sun Rising is their story and the Chronicles of Akakor is the beginning. – Jack Heart

  2. Good article Jack. Very, very interesting and illuminating. Of course, as a believer in the Greek NT (not Protestant/Catholicism etc) the origins of these "Gods" is foretold in the Septuagint and Books of Eden among other places. I do not dispute their history as told by you (around 10,000 BC) because the white man's origin is approximately 10,000 years ago and it seems, before he was created, other humanoids were created as well, before him. I theorize that the white man may have been created inside the earth. In the Inner earth realm where there are two chambers known as hades and paradise. If you are familiar with the hollow earth claims, there is an inner world and our gravitation is not centered in an "iron core" (otherwise known as the "shadow zone" by secular scientists. It is centered in the crust hence when inside the earth (where there is an inner sun) one walks around perfectly inverted from those on the surface. it looks and feels like one is on the outer earth. With Adam and Eve being created and Cain murdering able, Cain left that abode as he and his offspring built many cities inside the earth as well as on the surface world. Eventually, the fallen one's (evil "aliens") would present themselves as "Gods" to earth's inhabitance and erect massive cities and temples to worship them. They would introduce the knowledge of beauty, music and warfare.

    When they mixed with Cain and some of Adam's children who went astray, Giants came forth. Through genetic manipulation many different type creatures were created by these fallen ones. When the flood came, I theorize it came by way of meteor that broke the water vapor canopy of the surface world, smashing into the earth, thereby breaking loose the water inside the earth to flood both the inner and surface worlds. This knocked the earth off its axel, tilting it as we see it today. At the same time, the earth was expanding as a woman's womb expands, "pangea" was split creating the continents and out came Noah and the other 8 in the Ark, out of one of earth's orifices (north or south pole entrances) eventually settling in modern day Turkey.

    So when you were talking about the creation of Akahim and the alliance with Sumaria, do you believe the continents were connected at this point? Also, I was reading the other day about massive Pyramids discovered in Antarctica and that many European and American scientists have been brought down there to explore them. Have you heard about this?

    Tyron Parsons

    1. Tyron that’s a lot of very educated guess’s and I would not hazard an opinion either endorsing or refuting them. I am sure of all people you know the out of Africa theory, if it ever was a theory and not the typical premeditated dissembling of Victorian “science,” has been empirically refuted: The Petralona skull push's the development of Whites, we do not say Caucasian here that is a word coined by the Ashkenazi Jew to indicate his ownership of the White race, independent of both the Mongoloid and Negroid races back to at least 800 thousand years ago. Unfortunately when you start talking about what Jew murdered what Jew we part company. I’m not so sure I don’t wish that Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich had murdered them all. Their book of lies they call the Torah has been the principle obstacle that has kept western man in their spiritual dungeon for the last 2 thousand years. This is our story maybe even theirs too but they shall not be allowed to narrate it. I’m not going to even narrate this one. I’m going to let National Socialism do the talking. As the saying go’s that is usually attributed to Hitler “The old beliefs will be brought back to honor again. The whole secret knowledge of nature, of the divine, the demonic. We will wash off the Christian veneer and bring out a religion peculiar to our race.” - Jack Heart

    2. Jack

      Thanks for the response. Well, as you know, I don't believe in the "Torah" (Masoretic fraud texts) nor do I believe in Protestant/Catholic apostasy teachings/translations, interpretations, etc. Like I said, I stick with the Greek originals (Septuagint and Greek NT), plus other books not included in the canonization processes such as the Books of Eden that came out of Egypt with the authentic Israelites (not "jews"- who were never there).
      But, we went over this already as you know.

      What is your evidence of the white race 800,000 years ago?

      I never thought of the word Caucasian as a Jewish coined term. I thought it was applied to whites because we marched in mass through the Caucasian Mountains (Darius pass or Israel's pass) flooding into Europe through its massive bowling ally between 600 BC and 100 BC approx.).

      Yes, the out of Africa theory is total nonsense.

      I am reading with interest Jack. I am not here to debate what we already have. I know where you stand and you know where I stand.

      Tyron Parsons

    3. Jack

      I know we did not come out of Africa.As I said before, I theorize we came originally from inside the earth. Scientists have been claiming the earth is millions and millions of years old and man is hundreds of thousands of years old etc, but they don't have any real proof to back up these claims. They can cite geology but when you ask them how the fossil was dated, they will say by the layers in the earth and then when you ask them how they dated those layers, they will say by the fossils they found in them. Its total circular logic designed to allow them to come up with whatever BS they can dream up next to confuse people.

      Here is the thing. If one sticks to the original greek Septuagint and adds in the books of Eden for example, they can make complete sense out of all the other claims such as the evidence of Sumeria and other fossils whether they be the white man, a negro or some genetic alien/human/animal freak.

      So, if one sticks to the Septuagint, Books of Eden, they can see that two types of man were created. One outside of Adam and Eve and then Adam and Eve.One must have the timeline down right and when done, amazingly, real scientific evidence taken from these fossils backs up these scriptural claims all the time- perfectly.

      According to the scriptural timeline, man was created by the Creator by way of help of "aliens/angels"- both creations. This was before the war in the heavens between lucifer (later called Satan), 1/3rd of the angels sided with him against the prime creator/savior, 2/3rds of the angels who didn't rebel and his new creation, Adamic man (which was angelic originally, before the fall).

      The the fall happens, Adam and Eve receive animal flesh bodies with a promise of redemption when their creator would take human form, suffer everything Adam did and then become a sacrifice to bring animal flesh man back to his original state of an angelic body that is more powerful than all "aliens-angels".

      Satan (means enemy) and his fallen one's set out to destroy the seedline (genetics) of Adam to pollute the blood and make it impossible for the creator to fulfill his 5,500 year promise. Satan and his angels mix with humans on the earth and corrupt them every way possible. They create hybrids and temples of worship to themselves as the "Gods".The whole earth is filled with violence and corruption so the world (inner and outer) is destroyed by a massive flood that also separates pangea into the continents we see today.

      Hence, when we find very old fossils, temples, alien, human, hybrids etc, they can be pre flood or post flood because after the flood, Satan and his fallen one's pick up from where they left off doing the exact same thing again.But this time, Adamic man is on the surface world, not inside the inner earth.


    4. So this is what we have. Pre Adamic man then Adamic man on the 6th day (each day equals 1000 years). Books of Eden say Adam and Eve didn't even make it a day before they sinned. So lets assume that is 1/2 day and we are at Adamic man being 6000 years old at Christ's first coming. Its been 2000 years since then so Adamic man is 8000 years old where as pre Adamic man may be 1 or 2 thousand years older.

      The order is like this. Monotheism came first and then Polytheism and then destruction (flood). Monotheism and then Polytheism and then a new earth age with destruction (The so called Jews are destroyed as is Satan's power, for a time). Monotheism starts the new earth age and then multiple Monotheistic belief systems, and then Paganism again, and this will end with a false monotheism as a real monotheism replaces the false with destruction (possibly the whole earth by way of fire). Then we enter the "8th" day and the 6th earth age as the 5th passes away.

      At least, this is where I am at. If you have not done so, check out Jack Cuozzo's research on Neanderthal here So called Science has been hijacked by Marxist atheists at war with the prime creator/savior. If one looks at the layers in the earth they will see proof that the flood happened as if one were to have a glass half full of dirt and apply water to it as the silt settles in layers at the bottom of the glass.This is exactly what the evidence points too in its many layers as many different types of Dinos and other animals have been found rightside up, covering many horizontal layers of earth supposedly each layer marking hundreds of thousands of years.Carbon dating is not science. It is full of unscientific assumptions and has been proven over and over to not be accurate, sometimes by thousands of years. Add to this the fact we had a water vapor canopy and the carbon deterioration rate assumption that it is based upon falls apart because it is premised on the sun giving out the same energy as always- which also has been proven wrong recently as the sun itself is changing right before our contemporary eyes.


  3. Replies
    1. This is an Excelent article Jack!

    2. Johnny and Rachael I am glad you both are enjoying the narrative thus far. Veterans Today has once again chose not to publish what I exclusively offered to them even after part 1 of Black Sun Rising was their number one post of the week. I will be posting it all right here and whatever enterprising web sites that want to pick it up are quite welcome to it. already has. To keep apprized of it or things like the interview I did last night on radio anyone who wants can friend me at!/jack.heart.102 or they can contact me at or they can just come right here. - Jack Heart

  4. Absolutely amazing inforrmation. I am certainly no expert on this but have over the years read 15 to 20 of Sitchin's books. This fits in perfectly. In China they have dug up mummies with blonde hair and six fingers and six toes. That is what is inferred in the writings you present as Ina had a brother in the east also.

    In some things I tried to piece together, one thing stood out, in Sitchins books


    “The baby, Adamu [One Who’s Like Earth’s Clay], looked like a dark red blood-colored, black-haired Nibiru child in every way except his penis. “They looked at its malehood; odd was its shape, by a skin was its forepart surrounded, unlike that of Anunnaki malehood it was. ’Let the Earthling from us Anunnaki by this foreskin be distinguished.’ So was Enki saying.” [Sitchin, op. cit. page 139]“

    Chosen people, lost and found!

    “From the chosen families, the Gods founded a new tribe and gave it the name of Ugha mongulala, which in the name of the white barbarians means the Allied Chosen Tribes. And as a token of their eternal covenant, they mated with their servants. Therefore the Ugha Mongulala resemble their divine forefathers to the present day. They are tall, their faces are characterized by protruding cheekbones, a sharply delineated nose, and almost almond-shaped eyes. Men and women have the same thick bluish black hair. The only difference from the Gods were the mortals five fingers and five toes. The Ugha Mongulala are the only white skinned people on the continent.”

    1. Zecharia Sitchin opened up many unique new perspectives on the cuneiform interpretations. I am inclined to believe he made some huge mistakes (as Nicolai Telsa said “never trust a Jew”) but none so bad as to follow the standard formula of pseudo scientific hogwash brewed up in the stifling hallways of academia. If the Anunakki genetically engineered the human race to be their slaves then they must have been very poor scientists. The human race when taken as a whole are about as contentious a lot as a crowd of drunken English soccer fans (no offense meant Mick). Only now with the dawning of the advanced mind control techniques warned about by Anthony Burgess in his book a Clockwork Orange has the New Soviet Man, euphemistically called sheeple, shuffled his way to the center of mans collective consciousness. But within the tenets of National Socialism is the antidote. It starts with reading the Chronicles of Akakor which is why it was suppressed for almost 40 years. – Jack Heart

    2. I have heard about Zecharia Sitchin now for the longest time: is he a fraud or not?
      Have seen pictures of him doing the masonic handshake with Jordan Maxwell.
      And at some point he warned David Icke not to go into that reptilian business.


    3. Regina I believe the complete quote by Nikola Tesla is “Mam! Never trust a Jew!”

  5. This is my kind of topic. A few things here that might interest like minded readers.

    Native american giants in Florida

    1. Yea I’m going to send that stuff to my cousin Alex. He runs the Sage of Quay blog site:, for Michael Williams who just did my radio interview. Thanks Mick you want to check that site out too.

    2. I linked the sage of quay on my blog yesterday.

      I agree one should not take all of Sitchin's translations as definitive. I have seen some Chinese tracts which imply that Anu is the female and Antu is the male deity. I once met a Chinese girl named Anu.

      The Mahabharata indicates that gold was used to fuel and sometimes build flying ships. So the idea of the Nefilim seeding the atmosphere with it seems a bit of a stretch.

      Sitchin does seem to tip his cap fairly heavily when it comes to the ancient semites who may well have been celts anyway before the khazar onslaught. It is very difficult to piece together what happened so far back in antiquity. There are indications that Sauron and the matrix were thought he might have disclosed a bit too much. At any rate his translations give a pretty good idea as to what happened in antiquity.

      I have to laugh when I run into someone who has read possibly one of the earth chronicles and come to the conclusion the Nefilim were all reptilians here to farm and eat us, ala Icke. There is quite a bit of that around.

      We always see many conclude the tops of the ziggurat pyramids were used for sacrifice. I think landing fields for advanced craft would be more likely. The Aztecs were supposed to be cannibals according to stories relayed by the jesuits, who just might have been the real cannibals. You must denigrate those you are trying to destroy.

      I have some serious doubts the Anasazi were cannibals. They may well have been eaten themselves by giants known to that area. I think many of the indian tribes were chased around by groups they nominally referred to as evil spirits.

      Many of you have probably read the essence gospel concerning Jesus and what he really had to say. He extolls nature and complying with her laws. Much of it is what the average native American or Hindu priest would have written. It is was pretty much honoring the laws of the earthly mother and not destroying it.

      But yes it is difficult to piece together what happened in antiquity but like you say it is difficult to know where we are going unless we know where we came from. If you do get that book printed, I will certainly buy it.

    3. Mick I would have serious doubts that the Anasazi were cannibals myself if I did not know they were Jews as were the high priesthood of the Aztec. And you are right the Anasazi were pursued by what they called evil spirits but what we would call avenging angels. You should read my Behind the Bush stuff. I’m going to include the Open Salon key to all 6 of them on Veterans Today but part 3 contains the mitochondrial evidence as to who the Anasazi were (2 of the pictures are faded I’m pissed). Open Salon also has my original source piece for it; The Cross, the Rabbi & The Skin Walker. Scot Wolter and Ancient Aliens have also made prodigious use out of the Skinwalker series since I posted it two and a half years ago. I put 9 months of 24-7 research into it, its got the cannibalistic giants in it and just about everything else that is irrefutable to the academic chimpanzees, a guy like you should have a field day with it.

    4. Jack I will certainly read this one, bear with me I just finished the Chronicles of Akakor today. I don't see much there that doesn't ring true with what I have read and understand. The humorous thing about the cannibals is we know our ancestors were!

      I quote the chronicles

      The military expeditions that were dispatched in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries invariably took the same course. Spanish and Portuguese forces, German and French mercenaries under the leadership of various commanders, wandered for months through inaccessible territories. They met the attacks of the warlike population, adverse natural forces, and a constantly flooded terrain. the men were defeated by hunger, they devoured their pack animals and ultimately turned to cannibalism. "We took the bound Indian, and when we came to a stream, we killed him and divided him among us. We lit a fire and ate of his flesh. Then we lay down to rest for the night, but first we fried the rest of the meat." This is the report of Cristobal Martin, a soldier in the expeditionary force of General von Hutten..

      And yes I have read descriptions indicating the Aztecs were taken over by the blood drinkers near the end of their civilization. They probably had their own version of lady Gaga. I attribute it to what might think if another civilization arises on our ashes and thinks most of us had a king named McDonald and worshipped golden arches.

  6. Jack & Orage,
    Congratulations on a strong conclusion to the two part series. I'm glad that here, at least, you are allowed to post this information.
    Speaking entirely personally, I have deep distrust of the alien Gods mythos, for reasons that have to do with personal experience, and a certain perspective this mythos entails. At the very least, the attribution to aliens of the higher functioning of humanity is simply another way of shipping off our potential.
    Yes, I know, humanity has hardly lived up to its potential.
    The last quote, from the book of Akakor, is however, extremely pertinent to the issue. Why are the barbarians destroying the very processes that ensure their existence?
    Its not enough to dismiss them/us as sick fucks, which is undoubtedly true, there is another mechanism, another pathogen operating here. I hope to shed some light on this with the writing I'm currently involved in, tho I doubt anyone will publish it.

    1. Oh we are not talking about alien gods here Michael just some ancient history that our enemy's failed to expunge and this is far from the conclusion of Black Sun Rising this is the beginning. We are going to do a 3, 4 and 5 and tell you all the things Veterans Today was not allowed to do. Orage and I are going to tell you who the SS really were and why they never took one step backwards. We are going to tell you the secrets of the Goddess and her lover and just why the army's of the living and the dead have gathered here in this place. Like we said in part one when I quoted Morrison “Angels fight, angels cry / Angels dance and angels die.” Their war started over 12000 thousand years ago, ours a hundred but time is relative. And it is time, time for a reckoning with Yahweh and all his vile agents. As the prophet said “smite the children of Ptah lest they interfere with the rule of the just in the new aeon.” So it is written so mote it be done.

    2. Jack,
      Since you are going to go into greater depth concerning the SS, I wonder if you are going to explore their association with the Runes?
      It seems that no one can write anything about the Runes without apologizing to the endlessly outraged jews for things that never happened, and this includes honoring their favorite victim, the Germans, and especially the Nazis, with anything approaching human qualities.
      Funny, the last hold outs for Neanderthal was the Caucasus, home of the Kazars who converted to judaism in the 9th century, and pockets in the middle east, which included what was to become judea. I've read some interesting research from the Neanderthal angle, and the claim is that both kazar and semitic jews retain upward of 70% neanderthal DNA, whereas most white people carry between 1%-2% Nndrthl. DNA.
      This is being suppressed by geneticists, who are, of course jewish.
      Time, especially is an interesting concept. Our understanding is directly linked to our own life span, and the physical reality of the spinning planet, yet it is clear that this is only a narrow definition of time.
      The experience of timelessness, and of time suspension, is common to mystics around the world, and to any who enter into alternate worlds.
      The cave in the photos reminds me of the reported discovery of a subterranean city in the Grand Canyon, where the description of the mouth, and the rooms seems congruent with those you have here.
      Certainly hope there is some way you can retrieve the final 3 parts for behind the bush, or at least offer some of the evidence in another format.
      BTW, I'm not blaming or demonizing Mr. D., I'm not in his shoes, and I do get the feeling he has to placate some very hungry monkeys, and by these, I don't mean his readers.

    3. Mike, I'm sure it will come into play in the later articles. It is amazing that the rich Nordic history and its myths are so hidden. Search "Armanen" and "Runic Yoga" "Lanz". Some of the stuff is a child of its time, and grates against my universal humanist understanding, but there are some valuable sources and wells of knowledge and power to be found down this path. Can't say no more now. -Orage

    4. Orage,
      I will be certain to look up your links. Sent you a pm with a little more on my history with the runes.

  7. Replies
    1. Someone's go to write this stuff Qasimism, it pays less than even “illegal immigrant” and its guaranteed to make you enemy's in Americas dung heap of power but when you see things like Jew death stars turned into dust clouds it kind of makes it all worth it.

  8. Yes Jack and Orage,
    Time and history is very different to that thin, warped precis illustated by the violence-strewn Abrahamic religions. I guess we can count the currently ascendant Zionist-Jews in the barbarian, white category. I have done a lot of work on the Egyptians, from which the Abrahamic religions copied copiously. I guess the Egyptians, even the Sumerians and Celts, would fit into the South American story. Zionism seeks to kill every form of spiritual mysticism save their own "Chosen" crap!

    1. The Abrahamic religions are the curse of the Abrahamic god both of them need to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

  9. Apparently there has been a new discovery.

    Breaking News 19/10/2013 – We are excited to announce the recent discovery of a previously unknown megalithic complex located in a remote area of the Ecuador Amazonian jungles. This is a brief summary of some of what we already know or suspect to be the facts of this absolutely incredible find.

    In this second image we observe the stark difference between the newly uncovered stonework and that of the already exposed wall. The working hypothesis at present is that either an earthquake or a tropical rainstorm induced land slide caused the soil and plants of one wall to come sliding down. This is most likely the case. What we can see by comparison of the two walls is that the event that caused the wall to become exposed must have happened centuries ago, the stonework is extremely eroded on the visible wall. I am not qualified to give an accurate projection of how many centuries it would take to turn the wall in our first image into that seen in the second image – my guess is several at least. This certainly helps to reinforce the suspicion that this is a truly ancient site, much older than others already known in Ecuador, click the embedded links to see structures built by the native Inca , Canari orCara peoples for examples.

    1. The main stream media is the voice of the enemy, CNN, FOX and academia are the Tokyo Rose of the darkness as it wages its futile war against the light. Don’t expect Tokyo to tell you how bad they are losing I’ll do it for her. The Black Sun is Rising.

  10. Im blown away. And really want to hear your 2nd interview, your 1st was great, informative, humorous, and chilling. Im really looking forward to the next parts. I got to read the Chronicles Of Akakor, i feel like i lack the necessary information to ask any serious questions. However, it is interesting to note that the "Introduction To Alien Races" that Gordon Duff posted, concluded with mentions of the Goddess Artemis, Diana, that all races come from her, and the answer lying in Greece..........Jack, I would love to hear yor opinions on this, and of course the Trojan war.


    1. Oh and one other thing sr. I wrote this 25 years ago when this all started, at least the part that was never supposed to happen.

      From a gilded cage reigns the captured queen
      Upon the eternal stage unfolds raptures dream
      Two armies march on the dreams beginning
      There insolence sanctioned by easy wining
      While at the waters source
      In the shadow of the great rock
      They search for the force
      That will open damnations lock
      And in the name of the queen
      They guard well her dream
      Tending to the fire in its pale white glow
      On one side the yes the other the no
      There is a stirring of the eye
      Lightning leaps across the sky
      And the divine paradox
      Descends the trail of the ox
      Like a wolf loping across frozen fields
      He sweeps over the camels path
      Blinding light provides his shield
      In a wasteland scorched by wrath
      He is the prince of hate
      And he is the prince of love
      He is the prisoner of fate
      And the cutting edge of the dove
      Forever cursed to travel alone
      Guest of honor upon the great stone
      The rattling sword reveals his pride
      Beneath the scar that marks his side
      Come again Lucifer son of the dawn
      Come again Lucifer face the prophets scorn
      Take no heed of the tyrant’s warnings
      Come again Lucifer and bring the morning
      The king is coming for his queen
      Break the spell and end her dream

  11. Don’t forget that Mr. Duff has read 7, 8 and 9 and he is a very intelligent man that knows far more than he can ever say in public. I can say whatever I want until they silence me and rest assured I will. I don’t really want to discuss the Trojan War till I get into Rosarium philosophorum. What I can tell you now is that Simon Magus had a lot to say about it, most of it correct. I haven’t read Mr. Duffs piece yet, I really don’t need any introductions, but I probably will because he wrote it. I read everything he writes and I recommend that everybody else does too. I loved his interview with that Free Mason hack Mick Harris and I hardily endorse what he has to say about what happens when we “die.”

  12. Jack good thread and excellent comments going here. More for me to to read and research as with all your posts. My thinking is that when the King comes for the Queen the blinders will be lifted and we shall see the truth, not only know it without being able to define it clearly but have clarity. The battle will probably be more encompassing of this and other spheres of existence than those we currently have record of. As always truth will be shown and the lie exposed. Glad you have a new web home.

    1. Bill you and Thelma Annes de Araujo have been a great deal of help on this. You both have a personal stake in this now. I told you on Facebook when you send me links its like you are anticipating what I’m looking for.

  13. I am really not in a position to say definitively but it is certainly conceivable the Aztec priests found a blood sacrifice of prisoners very expedient to keep the population in line.

    Of course cannibal medicine was very popular in Europe and even with the royals not so long ago.

    Of course we had the vampire Vlad from Romania a distant relative of the royal family.

    The X DNA is something I have not had time to look into much. I do know it very predominate among the Druze, Greeks and around the Caucasus, the same area that haplogroup Y is very thick and the Y is pretty much khazar. The Navajo and Sioux have traces of the X DNA.

    Y DNA blood groups, I have looked into a bit.

  14. It goes without saying that The Black Sun Rising essays are as informative as the Behind the Bush Series, which abruptly were halted at the height of their popularity at Veterans Today.
    I find the story of Akakor just mesmerizing: just wondering how the course of history would have been if Brugger was able to find Akakor on that unfortunate expedition in 1972.


  15. Much has been made in recent times of the Annunaki claims, but some of the best is in rebuttal to these claims. Archarya S./D.M.Murdock has penned an enlightening essay on ZS' misreading of the cuneiform, and butchering of Sumerian cosmology.
    John Lash didn't have much to say about ZS, except to point out that his Daniken-esk fantasy didn't hold up with the evidence.
    Personally, I agree with both above researchers.
    There is a real problem with this idea of ancient gods terraforming the planet, and genetically engineering humanity into a slave race, and it all comes back to the fact that the pieces don't fit together without a sledgehammer to coax them into shape.
    Psychologically, UFO phenomenon are almost always emotionally charged, dissociative experiences. They don't represent any kind of awakening, but rather a breakdown, as one would expect from a psychic attack. Shamanically, this would be understood as an intrusion introducing a pathogen.
    The Gnostic Chrestos spent quite a bit of their energy studying the Aliens, and in fact, had an entire school dedicated to this purpose. No where did they even slightly suggest that they were advanced, in fact, their creative power is mimicry, and their animating force is simply what they stole from their mother, our planet.

    1. You know these idiots made deals with them don’t you Mike? Talk about Faustian bargains. Your going to find out that the Chronicles of Akakor is an allegory for something else. I tried to make that as clear as possible in my synopsis, notice the repetition of 13. Geez Mike I would have thought you would have got it. Bill and Regina cheat (they communicate with me privately) so we can’t count them and so does somebody else we all know. Keep reading. I have already told you before you know the theology that’s pretty much what 7, 8 and 9 were about.This is going to tell you that and who the players are in the world of the living and we already know who the bad guy is but somebody went and destroyed the Jew death star. Wonder who would do such a thing?

    2. Jack,
      Yes, the people of the pact are nothing more, or less than the descendents of those who initiated the unholy bargain. Of course, today we have lots more who want to jump on board, but that's not what I was commenting about.
      It is important to remember what the steps of the Ziggurat symbolized, and it is central to understanding exactly who the Annunaki were, and who they weren't.
      Sumeria was not an isolated civilization, nor was the cosmology of Sumeria unique unto themselves. Cuneiform was not a script limited to one single linguistic group. Further, Sumeria was not, despite claims, the first civilization to occupy the fertile crescent, thus claims of inception both mythically and materially are putting the cart before the horse.
      Jack, I'm all for interesting possibilities, but I don't find any mystery, or intrigue in misrepresentation. If indeed the Sumerians had advanced the mythos that they were an engineered servant race, that mythos would have echoed directly throughout the myths of the region, yet we do not find this.
      Just because ZS took excessive license in his "rendering" of Sumerian myth and legend, does not mean that ALL PACTS are null and void, but it certainly does mean that the Sumerian one is so.

  16. I will say this, if we are going to discount Sitchin and the fashioning of man by others from the universe we have to discount the Mahabharata, The Atrahasis, Popul Vuh, Mayan mythology and many other things. These are the oldest written writings we have available to us and exist in the various Museums such as the Berlin Museum. I am too far along with this to accept that. That is one reason the Chronicles of Akakor made perfect sense to me.

    We hav jewish clowns like Michael Heiser who came out with his divine twin towers of judaism to explain some of this. He is accused of being company also.

    Lets not forget the British warlord Constantine studied Veda in Indian before he wrote what they call the bible. This is no doubt where he found his deluge tales.

    Vedic vimanas are mentioned in the Mahabharata which was written 2300 years ago and took 600 years to write. Ninurta is mentioned here also as the son of Enlil just as Stitchin translates. There are diagrams of flying ships here also. Gold was used to power them according to the writings.

    It is the same in the Atrahasis

    When the gods instead of man
Did the work, bore the loads,
The gods' load was too great,
The work too hard, the trouble too much,
The great Anunnaki made the Igigi
Carry the workload sevenfold.
Anu their father was king,
Their counselor warrior Ellil,
Their Chamberlain was Ninurta,
Their canal-controller Ennugi.
They took the box of lots
Cast the lots; the gods made the division.
Anu went up to the sky,
And Ellil took the earth for his people.
The bolt which bars the sea
Was assigned to far-sighted Enki.
When Anu had gone up to the sky,
And the gods of the Apsu had gone below,
The Annunaki of the sky
Made the Igigi bear the workload.
The gods had to dig out canals,

    Dogon and Cheyenne tribal symbols are the same and show the planet of the crossing, a cross within a circle.

    Genetic experimentation also explain the centaur, half man and half horse we see in Greek mythology which also call this planet the winged globe. The fact that Sitchin translations indicate the Nefilim had no foreskin and the earthlings did gives a big clue on why the semites use circumcision, they wish to be like the Gods.

    The Kharsag epic says the same

    We of this earth in my opinion sometimes find it hard to accept there may be beings far more intelligent possessing greater technology in other areas of the universe. In my opinion, let us hope that is the case, as intelligence seems in short supply here to me.

    1. Mick,
      The problem with ZS is that he does not accurately depict the spiritual life and views of Sumer. Anyone can write fiction, but when attempting to describe beliefs of an earlier society, precision and accuracy are paramount, or the analysis fails.
      What IS true about Sumerian beliefs is that their mythological cycle encompasses the story of Jesus, stories in the Old Testament, and even later mythic cycles found in Egypt.
      It isn't just the creation story that's the issue, its the assassination of the genius of a people. Haven't we had enough of that?

    2. Thelma shared this interesting link, looking at literal Sumerian depiction and transcription. See for example from 11:06 forward the word RUACH.

    3. Orage,
      Biblical and Dead Sea Scrolls accounts allude to what appears to be extraterrestrial encounters-IF you choose to view them in this way. Like most UFO testimony, it is emotionally charged, leading to negative outcomes, and psychological dysfunction.
      Look at the condition of judea before it was destroyed by Rome. Look at the deranged search for the "sign" of the warlord messiahs' return to destroy all enemies with these fanciful biblical weapons. Well, no such weapons, and no such warlord ever appeared, did it?
      In terms of the video claiming a perfect translation, there is no such thing as a perfect translation, especially from a written record that omits vowels, and thus any claim that the biblical rock upon which Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are built is somehow beyond reproach, is a huge assumption that does not follow the evidence.
      Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are all Abrahamic religions, because they all claim a common ancestor, Abraham. Each of these religions is widely assumed by billions of deranged humans, to have veracity. Yet, the only supra-normal commonality to these "great advancements" in ideology is that they are brutally repressive, genocidal, fanatic distortions of the human psyche.
      The bible is nothing more than a book of plagiarized narratives with the names changed to reflect a fake history of a ruinous collection of incestuous savages. However, within there lies the allusions to the pact the jews made with Jehova, aka Samael, aka Saklas, aka Yaldabaoth, the alien demon worshiped as God.
      Through the jews, and the crypto-jews, the alien demon God has made new inroads into the psyche of humanity, with the expressed purpose of destroying humanity, and the living planet.
      The abrahamic religions destroy real, wild love, by fostering the deadly fantasy that love can be commanded.
      The abrahamic religions destroy the quality of mythopoesis, and divine imagination by foisting on humanity a set of monumentally stupid beliefs.
      The abrahamic religions create psychosis, and inexplicable contradiction, through their endless calls to genocide, war, knowledge erasure, while falsely claiming to a moral and ethical high ground.
      The demented, stupefying, outright unsupportable fixation of a messiah, a savior, a redeemer, who can remove the suffering of the righteous, creates in the human mind a series of blind assumptions that serve to insulate the believer from any objective truth-FROM ANY OBJECTIVE TRUTH.
      The abrahamic religions were designed by the alien demon God and his cohorts as a deadly pathogen to inject into the psyche of humanity, resulting in damage to the innate divine qualities bestowed upon mankind, and to create suicidal, uncorrectable error.
      In this, they are wildly successful.
      Keep this in mind when using biblical sources to support off planet "gods".

    4. Orage,
      If any of the above sounds unduly harsh, it is not intended in any way as a personal attack.
      I am perplexed, and somewhat amazed that mankind so easily gives away their genius, surrenders their imagination to others, and is so willing to rewrite ancient myths in a new, shallow, and crass light. I can only attribute this to the damaged self image, and destroyed love, that is the hallmark of "modern" ideology.
      Why do people today have the arrogance and brutal stupidity of thought that today's technology is greater than that of the ancients, such that if we can't see it done today, it couldn't have been done then?
      Could it be because we are trained to think this way, and without self examination, can hardly detect this mind control technique?
      Yes, the abrahamic religious ideology has done more than create a triad of death religions, it has created entire societies based on these self destructive, shallow, and thoroughly stupid beliefs, and each one of us is infected with aspects of this pathogen.
      It is time for mankind to rediscover its capacity for wild love, and wild love begins with love for oneself-not a narcissistic absorption, but a genuine love and appreciation for the gift of life itself.
      It is time for mankind to reclaim their ancient feats of triumph, not as an ego driven mania, but as an appreciation for what was done!
      Again, no attack on you was intended.

    5. MK

      "Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are all Abrahamic religions, because they all claim a common ancestor, Abraham. Each of these religions is widely assumed by billions of deranged humans, to have veracity. Yet, the only supra-normal commonality to these "great advancements" in ideology is that they are brutally repressive, genocidal, fanatic distortions of the human psyche."

      I can understand why you believe the way you do however, you misunderstand certain facts about the so called Abrahamic religions.

      first, true Christianity- the way (Not Vatican City Corp with its control over Corporation controlled belief systems worldwide) is not the same as the former. They may sound the same but its much like calling a "Christian" Republican like Bush, a true Christian as he decimates the teachings by his overt evil actions contrary to the way. I challenge you to show us one evil thing Christ said or did.He is the ROCK the way is built upon.

      One can easily understand the NT scriptures if it goes back to the original greek and translates the words, one by one to understand the authentic narrative. Besides that, as white/European peoples, the real law is written in our DNA, our hearts and minds- our undefiled spirits. Why? Because man cannot change the words, the consciences, therein, except one defiles himself and refuses to acknowledge it, repent.

      Whites/Europeans are from Jacob- the 12 tribes with ruling authority, blessings and birthrights over all others.

      "Jews" are from Esau, the older brother of Jacob who would have had those blessings from Adam on down but he lost them due to race mixing (against the law) and because he didn't really care about those birthrights after stealing back Adam's cloths (sign of ruling authority) from Nimrod. He was given a "token blessing" to rule by way of bloodshed, tyranny at the very end of the earth ages when he would "usurp" control from his younger brother Jacob, always prophesied to lose it back to his younger brother at the beginning of the next earth age.This is the crux of the controversy of Zion and it is between whites/Europeans of Jacob and today, Esau (Sephardic) "Jews" and their converts from Japeth (not Shem) the Ashkenaz.

      Ishmael was the first born of Abraham. This "union" was out of wedlock and hence the ruling and fruitfulness blessings from Adam could not go to him., He was, however, given a blessings to have 12 Kingdoms (princes) inside one nation (Islam). This is exactly what we see today.

      Jacob was to have a host of nations forming (primarily) of the 12 tribes of Israel who were to go to the west and north of Jerusalem first and then spread to the 4 corners of the earth. This is exactly what we see with former white christendom. Ephraim and Manassah (UK-Colonies and America) were to rule over this as having the authority that was transfered to them after Christ's first coming from Levi (Spiritual) and Judah (material). Of the 12 tribes scattered to the four corners, they are prophesied to be usurped by Esau (The "Jews") at the end of this age. Then they are to be destroyed, but win in great battles in their home nations culminating in 12,000 from each tribe to selected to take over Esau's JWO out of fake "Israel". This again is what will happen.

      Esau "Jews" are prophesied to set up Satan's(The enemy's) ultimate JWO. He does this in part by combining the Corporation "Abrahamic religions" into one religion so he can rule as a false chief priest of the JWO and also as chief executive of this JWO Corporation that is right now being erected there. The Christ will come back (as the true morning star, the title "lucifer" lost to Christ during his travels into Hades when he conquered it and took back the keys- ruling authority of the planet)

      I hope this suffices in your understanding between the true way, and the great satanic apostasy afoot.


    6. Ty,
      Perhaps the hardest thing for those who have been born, raised, and ideologically shaped by Abrahamic ideology is to realize the level to which normalcy has been deviated within the human psyche.
      How does Abrahamic ideology find a foothold in the psyche? Europeans have been under traumatic psychic attack for 2,000 years, and it is through that trauma, the stupefying violence, that the European spirit was systematically broken down and forced to adopt an alien agenda. It is through this violence and trauma that adherence to the pathology is maintained.
      We are so used to the program of god = love, that command of Jesus to love, that no one sits down and realizes that they have never loved anyone, or anything because of a command.
      Real love is wild. We do not choose to love, love chooses on its own. The most dangerous thing concerning real, wild love, is that the human will follow it, kill and even die for it-and because of it.
      So, Jesus never preached anything detrimental? The destruction of genuine, wild love through the command to love, stole from mankind one of the fundamental foundations of humanity, if not the foundation of humanity. The ideology of subordinating love to an external, imposed moral code condemns love into a footnote in the human psyche.
      Far from promoting an honest understanding of oneself, the effort to demean and control love prevents humanity from ever truly understanding itself. The theft of love prevents genuine self love, and if one cannot love oneself, one cannot love anyone, or anything.
      The promotion of emotional cripples is not a benign thing, especially since, loveless humanity is ripe for the intrusion of narcissism, fanaticism, and further pathologies of the spirit.
      The Abrahamic ideology is deathly afraid of genuine, wild love, and this is why it places the distortion of love first on the agenda of the messiah.

    7. MK/Mike,
      I have read and appreciated very much all your comments both here and @ behind-the-bush/VT.
      Am moved to ask if you publish or blog. If not, is there a way, comfortable to you, to contact for private communication? I am musician/ethnomusicologist, south asia scholar with couple of blogsites.
      Thank you,

    8. We have been trying to get him to write something for the last two months bholanath. Seems the only thing that will get Mike angry enough to write is Tyron. That's why we keep Tyron around.

    9. MK

      ALL logic dictates a source to all things. The law of thermodynamics dictates that everything was once pristine and all is in a state of decay. The only thing that escapes this is life and then immediately it is subject to decay again. Since there is a source to all, this means there is a source to life, truth, correctness, good. Logical also dictates (like Telsa points out in alternating currents) that there is an ultimate source to lies, evil, incorrectness and death. These monotheistic principals are screamed to us in nature, light and darkness, day and night. All nature, all biology (pi), all geology, all science, and the entire universe screams the reality of the prime/creator and the duality of evil and good and are source to all.It is literally observable in the repeated patterns we observe every single day, everywhere we look, in all creation.

      My parents were agnostic and the other, didn't know what to believe. This was not programmed into me by external programming sources. It is part of my DNA and i found it IN MYSELF. I have searched the truth and found it. Maybe not in all things yet, but I found the ultimate truth and that can be summed up as Christ Jesus (The physical manifestation of a compound- singular entity which is of the source of all truth, rightness and light/life. You don't have to accept this obviously, but I know it as truth and have tested it over and over and it has never, once, been wrong.

      The European peoples are literally of the tribes of Israel. If you want to dispute authentic scriptures, once must have read them and then understand them. Sadly, very few on this planet have done either and I assume, you're in that catigory.

      What was alien to them (Europeans) was being forced against true law to covert (sometimes) to a Satanic impersonator of the way (Vatican City Corp). If you wrote a philosophy and someone else hijacked it and imposed principals foreign to what you espoused on other peoples, would that be your fault? So do not blame Christ and what he said and did on those who falsely claim to represent him by doing the opposite of what he showed people to do.

      If I were to say to you- love your enemies and you did. Would this be you submitting to my "command" or would it be because you were enlightened by the principals I advocated. i can choose to love just as I can choose to hate. Those who can't don't have control over their emotions. Also, there are many types of love. This was not addressed by you so again, to refute what he said, you must take his words in the original greek and if you do you will see different types of love he is speaking about like when I cited "love you enemies". Unless of course you also think Christ meant to have sex with your enemies; sex being a form, or type of love.

      Christ never speaks against spontaneous love. He is the epitome of it (doing good, kind, merciful things often done even though those he did it to, don't deserve it. His actions proved it.You still have not come up with one thing he said or did that was wrong.

      With regards


    10. MK, as I said, my core believe is that the Divine is within us, and that man can rise above the manipulations. If all is known, yet hidden, we'll work on re-discovering all there is. I work under the assumption that the account in the Abrahamic book is full of distortions and falsifications. The Sumerian texts offer traces, and in this case the sound/wave model merged the mythical tales with physical principles. So it is not to give power away, but rediscover the interactions with other entities, which to me are hyper dimensional, rather than extra terrestrial Ancient Astronauts. To overcome artificial division of myth, occult knowledge and true sciences is what I look to work towards. This goal is close to possible now, just in time. Perhaps more can be said, soon.

      Ty, consider writing a blog, where you can develop your thoughts more fully and test the veracity of some of the memes. Perhaps you're closer to Gnosis than you realize. Stick around, the next installment is coming.

    11. Orage

      "my core believe is that the Divine is within us, and that man can rise above the manipulations."

      I agree and that inside us (or within those who have it) is truth and truth (I believe and know) is synonymous with Christ- the source of all truth- him being our literal creator/savior. Consider for a moment the story of the Israelites in the desert after the Exodus. Many had sinned and were bitten by Snakes. They lie there dying and Moses (formerly known as Rah-Moses) took a stick that had a snake wrapped around it. He told them to look at the stick with the snake and believe in it (him) and they would be healed. All who did were. Those who didn't died. Do you see the pattern? The stick with the snake makes the image of DNA.This points to the prime creator/savior. It also shows that sin/evil (Snake being synonymous with Satan) shall be transfered to the "tree" (or Cross). It literally foreshadows Christ's death on the tree (or Cross); Christ taking the sin of the tribes upon himself as the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate expression of love, to satisfy the requirements of justice to set his people free. It also cryptically speaks to Christ reclaiming the title Lucifer, as the true light barer.

      There are many distortions and outright lies inside the Masoretic "Jewish" texts called the Old Testament/Torah. They were fraudulently written around 8-900 AD.That is 900 yrs after Christ's death and some 1,550 years after they were first translated into the Greek.

      I have thought about a blog but in all truth, I am not a good writer. I work out my beliefs and thoughts by "debating and reasoning" sessions with other peoples.

      Thanks for your advise though. I will consider it.


    12. "Seems the only thing that will get Mike angry enough to write is Tyron. That's why we keep Tyron around."

      Priceless! :) I was also kind of missing Tyron on VT...

      By the way did anybody else noticed in news numerous snakes emerging all over - adders are ascending so Sun God could also be around - I guess. I red that our solar system is twin-star system and Sole's little brother is nearby - a dark star....and Akakor symbol is Black Sun rising - man this is fantastic, so many signs are fitting in!


    13. Anyone who is nostalgic for old school VT, we got Tyron 24 - 7 on every blog, And yes splitter as the song says "there's something going on around here." There's a reason they won't carry this on the major venues and its not because I don't have an audience.Part 3 tomorrow night. You will find out why.

    14. Bholanath,
      Jack is correct, I don't write for anyone, or for any blog. I had considered writing for the, but it seems they are a Christian apologist site, which has just fired their feisty admin. It is impossible to get through to make any headway with Christians, you might as well try to teach vegetarianism to a Spider.
      At this point, I don't have any desire to publish my e-mail, but if you publish yours, I will write you as time allows.

    15. MK,
      Thank you, sir. Agree regarding, as well as regarding apologists.
      philip dot pakhawaj at gee m

    16. You guys must understand that there are probably more believers in Christ outside the Corporation Church system than inside today. Believers have been leaving in droves- like myself. On another thread I was telling Jack how I handle "teaching" scriptures to my kids. It is all about them reading and interpreting it themselves while I challenge their conclusion, their summary, always encouraging them to question, question, question and communicate with the Lord, mostly by themselves or silently. I give them my take, my views, but ultimately, it is up to them to search and find the truth in all things. I hope you see that this method flies directly in the face of the methods the "Churches" use.

      If one thinks they can get a believer in Christ to drop their belief in favor of paganism, polytheism etc, it probably wont happen and if it does, they never believed in the first place. It is easier to confuse a believer with talmudic Judaism because this belief system has many ingenious monotheistic tricks doing for it. It is premised on identity fraud which gives it a perceived credibility everywhere, especially through media and "higher education". This is why the "Jews" have been so successful in judaizing individual believers, destroying Christendom, totally corrupting so many "Churches" that have had a mixture of light and dark infused into most of them since their beginnings. A "Church" or temple is REALLY an individual or a group of individual believers who come together to discuss and/or pray (communicate) to Iesous concerning a host of issues. If one looks at the old temple system they will see that topographically it is in the shape of a MAN. The heart is the "Inner Chamber" where the sacrifices were made.This was to bring OT believers to the true way, down the line, pointing to that way which is really, INSIDE YOURSELF. The OT is premised to for the masses on external, material programming. The NT is premised on INTERNAL, spiritual programming that is encoded in our DNA.

      Satan makes himself into a false light. In other words, Satan through identity theft, still claims to be Lucifer, the morning star, when in reality, he lost those titles, hence his name is now Satan (enemy) and it is Christ (Iesous) who is the true morning star. He is the truth, way and LIGHT (bringer-barer).

      So MK is right. He shouldn't even try to convince true believers that Christ isn't real. These people already have massive personal proofs/experiences that speak directly against this contention. However, if people like MK desire to show them how they have been judaized, you might just have some luck. If anything, you will get a believer (true ones) to investigate your claims but don't think they will drop scriptural belief, belief in Christ as a basis in which to try to make sense out of any truth you may have shared with them.

      This is why I keep agreeing to a degree, but then setting the record straight about scripture to those who throw the baby out with the bath water. Scriptures are letters made into books. The one's that are published everywhere today ("bibles") are almost all fraudulent (OT) or they have been highly polluted by the "Jews" (contemporary translations). This is why one must go back to the oldest original greek renditions (purest forms of scripture to date in both OT and NT) and then read as well other books taken out by those RCC councils to see if they fit the true narrative or not. They must throw out all modern translations (King James etc) as well as the "Jewish" Masoretic 900 AD frauds. One can then construct a truthful worldview, probably not a perfect one-- like anyone else, but a truthful and very historically correct worldview.


    17. The essence of any genuine religion must be the spiritual, a most abused and misunderstood word. For religion to have any veracity at all, it must offer a path, a doorway, a map toward the numinous, and through this allow for the flowering of human potential.
      The proposing of religion without this soul is the genius of the destroyer, and it is this emptiness that lies at the heart of all three abrahamic creeds.
      No one can give up Jesus, because no one can hold, eat, or wear Jesus. There is nothing to give up. However, if giving up Jesus means giving up all the human constructs erected around this mythic figure, all the bizarre wish fulfillment fantasies launched over and over again by those who cannot work on their own behalf, and can only surrender to someone, or something else to do it for them, then if you value your life gift at all, you will give it up.
      Love is not an emotion. Emotional love is not love, it is an ersatz substitution. If you think love is an emotion then you most likely subscribe to a possessive emotion you mistake as love. The abrahamic religions do not know love, yet they have ruined countless attempts to find it.

  17. Other things I did not mention was the ziggurat pyramids found all over the world. We still do not have the technology
    to build them. No machinery known to man can lift the stones which are cut with diamond cutter precision. The temple of Jupiter has some columns that weigh 80 tons. They say the Romans built this and I laugh. The top is leveled so as you could place a level on it. I say the Sumerians built this and it also was a landing site. Some central
    culture had a plan, and they were all over the planet.

    There are also pyramids off Cuba, larger than Giza

    There are also pyramids in Bosnia.

    The Vedas say Manu saved man from the flood two billion years ago.

    A bit off topic but not in a sense that the Ugha Mongulala did predict big change coming.

    We have just had a 5.4 earthquake in Georgia, it shook South Carolina also.

    1. What the Chronicles of Akakor is Mick is an allegorical compendium of all the church has not vandalized and the Jew has not dissembled. They burned the library of Alexandria and they invented a fairy tail religion which sailed on the oceans of blood they spilled. They have plunged the world into two thousand years of darkness and they sought to murder science in its crib. But the fires of Zarathustra have always burned and now it shall fuel their funeral pyre. In the early twentieth century the Germans bought out of the dungeons of Judeo Christianity. It cost them all they had; their freedom, their homeland and their blood. In part 3 we will start looking at what they purchased.

  18. It certainly cost the Germans alright, my father in law lost an arm with Rommel and my mother in law had shrapnel in her leg. My father's brother was killed there and my father disabled. It didn't seem to be the war to end all wars did it?

    The library of Alexandria would indeed be a treasure trove. If the hall of records is indeed under the paw of the sphinx, how will we get the goods past Hawass? Today the average German is just as brain washed as any westerner. Deutche Welle talks constantly about the economy and nothing else much. Porn and bestiality is becoming popular.

    Ford and I.G. Farben along with the Rothschild banks were not bombed back into the stone age like Dresden the art center. How lucky for them. IBM continues business as usual in Germany.

    1. Mick, consider this article in the context

      Also consider that the Dresden Codex was badly damaged from the fire raid and consequent water damage, in the fire bombing Valentines Day 1945.

      "In 1810, Alexander von Humboldt published five pages from the Dresden Codex in his atlas Vues des Cordillères et Monuments des Peuples Indigènes de l’Amérique"

    2. I am familiar with Dresden and also Eisenhour's starvation of 5 million Germans in open air camps, as well as the Red army entering east Germany and hacking off the breasts of teenage girls after gang rapes.

      The red shield knocked off 8 million in Benghazi

      A place where "Sita" sings the blues

      No doubt there would not be a codex if the Germans had not gotten their hands on it.

    -Multiple sources
    " All praise! He's found the awful truth, Balthazar! He's found the saucer news..."
    The Messiah was to deliver the jews with his shining chariots aloft in the sky...
    -Dead sea scrolls
    These and many others accounts include a persistent theme, that of vehicles capable of crossing the skies with their mysterious occupants. In many cases, these occupants are thought of as allies of humanity, in others, simply as powerful forces.
    Today, much of this mythos continues with the quasi-religious UFO movement, a sort of messiah psychosis gone little green men.
    Evidence is at best, ephemeral. Like with Roswell, any evidence that supposedly did exist, has been sequestered away by a "transparent" government by the people, for the people.
    Those magical chariots of the messiah never arrived to destroy Rome and bring the jews back to supremacy.
    All the millions who have beheld the flying disks can offer no proof of what they observed, yet the observations come from all walks of life. Mega star John Lennon made even more press through his disclosure that he saw a UFO out of his New York City penthouse window, and an unknown handyman described his encounter as watching a giant craft fly overhead, utterly silent.
    Jacques Vallee, perhaps the most scientific of UFO researchers, has concluded that UFO encounters include far more than mere observation of physical phenomenon, citing synchronicities, and sensory phenomenon.
    He notes that such encounters involve "heightened awareness".
    Mysteriously, he concludes that something did indeed occur, even if he can't explain it.
    That something certainly escaped the attempts of people to contain, and control it in the past, and in the present.

  20. The cuneiform tablets found in the middle east intricately describe flying ships. The is scientific diagram in the Mahabharata of a flying vessel mentioning the same personages found in the cuneiform tablets of the of the middle east and now in the Berlin museum. They show working maps of our solar system around the sun. This was thousands of years ago. Most of western society thought the world was flat 200 years ago.

    Many more of those same tablets were in the Baghdad museum and was stolen during the Iraq war by people who actually understand what they say and what they mean. The type people at the Smithsonian and vatican who hide them away.

    The American indians to a tribe describe themselves as the descendants of beings from the stars and not a monkey as most westerners believe, and some times many of them act like it.

    There are thousands of drawings on cave walls thousands of years old depicting men in flying ships and several very large landing strips, thousands of years old in south America. The very "advanced indians" living there understand what they are also even though they cannot manufacture washing machines and cell phones.


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