Saturday, September 16, 2017


I am the Magician 
Changing metal into gold
Water that is dry
Fire that is cold
I have wandered through worlds and thousands of years
I have watched Pharaohs die and tasted bitter tears
I am a witness to the rise and fall of Rome 
I have worshiped gods I am now my own 
I am the Magician 
Changing metal into gold
Water that is dry
Fire that is cold
I am the guardian of the grail in the court of Primal Thunder
And it’s what I’ve always known that is the source of wisdom's wonder
I am the Magician 
I can change water into wine
And reconcile the extremes 
As I balance all the lines 
The circles complete in the anointed Lord 
When I hurl my words at the flaming void
I am the cross that is retributions sword
I am herd become a swarming horde
I am the Magician
I am the voice 
That seals the Vision

Jack Heart ® 2017


  1. Poetry night, is it? Was never my area of expertise—too left brain. But I can offer this:

    There was an old Rector at King's,
    Whose Mind was on Heavenly Things.
    But his Heart was on on Fire,
    For a boy in the choir,
    Whose Ass was like Jell-o on Springs~


    Later, y'alls-Falls, summer's out, and that means it's time for more commenting hi-jinks.

    Any takers?

  2. Excellent verse Jack.

    Steve B

  3. Enchanting, Jack!

    LOL, Banger!


  4. He changed water in to wine at a party

    To keep the peace a heavenly beer run

    What would I know

    Love thine enemies

    Love thy neighbor

    Love yourself

    The trinity I see

    Dylan said the enemy I see wears a cloak of decency

    He said it's a slow train commin around the bend

    Follow me


  5. Bangor

    Your words shall be used against you

    He would say

    Love him anyway

    Poetry I see


    1. Another Doomsday come and gone, when will they learn? I only said how …I never said when; in fact I said I was the doctor and to leave the diagnosis to me. Court is still in session. We are not done testifying. In fact David Lynch has just been called as a witness for the defense. There ain’t any points of light anywhere in the firmament which even has the power of objection, let alone overruling our cross examination. Love your poetry KMB, Bangors too but there is this little Jewish guy that I love best…

      “His eyes were two slits that would make a snake proud
      With a face that any painter would paint as he walked through the crowd
      Worshipping a god with the body of a woman well endowed
      And the head of a hyena

      Do I need your permission to turn the other cheek?
      If you can read my mind, why must I speak?
      No, I have heard nothing about the man that you seek

      Oh, Angelina. Oh, Angelina

      In the valley of the giants where the stars and stripes explode
      The peaches they were sweet and the milk and honey flowed
      I was only following instructions when the judge sent me down the road
      With your subpoena

      When you cease to exist, then who will you blame
      I’ve tried my best to love you but I cannot play this game
      Your best friend and my worst enemy is one and the same

      Oh, Angelina. Oh, Angelina

      There’s a black Mercedes rollin’ through the combat zone
      Your servants are half dead, you’re down to the bone
      Tell me, tall men, where would you like to be overthrown
      Maybe down in Jerusalem or Argentina?

      She was stolen from her mother when she was three days old
      Now her vengeance has been satisfied and her possessions have been sold
      He’s surrounded by God’s angels and she’s wearin’ a blindfold
      And so are you, Angelina

      Oh, Angelina. Oh, Angelina

      I see pieces of men marching; trying to take heaven by force
      I can see the unknown rider, I can see the pale white horse
      In God’s truth tell me what you want and you’ll have it of course
      Just step into the arena

      Beat a path of retreat up them spiral staircases
      Pass the tree of smoke, pass the angel with four faces
      Begging God for mercy and weepin’ in unholy places

      Oh, Angelina. Oh, Angelina” – Bob Dylan, Angelina

  6. jack

    please remember this he betrayed him with a kiss

    I still say this that love will overcome

    the simple gospel you see

    that Jew the finest I see

    did he not get that fine Nobel prize?

    controlled by Jews you see

    money controls secrets you must see


    1. It doesn't sound like Jesus was a very good judge of character to me, any man wants to kiss another man can never be fully trusted, I will take my chances with Her not He...

    2. Caesar was bisexual as were most Pagan men Zen

    3. lol weird didn't know that.

      Have you tried sending ur manuscript again to publishers like this one?

      Maybe because time has moved on what's in ur book will be publishable.

  7. dylan was the finest evangelical preacher I ever did see

    music and word cast together

    a spell wove

    who could do that

    the great poet


    1. Yes I see certain people around here believe all that psy-op nonsense put out by the drooling denizens of the Vatican’s crypt. There is nothing more vindictive than the opinion of the Profane on the Sacred and nothing I am less interested in. Even minor artists irritate me, Joyce Carroll Oats made him the devil of one of her short stories, “he leaned to the left…” Yes he did. Maybe he was a little tired of gigs like Korea and Vietnam and the fine American values that put us there. You know the same ones that got us to fight against Hitler and Mussolini for the Bolsheviks, against our own best interests and as you have pointed out KMB; the Vatican’s too…

  8. jack

    my former agency runs xp

    do i have to splaine that to you

    microsomething a racket

    what did i see

    six millon computers linked together to keep trac of everythin

    the american agency i see

    endowed by our creator

    course war should end now



    splain why it continues

    1. because even when you cut the snakes head off the body will continue to writhe, give it time, it just doesn't know its dead yet...

  9. every american knows that jusus got screwed in court

    the basic truth

    what is truth

    my favorite bible verse

    all politics local


    1. Courts dispense justice for slaves; free men and woman dispense their own justice

  10. on the bottle, again, KMB? You managed a few weeks this time! :-0


    1. Well if KMB drinks at least they are a happy drunk, unlike others who have come on here all wound up from fire water and making scenes. In vino veritas...

  11. People who perform always have detractors Jack,

    I am a cyclist for life and hit the road every morning for many miles you see.

    pedaling a bike near a thousand miles in the last 12 days.

    real cyclists always drink beer after a ride.

    Ah back to twin peaks and the head of the horn family with his fucked up kids and grand kids trying to do the right thing.

    Remember he liked his simple single speed bike given to him by his father and now that horn is old he is in charge of the family.

    Twin Peaks is tremendous theater Jack.


    1. Just got back in the gym the last two days after at least a month, sore already. The bike is the best way to burn calories stationery I can just imagine real time. Good for a case of stout a week no problem. Twin Peaks provides me with the frame I needed, now there is a clear objective, give me some time, i gotta go through all 18 and take quotes. this way trolls, except for the really stupid ones on Facebook, are silenced before they begin...

    2. Jack,

      I expect so much more from you.

      What is time and so even your blog lets me go back

      to see another way

      who was Adolf Hitler?

      My Hitler pal is absolutely correct about everything he talks about.

      He of course is my brother in christ...a christian thing not gay or strait or anything else...

      and so he is isolated from the world due to his search for the truth and I thought about a present for him...

      a prepaid Netflix account...

      what you say Dr. Heart?


  12. Ah, to my dear friends why would I ride a bike so far?

    Because I can in my old age and golden years.

    Therapist says best thing for PTSD is exercise Jack so get your ass up and go work out.

    Did you get a look at duff? All the weight he lost and he says he runs now.

    Got his blood sugar under control and we need him to out live our American domestic enemies.

    He gives a fine example Jack...


    1. Sometimes I just feel like giving some guys a beating and I could use the same rationalization KMB, why because i'm 58 and i still can...

      Poor Mr. Duff i feel his acerbic whit and brilliant satire is lost on the denizens of the Zombie Empire but he does look good, which is good in case we gotta make a last bayonet charge...

  13. Somebody has to hold the fort Jack

    Define high probability of success

    Success is mastery of fundamentals

    Waiting for your next to be a most disturbing article


  14. Dr heart

    A message from my Hitler pal

    This is a gem

    Three minutes


    1. Excellent, I’ll put it up on Facebook. No doubt it won’t last long on Youtube; Hitler must never be allowed in his own words to speak truth to power. Did you know I sleep in the daytime when I can and I try to work at night but apparently Optimum is unable to provide the services they were contracted to provide; namely Twin Peaks on Showtime. There is always an “error” at night and so far we have lost at least a week due to the Dolans incompetence, which is far better than NY Knick fans are doing. They’ve lost 20 years. I just took 11.95 out of my own pocket in an effort to boost the services but now I am informed that there is a technical problem in my area and their men are out working on it. They will phone me when it’s fixed. I am not exaggerating we have lost over a week. This is a regular occurrence; my phone records will verify it. Hitler hung parasites like the Dolans and replaced them with people who could do the job. That is the reason he is vilified. There is no other reason. He was a good man; a stone cold war hero of unquestionable bravery in whose presence woman, children and animals swooned. Picture anyone other than a Russian hooker or a viscous cracker with a two digit IQ swooning in Trumps presence. I’ll bet you can’t, I sure as hell can’t. Did you know Hitler was a vegetarian? Hitler lived only for his people; that is what Führer means; manifestation of the will of the people, same as Pharaoh. He was everything a leader should be as opposed to what we have in the West now which is everything a leader should not be. The powers that be here in the West have more than just a vested interest in keeping their slaves ignorant about who Hitler really was. That’s why they have Schlomo still working night and day turning out anti Hitler propaganda 75 years after the fact. They know there’s a hangman’s noose waiting for each and every one of them if those slaves were ever to find out what National Socialism was really about. And they are finding out; witness the gun grab going on right now…

  15. Got an excellent new Gordon Duff piece here for anyone who doesn't know its out:

  16. Dr Heart

    Notice the evagelebots have a Fox News author who wrote a new biography of Bonhoeffer and its premis that he was an evagelebot just like the American evagelebots.

    You know that white American male trump supporter.

    Mr Duff refers to them as stupid central and I know many of them however, that support for such things is as they say a mile wide and an inch deep!

    Their time will come and hanging by piano wire will be to good for them...


  17. Jack

    You will like this:


    1. Falwell that fat old pasty faced pervert should have been hung a long time ago, hopefully he will soon join his whore of a wife in the Hell they created. Of course it would have helped to get him hung before he did this much harm if those who knew a little bit about theology like the Jesuits and Rabbi’s openly declared war on the dime store preacher tactics that have made him billions...

  18. Jack

    And this:

    Schlomo has been busy...


    1. “Metaxas's biography should be entitled, "Bonhoeffer Hijacked."”

      That is what the Evangelicals do; they hijack things. After all as White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) they are the descendants of pirates. It’s in their blood. Of course they get a lot of help from Jewish pieces of shit with eyes like Shlomo Riskin. Someday I will tell you the story of the conversation between myself and Rabbi Martin "Moishe" Rosen, the founder of Jews for Jesus, and his wife. How at first he believed me to be to evil as a Qabalist to even let into his home. How I told him that Jesus could not be the Savior because the Shekinah was still here. After a while he believed something completely different than his first impression, something his wife dragged him into the next room to loudly argue about in Yiddish, I understood… Sometimes men have to be men and overrule their wives. It’s a shame he didn’t he died a few years later; I assume a broken man, which is a shame because he was a good man too, a Zadek. I believe Blindlight had that story.

  19. Duff at his best

    Thus, we awaken each morning in a world where we can only remain free or safe by walling ourselves off from the media, engaging in no discussions with others, assuming everyone is controlled, assuming all information is propaganda, assuming, with some certainty, that a dark future is inevitable.
    After all, why would those with so much power drench us continually with endless and increasingly absurd lies, a narrative of economic voodoo, of phony wars, of false flag terrorism, of fear and hate unless they, whoever “they” is, had something nasty in mind.
    There is a “they.”
    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”"


    1. Great quote but I like the part where he calls out Google:

      "The world is run by corporations, not just those who brought us into World Wars during the 20th century but newer and more threatening ones, leading among this Google and “Google Jigsaw,” the regime change factory tied to sarin gas attacks in Syria and assassinations across the Middle East. Never hear of it? Don’t be surprised, it is Google Corporation that controls what is fact and what is lie, it is to be expected they would want a seat at the table and hire a mercenary army, originally under Google Idea Groups and former White House war planner Jared Cohen."
      And yes Mr. Duff there is a They but there is an Us and Them among the They now, and for that you may take a bow…


  20. My Hitler pal says

    What is mystery Babylon

    What you say?


    1. we're getting to it, don't spoil our climax...

  21. Lips are sealed

    From what I do not know


    1. I think as usual you know a lot more than you let on, Lynch knows and that's all we are ever going to need. I will do the heavy lifting...

  22. I'm typing this in the morning with the sun rise because there have been unpleasant consequences for me for commenting here. I can't say I understand everything you meant in your poem, but it means something to me. I have seen the flaming void and I feel the long ages stretching out behind me.

    Since you're more of a magician than anyone I know, I was wondering if it would be appropriate to ask you about an entity I've encountered. I have its name, or what I think is its name. But I won't put it out here unless you say it's cool to. I want to know as much as I can about it.

    I do not know the system of Qabbalah yet. I'm still deciding if it's right for me to take that step. I haven't and won't attempt to do anything like that until I understand it first.

    1. It doesn’t surprise me that there are unpleasant consequences for some of your comments Tom. Some entities just hate the truth; shriveling up before it like a slug doused with salt and you are good Tom. You are very good. In fact you are like a walk in for the Yankees in centerfield for the World Series who has already hit a couple of home runs in his very first major league at bats. Don’t be surprised when the pitcher throws one at your head. Just duck and hit the next one out of the park too. That’s the best way to get even. Once you know an entities true name you can bind it and make it do your bidding, not something I recommend at all because you are also binding yourself to it and its fate and most of these entities have very bad Karma. It’s best to do what the Jesuits do with them and just drive them away. Most Rabbis’ don’t concern themselves with either “Angels” or “Demons.” Jews are left alone, professional courtesy and all that. Lilith and her troupe, the Wave Maidens or the Djinn are asked respectfully not to enter their homes by a scroll usually embedded somewhere over the front door of a Jews home. Now the Qabalist, he is an entirely different animal, and I do say he for a reason other than misogyny. Only a man can be a Qabalist. A woman who interacts with such entities is called a Witch; or more correctly a Daughter of the Owl and Jews, pioneers of misogyny that they are, say “thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live among you.” All bullshit by the way because when Solomon needed a necromancer who did he go to? Because Lilith, or Freya to the Norse, when all is said and done is female woman are much better at it than men. The Norse called what they do; Seiðr and had a lot more respect for it than Jews do, at least openly. Remember Solomon; all that he knew he still needed a Witch. In fact Freya taught Seiðr to Odin who was criticized for practicing it by Loki because a Norse man doesn’t do shit like that. He defends hearth and home and leaves the sorcery to the woman folk. Schlomo, control freak that he is, could never allow that. Thus we have the Qabalist; a man in a woman’s game. The discipline required to be a Qabalist makes any master of the Martial Arts look like John Belushi on a roll. I wouldn’t recommend it to a dog. It’s no way to live. I only took it up because it was the only avenue left open to me toward understanding Her. She ain’t telling me shit and is still playing games even at this late hour. If you must Tom you better start by learning Hebrew, no easy feat in itself, then god’s true name. The formula for doing so is here:
      Oh what trouble publishing that caused, LOL! Then read everything Gershom Scholem ever wrote about the Qabalah and remember that he is after all a Jew and not about to spill to any Goyim (he doesn’t even spell it right for them). For that you will have to graduate to Aleister Crowley; good luck my friend. You will need it…

    2. Thanks, Jack. That advice helps. What you said about women being better at magic bears out in my story. My highly clairvoyant sister was the one who figured out the entity's name. Then she swatted it off like a fly when it went after her.

      I'm on the edge of my seat for your next article. Mystery Babylon is something I pondered a long time when I was a Christian.

      I'm not surprised if she's playing games. It's kind of sad really. I finally found her. The two of us won't be talking much, I suspect.

      Separation...division...detachment...isolation...that's what's wrong with this place.

    3. I think I mistook your reference. The 'her' I was referring to is, as far as I can tell, the only one I could call the Goddess. It really is kind of sad.

    4. Its not real Tom, that's whats wrong with it, but don't take my word for it, not yet, she isn't, she's reading right now, let me prove it to the both of you...

  23. "An enigmatic letter written by a nun who claimed to be possessed by Satan has been deciphered by scientists using powerful software."

  24. Dr Jack

    have a daughter

    in to cycling to

    love more powerful than truth


    1. Love is Truth, unfortunately so is Hate

  25. I have to go with “Satan” on this one Zen “this system works for no one” and “Perhaps now, Styx is certain.” “No one here gets alive” and no one here has ever crossed the line of confusion; including god himself... Until now... The archetypes must cross first, then the rest can follow, that’s why we’re here now and that’s what Mr. Lynch was alluding to in his ending with Diane and Cooper. Keep reading my friend…

  26. Dr heart

    I must take a rest to ride a common bicycle

    My daughter got into cycling cause of me

    how could it be any other way

    she already knows how the world works

    course cycling is about comunity and america is lacking

    if i say there is great quantities of beer after my ride would you cycle with me

    course he made water into wine

  27. hate loves truth

    yet perverts it

    love his truth love thine enemy

    us and them they and we shall overcome

    lgbt says get that pronoun correct.


  28. Jack,

    Your comments about feminine spirituality are IMO spot on and any smart man knows all about it.

    I believe the real power is living together in peace. Peace says I think of your needs before my own and me thinks that is why government attracts a lot of gay folk.

    Gay folk simply do not have those attachments that men involved with women and children haveand strait men find themselves at a disadvantage in the work place no matter ones sexual orientation.

    I saw the most crazy stuff go on in the sexual department at that agency I retired from kind of like in twin peaks where the guy in the dress became Gordon's boss he he....

    Yes Twin Peaks just tells it like it really is Jack and thank you for showing me this great show would have never watched it without your recommendation.

    Any chance of season three to go over to Netflix?

    Jack you do know that under those copy write laws you could be in possession of pirated versions to watch under the law since your contractor is dropping the ball.

    I am a founding member of Netflix and my former employer got them started.

    Netflix is the way to go for any new content.

    Just a thought...


    1. Set was no match for Isis in Magick, nor was Osiris or Thoth, same with Ishtar and Innana. Ishtar even barred Enlil from attending the sacrifice made by the human survivors of his own deluge. Again, same with Hecate and Zeus, Hecate was a Titan but she was left in peace by the Olympians, and again we have the same thing basically with the Norse; Freya was Vanir, the rest of the gods Asir, even Loki feared her. The Goddess is unmatched in magical powers by male deities in every culture I know of. That’s what Sophia means in Greek; Wisdom; Skill in Magick. That is why it is so important for Abraham’s demented children to cover the hair of woman. Just like Sampson; the hair is the antenna used to tap into the power of creation, electromagnetism, “E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y [Firewalk With Me],” which is feminine. Men don’t have babies...
      That’s a brilliant observation about government Nine, you just taught me something and I will be repeating it; I love it. It’s the perfect explanation for obvious deviants like Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, and Madeleine Albright. Yea Lynch gets his shots in, has been since the nineties. How about Firewalk With Me; starts off with the FBI pointing guns at children they are pulling off a school bus.

      I hear about those FBI parties… Don’t kid yourself; some of yours talk to me too. I am not without my charms, no? Let’s not forget though that all Lynch’s heroes are also federal agents, hell he personally plays their boss. You have to be a complete Zombie not to get chills up your spine when Cooper finally comes out of his trance and somebody says we better call the FBI; to which Cooper answers “I am the FBI…”

      Right now I am slowly going through season 3, I’m up to 14 pulling quotes and correcting erroneous observations even as to what’s occurring on the screen; by Rolling Stone, New York Times and Vanity Fair writers who simply don’t have the background to understand what they are looking at. It’s slow going, there’s no script to work with and no quotes can be cut and pasted like in part 1, it’s all on me. When I am done the ceremony will begin and I will expect everybody to be in…

      Netflex wants to make a deal, let then contact me, . They will probably get run off like all the other media people who have contacted me; Lashes publisher even had his mother threatened; then they sent me the email just for laughs…

    2. Your comment
      - Gay folk simply do not have those attachments that men involved with women and children have.
      To make a couple of points just because your straight does not mean shit--presumption it is.
      My response.
      Your ability to relate to another person and care is actually based on empathy- the ability to put your self in another persons shoes. (Sexual attraction is actually chemical we call it lust)
      Dictionary meaning of empathy-the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
      Empathy is not sexually orientated you are.
      Love is infinite with out any boundaries, are you assumptions.

      Note- gee even a psychopath/sociopath can have a relationship with a women and a child, certainly does not make it special and i doubt from the psychopaths/sociopath perspective its even about love.
      How many straight men and women with children have a relationship based on material benefits.
      In regards to children-Monkey see monkey do.

      Some history my step father a so called straight man took sexual liberty with me for eight years as a child, he found himself attracted to me, he probably was more bisexual than straight.
      And yeah my straight mother new and turned a blind eye.
      Truth being i was gay no matter what happened. Found that all my life both men and women are drawn to me sexually (not that i want it).

      "strait men find themselves at a disadvantage in the work place no matter ones sexual orientation."
      Having being driven out of so many jobs I have lost count (this also affected my mental health) because i am gay i found this comment to be a bit off. Maybe totally off.
      I never went to work to have sex with some one, i went to work to earn a fair living.
      I was denied that and driven out because of a lack of empathy-no sexuality there. If you think as a straight man your at a disadvantage in the work place try being a women, gay, black, blue green yellow in fact any thing in fact but white male. Note there are exceptions like in murphy`s law and i am in a predominantly white western country.

      I was born gay have never been attracted to a women sexually in my life. Its the way i was made its who i am sexually but it does not define my humanity. Never have I hit up a straight man for sex (what a waste of time) id actually prefer some one who new what they where doing, not into educating.
      My friends both male and female are 99.9% straight because friendships are about mutual respect, love and empathy. My straight friends even tell me i would make a great father, but i except the fact a healthy child deserves a healthy mother and father figures. Not always possible and i do not believe in same sex marriage for 2 reasons.
      1-Marriage is a religious thing and i could not care less about that. Hell my mother even made me go to church when my stepfather was fiddling me, made her feel better.
      2-never needed some written contract to have empathy and love for another.
      I have been with the same man for 26yrs and being very happy.

      I thought this was a good blog but there it is that creeping bias and inhumanity to other people, and have always believed that if your entitled to free choices so equally are others.

      I have always believed that to vilify another without just reason is prejudice and is just plane wrong unless there is extremely just cause and yeah my step father should be vilified.

      meaning of vilify-synonyms: disparage, denigrate, defame, run down, revile, berate, belittle, abuse, insult, slight, attack, speak ill of, speak evil of, pour scorn on, cast aspersions on, criticize, censure, condemn, decry, denounce, pillory, lambaste.

      The truth being that i will face my own demons when i die just like every body else, no angels on this planet, not even perfection.
      Now that i have outed my self on this blog i expect the above
      and please note my comment is based on long experience and is not personal.

    3. "Caesar was bisexual as were most Pagan men"
      Maybe you are not reading the comments (or the text) carefully enough...
      And KMB was talking about susceptibility to blackmail

    4. Jack, didn't you know that we're all really gay, and we just don't realise it, yet?

      Post modernist, lefty 'argumentation' de jour.


      (p.s. wanna see mine?)

  29. and i forgot one more thing being gay has never taken from me being a man. Being a man is an internal concept. Any external view is someone else`s presumption assumptiom.

  30. Where I used to work we had gays who got the job done and gays who whined.

    I have no problem at all whatsoever with another's orientation only that the job was done.

    Twin Peaks using theatre points this out.


  31. Schrimpton over on by

    Out as gay

    Seems to me a spy who gets the job done

    "Gambling in Vegas favors the house, which is why I don’t usually gamble when I’m in town, contenting myself with good food, good gay sex and drinking. (What can I say, I’m a social liberal!)"

    He can not be bribed or influenced because of orientation

    And so I listen when he speaks


    1. Wow Michael said that? In front of all those evangelical dissidents now on VT that have wandered over from Before its News for the Satanist "articles?" Now that's what I call Manning up...

    2. ...I don't know who or what that guy is, but he sure ain't Catholic. I promise y'alls that. Sounds like somebody who came back from a very bad horse-habit, and found jaayyyyy-susssss~ or rather, a version of.
      And what about all those masculine articles? He, Him, Men. What a fucking dick. It's guys like that who set Us back decades. (Of the Rosary?)

      We say: Judaeised. Very, very badly.

      Weird stuff, indeed.

      But on a side note: what's the bettin' all the 'Stephen King is God' spiel we're having stuffed down our throats has a lot to do with his stupid book of a few years back totally blaming the JFK thing on the Patsy, L.H.O?

      Schlomo scratches back REAL good for his cock-suckers, eh?

      Ahem, excuse the profanity in advance~

    3. Human sexuality is none of my business or gods Banger, long as it involves consenting adults, or even consenting goats as is the case with the Muslims and Americas Fly over country "Christians... " Having said that yes the gay agenda is definitely being pushed to hard by Schlomos media and Hollywood. Schlomo loves it, Gordon Gecko doesn't look so effeminate when he is surrounded by flaming faggots...

  32. Veterans today


  33. Jack

    What would happen if everyone would come out of the coma together

    We are the FBI

    Never felt worthy to join


  34. "What would happen if everyone would come out of the coma together"
    Maybe they already have, only to find that 95% of the human race has already been "cloned..."

  35. Las Vegas.
    Highway 91 concert. Oct 01,
    91 10/1 That's too cute.

  36. 911 truth you say

    they are doomed

    I see there end

    a mile high and an inch deep as they say

    course I worked for their oldest institution

    what is a republic

    we were before it

    the best theater is local

    America has two parties

    totally different

    with duff



  37. Lets take a look at the past

    course its beyond me...

    What is a trigger to the past?

    what is art or music or even History?

    Another poem...

    "He empowered me

    The injustice ended with those bullets

    One for her one for the snitch

    And the last for himself

    I choose another way to live to fight another day

    you can do what you want with me

    yet the harm stops there

    Harm to her and I will kill you

    In the end my shooter friend a warning to them

    Will get theirs in the end

    A good man"


    1. Can’t really answer to many comments, if any, I’m typing with one hand. Told you I was gonna hurt myself jumping back in on my workouts and that’s exactly what’s happened. Tuesday I did 1000 pushups between chairs, spent Thursday in the emergency room of Good Sam. My left hand is still swelled up like a basketball; apparently I’ve torn the flexor muscles in my wrist. We are all getting old including me. You ever wonder why Lynch’s character in Twin Peaks; Gordon Cole talks so loud? He spelled it out for everybody watching in Episode 2 in The Return. It ends with a live performance of Shadow by the Chromatics:
      “Shadow, take me down
      Shadow, take me down with you

      For the last time
      For the last time
      For the last time
      For the last time

      You’re in the water
      I’m standing on the shore
      Still thinking that I hear your voice
      Can you hear me?
      Can you hear me?
      Can you hear me?
      Can you hear me?

      For the last time
      For the last time
      For the last time
      For the last time

      At night I’m driving in your car
      Pretending that we’ll leave this town
      We’re watching all the street lights fade
      And now you’re just a stranger’s dream
      I took your picture from the frame
      And now you’re nothing like you seem
      Your shadow fell like last night’s rain

      For the last time
      For the last time
      For the last time
      For the last time”

  38. Here's the secret to not aging Jack

    Lance also had a small electric motor in his bike while with US postal!

    All sports are fake...


    1. The secret to not aging is being a Djinn, unfortunately I had to incarnate into this shithole for complete autonomy, in order that we may do this right, so that option was not left open to me...

  39. Better than nothing. Its a good to know which products are stable and will not convert to estrogen for a human male. Testosterone is the biochemical precursor to estrogen in the animal kingdom.

    1. Nice Stan!!! I put it up on my Facebook Wall.

  40. Dr heart

    How is the injured hand?

    Could I recruit you into cycling

    Not about royds or winning anything

    It's about the spirit

    Going the distance on your own

    Someday I will show you a cycling goddes

    Not ready yet


  41. Jack

    You and my Hitler pal are alike

    You would love him

    Me thinks you need a Netflix account to see new realities

    Twin Peaks execs crazy in the head to not go witt'flix

    What is community

    I gave season one and two five stars

    Women were pissed when flix got rid of MalColm

    On dancing with the stars

    Came out of his coma on national tv

    Good stuff

    Much original stuff on flix

    My flix fav the trailer park boys

    If I had da money would give you my account

    Without my former agency

    Not a chance of survival


    1. Hand still swollen like a balloon but the pain is subsiding a bit, you made me smile, that's not easy lately...

    2. Keeping with the topic of keeping young and healing injuries, I'd highly recommend ghrp-6 if you can get a hold of it. Its legal, but you have to inject it. Its a growth hormone releasing peptide. No side effects. Cheap. I took it last year to help repair my shoulder. Felt like I was 18 again.

  42. Jack

    Classic flix

    "I am the liquor "


  43. Just smile Jack it will drive schlomo nuts..

    Schlomo on t9 is... 777722244555666666

    1. Yea I figured that reading the email, but thanks anon, right on point. And speaking of point, it’s really a fucking shame, that two guys pushing their seventies gotta take it if I’m not right on it myself. Anybody else out there got a working penis?...

      “There are darker secrets, trade in nuclear material, in secret German submarines, looted economies, phony banks – real stories a hundred times worse than internet rumors, all true, all easily proven.

      How about the spying going on, not just the monoliths of Google and Facebook, the real Mossad and CIA, a thousand times worse. What they do on a daily basis would make Orwell choke on his understatement. When can we blacklist them, loot their stolen riches, return the freedoms taken, restore human rights, human privacy and freedom of thought?

      Why don’t we begin in earnest? Blacklisting is hardly enough.” – Gordon Duff
      “I share this with you as a sad but true historical lesson – that sometimes only the young have the instinct for survival that rest of us do not, that life is so precious that even a one-in-a-thousand chance to save it must be taken, out of respect. I hope such young people are living among us now, as they may be the only chance we have.” - Jim W. Dean

  44. The Ship

    I am that I am, the flame
    Hidden in the sacred ark,
    I am the unspoken name,
    I the unbegotten spark.

    I am He that ever goeth,
    Being in myself the Way;
    Known, that yet no mortal knoweth,
    Shewn that yet no mortal sheweth,
    I, the child of night and day.
    I am never-dying youth.
    I am Love, and I am Truth.

    I am the creating Word,
    I the author of the aeon;
    None but I have ever heard
    Echo in the empyrean
    Plectron of the primal paeon!
    I am the eternal one
    Winged and white, the flowering rod,
    I the fountain of the sun,
    Very God of very God!

    I am he that lifteth up
    Life, and flingeth it afar;
    I have filled the crystal cup;
    I have sealed the silver star.
    I the wingless God that flieth
    Through my firmamental fane,
    I am he that daily dieth,
    And is daily born again.

    The True Lies of The Baphomet, Saint Edward Aleister Crowley

  45. Well Stan

    Have no clue what you are talking about.

    Google says I am truth

    Kind of arrogant don't you agree?

    He said follow me

    What is truth when all is secret?

    More truth on Netflix than the internet

    How about Fox News?

    Anit the joos but those evangelibots jack and truth in America is catching up to them he he..

    My evangelibot family in termoil as all need police approval to work in church.

    Work with children? You might be a terrorist and witch hunts driving many from church.

    This is their undoing as no one in my family will submit!

    The evangelical church will go farther to the right if that is possible.

    My Hitler pal says the bane of the 501c3!

    Evangelicals are doomed...


    1. The poem is the same as mine, just worded differently Nine, apparently Stan is rather brilliant when he isn’t putting on a show for my more conservative readers…

      Google is not arrogant Nine, you and I are arrogant; myself I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like Nietzsche said you want humility go find a worm; they bow every time they are stepped on. Google is insolent, there’s a very big difference. Insolent is being haughty when one has no reason to believe they are anything other than a piece of dog shit on a shoe.

      The Evangelicals are far more dangerous than Schlomo, when all is said and done Schlomo is nothing but a conman with a badge. It’s the evangelicals gave him that badge…

  46. Listening to pink

    It's about the freedom

    My google password fuck google 69

    They like you jack

    Another poem for my pals:

    "Oh men where were we at gethsemane

    The women showed up at his tomb

    But he had arose

    Men and women are clearly unequal

    See the ladies clearly

    Have more courage than we

    Many American men worthless

    Time to let them step up
    He is looking for any willing

    Follow me"

    I follow her


    1. “Many American men worthless”
      I am so with you there Nine, they will talk the talk in VT comment sections but not a one of them would ever put their 700 credit rating and future of their Zombie offspring on the line to actually step up and do something about it, fucking posers. They waste their time and mine writing, as Nietzsche noted there is nothing that has ever been written that is worth reading that has not been written in Blood…

  47. Jack

    We got a guy in mum's hometown running as a dem against Paul Ryan.

    I suggest we take our little war there.

    My favorite dem is the great Tip O'Neil.

    All politics is local!

    You want the Middle East?

    Time to fuck them here Jack!

    The war has come home.

    War is dirty on the ground.


  48. Jack

    Here's how to talk to an evangelical


  49. Seems like the physicists are copying sacred geometry now ...

  50. Actually this documentary is better at explaining their thingey:

    1. In all honesty I have no more use for the eggheads, the way they explain things, even if they may understand them themselves, is incoherent at best and gibberish at its worst; with the girl being the former and the geek with no shoulders the latter (talk about two dimensional; god a walking talking stick person, now I have seen everything…). Just like everything else, it falls on me to explain this properly, then many of those now reading this can spin it any way they want, I just don’t give a shit anymore. I think this has happened before in a different flavor anyway when Oppenheimer got to decide what would be done with Fermi’s bomb; Lynch has told you how that worked out. First the body then the soul, as Neil Young said “Rust Never Sleeps;” nor apparently does stupidity…

  51. Reality is like fleas

    A parasite seems to run the show

    I believe that is what twin peaks is all about

    That is why we have evangelicals

    Someone wants us in a closed loop

    Beats me if I know

    Just how I feel

    My dogs have fleas dammed hard to get rid of


    1. Parasite, I am not so sure about Nine. Feed or be fed on, those are the rules here. I am not without empathy; at least for predators. I find parasites disgusting as I do anything and everything that sneaks around. The parasites will have to go. I know how to get rid of mites on snakes. I don’t expect fleas on a dog, or a dog leg as in the case of Twin Peaks, will be much different. You have to attack the environment; that is the cause. When you go after the flea you are only cleaning up the effect and as long as the cause remains the effect will be duplicated over and over again, no matter how many times you clean it up…

  52. Ah yes Jack,

    The environment is the key!

    Look at our dear Donald who has a budget that cuts nine million folk off of disability course all fakes.

    You know fucked up backs or stage four cancer or even PTSD he he ...

    Let's take a look at PTSD for example look at it this way 22 a day off themselves hey hey...

    Cheap healthcare I see

    Trump care way better than Obama care.

    We get them to kill themselves

    Don't need an oven

    Patients pay for their own creamation

    To much reality

    Republicans only target the weak course when the folks figure this out could be curtains for them and as always the war has come home.

    Let's play

    Gives me something to do as I collect my pension.

    Member what I said about her?

    I am dangerous if you try to harm her


    1. Agent Orange could not have won an election even against a flagrant Bolshevik Jew like Bernie Sanders, they had to fix the democratic primary so the vile creature called Hillary could "oppose" him on the ballot. They would have been hard pressed to find anyone else who could lose an election against a comic book character, Daddy Warbucks comes to mind, even as stupid as the average American is. That he is going to destroy whats left of America is a givin, what do you think he's smirking about? And I really don't like the tone of the last part of your comment. I told you to watch Twin Peaks for a reason. Cooper cannot control his Doppelgänger, in fact he needs it dead in order that he may complete his mission...

  53. I am going to have to say this

    VT is an American re-education camp drawing in those demented evangelibots he he

    Now targeting Catholics

    Their new writer gay Jew ski

    gajewski he he har har

    Bless them


    1. an odd turn of events over at VT if ever there were. Well noticed, if I may say. And top billing, too, it seems. Very, very strange. I was at a complete loss until I read yours above.

    2. all i can say on that is you guys are not the only ones talking about it...

      I'm just hoping John gets the hit counts fixed for VT 2018 like he told he would today.

    3. ...and I can categorically state that what that guy is preaching is not Catholicism in any shape or form. What do y'all take us for?

      He is a bonafide lunatic in our opinion. And why VT is giving him an airing is a bonafide mystery, to be sure. Bible-thumping nut jobs of all flavours will however be attracted to this guy.

      Whatever this Nine guy is drinking, I'd like to order a double o' that, please!!

      Mebbe that'll ease the painful reminder of how far we—collectively—have yet still to travel

    4. AND he's even pushing the ball-earth theory, M'lud. You know; Planet X/Nubiru? It's going to 'crash into Earth' VERY SOON don't ya know!
      David Willycock fucked that one up back in 2012, but it's back with a vengeance!! And it looks like that nasty piece of shit Pazuzu is gonna get us instead!!!!!
      You'll all be sorry!!!!!
      Sure it is, Eric GayJewSki (hat tip to the Bard, above); given that we inhabit a Realm. A closed system, if ya like. Well, that's unless one happens to have access to a Glocke machine. But Ernetti's nice piece of kit that they've stashed away in the Big V. comes in a close second in terms of usefulness.
      Or, didn't they actually dis-assemble that device because it was deemed too dangerous?

      (hahahahhahaha! as ifffff they dis-assembled it...)

      Oops! did I say too much, Master? Perchance a flogging later would be in order, what-what?
      You know, given that we're all really arse jockeys but don't even realise it yet! Whadd've we gotsta lose?

      THE END IS NIGH!!!!!!!




    5. He is probably the Grand Poobah of the Sacred Order of Those Who Walk by the Bahamian Bank Account, Bangor. Everyone noticed, don’t worry…

    6. Dam but if you keep going anon I’m gonna let you write part 2 of Esoteric Twin Peaks, I’ll do the book and the Babylon Working?...

    7. flashes of genius encased in a lazy-arsed, gluttonous shell, according to my teachers former and present, Dr. Jack!
      btw. ever thought of comparing Her to the Blessed Virgin? You might be surprised at the similarities. And we won't even get started regarding the intercessions on our behalf.
      As they say: One Source, many interpretations.

      Babylon working? Now, Sir, weren't you ever warned not to play with matches? Especially when there are sticks of dynamite lying around! >.< As for me? may as well toss a keyboard to a chimp!!!


    8. As I have already said the Christian defenders of western civilization called on her from the walls of Constantinople in the seventh century. They called her Mary then or was it Ave Maria? In the Kensington rune stone the Cistercian Monks and Knight Templers call on her to protect them from the evil that stalks the new world.

      Yeats was playing anon, I’m not. A little abridged excerpt from the book Tara wants to read so badly. This is how I saw it then, but like I keep saying that was then this is now:
      ‘Solomon and the Witch
      “AND thus declared that Arab lady:
      'Last night, where under the wild moon
      On grassy mattress I had laid me,
      Within my arms great Solomon,”
      “I suddenly cried out in a strange tongue
      Not his, not mine.'
      And he that knew
      All sounds by bird or angel sung”
      Golden Dawn was the language of the angels.
      “Answered: 'A crested cockerel crew
      Upon a blossoming apple bough
      Three hundred years before the Fall,
      And never crew again till now,
      And would not now but that he thought,
      Chance being at one with Choice at last,”
      “All that the brigand apple brought
      And this foul world were dead at last.
      He that crowed out eternity
      Thought to have crowed it in again.
      A lover with a spider's eye
      Will find out some appropriate pain,”
      “Aye, though all passion's in the glance,
      For every nerve: lover tests lover
      With cruelties of Choice and Chance;
      And when at last that murder's over
      Maybe the bride-bed brings despair
      For each an imagined image brings
      And finds a real image there;
      Yet the world ends when these two things,
      Though several, are a single light,
      When oil and wick are burned in one;
      Therefore a blessed moon last night
      Gave Sheba to her Solomon.'
      'Yet the world stays':
      'If that be so, Your cockerel found us in the wrong
      Although he thought it worth a crow.
      Maybe an image is too strong
      Or maybe is not strong enough.'
      'The night has fallen;
      not a sound In the forbidden sacred grove
      Unless a petal hit the ground,
      Nor any human sight within it
      But the crushed grass where we have lain;
      And the moon is wilder every minute.
      Oh, Solomon! let us try again.” - W. B. Yeats

      The “murder” in the last part of the poem depicts the sacrifice of the king and queen of souls as they consummate their marriage. Some of the illustrations shown in Jung’s other alchemical works are far more graphic than those in The Psychology of the Transference. In Le Songe de Poliphile the lovers are hacked to pieces and their severed limbs fed to the beasts of the forest. But in Yeats case, as the poem relates, he and his wife Georgie were undergoing some metaphorical death of his own invention complete with a sacrificial chicken. The deluded Yeats somehow thought he could perform the great work without going all the way…’

    9. Lynch he knows we ain’t playing either. You’re in a fucking loop. We’re in a loop; the only thing waiting for us here is the Devil. Parsons never should have done what he did but then again Oppenheimer had already done what he did, there is no turning back my friend. But I’m gonna spell it all out for you, Lynch already has…

      In the Red Room the evolution of the arm hisses vilely at Cooper “two, five, three …time… and… time …again, BOB. BOB. BOB. Go now! Go now!” - Season 3, episode 2, 41:00.
      Bushnell Mullins barges in on the hapless Las Vegas FBI Agents, whom Albert likens to the Marx Brothers, and commandeers their phone. He reads Gordon Cole a letter from Cooper telling him “Dougie [Cooper] wanted me to read you this. I am headed for Sheriff Truman’s; it is 2:53 in Las Vegas and that adds up to ten, the number of completion.” - Season 3, episode 17, 6:00.
      Cooper and Diane drive a lonely road in a 1950’s car dressed in 1950’s clothes. The road, paralleled by electrical power lines, is through desolate desert scrub. Cooper looks straight ahead, his face frozen by resolve like some WW I soldier that must now ‘go over the top.’ Diane turns to him from the passenger seat and says “are you sure you want to do this.”He glances at her then fixes his gaze back on the empty highway. She continues “you don’t know what it’s gonna be like once we...” Cooper answers “I know that. We’re at that point now, I can feel it.” - Season 3, episode 18, 10:00-11:00.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Tara I’ll answer comments here, that’s all I can do now. I’m under the gun here, gonna have anon write part 2…

    2. Thanks Jheart,
      I'm trying to figure out what these movies have to do with me getting my mitts on your book. I'm ready to kill somebody over that book. There's no such thing as national security anymore it's all a bunch of wolf tickets. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing probably 10 minutes before they do it. I want to read that book and everybody needs to get with the program.

    3. Lots of entities have the book Tara, the NSA has the book, I’m sure the Vatican has the book; the Djinn have the book, looks to me like David Lynch may have even read the book. Shit I even sent it to some friends at CERN. It only gets people in trouble anyway who read it; I suspect it may have even gotten people killed. That’s why I won’t send it out no more. Let her decide when everybody gets to see it, it’s her dream. I just work here and when I am done with this and the Norse the terms of my employment comes to an end which is good because the compensation is non-existent…

    4. Thanks Heart,
      I guess I'm on your six for the duration because I'm not giving up on my goal to read it.

  55. They Swallowed The Sun

    They burned the world
    And swallowed the sun
    They take from everything
    And care for no one
    They study our rage
    So they rattle our cage
    But when they were gone
    That's the day we came of age

    But what can you say
    When the loam and the foam has all been boiled away
    And the oceans are dust
    You walk for five days to the mountains of rust
    And where can you go?
    This land is forsaken and nothing will grow
    And all the gods know
    That the suffering of Earth makes a pretty good show

    Somehow we survived
    We hunted we thrived
    The first to eat
    We were always the last ones to die
    We conquered a world
    While they waited below
    Molten tracks in the snow
    Return to the Masters too well did we know

    The locks off the door
    Detritus of science is heaped cross the floor
    This junk only works when the power is on
    For five hundred years the grid has been gone
    Electronic Art
    Ended up lasting as long as a fart
    But that's what you get when you love with no heart
    Bending to ending as soon as it starts

    They created life
    It should never be that way
    A bill for you to bear that they never meant to pay
    They went underground
    It was really rude
    Because they took all the girls and the guns and had food
    Stem cells and cloning and fucking an ape
    But its not enough I must reach beyond
    Commune with the LoiGoi and become a God

    They swallowed
    We followed
    They swallowed the sun
    They have only just begun

    The children were born
    The children they died
    When you live in a wasteland
    Only the strong will survive
    Remade the race
    With the science of sin
    Create a creature
    We can all join in

    We know where they live
    We hunt them by night
    They are dead by morning
    Our schedules are tight!
    Twenty hot chicks for every old man....
    That was the plan, the chicks would eat spam
    Or maybe pink slim
    I don't know they call it but they eat it all the time

    They swallowed
    We followed
    They swallowed the sun
    Viagra and Meth
    And stem cells and death
    They sucked on the stock pile til there was nothing left
    Vampiric cybernetic harbinger of hate
    Ain't power great?

    They swallowed the sun
    They swallowed
    We followed

    Lyrics by GWAR

    1. You forgot to include the link to the Youtube link Stan.

    2. I was looking for the concert photo image were a mutant is hammering a christian cross into big fat hairy stage butt. Now it's all comic art images.

    3. Oh, Stan: Only the strong will survive. Perhaps you skipped lightly over the only relevant line in that whole brain-fart.

      Will you be ready when the time comes? Because we are. And like MK-noKAY is about to find out, you're not gonna be able to do it alone.

      Of that you can be certain.


    4. I will meet you at that place where the smoke comes through the trees.

  56. Cheers Bangor!

    My Hitler Pal prefers Johnny Walker Black Label!

    tis a bit on the spensive side but hey one only lives once as they say...

    I prefer good ole beer....

    Ah was it not that ole president of ours whats his name? Yes...thats it Grant...he liked to drink did he not?

    Well some say he got the job done for somebody course I will say this about our new republican evangelabots bangor they are domestic enemies for sure.

    Course reality is our fine Canadian friends north of the border mocking trailer park America with their fine show called trailer park boys.

    Mum was a Roman Catholic and the finest women I ever did meet and she died at one hundred and two and she told me this I raised you Catholic and Catholic you will stay.

    She was the finest Catholic I ever did meet Bangor.

    Ah yes my fine Hitler pal says that that it was in the Church's interest to help uncle Adolph...he he go tell that over on VT...he he..

    What do you do with a bunch of old spies and military vets and guys like me who are pissed off at how they got fucked.

    Well they created VT.

    Time will tell how this shall go...

    I would say this its way to early to give up since the real fight has not even started....

    They call it psyopps my friend...


    1. Catholic Boy lyrics - Jim Carroll
      I was born in a pool, they made my mother stand
      And I spat on that surgeon and his trembling hand
      When I felt the light I was worse than bored
      I stole the doctor's scalpel and I slit the cord
      I was a Catholic boy
      I was redeemed through pain
      Not through joy
      I was two months early, they put me under glass
      I screamed and cursed at children when their nurses passed
      I was convicted of theft as I slipped from the womb
      They led me straight from my mother to a cell in the Tombs
      I was a Catholic boy
      I was redeemed through pain
      Not through joy
      They starved me for weeks, they thought they'd teach me fear
      I fed on cellmates' dreams, it gave me fine ideas
      When they cut me loose, the time had served me well
      I made allies in heaven, I made comrades in hell
      I was a Catholic child
      The blood ran red
      The blood ran wild
      I make angels dance and drop to their knees
      When I enter a church the feet of statues bleed
      I understand the fate of all my enemies
      Just like Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane
      I was a Catholic boy
      I was redeemed through pain
      An not through joy
      I watched the sweetest psalm stolen by our choir
      I dreamed of martyrs' bones hanging from a wire
      I make a contribution, I get absolution
      I make a resolution to purify my soul
      I'm a Catholic boy
      Redeemed through pain
      Not through joy
      And they can't touch me now
      I got every sacrament behind me
      I got baptism, I got penance
      I got communion, I got extreme unction
      Man, I've got confirmation
      I was a Catholic boy
      Redeemed through pain
      And not through joy
      And now I'm a Catholic man
      I put my tongue to the rail whenever I can


  57. Stan is a fine man a good man and the best of men...

    course what would I know


    1. Stan, just like Tara, can be quite profound when he wants to be

  58. Copy pasted and auto translated from Russian to English:

    The location of the space templar is the space station Krug, also called "Magic Sun", which was understood as the "gateway" of the Light of Illu between the otherworldly and worldly worlds, lost among the stars. No one has ever been able to find this space base. Perhaps, it is there that the secrets of the space templar are hidden.

    1. Copy address and then use "paste and go".


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