Being this Story within Earth by Opeaus Blair

  Pinterest Beginnings are often lost to the mists of time; such is the case with the birth of (hu)man and ‘mother’ Earth (this planet we find ourselves inhabiting). Various disparate cultural beliefs tell stories of how (hu)man ‘evolved’ on Earth, and how this planet we call ‘home’ came to be. They fill countless tombs, that are often contradictory, though many seem to follow a ‘golden’ thread of truth. The telling of those tales is not the story that follows (for such a tale, to be truthful, has been well articulated elsewhere), instead this is the tale of how (hu)man is ‘integral’ to any observation of Earth and likewise, Earth (nature and the planets) are integral to any proper and full ‘understanding’ of (hu)man. We are the story of Earth; this planet tells our tale.

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