Wednesday, July 21, 2021



Street protests erupted across Cuba on July 11, 2021, once again placing Cuba in the worlds spotlight. I’m watching The Cuba Libre Story on Netflix at night and it’s a fascinating view. Many people don’t realize just how intimately entwined Cuba and America are, and just how deep their masonic ties go. Our man in Havana Joe Wentrup breaks it down for you here in a brief from ground zero. - Jack

Caribbean sovereignty comes at a price. Since Haiti gained its independence in 1791 through a slave revolt and became the first nation of its kind in the Western world, it has had to pay France for its freedom. Although its Cimarons taught Napoleon a lesson with their fighting prowess, Haiti was forced to pay billions of francs to the European "motherland" as a ransom. And all its open wounds are directly related to this exploitation.

Not even the largest of the Antilles could escape this fate: Cuba. Since the discovery of the "New World", Cuba has been the key to the American continent. And the key is its symbol: Wind and currencies carried European ships almost automatically to its shores and its main port and capital, Havana. Only with the advent of motorized ships and airplanes did this role fade. But a geostrategic location is a geostrategic location.

When the Masonic project of the United States of America became strong enough to take on the Spanish and Hispanic, that is, the Jesuits and the Vatican, they did so (starting with Mexico). In 1896, José Martí, Antonio Maceo and Máximo Gómez led the Cuban people to war. They were all Freemasons. So was the American president William McKinley. Cuba's new destiny was to become a semi-colony of the rising superpower, the United States.

The Vatican's revenge was a young man with Marxist ideas and Jesuit upbringing: Fidel Castro. In January 1959, the same month that his revolution won back Cuba for the Latin American community, the Vatican announced a council that would change Catholicism forever. The Church of Liberation, a Polish pope, the fall of communism in the West, and the first visit of a pope to Cuba were all part of this development - as is the current Argentine pope, who is more of a Freemason than a Jesuit.

However, like France in the case of Haiti, the U.S. could not accept the loss of its (semi) colony. Since the Monroe Doctrine, the northern part of the continent considered its south its backyard. And Fidel threatened to close that door. With the help of his Russian ally, he created a Soviet-style regime that guaranteed economic and political stability, even if Fidel chose his own path more than once. And the whole island followed his lead.

Friday, July 9, 2021

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