Monday, October 26, 2020

Dark Winter…

Watching Joe Biden and Donald Trump debate is like watching two monkeys locked in a cage hurling feces at each other. Nevertheless, considering the COVID panic Americans need to pay very close attention to what’s said. For Trumps part he has repeatedly threatened the Chinese with retaliation for unleashing the “Chinese plague” on America and promised his glassy eyed constituents that the military will oversee vaccination distribution. His rhetoric reveals intentions to initiate a biological war with China. But Trump is an amateur, in way over his head, and in the end most of what he says is just white noise. He is a pawn on the chessboard of the powers that be.

But on the other hand, Biden has unimpeachable Deep State credentials combined with a fast fading intellect that will sometimes cause him to unintentionally blurt out things he has been briefed on that only those who really run the government are supposed to know. In the last debate, he told Americans that they will be entering a Dark Winter, said it twice. Dark Winter is the name of a Bioterrorism Exercise run at Andrews Air Force Base from June 22-23, 2001, by the National Security Council.

“In their roles as National Security Council (NSC) members responding to the smallpox crisis, exercise participants were given information about unfolding events in four important ways: briefings, memos, newspaper summaries, and video news clips.

Each of the three segments began with briefings delivered to the NSC meeting by exercise controllers playing the roles of deputies or special assistants. Subsequent briefings in each segment provided NSC “players” with possible policy options for consideration.

Throughout the exercise, individual participants were given memos on issues or events within the purview of their position or agency. Participants responded to events in whatever way the felt appropriate.

The exercise began with a briefing on the geopolitical context in which the scenario occurs. At the start of segments 2 and 3, summaries of relevant news coverage of the epidemic were shown.

At five different times in the exercise, video news clips were shown which conveyed the breaking news stories occurring at that time in the scenario. The text of the news clips is not shown in this exercise script.” (1)

In the exercise Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Georgia are attacked in early December with Smallpox by an unidentified enemy. Three million cases with up to a million deaths are projected and much of the controversy we have seen with COVID prevention is anticipated. Closure of stores over the holidays is opposed by merchants, The ACLU sues Pennsylvania “over its decision to initiate mandatory vaccination of patient contacts and the imposition of travel restrictions.” (2)

Texas practically declares war on Oklahoma with the governor of Texas stating that all air traffic into Texas “originating or passing through the state of Oklahoma will similarly be stopped and turned back.” Vaccinations are limited with only “12 M doses in U.S. stockpile” and “foreign supplies limited…” (3)

The vaccination is only effective if given “3 – 5 days after exposure, with “exposure determined by history.” There are “no rapid, reliable tests” and there are “possible serious or lethal complications in 1/5000 Smallpox Vaccine.” Decisions must be made on “national vs. state vaccination policy? Ring vaccination vs. mass immunizations?” And of course, whether to hold aside “2.5 M doses for DOD? key officials?” And other various civil service miscreants like “public safety, elected officials? Their families?” (4)

After the September 11th, 2001 attack the Rand Corporation initiated their own study. Their study suggested that the “degree of integration between public health and hospitals with the planning activities of other emergency responders is greater for disaster and emergency response in general than for incidents involving the use of biological or chemical weapons.” They concluded that the “Dark Winter exercise made clear, integration between the public health and medical communities and that of other local emergency responders is a key concern.” (5)

In April of 2003, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the DoD ran a one year comprehensive study which stated goal was “to collect as much of the open source literature on manned gaming and simulations of terrorism involving WMD as possible, organize these data, and present them in an accessible format.” They concluded that “there has been little indication that exercises (or for that matter any other preparedness efforts) have resulted in substantively improved levels of preparedness for a WMD terrorism attack... (6)

Fast forward fifteen plus years and Americans are grappling with what is clearly, to the sentient among them, the first major biological attack. Clearly Trump, because that is what he has been told, blames China and has every intention of retaliating if reelected. Despite all these studies done a decade and half ago significant funds have never been allocated in accordance with their findings. Make no mistake about it. America will wipe China from the map in a war of annihilation but there will be few Americans left to enjoy the fruits of victory. Perhaps that is just the way it is intended…


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