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Guest Post The Spartacus Letter

A comment about, and copy of, The Spartacus Letter

"I am Spartacus" said the slaves who revolted.

And truly by then they had been educated well by him, and each other, and were as Spartacus.

The humans of planet Earth, the everyday people, are awakening to feelings of dread, not quite sure the source, but the feeling is there. As they begin to look, really look, for that source of they find that they have become slaves or are being convinced to give themselves to slavery through fear. Many see and ask who is pulling the strings? Others ask how could this happen? Sounds a bit like the empire in the time of Spartacus doesn't it.

Those of less foggy thinking, those who have had their eyes open to the plight longer, and those who have greater knowledge, experience and expertise see it for what it is. Enslavement of the entire planet's population to serve only the few.

Upon gaining the knowledge so eloquently presented at the following link you too may say "I am Spartacus!". Once a slave, now with the knowledge to become free. Each can be free through a personal revolt, do not follow what you know is wrong. We are humans with a spirit for life and experience. In many that life is being cut short, purposefully and willfully cut short. Stand up, talk to people, share the truth. Lies cannot stand up in the end to the human spirit.

Revolt is coming, leaders will rise, fights will be fought, people will help each other in ways unimagined. The framers of the United States Constitution knew this. They attempted to cut it short by ensuring that the rights of the people were spelled out clearly, with no ambiguity. We see what straying from personal rights and liberties leads to.

After you read this piece by an anonymous author named Spartacus I implore you to first consider what you have read here today. Consider what could be the reason for such a crazy world. There is no rational reason for what is occurring to humanity. Rational reasons certainly have no place in justifying what people are forced to endure. Read the references of this letter if you like, they will show the truth of what Spartacus says. This information can be verified time and again if the researchers but look and share the data.

Finally, GET MAD, share this knowledge, share this page. The points made have been corroborated by other sources. You are being duped through the fog of fear. See through it, walk through the fog of noise, find others, teach them, stand up together and say "I am Spartacus. The leader of the slave revolt!"


The letter reproduced below is important and better make you angry!

From the editor - I will not address issues with the source site if you find some, I really care less the source of truth, the content is spot on.

This article and letter originally from https://www.theautomaticearth.com/2021/09/spartacus/

Sep 26, 2021

  September 26, 2021  Posted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer at 12:28 pm 

This is an anonymously posted document by someone who calls themselves Spartacus. Because it’s anonymous, I can’t contact them to ask for permission to publish. So I hesitated for a while, but it’s simply the best document I’ve seen on Covid, vaccines, etc. Whoever Spartacus is, they have a very elaborate knowledge in “the field”. If you want to know a lot more about the no. 1 issue in the world today, read it. And don’t worry if you don’t understand every single word, neither do I. But I learned a lot.

The original PDF doc is here: Covid19 – The Spartacus Letter  

(Editor’s note: the link has been deleted from the internet, Phil) 

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