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Twin Peaks, Miguel Serrano & the Hard Science of Orgasmic Energy 1

Twin Peaks, Miguel Serrano & the Hard Science of Orgasmic Energy

Part 1 of 3 

By Jack Heart & Orage

As Twin Peaks 2017 begins building to a crescendo Gordon Cole, Deputy Director of the FBI, tells agents Albert Rosenfield and Tammy Preston “last night I had another Monica Bellucci dream. I was in Paris on a case. Monica called and asked me to meet her at a certain café. She said she had to talk to me. When we met at the café Cooper was there but I couldn’t see his face. Monica was very pleasant she had brought friends. We all had a coffee and then she said the ancient phrase ‘we are like the dreamer who dreams then lives inside the dream’ I told her I understood. And then she said ‘but who is the dreamer’ A very powerful uneasy feeling came over me...”1   

There is a story told by Miguel Serrano in his El/Ella Book of Magic Love. A knight from the future goes in search of the besieged fortress of Montsegur and arrives centuries after it has been captured and destroyed. “The knight paused for a while, looking at the ruins and wondering whether he was dreaming of the past or the future. His meditations were soon interrupted by the last Cathar. 

“Since you’re here,” he said “I’ll tell you a secret. It’s really your own destiny. At the bottom of Montsegur a beautiful girl lies asleep. No one has ever wakened her. She is being kept asleep by the Perfect Ones, who are waiting for a savior to come from far away. When she wakes, Montsegur will be destroyed and the Perfect Ones will die in the flames.” 2
The questing knight is appalled. “But I’ve come to save Montsegur, not to destroy it. I certainly won’t wake her up.”3 The last Cathar answers. “The Perfect Ones know what they are doing. They don’t make mistakes. They act according to their destiny and are guided by someone else who thinks and dreams their existence. Perhaps they are guided by this girl. For them the destruction of Montsegur would be a triumph. Therefore you must go to this girl and make her your mistress. That’s the only way to save Montsegur now.”4
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Most recognize or are at least familiar with this story’s homogenized version, embodied in the children’s fairytale Sleeping Beauty and its slightly less homogenized adult version, Parzival. Both of these tales trace their roots back to the wandering troubadours of Europe, refugees from the papacies ruthless suppression of Catharism in the early thirteenth century. During this papal atrocity known as the Albigensian Crusade, many Cathar troubadours found asylum in the court of Frederick II, grandson of Barbarossa and the third and last of the great Hohenstaufen emperors. Fredrick’s formal titles included Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Romans, King of Sicily, and King of Jerusalem. The Pope simply called him the Anti-Christ...

Folklore has it that Fredrick himself or his grandfather the fiery Barbarossa sleeps in the depths of the Untersberg Mountain, tended to by elves and awaiting the day of his awakening when he will lead the forces of righteousness against the tyrants' armies in a European version of Armageddon. The Untersberg Mountain is where the legendary Die Herren Vom Schwarzen Stein, the chivalric Templar Order from which the fearsome SS took their acronym, received visitation and instruction from the Goddess Ishtar in the early thirteenth century. On a visit to Austria in 1992, the Dalai Lama, one of Miguel Serrano’s closest personal friends; “asked to see the Untersberg Mountain, calling it “a sleeping Dragon” and “The Heart Chakra of the World.””5


The Untersberg Mountain lies on the border of Austria and Germany. Montségur is on the other side of Europe on the French side of the Pyrenees. It is there the Cathars made their last stand against the genocidal forces of the pope in 1244. El/Ella Book of Magic Love is divided into three parts. Each part is named after a storied mountain range from diverse parts of the world. The story about the dreaming Goddess is in The Pyrenees, the second part of Serrano’s El/Ella Book of Magic Love. It tells the story of the questing knight and his desperate journey through time to join the besieged knights defending Montsegur and find the lover of his dreams.

After leaving the ruins “the knight wandered alone in the mountains where he eventually came upon a cave. There he stayed for days and months. The troubadour would come and bring him food, and after a while he became a continual though unobtrusive companion. One day he told the knight he had done well to stay in the cave. He said that the Perfect Ones carved signs on the walls of their caves centuries ago.” 6 Gradually “the knight began to perceive a face on the rock wall. It was a woman’s, and strangely familiar. The man was alarmed, not knowing who had carved it, or who it represented, but something made him adore it.”7

The knight slowly became obsessed with the face, repeatedly asking it questions and “the shadowy face began to loosen itself from the wall. As this went on the image of a woman’s body began to take shape at the entrance of the cave. It didn’t have a face but approached him and went up to the stone face, which it lifted up and placed on its own body.

“Now I can finally speak,” it said. I will speak in the name of all the others because I am the master of their masters. I control the Perfect Ones in all their being. I come from a great distance. With the help of the Cathars and the troubadours I shall take possession of this whole region. I am the Mother and I alone know the secret.”8

The knight growing impatient to reach the besieged Montsegur asks the troubadour how much longer he would have to remain in the cave. “The troubadour replied that it took at least twenty years of training to be ready. “How long have you been here?” he asked. “A few centuries,” answered the knight. “let me see, we are now in the year 1244, and I came here from Asia in 900. Yet in a sense I feel I’ve only been here a few minutes.”9 Winter sets in and the impatient knight is again unsuccessful in his attempt to join the besieged Montsegur, finding once again only ruins at the mountains summit. He goes back to the cave to “contemplate the mothers face. When he returned, he discovered that the face had disappeared.”10

The Knight searches the walls of the cave for the face in futility beginning to doubt that he had ever seen her come into the “cave and put a head on her own body, like a mask.”11 In the midst of his self doubt a beautiful woman enters the “cave with bare feet, wearing a long white gown which nearly reached the ground. Without touching the stalactites, she made her way into the interior of the cave and walked over to the place where the woman’s face had been. As she walked her eyes were wide open and her arms hung down by her side. “I’ve come down from the mountain even though I am asleep. I’ve been sleeping for ages and waiting for you to wake me up. Unless you do that here in your cave Montsegur will never be destroyed.”12

Again he registers his objections over the destruction of Montsegur, this time to her but then he resolves to obey her wishes. “She had had slept for over three centuries at the base of the mountain on which the castle of Montsegur was built. The Perfect Ones had found her sleeping there and had left her alone because they knew that once she was disturbed, their castle would be destroyed.”13 In a secret room she lay “stretched out on a stone platform and covered with a transparent veil, like a bride.”14

Sometimes she would walk in her sleep occasionally scaling the “passageway that led to the top of the mountain. The Perfect Ones who guarded the castle knew immediately when she had risen from her bed, or tomb, at the foot of the hill. They did nothing. They would merely watch in ecstasy and in wonder, overcome with the mystery of her existence. More than one knight guarding the castle sighed as he watched her walk along the battlements or pause at a sentry fire as though she were warming herself.”15

After their first encounter, the knight does not see her for a long time and the troubadour “came with his lute, sat down next to a tree outside the cave and began to speak: “You’re now the supplicant. What you are going through was revealed to me by the first troubadour. He received the message from a falcon perched on a golden branch of one of the oldest trees in Eden.” He then repeated the message he had heard: “Only he who is prepared will reach Montsegur.”16 He then left.

Eventually, she returns to the cave and they talk of their love for each other before she kisses him lightly on the lips. “Then she left, passing over the surface of the ice as though walking along a ray of moonlight.”17 The feathery kiss lingers with the knight and he takes to walking through the snow covered forest growing enchanted. “More and more he began to live in her. Her solitude became his, and he felt himself enveloped by her sleeping essence. The troubadour then came to say that she would come that night.”18

That night he imagines her rising from her stone bed. “He knew she had entered the forest where his cave was because he felt himself getting so chilled that his flesh burned with the cold. When she arrived she looked deep into his eyes, without seeing anything. Then she let her gown fall slowly from her shoulders, first revealing her breasts, and then the rest of her body. She stood before him naked, trembling and vibrating, but with a triumphant smile on her face. In it he recognized the look of the Mother on the wall of the cave.”19

Gazing at the sight of her naked body the knight himself is frozen by fearful ecstasy. “Her body exuded an intangible substance that penetrated him. He realized that she possessed a magical power, and his feelings went beyond those of love and desire. He was confronting a vision that emerged from the depths of time, and her silent presence contributed to his understanding.”20 She came to his bed made of branches and skins and undressed him. Then she lay down at his side staring up at the ceiling of the cave “without seeing him, caught in her own dreams staring at her private sky, she began to speak. “My knight,” she said “I’ve not come to you but you have come to me at the foot of the mountain. You’ve entered the circular tomb where I lie dead or asleep. And now you must wake me up according to the directions I give you.”21

She trembled on the brink of waking from her dream as she embraced him, returning the warmth she had taken from him before. “Her hands caressed him, touching centers that were dormant in him. Whole worlds were aroused in his flesh. She had turned the key and was reviving the latent power of his flesh.”22 The knight emptied his mind, knowing that he must now give the sexual performance not only of his life but of all of time. “One mistake or indiscretion would ruin everything. She would never wake up. Montsegur would therefore be neither destroyed nor saved. He wondered how many knights must have failed this ultimate test called Asag.”23

He tells her that she is ready now to wake up and they will live together “in this new dimension, in this new condition of waking sleep.”24 The mothers face again materialized on the wall. “Insinuatingly it detached itself and approached the knight. “Come, take me,” it said. “Take me like a warrior, a real knight. I’ll give you my heart to devour and afterward we can exchange blood. “It’s too late now,” he replied. “I’m attached to another. Love has only one purpose, and that is the fusion of hearts.” The woman’s face faded from the wall. Once again the girl returned and pressed herself upon him, kissing him with open lips.”25

The knight is up to it and they exchange hearts. He now shared her dreams and visions, her sorrows and ecstasies and she shared his. “He now had a woman’s heart and she a mans. This fusion meant that each had a greater life: each had a heart with wings. They could move through space and visit the castle, the cave, the base of the mountain where the enemy was camped, and no one could stop them.26

When finally the snows melt he rides out from his cave to join the besieged knights of Montsegur. He now knows exactly where Montsegur is, because his heart, with her, is already there. The troubadour, like his shadow, follows him across the bridge and speaks the parting words. “Your story is not a tale of love like ours: it is more secret and ancient. Yours is the solar story of loveless love that was lost with the flood. I’ve only a glimmering of it. Our stories tell of love affairs between common men and queens, where as yours are always of exalted people, kings and queens. In the same way, your sleeping beauty is a queen and her lover a king.”27

He joins the knights at their table and is “allowed to enter the circle and sit with her beside him as a defender of Montsegur”28 In time she explains “that for centuries these mountains had been a refuge for holy men. When the great Flood drowned the continent of the god-men, and when the third moon fell to earth, the keys of their knowledge were saved and kept in the mountains. They were all that survived from one world to another.”29

Montsegur is the repository where the Jewel from the Crown of Lucifer is kept. Fallen from Lucifer’s head long ago in combat, it is a gem that shines like frozen fire, it’s green and white light brighter than the sun itself. When restored to its rightful place and Lucifer as the guardian of love is vindicated, it can and will transubstantiate all that has been created in error back to its original pristine source.

Serrano’s soliloquy on Montsegur ends when she tells her knight “Only those who walk backward can find it. It is a talisman that links the individual to the morning star. For centuries this talisman has gone from hand to hand. Originally it came from the Orient but it was taken from there and has finally come to this place. When Montsegur falls, it will be sent to some distant land, perhaps to a place that is still unknown. “In the meantime,” she said “Montsegur will always be special, for its story will pass down through the ages, transforming the lives of all who know it.”30

Finally, the knight is permitted an audience with one of the Perfect Ones and from him he learns that he is really in the ruins of a castle that was destroyed seven hundred years ago. “All you’re seeing is the ghostly shadow of something that hasn’t existed on earth for centuries. It exists only in the light of a distant star. You are coming here from the future. You’ve been able to cross intersecting planes of light. Perhaps you are in a parallel time in which Montsegur both exists and is destroyed. But the fall of Montsegur is always taking place, each time with a different luminosity.

Even though these parallel times cross each other, they do not touch. They are like the bells sounding in closed universes. What happens here on earth has already had a prior existence somewhere else through some other consecration of light and continuum of time. You and I are taking part in the distant drama of Montsegur and at the same time we’re engaged in personal drama within ourselves.”31 The perfect One ends his revelation by telling the knight “that just before the castle fell, four knights succeeded in escaping by means of a silver rope. They took the treasure of Montsegur with them...”32

Twin Peaks 2017

As Lynch winds his script up to deliver the finale of Twin Peaks 2017, which is nothing less than a tour de force through the darkest secrets of the Magi from the Arcadian Mysteries to the Babylon Working, Special Agent Dale Cooper is transported back in time to where it all began. Everything is in black and white. Laura Palmer, who represents Persephone or more accurately Despoina of the far older Arcadian Mysteries, fights with her lover the ineffectual and clueless James Hurly. She jumps off his bike and runs hysterically into the woods in the middle of the night. James true to form rides off on his Harley leaving her there. Laura is heading for a rendezvous with Death and the Devil. Her gruesome murder that night will begin the Twin Peaks saga the next day when her body, “covered with a transparent” plastic, washes up on a stony river bank at the base of a mountainous rock on the outskirts of the town.

As Laura makes her way through Ghostwood National Forest on her way to party with the villainous “Leo Johnson and his cocaine dealing accomplice the disgustingly obese Jacques Renault,”33 she is intercepted by Cooper. She pauses in the ancient woods haunted by Owls, momentarily startled by his sudden appearance in front of her. “Do I know you?” she asks. “Wait. I’ve seen you in a dream.”34 He reaches his hand out to her and she takes it. The view flashes to her corpse shrouded in plastic and sprawled at the foot of the great stone on the gravel strewn beach. What would have been in the morning can no longer be. As Cooper promised right before he cut the deck “the past dictates the future.”35

Wrapped in Plastic

Laura’s body blinks off the screen like someone has just edited the film in an old movie. The view switches back to the dark and foreboding forest. As she clutches his hand Laura asks Cooper “where are we going?” He answers “we are going home...”36

Everything is now once again in color. In scenes from the Twin Peaks pilot premiered over a quarter century ago Josie Packard, the owner of the Packard Mill by way of deception, frets over her appearance in the mirror. Josie is Asian, representative of the West’s Khazarian monetary overlords. Pete Martell –the husband of the mill's former owner Catherine and the discoverer of Laura Palmer’s body– fishes serenely from a pier beside the now empty beach where Laura’s body should be.

Sarah Palmer, Laura’s mother and representative of Demeter or more accurately Erinys, as Demeter is known in the Acadian Mysteries, wails like an animal, unseen in another room. She rushes into view raging, which is what Erinys means, and grabs a knife. Still wailing, she stabs Laura’s picture repeatedly as the soundtrack broadcasts a noise like a stuck record. The picture is in a loop and all she can do is break the glass on the frame. The thrusts of her steely knife over and over again are unable to even scratch Laura’s picture...

As Cooper makes his way through the dark and tangled forest leading Laura by the hand there is a clicking sound. It is the same sound that was coming from the old gramophone when Lynch began Twin Peaks 2017 with the Giant, referring to Saturn now being in Capricorn, telling Cooper “It is in…our house now.”37 There is a whooshing noise, like something being swept away by the wind and Cooper looks back to see that Laura is no longer there. Her prolonged scream of terror echoes through the forest and hangs like a pall, even after all that is left to be heard is the sounds of chirping crickets. Various versions of this theme, with Laura screaming in terror as she slips from Coopers grasp, are repeated throughout the Twin Peaks saga, right up until its very end.

The third and last part of El/Ella Book of Magic Love is titled The Andes and deals primarily with Serrano’s personal quest, as an initiate of a never-named Secret Society, to internalize Magic Love. He relates a repetitive dream of an event from his childhood that never happened. For anyone who has watched Twin Peaks, there is something very familiar about Serrano’s dream.

“He was climbing over rocks with a young girl of his own age when suddenly she slipped and began to fall. He grabbed her hand and held on to her as long as he could. But gradually her hand slipped out of his own. As she began to go she gazed fixedly at him. Just before their hands parted he saw the intensity of her terror, which seemed to encompass the whole world. Her scream hung in the air.” 38

Serrano wonders “whether he was experiencing an event from some simultaneous or parallel existence.” He muses that perhaps “life on earth was less real than something taking place somewhere else, even though it had a certain relationship to daily existence...”39

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    1. That is naturally of course, until Graduation Day. I don't recall the Sanskrit word/name for that moment of transition, but the "Christian" title of the 4th Initiation is the "Crucifixtion," as when all the microcircuits of the stepdown transformer burn out and the pure power of the Spirit comes rushing in like a bolt of white lightning. The White Light, the Monad, the Spark, "that fragment of Creation that is in every human being." The entitlement of this diploma is stated in full, and reads that the Initiate is now a Being Unto Itself. It can do what It wants and It can go where It wants. Or It can just stay right here, to play this game on earth, and be known as the Perfect Player. The Perfected Perfect Player, that knows the Laws of Nature down here, and the Laws Of Creation Up There. So let there be order in the Court, where Justice is served.

      In the Crucifixtion of the Triple Flame, you are (thou art), forever risen, and forever received, in Judgement.

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    1. Well from what I understand, there was people from Hollywood, Ca. making it over to Switzerland when things began to roll around 1975. The Swisslanders thought the Hollywood people who stared in movies or made movies like Steven Spielberg, would be useful in spreading the announcement this big event. When Spielberg asked the "Swiss farmer" Billy Meier how he produced such clear photos of UFO's, Billy told Spielberg he just pointed his camera and took the picture, and was not some kind of photo image studio artist who could make billions of dollars in Hollywood. After that, Spielberg said thank you, goodbye. Then there was the famous writer that wrote the scripts for Star Trek. The Plejaren woman, Semjase, was not fooling around when told Billy Meier back then, that it was her people that made the connection with the Vril Ladies. I didn't know "anything," until the Summer of 1986. Then a few months later in October, something was floating in the sky over my neighborhood and put on a pretty good show, it was even was written up in San Jose 'Mercury' Newspaper. So being tuned in to what is really up, and what is really going down, the path is clear and wide open, all the way up to the ridge top, where you can look and see everything, from the skylines to the gateways of infinity, flying on twin tachyon anti-gravity impulse engines.

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      The Plejaren, the "P" word, is strictly unkosher in the commercial world of UFO's and Ancient Aliens, because of what they did regarding the Vril Ladies, and that's a true fact Jack.

    3. You so cray cray, Stan. What do you know from a Vril? They are here. I know it. They’ve always been here. They either are the Sweet Tart People AkA Light Walkers or they hang out with them. That’s who they told me they were. I said who are you? They said the Sweet Tart People so I wouldn’t be scared of them. They took me out of of my house in the night when I was a little tiny girl still wishing I was the ballerina inside my jewelry box. Those are the facts Jack. Thanks Stan.

    4. Everything is everything. Just like the god (not the Schlomo / Christian gods who are going to die) poured itself into the multiverse and now this fake holding pattern hologram. It has to do with Jung and the archetypal representation of reality. I knew of Jung but as I learned here a lot of his important work has been dedacted or squelched in the maelstrom. At present, Lynch has done it better than anyone else. I listened to the most recent Heart interview on YouTube and it appeared that perhaps there are those who have the nerve to question why Lynch is being discussed. He Knew it. His symbolism brings together the old and the new. There is really nothing new. The Runes are an electric living language and he put those shows out for people like me who need clarification. Now the stories of the ancestors are able to surface into the conscious collective with the assistance of Jack Heart. The problem is that there are very precious few who can embrace these truths to begin with and even fewer who posses the comprehensive abilities required in order to digest those truths. Add to that the pushback from those who stand to lose if these truths are embraced wholeheartedly by those real humans who seek both micro and macro freedoms. If that doesn’t redeem my madwoman status I don’t know what will.

  8. Tara? You are hogging the boards with useless input, again. Remember, readers from all over aren't really that interested in your mental operations. We've brought this up before, haven't we?
    Just take a breath, and count to ten whenever you get an, errrr..'impulse' again. And let it be....

    1. Okay. But I thought he was going to write about the “aliens” coming up later on in the blog entries. I mean saw something that said that those topics were going to be covered here. I thought I did anyway. Thanks.

    2. Also, I know Nine talks about the et’s or whatever they are. The whole thing has to do with them because the Germans got the tech from them. I thought my experience is pertinent because that experience is one of the main reasons I’m still here. I know someone around here has the answers.

    3. Riding on the rails of that crazy white train with the Black Sabbath,here we go now

    4. Thank you Anon, this is a new piece, only published 2 days ago. I’ve worked my ass off on it for two weeks. I was looking forward to some pertinent comments on it; instead all I got here is Diary of a Madwoman. And she tells anyone who will listen how much she loves me, sure got a strange way of showing it...

    5. I do love you. You know it’s true. I thought my comment about the transcendental meditation that Lynch was probably utilizing was a pretty good inquiry. I guess it would have taken too much speculation in order to address that. I am a mad women. I’m in the company of the absolute smartest men on the planet with all the good secrets. I’m very excited about that and I’m not smart enough to be able to share you with anyone. It’s a terrible feeling.

    6. I'm afraid the current state of affairs are analogous to the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf, Tara. Sure, you contribute something of value on occasion, as we all do, but there's also so much subjective warblings that the good stuff kinda gets lost in the rush, so to speak. Hence, one scans over the posts and pays little heed to the content. Cry wolf one to many times and then it's too late. Standard life's lesson right there, regardless of culture.

  9. Hi,
    I apologize for being disruptive to the thread. The blog afforded me Puharich. I know he saw them. I still think that somehow I’m going to get some answers about my dealings with those “space” entities. There’s stuff about the Skinwalker ranch & MUFON being sold etc on this blog and that’s why I know I’m on the right track. I talked to someone from MUFON in ‘09. If we had full disclosure then Schlomo would be out of business. I started here talking about the Light Walkers. I deserve the truth. This piece of the puzzle along with the Germans, Serrano and TP must be all fitting together in order for me to be able to leave this world without this nagging splinter in my mind. I don’t know if anyone realizes how embarrassing this is for me but it’s worth it.

    1. Oh that's much better Tara, thing is this is Orage and I's blog and you make 4 comments for every one i make and 10 for every one Orage makes. This blog is going on a half a million hits now, do you really think that's fair to our readers?

    2. No I don’t. I’m stupid about how the software works as well. I think my last comment here has really gotten it out of my system. Let me go back to observing and learning just like I did before I first commented. I promise I will. I have impulse control issues (shocker) but I feel confident that those are under control now. 8 of cups. Saying goodbye to bad habits of being childishly needy and needing to be heard. Thank you.

    3. But oh, my goodness, Tara, aren't you all so polite over on the VT threads? Not a swear word—or an odd word, for that matter—to be had! Like another person, almost! Good on you. You can treat Gordon's posts with decorum and respect; now try doing the same for Jack. And beware: as the old saying goes 'familiarity breeds contempt'.
      From now on, let's have that metaphorical towel wrapped snugly 'round yourself whenever you step out of the shower in future! Your 'hubby' may be around, but a bit of feminine modesty is never out of place no matter how long you've known each other.
      A. Friend.

    4. Ok that will be the last of these kind of posts. All others in that direction will be deemed spam and marked accordingly. "Nachtreten" isn't very gentleman-like. Look it up.

    5. Oh but can we just keep this one Orage? Please? Please Pretty Please?...
      I noticed that shit myself, but on a serious note we are almost ready if I can resist the temptation to read Revolt Against the Modern World myself, and just go on to Hermann Wirth. I just cannot believe that the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI let that that vile Jewish hit piece stand on Wikipedia as a representation to English speaking, not yet Bolshevik students, of one the right wings most important thinkers, absolutely fucking disgusting...
      And I don’t even like Evola, but this is why we are distilling pure stupidity in the West...

    6. That's the thing, Jack. It's not about like or don't like. Do not slander, do not lie. Not about your friends, not about your adversaries. As if it is second nature… a sickness that festers, and devours. Gotta do the sifting and the narration just a bit longer, it seems.

    7. I mean students are told to read Karl Marx, as they should be, but if you are going to read Marx you must also read Evola, that’s intelligence, knowing both sides of an argument. Again, I don’t see Schlomo as having the kind of juice that permits that Wikipedia slander to stand unopposed, that’s gotta be the Vatican, they are very paranoid of Evola. Mussolini actually threatened them with him to bring them in line with his own style of fascism; Evola takes no prisoners and makes no concessions. From what little I have read of Revolt Against the Modern World, wow, no wonder people like Mircea Eliade found God in those words. But I second the SS opinion myself, outside of Himmler who loved him, just too elitist. I mean the aristocracy have proved personally to me they are not worth one thin dime, why would we ever give them Evola now?...

  10. This is Jack's most awesome work yet. His perspicacity of the true nature of reality entwined with Miguel Serrano's mystical sagacity is not just a mind blowing but a spirit blowing cocktail of mythic proportions. On topic, I highly recommend two magnificent tomes on the Cathars and Montsegur. "The Treasure of Montsegur" by Sophie Burnham and "The Fire and the Light" by Glen Craney. One of Master Serrano's closest friends was a Cathar poet whose name eludes me now. Keep throwing those haymakers Jack. As for that insulting, imbecilic subhuman, I'll be happy to take care of your light work for you.

    1. I'll be getting on Serrano as soon as I am done answering comments on Patreon. I will have to be sharp I'm still learning about Serrano myself Heretic. Master Serrano is right, talk about Kings and Queens bowing down before you. In fact I do believe the Outlaws wrote this song just for him.

      In a place you only dream of where your soul is always free
      Silver stages, golden curtains, filled my head plain as can be
      As a rainbow grew round the sun all the stars I've love who died
      Came from somewhere beyond the scene you see these lovely people played just for me

      If I let you see this place where stories all ring true
      Will you let me past your face to see what's really you
      It's not for me I ask these questions as though I were a king
      For you have to love, believe and feel before the burst of tamborines take you there

      Green grass and high tides forever
      Castles of stone souls and glory
      Lost faces say we adore you
      As kings and queens bow and play for you

      Those who don't believe me, find your souls and set them free
      Those who do, believe and love as time will be your key
      Time and time again I've thanked them for a peace of mind
      They helped me find myself amongst the music and the rhyme that enchants you there

      Green grass and high tides forever
      Castles of stone souls and glory
      Lost faces say we adore you
      As kings and queens bow and play for you


    2. And please my friend, for me, leave the sub-creature be, just another pawn in Her never ending games

  11. Jack/George,
    I agree. Disappointed there aren't more comments on the boards here and VT regarding your latest article -- or others for that matter -- though not surprised as your/Osage's work is SO esoteric, deep, misunderstood that few would even know where to begin (see; me). That said, I've no doubt there are multitudes of lurkers, like myself, who hang in the shadows while trying to make sense, connect dots, learn of your work while knowing/feeling something resonates. I don't know, bro, just speaking for myself but your offerings are so new-ish (to the masses) it takes time to chew, digest -- consider. Just hope the lack of response on the boards, save Ter'ble (as Charles "Round Mound O' Rebound" Barkley would say ;) ) doesn't discourage you or O?

    Doubt I'm alone in being a bit outta my league in understanding all of your research, but as I mentioned on VT a while back -- never would've considered watching TP till you suggested it -- so glad you did. (I recently turned 50 -- point being TP was in my "era" and I recall my then-girlfriend loved the show. Sadly, she enjoyed Wings, Coach, and Northern Exposure, too ;) )

    Anyway, looking forward to your next...whatchamacallit!

    1. Thanks Mile High. The beauty of this process of re-membering is that all willing can participate. If you go back to when we started writing and compare to now, many things are in the conversation that were obscure fragments then. It's a very dynamic concept, the past and future interacting with the ever present, and you may notice that topics return in an elyptical way and add new meaning. Once learned how to observe in an active way you get innoculated against dogma that rings untrue. Cheers!

  12. No I don't get discouraged easily MH, specially when its something that has to get done, I only get scared sometimes because the walls seem to be closing in on all this monetarily. I want to get done because I want to go back to designing Penthouse gardens for Schlomo in Manhattan. Say what you will about that schlomo fella, I always do, but he does pay so much better than the unwashed masses that he is fleecing. I got more comments than i can answer already, I gave up trying to answer emails years ago. In fact I got to get on Patreon now and give my patrons their moneys worth, just waiting for dinner and laundry to be done. I gotta do all that kind of stuff too, not only for myself but for my sick mother whom I take care of. What i would give just to make a couple of grand a week again, life was so much simpler, and thank you again MH...

  13. I am going to publish here a very nice long poem called "The Keeper Of The Herds." I am going write it out in paragraphs instead of lines. It comes from the Argentum Astrum, the A .'. A .'. , regarding the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
    Then there is the "Cruel One," a high grade, long dead, renegade Plejaren, earth humans worshiped as Jehovah.

  14. Feel the same as MH Jack/ Orage... trying to piece it all together from way back in the early VT Black Sun days..Serrano has been there for me awhile.. will donate somehow, but even posting this is not a good feeling for me... but.. keep the line of thought open for the anonymous hits that are trying....

    1. Keep posting. When that not so good feeling comes, just breathe and let it go. I've got your back.

  15. Jack-O,
    No doubt you guys have balls o' steele exposing these entities and their Schlomosexual, censor-happy servants. It's not an easy task when the rules of engagement mimick the one, or three, of Fight Club -- especially considering their experience.

    Gotta say, Jack, that your late stage, self-taught writing style is beyond unique. Honestly, it use to frustrate me, beginning with Black Sun. Though hooked, I wasn't sure if you were some sort of savant or madman as I was literally forced to reread your complex, detailed articles paragraphs at a time at least twice. If you only knew how important it was that you shared your life experiences, which are F'n awesome btw (we share more than a few which I may share sometime), in later columns which allowed us (me at least) to understand the author more and what shaped you. Though I still have to rescan your articles, it's much easier now since I kinda know where you're coming from? Perhaps therein lies the genius, as your unique life has shaped you for this (with intent?) all along. Not trying to sound like a fanboy here, but you really have had an extraordinary ride thus far and you're just saddling up, O riding shotgun. Talent eventually finds its way, I appreciate you taking us along.

  16. What is going on with Duff and VT and all the Catholic stuff?

    Lucifer running the Church and all?

    I will show you what's going on and it's in TP season 3 episode 8.

    Whatever it is it's not human and more like our Jack's skinwalker!

    What do I know...


    1. Nine, I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Episode 8. A few weeks before I saw that episode, the goofy eclipse happened. I was advised to meditate during it to see what I could see. What I saw was a pyramid that to my surprise, was in the exact same location as the Giant's stronghold which held his Glocke. I ran it by Jack and he said it was the City of the Pyramids. I'm trying to tie the pieces to this puzzle together. Die Glocke, Crowley, Babylon, City of the Pyramids, and the Ahnernebe. I'm getting close. Or It's getting closer to me. Learning to "travel without moving."

  17. mile high,


    I did not write this as Jack did!!!


    1. Did i write that nine? seems like so long ago, no?

      I think what nine is trying to say MH, without trying to do my job for me because nine is very considerate that way, is just what i said in the VT comment section, or rather just what Charlie Daniels said "Cause Hells broke lose in Georgia and the Devil deals the cards..."

      and thank you again for the complements MH, like the troubadour said it takes 20 years of training, the Babylon Working failed to occur in 1989, I wrote my first piece published on Open Salon at the end of 2009...

  18. Excellent piece have been doing some of the reading from the references and i am very impressed, i must say though some of it was known to me but its putting it into the correct frame of reference well done mate keep it up.

  19. Now I understand vt Jack,

    A "shithole" of Trump supporters who are conservative Catholic/evangelical Christian morons judging by the comments!

    Schlomo has those dumb fucks by the nads as they support those who have gutted wages and working conditions in America as I guess that they are getting what they deserve in spite of Mr Duff's warnings about such people!

    That is also why few comment on your work as it's a bitch slap Jack!

    Great article..


    1. Plastic America has its perfect Clown that promissed plastic renewal. She's dead. Wrapped in plastic. Sad, but not hopeless. VT's recent takes seem to follow Dugin & Co, again with twisted names providing spin, i.e. Lucifer, the son of the widdower cast as hidden master, where Serrano positiones him as champion of the defeated traditions.
      Consider this quote, and think of what the Clow promised and so quickly burned down. Do we let them re-thread that tire for another round of the wheel or push through?
      Alexander Dugin: "Signs indicate that today we are reaching last precinct of the intensive super drama of the world history. In this drama people are brothers-in-arms of archangels. In liturgical orthodox irmos was written: “And gave God to people little less then to angels”.

      Almost all religions and traditions claim – globalization, “new world order” , “unipolar world”, “world cabinet” – are symbols of Lucifer , strategic constructions of “God enemies” – Archangel Michael`s direct enemies. Christians identify this “new world order” as “antichrist”, muslims as “dadjallah”, judes – “great melting” (“erev rav”), hinduists – as forces of Kali Juga, Buddhists – Mara, demon of illusion.v On the other side of all differences between doctrines, rituals and dogmata exists special tradition – tradition of Archangel Michael, “michaelic” veiled light. It is affiliation of human to “hierohistory”, right (and obligation) to be a soldier of one of the two opposing armies."

    2. High Orage and Jack from Germany,

      Thanks for this very well done first story of three. I'm trying to guess it's hidden meanings, but I'm not that versed in esoteric matters. So I have to read on next times and get with the flow of the whole plot.

      What I'm rather involved in, is the development of a free mind and that also inherits a firm and moral spiritual component. If I see it correctly, it is like too sides of the same coin coin. This struggle is of course larger, in Germany and as well in the US.

      The real long time spiritual struggle for Germany has not been fought yet and it is profoundly connected to the Struggle of and about Russia. The freeing of our collective minds from all shadows in our past will be the most gigantic fight for freedom (not war) that has ever taken place here on earth. That's why they stole Carpar Hauser, because he had deeper knowledge and understanding which might have been able to change the flow of middle European history right up to this this day. I'm very much into the study of Steiner now, whom I call the first true "Geisteswissenschaftler", because he also could have changed more, if he hadn't - temporarily - been captured by dark forces.

      We have the free choice, so it's up to us.

      Thanks, Detlef

    3. Wait till you see the next one Detlef, we have a message for the chicken farmers, the chickens will of course cluck away about what fine entertainment it all is, but the farmer he won't have the luxury of their blissful ignorance...

      "In the Meantime" Debra Harry and the girls would just like to say...

    4. Inheritance is excatly right, Detlef. Once the arteries are unclogged, the heart and mind will get the needed oxygen-rich blood to remember the blueprint of the ancestors. Well underway.

  20. I looked up Dugan and he seems to be Russia's counterpart to America's conservative evangelical/Catholics who fuel each society to move to the political right and to war!

    Putin seems to resist this but I don't know...


    1. Nine, it's more complex than that. More like front-running to control a profound message to one's own means. Unrelated: Just tried to post to the void 5 times on VT's glory to Stalin article.
      "Detlef, Garry: One of the great ironies of the 20th century is that two National Socialist countries of shared ancestry went against each other in a death struggle. The Internationalist seem to have won, resulting in our plastic world of looting and plunder by Sea Pirates, not least among them the wealth of Germany and Russia, twice over. Lessons learned yet? On pure Geo-politics level, it's Mackinder, but it goes beyond that. - 4th try, again into the void?"

    2. I sure hope "It's just a dead timeline" The level of blatant insanity what people propose is off the scale, perhaps not just lately.

    3. I think I've already told Nine what the Russians really think but in case anybody missed it, From Russia With Love:

      17.For the constitution of One heaven is also the truce that ends the war in heaven.

      18.That no more shall the souls of any higher order beings that walked upon the Earth ever be cursed.

      19.That Hell is ended.

      20.That Lucifer and his army have re-entered One Heaven, marching as heroes, welcomed as saviors that help save the souls of millions in torment.

      21.Side by side they stand, saints and angels, arch-demons now as heroes.
      22.All is forgiven, that no soul shall ever be cursed again.
      23.No! cry the dark minds of Rome and the church.
      24.How could this be?

      25.For the church survives on hate, on blood and cursing.

      26.Yet all that has been written is true. There can be no mistake.

      27.These are the signs of the End of Days and the new beginning.

    4. Wouldn't you like to see points 1-17 Orage? I sure would but I guess we are going to have to find out through trail and error, which is even better than knowing, everything will be nice and empirical just like science says it should be...

    5. From a little Russian birdie Geoff, it flew away unfortunately before I could tell me anymore...

    6. Who do you think they'll get to draft that One Heaven Constitution? I have some Amendments for them!

    7. Eighth Poem of The Keeper Of Herds

      ON a noon of a day at the end of a spring, I had a dream just like a photograph. I saw Jesus Christ come down to earth. He came along a hillside, and had turned into a little boy again, running and rolling on the green, and tearing out flowers to throw them away, and laughing so you could hear afar.
      He had run away from heaven. He was much to ours to pretend, he was the second person of the Trinity. In heaven all was false, all in discord, with flowers and trees and stones. In heaven he must always look very serious, and once in a while become a man again, and climb on the cross and keep on dying, with a crown of thorns around his head, and his feet nailed by a big nail, and even wearing a cloth about his loins, like black slaves in the old pictures. He wasn't even allowed to have mother and father, like other children. His father was two people- an oldster called Joseph, who was a carpenter, and wasn't his father; and the other father was a stupid pidgeon, the only ugly pidgeon in the world, because it wasn't the world's and wasn't a pidgeon. And his his mother hadn't loved before bearing him. She wasn't a woman: she was a suitcase, in which he had come down from heaven. And people wanted him, born only of his mother, who never had a father to love with respect, to preach goodness and justice!
      One day while God was asleep, and the Holy Ghost had gone flying, he went to the miracle box and stole three. With the first he made nobody know he had escaped. With the second he made himself an eternally human little boy. With the third he created a Christ eternally on the cross, and left him nailed on the cross there in heaven, which is the model for all other crosses. Then he fled to the sun, and came down the first sunbeam he caught.

    8. Nowadays he lives with me in my village. He is a natural child with a huge grin. Cleans his nose on his forearm, splashes all over mud pools, picks up flowers, loves them and forgets them. Throws stones at donkeys, steals fruit from the orchards, and runs away from from dogs screaming and crying. And, because he knows they dislike it, and everybody thinks it funny, he runs after country girls who go flocking down the country roads carrying jugs on their heads and throws their skirts way up.
      He taught me everything. He taught me to look at things. Points out to me all the things there are in flowers. Shows how stones are funny, when we have them in our hand, and look at them very slowly.He lives with me in my cottage halfway up the hill. He is the Eternal Child, the god that was missing. He is the human that is natural, he is the divine that laughs and plays. And this is why I know with full certainty, that he is the true Child Jesus. And the child so human it is divine, is my daily poet's life, and it is because he is always with me that I am always a poet, and my least glance, fills me with sensation, and the very least sound, of whatever coming, seems to talk to me.
      The New Child that dwells where I live, gives one hand and the other to all there is, and so the three of us go along any way there may be, skipping and singing and laughing, and enjoying our common secret, which is to know wherever we go, that there is no mystery in the world, and all things are worthwhile.
      The Eternal Child is always my companion. The direction of my glance is his finger pointing. My hearing gladly attentive to all sounds, is his playful tickling of my ears.We get along so well together, and together with everything, that we never think one about the other, but live together and two, in intimate accord, like the the right with the left hand.
      At dusk we play at marbles, sitting on the doorstep, very solemn, as is fitting to a god and a poet, and as each marble were an entire universe, and as if very dangerous for it to go astray.

    9. Then I tell him stories of things only of mankind, and he grins, because it is all so incredible. He laughs at the kings and of those who are not kings, and is sorry when listening of the wars, and the businesses, and the ships that leave smoke in the air of the high seas, because he knows all this misses that truth, that a flower shows when it is flowering, and that walks with the sunlight, varying the valleys and hills, and dazzling the eyes from whitewashed walls.
      He sleeps inside my soul, and sometimes wakes up during the night, and plays with my dreams, turns some them upside down, puts others on top of others, and claps his palms alone, smiling in my sleep.
      When I die, my little son, may I become the child, the little one: you put me on your lap, and take me inside your house. Strip my tired and human self, and lay me down on your bed. And tell me stories, should I wake up, until I sleep again. And give me of your dreams to play, until I am born any day, that you know which will be.This is the story of my Child Jesus. What reason is there that one can see, why shouldn't it be, a truer story that what thinkers think, and all religions taught me?

    10. Fernando Pessoa (Portuguese poet, Master of the Temple of the A.'. A.'.)
      I am truly sorry for making a real hatchet job out of this poem Fernando, it couldn't be transposed properly because it is so big and long, I will indeed restore the naughty bits.

    11. Oh, that's okay, Stan. Don't worry about it. :) Really. Don't worry about it. Please....Don't...

  21. "Imagine if Trump died tomorrow? First of all, Melania would dance a jig on the White House lawn except, of course, she doesn’t live there. Who could blame her. The military would then have to decide who would be assigned to get rid of Mike Pence, another total moron.
    You know, there really isn’t anyone left to overthrow America’s democracy. Our military was destroyed long ago, a haven for losers. As any combat vet why they left and they all left. I am not counting the kiss ass brigade hiding out in Northern Syria that babysits ISIS, gets them new weapons, and waits for orders from those who take orders from Israeli mobsters.
    America is working people who are hated and victimized by an occupation government that needs to be rounded up and imprisoned. There is nothing to reform, nothing to fix, no population to get the “real truth” into minds so polluted with crap that no thought could ever survive there.
    My recommendation is to quit America because it long ago quit us. Fight no wars, avoid police and the legal system, avoid taxes when you can, turn off the TV and if your social media is filled with politics, get offline as well.
    Life is about pickup trucks, about tent camping about boats that row with paddles or have motors that start when you pull a rope. Learn to actually ride that Harley. Buy nothing." Gordon Duff

  22. Duff's cutting first paragraph of his last article:

    "Last week, the illiterate moron, and it is a proven fact, twitted about wanting Norwegians to come to America. None are coming. They have free college educations, free health care, double our minimum wage, powerful consumer laws, they have all that “liberal crap” that the mindless of the “worst generation” have stolen from America. This is the shithole."

    That is the purpose of the "church" to put any notion of mans common brotherhood out of society's mind as I see things hey let's vote with the billionaire!

    Bust the union

    Cut the minimum wage

    Gut health care and pensions

    I am the last man standing with a pension and plan on having that stolen also as Duff says! Look at those miserable republicans and compare them to those Norweagean socialists.

    Now you know why they got rid of Hitler as Germany would have lit a fire against schlomo.

    I have been living as our dear Duff has suggested for years now as I buy little and live simply as I am already used to poverty!

    More guns for the cleanup?

    Good idea...


  23. I will go one further than what Duff said about the boomers Jack.

    I am a cyclist and Cyclist professionals take performance enhancing drugs as they work. One on Epo or Steroid could see oh maybe a 30 percent increase in ones performance especially in the hills.

    The drugs have come down to the amateur level Jack as I was in a cycling club overrun with these types of morons all republican of course. All documented in a new documentary called Icarus on Netflix.

    Fake science, fake history, fake war, and now fake cycling as everything is a scam now Jack.

    Netflix even has a doc about Frank Olsons flight out of a hotel window just not the Why.

    You wrote about that Jack...my hitler pal had his mind blown by that one he he...


    Gordon is so correct in his last article about the boomers and that would be me and you as they are a bunch of self serving assholes that would not lift a finger to help anyone but themselves and a gun death would be far to good for many of them or better yet not an honorable death in battle but in a piss stained bed in a nursing home he he...

    I just love Gordon Duff...

    thanks for the privilege of writing on your fine site as my therapist says its good for me....


  24. Hey, Jack...look what's coming to a screen near you, soon: Counterpart.


    Are things going mainstream? ish? This has even got bad Germans and Polizei in it.

    You were right again, it seems.

    1. Looks like Schlomo got it all figured out, does this mean Orage and I can retire now? Because I'm being pressured from all sides to go to Montsegur, and looking at my zombified family literally is making me physically ill. Americans are too chicken shit to ever live up to (or die for)their second amendment obligation so what am I still doing here? Like Mr. Duff been sayin America is a lost cause, give it back to Schlomo and lets be done with it...

  25. Jack

    Here is a link to amateur recreational racing culture in cycling its called the doper next door...

    When you see one of these asswipes out on the road here is what you do...pass real close as you are laying on the horn...

    How do you identify one? They have the pro kit(uniform) and they will have a set of deep dish carbon fiber wheels(3000 bucks and up)attached to their carbon bikes as opposed to a normal guy just getting a workout on his bike...


    and they have an arrogant attitude to match their overly skin and bones bodies must be the 'royds he he...

    Course, only kidding,,,well I buzz em when I see em...he he..


  26. Jack, ...and throw in the all-German language series 'Dark', set in Germany and involving—wait for it—a secret government installation, unwilling CHILD victims, willing scientists/whistle-blowers, AND new 'time lines' that were created in the 1950s, 1980s and 2018!

    ...you'll have to watch it to find out the rest. More Jack-Material confirmation which the media is calling 'Stranger Things for adults'.
    But trust me, it is NOTHING LIKE like fucking bunch of Spieljewberg 'inspired', rancid vomit. Not even close. So don't let that put you off 'Dark'.

    Anyone interested in the Teutonic connection to the current, global state of affairs is in for a treat.
    Trump? Netanyahu? They're just pawns in a Game, it seems. Fritz and company know what's REALLY going on. Which some of us knew already.



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