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Twin Peaks & the Return of the White Queen

Twin Peaks & the Return of the White Queen

(Twin Peaks, Miguel Serrano & the Hard Science of Orgasmic Energy
Part 2 of 3) 

By Jack Heart & Orage

Yule by Melie Melusine

“Bell flight fourteen you now can land 
Seen you on Aldebaran, safe on the green desert sand 
It's so very lonely, you're two thousand light years from home 
It's so very lonely, you're two thousand light years from home” 
2000 Light Years from Homefrom The Rolling Stones 1967 album Their Satanic Majesties Request...

“Space may be the final frontier 
But it's made in a Hollywood basement 
Cobain can you hear the spheres [Britney Spears] 
Singing songs off station to station 
And Alderaan's [Aldebaran] not far away 
It's Californication”  
Californication from the Red Hot Chili Peppers 1999 album Californication...

In the early spring of 1945 much of the German high command vanished like a mirage before the advancing Allied troops, including in all likelihood Adolph Hitler. Some say they went to Aldebaran, a giant red star in the constellation of Taurus.

In the early spring of 1990, David Lynch introduced the world to Twin Peaks. About a quarter hour into the premier, a beat up Volkswagen pulls up to the Double-R Diner. Out of it and through the door of the diner rushes Heidi, a rotund and very plain looking waitress who speaks with a thick German accent but mostly just giggles when spoken to. Shelly, who has been waiting for Heidi to take over her shift, slyly remarks “what kept you Heidi, seconds on knockwurst this morning?” Heidi sheepishly retorts “I couldn’t get my car started.” Shelly shoots back “too busy jump-starting the old man huh?” Heidi just looks down and giggles. Bobby, Shelly’s boyfriend, interjects “I thought you Germans were always on time.” Heidi looks at him and giggles, which she continues to do as she walks off to put her coat away.40

We do not meet Heidi again till Lynch draws the curtain on Twin Peaks for the twentieth century with a closing act which will leave Special Agent Dale Cooper waiting in the Red Room for twenty-five years.  Right before the scene goes to the Red Room, at the counter of the Double R are Bobby Briggs and Shelly who is once again waiting for Heidi to take over her shift. Heidi bursts through the door and Shelly slyly remarks “what kept you Heidi, seconds on knockwurst this morning?” Heidi sheepishly retorts “I couldn’t get my car started.”Shelly shoots back “too busy jump starting the old man…again [again is said in unison with Bobby]?” Heidi looks down and giggles. Bobby interjects “I thought you Germans were always on time.” Heidi just looks at him and giggles, which she continues to do as she walks off to put her coat away…41

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In his six hundred and forty three page magnum opus; Adolf Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar, first published in Spanish in 1984 but not fully translated into English till 2014, Miguel Serrano writes  “the motto on my coat-of-arms reads: “My honor is loyalty.”42 The motto of the SS is ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue;’ my honor is loyalty.

What Serrano says in his book, born out one by one in the enigmatic facts exposed in our Black Sun Rising series which also began in 2014, has no doubt left the scions of empire existing in a waking nightmare. Germany won the war. Very early on the Stone from the crown of Lucifer had been “discovered in Montsegur, in the caves of Sabarth, where Otto Rahn had been the first to find it.”43 The Ahnenerbe “deciphered it; the science of Hyperborea has been reclaimed.”44

And with that science, the Germans have the capability to write this timeline anyway they please. They are no longer confined to it. The Allies would celebrate the illusion of their victory and “more than recoup their total war costs with the German plans for new inventions.” But “why didn’t the Nazis use them?”45 The entire war after Hess’s failure to bring the Golden Dawn and the Thule Society into an alliance to resettle their kingdom beyond the polar ice had been a farce. Hitler had fought the war in the East through his “doppelgänger.”46

World War II had never been “about jet planes, atomic bombs, death rays, V-1 and V-2 missiles, but about another much more effective weapon: a new spiritual science, of the disintegration and reintegration of matter, of levitation, anti-gravity, the vimanas, the dematerialization and materialization of the physical body, To make oneself invisible with the Tarnkappe of Siegfried. Of the disappearance in the Bunker, of the paradise in the "hollow earth," interior, at the bottom of the seas, beneath the ice sheets, up among the Antarctic oases and, from there, to the Morning Star. In a word, this was about the True Operation Barbarossa...”47

The sleeping Barbarossa must awaken as “the Gral King, Monarch-Warrior-Priest, in the Siege Perilous.” From “Seat number 13,” as the head of the “Round Table,” he will give “the order to begin the definitive attack against the extraterrestrial Demiurge, the Lord of Darkness, Jehovah with his galactic and planetary legions.”48  

Adolph Hitler as the Ultimate Avatar had always known this. “Even before the failure of Hess' mission, Hitler had begun to prepare the True Operation Barbarossa, not the one in Russia, but that of his departure and future return. And the departure must be as it always was: in a Disk of Fire, in a Chariot of Fire, like Enoch, like Melchizedek, like Rama. The return shall be that of Kalki, on a White Horse named Vimana...”49 

The White Horse is also known as the Saxon Steed. It first appeared as a standard for the Duchy of Saxony. It is said that it originates from the last Emperor of the Saxons; Duke Widukind who rode a Black Horse when he led the Saxons and their Frisian allies into war against the Christianizing and genocidal Charlemagne in 777.

In the Christian version after Duke Widukind is finally defeated, over a decade later, he converts to Christianity and is given a White Horse. But in the Pagan version the White Horse is Sleipnir, the eight legged Steed of Odin, which he uses to ride into Hell. Some believe the Duke will be riding it when he returns to settle the score. Serrano says “And so it must be with death for those who have left time, who have done away with time. Or rather, who have escaped through the breach in all the Universes. And this can only be on the eight-legged Horse of Wotan...”50

The White Horse is still the Coat of Arms for two modern federal States of GermanyLower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. Double horse heads commonly appear on the peaks of German barns.

The traditional double horse head of German barns

At the beginning of Twin Peaks the Return, Special Agent Dale Cooper has waited twenty-five years in the Red Room. Saturn has reentered the House of Capricorn and now his time has come.  A gust of air blows the red drapes up revealing an endless black and white chevron floor stretching into darkness. Standing in the middle of the endless black and white wave pattern is a white horse, beyond it the black void. The wind dies down and the Red Room is calm again. The disembodied entity named MIKE reappears across from Cooper and asks “is it…Future…or… is it… past?”51 

As Lynch begins building towards his climatic crescendo in Twin peaks the Return Sarah Palmer buys alcoholic beverages and cigarettes at the local grocery store. Sarah Palmer is synonymous to Erinys, the mother of Despoina in the ancient Arcadian mysteries which predate the Elysian mysteries where Erinys is Demeter and Despoina; Persephone. Erinys, as can be seen when Sarah Palmer later takes off her face to kill a man, can also be the plural Erinyes, known to the Greeks as the Furies; female chthonic deities of vengeance referred to as the infernal goddesses.

Caught in the Mandela Effect, Sarah Palmer suspiciously questions the cashier about the innocuous but unfamiliar display of beef jerky behind the counter. Sarah asks “were you here when they first came?” The cashier answers “yes, they brought it in a couple of weeks ago.” Sarah answers “your room seems different. And men are coming.” The girl at the counter stammers that she doesn’t know what Sarah means and Sarah raises her voice “I’m trying to tell you! Men are coming! That you have to watch out! Things can happen! Something happened to me. Hmmm. Something happened to me! I don’t feel well. I don’t feel well!” Sarah commands herself to get the car keys out and leave, arguing loudly with herself as she makes her way out of the store, leaving her items on the checkout counter.52

In the Book of Revelations, there is a prophecy about a White Horse. “Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, and he has a name written that no one knows but himself. He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, were following him on white horses. From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations and he will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.” – Revelations 19:11.

“Green grass and high tides forever 
Castles of stone souls and glory 
Lost faces say we adore you 
As kings and queens bow and play for you”

Miguel Serrano

This refrain from the legendary Rock and Roll classic Green Grass and High Tides could have been the epitaph on Miguel Serrano’s tomb. He died at the age of ninety-one in the beginning of 2009. Serrano was born to the purple and all his life Kings and Queens would bow and play just for him. His uncle Vicente Fernández, an aristocratic communist, is still among South America’s most revered poets.

Following in his uncle’s footsteps the young Serrano, a promising writer himself, embraced Marxism and wrote articles for Communist publications.  He attended the prestigious Internado Nacional Barros Arana in Chile from 1929 to 1934. No doubt like many drawn to Marx’s starkly humanist logic, Serrano quickly became disillusioned with his one size fits all politics. Egalitarianism is a pill no National Socialist can swallow. By 1939 Serrano publically affiliated himself with the Chilean “Nazi” Party; M.N.S. (Movimiento Nacional Socialista de Chile).
At twenty-one Serrano, established himself as the foremost writer in Chile when he published Anthology of the Realist Short Story in Chile. Over the furious objections of established writers Serrano set the rules for how short stories would be written for now on in Chile. Not only that, the anthology “included among them the stories of several of his young friends who were almost unknown at the time.”53 The anthology to this day is considered “to be among the greatest milestones in the national literature.”54

Tibetan Earth from Ahnenerbe archive

By the end of 1941, Serrano had embraced the teachings of an esoteric order that traced is origins back to Mount Kailash; the most sacred mountain in the Tibetan Himalayas. Also known as Mount Meru, the mountain is pivotal in the beliefs of four different religions of the Far East. In Bön, by far the oldest and the progenitor of all the rest, Mount Kailash is known as the ‘Nine-story Swastika Mountain.’ It is regarded as the world’s axis mundi or ‘Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring;’ a timeless realm beyond dualism where harmonious equilibrium is achieved.

From 1947 to forty-eight, Serrano in the capacity of journalist for Zig-Zag magazine and ‘El Mercurio’, Chiles most prestigious newspaper, accompanied the Chilean Army and Navy on their expedition to the Antarctic.  Some believe “this was the famous occasion on which Serrano first met Adolf Hitler in person.”55During the famed expedition Serrano “had an Antarctic mountain named after him”56 but the name was eventually changed. Later in The Compass of the Soul Points South Serrano would write “Antarctica is the sexual organs of the world”57

In Adolph Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar Serrano admits he “arrived on the Antarctic ice, in search of the warm water oasis,”58 that marked the entrance to Neuschwabenland, but he is evasive about what he found.  Instead he poses a coy question. “Have German submarines around the North Pole or the Greenland of John Dee found the exact point at which, as if by a black funnel, their ship has gone through, going in to connect with the Other Pole, going out to that paradisiacal earth and sea that, having once been here, no longer are?”59 Serrano muses “Ultimate Thule, Hyperborea, the other side of things, so easy and so difficult to reach. The inner earth, Another Earth, anti-earth, astral earth, reached as if by a "click," a bi-location, or tri-location in space.”60

Map of Neu-Schwabenland

He suggests cryptically “It is quite possible flying saucers with life-forms from other planets have already made contact with the people of 'New Swabia.' With their aid and assistance they may have already developed on our planet a completely different and very advanced science, in German bases of the Third Reich, with extensive cosmic implications. Seen from that angle, neither the United States of America, nor Soviet Russia are the foremost world powers, but Neuschwabenland in the Antarctic, with a vast technological superiority.”61

When the Dali Lama fled Tibet during its 1959 uprising against China, Miguel Serrano, Chiles Ambassador-designate to India by title from 1953 to 1962, was among the first westerners to receive him and the two would remain close lifelong friends. Serrano also maintained personal friendships with Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. When Gandhi was assassinated Serrano was afforded one of the most prominent positions at her funeral. He would later confide to close friends he had been her lover.

During the Eisenhower Administration, India’s representative to the UN Krishna Menon proposed to internationalize Antarctica. This would give all countries the right to ignore the established territorial boundaries of countries like Chile, Argentina and the United States and commence plundering the icy continents priceless mineral wealth and in the United States and the Soviet Union’s case turning it into a frozen weapons depot.

“Alerted to this dangerous situation, the Argentine Ambassador to India, Vicente Fatone, unsuccessfully sought a meeting with the authorities in New Delhi. Neither could the North American representative, John Sherman Cooper. Washington D.C. decided to send Ambassador Cabot Lodge as its extraordinary delegate to persuade India to withdraw the proposal. None of this worked.”62

Serrano, practically his estranged son in law, got a meeting with Prime Minister Nehru and explained his position on the matter. The great Indian statesman listened and nodded. He then got up and placed a red rose on the lapel of Serrano’s jacket, sealing the agreement. His next act was to order the proposal withdrawn. Menon would try to push it through again but Nehru was adamant and the proposal was withdrawn for good.  

Meanwhile Eisenhower “extended an invitation to the 12 participating countries of the International Geophysical Year for a conference on the future of Antarctica. Hence, on December 1, 1959, the twelve participating countries signed the Antarctic Treaty, forcing them to submit the territory to peaceful purposes and preventing installations with military or armed characteristics...”63   

After India, Serrano held various Chilean ambassadorial posts in Eastern Europe till 1970 when he was dismissed by Communist Salvador Allende, who would in turn die while being overthrown in a coup in 1973. During the doomed Allende’s short presidency, Serrano remained in exile in an apartment in Switzerland, previously the residence of one of his closest friends Herman Hesse, perhaps the most influential author of the twentieth century.

Serrano’s close personal friendship with Hesse and the Iconic CG Jung form the foundation of an intellectual Nexus that moved like an irresistible undertow through the seas of western consciousness in the latter half of the twentieth century. Serrano wrote a book about it titled C. G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships, first published in 1965.  

Jung would write the forward, the only time he ever did that for anyone, for- Serrano’s book The Visits from the Queen of Sheba, first published in 1960. After initially reading the book, Jung remarked to Serrano “if you ever have the luck to meet this queen, do not make the mistake of marrying her. That Queen is for love, not for marriage...”64 Inexplicably Jung then added without explaining “only the poets will understand me...”65 

In Adolph Hitler; the Ultimate Avatar Serrano speculates that perhaps Jung’s strange remark was prompted by actual visitations from the Goddess. “At the end of his days Professor Jung coined the term “psychoid” to refer to his Archetypes, wanting to highlight his profound concern for these apparitions, not human nor a mere product of the Unconscious, apparently. Where he showed this doubt most clearly was in the prologue to my book “The Visits of the Queen of Sheba.” He said “known archetypical figures are clearly discernible, but the least similar to the spontaneous products of the Unconscious with which I am familiar...”66

In the West, Serrano’s list of illustrious friends, all seemingly kept on speed dial, also included Rene Nelli, professor at the University of Toulouse and academia’s leading expert on the Cathars. Serrano made it his business to befriend Ezra Pound, America’s most influential poet and considered the greatest poet of his generation, till he had the audacity to side with Germany and Italy against the Anglo-American banking cartel and its trained Jewish ferrets. For that he would spend twelve years in a mental institution. He was finally freed only through the herculean efforts of Earnest Hemingway and the rest of the literary community...

After the war, Serrano kept company with Hitler’s fiercest and most capable surviving warriors. Among them Otto Skorzeny, who was nothing less than the real life James Bond and one of Hitler’s closest confidants, Hans-Ulrich Rudel, a human tank terminator and the most decorated German serviceman of World War II and Hanna Reitsch, the renowned and fearless female test pilot who is rumored to have personally flown Hitler to safety out of the besieged Berlin, all were among Serrano’s closest friends. All were openly unrepentant for their politics or their war activities and all were active in evacuating fellow National Socialists to South America. It is known that Rudel founded the ‘Kameradenwerk,’ a relief organization dedicated to just that purpose.  

As if he were the High Priest of the SS, Serrano made the rounds to discuss post-war doctrine with its Hierophants; most notable among them Wilhelm Landig, Julius Evola and Herman Wirth. During the war they were all members of the inner sanctum of the SS and they all somehow now seemed immune to allied prosecution...

“Wilhelm Landig was an unrepentant member of the SS who wrote several books after the war that may or may not have been fiction. Landig, along with Rudolf J. Mund and Erich Halik, formed the nucleus of what came to be known as the Vienna Group, because their meetings were held in Landig’s Wieden studio in the center of Vienna. The message that they calculatingly delivered for those who had ears to hear was National Socialism had never been defeated. In fact, they had a secret flying saucer fleet right here on earth, and elements of National Socialism had fled to a planet orbiting Aldebaran.”67  Landig founded the group in 1950. It is still active today on the Internet under the name Causa Nostra or Our Cause in English.

Julius Evola
When the Great Depression struck down all hopes of prosperity for the human race under any of the current political systems the politics of the left and right were seemingly locked in a rhetorical deathmatch. Julius Evola was by far the smartest man in room. In 1928 Evola, a Sicilian Baron extraordinarily well versed in Buddhism and Occidental Occultism, published Pagan Imperialism, a scathing theological attack on Christianity, exhorting Italians and Germans to return to the old Pagan ways, their warrior traditions, the way it was before the pope’s disastrous defeat of the Hohenstaufen Dynasty seven hundred years ago that opened the thrones of Europe to the lowly merchant.    

Evola was the original ‘Satanist,’ the bogeyman threatening to rudely interrupt Christianities ‘idyllic’ thousand year orgy of misery. The Vatican’s right-wing Catholic journal Revue Interlationale de Sociétés Secretètes published an article in April 1928 entitled “Un Sataniste Italien: Julius Evola.”68 When Mussolini wanted to bring the Vatican into line he threatened to unleash the rabidly anti-clerical styled fascism of Julius Evola...

After Evola published Revolt Against the Modern World in 1934, the European intelligentsia was completely mesmerized, men like Heinrich Himmler and Mircea Eliade became his apostles. In the book he marvels at the efficiency of the Russian Revolution and sees in it the marshalling of demonic forces symptomatic of having reached the terminal point in our current cycle; “The End of the Cycle” which is what he names chapter thirty-seven.

Evola writes that there are two truths in Communism and if you don’t understand this you will be deceived by it. “The first esoteric truth has a dogmatic and immutable character.”69 Then there is the second truth which is nothing more than a tactic, to be set aside or mitigated as soon as the objective of the first truth is achieved. “In the USSR, the abolition of private property and enterprise, which exists as a basic idea in the core doctrines of communism beyond various contingent accommodations, represents only an episode and a means to an end.”70

The liquidation of personal wealth, universal egalitarianism, is no more than populist rhetoric carefully calculated to appeal to the masses, as it works towards the implementation of the true objective, the first esoteric truth, the raison d'être. “Thus there is an important consequence that can be arrived at by following this path all the way to the end and that is the integration, or better, the disintegration of the single individual into the so called collective, which rules supreme.”71

What is really important to the Communist world “is the elimination in man of everything that has the value of an autonomous personality and of all that may represent an interest unrelated to the need of the collectivity. More specifically, the mechanization, disintellectualization, and rationalization of every activity, on every plane, are the means employed to this end...”72

After the war, the Italian government attempted to prosecute Evola as a Fascist. He assured the judge at his trial that he was not a Fascist but a ‘Superfascist.’ He was acquitted...

Academic science or Scientism, as Evola was calling it all the way back in 1934, has never been anything but a tool of politics. Nowhere is this more glaringly illustrated than in the case of Herman Wirth founder of the Ahnenerbe and perhaps the greatest cultural anthropologist to ever walk the earth. Because his findings concluded European culture is rooted in matriarchy rather than its current patriarchy suited neither the left nor the right, Wirth has been consensually written out of history. Even Serrano, while seemingly endorsing him with one hand, takes a shot at him with the other. “Professor Wirth was mistaken in his conclusions. He gave his enormous investigation and documentation the stamp of an aprioristic direction: the ideal matriarchy, first earthly paradise. The continent of the White Queen, Mo-Uru, Atlantis...”73

Herman Wirth
Contrary to Victorian ‘scholarship’ Wirth, a Dutchmen, started with the presupposition that the human race was in its final and most debased epoch, the Kali Yuga of the Vedas and the Iron Age of the Greeks. He saw the twentieth century and its accompanying urban sprawl that was pawning itself off as European civilization as a manifestation of the now terminal deterioration brought about by Christianity. To Wirth, Industrialization was naught but the doomed bouquet of a rootless western man.

Many, particularly in Northern Europe, shared his sentiments at the time. In 1920 Wirth, already a prodigious and respected scholar, organized the “Landsbond der Dietsche Trek-birds”74  the Dutch equivalent to the German Wandervögel; a back to Nature youth movement initiated in Germany at the turn of the twentieth century, more than a decade before the mechanized slaughter of WW I began.

After the war Wirth spent much of his spare time touring the Dutch countryside on his motorcycle examining and sketching the traditional decorative boards placed on the peaks of Friesian barns called üleboerd, or owl board in English. The significance of the üleboerd had long since been forgotten by the Dutch farmers who used them. At the end of 1922, “Wirth held a lecture for the Frisian Society about the üleboerd.”75


Maybe he told them ‘the Owls are not what they seem...’

But immediately following that lecture the thirty-eight year old Wirth now a legend in his own time, no doubt to the abject horror of an Anglo-Saxon empire driven by “Anglo-Israelism,”76 resurrected the Oera Linda. He dubbed it ‘The Nordic Bible.’ The manuscript, written in Old Frisian, purports to chronicle the history of the human race, particularly the Frisians who according to the text founded Europe under a matriarchy constructed by Freya herself, after “the destruction of Atland [Atlantis], 2193 before Christ.”77  

The Oera Linda first surfaced in the 1860s with the Dutch translation published in 1872. Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, the book by Ignatius Donnelly that kicked off the Atlantis craze, would not be published till ten years later. Jan Gerhardus Ottema, the Dutch Classicist and prominent member of the Frisian Society who published it, defends its authenticity in his lengthy introduction, a dazzling display of scholarly logic first read to the Frisian Society at the beginning of 1871 and never till this day adequately answered by the empires academic machine...  

After citing verifications of the manuscripts text in the writings of Julius Caesar, Strabo and the chroniclers of Alexander the Great along with numerous historical, mythological and etymological idiosyncrasies that could not have been forged Dr. Ottema notes that in Greek mythology “the fair, blue-eyed Pallas, differing thus in type from the rest of the gods and goddesses, evidently belonged to Frya's people. The character for wisdom and the emblematical attributes, especially the owl, are the same for both...”78

Dr. Ottema, the quintessentially cautious scholar, ends his twenty-five page occidental epiphany by stating the by now all too obvious fact that nobody had the knowledge to forge the Oera Linda anyway. “And if any one could have done so, there would have been no more extensive vocabulary at his service than that which the East Frisian laws afford. Therefore, in the centuries lately elapsed, the preparation of this writing was quite impossible. Whoever doubts this let him begin by showing where, when, by whom, and with what object such a forgery could be committed, and let him show in modern times the fellow of this paper, this writing, and this language.”79

The academic gatekeepers of empire couldn’t even come close to meeting Dr. Ottema’s challenge but when he died in 1879 they took the opportunity to bury the Oera Linda with him. Herman Wirth came into the world six years later. He had been destined to dig it up; perhaps since the day he was born...

In his quest to find Man’s lost past Wirth took a holistic approach unlike the common academic who seems to think a combustion engine is best understood by an army of mechanics, each of them specializing in a different nut or bolt that comprises that engine. “Proceeding from the symbols and elements of Dutch antiquity, Wirth expanded the range of his ethnographic, cultural, symbolical searches first to all the Germanic lands, and then broader to Europe, Eurasia, and, finally, to the regions most distant from Europe itself: America, Oceania, Africa, and so on...” 80  

Perhaps Wirth had read Nietzsche who warned those who would succeed him to “beware of the scholars. They hate you, for they are sterile. They have cold dried up eyes. Before them every bird flies un-plumed.” Wirth avoided the artificial straight lines of academia and like the naturally occurring vortex energy of Viktor Schauberger he “moved in a spiral, clarifying, correcting, extending, or re-considering all the information hitherto gathered by linguists, archaeologists, historians of religion and art, anthropologists, etc. His endeavor was one of incredible intensity.”81

In the end it still may pay big dividends for all of Mankind. As the formidable Russian intellectual Alexander Dugin, said to have the ear of Vladimir Putin himself, writes; Wirth in his voluminous writings left the human race a blueprint for the restoration of the “Great Tradition from the time of the Golden Age and the mysterious region of Hyperborea – the magical, Apollonian land lying in the Far North. Rene Guenon and Julius Evola spoke of the Primordial Tradition and the polar paradise, and their names are known to all Traditionalists. But very few know of Herman Wirth even though this tall, thin professor, modest and passionate like any genuine scholar, discovered the secret of secrets of this Primordial Tradition, reconstructed its language, revealed the secrets of the ancient runes, and deciphered the message of the Golden Age.

This may seem incredible, but it is a fact. Herman Wirth did no more and no less than recreate the “Sacred Proto-Language of Humanity”, Heilige Urschrift der Menschheit, the very name of one of his thick, astounding, fundamental books.”82

In 1928 Wirth published Der Aufgang der Menschheit or The Accession of Mankind wherein he synthesized the over quarter century of data he had gathered.   Through legends, myths, customs, artifacts, plate tectonics and the roots of language Wirth traced the cultural archetype that is the foundation of Mans collective soul to the North Pole. “The basis of this culture, this Hyperborean cult, was not simply the Year, but the Year beheld in polar conditions in which a month lasts six months and six months a night. According to Herman Wirth, descriptions of the Polar Year lay at the heart of all sacred texts and cults, symbols, and signs from the cave paintings and first markings on mammoth bones to the most refined and sophisticated theological and mystical constructs.”83

There never were no hunter gatherers “poking each other with sticks as Darwinists, Marxists, and other profane thinkers assert.”84 Mans ancestors were “fully-fledged human beings with a refined, simple, yet ultimately spiritual worldview. They were the bearers of the Supreme Religion of Light, Purity, and the Spirit. They did not know of a detached Creator God acting on humanity and nature as if on something external. The whole world was permeated with divine energies, and people themselves were seen as children of the Sun, descendants of Gods, as angelic, supreme beings professing a particular world view, a God-worldview, or Gottesweltanschauung.”85

All that exists is an expression of one God. What is is an aggregate wherein the aspects of the sublime are manifested in every rock, every plant, every animal and every human by deed, word and thought. “God creates thinking”, Wirth quotes the famous phrase of an Icelandic runic song. Knowledge is Being, both coinciding and each having no right to eminency. Therefore, to understand and to create are one and the same.”86

In the manifesto of Wirth the essence of Human spirituality is one primal ritual that proceeds in a closed loop, an unbroken circle from the polar North. “The center of this circle is the winter solstice. The Great Yule is the main celebration of the Hyperborean Year. In it is the secret of the runes and the Primordial Tradition. In Hyperborea, Yule was celebrated on December 22nd. On December 22nd every year, the true New Year arrived, the moment of the birth of the runes, the moment of the Eternal Return, the second in which Hyperborea stood outside of time and space, pulled away from the cycles of the dark age, the confusion in the South, false theories, and miserable neglect of Supreme Magical Purity…Vara, Varahi, Ultima Thule…”87

In the Revelation of Herman Wirth “the runes were originally kept not by male priests, but priestesses. White Ladies. Weise Frau – Weisse Frau. The words “wisdom”, “woman,” and “white” are indeed closely related in many languages. Pallas is the Goddess of Wisdom, and the Sophia of the Gnostics is also an embodiment of knowledge and the feminine element in the Divine. The Russian word mudrost’ (wisdom) is similar to the German Made, Madchen or Maiden, Girl [perhaps not so coincidentally Mädchen Amick, one of the most stunning natural beauties I have ever seen, plays Shelly in Twin Peaks]. Hence the ancient cult of the vestal virgins, the keepers of the sacred fire in Rome. Here we should also include the practice of the female priesthood in the early Christian church, and the Old Believers’ theory of “salvation through one’s wife.” Following Bachofen, Herman Wirth claimed that the Primordial Tradition was none other than matriarchal. It was the realm of the White Lady, the Pure Virgin. The primordial Nordic Pantheon was headed by a Goddess – not female in our patriarchal understanding of a capricious, stupid, cruel, and demanding being – but as the special, Most Pure Creation, a kind of Androgyne standing beyond dualism, its spiritual intuition penetrating the essence of things. The Polar Paradise, the Aryan race, the Primordial Tradition, the domination of the White Lady, the guardians of the runic cults and priestess of the dolmens and menhirs – for Wirth these are synonyms.”88 

Wirth’s insistence on this primal polar matriarchy was embraced by the best and the brightest of National Socialisms leading intellectual’s, men such as Heinrich Himmler, Wolfram Sievers and Richard Walther Darré but they ran him afoul of the plodding academics and their toilet paper PhD’s. In the end it would cost Wirth very much. In the 1920’s, when he began presenting and widely promoting his Aryan-feminist views, he found himself an implacable enemy in the face of an immigrant from Russia’s Baltic lands, a certain Alfred Rosenberg who, on the contrary, believed patriarchy to be an indigenous Aryan institution. Unlike Wirth, Rosenberg was a pedant, a mediocrity, and aggressive plagiarist. But it was not even about his ideas…Herman Wirth was the archetype of a passionate scholar, a visionary, and seer. Rosenberg was a pathetic doctrinaire who regurgitated undigested fragments of knowledge and pretentiously arranged these scraps in his rash and meaningless book The Myth of the Twentieth Century. Unfortunately, it was this Baltic official embroiled in ressentiment [a word for resentful and aggressive stupidity coined by Nietzsche] who happened to determine the cultural police of the National Socialists who won in 1933.”89

Wirth’s problems didn’t end with the war. He would be held and debriefed for two years by the allies after being captured by the US army in 1945. In 1969 what would have been Wirth’s magnum opus, a manuscript of over a thousand pages titled Palestinabuch and purporting to tell the real story of the Jewish people, was stolen from his home and lost to posterity. Someone wanted to be very certain no one would ever read that book but perhaps Miguel Serrano can shed some light on what was in Palestinabuch. In The Son of the Widower first published in 2003 and last year made available in paperback to the general public Serrano writes:

“After their "Renewed Alliance" with Jehovah, that tribe of slaves, the Jews, who arrive with the Aryans in their exodus from the Gobi, crossing India all the way to the Middle East, little by little begin altering everything, infiltrating, with direct help from their God-Demon, Jehovah. In India, the Beni-Israel Jews remain, discretely ("camouflaged"); in Greece, they settle down in Macedonia, in Monastir, up to these days. Among the black people of Africa they are the Falasha; amongst the Chinese and Japanese, the Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou; in America, the Aztecs, with their bloody sacrifices, ignoring Quetzalcoatl; among the Arabs, the Daggatum and Donmeh, as we have seen.

When does the Jew become a genetic robot, a clone, a golem of Jehovah? Beyond doubt, quite before this "Renewed Alliance", at the very moment of the appearance on man on Earth. The great risk taken by Jehovah, in order to succeed in this artificial, genetic "creation", is that he needs of a certain mix with the "animal-man". And it is precisely here where his experiment may fail - and sometimes it does -, due to the conflict, the internal struggle, between the "genetic machine" and its human portion, which, in the end, could even produce a catastrophic explosion that may destroy Jehovah himself. Moreover, there is the risk of rebellion breaking out in the Jewish world, of human versus robot, clone, golem. And this is known and felt by the great rabbis and by the very same Jehovah. Thus his increasingly urgent need to provoke a world conflict of immense proportion, one that distracts the Jewish mass from its own drama, and feeds Jehovah. At the same time they are destroying the bases of millenary beliefs by revealing their falseness, the rabbis today are creating the new Holocaust Religion, to maintain their inner cohesion and paralyse the goym.

Professor Hermann Wirth, founder of the Ahnenerbe - a superior institute for investigation of the SS -, knew all of this. He personally revealed it to me, during his final days, when he was writing his most important work on the history of the Jewish people, a manuscript that has been made disappear and which could now possibly be in the Vatican...”90

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All images and sources used for educational or entertainment purpose in Fair Use. Jack Heart © 2018


  1. Jack,

    A wonderful work of art!

    So, will balance between male and female return? It is I believe an ancient faith tradition you are resurrecting as schlomo's world is so absolutely corrupt that it must be tore down and started over!

    Who dreams other than me for a better world and why not? Schlomo's box seems complete as it appears Hitler and crew got "raptured" out of here with a time machine as in the end game who has control of the narrative?

    Excellent work!


    1. It is rather artistic isn't it Nine? You will notice that I myself said nothing; I let the world’s real power brokers do the talking, none of which would ever be caught dead bellowing into a microphone wearing a silly toupee.

      For me I prefer to quote an entirely different Austrian

  2. "Adolf" is with f not ph.

    1. Is that what you got out of it?...

      I’m more comfortable with the ph, that’s the way I spell it, Serrano does spell it with an f though; Adolf Hitler, el último avatãra, far far more importantly is some people are translating it as Aldoph Hitler the Last Avatar, that’s not at all what Serrano said, in fact he believed just as Savitri Devi that Hitler would not be the one to give the Empire its last spelling lesson.

      Serrano wrote a book about that too; titled MANU: 'For The Man To Come’ translated into English for the first time and released for the first time ever on 12-12-2012.

      Translator's Foreword

      We enter here into a great mystery of mysteries, on the threshold of eternity. Don Miguel Serrano was no ordinary man. A truly factual biography of him is never likely to be written, because the stakes for those who rule this world are simply too high. But let it be known that his mysterious Brahmanic Order was in the forefront and at the heart of the greatest developments of the latter half of the 20th Century. Literally millions fought and millions lived and died in the great struggles for which Miguel Serrano served as the gray eminence and directing hand from one end of our planet to the other. We can safely say that the over-all destinies of the previous two generations of humanity were very largely in his masterful hands, at least for those with some awareness of the role that has been played in those great struggles by the many secret services and special forces of which he was the true Grand Master.

      We may say that for over a quarter century Miguel Serrano guided the fortunes of the so-called Cold War and, more than any other man then alive, determined the hidden forces that led to the inexorable decline and fall of the late Soviet Union. The growing contemporary isolation of the Zionist entity is also, in no small measure, his magnificent achievement. That these and numerous other great events are unlikely ever to be traced to Serrano is in fact the greatest tribute to his most singular ability. If the greatest triumph for the warrior is to win without his enemy so much as noticing who and what has led to their downfall, then the author of this Most Holy Book is in humble truth among the great warriors of Chile and of all time.

    2. When we reflect that Miguel Serrano was the friend and chosen successor to the great SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny and that he received his personal command from He who was the only One greater still than Skorzeny himself, then we can begin to appreciate that we are here most literally in the presence of the Divine.

      In this rarest of books we may find the true, pure and fearless words and thoughts of Wotan. No one will read this book and emerge from it the man he was when he began the reading. Don Miguel spares none and, exactly like a God, like Wagner and Nietzsche, speaks to us on a level far above the quarrels and passions of mere sects and parties. Rather than debate whether Miguel Serrano were Pagan or Christian, we would be wise to understand that this book is a New Revelation that has destroyed such now meaningless distinctions. Henceforth we are all Pagans and none Pagans, all Christians and none Christians, because from this time, of the Black Sun of 2012, we are in truth henceforth and forever now Esoteric Hitlerists or we are nothing at all.

      A Fifth Gospel now dawns over our White Race and this Sacred Book is that Holy Scripture. Here the Gods Return to speak to us, here the Christ Returns among us to tell us our past and our future.
      Beware all ye who enter here, for the great words of power contained within shall haunt you forever.
      In these pages the Lord commands His People.

      Brother Francis, Franciscan Solitary in the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan.
      Soli Deo Gloria.
      Heil Hitler !

    3. And by the way Adolph Hitlers real name was Alois Hiedler


  3. “...has no doubt left the scions of empire existing in a waking nightmare” You’re not kidding O and J. Yet I see that “...the Germans have the capability to write this timeline anyway they please.”
    If I don’t live to witness their vindication at least I’ve got a front row seat to the heavy hitters. Thank you for the effort on this one.

    1. Like I said Tara, and I did say that, the scions of Empire exist in a waking nightmare. What is here now was not here before. They know that and I know that. This is the Mandela Effect 2.0. You have lived long enough. Close your mind to their weak and growing weaker everyday distractions and look around you...

      These are selected excerpts from a memo, maybe best described as an interdimensional memo on the rules of engagement; the questions are in quotes, the answers parenthesis. It was written only a year and half ago; dated 10/14/2016.

      “They use religion to foment the chaos and create divisiveness.”

      (Again they use religion and order to create divisiveness, religions so dogmatic that they must destroy all that do not conform to their own tenets. The god of Abraham conducts the symphony and all that resists his overture must be destroyed. We must change the tune, the band and most of all the conductor.)

      “They believe in Gods far older than the God of Abraham which was created from the stories stolen from the worshipers in Babylon.”

      (They believe the truth which is why they so fear us, mankind believes a lie which is why he is not even an afterthought to them, there are so few left…but those that are we must teach them the truth and arm them with a weapon in which they may finally be able to defend themselves and one day take back what is theirs…)

      “Human soul/spirit (observer) is not of the hologram. It is a non-waveform of unknown quality that knows no space and time.”

      (It is not from this dimension but neither are they, nor are we. It is their food, we must poison it…)

      “The construct creates space and time. The programming from various sources is in conflict one with the other. Many constructs can be created by producing minute differences in the interfering waves.”

      (There is an obvious conflict or we would have just annihilated this place down to the last ember. The Clowns are a great idea, we need more, dancing dwarfs, hungry giants who eat human flesh, UFO’s and aliens, fish people and deer people, Poncho Villa and Joan of Arc, whatever you can think of, get creative, ruthless chaos, nothing stands and there are no rules, that is the way to victory here…)

      “The physical bodies created by the hologram construct are built as sensors so that the physical can be experienced by the observer.”

      (Exactly, pain and sorrow are their food, fear and loathing, all negative emotions, what Alec Newald calls loosh. That is what they feed on and this is a farm for it. I doubt these entity’s that set this up are even from this universe, which will put them at a disadvantage against us, use it against them. When the farmer does not understand his livestock he is in a lot of trouble…)

      “Rules as understood by one group of avatars are not necessarily the rules understood by another. These rules may relate to the use of devices to change the hologram on the fly, overcome physical rules as set forth as the foundation of the holographic reality, produce unlimited power, overcome “gravity”, speed of light, etc.”

      (I cannot emphasize enough that rules are the enemy’s best weapon here, be sure to break everyone you find, dancing dwarfs, Poncho Villa and Joan of Arc, Che Guevara marries Richard Nixon. Black Hole Sun, those are our rules, destroy everything you can but always with an eye toward minimizing collateral damage, if we create loosh we are doing them a favor, if we create chaos without loosh they will die…)

      “Societies, morals, ethics, virtues, good and evil, are all responses that are constructed through the rules as set forth by those producing the hologram , the observers themselves individually and as groups.”
      (Same answer as above…)

      Look where we are now Tara, America has a Clown for a president.
      “Send in the Clowns”

      A word from our Sponsor: 1-900-9099-CRY

    2. And that ladies and gentlemen is why it’s a good idea to read the comments if you don’t want to miss anything. Thanks Jack.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. My Hitler pal is infected with that Evangelical virus and is having trouble shaking it as I told him Hitler was no evangelical Christian and so he says Hitler had the finest character and who do the Jews spend all of their time demonizing?

    Well, my 100% pure German dad served in WW 2 and fought the Wehrmacht and greatly admired his enemy may I say he loved his enemy?

    He said they were the finest enemy any could ever see!

    Oh! And to Churchill and that awful Dresden bombing he hated him with a passion and never ever did trust a Russian....

    And that's for Mr. Duff.....

    however, whatever would I know....


    1. If you read Serrano carefully, along with Dugins take on Wirth, they are not hostile to Christianity Nine, or Islam, or even Judaism, only the vile entities who have hijacked what is Sacred and wield it like an Ox Goad to savage the very Air in which we breed...

    2. Jung's quote that the "Queen is for love, not for marriage" has such sacred significance and one may find deeper interpretation of this in the writings of Hermann Hesse.

      And thank you for introducing the writings of Herman Wirth. His words brought description to me for the invocation I did this past eve of the Winter Solstice and am amazed how it is still manifesting. No ritual involved. Pure spirit and will. It would not be manifesting so powerfully if that supreme divine energy did not agree.

      Well wishes,

    3. Time Angle...

      Men are whores to....

      who would of thought?

      its called social security

      the republicans want to cut it

      that is the war they can not win


    4. Nine,

      A nation can only be as rich as it is resourceful by what goods and services it may produce, and our treasury is both broken and broke with other countries holding the notes while we all have been exploited through graft, corruption and the theft of our treasury, so reform is inevitable.

      What is key now is having a say in what direction reforms may take.

      I do agree with you that all begins locally.


    5. What notes time angel?

      It's a blip on a computer screen as Hitler fixed the economy for the working class first as they were National Socialists not communists!

      We have been robbed blind by schlomo!

      The worst of the worst are the evanschlmovelicals he he...

      FEMA camp for them...


    6. You can't go wrong with Herman Hesse TL, nor the Rock and Roll band who named themselves after his Magnum Opus Steppenwolf

    7. "FEMA camp for them..." i hope you ain't saying that lightly Nine, one day we're gonna have to party to it...

  5. indudablemente estamos en el kali jude

    1. well we will just have to fight our way out then won't we Miguel?

  6. Here's a cousin of Big Blinky the UFO, stretched out and relaxing over Lake Henshaw in the Southern California desert in 2009. If there there any problems, just keep clicking enlargement.

    I like to mix refried beans, quacamole, and goat meat together and roll it up into a big fat burrito.

    "Momma says never look into the eyes of the Sun." "But Momma, that's were the fun is!"
    "Momma's gonna worry that I've been a bad bad boy, it's no use say'in sorry, it's something I enjoy!"

    1. I love blinded by the light Stan, I love them so much why don’t you check out the images when you Google:

      "Momma says never look into the eyes of the Sun." "But Momma, that's were the fun is!”

    2. "Blinded By The Light"

      Blinded by the light
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night
      Blinded by the light

      Madman drummer bummers
      Indians in the summer
      With a teenage diplomat
      In the dumps with the mumps
      As the adolescent pumps
      His way into his hat
      With a boulder on my shoulder
      Feeling kinda older
      I tripped a merry-go-round
      With this very unpleasing
      Sneezing and wheezing
      The calliope crashed to the ground
      The calliope crashed to the ground

      But she was blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce,
      Another runner in the night.
      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce,
      Another runner in the night.
      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce,
      Another runner in the night.

      Some silicone sister
      With her manager mister
      Told me I got what it takes
      She said, I'll turn you on sonny to something strong
      Play the song with the funky break
      And go-kart Mozart
      Was checking out the weather chart
      To see if it was safe outside
      And little Early Pearly
      Came by in his curly-wurly
      And asked me if I needed a ride
      Asked me if I needed a ride

      ‘Cause she was blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce,
      Another runner in the night.
      Blinded by the light.

      She got down but she never got tight
      She's gonna make it to the night
      She's gonna make it through the night

      But mama, that's where the fun is
      But mama, that's where the fun is


      Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun
      But mama, that's where the fun is

      Some brimstone baritone
      Anticyclone rolling stone
      Preacher from the east
      Says, "Dethrone the dictaphone.
      Hit it in its funny bone.
      That's where they expect it least."
      And some new mown chaperone
      Was standing in the corner
      Watching the young girls dance
      And some fresh-sown moonstone
      Was messing with his frozen zone
      Reminding him of romance

      The calliope crashed to the ground

      But she was blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night.
      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night.

      (Madman drummers bummers and Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat
      In the dumps with the mumps as the adolescent pumps his way into his hat)

      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night.
      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night.

      (With a boulder on my shoulder feelin' kinda older I tripped the merry-go-round
      With this very unpleasing sneezing and wheezing the calliope crashed to the ground)

      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night.
      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night.

      (And now Scott with a slingshot finally found a tender spot and throws his lover in the sand
      And some bloodshot forget-me-not whispers daddy's within earshot save the buckshot turn up the band.)

      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night.
      Blinded by the light.
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night.

      (Some silicone sister with her manager mister told me I got what it takes
      She said I'll turn you on sonny to something strong)

      She got down but she never got tired,
      She's gonna make it through the night.

    3. I am still burned out from trying to post The 8th Poem, Keeper Of The Herd.

  7. Jack,

    The demented American evangelical's are schlomo's bitch I can sssure you!


    Just ask one who is more important Israel or America as I know as most of my family are schlomo's bitches!!

    I would put most of them in re-education camps,,,,,


  8. My little fat Jack, the rat terrier, says Happy New Year of The Dog.

    From the Dog that loves you more than you know, some art and crafts of the Occult Theater:

  9. On google chrome this site will be translated to English. The explanation offered on why the Aldebaran Plejaren gave the Germans this technology is the same as what the human Plejaren woman Semjase, revealed to Billy Meier.

    Notice the spinal column in the vertical axis on the Swastika, the housing of the transmission cord, receiving the electric impulse from the Spark that activates the human brain complex. The lines run out forming distinct stations of transmission of peripheral central somatic function and autonomic sympathetic and parasympathetic function, and so, enough already.

  10. “With their aid and assistance they may have already developed on our planet a completely different and very advanced science, in German bases of the Third Reich, with extensive cosmic implications.” And “Some say they went to Aldebaran, a giant red star in the constellation of Taurus.” If they had the technology to do that and I believe they did then they are still “here.” The users of this technology can manifest it in our hologram and on our timelines. I saw a video of other worldly craft shutting down nuclear devices during testing and top officials coming forward with what they witnessed. I hope this comment isn’t too happy mealesque but I have a lot of questions and I get a lot of answers from these comment threads. My questions are what does it all mean and when are we going to be finished with this horrible Kali Yuga?

    1. You know what Tara, let them Google “Momma says never look into the eyes of the Sun. But Momma, that's where the fun is!" Let them rock to the sounds of Puddles the clown, whom by the way has just weighed in on the toroidal universe, the donut obsession in Twin Peaks and the Wicked Wicked game She plays...
      In fact let them rock to the tunes the Donald Trump Clown. Let them overrun Facebook with dissembling bots and Twin Peaks David Cassidy posters, let them freeze our hits and ghost post us, I really don’t care anymore about any of it, it’s their problem, not ours. I’ll be laying it out in black and white on Patreon, we’ll talk on there.

    2. America’s got talent alright. It’s being revealed to those who are inquisitive through popular culture perhaps because the science and the Nordic tomes are too much for most people. Or maybe She’s attempting to reveal Herself. I mean that’s my impression/guess. I’m glad you’re still willing to sort it out and put it all together for us in the face of all the adversity. I’m looking forward to part 3.

  11. 1914 article on the pineal gland creating super sized soliders:


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