The Skin Walker

The Cross, the Rabbi & The Skin Walker 
by Jack Heart

Fire walk with Me
About 5 miles southeast of Roosevelt on a remote ranch in Utah, Terry (aka Tom Gorman) Sherman and well known paranormal investigator Chad Deetken peered into the darkness of a pasture in the early mourning hours of August 28, 1997. Perhaps what they were looking at defied belief anywhere else but not in this place dubbed the Skinwalker Ranch. A dull light appeared in the blackness and gradually took on an element of depth. As it grew brighter it became a floating tunnel. From the bowels of the tunnel a humanoid figure crawled and heaved its way toward them. In a final mighty effort the figure wiggled its way free of the light and dropped to the ground scampering off into the darkness. The light snapped shut leaving the 2 men alone with their very expensive and very useless equipment. The rancher scanned the darkness with his night vision glass’s as Deetkin fumbled with his camera which had failed to capture the event. The men were both working for Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow founder of the National Institute of Discovery Science. They were participants of an investigation of ongoing paranormal activity's at the ranch. Sherman had purchased the land in 1994 in order to raise hybrid cattle and he, his 2 teenage children, and wife were subsequently driven half mad by a litany of supernatural events. The story of his haunting hit the Las Vegas Mercury News in 1996 and upon reading it Bigelow immediately flew in from his Las Vegas headquarters and purchased the ranch keeping the Sherman family on as caretakers over the strenuous objections of Mrs. Sherman. In a scene out of the X files the NIDS moved a small army of scientists and millions of dollars in state of the art technology onto the ranch and sealed it off with a paramilitary force consisting of “ex” special forces and law enforcement personnel. Cries from the UFO community that they were being kept from their space brothers by government spooks masquerading as ghost busters went unheeded and in 2009 Bigelow appears to have solved that problem by buying MUFON.
What is known of what go’s on at the ranch is largely gleaned from a book ‘HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER’ coauthored by Bigelow’s hand picked journalist George Knapp who has the odious distinction of having introducing Bob Lazar and area 51 to the world. Colm Kelleher is a renowned molecular biologist and one of the lead scientists in the investigation. Kelleher claims that aside from off the chart magnetic readings photographic and physical evidence is lacking because the phenomenon exhibits a precognitive consciousness that enables it to avoid imprinting itself on the devices used to record its existence. Kelleher relates an incident when the NIDS’s was initially deployed at the ranch. They erected telephone poles with TV cameras on top, each one monitoring a field encompassing the next camera. One of the monitors was suddenly lost and the scientists rushed to the location to find high atop one of the poles, the cameras, mounts, and wiring were shredded to pieces. Elated they rushed back to the monitor station thinking that the cameras on the pole next to it would have caught whatever was responsible for the sabotage, instead they found nothing on the videos.
The book gives an array of eyewitness accounts from heavily accredited scientists. The phenomena runs the entire gamut of paranormal activity from UFO’s, poltergeist activity, big foots, disembodied voices and shadow people, to strange and extinct animals. The story includes a bullet proof giant wolf that tries to drag away a calf in spite of taking 5 bullets from the ranchers guns. A figure shrouded by night with a 3 foot wide spread between its glowing yellow eyes that left a Velociraptor claw print on the ground where it landed before it disappeared after being shot from a tree. Intelligently controlled floating globules of light regularly roam the ranch harassing cattle and incinerating dogs. Twenty-four cattle have either disappeared or were mutilated. The forensics show all of the mutilations were done with a long blade and shorter scissor like instrument. Some of the mutilations occurred when the animals were left alone for minutes. Four prize bulls were found dazed and crammed like sardines into a tiny trailer after a frantic search for them. Sherman had wondered out loud to his wife that mourning what he would do if anything happened to them and an hour latter they went missing.
The Tribal headquarters of the Ute Indians, Fort Duchesne, is about 5 miles northeast of the ranch. The Ute Indians are forbidden by tribal law to set foot on the property of the ranch because it is “in the path of the Skinwalker”. The Ute blame the Navaho for setting the Skinwalker loose on Ute land as an act of vengeance for crimes the Ute committed against the Navaho 150 years ago. But just what is a Skinwalker? The Navaho are reticent about talking to archeologists and anthropologists who in the past, under the auspices of the Smithsonian, have systematically looted Indian artifacts and sold them off to private collectors.‘The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)’now protects Indians from having their most sacred objects end up in the private collections of elitists like Andy Warhol. Consequently information defining a Skinwalker is virtually nonexistent among outsiders. Some say the Skinwalker is a witch, or a witch's witch, but Skinwalker appears to be a blanket term applied to a malevolent manifestation of a supernatural consciousness that is marked by murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia. According to Clyde Klukhohn Author of ‘The Navaho: Revised Edition’ (Harvard Paperbacks) the word for Skinwalker in Navaho is “yee nadlooshii,” which means walk/travel like an animal. As the Indian name implies the Skinwalker moves about in animal form but the word Skinwalker itself implies something far more insidious, something more like a disembodied consciousness that can take over the body of a human and walk in human skin.
Here in the United States we congratulate ourselves for having been brought by our forefathers to this land of abundance. We pay dutiful homage to the indigenous inhabitants whom we systematically exterminated for their land. We play at understanding their customs and beliefs and even embrace them in our shallow search for meaning. We have assorted Asians magically evolving to Clovis man with his fluted European arrow heads stumbling across some theoretical bridge 15,000 years ago from Russia to Alaska and radiating across 2 continents of untapped and seemingly limitless resources. In carefully controlled retrospect we invent noble red men who worshiped nature and coalesced into thriving stone age civilizations starting around 3,500 years ago in Central and South America. Freshly minted “scholars” leap through flaming hoops of ignorance as they jostle and trip each other in their eagerness to recite university dogma. Enigma’s are arbitrarily debunked then systematically ignored and dusty bones in forgotten places bare mute testimony against scholastic scripts that are sanctioned by politically correct social engineers. Cyclopean ruins mark places where these ‘scholars’ dare not tread and the gnawed bones of children whisper unspeakable contradictions.
About a thousand years ago a civilization arose in the northwestern corner of New Mexico in a place called Chaco Canyon. The civilization is marked by its unique architecture that spills into the Southwest corner of Colorado, the Southeast corner of Utah, and the Northeast corner of Arizona. Its enigmatic inhabitants are now ingrained as the“Anasazi” in the racial memory of the indigenous Indians of that land. From the primitive pit houses and pole-and-adobe construction of that locality suddenly emerged elaborate construction's in sunset hued naturel stone. The structures were of patio slab sized flat rocks quarried from the local sandstone and meticulously mortared, and stacked to 5 story's high, encompassing hundreds of individual rooms. The masonry work is clearly unprecedented by the native inhabitants and resembles that of Great Zimbabwe which was built without mortar and arose and vanished in the same mysterious manner across the ocean in Africa at the same time the Anasazi disappeared from the southwestern United States.
The Anasazi structures are centered around Kivas, circular constructions usually imbedded into the earth that were used in the ritual worship of “Kachina” spirits which are called up from a small hole dug into the ground in the center of the Kiva called a Sipapu or place of emerging. Rectangular walls usually surrounded the Kivas. Kachina spirits are currently worshiped throughout the four corner area where the Anasazi ruins are located. They are represented by elaborate dolls carved from the root of cottonwood trees and are for the most part benevolent forces of nature but if these tribes are not descended from the builders of the ruins as both the ruins construction and the translation of the word Anasazi would indicate, there is no concrete evidence linking Kachina worship to the Anasazi. Nobody has ever found an Anasazi Kachina doll. Anasazi is the name given by the local tribes to the builders of the ruins and it means ancient enemy's or those who are not us depending on the pronunciation. To even speculate that the primitive basket weaving cultures who made their homes in covered holes in the earth called pit houses suddenly figured out how to quarry natural sandstone and pile and mortar it with the expertise of the finest modern masons is the very height of absurdity and violates every empirical rule of reasoning but apparently this is exactly what Smithsonian produced legions of zombie archeologists are pawning off as science.
The the desert sun on the burnished canyon walls of the four corner area reveals the many petroglyphs left behind by the previous inhabitants. Since they left no written records we can only speculate as to meaning of these primitive rock montages. Some depict pastoral scenes like the Una Vida Petroglyph that shows a human figure flanked by an insect like humanoid standing amongst beasts both identifiable and others having no business in this world. Kachina bridge is adorned with a faded glyph that looks like a sauropod dinosaur to the delight of the Creationists and chagrin of the Smithsonian charlatans who have set up an internet chorus sniffling in unison that it’s a mud stain. Others like the Sego Canyon pictograph depict monstrous phantasmagorical beings that fuel the delirium of proponents of various beneficent space brother theories. Many of the drawings feature swirling spiral vortex’s like those depicted in petroglyphs in places spanning the furthest flung regions of the earth. There are also mysterious hand prints placed on drawings depicting historical events such as the Chaco Canyon petroglyph chronicling the birth of the Crab Nebula in 1054. Astronomists estimate that the exploded super nova would have been visible to the Anasazi in broad daylight for a full 2 months. The celestial explosion was recorded in Navajo Canyon and White Mesa as well as in Chaco Canyon and a recent discovery seems to indicate it was recorded in great detail at Agua Fria National Monument in a remote canyon in Central Arizona.

The Nightmare in the Desert
The Anasazi dwellings seem to defy logic as they are built on top of Mesas or in precipitous niches on sheer canyon walls far away from any food supply the seemingly inhospitable terrain could produce. They had very few windows or doors on the lower levels. People moved from one level to another by ladder. Everything about them bears testimony that these were fortress’s built to withstand a siege by some nameless enemy. Since they were first explored in 1888 by a cowboy named Richard Wetherill it was known that these southwestern ruins marked a place where unspeakable horrors had occurred. Piles of charred and gnawed human bones were found by Wetherill and noted in Harpers monthly in 1902 only to be mysteriously forgotten after the murder of Wetherill a few years latter at the hands of a Navaho Indian, supposedly over a horse trade. Wetherill along with his other family members had invested 20 years in the exploration of these ruins during this time he came under intense criticism for being “anti Indian”. The local Navaho and Pueblo Indians will not go anywhere near the ruins for fear that they are haunted and its vanished residents engaged in forms of black magic of which they lost control. A magic that was precipitated by the use of an unknown agent that the Indians refer to as “corpse powder”.
Christy Turner has spent 30 years investigating forensic evidence in the ruins of Anasazi civilization, much of it in Chaco Canyon. He has built an air tight case that the favorite food of the Anasazi were their neighbors and written a book, which he Glibly titled ‘Man Corn’. The book rocked the Smithsonian approved variety of politically approved pre Columbian history. Turner has used his background as a forensic consultant for law enforcement to ensure that he satisfies the most stringent requirements of proof that his many academic detractors throw at him. Anthropophagic (Cannibalism) practices must never have occurred in the Southwest because in the coloring book world of Smithsonian archeology the Anasazi have already been assigned the role of noble ancestor to our native American Indians.
In 1 out of every 50 forensic cases investigated by Turner the trail led to murder, dismemberment, and human bones butchered like steer for dietary consumption. Turner set a minimum of 6 criteria for confirming cannibalism. Each one had to be marked off on a forensic check list. The top of the victims heads were roasted, never the face, with the brain inside the skull. The skull was then cracked open with what Turner showed to be “anvil abrasions” which cannot take place on a skull with its muscle tissue and ligaments still in place. Turner also found tiny V shaped groves on the skulls and the bones of the remains. The V shaped groves were all on joints where tendons hold muscles tight. These cuts matched the cuts produced in the research of archeologist Bruce Bradley in his experiments on butchering game with flint tools. The bones were cracked for marrow and exhibited signs of having been polished through their continued stirring in cooking pots. The vertebrae from the skeletons were absent because they were destroyed by being smashed for marrow extraction. Breakage, cutting, burning, anvil abrasions, polishing, and missing vertebra all must occur before Turner presents a case as evidence for cannibalism. Yet many archeologists reject Turners findings because as Smithsonian poster boy Kurt Dongoske points out its “dehumanizing” to accuse Native Americans of eating each other. As Dongoske also points out only 10% of what went on 1000 years ago can be ascertained by the archeological evidence. Yet Dongoske and the rest of the social workers impersonating scientists allow themselves the arbitrary conclusion that the ancestors of the native southwestern Indians built Chaco Canyon in spite of the contradictory etymological and architectural evidence.
Dongoske claimed that the evidence of butchering hardly proves anthropophagic activity. The bones were disarticulated and butchered but to say the flesh on the bones was actually consumed “is a big leap”. Perhaps the Anasazi were just honing their sausage making techniques and did not extend their macabre practices to indulging in their culinary creations. The argument was scientifically settled once and for all when at the location of Cowboy Wash on the site of a massacre of 24 people, in a demonic display of malevolence, human coprolite was found excreted into the hearth of the cannibalized victims. Molecular biochemists at the University of Colorado found myoglobin in the fossilized excrement. Myoglobin is a protein only found in human skeletal muscle and not in the gut. This proved conclusively that the gruesome murderer had consumed their victim and then excreted the digested remains right into the victims family hearth. So much for family time in Chaco Canyon. In 30 years 15,000 skeletal remains were examined by Turner 500 showed signs of violent death another 300 were butchered, consumed and discarded in communal garbage dumps.
Anasazi cannibalism is historically inexplicable. The Indians of the Southwest have left no archeological or anthropological evidence before or after the Anasazi of ever having eaten each other, or anyone else for that matter. They are indignant and have been the most vocal critics of ‘Man Corn’. Ice core samples and tree rings show the years between 900 and 1150 were marked by a warming trend which would have produced an abundance of food. Steven A. LeBlanc, director of collections at Harvard University's Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and renowned expert on prehistoric warfare and violence, estimated that some events featured the consumption of 30 people at a time and would have been attended to by at least 300 people. LeBlanc has pointed out that Anasazi constructions were certainly built for defense and if you “didn’t build them you died”. He is perplexed that archeological evidence indicates these buildings were necessary and that the ghoulish feasts took place within one of the few periods when their was peace and prosperity in the southwest. Dr David R Wilcox an anthropologist from the museum of Northern Arizona points out that most of the cannibalistic events took place within the distribution zone of the Chaco Canyon great houses. Christy Turner admits that he must find a logical way to bring cannibalism into Chaco Canyon. He accomplishes this by linking the Anasazi to the nightmarish Aztecs of Mexico.

The Children of Cthulhu
Aztec culture was the pinnacle of the civilizations speaking the Nahuatl language as they were found by Christian Europeans. These “civilizations” lend an element of belief to the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft. Savagery so unprecedented in the annuls of known human cultural practices that the original assessment of the Conquistadors, that it was orchestrated by Demons from hell, is still the most valid. Dr Carmin Pijoan the residing physical anthropologist of the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico; has not only found forensic evidence of ritual cannibalism in her work but bizarre and macabre practices like using human bones to make tools , ornaments, and musical instruments not to mention the ornamental skull racks that festooned the buildings of Tenochtitlán, the Aztec’s great city. In his ground breaking work of the late seventies ‘The Ecological Basis for Aztec Sacrifice.’ Michael Harner, an American Ethnologist produces an evidentiary argument and conclusion that the ghoulish Aztec religious practices were dictated by the necessity of sustenance farming. Considering the limited resources and huge populations of Mexico and Central America, cultivating and eating people was imperative to existence. He was backed by Marvin Harris an American anthropologist who at the same time came out with his book ‘Cannibals and Kings’.
Much revisionist history as been written about the conquest of the Aztecs in the hundreds of years after the facts, especially by those within the scientific community indoctrinated into the Caucasian self loathing and cultic denial of God which has become the standard Smithsonian and National Geographic fare. In the service of this politically correct history that has been invented for the earth by an academic army of talking chimpanzees some of the most inane dribble ever postulated has found scholastic acceptance: “The Aztecs were incapacitated by smallpox”. At its worst smallpox has a 20% fatality rate which out of the estimated half million population of Aztecs at the time would leave 400,000 Aztecs against 200 to 600 conquistadors many suffering from incurable venereal diseases that they had caught from the Mexican women. Realizing that some people can actually read these TV scholars now have changed the offending disease to Hantavirus which the Spaniards although never even having been exposed to were inexplicably immune. “The conquistadors had guns and horses”. This would be plausible if the horses were M1 Abrams tanks and the guns fully automatic Colt commando AR15’s. In actuality the Conquistadores fielded single shot matchlocks which were ignited by fuse and worthless in the close quarter combat that marked the battles fought between Aztec and Spaniard, as were the horses. “Cortez was a shrewd statesman and managed to organize the other tribes who were resentful of the Aztecs to rebel against them”. This ignores the lone eyewitness account of Bernal Díaz del Castillo who describes the pitched battles of having took place between the Spaniards and the Aztecs with the Spaniards Indian allies bringing up the rear sometimes the very far rear.
Castillo’s account of what happened during “the night of tears” is conveniently left out of every authorized history book. Appalled by the spectacle of cannibalism and human sacrifice that the Aztecs called a religion the Conquistadors upon seizing the city had torn down the craven images of the sacrificial temple and substituted them with makeshift icons of Jesus and Mary. After they initially drove the Conquistadors from the city the temporarily victorious Aztecs, led by their priests, went immediately to the temple to reinstate the statues of their monstrous Gods but try as they might, thousands of them, they could not budge the images of the Conquistadors Gods. After participating in this supernatural event they knew that their prophets and their king, Montezuma, had foreseen the truth in dreams and premonitions before the Conquistador’s ships had even made landfall. Cortez was the agent of Quetzalcoatl, the bearded white God who originally introduced civilization to the “New World”. Quetzalcoatl had promised the original inhabitants of the Mexican valley he would return centuries before if ever they transgressed into demonic hedonism as he somehow anticipated they would,. When Cortez launched his counterattack and retook Tenochtitlán most of the Aztec’s did not even fight back. Besides there being only one of two eyewitness accounts of the conquest of Mexico that are reliable there are plenty of eyewitness accounts of the Aztecs cannibalistic practices. The most objective of these come from Diego Durán, author of the Durán Codex, whose writings were were so sympathetic towards the Aztec that the throne of Spain repressed his work for years fearing it might be incendiary to the Indians (Some of his eyewitness accounts, along with others, of actual Aztec anthropophagic practices are given in Appendix B below).
Turner speculates that there was a migration from the valley of Mexico that settled in Chaco Canyon and preyed on the local Indians by introducing them to the traditional Mexican diet of human flesh. Turner points out a ball field at Chaco Canyon, ball fields were intimate to Mesoamerican culture, and he sees resemblances in the architecture between Chaco Canyon and the early Mexican civilizations. Turners best evidence is a skull he found with teeth sharpened to animal like points, a practice common only in the Mexican valley. There are other similarity's between the 2 seemingly separate cultures. Diego Durán graphically described the Aztecs penchant for the ceremonial ingestion of intoxicating mushrooms ( see Appendix A). The ritual consumption of Psilocybin mushrooms is a prominent feature of the religious practices of Southwestern Indians to this very day.
The depictions of the birth of the Crab Nebula at Agua Fria National Monument implies an advanced understanding of astronomy. The Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon, and the one in Colorado, not only resemble petroglyphs found from as far away as the Canary Islands but show an astronomical understanding and an ability to create complicated architectural structures that would interact with that knowledge. That knowledge would have to have been lost to the native Indians with the abandonment of Chaco Canyon. Tenochtitlán was laid out entirely in accordance with the Aztecs seemingly super human knowledge of astronomy as were New World pre-Columbian city's constructed far earlier like Teotihuacán in the Mexican basin and Tiahuanaco high in the Andes.
At the time when the Anasazi flourished in the southwest all the evidence, and their own recorded history, indicates the Aztec migration was from north to south into the Mexican valley. It is an academically accepted fact that a terrible drought took place in the Southwest ending the dark reign of the Anasazi. In the case of Chaco Canyon table etiquette, Mesoamerican culture is more likely the recipient than the donor. The Anasazi are known to have disappeared right around the time when hoards of ravenous Aztecs were rolling into the Mexican valley like a storm from the very bowels of hell. The Civilizations that predated the Aztecs in the Mexican valley and Central America, the Toltec's and Mayans, sacrificed men, women, and children to their heathen deities just like Caucasians did before the Romans civilized them. In spite of the unsubstantiated claims, archeological evidence of the kind of cannibalism that marked the Anasazi and Aztec civilizations is exceedingly sketchy if existent at all for civilizations anywhere else in the world beyond the ceremonial consumption of the bodies of slain warriors and cannibalism practiced under the extreme duress of famine. The possible exceptions being certain Pacific Islands most notably another archeological enigma Easter Island.

The Right of Return
There is evidence that long before Columbus set sail for the New World maps were circulating around the royal courts of the old one depicting its coastline. In 1513 Piri Reis an admiral in the Ottoman Turkish court copied a map from older sources, some rumored to have been used by Columbus. The map is now called the Piri Reis map and depicts the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The map hardly provides evidence of some super human race of alien origin as proposed by Erich von Däniken and the Dänikenites but it does show a reasonable facsimile of the South American coast with a mountainous spine running through the interior. These mountains can only be construed as the Andes. The map shows the Atlantic Ocean close to its actual proportions although Antarctica is 600 miles north of where it should be, but then again it would not even be discovered for another 305 years. In 1531 an accurate depiction of the entire Antarctic coast was drawn by Oronce Fine in what is now called the Oronteus Finaeus Map. There are many mistakes on these maps but unless sixteenth century cartographers were successfully practicing “remote viewing” orthodox historical accounts of the New Worlds discovery begin to fall apart at the point of their existence. In 1513 Juan Ponce de León was just “discovering” the coast of Florida and no one had yet set foot in the interior let alone mapped out the South American coast. The Antarctic would remain in frozen isolation until it was “discovered” in 1818 yet it is clearly depicted as butting the southern coast of South America in SIR WALTER RALEGH'S HISTORY OF THE WORLD written in 1614.
When Columbus landed on its shores perhaps fifty million inhabitants lived in the Western Hemisphere, speaking over 900 languages. The diversity of these people and number of languages itself attests by its own rights to multiple sources for these people. Clovis Culture as defined by Clovis Spear Points, according to orthodox archeology, migrated from Siberia across the frozen straights of the Bearing sea some 14,000 years ago and fanned out across the Western Hemisphere settling it from north to south and accounts for all the present day ‘Indians”. It does not matter that repeatedly verified carbon dates for the Pedra Furada sites show people in South America some 45,000 – 60,000 years ago. Nor does it matter that no one has ever even found a Clovis Spear Point in Siberia or anywhere else in Asia and the points actually appear to be a slight modification of the 30,000 year old “Solutrean” Spearpoint from Europe. The Clovis spear points only appear in America some 13,000 years ago and disappeared a few thousand years latter along with much of the fauna in the Western Hemisphere. Smithsonian archeologist Dennis Stanford has positively identified the oldest artifact in America to be a Solutrean spear point that was found imbedded in the fossil of a 24,000 year old mammoth unearthed on the Virginian Coast.
Mitochondrial DNA is considered unimpeachable evidence in a court of law. It is used to convict and execute people and overturn judicial decisions that have placed others on death row. 97% of Native American Mitochondrial DNA belong to one of four major Mitochondrial DNA lineages, designated haplogroups A–D none of which are found in people anywhere else in the world but America and Asia. There is however a fifth which has been inexplicably overlooked by most archeological and anthropological “scientists”. Haplogroup X is found in small portions of modern European populations but is particularly prevalent in the Druze, a minority population in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Among Native Americans, haplogroup X appears in northern Amerindian groups, including the Ojibwa, the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, the Sioux, the Yakima, and the Na-Dene–speaking Navajo. The homogeneity of the Navajo sequences suggests that the Navajo acquired haplogroup X relatively recently, about 1000 years ago.The sequence data and phylogenetic analysis suggest that the Native American and non Asian Old World haplogroup X mitochondrial DNA’s share a common maternal ancestor but also suggest that they diverged from each other 31,000–36,000 years ago originating in the Old World and migrating into America. Haplogroup X is most conspicuous by its absence from Siberia much like the Clovis Spear Point. (see Appendix C)
In his literary monument to iconoclasm: ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ Fredrick Nietzsche mocks academic pretensions by telling his readers to “beware the fish eyed scholar”. Nowhere else in the world is the fish eyed scholar more exposed to the light like a writhing maggot feeding in the darkness upon the collective intelligence of man than at Tiahuanaco, now high in the Andean mountains. Diorite blocks some weighing in excess of 800 tons are precisely cut and fitted like the pieces in a LEGO Erector Set. The blocks typically weighing in at between 100 to 400 tons were quarried on the opposite shore of the lake 10 miles away. Great stone wharfs miles short and 800 feet above lake Titicaca’s shore lay in beds of sea shells and remain covered with the limestone sediment that is the signature of having spent significant time immersed in sea water. Some of the actual structures were buried in up to 6 feet of sediment. The altitude is over 13,000 feet and rain is practically unheard of in the area falling at the rate of less than 9 inch's a year. The kind of overhead soil erosion which would be necessary to cause this kind of emersion in the soil is physically impossible. Sea horses which are only found in salt water are unaccountably found in the fresh water of lake Titicaca. The depth of the lake itself is gradually dropping in spite of the fact that it is fed by 25 small rivers and melting glacial water. It has only 1 tributary and it is estimated that evaporation is responsible for 95% of the water loss. It has recently been discovered that the ruins extend into and under the water of the lake. Tiahuanaco bares mute but unimpeachable testimony to some past cataclysmic event that managed to heave it over 2 miles high in the mountains.
In his 4 volume work entitled Tiahuanaco, The cradle of American Man, first published in 1945, professor Arthur Posnansky, a scientist who made an intensive 50 year study of the ruins, presents empirical astroarcheological evidence why these structures must be at least 15,000 years old. Since the Earth is tilted on its axis in respect to the plane of the solar system, the resulting angle is known as the "obliqueness of the ecliptic". If viewed from the earth, the planets of our solar system travel across the sky in a line called the plane of the ecliptic. At present our earth is tilted at an angle to of 23 degrees and 27 minutes, this angle is not constant. The angle oscillates slowly between 22 degrees and 1 minute minimum to 24 degrees and 5 minutes maximum. A complete cycle takes roughly 41,000 years to complete. The alignment of the Kalasasaya temple at the site of the ruins depicts a tilt of the earth's axis amounting to 23 degrees, 8 minutes, 48 seconds, which according to astronomers, indicates a date of 15,000 B.C.(see Appendix D, Tiahuanaco, Astronomical alignment) making it roughly contemporary or earlier than Göbekli Tepe in Turkey and Yonaguni-Jima submerged off the coast of Japan. Similarity's in the architecture alone of these sites would be enough to indict orthodox archeology in any court of law known to man on charges of conspiracy to deliberately obfuscate the facts by ignoring their existence, in a criminal trial this is called withholding evidence.
Wendell Bennett of Yale is credited with overseeing the initial excavations of the area. Some of the pottery, small statues and other artifacts unearthed that were datable could be traced back to pre-Incan civilizations from about 1500 years ago so Bennett and his brethren began the immediate fabrication of the standard academic tale whereby these early Incas rose to prominence and declined with their failing resources. His predecessors followed by having the bones and textiles that went with the pottery repeatedly carbon dated to be about 1500 years old giving Smithsonian zombie archeology a point of dissembling without ever actually linking the artifacts to the ruins. It is common, especially in South and Mesoamerican ruins, for one civilization to build over the abandoned ruins of a previous one. Even now Mexico City is perched right on top of what used to be Tenochtitlán. The Incas themselves insist that they did not build Tiahuanaco. They say that it has always been there and was built by their great God Viracocha of who's 7 foot tall idol was also unearthed by Bennett which he promptly designated as a sun god ignoring the obvious Caucasian features of large round eyes, a straight narrow nose and oval mouth. The Inca’s own legends attest to Viracocha’s pale skin and of his lineage from a race of bearded white supermen. Coupled with the fact that Serpents ascend the figure on each side, parallels should have been immediately drawn to Quetzalcoatl the pale skinned serpent God of the Aztec’s.
Another academic hack, Jean Peirre Protzen, then shows up at the site and wanders around aimlessly muttering about Incan empires and their military exploits being equal to Rome's then go's back to Berkeley and pronounces to the world that the cutting techniques at Tiahuanaco could be, and in fact had been, produced in experiments using other rocks as “hammerstones”. This is nothing less than a criminal fabrication made even more insidious by the fact that it has been made available to millions of students on JSTOR. What experiment's? Protzen is equating cotton with Kevlar. There are many types of rocks just as there are many types of fabrics. Any stone mason who has ever had the inconvenience of having to work with diorite will tell you that the kind of cuts made at Tiahuanaco can only be made with diamond tipped drills and saws and this still would not account for the convex side of one stone fitting in the hollow side of another so that not even a piece of paper could be slid between them. In fact real scientific experiments were done and after completely giving up on copper and iron the scientists doing the experiments employed modern tools with this conclusion: “A hardened and tempered engineers steel chisel (VP800) together with a hardened steel punch (VP800) was employed to cut a grove .5 mm into a smoothed surface on a block of diorite, the tools suffered severe damage.” Half a millimeter is not even one fortieth of an inch! (see Appendix C, Puma Punku: construction methods)
The Kuroshio Current is located just off Japan's coast and travels up to 75 miles a day at a speed of up to 3 miles per hour. Its contents are dispersed along the west coast of North America. It is so powerful and all consuming that Japanese sailors have always referred to it as the “current of death” because it inevitably sweeps up and carry's away all in its path. The voyages in 1421 of Chinese Admiral Zheng He apparently never reached America but there is far better evidence of even earlier Chinese exploration. A Buddhist monk named Hui-Shen described by Liang-Shu in his ‘History of the Liang Dynasty’ (502 –556AD) voyaged to a land he called Fusang between 459 and 499 AD. Hui-Shen said Fusang was 20,00 Li (7000 miles) east of Siberia putting it on the west coast America. He described details of what appear to be Mexican valley culture at that time but this is not proven. The age of the Chinese stone anchors found in the shallow waters off Palos Verdes in California are still also scientifically in question but the oriental genealogy of Amerindians is not.
Chinese mound pyramids closely resemble American mound pyramids. There is the ever present ancient Dolmens in both lands. Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb, home of the terracotta warriors, was proven using radar and other remote sensing technology to be a nine-stepped pyramid yet we are told the steadfast refusal to dig it up is due to Chinese superstitions. China rivals America in technology yet it would seem the fear of Qin Shihuang's ghost is institutionalized as a government policy there. The ever present inexplicable smoking gun here is the resemblance of Jomon pottery to valdivia pottery first pointed out by amateur archeologist Emilio Estrada and confirmed by Dr. Betty Megars an archeologist at the Smithsonian Institute. Together they identified 26 different style match's in the pottery's. There is an uncanny physical resemblance of Amerindians like the Inca to the Ainu (Japanese).There are also antibodies to HTLV1, a rare disease that originated 12 – 15,000 years ago in Japan, in pockets of South American Indians. The actual disease has been found in the DNA of mummy's in the Atacama desert at the southern foot of the Andes.
No one disputes that the Vikings were here a millennium ago but how long before that? Haplogroup X not only occurs in concentrations of Middle Easterners but also in concentrations of Northern Europeans. There is the ancient Celtic legend of St Brendan coming to the "Isle of the Blessed" or St. Brendan's Island which many take to be America.The 3,600 year old Nebra Sky Disk of Germany was first thought to have originated in Egypt but was later found to be constructed with copper found locally. Its existence testifies to at least more than just a cursory communication between the cultures if not a common calendar. There is the existence of Stonehenge itself, the ultimate dolmen construction, and the impossibility of explaining it using known scientific precepts. Just like at Tiahuanaco, and diverse places all over the world, impossibly large stones are moved impossibly long distances.
According to the Paiute Indians the Si-Te-Cah were a cannibalistic tribe of white skinned red haired giants. The Paiute’s claimed to have formed an alliance with the rest of the Southwestern Indians and hunted down and exterminated this threat. Finally wiping them out in a cave. In 1924 the Lovelock Caves of Nevada were excavated by scientists after being strip mined for bat guano for 13 years. Scientific researchers recovered over 10,000 artifacts including the mummified remains of two red-haired giants. There was a female over 6 feet tall and a male over eight. Many broken arrows had been shot into the cave and a dark layer of burned material under sections of the overlaying guano corresponded to the Paiute legend of having trapped them in a cave and burned them out, killing them in a fusillade of arrows. Among the thousands of artifacts recovered from the site is what some scientists are convinced is a calendar. A donut-shaped stone with exactly 365 notches carved along its outside rim and 52 corresponding notches along the inside. In February and June of 1931 two very large skeletons were found in the Humboldt dry lake bed near Lovelock. One of the skeletons measured 8.5-feet tall and was later described as having been wrapped in a gum-covered fabric similar to Egyptian mummies. The other was nearly 10-feet long according to the Nevada Review-Miner newspaper of June 19, 1931. Conveniently enough for academia most of the evidence has been “lost” but a skull and some of the artifacts have been preserved at the Humbolt Museum in Winnemucca, Nevada.
In the color by numbers world of academia the Olmec’s are considered the precursor of Mesoamerican civilization. This presents problems for academia because the Olmec's had the audacity to be blatantly black. Vast quantity's of their art work has been dug up in the land at the southern foot of the Mexican valley, much of it deliberately buried and disfigured as if they had committed some unforgivable crime against the Maya population succeeding them. Giant stone heads of brooding black kings stare with menacing silence at history’s usurpers daring them to explain their existence. Flawless step pyramids that would have been the envy of their contemporaries in the Mesopotamian valley are left mercifully hidden in the ever encroaching jungle, lest they cast dispersion on Smithsonian sanctioned institutionalized racism. Professor Andrzej Wiercinski discovered African skulls at Olmec sites in Tlatilco, Cerro de las Mesas and Monte Alban yet Harvard stooge and part time CIA operative Professor Michael D. Coe continues to clamor that he will not except the art evidence as long as no African skeletons have been found in the New World. Indian scholar R.A. Jairazbhoy states that the earliest settlers of America were Ancient Egyptians led by King Ramses III he adds "The black began his career in America not as slave but as master." Globally acclaimed scholar Dr Ivan Van Sertima sums it up nicely when he says: "A study of the Olmec civilization reveals elements that so closely parallel ritual traits and techniques in the Egypt-Nubian world of the same period that it is difficult to maintain [that] all these are due to mere coincidence."
One of the few Mesoamerican books not destroyed by the rampaging soldiers of Christ, the Popol Vuh mentions black people that came to America “from the land of the sunrise”. Mayan colored murals from Bonompak and Chichen Itza in Mexico show black and light skinned warriors together. The author of ‘the Gods of the Cataclysm’, Hugh Fox a professor at Michigan State University, concluded that Phoenician and Olmec funerary masks were virtually identical both depicting the Egyptian – Phoenician God Bes. All over North America exist Old World style dolmens with mysterious inscriptions. Salvatore Michael Trento of the Middletown Archeological Research Center, an organization composed of many practicing geologists and anthropologists, spent years cataloguing and researching these enigmas and came to the conclusion that “they were built and inscribed by Celtic and Phoenician Old World Traders”.
Aristotle wrote in "De mirabilibus auscultationibus" that the Carthaginians were building colony's in a land beyond the pillar of Hercules (see Appendix E). The land had navigable rivers and since there are no islands with navigable rivers in the Atlantic he could have only been referencing America. Aristotle was not the only famous scholar before the common era formally recognizing Phoenician colony's in America . Didorus Siculus (Didorus of Sicily) gives vivid details of its discovery and colonization by the Phoenicians in his massive 40 volume work Bibliotheca historica (E). A child could see the resemblance of the step pyramids built in America to the Ziggurat's built in the Mesopotamian valley. There is a vast preponderance of archeological evidence attesting to a Semitic presence in the New World right up until the time when European colonization seemed to turn an unwanted light upon it. The Davenport tablets, Dighton Rock, and Grave Creek Stone have all been attacked with what can only be described as an evangelical zeal by the Smithsonian institute. Coins that were found in Kentucky and Missouri in 1932, 1952, and 1967 commemorating Bar-Kochba’s rebellion against Rome and dated from 132 –135 AD have been ignored. The Newark Holy Stones are arbitrarily dismissed because their discoverer David Wyrick expressed a belief that the lost tribes of Israel settled in America even though many scholars have attested to their authenticity.
The smoking gun is the 9 museum documented Egyptian mummy's dated from between 1070 B.C. to 395 A.D. whose hair tested positive for nicotine and cocaine in rigorous scientific study's conducted by German scientist’s under Svetla Balabanova in the early nineties. Academia, this time led by Oxford, openly expressed apoplexy about this discovery. When they could not explain the mummy's condition without admitting contact between the pre-Columbian Old and New Worlds the mummy's were sequestered in the vaults of the Munich museum. When she attempted to conduct her own independent analysis the Keeper of Egyptology at the Manchester Museum in England, Professor Rosalie David Obe, renowned author and the worlds foremost expert on mummification, was refused access to them “on grounds of religious respect”.
Upon his surrender to General Miles famed Nez Pierce Warrior Chief Joseph presented him with a strangely inscribed pendant that the Chief told the General was a family heirloom handed down for generations. The Chief said it was given to his family by his white ancestors. It was kept in West Point and was later translated by Robert Biggs, professor of Assyriology at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Professor Biggs found that it was a sales receipt for a lamb written in Cuneiform from the Mesopotamian valley dating back to 2042 B.C. The Bat Creek Stone was excavated in 1889 from an undisturbed burial mound in Eastern Tennessee by the Smithsonian's Mound Survey project. Of course, Cyrus Thomas the director of the project, sniffled to anyone who would listen that the curious inscription on the stone was "beyond question letters of the Cherokee alphabet." In the 1960’s scholars, Henriette Mertz and Corey Ayoob, noticed a little discrepancy: Thomas had been reading the stone upside down. When properly orientated the only thing that was “beyond question” was that the inscription was ancient Semitic. Semitic languages scholar Cyrus Gordon later confirmed that it is from the first or second century A.D. Gordon translated the inscription as reading LYHWD, or "for Judea." He noted that the broken letter on the far left is consistent with Mem, in which case the word would read LYHWD[M], or "for the Judeans." Carbon dating of surrounding biological matter yielded dates from 200 to 750 AD. It should be noted that this very same Smithsonian stooge, Cyrus Thomas, said of the Davenport tablets that they were “anomalous waifs,” that had absolutely no supporting or contextual evidence to aide in their authenticity.
The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone besides serving as evidence for pre-Columbian occupation of the Americas by the Phoenicians (read Israelites) also serves as a warning for Zombie archeologists contemplating a resurrection. The boulder which sits on the side of Hidden Mountain in New Mexico not far from Chaco Canyon bares an ancient Hebrew inscription of the 10 commandments. Discovered in 1933 by one of their own professor Frank Hibben an archaeologist from the University of New Mexico. Hibben’s held degrees from both Yale and Harvard but saw his distinguished career systematically dismantled when academia made it a point to dig up half of Alaska’s tidal zones in an effort to discredit some of his earlier findings at Cook inlet. Hibben it turns out had misidentified the strata in which he had unearthed evidence contradicting Americas inhabitance before academia's cherished bench mark of Clovis Spear Points. Pedra Furada more than just vindicates Hibben’s for having made an honest mistake it indicts organized academia for engaging in the character assassination of a visionary.

The Christians sacked Jerusalem under the burning sun of July 1099. In the finest tradition of Yahweh they slaughtered every living thing in the city. With Christian power consolidated in the Holy Land a little over a decade later Bernard, a charismatic mystic and nobleman of Burgundy, and thirty five other young noblemen also from Burgundy sought admission into the obscure Cistercian order. By 1115 Bernard had already become a catholic icon that would be hailed posthumously as; Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. He was as blood thirsty a saint as ever occupied the central stage of history. Latter his preaching against the Cathars in the town of Albi would lead to the Albinesian crusade, a euphemism for the extermination of the entire populace in the South of France. His words and famous letter would shortly spawn the second crusade and his uncharacteristic intercession on behalf of the Jews in Mainz would save the Jews from Christian wrath during that second crusade.
The Cistercian order itself was catapulted to prominence by the infusion of nobility and became the right hand of the Pope. When Bernard arrived in Seborga in Northern Italy on February 1117 he joined Gondemar and Rossal two of the young nobleman who had joined the Cistercian order with him. Templar archives found for the principality of Seborga indicate Gondemar and Rossal had been sequestered there from all the way back in 1113 to guard a “great secret”. A year later they were joined by 7 nobleman: Andre de Montbar; Bernard's uncle , Count Hugues I de Champagne, Hugues de Payns, Payen de Mont Didier, Geoffroy de Saint-Omer, Archambaud de Saint Amand and Geoffroy Bisol. Eight of them arrived in Jerusalem on May 14th 1119, they were joined years later by Hugues de Payns who Bernard would later nominate to be the first Grand Master of the Templars. Upon their arrival in Jerusalem the Templar’s were met by its freshly minted Christian King ‘Baudoin the first of Jerusalem’. He personally cloistered the Templars in what was said to be the Stables of Solomon. The Templars immediately launched the first great archeological dig in history. In 1867 the tunnels they dug were excavated by England's Royale engineers. The Templars had bored straight down through 80 feet of Solid rock to an underground labyrinth beneath the ruined temple of Solomon. What they found can only be speculated on. The chambers of the labyrinth were empty save for a few relics left by the Templars themselves. The main excavations of the Templars were completed by the end of 1127 when all of the original members retuned to Seborga. They were met by Bernard and under great pomp and ceremony he ordained Hugues de Payns as the first Grand Master of the Templars. Along with their counterparts the Knights Hospitaller the Templars proceeded to become the primary powers in Europe for the next 2 centuries.
At the dawn of the fourteenth century the reacquisition of the Holy Land was looking less and less feasible in light of the recent futility of the third Crusade. King Philip IV of France had grow leery of a centralized power within his kingdom with an independent army unrestrained by borders whose fealty to both Pope and Crown were questionable. Phillip had accrued insurmountable banking debts and had cast covetous eyes toward the Templars wealth. Phillip trough intrigue had managed to get himself excommunicated then unexcommunicated and in the process the pope that had excommunicated him, Boniface VIII, died and was replaced by Phillips boyhood friend Pope Clement V. When the Templars refused one of his many demands for funding his endless wars, with the help of his puppet pope, Phillip acted. At dawn on Friday, October 13, 1307, scores of French Templars were simultaneously arrested by agents of King Philip and charged with trumped up charges of heresy.The Grand Master Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake but most of the order escaped along with one of the richest treasures in the known world. There is record of 18 Templar ships being in port at La Rochelle, France on October 12, 1307 but by the next day they had vanished. In the aftermath of all this the Swiss suddenly became renowned warriors and bankers, Scotland independent, and Portugal emerged as a great sea power.
In 1898 while clearing a field in Kensington Minnesota Olaf Olman along with his 10 year old son unearthed what quickly became known as the Kensington runestone. The table slab sized rock was covered with Nordic ruins whose translation dated it at 1362. Dozens of witness’s claim the stone was rapped in the roots of a Poplar tree that had been there for years and multiple Geologists examined it and said the inscriptions were weathered in the same manner as the stone. The inscriptions were later translated to read: “Eight Goths and 22 Northmen are on this acquisition expedition from Vinland far to the West. We had traps by two shelters one day’s travel north from this stone. We were fishing one day. After we came home I found 10 men red with blood and dead. Avé Maria deliver from evils! I have 10 men by the inland sea to look after our ship, 14 days’ journey from this island Year 1362.”
The furor the Kensington Runestone created during the ensuing century among the academic community defies description. Olman’s family was destroyed and his daughter driven to suicide. “Scholars” tripped over each other falsifying documentation. With little to no referencing thirty-two “experts” in Scandinavian linguistics declared the Kensington Runestone inscription fraudulent. They were led by Erik Moltke, the official Runologist of the Danish National Museum, who called them an “abortion”. Minnesota Archeologist, R.H. Landon Ph.D., had the stone coated with engine oil and scrubbed with a powerful solvent attempting to “clean” it. In an effort to caste disparagement on the Kensington Runestone itself Dr. Kari Ellen Gade now a professor of Germanic Studies at Indiana University and 4 other Graduate students perpetrated their own hoax near the Kensington Runestone Park. Theodore C. Blegen of the Minnesota Historical Society invented a deathbed confession ostensibly proving that Olaf Olman a man barely staving off poverty with 36 weeks of education and nine children forged the stone himself.
All of this occurred in spite of the fact that N.H. Winchell the state geologist of Minnesota, along with the state geologist for Wisconsin, verified the inscriptions antiquity as early as 1909-1910. They were ignored and marginalized in favor of primitive academic pseudo sciences. The Geological evidence is overwhelming but it always seems to be legal experts that must conclusively explain to academia that physical evidence and not theory's are what's important in figuring out how past events transpired. Richard Nielsen and Scott Wolter are both acknowledged expert witnesses in court cases. Nielsen felt the controversy would be settled once and for all by examining the petrographic data. He hired Wolter a renowned independent court expert in forensic geology to examine the Runestone using the high-tech microscopy that is used to examine the forensics of failed concrete in legal decisions. The results were conclusive and confirmed the antiquity of the runestone’s inscriptions.
Wolter found that 3 of the R runes on the stone have dots. Similar R’s with dots are found in Sweden on medieval gravestones although dotted R’s in medieval runic inscriptions were not known to exist until 1935. Wolter went to the source, the Cistercian church's on the Island of Gotland in the Baltic sea off the coast of Sweden. There he found gravestones with the dotted R’s that were dated 1449. The dates were verifiable through the Easter Table. This was a secret authentication technique practiced by Cistercian scribes where some runes were accentuated so they can be checked on a chart of corresponding calendar dates called the Easter table. The date that is given in the runes is verified when it is the same as that on the Easter table.The Kensington Runestone has cross's which should not be there through the staves on 3 of the runes.When checked against the table the 3 runes give a date of 1362. Scholars strenuously objected to the 2 dots punched above some of the runes known as umlaut’s. Umlaut’s denote a runes pronunciation, such as the dots above the hooked X on the Kensington Runestone that denote its pronunciation as an A. It was believed umlaut’s were not used in medieval runic inscriptions but Richard Nielsen pointed out no less than 8 uses of umlauts in the Codex Runicus a Nordic manuscript from the year 1300. The umlauts and the hooked X’s both surfaced in the Larson Papers published in 2004 along with 7 of the other rare ruins used on the stone. The Larson papers are Masonic ciphers allegedly written down in 1883 & 1885. The hooked X is also found on Roslyn Chapel which was completed in 1486. Roslyn Chapel is acknowledged to be a shrine to the Templars and their esoteric legacy the Free Masons. Its enigmatic stone carvings include corn and an agave cactus found only in the New World. The carvings on the 215 blocks found along the pillars and arches inside bear an uncanny resemblance to the block writing of the Maya. Many of its carved figures crouch in poses and are similar to the beings depicted in Mesoamerican art.
Another runestone was found in Upernavik on the coast of Greenland in 1824. The Kingittorsuaq detailed a Norse journey to Greenland and was double dated to 1314 using the Easter Table method a code employed by the Cistercians and their Templar offshoot. Mysterious holes are drilled into large rocks interspersed around both the sites of the Kingittorsuaq and the Kensington Runestone the holes appear to be post holes for ship moorings but Tom Trow the past archeologist for the Minnesota historical Society claims there is no evidence that water levels were that high. In Corona, South Dakota the same type of holes are also found near carvings of a Norse drinking Horn and a Dagger. Pitted out feldspar along the carved surface area prove the antiquity of the carvings.
It is known that that the Norse reached Nova Scotia and in 1398 the area inland of Nova Scotia was populated by a tribe called the Mi’kmaq who have a “legend” about a man called Glooscap who came from the East on the backs of Whales a century before Columbus.The Zeno Narrative states that Henry Sinclair, Prince of Orkney, led an expedition from the Orkney Islands westward to an unknown land in 1398 AD. Sinclair's grandson William Sinclair built Roslyn Chapel. Frederick J. Pohl in his book ‘Atlantic Crossings Before Columbus’ gives 17 examples where the Mi'kmaq legend is identical with the Zeno narratives account of Prince Henry Sinclair’s expedition. The Zeno Narrative states that Sinclair took with him the latest of cannonry and a cannon was found at Louisburg Harbor, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, in 1849. The cannon dates back to the late 1300's. It is even known that the Mi’kmaq’s were playing a primitive game of hockey called Shinny prior to European contact and held the cross in reverence. Beatrice M. Hay in the December 30, 1927 edition of Canadian National Railways Magazine remarked that missionary's believe the Mi'kmaq may have learned of Christianity from earlier Viking visits. The Mi’kmaq flag is identical to a Templar battle flag and both resemble depictions of the Crab nebula’s birth in Chaco Canyon.
There is a preponderance of archeological evidence that well before the voyage of Columbus Europeans landed and at least built temporary settlements on the Northeastern shoreline of America. On the highest hilltop in Westford, Massachusetts, carved into a glacial boulder, is the hilt of a sword which some claim is all that is left visible of a Knight and the family crest of the Gunn's placed there to commemorate death of Sir James Gunn chronicled in the Zeno narrative to have died during Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage. The “Westford Knight” has not been dated but its placement is on a pre European path used by the Indians. Most controversial of all perhaps because they verify the slaughter chronicled on the Kensington runestone are the Spirit Pond Runestones. Discovered in Phippsburg, Maine in 1971 the actual dates of the carving and the interpretations are still disputed by scholars but it’s eastward orientation is according to a little known medieval practice of orientating maps towards Jerusalem, its hooked X, dating according to the Easter table method, and its resemblance to the Kingittorsuaq make the Spirit Pond Runestone difficult to dismiss as a hoax. It’s map points south and its inscription reads Vinland 2 days journey. Following the stones directions we come to Pojac Point in Narragansett Bay and find more runic inscriptions baring the hooked X carved on a 2 ton boulder that is underwater most of time but visible at extreme low tide for 20 minutes a day. The Narragansett Runestone was discovered in 1984 by clam diggers. Six hundred years ago at the time of Sinclair's voyage it would have acted as a signpost for sailing vessels because the shoreline was 200 feet further out placing it right above the high tide line. In this case the smoking gun lies just across the bay in Newport Rhode island.
In the heart of Newport on Farewell Street, like a departing obscene finger gesture to academia, sits the Newport Tower. The Tower was noted by Verrazano as a Norman Villa as early as 1527 on maps recording his exploration of the New England Coast. It is also depicted on Gerardus Mercator's great world map of 1569. “Scholars” have made the claim for years that it was built by Benedict Arnold the first and modeled after a windmill in Chesterton England, “his hometown”. Throughout the years there have been numerous attempts to ascertain the towers actual age. Adjusted dates for the Carbon dating of the mortar and excavations around it indicates work was done on it in the sixteenth century but readings nearer its foundation indicate a thirteenth century date for its actual construction. The fact is the English registry's show the Arnold family lived a hundred miles from the Chesterton windmill and it was built almost at the time of the Arnold family's departure for America. Its extremely doubtful than an Arnold ever laid eyes on it. Besides for their proportions and cylindrical symmetry the two structures bear little resemblance to each other. The Newport Towers windows are seemingly irregularly spaced squares while the windmills windows are regularly spaced uniform rectangles. The Windmill has six arch's supported by six pillars while the Tower has eight arch's supported by eight pillars in accordance with the traditional Templar method of constructing churches. Circular patterns of red discolorations in the clay around the Tower would indicate that it would have had an ambulatory just like Templar church's but unlike the windmill. On the winter solstice at 9AM the sun shines through the south window and illuminates an egg shaped keystone. The cosmic egg would indicate Goddess worship the foundation of esoteric mysticism and Templar “mythology”. Like the final defiant shot in the rebellion of knowledge against those who would be its master: when a line is drawn between the egg keystone and another keystone within the Tower and extended to Minnesota it pierces the site where the Kensington runestone was discovered.
On March 31, 1492, the Edit of Expulsion was signed by the monarchs of Spain at the prodding of the papacy and their hatchet men who comprised the Inquisition. The deadline for Jews (Qabalists) to leave Spain was August 3, 1492: the Ninth of Av (Tisha B'av) on the Jewish calendar.The ships set sail before dawn on this day of fasting commemorating the destruction of both Temples. On board was Luis de Torres who was fluent in Hebrew, Chaldean and Arabic. Columbus expected to use Torres as an interpreter when they encountered the lost tribes of Israel. The expeditions doctor and navigator were also Jews. Columbus would need a Jewish navigator because he would be using a metal astrolabe invented by Avraham Zacuto a Jewish professor at the University of Salamanca. The instrument was used in accordance with astronomical tables and gave the exact hours for the rising of the planets and fixed stars. Zacuto’s astronomical tables, called Ha-ibbur ha-gadol, were in Hebrew and would not be published in Latin till 1496. It is common knowledge that right before he sighted the New Land Columbus and his crew bore witness to mysterious lights in the sky. What is not common knowledge is that Columbus was latter hauled before the inquisition for saying the lights took the form of a Jewish Menorah.
Columbus was heavily financed by Jews, among them were Juan Cabrero, royal chamberlain of King Ferdinand, Luis de Santangelo, chancellor of the royal household of king Ferdinand and queen Isabella, and Gabriel Sanchez, treasurer of Aragon. Ostensibly, with the exception of Zacuto who fled to Jerusalem, all these men were converted and called Marrano (swine) Christians by the Catholics. Although these men were called pigs they were allowed to keep their immense fortunes and pretty much ran Spain in spite of the Inquisition. In fact the letter formally announcing Columbus’s discovery of the New World was addressed to Luis de Santangelo and it was from Santangelo that Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand would hear of the expeditions success.
By 1556 it was forbidden in Spain by the Inquisition to print any books about America without special license from the Council of the kingdom of Spain. In 1571 King Phillip ordered the confiscation of the yet unpublished work of eyewitness and renowned advocate for the Indians Bartoleme De Las Casas chronicling the voyages and early exploration of the New World by Columbus. The manuscripts were taken to Madrid where they were assiduously rewritten under the watchful eye of Juan Lopez De Velasco Censor of the Council of the Indies who is quoted as saying “the interest of the State is over disclosing the truth”.
The Durán Codex was withheld from being published until the 19th century. The author of the Duran codex, Diego Duran, was convinced that they had discovered the lost tribes of Israel (see appendix F). Scholars have accused Duran of using the mysterious “Crónica X” as a source. The similarities between the materials of Durán, Acosta, and Tovar, were first noted by scholar Robert Barlow in 1945. Leading him to propose a now popularly accepted theory that they were all generated by a common source. “Crónica X” if it ever did exist has disappeared to prosperity but its existence prior to Columbus ever even reaching Hispaniola would explain a lot of his more inexplicable actions. The peace loving and idyllic Taíno Indians native to the islands of Hispaniola and Cuba were immediately accused by Columbus of the very same demonic acts that would latter be witnessed, detail by chilling detail, when contact was made with the Aztecs decades later. In Columbus's last voyage the explorer, now thoroughly discredited and blamed for much of the atrocity's perpetrated against the Taíno, doggedly probes the coast of Central America. Aztec civilization flourished just miles to the North on the other side of the Yucatan peninsula in yet undiscovered Mexico. From the second he first stepped ashore on Hispaniola Columbus engaged in a single minded quest for gold as if he expected it to be there and the Conquistadors who followed him left no doubts as to their primary objective.
History would have us believe that a man named Christopher Columbus of Italian descent whose primary occupations were bargaining in wool and tending bar cut a deal to become a junior partner with the monarchs of Spain thorough the Capitulations of Santa Fe. Further adding to the incredulity history tells us that Columbus was born in the 1450’s so in early historical operations attributed to him as captain or corsair he would have been as young as 14 or 15. As Spanish historians already take for granted the real Christopher Columbus was more than likely Joan Colom Bertran a Catalan of the Colon Bertran family of Barcelona. A highly ranked family of professional sea farers. Colom held similar offices as those attributed to Columbus and there are striking resemblances in his family coat of arms to those recorded latter by history of the Columbus family. Regardless as to the real identity of Columbus his signature is on record signed with a hooked X.
“America” makes its first public appearance on the 12 piece map of Martin Waldseemüller in 1507. The map caused quite a stir in Europe since it depicted “America” as a strip of land separated from Europe by the Atlantic and Asia by the pacific. According to orthodox history The discovery's of Columbus, Vespuccij, and others were still thought to be in parts of Asia. According to Wikipedia Waldseemüller had “a leap of intuition that was later proved uncannily precise”. Waldseemüller also raised a few eyebrows when he named the new land America after explorer Americi Vespuccij ignoring both Columbus and the accepted method of naming places after peoples last names. The ensuing controversy caused Waldseemüller to change it to Terra Incognita in the second printing but the cat was already out of the bag and the New World would henceforth be called America. In Templar mythology 'Merica' is the western star toward which Knights ride and ships sail. It is the name of the 5 pointed star of Ishtar the Babylonian Goddess and it is the star followed by Price Sinclair to the shores of the New World. Hitler called his personnel touring train America, perhaps because he too was in awe of Americi Vespuccij’s accomplishments like Wikipedia claims Waldseemüller was.
‘The Radicalism of the American Revolution’ by Gordon S. Wood, Americas most respected historian, lays out the facts in just how Masonic elements orchestrated the whole revolution and birth of America. The founding father of America, George Washington, was a Freemason. The Great Seal of the United States of America is an occult formulae for ascertaining the true names of God (see Appendix G). A 5 pointed star is a pentagram and the Pentagon is a pentagram as is its highest award for military valor, the Medal of Honor.Washington DC is laid out like an inverted pentagram: Logan Circle to Washington Circle, to Vernon Square to Dupont Circle to the Whitehouse culminates with a line back to Logan Circle forming a perfectly proportioned inverted pentagram focused atop the Whitehouse. This is an occult incantation to Baphomet, the God the Templar’s were burned for having worshiped. When a Qabalistic cipher code called ATBASH is applied to Baphomet it Results In Sophia, a Greek word for the Goddess written In Hebrew right To left. The clearest explanation ever given as to just what Sophia is philosophically is my own given in LUCIFER but Sophia is also a power through which the Magi work their miracles.
America is a land founded upon anomalous events some that defy explanation in spite of sciences best efforts. It was plagues that laid to waste 9 out of every 10 indigenous inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, plagues that accompanied the arrival of the rampaging Christian hordes and paved the way for their conquests. The explanation that the Indians had no immunity to the White Mans disease's no longer wash's in light of all the evidence given above, indeed antibodies have been found in Indians to the obscure Japanese disease HTLV1. The earliest record of a Magi calling forth plagues upon his enemy is Moses setting lose the Angel of Death in Egypt. This is not by any means the only biblical plague that marked the birth of America. In 1876, the U.S. Congress declared the locust “the single greatest impediment to the settlement of the country between Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains.” By 1890 the locust had vanished from the face of North America. It is a scientific enigma for which no plausible explanation has ever been given.
An outnumbered collection of untrained farmers and merchants managed to defeat the greatest military power the earth had known since the days of Rome. In the Battle of Long Island George Washington and his makeshift army of 10,000 men were on Brooklyn Heights encircled on three sides by 20,000 crack British troops yet Washington managed to escape across the East River with nearly the entire Continental Army cloaked by a mysterious fog which settled in from nowhere and lasted until they were safely away from the British. In the war of 1812 the British occupied Washington on Aug. 25, 1814 in preparation to burn it to the ground and suddenly a storm the likes of which has never been seen before or after in Washington rose up from nowhere and drove them from the city before they could complete their task (see Appendix H).
Nowhere else are the masonic influences of America more apparent than the rise of the Mormon church. In the early 1820’s the nation was griped with religious fervor and Jesus, Mary and the Angels were seen lurking in every church and farmyard. In Palmira New York a man named Joseph Smith claimed he had been shown tablets of gold by an Angel named Moroni. Smith then wrote the book of Mormon chronicling the revelations of Moroni. Three witness’s testified they had met Moroni themselves and 8 more that they had seen the tablets.Written in “Reformed Egyptianthe tablets were copied without Moroni relinquishing them and later translated by Smith through clairvoyance and the use of “Seer Stones”. The book gives an account of two great civilizations. One came from Jerusalem in 600 B.C., and afterward separated into two nations, known as the Nephites who were White and the Lamanites who were dark skinned. The other came much earlier when the Lord confounded the tongues at the Tower of Babel. This group is known as the Jaredites. After thousands of years, all were destroyed except the Lamanites, and they are among the ancestors of the American Indians.The Church of later day saints is homogenized Masonic doctrine with the pentagram being its most prominent symbol and the basic premise of both being that man can become God. In American history it was the Mormons who spearheaded the drive westward towards Manifest destiny while the Christians remained safely ensconced within forts along the Eastern Coast. The Mormon Church went on to become a rival of the great religions settling on the ancient land in the path of the Skinwalker, once inhabited by the Anasazi. Smith was a Mason as was his whole family, in light of all the evidence given above: Moroni was either real or the Masons have been withholding historical information while using it to manipulate America whom they rightfully view as their creation
Science has obfuscated the facts and sequestered in the vaults of inaccessible museums any evidence that could contradict its color by number account of mans past. The theory's of Charles Hapgood and periodic violent crustal displacement of the earths tectonic shelves have been ignored even over the enthusiastic endorsements of Einstein. Immanuel Velikovsky’s meticulous research about the destruction of all civilization on earth by Venus erupting from Jupiter 3500 years ago and wandering through the solar system as a comet is anathema to all orthodox academia. After reaching the number 1 spot on the best-sellers list shortly after it was written on April 3, 1950 Velikovsky's ‘Worlds in Collision’ was banned from a number of academic institutions, creating an unprecedented scientific debacle that became known as “The Velikovsky Affair”.
In spite of the trillions of dollars spent on researching paranormal phenomena first by the Nazi’s then the Americans and Russians you are told that there is nothing beyond Newtonian physics, it is all allusions and swamp gas.The fact that anyone would believe them, perhaps, explains why some appear to be awaiting an apocalypse with great enthusiasm. A guy using the name of C. R. Christian had a controversial multimillion dollar granite revision of the 10 commandments commissioned to be erected in Elberton Georgia in 1979. The “Georgia Guide stones” anticipate a decline in the human populace with the first commandment stating: “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE.” The site on which the guide stones stand is near Al-yeh-li A lo-He, the Center Of The Universe according to Cherokee Indian Legends.The Cherokee have always maintained that they descended from the ancient Hebrews. There can be little doubt that the mysterious commissioner of the “Georgia Guidestones” is meant to be "The Highly Illuminated Father C.R.C.," or Christian Rosencreutz founder of the Rosicrucians (see appendix I).
François Bacon is suspected by many scholars to have been Shakespeare: the enigmatic author of a Mid Summers Night Dream, a story about the elementals, and the secret poet laureate of the Rosicrucian's. Manly P Hall asks “Is the "Brotherhood of the Rose Cross"(Rosicrucian's) the much-sought-after link connecting the Freemasonry of the Middle Ages with the symbolism and mysticism of antiquity, and are its secrets being perpetuated by modern Masonry?” John Bruno Hare the man responsible for publishing Halls compendium of Masonic knowledge “THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES” onto the internet accuses Hall of perpetuating a “conspiracy theory of history as driven by an elite cabal of roving immortals”. Aside from being the founding father of empirical science Francois Bacon is also the author of a very strange book titled ‘THE NEW ATLANTIS’. The book is about a fictitious race of supermen who conceal their existence from common man even while living amongst them. In the book Bacons supermen have used their superior technology to manipulate history to suit their own purposes.
From Madam Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley’s “ascended” and “hidden” masters we have arrived at David Ick and his seemingly ranting theory that our leaders are malevolent shape shifting Reptilians.Yet before you spit coffee on your computer screen something has been carving up livestock in Americas Southwest since the late sixties. Cattle Mutilations have been documented since Skippy the horse in 1967. Scientists at the Skin Walker Ranch ascertained with forensics that the mutilations on the ranch were done with a long blade and shorter scissor like instrument. From the Skin Walker Ranch also comes the story of a creature with a 3 foot wide spread between its glowing yellow eyes being shot from a tree and leaving a Velociraptor claw print on the ground where it landed before it disappeared. The Native Indians of the southwest, who were once eaten on a regular basis by the Anasazi, tell story's of a shape shifting demon called a Skinwalker. Bernal Díaz the conquistador under the command of Cortez who wrote an eyewitness account of the Conquest of the Aztecs wrote of a gate at the Aztecs sacrificial temple like a mouth open “with great fangs to devour souls” and many Aztec Gods are depicted as reptilian. The “Chupacabras” reputedly draining the blood of livestock in the Mexican valley at the current moment bare an uncanny resemblance to the Gargoyles that were festooned all over European architecture during and after the Templars period of preeminence.
Jacques Vallée and John keel the 2 most brilliant men to ever study UFO’s both came to almost identical conclusions: in ‘Passport to Magonia’ Vallée theorized that the very same entity's man once saw as angels, fairy's, and leprechauns he now sees as aliens and UFO’s because these entity's have no true form, they appear as we expect them too. They are control mechanisms, consciousness's that operate within the conjunctions of earth and the existence of man. Another words they are the Gods of men, and the elementals of Paracelsus and the Rosicrucian’s. They are the “Kachina” spirits of the Indians of the Southwest, but what they are not is our space brothers! Many of these entity's share a common thirst for blood. Even Yahweh demands that the blood of animals slaughtered for meat be reserved for him in the Kosher rites of Orthodox Judaism. Vallée was accused by the UFO community of falsifying information in one of his later books when he referenced a flying refrigerator like object terrorizing peasants in South America by draining their blood with a light beam while they hunted overnight from blinds in the jungle and slept in their village huts. Apparently “our space brothers” are docetic and require no nutrition.
Keel went Vallée one step further when he postulated that these beings live “conterminously” with us in dimensions that are invisible to us. Traditionally the oldest known text of Jewish mysticism or Qabalism is the Sepher Yetsirah or the Book of Formation supposedly written by Abraham himself, next is the Sepher ha Zohar written by disciples of Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph; Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai and son when they hid in a cave from the Romans shortly after the Bar-Kochba rebellion against Rome in 132 AD. All of these books can be historically traced back to the beginning of the fourteenth century when they were published in Spain, along with the Zohar, by Rabbi Moses de León, shortly before his death in 1305. From these texts are described the “Tree of Life”. Incredibly enough these books all demonstrate more than just a passing acquaintance with Quantum Physics. In Quantum mechanics there are 10 dimensions. The difference between String Theory and Quantum Mechanics is there are 11 dimensions in String Theory. Whether there are 10 or 11 dimensions is hotly debated among the proponents of both schools of thought. According to the Sepher Yetsirah the Tree of Life contains 10 spheres of existence but for the last 700 years plus Qabbalists have debated whether there was an eleventh sphere of existence called Da’at (knowledge) between Kether (the Crown) and Tiphareth (Grace) or it was merely theoretical. On the Tree of Life there is only one sphere of existence which contains the physical world it is the bottom one called Malkuth (the World) the rest is all invisible to man. Physicists now realize that 90% of the universe is invisible to us or Gravity could not exist. They call the part we cannot see Dark Matter.
On the Tree of Life the spheres of existence are connected by 22 paths no one knows the number of subatomic particles, but it is believed to be around 20. In Qabbalism there are 4 worlds containing the spheres of existence called Atziluth (nearness), Briah (Creation), Yetzirah (Formation), and Assiah (the world of action). Four forces govern the interactions of matter: Electromagnetism, Gravity, and the Weak and the Strong nuclear force. In Qabbalism there are 3 mother letters Aleph (corresponding to Air), Mem (corresponding to Water), Shin (corresponding to Fire). The mother letters have the ability to transubstantiate to the letters in Gods name Yod, Heh, and Vav and it is the letters of Gods own name which he uses to seal the 6 directions of infinity to create a cube where existence is possible. The infinite height is sealed with YHV, the infinite depth with YVH, the infinite east with HYV, the infinite west with HVY, the infinite south with VYH, and the infinite north with VHY. Stephen Hawking proposes an infinite number of parallel universes connected by wormholes. Sidney Coleman, who was once quoted on a tee shirt by his students in Harvard as saying: "Not only God knows, I know, and by the end of the semester, you will know.", theorized these wormholes are necessary to keep the cosmological constant at zero because with a negative charge the universe wraps itself into hyperspace and with a positive charge it explodes.There are three basic properties of a black hole: its mass, its spin, and its charge.
The most important key to the Qabalah is Gematria wherein each of the 22 Hebrew letters are assigned a numerical value. Every word has a sum. When the sum of 2 words are the same they are interchangeable. In Qabalistic lore Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai and son wrote the second book while hiding in a cave. The Hebrew word for cave is mearah Its Gematric value is 315( M = 40, O = 70, R = 200, H = 5) the same as the invisible world of formation that comes before the world of the living; Yetzirah (Y = 10, Tz = 90, Y = 10, R = 200, H = 5). The Rabbi and his son were hiding as a result of the failed Bar-Kochba rebellion.Coins commemorating that rebellion have been found in America as have many other Hebrew artifacts. Somehow Haplogroup X, Hebrew mitochondrial DNA, was introduced to the Navajo gene pool about a thousand years ago at the very same time the Anasazi first appeared in what is now Navajo land.

Catholic Boy: I make angels dance and drop to their knees. When I enter a church the feet of statues bleed
The word cave appears 39 times in the old testament. In the Qabalah 39 is the number of completion, the metastasis of God. The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus is a Christian story about seven youths who in 250 AD escape the persecution of Christians by the Roman emperor Decius when they hide in a cave where they are transported through sleep hundreds of years into the future.The story is repeated in the Qur'an in Surah 18, verse 9-26. It is repeated after verse 7 and 8 where the incorporeal being dictating the Qur'an tells the reader that they have created everything on earth and that they will inevitably destroy it. In the Qur'an the time elapsed, dates, and number of sleepers, are not given and the reader is told that those details are best left to God. After warning the time travellers to stay in the cave and avoid detection lest they be stoned the Qur'an tells its readers: “We caused them to be discovered, to let everyone know that God’s promise is true, and to remove all doubt concerning the end of the world”. According to Islamic scholars these verses were revealed to Mohammed after Rabbis from Medina put people up to questioning him about young men from the past and a man who traveled the earth from east to west. In both the Bible and Qur'an Lot hides in a cave with his 2 daughters after Sodom and Gomorrah are incinerated by Gods wrath. The Gematric value of Gomorrah is 315 (O = 70, M = 40, R = 200, H = 5).
There is a black mat separating the current epoch in America from the one that existed before it 12,900 years ago. The mat is extremely common occurring and marking the abrupt end of over 50 different “Clovis” sites. Although the mat contains Nano diamonds, metallic micro spherules, carbon spherules, magnetic spherules, charcoal, soot, and fullerenes enriched in helium-3, academia continues to insist that it was mans hunting practices that was responsible for the extinction of the Mega fauna in America. No word yet from them on what possibly could have been responsible for the extinction of man who also disappeared from the continent at exactly the same time. All of the chemicals mentioned are irrefutable evidence of an apocalyptic fire. Iridium has also been found in the mat in quantity's large enough to indicate an extraterrestrial source for the Fire. Iridium is one of the least abundant elements in the Earth's crust but is quite common in meteors.
The Bible tells its readers God rained down fire on Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24) and sowed the sites with salt so that nothing could grow there (Deuteronomy 29:23). Scientists began to turn up evidence of settlements that had been burned from above in areas around the Dead Sea in Israel as early as 1973. The forensics on the charred remains of settlements southeast of the Dead Sea indicate the fires started on the roofs of the buildings. The Dead Sea area in Israel shares many of the common geographical features as a land thousands of miles away in the Western Hemisphere. The Mormons built their city besides the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake, the very same area where evidence for the largest concentrations of the doomed “Clovis” peoples have been found, an area not far north of Chaco Canyon.

Angelina: I see pieces of men marching; trying to take heaven by force
String Theory postulates that the the smallest particles are in actuality 2 dimensional dancing filaments of energy that interact in 10 dimensions plus time. The oscillation of these string like filaments produces all the different particles that constitute the universe. The oscillation of the Strings themselves is contingent on the geometry of each of the dimensions they interact with. Sting Theory is potentially the holy grail of science, unifying the Theory of Relativity with Quantum Mechanics and the behavior of Electromagnetism. When calculated in 11 dimensions all of the math works and there is no reason to doubt its veracity. Pythagoras has been called the father of string theory because he taught his followers that existence was produced from harmonic vibrations like the string of a lyre being plucked from different positions. His theory's about the music of the spheres anticipates the discovery 2700 years later of Schumann Resonances which are the electromagnetic pulse of the planets and the Orbital resonances which guide the planets through orderly orbits. Many legends and story's were spawned by Pythagoras's legendary intellect but Manly Hall asserts he was born in Syria, in a story very similar to the birth of Jesus, some 2800 years ago and schooled by Rabbis (Appendix J3).
There are tears in the fabric of Human perception. In the slit experiment subatomic particles up to the size of buckyball molecules exhibit the characteristics of both waves and particles when according to mans science they should just behave like particles. When equipment delicate enough to observe them is added to the experiment they will only behave like particles. As if they know they are being watched and are conforming to the observers expectations. Bell's theorem synthesized from John Stewart Bells 1964 paper titled On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox proved the non locality of sub atomic particles, what is now called Quantum entanglement. Electrons can be emitted in pairs with their spins dependent and opposite from each other. If one is negative the other will adjust to positive. When the electrons are separated the adjustment continues even in experiments where the electrons were separated by over a hundred kilometers. As soon as these particles are examined with instrumentation the adjustment ceases and the electrons go back to random spins. Many modern technology's are beginning to rely on Quantum entanglement. State of the art technologies like Quantum computing, Quantum cryptography, and Quantum teleportation. Scientists have already succeeded in teleporting complex sets of information using the precepts of Quantum entanglement.
Not only is mans perception torn but so is the universe. Since the very first days of relativity science was aware of the probability of Einstein Rosen bridges. For many years it was believed that travel through them would be impossible because in the center was a black hole whose own center was a singularity which would rend anything passing through to its smallest possible particles. In 1988 this scientific maxim was proven mathematically incorrect and Lorentzian traversable wormholes became a probability. People all over the world have reported an anomalous atmospheric condition called electronic fog. The most famous account being the Bruce Gernon book where while piloting a plane, island hoping to Miami, he was engulfed by a fog that was penetrated by a spiral tunnel. He flew through the tunnel for a period of what felt like a few minutes. When he emerged the plane was already over Miami and 40 minutes had gone by.On every far flung corner of the earth spiral petroglyphs testify to an awareness of these portals. Sun daggers pierce the center of some of these petroglyphs during significant astrological alignments perhaps marking periods of time when they will open up or take travellers through them to particular places.

A New Machine: I have always been here. I have always looked out from behind these eyes
Akhenaten reigned as Pharaoh of Egypt about 3450 years ago. He introduced monotheism to Egypt and some scholars consider his reign as the progenitor of Judaism. The monotheism caused a schism within the Egyptian priesthood. Upon his death his dynasty was usurped and his son and successor Tutankhamun murdered. The power was again returned to Thebes whose priests immediately set about vilifying Akhenaten by defacing his monuments and referring to him as "the enemy" in archival records. Akhenaten and his family were hideously misshapen with elongated heads shaped like gourds. In Paracas, Peru; archeologists have found hundreds of the same kind of skulls. The Peruvian skulls have been dated by Brien Foerster, expert on Inca and pre Inca civilizations, to be 3000 years old or older.
Many who have examined the evidence given here have come to the conclusion that the ancient Israelites were in America at least 3000 years ago. The Bible tells its readers that Solomon had an alliance with Hiram, King of the ancient Phoenician seaport of Tyre. The King constructed a fleet for Solomon so that he could sail to the mysterious lands of Ophir where he extracted huge quantity's of gold (2 Chronicles 8:17-18). The gold made Solomon the richest King on earth (2 Chronicles 9:22). According to the Bible Solomon's navy, built for him by the King of Tyre, plied the earth and once every 3 years brought Solomon the wealth from all the far flung corners of the earth (1 Kings 10:22).
The King of Tyre also brought building materials in order that Solomon could construct his Temple. Jewish law forbade the use of steel tools inside the Temple during construction. The Pseudepigraphical work: the ‘Testament of Solomon’, says Solomon complied with the law through his control of Demons by a magical ring shaped like a hexagon with the secret name of God inscribed in the middle. Using the ring Solomon forced the Demons to build the Temple. There is a far older reference in Talmudic lore whereby the reader is told; "everyone helped in the construction of this Temple - even the spirits, the hobgoblins, the angels" (Shir Hashirim Rabba 1:5). The story is related in much greater detail in the Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Gittin Folio 68a. The Talmud explains how Solomon enlists the help of the prince of Demons; Ashmodeus, to find the Shamir which Moses brought out of Egypt. The Shamir had the ability to split rocks. The temple was not the only structure Solomon built. The Bible also credits Solomon for building Baalath (Kings 9:17-19) in the deserts of Lebanon where the mysterious Temple of Baalbek now marks the veil of history that has been erected and tended to by academia.

Shrouded in clouds high up in the Andean mountains of Peru; Ollantaytambo is alleged by academia to have been built by the Incas in the Fifteenth century, the problem being that the Inca’s primitive technique of
stacking much smaller and ill fitted rocks can be easily discerned from the perfectly formed and fitted boulders that constitute the foundations of the ruins. An objective examination reveals the original, and much older, constructions at Ollantaytambo were destroyed by cataclysm just like Tiahuanaco. In “The temple of the Condor” it becomes apparent just how idiotic the assertions of Jean Peirre Protzen are. Above the area it is evident that great blocks of andesite, an extremely hard igneous rock, were quarried from the face of a cliff. The cube like indentations where the rocks were extracted are as smooth as a mirror and no known technology even today could accomplish that feat. According to Inca legend Ollantaytambo was founded by a brother and sister sent by the Sun God, they had in their possession a golden wedge. The Bible also mentions a golden wedge in connection with the land of Ophir where Solomon got his gold (King James 2000 Bible: Isaiah 13, 12).
The temple of the Condor derives its name from a naturel wedge shaped stone that has been fashioned into a sacrificial alter by adding a carved stone condor head to drink the blood of victims as it runs down into a well below the beak. The Condor is the ancient Inca symbol for the sky God. Gobekli Tepe discovered beneath the soil of Turkey by a Kurdish shepherd in 1994 is the worlds oldest known temple predating Stonehenge by 8,000 years. It is also dedicated to the vulture. Aside from being just one more archeological site where impossibly large boulders were used in its construction, this time by “hunter-gatherers”, Gobekli Tepe features exquisitely carved reptilian creatures that have no place in this world. In fact there is a whole menagerie of beings depicted at the site that do not, or no longer exist, at least for now, including humanoid figures with no mouths. By far the greatest mystery of Gobekli Tepe is just who painstakingly buried it 9000 years ago and why.

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Its more than likely that Smithsonian stooge Kurt Dongoske has only been right about one thing ever in his life: only 10% of what went on 1000 years ago can be ascertained by the archeological evidence. The architectural evidence should add about 40% more to that, and when forensic evidence such as Christy Turners revelations about the Anasazi and the cocaine mummy's, locked away in the vaults of academia, are added the odds shift to the inquiry's favor. Academics have willfully chosen to plod away at shards of pottery oblivious to all that contradicts the dogma inculcated through pseudoscientific authoritarian figures that mentored them through the stifling university's that spawned them. These theory's should have been proven wrong long ago if empirical precepts were followed and even allowing that they have not been due to the ulterior motives of the hidden hands that guide human fate, they should have been discarded immediately with the discovery of Gobekli Tepe.
Not only is “Dr.” Zahi Hawass a known criminal ( Appendix K) but so is the entire editing staff of National Geographic for continuing to give him a forum to perpetuate the discredited crackpot “ideas” of academia. In light of just the facts presented in National Geographic's ‘Ancient Astronauts’ these antiquated theory's collapse like the economy under the weight of Wall Street. The “Scholars” that hatched these ideas were technicians that had no business trying to think for themselves in the first place.The tedious excavation of archeological sites is a vital trade in the reacquisition of knowledge but a trade none the less. The fact that you can make a pair of sneakers does not make you LeBron James.
National Geographic and the Smithsonian are at loath to present the facts unless put into the space brother format of Ancient Aliens. And although aliens are a much better theory than cavemen constructing the various architectural enigmas aroumd the world there are still gaping holes in that theory too. The only thing that can be said with certainty about the evidence is that man once possessed technology's that we do not have today. It can also be assumed that with those technology's came knowledge that has also been lost. The best place to find that knowledge is in the shrouded dawn of history. The closer to the source the better.

What can be discerned through the inaccurate translations of ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Sanskrit tracts are man is the the highest expression of organized matter in this world, but there are other worlds that are intimately entangled with the world of matter. These other worlds are inhabited by beings that are unrestrained by the laws of matter, yet the existence of these beings is vitally enmeshed in mans existence causing them to vigorously interact with the world he inhabits. They do so through their agents and priesthoods, and through control of the forces we call nature. When necessary they manifest themselves among men.

Plato is the father of deductive reasoning and probably occidental philosophy itself. He did not talk in parables like Jesus and he did not write cheap science fiction like Stephen King. It is absurd to think that he told the story of Atlantis as a metaphor, as “scholars” claim, perhaps Moses was just kidding too. Many new agers have not read it but before Plato go's into Atlantis in Critias he gives a brief overview on page
2 of Timaeus. He makes it very clear that the entire story has been relayed for thousands of years through the Egyptian priesthood. He gives specific dates, detailed descriptions, and tells his readers exactly who said what to whom, Not exactly the way one tells a parable or metaphor.

In Timaeus the aged Egyptian priest tells Solon, a Greek philosopher predating Plato, that civilizations have arisen and been destroyed many times throughout mans existence, usually by water or fire but sometimes through other calamities. When by fire there are survivors among those who live by the water and when by water there are survivors among those who live in the high country but always just when civilizations seem to arrive at the pinnacle of their knowledge they are smashed by some unseen hand and forced to start all over again as ignorant and illiterate savages.The aged priest also tells Solon that the Greek tale of
Phaëton losing control of his father the sun God Helios chariot and bringing the sun to close to the earth was a myth that commemorated “a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals”.

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On December 21, 2012, 11.12 GMT, during the Winter solstice the Sun will be in the center of the Galaxy, touching a place astronomers call the
Dark Rift. This rift is where a river of shadows pierces the heart of the Milky Way. The celestial river of darkness was considered by the Maya to be the passageway to the Underworld, a place they called Xibalba. Roughly translated Xibalba means “Place of Fear” or “Place of Phantoms”. The Judeo-Christian equivalent of Xibalba is Hell or Gehenna, the realm of Demons. The Mayan calendar abruptly ends on the Winter solstice this year.
The Mayans are a people themselves shrouded in darkness. About 100 years before the appearance of the Anasazi, Maya civilization suddenly ceased to exist, with their center of trade, the city of Cancuén in what is now Guatemala, abandoned in an orgy of violence. The aristocracy of Cancuén, 31 men, woman, and children, were discovered in 1999, hacked to pieces and tossed in a Lake. Nearby, in an unmarked grave, was buried their great king; Kan Maax.

In Tortuguero, Mexico, on April of 2006, Maya scholar David Stewart deciphered hieroglyphic Maya inscriptions on what archeologists call monument 6. The inscriptions say that when the Maya calendar reach's its conclusion Bolon Yokte: “the god may 'descend' ye-ma, y-emal”. Bolon Yokte is depicted as a man in the
Dresden Codex but elsewhere as a hideous fanged monster. In each instance he approach's a being with a coiled serpent for its crowned head.

The Mayan calendar began on August 11, 3114 BCE long before the Maya existed and about the time mans earliest known civilization began in the Mesopotamian Valley with Sumer. The Sumerians are the progenitors of the Phoenicians, the Hebrews, and The Brotherhood of The Snake - from
"The Gods Of Eden" by William Bramley. It was this 1989 book that gave rise to the New Age belief expounded by David Icke that the human race is ruled by malevolent shape shifting aliens.

The Maya calendar is divided into 13 Baktuns each equaling 144,000 days. The thirteen corresponds with everything Judeo Christianity holds sacred in Gods name and the
144,000 thousand corresponds with the number of people God shall mark before he destroys the world in Revelations, the last book of the Christian Bible.The Maya Long Count resets to 0 when 13 Baktuns are completed. Stewarts translation is one of the few accounts of what the ancient Maya believed will happen when the calendar resets to 0 but other accounts of what happened the last time it did are given in the various Maya Creation monuments found throughout Mexico and Central America. According to the Chilam Balam or ‘the Book of the Jaguar Priests’ the road from the stars descended from the sky and the 13 Gods of Heaven and 9 Gods of Hell came to earth. Other Maya descriptions state that “Creation happens at the Black Hole,” at “the Crossroads,” and “the image” will appear in the sky.
Contemporary Mayans expect nothing less at the end of 2012 than the manifestation of the dark Kingdom of Xibalba on earth. The Mayans believe that Xibalba is inhabited by winged creatures with the body of men and the heads and wings of bats. These creatures are blood drinkers and hostile to man. Most fierce among them is Camacotz or Camalotz which means "Sudden-Bloodletter". Its said that Camalotz killed most of the denizens of mans second creation by ripping off their heads.

The Cherokee also believed in a bloodthirsty creature called the U`tlûñ'ta. The U`tlûñ'ta gains immortality by slaughtering humans, drinking their blood, and eating their liver. She is a female demon who has skin like armor and a finger like a spear. She uses the finger to stab her victims.U`tlûñ'ta means Spear-finger. She had powers over stone, being able to lift and carry immense rocks and she could cement them together by merely striking one against another.

flying” majestically In the northern night sky“ into the Dark Rift is the constellation of
Cygnus, which is a Latinized version of the ancient Greek word for swan. Many claims have been made for Cygnus aligning with ancient architecture including the pyramids but there are 2 striking things about Cygnus that are facts. Close to Deneb, the brightest star in the constellation, an emission nebula duplicates the shape of North America right down to the Gulf of Mexico. Cygnus is also one of the major sources of cosmic rays bombarding earth. The other is the Crab Nebula whose birth was recorded by the Anasazi. Aside from neutrinos,which don’t interact with anything,cosmic rays are the only particles that can penetrate the earths surfacedown to a half a mile or more and they have been proven to alter DNA effecting evolution itself.

Cosmic rays interact with the earths magnetic field which in turn interacts with the Schumann Resonance. Some scientists have postulated that the Schumann Resonance is the very
life breath of the Earth herself, governing all the forces of nature. They effect human behavior and have been linked in scientific papers to suicide rates. There is also a growing awareness that they effect sunspot activity and human health. It would not be a great leap to assume that they are entangled in the Orbital Resonances that guide the planets and are the source of the 2 dimensional dancing filaments of String Theory that produce matter itself.

In Codex
Rosae Crucis published by Manley P Hall the original medieval manuscripts of the Rosicrucians are reproduced. One of them depicts the earth as a series of concentric circles from the surface to the core. The reader is told that the atmosphere on the surface is thinnest and as each circle towards the core is accessed the atmosphere becomes thicker allowing things that cannot materialize on the surface to manifest themselves within the bowels of the earth.

Written in cuneiform the oldest known human story is the Epic of Gilgamesh.When the Goddess Ishtar is spurned by the mortal Gilgamesh she cries to her father Anu : “I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld, I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down, and will let the dead go up to eat the living! And the dead will outnumber the living!”
Quantum Entanglement makes the possibility of distant stars effecting the earth a likelihood. H P Lovecraft in his famous Cthulhu mythos said the old ones were sleeping on the bottom of the oceans and biding there time till the right astral alignment when they can once again walk the earth in their terrible reign. Their return is awaited by a priesthood of bat winged humanoids who wait for the day of Cthulhu’s return in the caves of the earth.

In the Zohar Jehovah says it was he who cast the ancient serpent Leviathan into the sea where he still sleeps awaiting the day when he will execute his judgments upon man. All over the world, particularly in the land once occupied by the Anasazi and Aztec, people are seeing atmospheric entity's that have the ability to defy the laws of matter and take on any form the observer expects. Since the bloodletting of WWII people have been seeing UFO’s, Big Foots, and Chupacabras with ever increasing frequency.The one stable of all the story's is that what these people are seeing is incorporeal and does not leave any physical trace of ever having been there. Frequently the phenomena is accompanied by the presence of balls of light. These globes of light leave in their wake a trail of dead and mutilated animals and do not always confine their activity's to the earths fauna. There have been
human mutilations in Brazil and the slaughter of groups of humans in the former Soviet Union. Apparently what is coming is already here and sometimes unable to restrain itself. The day is coming soon when it will no longer have to.

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Appendix A
Diego Duran:
"When the sacrifice was finished and the steps and courtyard were bathed in human blood, everyone went to eat raw mushrooms. With this food they went out of their minds and were in a worse state than if they had drunk a great quantity of wine. They became so inebriated and witless that many of them took their lives with their own hands. Under the strong influence of these mushrooms they saw visions and had revelations about the future, since the devil spoke to them in their drunken madness."

Appendix B
Bernardino De Sahagún's travelled to the new world in 1529 where he studied the native culture in depth and wrote a 12 volume 2400 page treatise with over 2000 illustrations drawn by native artists. He titled the work La Historia General de las Cosas de Nueva Espana or “the General History of the Things of New Spain” the common English name for the work is Florentine Codex. The Codex includes multiple accounts of cannibalism: “After having torn their hearts from them and poured the blood into a gourd vessel, which the master of the slain man himself received, they started the body rolling down the pyramid steps. It came to rest upon a small square below. There some old men, whom they called Quaquacuiltin, laid hold of it and carried it to their tribal temple, where they dismembered it and divided it up in order to eat it.”Sahagún also says: After they had slain them and torn out their hearts, they took them away gently, rolling them down the steps. When they had reached the bottom, they cut off their heads and inserted a rod though them, and they carried the bodies to the houses which they called calpulli, where they divided them up in order to eat them.
Bernal Díaz del Castillo wrote the only eyewitness account of Cortez’s conquest of Mexico, other than Francisco de Aguilar’s which was less than detailed. Both participated as conquistador’s. Bernal Díaz del Castillo’s book was titled Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva España or in English The True History of the Conquest of New Spain. He did not finish the account until 1568. Castillo wrote his work in order to set the record straight after an account was given by Cortés's chaplain, who had not actually participated in the campaign. The book was not published until 1632 after a manuscript of it was found in the Madrid library. Diaz bears witness to the Aztecs dietary habits when he writes: "A little way apart from the great Cue there was another small tower which was also on an idol house, or a true hell, for it had at the opening of one gate a most horrible mouth such as they depict, saying that such there are in hell. The mouth was open with great fangs to devour souls, and here too were some groups of devils and bodies of serpents close to the door, and a little way off was a place of sacrifice all blood-stained and black with smoke, and there were great ollas and cánaros and tinajas of water inside, for it was here that they cooked the flesh of the unfortunate Indians who were sacrificed, which were eaten by the priests."
Diego Durán wrote The History of the Indies of New Spain referred to as the Durán Codex, and other books, describing Mesoamerican civilization as he found it. Duran was criticized and repressed from publishing in his day because his knowledge of Nahuatl and sympathetic understanding of the native customs were feared to be incendiary towards a native revolt. He entered the Dominican order in 1561 and died in 1588 after becoming ill in 1585 and returning to Mexico City. During his time in the Order he is believed to have been tutored by Fray Francisco de Aguilar, who had been a soldier involved in the siege of Tenochtitlan. Aguilar later joined the Dominican order, and had much to tell Durán about the Aztecs at first contact. He was cited frequently in the Durán Codex. Duran was also rumored to have relied on the legendary Cronica X for information, as was said of many early second hand accountants of Nahuatl civilization. His account of the Aztecs disposal of bodies from sacrificial victims gave details of cannibalism:
"The Historia tells us that when these festivities had ended, when everyone was satiated with human flesh and had seen enough blood flow from those miserable captives, Motecuhzoma ordered that all his men who had taken part in that war be brought there, especially those who had performed outstanding feats and had brought prisoners to be sacrificed … Motecuhzoma rewarded them for what they had done in that war and for the honor they had paid the gods and the pleasure they [the noblemen] had received in being given human flesh to eat. In those days the bellies of the lords were gorged with that human flesh. It is said of that king that not a day passed since he began to rule that he did not eat human flesh. For this he had many slaves and each day had one killed so he could eat that flesh, or so his guests could, or those who usually shared his meals."
“Once the heart had been wrenched out it was offered to the sun and blood sprinkled toward the solar deity. Imitating the descent of the sun in the west the corpse was toppled down the steps of the pyramid. After the sacrifice the warriors celebrated a great feast with much dancing, ceremonial and cannibalism.”
"On the next day a second feast was held by the warriors known as the Knights of the Sun, called Cuacuauhtin, that is to say, "Eagles." This was the festival of the sun that these people called Nauholin [Four Motion], which in the Book of the Calendar and Gods I wrote I translated as "the fourth movement of the sun." In this festival, as I have related, a man painted red was sacrificed in the name of the sun."
"At this feast much human flesh was consumed; there was also fasting and solemn ritual. The curious reader can consult the above-mentioned book I wrote on the ceremonies and rites"
"The Knights of the Sun had their insignia and distinctive attire by which they were recognized, and which permitted them to be distinguished from other warriors. They were the only ones who celebrated the feast of the sun, who were allowed to eat human flesh, and who could keep as many women as they could support."
"Tlacaelel…ordered that sacrifices take place more often. Another reason for this order was that he had acquired a taste for human flesh since the lords ate it frequently. It is also true that Tlacaelel had been persuaded or blinded by the devil and was now inventing a thousand cruel acts, all of which he made into law before his death. He was obeyed so blindly that everything he ordained was done."
"When the festivities had ended, Motecuhzoma seated himself in the supreme place, the Divine Seat, the Place of the Gods, and the war captives were brought out. All of them were sacrificed in honor of his coronation (a painful ceremony), and it was a pathetic thing to see these wretches as victims of Motecuhzoma. It had become as common among these people to sacrifice men on feast days as it is for us to kill lambs or cattle in the slaughterhouse. I am not exaggerating; there were days in which two thousand, three thousand, five thousand, or eight thousand men were sacrificed. Their flesh was eaten and a banquet was prepared with it after the hearts had been offered to the devil."
Fray Toribio Motolinía's was one of the group of eleven friars to accompany Fray Martin de Valencia to New Spain in 1523, to join five friars of the Franciscan order already there (Foster 1950:1). Motolinía became guardian of the Franciscan monastery in Mexico by 1525. He wrote many vivid descriptions of the cannibalism he witnessed:
"On that day … they offered numerous sacrifices of blood taken both from the ears and the tongue…. In addition to these and other sacrifices and ceremonies, they offered up many human beings … they stretched the unfortunate victims on their backs when sacrificing them. Their chest was very taunt, because both feet and hands were bound…. The executioner approached promptly with a flint-stone … they cut open with great force the unfortunate victim and promptly tore out his heart.… Occasionally, the aged ministers of the temple consumed the hearts or buried them. Thereupon they took the victim's body and sent it rolling down the steps. In case the victim was a war captive, his captor with friends and relatives took it away when it reached the bottom and, preparing that human flesh with other food, they held a feast on another day and consumed it."
"There was enacted on this same day another, even greater and never heard-of, cruelty. To the top of those six poles which they had erected on the eve of the feast they bound and crucified six male war captives. Below were more than two thousand boys and men with bows and arrows. After the ones who had gone up to fasten the captives had come down, the boys and men discharged the arrows, like rain, at the six crucified captives. Presently they went up, unfastened the half-dead victims, and let them fall from that height. Such was the crash with which they hit the ground that every bone in their bodies was broken or bruised. Thereupon the Indians subjected them to a third death, sacrificing them and tearing out their hearts. Finally they dragged them away, slashed their throat, cut off their head, and gave the heads to the minister of the idols, while the bodies they carried, like mutton, to the lords and chiefs for food…"
Francisco de Aguilar: While in his early eighties Aguilar wrote an account of the Aztec conquest drawing from his experiences, apparently urged to do so by his Dominican brethren. This account, known as Relación brave de la conquista de la Nueva España ("Brief Record [Account] of the Conquest of New Spain"), went unpublished in his lifetime, however a manuscript copy of it was preserved at the royal library of El Escorial outside of Madrid, Spain. It was first published in 1900 by the Mexican historian and archivist, Francisco del Paso y Troncoso

Appendix C

Appendix D
Astronomical alignment:
Construction methods:
“Inca construction techniques have long been the subject of wild speculation. Investigations of ancient quarry sites and of numerous cut-stone walls reveal that the amazing Inca constructions were built with very simple means. Stones were selected out of rock falls or just broken out of a rock face with pry-bars. If the blocks needed to be parted, big hammerstones were used to split them. To dress the stones smaller hammerstones were used to pound them until they had the desired shape. The fitting of one stone to another was done by cutting the already laid stones to receive the next ones in a trial-and-error fashion. Experiments show that with this process stones can be mined, cut, dressed, and fit with little effort and in a short time”.
“A hardened and tempered engineers steel chisel (VP800) together with a hardened steel punch (VP800) was employed to cut a grove .5 mm into a smoothed surface on a block of diorite, the tools suffered severe damage.”

Appendix E
“In the sea outside the Pillars of Hercules they say that an island was discovered by the Carthaginians, desolate, having wood of every kind, and navigable rivers, and admirable for its fruits besides, but distant several days' voyage from them. But when the Carthaginians often came to this island because of its fertility, and some even dwelt there, the magistrates of the Carthaginians gave notice that they would punish with death those who should sail to it, and destroyed all the inhabitants. lest they should spread the report about it, or a large number might gather together to the island in their time, get possession of the authority, and destroy the prosperity of the Carthaginians.”
Didorus of Sicily:

Appendix F
Diego Duran:
"Seeing that their stories are so like those found in the Holy Scriptures I cannot help but believe that [these Indians are the children of Israel].
"As proof of this, in order to make it clear, I wish to mention the rites, idolatries, and superstitions these people had. They made sacrifices in the mountains, and under trees, in dark and gloomy caves, and in the caverns of the earth. They burned incense, killed their sons and daughters, sacrificed them, and offered them as victims to their gods. They sacrificed children, ate human flesh, killed prisoners and captives of war. All of these were also Hebrew rites practiced by those ten tribes of Israel, and all were carried out with the greatest ceremony and superstitions one can imagine.
"What most forces me to believe that these Indians are of Hebrew descent is their strange insistence in clinging to their idolatries and superstitions, for they pay them much heed, just as their ancestors did. As David states, in Psalm 106, when the people were afflicted by God, they pleaded that He forgive them in His mercy; but then they forgot and returned to idolatry:
" 'And they served their idols; which were a snare unto them. Yea, they sacrificed their sons and daughters unto devils. And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.' " (Psalm 106:36-38)
Appendix G
Masonic doctrine takes its symbols from Qabalism. The most important thing in Qabalism is the true names of Jehovah or Yod Heh Vau Heh in Hebrew. The 4 letters YHVH are called the Tetragrammaton it is an anagram. YVHH or Yahweh is also an anagram. Their are 12 of these anagrams one for each of the moons cycles within the year they are read right to left: HVHY (Jehovah), HHVY (Yahweh), YHVH, HYVH, YHHV, HVYH, VYHH, YVHH, YHHV, HVYH, HHYV, and HYHV. The Zohar says: "two names of the Tetragrammaton for the first is indeed a perfect name, but the latter is thoroughly and completely perfect" the two names are due to the nature of expansion and contraction in existence or as the Zohar says “the living creatures rush forth and return”.
Much of the Zohar is devoted to the nature of Gods beard which is said to be 13 fold by nature and must “ascendeth and descendeth”. This is represented by the interlocking triangles on the Star of David and the Great Seal of the United States of America. Each of the 13 stars that form the interlocking triangle on the Great Seal symbolizes a Hebrew letter, each of the letters has a numeric value: Yod Heh Vau Heh, Y = 10, H = 5, V = 6. According to Manly Hall’s ‘THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES’, called the ‘Big Book’ by Masons, “by arranging the four letters of the Great Name, י ה ו ה, (I H V H), in the form of the Pythagorean Tetractys, the 72 powers of the Great Name of God are manifested”. Only 10 letters are placed within the Tetractys which is a triangle sitting on its base but the Zohar is quite clear that the nature of Gods beard is 13 fold and must “ascendeth and descendeth”. When the triangles are interlocked the beard “ascendeth and descendeth” and the 3 missing letters are added. When the letters are arranged according to the rules of Halls Pythagorean Tetractys, of the 12 combinations possible only 2,VYHH and VHYH, add up to 72 using the full contingent of 13 letters.

Appendix H
An online excerpt from the book "Washington Weather" by authors Kevin Ambrose, Dan Henry and Andy Weiss, vividly describes what happened:
"The tornado tore through the center of Washington and directly into the British occupation. Buildings were lifted off of their foundations and dashed to bits. Other buildings were blown down or lost their roofs. Feather beds were sucked out of homes and scattered about. Trees were uprooted, fences were blown down, and the heavy chain bridge across the Potomac River was buckled and rendered useless. A few British cannons were picked up by the winds and thrown through the air. The collapsing buildings and flying debris killed several British soldiers. Many of the soldiers did not have time to take cover from the winds and they laid face down in the streets. One account describes how a British officer on horseback did not dismount and the winds slammed both horse and rider violently to the ground."

Appendix I:
Dr. Franz Hartmann in his in his ‘Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians’ describes the Fraternity as "A secret society of men possessing superhuman--if not supernatural--powers; they were said to be able to prophesy future events, to penetrate into the deepest mysteries of Nature, to transform Iron, Copper, Lead, or Mercury into Gold, to prepare an Elixir of Life, or Universal Panacea, by the use of which they could preserve their youth and manhood; and moreover it was believed that they could command the Elemental Spirits of Nature, and knew the secret of the Philosopher's Stone, a substance which rendered him who possessed it all-powerful, immortal, and supremely wise."

"The Ecological Basis for Aztec Sacrifice." Harner, Michael (1977). American Ethnologist, 4(1):117-135.