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Guest post- The Sordid History of British Manipulation of American Democracy pt1

The Sordid History of British Manipulation of American Democracy Series: Read it and weep!

 By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

Part 1: MI6 intelligence has always been an anti-Soviet/Russian “Rumor Factory”            
The British were urging men to fight in WWI while secretly forcing President Wilson to enter the war against the will of the American people. Author: Arthur Wardle.[Public Domain]

“The ultimate sophistication of subversion is to take over the government, not by unlawful but by lawful means. - Brian Crozier, Free Agent 1941-1991                                                                                                                                               
According to the dean of American intelligence scholars Loch K. Johnsonas reported in the New York Times, the real story about alleged “Russian meddling” in America’s presidential election is that the United States meddlesin other nation’s elections and in a big way. But the extent of Britain’s secret services meddling in American politics - at least since - the beginning of the 20thcentury would shock even the most devout cheerleaders of ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steeleand his “dirty dossier”. 
In a case oddly reminiscent of America’s current hysteria over the Russians, British intelligence even meddled with its own government back in the mid-1970s when panicked right-wing elements of the military plotted a coup d’ etat of Labor Prime Minister Harold Wilson based on information generated by their own disinformation campaign about the Soviet Union. As told by Colin Wallace, a psychological warfare specialist for the British army working to smear Wilsonand other British politicians as Soviet puppets:  “One of the main byproducts of the disinformation campaign in 1973-74 was the dramatic growth of paramilitary organizations. Bearing in mind that these people were motivated for the real reasons one can only surmise that the bulk of the information that they were reacting to was the disinformation which we and other parts of the government apparatus was producing at that stage. One of the other side effects of the psychological operations is that once we actually created false information about an individual or an organization, members of the intelligence community also believed it.” 

Do you get that America? In 1974 Britain’s intelligence services plotted the overthrow of their own elected government in London which they had convinced themselves with their own lies had been infiltrated and subverted by KGB agents from Moscow whom they, themselves had invented. Continuing to accuse anyone who opposes the “Russians did it narrative” as working for the Russiansis what used to be called paranoid right-wing McCarthyism, and the anti-Putin bureaucracy is pouring gasoline on themselves by continuing to push it. The Democratic Party has long used falsified evidence to move the United States to war against London’s enemies and the British government has a reputation for producing dirty dossiersto help them. The “leak” of the 1917 Zimmerman telegram(conveniently intercepted by British intelligence) was “arranged” so as to make it politically impossible for Democratic President Woodrow Wilson to fulfill his promise to keep the United States out of World War I.  In the spring of 1940, more than a year and half before America’s entry into World War II, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) created a massive covert operation in New York City known as the British Security Coordination(BSC) to conduct an illegal campaign of political subversion, propaganda and sabotage inside the United States (to frame Germany).  Initiated by Winston Churchill with the private approval of Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt and the cooperation of the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover, who insisted “that no other US government department, including the Department of State should be informed of it”, BSC’s purpose was to manipulate a neutral United States once again into war with Germany. Then once Germany was dispensed with, Winston Churchill followed up with his Iron Curtain speechin the spring of 1946 and the foundation for the Cold War with the Soviet Union was laid.
The documented history of the BSC compiled by BSC officers after the war and published in 1998 as The Secret History of British Intelligence, details how deeply British intelligence penetrated American politics before during and after World War II while providing the inspiration and cultural continuity for America’s Cold War national security state that followed. Military historian Nigel West expresses his disbelief in the introduction. “Overall, the history falls into two distinct parts, pre- and post-Pearl Harbor, and reveals the lengths taken to influence US public opinion and isolationist politicians. In particular the willingness of American radio commentators, then a very influential medium, to peddle what amounted to foreign propaganda, will shock.”
Even more shocking is how today’s influential commentators march in lockstep with their 1940s counterparts in words and deeds as they once again peddle propaganda cooked up in London to undermine an American president and prepare the United States for fighting yet another and most likely final World Waragainst the old British Empire’s most formidable enemy; Russia. 
Unconstitutional in the extreme, these kinds of covert operations were privatized in the 1970s to avoid accountability and today work in tandem with corporate/business intelligence services such as London based Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., Hakluyt & Co.and Fusion GPS, but the overall objective remains the same:Manipulating public opinion through subversion, propaganda and sabotage in order to covertly make the case for war a fait accompli. The Trump dossier is a crude piece of unsubstantiated character assassinationthat circulated for months among journalists who knew better than to use it and that even the FBI has yet to verify. Yet in their wonton desire to delegitimize Trump and his constituency, his enemies in the Democratic Party and Federal bureaucracy, bet the farm on it. Former MI6 agent, author Christopher Steeleand his business partner and co-director Christopher Burrows are highly regarded Kremlin experts who’d previously worked at Britain’s Foreign Office. 
It’s not unreasonable to ask what two highly regarded Kremlin experts are doing peddling unsubstantiated salacious rumor and innuendo.  But as the BSC’s history demonstrates - establishing a “Rumor Factory” - is exactly what MI6 intelligence experts are trained to do, replete with important rules to follow:
1.     A good rumour should never be traceable to its source.
2.     A rumour should be of the kind which is likely to gain in the telling.
3.     Particular rumours should be designed to appeal to particular groups.
4.     A particular rumour should have a specific purpose. The objectives of rumor spreading may be many, but a single rumour cannot be expected to serve more than one of them.
5.     Rumours are most effective if they can be originated in several different places simultaneously and in such a way that they shuttle back and forth, with each new report apparently confirming previous ones. 
Creating a successful rumour assumes of course that you will never get caught in the act and if ever traced back to the source you will never have to testify to it in court. The BSC excelled at devising new ways to harass Nazis. An operation known as Station M was created to fabricate letters and documents and came up with a game called Vik so even civilians could play at it. “A Nazi, they said ‘can be telephoned at all hours of the night and when awakened can be apologetically assured that it is the wrong number; the air can disappear mysteriously out of his motor tires; shops can be telephoned on his behalf and asked to deliver large quantities of useless and cumbersome goods... his lady friend can receive anonymous letters stating that he is suffering from mysterious diseases… a rat might die in his water tank… his favorite dog might get lost.’” 
Prior to and all through World War II the BSC prided itself at spreading low brow fabricated rumours about the Nazi leadership in the name of the “forces of Democracy,” and continued on to new lows against the Soviets during the Cultural Cold War through the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), and Britain’s CIA-supported Information Research Department the IRD. According to Paul Lashmar and James Oliver, authors of Britain’s Secret Propaganda War, “the vast IRD enterprisehad one sole aim: To spread its ceaseless propaganda output (i.e. a mixture of outright lies and distorted facts) among top-ranking journalists who worked for major agencies and magazines, including Reuters and the BBC, as well as every other available channel. It worked abroad to discredit communist parties in Western Europe which might gain a share of power by entirely democratic means, and at home to discredit the British Left”. 
London operated as propaganda central in the 1980s for the Soviet War in Afghanistanand a recruitment hubfor radical Islamic groups like the Taliban afterward. But the 1970 creation of the IRD’s privatized spinoff, the Institute for the Study of Conflict (ISC)marked an evolution in the degree to which the techniques of infiltration and propaganda could be used to create a façade of legitimacy for right-wing causes. It also provided a platform for a right-wing element of Western intelligence services to plot against their own governments and covertly make the rise of an authoritarian neoconservative agenda a fait accompli. 
As presented by Edward Herman and Gerry O’ Sullivan in their 1989 study, The Terrorism Industry,“The London-based Institute for the Study of Conflict (ISC) provides an especially well-documented case study of the use of a purportedly ‘independent’ institute as a front for propaganda operations of hidden intelligence agency and corporate sponsors. In 1968, and again in the mid-1970s, ISC’s principal, Brian Crozier, was revealed in the British press to have been an agent of British and U.S. intelligence, to have served secretly as a propaganda conduit for the South African police, and to have colluded with British firms and trade associations in a campaign to smear British trade Unions with the tar of subversion.  This did not in any way discredit Crozier as a Western expert.” 
If Brian Crozier’sexposure as a spy did anything it only enhanced his reputation as a Cold Warrior dedicated to defeating what he called Moscow’s “war called peace.”
As a devoted acolyte of the very first neoconservative, James Burnham, Crozier brought to his secret world of rightwing businessmen, intelligence, police and military officials a strategic plan to use the media to move the West’s liberal democracies to the ideological right by fabricating threats of Communist subversion. In doing so, he got the CIA, Richard Mellon Scaife, The Ford Foundation , Shell Oil, British Petroleum, the Heritage Foundation and an exclusive secretive right-wing business group known as the Pinay Cercle, to pay for it. Crozier shared Burnham’s view that the West and the Soviet Union were in a war for civilization and had to be fought with politics, subversion, terrorism and psychological warfare. Citing Burnham’s  oblique defense of Joe McCarthy in his 1954 book The Web of Subversion, his greatest concern was “not with open, professed, Communists,” he wrote in 1976, but “with the underground—the illegal apparatus, and the hidden, secret Communist agents and collaborators.” 
Like Burnham, Crozier believed that trade unions, peace groups and the non-communist left had no legitimate concerns of their own but were witting and unwitting fronts for a vast Soviet plot. But his biggest concern was for what he believed to be the KGB’s infiltration and subversion of Western governments which mandated a preemptive counterinsurgency or even military coups d’ etat to thwart. In Britain this took the shape of a covert campaign against the Labor government of Harold Wilson, the discrediting of Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe with “black information” and the replacement of Conservative leader Edward Heath with someone willing to act on the fabricated threats and outright lies the ISC and other right-wing organizations were feeding them. As retold by The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedlandsummarizing the BBC2 docudrama, “The Plot Against Harold Wilson”. “It sounds fantastic, almost comic. But watch [Alexander] Greenwoodtalk of setting up his own private army in 1974-75. Listen to the former intelligence officer Brian Crozier admit his lobbying of the army, how they ‘seriously considered the possibility of a military takeover’. Watch the archive footage of troop manoeuvres at Heathrow, billed as a routine exercise but about which Wilson was never informed - and which he interpreted as a show of strength, a warning, even a rehearsal for a coup.”
As revealed by West German intelligence officer Hans Langemann in a 1982 Der Spiegel Magazine article titled “Victory for Strauss,” throughout the 1970s Crozier facilitated “a transnational security organization,” that helped to successfully replace numerous labor, liberal or centrist governments with ultra-conservative ones. Working alongside right-wing elements of business, the military and police in France, Britain, Switzerland and the United States, a variety of tactics had extended to “Covert Financial Transactions for Political Purposes”… “Organizing public demonstrations…” “Carrying out international campaigns with the aim of discrediting hostile personalities…” “Recruiting writing contributions by certain, well-known journalists in Britain, the U.S. and other countries,” “Ensuring a lobby in influential circles…” and the establishment of offices “with full-time coordinators and operational plans for London, Washington, Paris, Munich and Madrid.”
Left unreported in the United States and thereby unknown to most Americans, Crozier and his ISC
were the hidden hand of British intelligence, guiding the post-Vietnam rise of the neoconservatives
and the gradual transfer of power through its Washington branch, the Washington Institute for the Study of Conflict, WISC - into the hands of a right-wing military industrial cabal bent on using the
United States as a host for Britain’s long lost imperial conquest of the Eurasian continent.
Copyright © 2018 Fitzgerald & Gould All rights reserved

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Sordid History of British Manipulation of American Democracy Series: Read it and weep!                     

Part 1: MI6 intelligence has always been an anti-Soviet/Russian “Rumor Factory”
Part 2: America’s “Soviet problem” is the old “Russia problem” that European Imperialists have been facing since Napoleon’s disastrous march on Moscow in 1812
Part 3: How U.S. foreign policy came to be directed by a diabolical, London-backed, privately funded, neoconservative/right-wing alliance
Part 4: How the Safari Club became the real CIA
Part 5: Brzezinski‘s Safari Club “Friends” Did the Dirty Work Behind the Scenes
Part 6: The Death of Adolph Dubs - Cui bono? ‘To whom is it a benefit?’
Part 7: The Coup d’état –

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  1. Oh no! Where’d Moe go?

    And here, exclusively may I add, we have two of the finest MSM journalists around naming names and talking turkey and nobody has anything to say?...

  2. High Jack,

    this sounds to get very interesting indeed! It goes right into the heart of the beast, because it is most often totally overloocked.

    One might ask why. You can also add SERCO and it's corporate minions as well as roughly 10000 SES members from the traitoirious Obama government to this ilk working tireless for the destruction of your country.

    John Dee never ceased to exist in reality, the Crown's Agents of today do their dirty business in cohort with their friends in other countries for the benefit of the mammon.

    I leave it at your audience, who this beast might be.

    Thanks for this first part.

    1. SERCO, that rings a bell. I believe Orage wanted to do them when we did MK Ultra, I wonder if we still have all that stuff, they got my notes for that with a quantum encrypted ransomware but I’m sure its still somewhere in the email’s. There is no life form viler than the British aristocracy...

      “John Dee had received orders through the mirror to undertake the fantastic enterprise he called "Thule," trying to convince Queen Elizabeth, as Meyrink [Gustav Meyrink's 1927 novel The Angel of the West Window describes John Dee's and Edward Kelley's astrological and mystical experience.] tells us, to conquer Groenlandia, Greenland, the green land, that was green and became white in one night. Thousands of Vikings lived there to the Thirteenth Century. In the Fourteenth Century they were no longer there, as if after having converted from the religion of their Nordic ancestors they were then swallowed up by the green land, or white. De Mahieu says they went to America, following their relatives of the Ninth Century. John Dee thought they had found the entrance to the Hollow Earth, or the door permitting them to leave for a parallel world, another pluri-dimensional reality mathematically proven by that sage who did not believe in Euclidian math. We have said all this in our previous work. John Dee tried to convince Elizabeth the First to become mistress of this "North door," allowing him to establish and Empire of Two Worlds," (Imperium in imperio) with exits and entrances to another dimension, mathematically verifiable, an authentic Imperium of a Pontifix Maximus, a Sovereign-Priest, Bridge between two worlds: Chakravartin. Thus England Land of the Angels (the Tauthas de Dannon), true name of England, also Albion, land of Albedo, would be the Imperium of the Angels, those who spoke to John Dee in the Mirror of Princess Papan, and who were none other than the gods of Hyperborea, showing the way to the return to their primordial Polar Fatherland, the Golden Age.” – Miguel Serrano page 462-463. Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar II

    2. “The legend tells us that in those times, Rabbi Loew (ancestor of Karl Marx) [the Maharal of Prague], created his Golem in Prague, robot possibly meant to combat John Dee, and the plans of the Hyperboreans and their German Emperor.
      John Dee could not realize his dreams of an Imperium of two worlds, that genial plan of magic realism, because they had been infiltrated by the spy Kelly, who brought them ruin. Finally they burned his invaluable library and stole his documents, like in the case, mentioned previously, of Professor Herman Wirth.
      England was not the land of angels as John Dee had dreamed, but a penal colony for the Frisians and a burial ground for the "Hyperborean dead." In the Sixteenth Century the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal had already arrived there. And England was a land of demons, and would continue to be controlled by demons, with Aryan bodies and Jew souls.” – Miguel Serrano page 463-464. Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar II

      Thank you as always for commenting Detlef. We know how explosive this material is. If no one else wants to run it we will run it right here.

  3. Somewhere, way down there, not so long ago:

    Eine Reichsflugsheibe in der Antarktis

    Disinformation & misdirection? Okay, here we go. The future secret cryptic C.E.O. of F.I.G.U.,Inc., now states to all the leftover "hangers-on," that the UFO flyover back in 1952, over Washington, D.C., really was Commander Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, who are portrayed as some very naughty and nasty Plejaren types, who want to take over zee earth. Well, I guess that now puts the big ass German problem to rest, right?
    The new seeds are now here, the new earth humans, they are here and growing. They have a strong immunity that is a resistant shield, against all this B-U-L-L S-H-I-T. See you again, my friend.

    1. Stan we got the deluxe edition hardcore National Socialist Manifesto in the oven right now, it is the ultimate ultimatum, your gonna love it, we shall probably do a partial release very shortly for our Patreon people...

  4. Well jack

    One of your commenters left a gem about the SES as That evil dem carter reorganized the Feds as that org is all that stands between us and collapse as Obama kept it all going just a little longer just the opposite of what the alt right parrots as I plan on doubling my patron pledge as my honor is my loyalty jack.

    Perhaps every one here should do the same!



    1. You have been among my most ardent supporters Nine, don’t think I don’t appreciate it for one second but many, and not unwarranted either, criticize the Democratic Party as treasonous. I am a registered Democrat and as a former Union man who comes from a long line of Union people who were out there breaking heads in NYC during the thirties and forties to bring about the garment workers Unions I am absolutely appalled by anyone daring to call themselves a Democrat while assisting in the mass importation of scabs across the Mexican border to drive down minimum wages and break the back of the trade unions. They are not Democrats and they are more worried about appeasing their “friends” with their political views than they are with the welfare of the American people. Useful idiots that obviously watch too much CNN, they make me sick. Here we have two of the world’s top journalists telling you exactly who is sponsoring this nihilistic trash that calls itself the left. Now as for the right nobody says it better than Gordon Duff, every word he says about them is Golden. But as you can see here the Democratic Party is no solution, not unless you want to give your home to a Central American and have the Queen continue to march us off to Asia and the Middle East to murder Colored people for her. I am going to tell you what Paul Craig Roberts told me; you need to revolt, to that I will add as violently as possible, leave not even their pets and children alive, same way Yahweh tells you to do things in the “Good Book...”
      But I fear the only real solution is no longer possible, I will let Frank Zappa explain, a little dated but just substitute smart phones and social media for roller skates and disco and there you go...

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  6. Why is Johnny so dam slow? Well it all begins with the Revolutionary War when Americans after finally winning their independence from the Crown of England in a long and hard fought war forgot about the 400 thousand Tories they had been fighting against and wrote it off in their history books as they all fled to Canada. VT has part 2 and they will be carrying the rest...

  7. In addition to my first post, the SES (Senior Execetutive Service") was established under 1978 under Jimmy Carter, it was then developed over the following years on a low personal level, but with clear intent to establish a institutional hierarchy which was put on top of the normal gorvernmental institutions. It is is developed in a non public form (I call it a bureaucratic SS) which is under the sole and stict order of the government as a powerful and mostly unseen tool of the deep state. The SES exploded under Obama to a massive bureaucratical moloch of roughly 10000 members. In parts, they earn more money as the president. In all cases they are empowered to gives orders to governmental employies but they don't have to take any orders from them, they are strictly above. The long time chief of this monster was Christine Marcey, the sister of the pilot and later well known whistleblower Field McConnell. He tells the hard truth about this for many years now. He - together with his college David Hawkins - entangled the criminal superweb surrounding the stange SERCO corporation.

    SERCO is the heart of the British octopus which strangles the US in a very hideous mannner by infiltrating and taking over strategic places like the US patent office and much mor (Boeing, Lookhead Martin...). In this way and with direct collution from Rose's Law firm (Little Rock, Hillary's starting place) SERCO tangles it's web of a large corporate and Fond-based part of the US top financial and industrial places. This all goes way back into the thirties of the last century.

    I suggest to anybody here to look deeper into all these heavily English (crown agents) based actions. Together with the current fundamentally important publications on Jack's/Orage's website (and VT) they constitute a damming lot of proven facts about the beast and it's methods to rule from behind.

    Thanks again Jack & Orage to bring this to light, we are already late in time but not too late to see it.

    1. And that is why to paraphrase Saddam Hussein this is the mother of all comment sections...

  8. The alt right is worse than the Democratic Party if that is possible as all my boomer friends are poisoned by it and the only thing to do that record suicide is not doing to this demographic is to euthanize the remaining idiots!

    Boomers will really feel it when the 'publicans cut social security as the idiots will cheer on their own demise as most of them are over 70 now!

    Go Sean Hanity and Fox News!

    The Dems will always fuck the working class the least and no offense to your SES commenter! He is not an American and know's jack shit about the place!


  9. When they broke the unions they cut the funding to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party as the effect was to move both parties to the far right as Mr. Duff has documented from his comments on the recent UN report on poverty in America.

    The boomers and the Alt right feeding the idiocy as America is now a hellish third world low wage shit hole for the working class!

    Smart boomers are helping their children to survive in this new reality!


  10. I have an internet connection as I looked up the source of the SES hesteria your poster has put up as the source is from an at right anti labor writer always demonizing the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

    Fact. Hillary Clinton in the 90's wanted to expand the Federal health program to all American's and I mean that program all Feds and military receive along with expanding federal retirement benefits to all Americans but since the alt media took over America all hopes of this are done forever and Carter was smart setting up the SES as it is slowing down the trump gangsters.

    Agree or disagree matters not as that is the truth of the situation as alt righters are dumb as fuck...


  11. Well jack,

    As I worked a career at America's oldest institution I have full federal benefits and will be among the last standing no matter what the alt right says or does and I do hope to irritate the heck out of some of your ignorant followers as we need a euthanization pill that any boomer can pick up at the Walmart pharmacy as I bet that the 'publican's will gladly fund...


  12. And the second amendment will be needed not against the left politically but protection from the alt righter's who are racist and anti women and are already heavily armed.

    And jack knows ole nine is right!


    1. the alternative right is a euphemism for fundamentalist christian, a oxymoron in itself but Gould and Fitzgerald got it going on with this series, I am reading and learning myself...

      Part 3

      Part 4

      our Patreon Site is and will be linked to all of them

  13. Thank God I started brewing and drinking again George....this is pissing me off. Thanks for the enlightenment....speaking of SERCO....McConnel's website abledanger is some kind of pit cuz his sister is evil beyond words! Of course he runs discourse against her in full denial but, he's disinfo...might be a Soros Bot...haven't sorted it yet....yeah, you'd be proud....I've come along way thanks to people like you....gotta separate the wheat from the chaff.

    1. What happened Bob did you lose my phone number? Give me a call.

  14. America needs huge general strikes!

    It certainly is coming as all my friends and their kids are broke and in hock up to their ears.

    There are simply not enough cops as when the shit hits the fan they will be with the people.

    Look what Walker did up here in Wisconsin as they broke the union in this historic progressive state as wages are low and going lower and student loan debt is over the top.

    The turnip just landed in Milwaukee as tomorrow they break ground on that new high tech slave labor camp called Foxcon.

    Walker called the 15 to 20 dollar jobs fantastic, trouble is rent is 1500 dollars and a house? 200000 and up!

    At least the turnip roasted Harley Davidson on social media for them moving production out of the country!

    America is done as it's a race to the bottom and fuk those alt righters and fuk those republicans!

    And fuk those Dems like Pelosi and their ilk of dual citizen mother fucker Israel firsters!


    1. Yea nine picture the Zombies pulling off mass strikes... Round where I live those that are too stupid to live are queuing up at the automated cashiers at the supermarket. Nothing like putting the wife and kids out of a job so you don’t have to wait on line and possibly miss a FOX news update on the latest Turnip Tweet or CNN pontificating over the poor Mexican children who have been separated from their mother just because she decided to commit a crime and use them as a human shield...

  15. NEOCONS Part 6: Death of Adolph Dubs – Cui bono? ‘To whom is it a benefit?’
    NEOCONS Part 5: Brzezinski‘s Safari Club “Friends” Did Dirty Work Behind Scenes

  16. Lol

    You should do stand up Jack as that's so funny but so true!


  17. Jack,

    We were at the local food pantry getting food (aldi) and ran across an old friend as she pontificated about Trump and the children of emigrants put in cages as of course the screams of momy momy please help me went across the tv screans...

    course, my dearest wife who mind you spent her career in early childhood education said not a word but the look upon her beautiful face was such a look of disgust as what could one say as our dear friend immediately apologized to my dear spouse as she said not meant to offend...

    course 'merika is an offense now of course as what can one say as fuck your ignorant supporters as I plan on using usps to support you jack....

    well taint your fault you know trying to make a living as Hillery wanted to give all government bennifits like I have as the alt right makes one so very fucking stupid sometimes...


  18. NEOCONS Part 7: Coup d’état

    Continuing his coup d'e'tat in Washington, Brzezinski proceeded with plans for the radical transformation of America's nuclear doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction -- MAD (directed mainly at the Soviet Union) into one of nuclear "war-fighting" with no debate.

  19. So, jack as the Germans went after the Russian's as I learned from my Dad not to trust the Russian's as he saw first hand what they did to our German people.

    I do not worship or trust Putin as many alt right knuckle draggers do yet American policy got high jacked under Carter by deep staters yet along came Reagan and the society went to hell as the unions were broken and wages slashed and rents and housing prices have gone through the roof along with allowing every predatory scam like Amway and payday loans and scam house mortgages to scam the people and the notion of " free enterprise " as freedom of the rich to get richer off everybody else as we have seen nothing yet as to how bad it is going to get as Mr Duff often says.


    1. Unless those that are left make up their minds that this world belongs to them and not a bunch effeminate inbreed pansy's and their legions of home made Zombies we are plum out of luck Nine, at least on the political side...

    2. And Putin is the richest man in the world, he could pay off African poverty with just his watch collection...

  20. According to my alt right Hitler pal Putin is the second coming!

    Wow, they do the same thing in Russia like screwing the workers and neglecting schools and infrastructure imagine that?

    Wait, guys like Dugan idolize the guy as I am with Dad as never trust a Russian and don't trust an American politician!

    America is the new Amway now as it's all a fucking scam as buy some beer and popcorn and watch the show as it's gonna get good!


  21. "a proper business model is keep them in their homes as long as we can

    many on the right say simply euthenize them

    he said love your mother and Father

    many on the left swear by community

    I would say this as the old must hire the young

    to do chores around the house

    just leagelize all weeds

    and ship alchol through the post office

    along with any weed

    those three will sale us home free

    women around me say

    let that anger go

    have to agree

    retired you know

    all get liberal in old age"

    poetry is the domaine of the crazy....jack

    remember this the worst case ever seen of ptstd


  22. Just turn on, tune in, and drop out, and spend the Summer making model German UFO's.


    No one is in charge Jack as what is left of the American government is embroiled in a huge world wide civil war as how this plays out will come down to us on the local level!

    well what would I know..



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