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Human Sacrifice among the Catholic Clergy I (the Khazar-Nazi Antichrist III)

Human Sacrifice among the Catholic Clergy I (the Khazar-Nazi Antichrist III)
By Jack Heart &Orage

I always thought I was crazy, but I wasn’t, till I found out I was sane.
“In the period right after high school we would have parties at Johns parent’s home. His mother and father would frequently be gone for a week at a time on cruises to Watch Hill in their boat. It was at these party's that I became aware that evil is a conscious presence with its own agenda, a disembodied intelligence separate from the incarnate beings through which it manifests itself. 
To let it into you, to surrender to it with complete abandon, to let it take you where it will, is a primordial pleasure that nothing in this world has to offer. I remember floating through a drug induced haze and feeling a smug sensation of approval as people and events streamed passed me in a blasphemous parade. 
Someone was having violent sex with Johns golden haired little sister’s friend in the dingy on the back lawn. Her shrieking was drowned out by Frank Zappa singing:It Can’t Happen Here, through no less than a dozen oversized speakers. I didn’t understand exactly what it all meant back then but it all seemed so right. The song and the music were a disjointed and seemingly confused acid trip, synchronized with the hallucinogens' I had ingested. Zappa kept repeating “I remember tutu” and incoherently describing the quintessential suburban family that has no worries in the world because “it can’t happen here.” 
Zappa shouts out to Kansas, Minnesota, and Washington DC, derisively assuring them that it can’t happen here, not in the suburbs; “But.” 
Jim was shirtless, flexing his huge muscles in the full length mirror propped up on the floor of the weight room that John had set up in the adjacent attic. He was bellowing like an animal with a weird light illuminating his Nazi blue eyes. 
Frank Zappa continued ranting mockingly from the stereo accompanied by John now singing along as he laughed hysterically. John was still laughing when he looked at me with an eerie red light illuminating his face as he sang along with Zappa. 
“Plastic folks, you know / It won't happen here / You're safe, mama (No no no) / You're safe, baby / (No no no) / You just cook a tv dinner (No no no) / And you make it / Bop bop bop (No no no) / Oh, we're gonna get a tv dinner and cook it up (No no no no no no no!) / Oh, get a tv dinner and cook it up / Cook it up / Oh, and it won't happen here / Who could imagine / That they would freak out in the suburbs! (No no no no no no no no no no / Man you guys are really safe / Everything's cool).” 
John was hysterical now gesturing next door as he mimed “They had a swimming pool.” (36)
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Next door was the former residence of the Defeo family, dead for four years at the time. The place is now known to the world as the Amityville Horror House. I don’t remember if they had a swimming pool. But I do remember hanging out in the kitchen with John who was sweet on Allison Defeo. We were about twelve or thirteen. Mrs Defeo was cooking TV dinners for Allison and her little brothers. She had asked John and me if we wanted one. 
We had all attended Catholic school together. All of us; John, myself, Allison and her older sister Dawn were like one big happy family under the venomous tutelage of the Dominican nuns. 
A year or two later the whole town knew John was at the bottom of those murders. He had even been caught lying to the police, telling them he heard their dog barking at the time of their deaths. John had soured on the Defeos after his father and Defeo Sr. had almost got into it on the front lawn, with Defeo a supposed Mafia hit man, making threats to John’s father. 
This party took place four years after the murders and John had just been attacked in town by a crazed hippy friend of Butch, the only surviving member of the Defeo family. The guy nearly bit his finger off, screaming that he was Satan incarnate, and he was the real Amityville Horror. A lot of people in town thought that. Butch whose brain was always addled by drugs made a very convenient fall guy for those who covered it up. 
The strangest part of the whole thing, and I never realized it till I wrote the book in 2012 that the above excerpt is taken from, the Frank Zappa song John was playing was over ten years old at the time. It was from the mid-sixties, all that stuff, starting with the offer to partake in a TV dinner would not take place till the seventies... 
There were things when I was a child but I’d long since dismissed them. I was a hedonist by the time I was ten years old and didn’t believe in god, ghosts, the devil or the Easter bunny. That night at the party I knew I’d been wrong about the devil. But I still don’t know about the other three... 
This all goes back to Sumer, in the days before there were any Europeans. It’s important to remember that when someone tells a lie, if they are not an imbecile, they know they are lying. They know the truth. Culturally Europeans are rooted in Mesopotamia, not Rome and Greece and the ruins that were used to fabricate those civilizations.  
As the pope’s “historians” tell us of his Greeks and Romans the Sumerians had no heaven for mortals. They believed in a shadowy netherworld for the departed, a dark and dreary place called Kur as in the earth, Irkallain in later Akkadian times. There was no judgment for the soul. In Kur, whether good or bad in life, all are dammed and the eternal reward of the dead is to eat only dirt and spend their days in envy of the living. 
Kur is ruled over by the goddess Ereshkigal. In Akkadian times she was given the eponymous name Irkalla. One could receive dispensation from Kur only by her younger sister the great goddess Inanna. Gods don’t normally go to Kur unless they live there but Dumuzid, later Tammuz of the Semites and Adonis of Greek mythology, was the consort of Inanna and he is forever trapped there as her substitute. 
Inanna in her pride had tried to extend her power over the dead and single handedly stormed Kur. But she was outwitted by her older sister and ended up trapped there naked and dead, hanging upside down from a hook until her lady in waiting, following her prior instructions should anything go wrong, manages to enlist the help of Enki and his knowledge of the waters of life to resurrect her. But she must provide a replacement; her lady in waiting is out of the question as is her favored warrior and hairdresser so she decides to give them Dumuzid. 
Of course, academics tried to make another seasonal metaphor out of this story too. They claimed for over a century that Dumuzid returned from the dead every spring but a recently found complete tablet of Inanna's Descent shows Dumuzid stays dead. Many scholars believe Dumuzid is the prototype model for Jesus…
Much like Xibalba, the Mayan place of the dead, Kur is the home of fearsome entities like Lamashtu the demonic blood drinking daughter of Anu. Anunnaki very simply means offspring of Anu, just like Elohim means offspring of El. It cannot be understood as anything but an indication of a god of the highest rank. Seven Anunnaki judge Inanna for her ill-advised assault on Kur. Cuneiform was not deciphered till the mid nineteenth century so all translations including Zecharia Sitchin’s are suspect.

The marauding Lamashtu fears no god and can only be ordered back to Kur by Pazuzu, the devil of The Exorcist movies and an even more maleficent entity than herself. Pazuzu, with his snake headed penis,is likely a later Assyrian incarnation of Nergal the Sumerian god of pestilence and war. 
By PHGCOM, remade with F Lamiot
In Sumerian eschatology, Nergal is the husband of Ereshkigal because he apparently is the only one who can satisfy her sexually. When the gods give a banquet for Ereshkigal, she sends an envoy in her place because she cannot leave Kur. Nergal disrespects the envoy and is summoned to Kur by Ereshkigal so she can kill him for the slight. Nergal accepts the challenge and brings with him a contingent of fourteen demons. When the two do meet he ends up violently dethroning her and more or less slapping her around. 
He had been advised by Enki to take no offerings from her and not to have sex. But he finds the seduction irresistible and for six days neither comes up for air, thus sealing a marriage literally made in Hell. 
Kur has an intelligence and powers all its own. Ereshkigal, originally ‘Lady of the Great Earth,’ has been abducted by Kur and forced to become its queen. When Enki sets out to avenge the abduction he is repelled by Kur itself. It is these powers that Inanna wanted for herself. That they are sexual in nature is spelled out in the ancient Sumerian hymn Inanna and Utu.
Inanna, who would become the goddess of sex, originally knew nothing about it. She begs her brother Utu to take her down to Kur where she may taste the fruits of the vegetation that grows there and gain knowledge of the deepest carnal secrets. He does and she becomes the goddess of sex.(37)
Kur is also the home of the Gallûs, malevolent entities believed to be seven in number perhaps corresponding to the seven Anunnaki who judge Inanna. They are answerable to no gods and feared by all of them. They snatch the souls of the dead and deposit them in Kur. 
It is the Gallûs that follow Inanna up from the underworld and demand she supply them with a substitute, which she does when she gives them Dumuzid whom they gleefully drag down to Kur to torture for all eternity. In Babylon the Gallûs were appeased by the sacrifice of a lamb at their altars. 
But other maleficent forces abroad in Sumer couldn’t be so easily appeased, nor could they be commanded back to the netherworld by any god or demon king. Born of Kur but able to walk in the land of the living with impunity, they are the Udug-hul called utukku-lemnu in Babylon. “The ones poured out as progeny of Anu, they are children born of the netherworld. They belong to an evil nurse. They sucked the milk of an evil wet-nurse.”  (38)
“There are few descriptions of the udug demon, and no pictorial references to it on either seal impressions or statuary.” There is an ancient Babylonian incantation that describes the udug as “the one who, from the very beginning, was not called a name...  The one who never appeared with a form...” (39)
In ancient Sumer they believed all disease and afflictions were caused by malevolent entities. When calamity befell a Sumerian, particularly one of means, an Ašipu or white magician was called in. The Ašipu using what can only be described as empirical demonology would diagnose the situation and decide who, what and where it was coming from. Because he was only a man, he would then enlist the help of the god Asalluhi, later called Marduk by the Babylonians who worshiped him as their principle deity, in exorcising the offending entity.  
Asalluhi would in turn enlist the help of his father Enki known as Ea in Akkadian and Babylonian times. This Babylonian system of exorcism has come to be known as the Marduk-Ea formula by scholars. In one of the Sumerian incantations that has survived intact to the present day Asalluhi, who would become Marduk, the fiercest of all the gods, describes the Udug-hul to his father Enki with dread:
“O my father, the evil Udug (udug hul/utukku lemnu), its appearance is malignant and its stature towering 
Although it is not a god, its clamor is great and its radiance immense
It is dark, its shadow is pitch black and there is no light within its body 
It always hides, taking refuge; [it] does not stand proudly 
Its claws drip with bile, it leaves poison in its wake  
Its belt is not released, his arms enclose
It fills the target of its anger with tears, in all the lands [its] battle cry cannot be restrained.”(40)
The Udug-hul cannot be cast out by either god or man and can only be driven off its human victim by a good Udug, usually paired with a Lama, called Lamassu in later Akkadian times. The Lama is a protective spirit or goddess. In Babylon they were depicted as a bull with a human head but in Sumerian times as a winged female. As the exorcist it was the job of the Ašipu to create a situation where these entities were paired off against each other.
Lama Goddess
Human sacrifice was practiced in Mesopotamia on a scale only equaled and surpassed in Mesoamerica and Europe during the last millennium. Basur Höyük, Arslantepe and the death pits of Ur tell a forensic tale of horrendous carnage, the victims stabbed through the head with a pike. ‘The Great Death Pit’ alone contained the remains of “74 individuals, six of whom were male and the rest female.”(41)
At Basur Höyük, a male and female twelve year old were found interred, with eight other children sacrificed as what archaeologists call their retainers, a polite euphemism for their eternal slaves in the netherworld. “The victims ranged in age from 11 to 20 years old.” (42)
Making sacrifice to the netherworld and the entities that come from it is as old as time itself. The Udug-hul are more formidable magically than Enki himself and can only be defeated by another Udug, the Shayāṭīn are worthy opponents of Allah, and Mot more than a match for Baal. It is inconceivable that from a race as unscrupulous as Man that there would not arise a subspecies that would consider it prudent to be on their side… 
At least since the genocide of the Cathars in the thirteenth century, euphemistically referred to as the Albigensian Crusades by sycophantic academics, Catholicism has engaged in human sacrifice on a scale that would have made the Sumerians blush. 
In the eyes of the Roman Catholic church “the Cathars were heretics; as such, they had to be burnt. The smallest trace of “sin” had to be extirpated, the corrupt body had to be destroyed and evil exorcised in the flames. Even corpses were disinterred and burnt if the deceased were suspected a posteriori of having been heretics. Burning inflicted a double punishment, both temporal and spiritual, since the Cathar church considered that burial of a body was a necessary condition for resurrection.” (43)  
Under the auspices of the Dominican order, the Inquisition was permanently established in 1229 at the Council of Toulouse to deal with the Cathars. Once known as the Black Friars, the Dominicans only real job now it seems is to fill Catholic schoolrooms with overly severe spinsters to browbeat the children. But the order was originally founded about a dozen years before the permanent establishment of the Inquisition to combat the Cathars by preaching Catholic dogma to the masses. 
After failing miserably to convert any Cathars, the Inquisition was established and the pope unleashed his dogs of war. From that point forward, torture of the most heinous kind imaginable to the human mind, and finally the burning of their surviving victims alive in macabre public spectacles became the Dominican trademark. There was and still is statuary of wolf dogs in front of their buildings proclaiming themselves "domini canes" or “hounds of the lord,” gods own Hell Hounds… 
When the Catholics were through burning all the Cathars, they moved to the Waldensians whom they’d considered heretics for almost a hundred years before the Albigensian Crusade but never tortured and burned. The Holocaust or "burnt offering," had now become a Christian tradition, if not an addiction. 
In the sixteenth and seventeenth century it would be embraced by Protestants like a lost child. Its conservatively estimated that some fifty thousand people, mostly woman, were burned at the stake as witches in Europe during this period. Many on the say so of information found in a book written by a man whom a century before had been judged to be clinically insane by his peers.       
Contrary to popular opinion, the Inquisition hardly if ever prosecuted woman for witchcraft. This was the work of a demented Dominican cleric Heinrich Kramer, author of what would become the definitive work on witchcraft; Malleus Maleficarum. The pope attempted to empower Kramer with his 1484 Papal Bull: Summis desiderantes affectibus, acknowledging witchcraft as real and the Inquisition and particularly Kramer’s power to prosecute it. 
But the German clergy roundly rejected Kramer as a sexual deviate. He had dragged Helena Scheuberin, a well-connected woman who had publicly accused him of being in league with the devil, into court with about a dozen others. His obsession with the woman’s sexual proclivities astounded and embarrassed all who witnessed his prosecution of her. The Italian bishop overseeing Innsbruck; Karl Golser, would end up ejecting Kramer from Innsbruck and writing letters to all who would read them that Kramer was quite insane. Kramer would write the book as an attempt at vindication.
The Hollywood image of the Grand Inquisitor, brandishing his copy of Malleus Maleficarum, and prosecuting helpless woman to be burned at the stake never happened in a papal court. The infamous witch trials of the Reformation, particularly in Germany where tens of thousands of woman were burned at the stake, mostly took place in secular courts.
Those that didn’t were the product of the infamous Spanish Inquisition and its murderous sibling the Portuguese Inquisition both of which were under control of their respective Monarchies. The papacy never really approved of the Spanish Inquisition, or its economically motivated cruelties toward converted Jews and Muslims under its Grand Inquisitor, the legendary Dominican fanatic Tomás de Torquemada, a descendant of converted Jews himself. 
But Spain, along with Portugal, was the preeminent military power in the world at the time. Their swords had been forged through centuries of warfare in the Reconquista. These were a people who had known only warfare of the most brutal kind imaginable for generation upon generation. 
They would produce the Conquistadors, Europe’s answer to the Samurai, without the tautological Asian attempt at ethics, homicidal psychopaths on a Quest to steal what they could and murder the rest. As they would soon prove to millions upon millions of hapless Mesoamericans; nobody was arguing with them… 
On March 31, 1492, the Edit of Expulsion was signed by the monarchs of Spain. The deadline for Jews to leave Spain was August 3, 1492 the Ninth of Av or Tisha B’av on the Jewish calendar. This time it was the monarchs who had little choice. It was the price Queen Isabella had promised to the Dominican friar Fray Alonso de Ojeda and Cardinal Mendoza for securing a papal sanction for her Inquisition. 
The ships set sail before dawn on this day of fasting, commemorating the Torah’s fictional account of the destruction of the Temples. On board was Luis de Torres who was fluent in Hebrew, Akkadian and Arabic. Columbus expected to use Torres as an interpreter when they encountered the lost tribes of Israel. The expedition’s doctor and navigator were also Jews. 
Columbus would need a Jewish navigator because he would be using a metal astrolabe invented by Avraham Zacuto, a Jewish professor at the University of Salamanca. The instrument was used in accordance with Zacuto’s astronomical tables and gave the exact hours for the rising of the planets and fixed stars. Zacuto’s astronomical tables, called Ha-ḥibbur ha-gadol, were in Hebrew and would not be published in Latin till 1496.
It’s common knowledge that right before he sighted the New World, Columbus and his crew bore witness to mysterious lights in the sky. What is not common knowledge is that Columbus was later hauled before the inquisition for saying the lights took the form of a Jewish Menorah.
Columbus was heavily financed by Jews, among them were Juan Cabrero, royal chamberlain of King Ferdinand, Luis de Santangelo, chancellor of the royal household of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and Gabriel Sanchez, treasurer of Aragon. Ostensibly, with the exception of Zacuto who fled to Jerusalem, all these men were converted and called Marrano (swine in English) Christians by the Catholics.
Although these men were called pigs, they were allowed to keep their immense fortunes and pretty much ran Spain in spite of the Inquisition. In fact, the letter formally announcing Columbus’s discovery of the New World was addressed to Luis de Santangelo and it was from Santangelo that Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand would hear of the expedition’s success. 
Columbus landed on Hispaniola and within a few years under his regency, Spain established Capitanía General de Santo Domingo, now the city of Santo Domingo, named after Saint Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order. The Dominicans would once again oversee the genocide. 
An estimated four hundred thousand Taino Indians had resided idyllically in the tropical paradise since time out of mind. They, or all of them that could be captured, were immediately enslaved and forced to work in the gold mines that Columbus had known were there long before he had embarked from Spain. 
By 1508, their numbers had decreased to around sixty thousand because of the horrors inflicted upon them by Columbus, which included rape, murder for sport and using war dogs to disembowel them and eat their children. By 1535, only a few dozen survived. (44)
By then the Dominicans were already teaching the gospel to the Aztecs... 

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  1. The Goatman photo image. The things people create. How does creation begin?
    Last night I watched a Al Bielek video about Montauk. The people working there hated the Germans working there, and these thoughts generated a creation of a monster who started killing people. After the machines power was shut down, the monster froze in place in space and time, remaining there today, visible only on camera image.

  2. Jack and Orage,
    While I fully concur that European civilization as we know it descends from Mesopotamia, certainly in regards to ideology, belief systems, and the sacrifice complex, there is another source for the origin by blood.
    We find in civilization, a desperate attempt to nullify the extant European people. This is most clearly a war to erase that which is ancient and true. There would be no war, if Europeans did not have a true origin separate from Mesopotamia.
    I once entertained the illusory connection between Sumer and the Runes, but there is no source in Sumer. The source is in the wood, my friends, not in a Sun blasted desert.
    I know when I read of the desert gods and goddesses, that I am dealing with stories that are not my own.
    Yes, the civilization complex has largely overwhelmed the ancient ways, but this doesn't change the fact that it is foreign, and will, despite its hybrid internal sickness, always remain foreign.
    The Mesopotamian civilization complex repeatedly destroys itself in fits of insane suicidal violence, and we see the same deranged terrorized forces at play today.
    The mania that derives from an unhappy Euro-Mesopotamian hybrid is a particularly evil one. It is eminently sad to see this defilement, yet it is the conscious choice of so many.
    If I have time, I would very much like to mention a few aspects of the entire circumstances that surround the Cathar genocide that have been ignored by the hybrid, in hopes that they will be missed. Until then, let it be said that the church recently held a ceremony in the south of France, wherein they apologized for their mass murder. I find it interesting indeed, that they were compelled to admit to their true nature.

    1. I learned long ago not to play my hand in a comment section Mike, but I will tell you and whoever's reading I got a pocket full of aces. Kur is just such an ace. In Babylon it was presided over by a goddess whose name is eponymous with the place just like the Norse Hell. There is the young and beautiful god trapped there for all eternity just like the Norse Baldur but there is much more I deleted from this essay, saved for later...

  3. Forgive my ignorance for asking allude to something more natural rather than 'foreign' when speaking about the roots of Europeans? What is the 'ancient and true' connection you speak of? When I've visited parts of Europe (especially Germany, Austria, Scandinavia) I've experienced deep feelings of 'folk'--not really even sure what it meant because its more of a knowing or feeling that I experienced being there. 'Folklore' is the deep roots and culture of a peoples' --maybe this is the natural and true nature you speak of.

    1. If we are going to participate with the spirit of understanding, we must allow that spirit to take us where it may. In terms of this deep identity, it manifests itself wholly independent of human action. Yes, the Folk-Soul is an expression of this, yet it is a starting point, not a destination.
      Guido List wrote of the need to wander in nature in order to find ourselves, and for Europeans, this is essential.
      That which is ancient and true is beyond simple definition because it is the root rather than the final manifestation, although it is within all manifestation, and thus can be sought in myriad ways.
      I say it is in the blood, because that truth needs no introduction whence we arrive at it, we simply know it.
      When we attempt to describe our ancient truth, we arrive at two separate ways of doing so, neither being better, but both suited best for unique application. The first is to discover what our ancient truth is not, and thus we can approach through elimination that truth. The second method is to follow our own nature, and in recognizing it, find the echoes and patterns as they trace back.
      Perhaps an example might be helpful; Upon studying pre-Christian paths to wisdom, one discovers that the Vedas, Classical Greece, and Northern European lore all have connecting threads. Upon further review, their deep history leads them all to Aryan inception. This is not to claim they are all the same. It is to realize that they spring from a common root.
      So what is that which is ancient and true? It is that which is revealed by the search for self.

  4. National UFO Reporting Center on 2-25-20 and the Plejaren Contact #731 on 2-3-20:

    Over the past several months, possibly the majority of reports that have been submitted to our Center via the Online Report Form have been about the long “train” of so-called “Starlink” micro satellites, several clusters of which have been launched, beginning in May of 2019. If you are witness to a long string of what appear to be stars, equidistant from one another, and following each other “nose to tail,” we would be most grateful if you would please not report them as a UFO sighting. We have received many hundreds of reports of those satellites, and all of those reports have taken a great deal of time to process.

    Billy: I'm sticking to that too, Ptaah, because I'm NOT passing on a word of what you've explained to me, nor what you've just fathomed regarding the origin of these flying objects, which to earthlings are UFOs. I am also silent with regard to your explanations about the tasks, efforts and purposes of the crews of these UFOs and their increased flights, etc., which you have discovered with your much higher technical possibilities than those of the crews and fellow satellites and the whole large group. What I have answered in each case was only related to the fact that these flying objects do not belong to you Pleiars and do not correspond in any way to your Pleiar techniques, which according to your information are still very poorly developed compared to ours, despite their higher technology. Consequently, as you explain again and again, this foreign grouping with its UFOs is also not able and therefore not capable of locating you Pleiars, your presence and your ships of radiation, just as they do not perceive them despite their higher technology and therefore cannot determine that they are observed, investigated and 'X-rayed' by you in their secret machinations. And that you are only allowed to say this knowledge in confidence and obliged to silence, I can fully understand, because ...

    1. You can see and know something is up, but what is going down?

    2. Well Stan, if we look around we find it to be pretty obvious that the insiders are using this event to grab even more for themselves. We have seen this all before, and through protecting this behaviour, the system itself must withstand this destabilization. The inevitable question here is exactly how much artificial propping up of parasitic insiders is possible?
      Then we have the black operations, which occur right in front of us while we are told they don't exist. These show no sign of crisis, except perhaps to further expand intelligence, control, and globalism.
      So, what is going on?
      America is being taken down. We are disenfranchised prisoners in our own country. How long do you think the self proclaimed geniuses in the fast grab and black ops camps can keep America together? My guess is not all that long, since none of them have ever lifted a finger to do so.
      When this fails they will have their short time of control, but it will be short. Parasites and closet psychopaths do not a society make.
      However, all is not lost. We will, by necessity return to a warrior society where men will rediscover their purpose, and women will stop trying to grow penises.
      Sure, it didn't have to go this way, but the guerrilla war is right around the corner, and after that comes the epic fail.

    3. Why Stan, surly you jest when you ask that question...

  5. That's been my thoughts as well for quite some time. The AI-machine god technocratic full spectrum domination plan has been known for awhile. All one needs to do knowing the end game is sit back and understand the moves being made and how they get there. It's always darkest before the dawn the same way you get that eerie silence before a snowfall or before a battle commences.
    A lot of us are tired in this struggle for consciousness and yet the real fight hasn't even begun. Just many sides gathering as many bodies possible to expand their forces until slowly two sides begin to form swallowing up the weaker elements.
    On a positive note it's easy to forget that the moment in which your enemy appears his strongest he's also his weakest. The act that can never be undone scares him the same way it scares you. He knows it can either lead to absolute victory or his absolute destruction if done incorrectly or a variable hasn't been predicted and well thought out.

    1. The thing about a machine Greg is it cannot bend the Wave Function and never will, it needs us...

  6. you might like the 2002 film Darkness:

    1. I told you there were things when I was child zen, those memories are unpleasant and I have no wish to relive them, only avenge them...

  7. Last night I watched a 5+ hour video show of Al Bielek revealing details of his life history and other historical facts about people and magical esoteric science. Among all his revealed revelations, he spoke about the first "public" American moon landing.
    One astronaut said to NASA control : We have company up here, are they Russians?
    NASA : No.
    Astronaut : Are they aliens?
    Nasa : No.
    Astronaut : Are they Americans?
    Nasa : Yes.
    Al Bielek then described how the astronauts were very upset back on earth for being used as deceivers.
    I don't want to delude myself on what this UFO activity is, mentioned in that contact 731 report, that is being kept secret in Switzerland at this time. Germans? "Aliens?" Americans?
    Trouble Mr. Bielelek, to much trouble everyday, trouble trouble, is it here to stay?
    Just deal with it Stanley.

  8. I am fully aware that Sumer is now believed by many to be the origin point for the Europeans. Sumer is certainly the origin of most of what one finds in the four abrahamics, in the concept of governmental structures, currencies, and importantly, the concept of enforcing the will of the society on people and planet.
    Thus, when it comes to the concepts behind material culture and religion, I find the evidence supports a Mesopotamian inception to European society. However, when it comes to the people, and their identity, it is clear from the lore that Europe maintained a population independent of the Sumerian structure. This is becoming increasingly clear through the work done primarily in Russia and in eastern Europe.
    I will choose but one example, of an ice age discovery in Russia of an easily recognized swastika, which by any measure dates far earlier than any organizing as civilization in Mesopotamia.
    Thus, while the core of what became modern civilization has an evidential origin, the same is most certainly not true for the people, and their traditions of mnemonics, sound, and relationships with the planet and stars.
    For example, many Runic inscriptions are wholly or partially untranslated by modern scholars. This is not due to any loss or lack of skill in the
    abilities related to language, it is due to an overly narrow cognitive grasp of what the Runes actually are.
    This blindness stems from an Abrahamic addiction to a world of things in time. Ancient Europeans were not so blinded.
    When it comes to Baldurs' Dream, we must understand that the present version has been used to justify the incursion of Christianity, a level of deception and stupidity only available to the abrahamics. This puerile arrogance has reigned supreme only because of the cognitive slavery enforced by the vicious Abrahamic hybridization.
    I for one refuse the slavery of the middle eastern death cults. This modern society we live in is a wholly owned subsidiary, and it is currently being carved up by the descendants of the demented legacy from which it emerged.
    The true European is ethereal, linked a multidimensional expression of life. The true European dances with their gods, laughs and plays with them according to the highest code. This the way that has power and value for the future generations, and that is why the abrahamics rose up to challenge it.

  9. I would not be so dead certain all the Sumerians were Semitic Mike, we must remember they have to all be Semitic in order to fit into what you call scientism’s ‘Out of Africa theory,’ a complete cock and bull story. Not even Blacks are native to Africa. As we more than proved in Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog they originated in Australia and New Guinea. Like I said but we will not be playing our aces in the comment section, so let it suffice for now for me to point out one more theological similarity between the Norse and Sumer. The guardian Lama, or goddess overlord, is more than just a bit similar to the three Norn’s who keep the gods in check in the Yggdrasil. If you look at the monument at Koblenz, the giant equestrian statue of Wilhelm I, he is being led through his victory lap by a Lama…

  10. Mr. Al Bielek video lecture revelations, April 2000, The WingMakers.

    In the case of the transformation/mastership model of existence, its principle tenets are that the entity is limitless, deathless, and sovereign. All information flows from Source Intelligence to the entity, and, it is therefore the responsibility of the entity to become self-enlightened and self-liberated by attuning itself to Source Intelligence and "detuning" itself from the Hierarchy. Each becomes their own master, and each transforms from a human being to a Sovereign Integral within the cradle of time and space. The underlying equation of the transformation/mastership model of existence is:
    Entity + Source Intelligence = Prime Creator equality.

    1. One of the challenges of the individual is to recognize these two dominant models of existence and integrate them in order to design a synthesis model. The synthesis model is slowly emerging on terra-earth, and with high probability, will ultimately become the dominant model of existence in this universe. It will be the model of existence that is best able to unify consciousness without impinging on the sovereignty of the entity and Prime Creator. It will allow the entity to be the vibrant container of Source Intelligence and explore new fields of vibration as a fully conscious outpost of Prime Creator.

  11. Yes, the old European ways always held a central place for women, and the feminine principle. The power of generation, clearly a feminine power, has been recognized and honoured for thousands of years. We are all here due to that power, this much should be clear.
    The colour, and perspective of the Mesopotamian mythic cycle is the cast of entrapment into slavery, that the blind fear captures and freezes the higher functions, building a maze from which the higher mind cannot emerge.
    Certainly, this is why their beautiful God is held prisoner in their place of terror. Certainly this why our modern slavery society is held in thrall so easily by this web of myth and religion.
    In ancient Europe, the gods die to reincarnate in new forms, discovering their old forms that lead them into shaping a new cycle. The ancient European way is the holding of two entirely oppositional Balder forces together in a dynamic synergy. This is at the heart of the Beowulf cycle, of the Aesir and the Wanes, it is an essential aspect of the European tradition.
    The Cathar crusade, a nice term for a genuine holocaust, rather than the Hollywood made affairs, was a typical response from this entrapment and sacrifice complex. On this, I think we agree.
    The Cathars are seen in some circles as Christian heretics, let's remember that the word heretic simply means choice, and in others as true Gnostics. Thanks to the appropriation of Jesus by the Caesars, the true inventors of Christianity, any mention of Jesus now triggers a Pavlovian response. The best internal evidence that the Cathars were from a deeper, pre-Christian tradition comes from their sense of development, personally, and spiritually, and their refusal to embrace Christian material culture.
    However, the Cathars were but one aspect of several pre-Christian strains that never have been viewed in light of each other, Chivalry and the Troubadours. The church has always sought to divide and isolate all three, with great success. Yet if one does a modicum of examination, one finds that all three continued important aspects of what was a powerful pre-Christian tradition.
    None of these have any derivation from the slavery and sacrifice entrapment based on deep irrational terror, which typifies the complex from the desert.
    I will be interested to view your evidence to support your perspective, Jack and Orage, yet at this point I find the much maligned ancient European tradition to be an authentic and independent path.

  12. I think so, I wrote so, therefore, I know so.
    These Sovereign Entities are not present in the time-space universe to be formal teachers. They are present to be catalysts and designers. They are present to ensure that Source Intelligence is allowed to balance the dominant force of the hierarchy and its model of evolution/saviorship. They will not create a new belief system. Instead, they will focus on developing new communication symbols through various art forms that facilitate the entity's detachment from the controlling aspects of the hierarchy. The Sovereign Entities will also demonstrate the natural ease of interweaving the two primary strands of existence into a synthesis model.

  13. It is an odd day when the UFO community gets closer to describing human development than thousands of years of myth and religion. This wry condition exists due to several conditions and realities, the primary of which is use of trauma to fragment and enslave.
    It really shouldn't be all that difficult to grasp that empire, a form of government based on the violent suppression and exploitation of people and planet, would find this mythic and religious structure a real gift.
    Indeed, the evidence is clear that from it's inception, the religio-mythic structure from Sumer became the gift of empire. It's quite easy to trace the transfer from the era of city states, to Judaism, and then Christianity because this structure is so completely intact. The veracity of this statement can be ascertained by anyone interested enough in desert history to perform the necessary research.
    Empire has taken many forms over the centuries, but the essential problem every empire has faced has been in holding itself together over time. The desert empires were notoriously short lived, as their resources to maintain their expansion quickly played out.
    This brings us to the quintessential example of empire, Rome.
    The 4th century, as time is reckoned, was the year Christianity began. Simply put, there was no Christian church before this date. Christianity, then beat out Mithraism for the position of official religion of the empire. This was a political decision by Rome's ruling class.
    Christianity, then quickly expanded throughout the empire, it's hybridization with extant mythic and religious structures firmly set in its earliest incarnation.
    It is this perfected mythic and religious structure that defines a people through making a map of desires, fears, goals, hopes and hates among others. This structure is one that portrays the human as a puny entity, thoroughly at the mercy of mighty forces, the most terrible of which is death.
    There never was any valid competition to this structure. There is no example of human potential to check the scourge with anything near the state backing that the slavery system received and continues to receive. Today, perhaps the largest force is Scientism, yet any honest inquiry into Scientism reveals a cognition thoroughly innured to the Abrahamic structure.
    If one is looking for a contrast, an alternative to the desert slavery structure, one finds it only in Europe. This itself is powerful evidence for a truly European self, one which existed before the hybridization obscured it's presence. Furthermore, throughout history we find a persistent reincarnation of art, thought, and myth which is a rejection of the smothering slavery from the desert.
    If one studies the depth of this European identity, one discovers that it involves a relationship with eternity, and a constant discipline towards ever greater realization, wisdom.
    This struggle is absolutely AWOL in the desert slavery structure.
    Now, it might be possible to explain this reality in a few different ways, but it must pay due to the complexity, depth, and antiquity of the European wisdom tradition as evident in art, literature, and expression.
    I personally find that the explanation is self evident, requiring no fancy mathematics. If we understand that this tradition manifests itself repeatedly over the centuries, despite the murderous occupation of the desert slavery structure, it has to come from somewhere that is a persistent and numinous source. This source is best sensible through the lens of a European identity.

  14. THE NORNS...

    Whenever we think of mysterious feminine beings in ancient lore, we imagine the Norns.

    In understanding the Norns, we must understand that a deep duality persisted in the ways of the ancestors. I have written briefly on this topic, and to be honest, I have found it quite challenging to explain this in modern concrete terms.
    Modern language is largely purged of the possibility of holding different concepts simultaneously, thus in the modern languages, to write that there is a God, an ancestor, and a man can only be sensible as isolated concepts, that are mutually exclusive. However, in the language of the ancestors, these states did not have the same absolutism. Thus, the explanation of the Norns must undergo a radical transfiguration, whilst attempting to preserve at least a hint of original sensibility.
    Keeping this in mind, we venture forth.
    Today, the poorly designed concept of free will is dominant. That one of sound mind steers the course of their life, is an unquestioned assumption.
    However, to the ancients there was an all powerful force that shaped one's destiny. The ancients would have laughed at B.F.Skinners' operant conditioning as the fantasy of a fool.
    This force was never personified, in contrast to the desert slavery complex, where everything is personified. There were different terms that referred to this mysterious force, but the one the modern concrete mind is most familiar with is where the word "weird" comes from: WYRD.
    Translated often as fate, this force was revealed through feminine power to the child at birth.
    Often, the image associated with Wyrd was a cord, or thread-that which was woven by women into fabric. It could be fine and golden, representing the easiest and most successful life journey, all the way to firm and rough, like the cord attached to the plow with the concomitant turns and travails of hard use.
    Each Wyrd was woven into a greater warp and weft, from the great feminine power at the well of the cosmic tree, the Norn.
    Today, in the concrete limitations imposed upon us, we could imagine a factory worker, running a great machine that fabricates blueprint facsimiles for the construction companies. This worker transforms the raw materials handed to her into a workable design.
    Thus, on a personal level, the Norn is a revealer of destiny. On a greater level, she fashions and binds Destiny.
    Contrasting with the desert slavery cults, there is no personal protection offered by the Norn. She merely provides knowledge, knowledge available to her because of her station. One can use, or refuse her knowledge, according to their own will.
    Much is made of these maidens at the well, but always overlooked is their role in the sustenance of the living cosmos, and the flow of the waters of life with the deepest connection of the Runes.
    Urth, Verthandi, and Skuld, we are told as past, present and future, but as usual, the fatal concretion of modern idiocy prevails upon us. The old language has no future tense.
    Yes, we are all held in thrall by the God of poverty, who is administered by child rapists claiming divine right.
    One must understand the Norns outside of a linear timeline of things, and move into a present of interlacing forces.
    I repeat, the Norns do not personify the current addiction to linear time. Whilst such a conclusion is understandable to the concrete mind, it is stupid and counterproductive if one wishes to be enlightened through the image.
    Now, if from this one begins to get a sense of the ground being a million miles beneath your feet, congratulations, you are beginning to shed your innured status!
    If this the case then the understanding that the Norns are a shaping and illuminating force, rather than a strongly protective force should be clear.
    Perhaps this will shed some light regarding a discernment between the direction of the desert slavery complex, and the direction of the ancestors.
    Gold-Might of the Wanes, thrice burnt she was, and thrice she rose, full in life, the Bright One.

    1. Around four years ago I watched a documentary about the Knights Templar on television. One person involved was a guy named Mike Kay. Are you this same person, Mike?

    2. I will tell you, Stan, the same thing I tell everyone. Forget about focusing on me. I am nobody, I have nothing, and the events of my life are of no interest to anyone.
      Besides, we have our own celebrity here in Jack, who needs another?

  15. Montauk and Philadelphia Experiment Al Bielek Underground.

    In this video Al Bielek reveals the complicity of prewar and wartime mutual cooperation of the NSDAP with American industrial owners along with the American military/government. At the 1:33:00 time count, the discussion turns to the Plejaren extraterrestrial connection that helped the Germans develop field powered craft.
    This video also discusses the mutually manufactured American/Russian cold war.

  16. Here is a few out of a total of 173 conspiracy questions answered by the Plejarem :
    39. Philadelphia experiment: A US military experiment allegedly led to the disappearance of a warship and its teleportation to another location.
    39th Philadelphia Experiment: An experiment by the U.S. military reportedly resulted in a warship disappearing and being teleported to another location.
    135. FALSE 135. WRONG
    136. There has never been such an experiment in the USA or anywhere else on Earth. 136. Such an experiment has never existed in the United States or anywhere else on Earth.
    137. A book writer named Berlitz wrote a fantastic story only according to the fraudulent claims of a man named Kal Allen.

    42. Reichsflugscheibe: The Third Reich had been in possession of a futuristic aircraft.
    42nd Reichsflugscheibe: The Third Reich was in the possession of a futuristic aircraft.
    140. TRUE 140. CORRECT
    141. The NAZI empire developed disc aircraft, which were about 2000 kilometers per hour fast and reached over 12500 meters altitude. 141. The NAZI Empire developed disc aircraft that were around 2,000 kilometers an hour and reached an altitude of 12,500 meters.
    142. However, these flying discs were single-wing aircraft, which were of a completely different type than normal wing aircraft. 142. However, these flying disks were single-wing aircraft which were of a completely different nature than normal wing aircraft.

    4. Reptiloids: Reptiloids are human-like intelligent beings derived from reptiles or reptilian-like aliens. They had infiltrated Earth and were part of a secret pyramid-like organizational structure.
    44. Reptiloids: Reptiloids are human-like intelligent beings that come from reptiles or reptile-like extraterrestrials. They had infiltrated the earth and were part of a secret pyramid-like organizational structure.
    144. FALSE 144. WRONG
    0. Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion: The protocols pretend to be secret documents of Jewish world conspirators.
    40. Protocols of the Sages of Zion: The protocols pretend to be secret documents of world Jewish conspirators.
    138. FALSE 138. WRONG

  17. Chivalry can be defined today as the warrior creed of Europe...However, what it meant at the time of its existence was far more than providing a code.
    It is through Chivalry that the Celtic mythical structure is preserved, that we have direct access to a tradition brimming with pre-Christian iconography and values.
    This fact was not lost on the church, which regularly murdered those contemporary writers who proclaimed that Chivalry was a religion of far greater potency and power than anything Christian. The pogroms against the chroniclers of Chivalry make its survival and flourescence all the more admirable.
    That Christianity warred repeatedly against Chivalry is a clear indicator that Chivalry had deeper and more significant origins than anything offered by the demented desert ideologies.
    For even greater proof of this genuine religious character, we have the case of the Templars. Linked irrevocably to the Newport tower and the mediaeval Runic Futhark, the Templars have been an unsolvable mystery to cognitively narrow modern scholarship. Part of this has to do with an unquestioned assumption that Christianity is something of an advancement in human history, and is thus given an undeserved position of integrity. In truth, this absurd bias is never discussed or admitted, which results in cases of attempting to hammer facts into preconceived shapes, whether they fit or not. A perfect example of this in America is the debacle of the Kensington Rune Stone.
    Uncomfortable as it may be for modern scholarship to admit, the Templars were not, nor ever were Christian. We can perhaps discuss their underground shrines in the British Isles, their symbolism with Ashtorath, and at some point the use of codes and ciphers. Here we will mention in passing the work of valid scholarship, the Atbash cipher, by which Baphomet reveals the Greek word for wisdom and the name of the Gnostic mother goddess, Sophia.
    It goes without saying that tortured Templars never denied her worship, and that the final curse of the Grand Master of the order saw its way through against the King of France.
    This evidence, coupled with historic trends and actions, makes an unmistakable case for Chivalry as a vibrant pre-Christian phenomenon. In order for Europeans to have access to such, this must have developed independently from the slavery and sacrifice religion of Mesopotamia and the Middle East. Indeed, even the Sumerian record refers to a technologically advanced people from the North.

  18. Both you guys outdid yourselves with these last two comments, not a word I don't agree with in either one of them

  19. The christian God is the god of poverty and slavery as that Church is the institution of said poverty and slavery as I look around that church is the richest on earth as most on the planet live on one dollar a day or less!

  20. Why is it important to understand history? Because without history, one would not realize that the leading Abrahamic religions are serial killers. Of course, this should raise the question of how exactly a preoccupation with murder, conversion, and conditioning could possibly lead one to spiritual attainment, but as we have seen here, the proponents of ol' Abe haven't attained anything, they simply convinced themselves that they had new clothes.
    Humanity has a real problem when it can't differentiate between murder and enlightenment.
    We find in all abrahamics seed ideas that mislead, misdirect, and obfuscate. Clearly this a condition of exploiting the breach, of a gluttonous devouring of innocence, coupled with a deceit so fundamental that it can only be understood as mind control.
    We detect this form of evil in the policies and programs advanced across the world today, most often as "solutions" to "problems". Never mind that the problems presented are rarely genuine, and the solutions advanced cannot address these supposed problems, humanity is lead along by its self appointed leaders into this cul de sac again and again for the harvest.
    The balm, the ointment to this condition is the expansion of awareness, the recognition of the deceit, and the correct identification of conditions.


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