Disband the Police and Elect Sheriffs


The right wing, just like the left wing, has been hijacked by a cadre of globalists who cannot tell enough lies or inflict enough pain to fill the hole left inside of them by their vacated souls. The newest lie from the right is their historically untenable position that police departments are indispensable to Western civilization. The facts say different, in fact they say nothing could be further from the truth. 

Here is a brief summary of the historical reality of the police in America and the tremendous contribution they are now making to the dismantling of everything sane Americans hold dear. Like the song goes “everybody’s talking but few of them know.” Well I know and I know from personal experience unlike these faggot news casters spewing their prefabricated talking points. This is an open post, consider it a community service, a service most of you have never paid a dime for… – Jack Heart

It’s the morning of July 8 in Fort Salonga New York, an affluent Long Island community about twenty miles outside of N.Y.C. It’s hot and I’m hungry. Last night I couldn’t eat dinner because of yet another disturbance by the absurdity that has become Black Lives Mater. Black street toughs being led around by the nose ring by White Jewish Lesbian school teachers. B.L.M. is like Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront: “You don’t understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it…” 

They had the organization; they had the issue and they had the floor but once again Blacks find their voices overdubbed by their own oppressors. It’s hard to imagine that the Black intelligentsia that organized B.L.M. did not notice everything they had worked for, and many other Blacks had died for, was being coopted by the vicious dyke disciples of Howard Zinn a few years ago when it was happening. I’m inclined to believe that just like Marlon Brando’s character in On the Waterfront; Terry Malloy, they took a dive for the mob and now find themselves an ugly circus sideshow, “a bum…” 

Speaking of bums I digress. I’d eaten a light breakfast and lunch and figured I’d get something heavier in a place called Relish about a mile east of me on Main Street in the center of Kings Park. You can get a good meal there for twenty-five dollars. To the west is Fort Salonga and Asharoken where the price of restaurants goes up with the price of real estate. When I got there I found the town cordoned off by police. We were diverted down a side street where we found all access to the town of Kings Park, the sight of at least a half a dozen other substantial bars and restaurants, denied by a swarm of Suffolk County Police. 

We could see over the police cars that there were about fifty to a hundred people sitting and standing in the intersection at the center of town. This so said demonstration had begun at three in the afternoon when a bunch of eighteen to twenty-year old local kids carrying American flags and awaiting B.L.M.s arrival were told to go home by the Suffolk County Police Inspector Romagnolli or face arrest themselves. 

Playing stupid we asked a sheepish looking Black cop what was going on. He explained to us that it was a B.L.M. rally and they should be finishing up soon. We asked him if B.L.M. had permits and he said: “no we’ve got to work with them with all that’s going on. This is the fifth time we’ve had to do this for them…” 

The Suffolk County Legislator Steve Bellone is of course a Democrat, as is party zealot and governor of N.Y. Andrew Cuomo. Right now it is in the democratic party’s interest for the mayhem to continue in order to make Trump look as bad as possible before the elections, dam their constituents. All across America in areas where democrats control the police department, like Suffolk and Nassau Counties along with N.Y.C. under the stewardship of Mayor Bill de Blasio, an even more radical democrat than Cuomo, the police are being used as security to enable unlawful B.L.M. “rallies” to terrorize the very communities the police say they “protect and serve.” 


Six months ago I was on the other side of Long Island in Long Beach, N.Y. when the democratic party on behalf of their globalist overlords in London recklessly decided to politicize the biological attack of unknown origins that is COVID. Helplessly I watched in horror as they closed down the beaches and boardwalk, all local commerce ground to a halt and hypochondria was inculcated into pop culture. I watched the police in black uniforms on big black horses ride up and down the street and the boardwalk enforcing “social distancing,” and the ridiculous mask laws, while planes from every COVID infected corner of the world passed slowly overhead awaiting clearance to land in Kennedy Airport a few miles away.  


What COVID has really done to the N.Y.C. economy won’t be felt till the unpaid rent for six months comes due at the end of August. But it’s safe to assume N.Y.C will be returning to its late seventies and early eighties ambience when parts of the Bronx were known as Fort Apache, and the city had a higher murder rate than most war zones. New Yorkers, of which a half a million have already fled the city, can thank their “brave” men in blue who have served their democratic masters well. 

Using the police as a political weapon is hardly unprecedented. The democrats are simply following a long held precedent of the republicans who have been using the police for years to enforce illegal land grabs and break strikes. The Floyd incident was not just randomly staged in Minneapolis. The city has a tradition since the days of Al Capone and even before that of being an open city. Minneapolis was run for decades by Mayor A. A. Ames, a thirty-third degree mason and a Democrat until it suited him to become a republican at the turn of the twentieth century. Ames Police Chief was his brother and Chief of Detectives his pimp. The police were his salaried thugs who ran his brothels, gambling parlors and opium dens.  

By 1934 under the Citizens’ Alliance, an organization of local business leaders, Minneapolis was a notorious anti-union city. But its recently elected mayor was an ineffectual actor turned politician much like Americas current president. “By May of 1934, General Drivers Local 574 of the international Brotherhood of Teamsters had organized members of the trucking industry into a union with 3000 members.” All that summer there were violent clashes between police, who were no more than the goon squad for the Citizens’ Alliance, and the teamsters. It culminated on July 20 when police opened fire on unarmed strikers, wounding sixty-seven and killing two, in a day still known as “Bloody Friday.” (1

The police force itself is hardly the time honored and indispensable American institution that right wing pundits would have their audiences believe. “The first publicly funded, organized police force with officers on duty full-time was created in Boston in 1838. Boston was a large shipping commercial center, and businesses had been hiring people to protect their property and safeguard the transport of goods from the port of Boston to other places.” According to the right wing propagandists it was good business that these “merchants came up with a way to save money by transferring the cost of maintaining a police force to citizens by arguing that it was for the “collective good.” (2

Boston was quickly followed by N.Y.C. in 1845, Albany and Chicago in 1853, New Orleans and Cincinnati in 1853, Philadelphia in 1855 and Newark and Baltimore in 1857. “By the 1880s all major U.S. cities had municipal police forces in place.” (3)    

Not then, not now nor ever have the police been for the collective good of anybody except the elite. The “thin blue line” propagandists like to use as a slogan is only to divide the public from those who fleece them for a living. Slumlords, usurious moneylenders, environmental plunderers, sweatshop proprietors and indeed all those who parasitize the urban infrastructure, all love the police. 

In N.Y.C. as chronicled in Gangs of New York, the book and movie, the police were immediately put to work as a private army of skull crackers by the criminally insane Tammany Hall political machine and later the infamous Boss Tweed. In the nineteenth century street gangs stole everything from N.Y. harbor that wasn’t nailed down and extorted shopkeepers at their leisure, but the gangs were in turn extorted by the police. 

In 1894 some of this was exposed by the Lexow Committee. So lucrative was it to be a cop in N.Y.C. that the price of promotion was sixteen hundred dollars to become a sergeant and up to fifteen thousand to be a captain. This is nineteenth century currency… 

The Lexow Committee was followed by the Curren Committee in 1913, the Hofstadter Committee in 1932, then a Brooklyn grand jury investigation into gambling payoffs in 1949. The Knapp Commission of 1972 was the result of the career of Frank Serpico, spanning from 1960 to 1972 as a whistleblower and an undercover cop. 

The rampant corruption of the N.Y.C. police department is vividly chronicled in the 1973 book and movie Serpico, with iconic movie star Al Pacino playing Serpico. After word got out of his whistleblowing activities Serpico was set up by his fellow officers to be murdered in early seventy-one, taking a bullet in the head in a deliberately blown drug bust.   

Serpico lived to become a legend, but nothing changed in the N.Y.C. police department. In 1993 the Mollen Commission exposed pervasive drug corruption, organized theft by police officers of drugs and money, excessive use of force, and the cavalier use of drugs by the police department itself. In October of 2014 Serpico did an interview published in well-known left wing journal Politico. The title was The Police Are Still Out of Control... I Should Know… 

In Chicago after the fire the police department would fashion the city into the underworld capital of America and be instrumental in forming the Outfit, supposedly Al Capones gang. Although the never solved Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is blamed on Capone, witnesses all saw uniformed cops entering the garage which was the site of the legendary machinegun slaughter. Fifty years later detectives Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito would set up shop murdering people all over N.Y.C. for the Italian mob. 

“It is incorrect to say the late 19th and early 20th century police were corrupt, they were in fact, primary instruments for the creation of corruption in the first place..” Three of the more flagrant abuses of the police force are listed by Dr. Gary Potter, renowned professor of Justice Studies, who is extensively quoted in the previously cited Time Magazine article: 

“(1) the formation of a prostitution syndicate by Los Angeles Mayor Arthur Harper, Police Chief Edward Kerns, and a local organized crime figure, combined with subsequent instructions to the police to harass this syndicate's competitors in the prostitution industry; (2) the assassination of organized crime figure Arnold Rothstein by police lieutenant Charles Becker, head of the NYPD's vice squad; and, (3) a dispute between the Mayor and District Attorney of Philadelphia, each of whom controlled rival gambling syndicates and each of whom used loyal factions of police to harass the other…” (4

No constitutional traditionalists ever wanted the police, not in America, and not even in Great Britain from which America imported the idea. In America we have Sheriffs elected and answerable to the people who gave them the job. This is how the most lawless land the world has ever seen; America’s Wild West was tamed, not by police. The sheriff has deputies and if need be they can deputize their entire constituency. If that’s not enough through the governor they can call in the cavalry, now rapid response federal troops. 

Law enforcement unanswerable to the people it is supposed to serve leads to the excesses we are seeing now, with civil servants playing dress up as if their ready for the eastern front, rolling down the streets in tanks and thinking because they got punched in the nose they now have a right to shoot an unarmed man. 

I am so weary of cops, their psychopathic unions and all their apologists rationalizing the cavalier use of deadly force by the police department that I really just want to punch somebody in the nose myself. For years I was a bouncer at some of the roughest clubs in N.Y., Gaslight and Bogarts when they were the clubhouse for the infamous Pagans Motorcycle Gang, to name a couple. From machetes to baseball bats, to some drunken Latin King pulling his pistol from out of nowhere and capping off a couple of rounds not a foot away from my ear, I have seen it all. I do not recall anyone ever having to be shot or stabbed, and nobody ever was, not on my watch. 

According to the online dictionary Wikipedia American police killed 1,536 people in 2019. In India, a country with four times the population, wracked by desperate poverty, and readily available state of the art firearms from Pakistan and Afghanistan, police killed 1,736. That’s 12.54 people killed by police for every ten million in India. America works out to 46.6 for every ten million, about one more per ten million than Iraq. Clearly there is something very wrong with both the police and their supporters who feel their badge entitles them to go around killing people like they are in a war zone. 

B.L.M. unfortunately for Blacks who bear a disproportionate amount of this assault on human decency, has lost the narrative. They have allowed calculated divisive globalist rhetoric to hijack a platform that could have united every economically downtrodden American, all those who know what its like to fear the police more than criminals. Which should be every sentient American in days where now even just not wearing your mask to appease the ready to stampede herd is enough to get you thrown in prison.

No self-respecting White man is going to sit there and listen to a Black man chanting White privilege at him, just like no self-respecting Black man is going to tolerate being called Nigger by a White man. There is nothing you can say more racially insulting than telling a White man who has worked himself up from poverty, as many have, to a financially tenable situation that he has been privileged. 

In fact the term “White privilege” shows utter contempt for impoverished Whites who when the rust belt is factored in make up a greater percentage of Americas poor than Blacks. These two words make everything B.L.M. says after that of no consequence to any serious discussion of a new America for Americans… 

As someone who identifies as White European I have my own White Privilege story. One where I get tagged with a felony and end up spending four months in jail for trying to help Black people.  It takes place in the mid-eighties when I was in my mid-twenties and living in Suffolk County about twenty miles outside N.Y.C. The “block,” at the time, was a notorious hub run by Blacks for wholesale cocaine being funneled into Queens and the Bronx. 

Nietzsche’s most famous maxim is “what does not kill me makes me stronger.” Freebase cocaine did not kill me. It became inevitable that I would give it up. When I did kick the habit I was angry. I had sat in a front row seat and watched sorrow and human misery be distributed in a highly addictive and smokable form. At the time I was naive and blamed the Suffolk County Police Department. I was streetwise enough to know that cocaine could not be sold that cheap, illegally, for a profit. I knew it was coming in at the Chinese restaurant on the south corner of the Block and I thought I knew who was bringing it there.

I contacted Geraldo Rivera through one of my mother’s clients; Dr Frank Fields, who was the Science Editor for WABC, the network Rivera was working for at the time. Having grown up in Babylon, the neighborhood adjacent to the notorious “Block,” Rivera took an immediate interest in the story. After confirming that there was an open air drug market in the middle of suburbia Geraldo set me up with his brother, Craig. In those days they were a team. Craig did all the field work, principally the filming and Geraldo took care of the production and presentation. 

I took Craig into Jonathon and Renee's house where we placed a duffel bag rigged with a camera in a prominent position on the dresser. One of the crackheads became fixated with the duffel bag and started asking questions about it and Craig's abstinence. Craig started stammering an answer that he had to keep an eye on the bag, but I put an end to the whole matter by telling the crackhead that if he was going to smoke and get paranoid he would have to leave. We stayed for hours and when we finally left Craig talked incessantly about all the great footage he had and how none of it would have been possible without me. Craig asked me to go for dinner and drinks, but I declined. I was there to do a job not socialize. 

Craig spent days filming the Block and the Chinese restaurant with a film crew hidden in a van in the parking lot of the Social Services center across the street. He was very excited about the footage he had acquired of the police ignoring blatant transactions as they sat in a squad car next to his camera crew across the street. He had also caught some of the mysterious comings and goings at the Chinese restaurant. The restaurant was frequented by two or three middle aged Black men who seemed incapable of dressing without finishing off their ensemble with some off-white raincoats they had purchased from central casting of the Pink Panther. One of them had a large birthmark on his face that made it impossible for him to go unnoticed. We figured the raincoats had to be from a precinct in the city which had worked a deal out with Suffolk County PD. 

Craig seemed to think we had the story of the year. He said that this would be a one hour special but when the show finally aired it was less than fifteen minutes and used none of the footage I had got them and never even mentioned the Block. I was told that's just the way the TV news business is. The studio made the final decision on what would be aired. The next time I saw Geraldo it was on TV as I watched along with the rest of America and he failed to produce the 'hidden treasure of Al Capone.' He made a fool out of himself and the station which had relentlessly promoted the one hour special before it aired. 

By then I was already charged with second degree assault on a police officer. My life would never be the same again. I remember how much I enjoyed watching Geraldo tarnish his career forever on national TV. At the time I did not know that he had been fired from his job at ABC over his criticism for their refusal to air investigative journalism that was critical of the government. All I knew then was that I needed to get my teeth capped. 

When the show had not aired I had not been disappointed. I picked at least half of my labor up from the Block every morning. I had enjoyed living in Suffolk County and still did some work there even though most of my jobs were in Nassau County. I continued living my life as if nothing had happened because nothing had. I pulled into the Block one day and I was stopped by Suffolk County PD. Two cops about thirty five years old each got out of the squad car and I got out of my International truck. 

The two of them belligerently asked what I was doing there, and one climbed into my truck and started fumbling around. I really had no answer for them. I was there every day frequently mingling in the crowd. It was as if I had showed up for work and was suddenly asked what I was doing there. One of them began poking me with his nightstick. He poked me quite a few times before I decided to disarm him, wrenching the club from his grip, and tossing it away. His partner came around behind me and grabbed me in a chokehold with his nightstick. I grabbed the club and used his grip on it to whirl him over my back at the same time dislodging the stick and taking possession of it, which I dutifully tossed away. 

I was well aware that they could shoot me. All the while more cops and people were arriving. The crowd was becoming openly hostile witnessing the police assault one of the few reliable employers in the area. They had to be forcibly restrained by the arriving cops. Suddenly a guy comes running out of the crowd and starts throwing powder puff punches at me. It was none other than birthmark still wearing his raincoat. 

I brushed him aside and looked around. I thought about letting Mr. Hyde loose but I knew it could only end in my death, so I let them handcuff me. The two cops I had disarmed took me in their squad car and as we pulled out of the parking lot the passenger cop said take the long way and with that turned around and proceeded to knock almost every one of my front teeth out. He struck me viscously as many times as he could and with as much force as he could generate with the nightstick within the cramped quarters of the car. 

Every time he smashed me in the face I would sneer fuck you and spit blood and teeth at him. When we finally did arrive at the station house I figured the commanding officer would want to know how my face got like that but instead I was taken to his office and the door was shut behind us. He mocked me as the beating continued all night hidden from view of the other cops. 

I was bailed out the next day. When the case went in front of the Grand Jury I chose to testify. By now my regular lawyer, Sidney Chase, had been disbarred for accepting stolen merchandise for his services. Chase had sued the Amityville Police for me, and he had sued a lot of other cops during the course of his career. I guess they got tired of him and set him up; at least that’s what I heard. He was steering all his clients to a legal lightweight named Bruce Torino. I believe it was under Bruce's advice that I did not mention Geraldo Rivera at the grand jury hearing. In retrospect Bruce was probably Sidney's brother-in-law. 

The two cops showed up looking only slightly less gay than Don Johnson in Miami Vice. Charlie Bartle, the one that had done most of the clubbing, was even wearing Topsiders with no socks along with some kind of theatrical plastic caste. Many of the people in the grand jury were Black and made it obvious that they did not believe either the cops or the heavy hitter District Attorney who was assigned to prosecute me. They were deadlocked for hours which I was told is very rare at a Grand Jury hearing. But she did finally get the indictment. 

The Reagan administration was perhaps the most corrupt in American history. Gary Webb chronicled the drug dealing in his 1996 expose book; Dark Alliance. The CIA was trading guns for cocaine with the contras in Nicaragua and bringing the coke into America for distribution as crack cocaine in America’s cities. In response to Webb’s book Reagan’s successor Bush senior appointed an Inspector General to the CIA. The newly minted Inspector General Frederick Hitz issued two reports in 1998 containing devastating admissions about the CIA’s knowledge and protection of contras known to be active in the cocaine trade. 

In Volume Two, published on Oct. 8, 1998 Hitz identified more than 50 contras and contra-related entities implicated in the drug trade. He also detailed how the Reagan administration had protected these drug operations and frustrated federal investigations throughout the 1980s. The reports were ignored by the media in favor of by now President Bill Clinton’s sex life. Webb ended up committing suicide by shooting himself twice in the head. 

Me? I had four signed statements from witnesses all of whom were Black and all of whom would be forced by corrupt Suffolk County cops to recant their statements. I would end up pleading guilty to a felony and doing four months in jail rather than face certain conviction from the equally corrupt Suffolk County Court and do seven years in prison.

It had never made sense to me that a police department, even ones as well-heeled as SCPD or NYPD could shut a reporter of Geraldo Rivera’s stature up. At the time he was the biggest thing on television. Only after reading Webb’s book around the turn of the twenty-first century did I realize what exactly had happened to me.

My book is  


Buy it NOW! 


Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021



1 – Goodrich, Beth. “Minneapolis Teamsters Strike of 1934 | Minnesota Digital Library.”  https://mndigital.org/projects/primary-source-sets/minneapolis-teamsters-strike-1934 

2 - Waxman, O. B. (2017, May 18). How the U.S. Got Its Police Force. Time; Time. https://time.com/4779112/police-history-origins/ 

3 – Potter, Dr. Gary. The History of Policing in the United States, Part 1 | Police Studies Online. (2013). Eku.Edu. https://plsonline.eku.edu/insidelook/history-policing-united-states-part-1


  1. We've all got our pain, Jack. Not a platitude, just a fact.
    Personally, I refer to Mr. G. Washington when it comes to political parties, he politely referred to them as problematic.
    Yes, most certainly the republican party is the organization that dictates the platform and the conditions for "conservatism". This has always included a healthy dose of hypocrisy, sticking it to the people, and bait-and-switch games.
    I could provide a long list of examples, and I am prepared to do so if challenged on this point.
    Personally, from experience, I can say that police are indispensable in a society where citizen subjects are almost completely disempowered, which pretty much sums up the condition.
    Religion is a big part of the justification for this subject status. Equally, one can be assured that the higher one goes up the pyramid, the less pretty it becomes. It's comeditragic to attend a ball game where everyone stands to the words home of the brave, land of the free, after being treated like a prisoner upon entry, and made "safe" by police snipers who would coolly snap a cap at the back of your head following one word from the big guy. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't find much society left to destroy in America.

  2. My home town of Milwaukee and Democrat run, put in a strict mask law as the shakedown will follow as fines for even a mask not properly worn are now on the books. What a joke as the police will use this as a revenue generator as taxes are way down from covid. Tend to agree with MK as we are screwed.

  3. The establishment of a paramilitary within the confines of American society makes a complete mockery of the third amendment. Understood in spirit, rather than by hairsplitting via microscopes. The paramilitary, like all paramilitaries, is there as an instrument to force obedience to the changing whims of those sitting higher up on the pyramid.
    Official narratives are quick to point out that the police follow and enforce laws. The response is that the law, like the media, is used by those who control it.
    Since the law is easy enough to change, by those who wield it, and since laws are routinely put into place that violate the guiding law of the land, there is nothing in modern law that is inherently good.
    The current descent of America into a paralyzed state of neotany merely assures that those who control the law have absolutely zero oversight when it comes to their obvious intent to weaponize the law.
    Of course, this feature exposes one of the most important, recurrent issues dogging the U.S. since it began, and that is the opposition between a self directed, self willed people vs. the deceptive and criminal international banking clan featuring their incestuous relationship with organized crime.
    Eduardo Saviano ruined his own life exposing and reporting on the dependency of the modern visible economy to organized crime, and illustrating the corrosive deleterious effects of this dependency.
    The founding fathers made one very large mistake, and that was the unavoidable one of leaving the responsibility of the existence of freedom in the hands of those who had no concept of the significance of what they held. And so they gave it away, and continue to give it away, conceited in their ignorance.
    No one can call the disingenuous leaders of this society on their lies and misapplication. No one can choose to exercise their rights. Those higher up on the pyramid are celebrated for their abusive ignorance, and thus continue to condemn future generations to have to live in a cesspool they are fully aware they are contributing to.
    Those who are busy climbing the pyramid have no time to manifest ideals, they are already browning up their noses currying favor, elevating the unworthy, signaling their willingness to pay whatever cost is demanded to get up to the next floor.
    In a society where the characterless are amongst the first chosen, where the greater neotany celebrates the vapid and the meaningless to degrees so excessive that it is pathological, the suicidal transhumanists are launching their great bid to genetically alter and full the human population.

  4. Cull.
    Cull as in reduce population.
    Cull as in to assume the permission to unleash weapons upon a trusting, unaware populace.
    Cull as in the goal to destroy the condition of being human before they even have the slightest inkling of what it is.
    Cull, not full.
    "Full" is from this device changing my words without permission, an attitude and a behavior all to common in all walks of life today.

  5. MK,

    We do live in the twilight zone as they control the channel as it's a blip on a screen and they can change them at will.

  6. That's why they want people separated because they are easier to control.


  7. They have analyzed you like a lab rat.


  8. Control is definitely a primary goal in the unfolding of this agenda. Few would quickly consent to being genetically engineered without being squeezed. Let's remember that the lever pullers have access to all sorts of resources. I have no doubt that the current lockdown culture was crafted from the advice of high positioned psychological and religious expertise.
    The economic system was already a zombie, existing only through punishing countries such as Greece by forcing them to cover failures they had nothing to do with.
    BLM being hijacked by Jews is an old story. Lets not forget the howls of protest from the media when attempts were made to clarify that the Bolsheviks were almost entirely Jewish, and that even Trotsky admitted they hijacked the genuine revolution.
    A few years ago a study was released by Swiss analysts that concluded less than 150 corporations control the global economy, and of these, all but 1/3 are subsidiaries, junior partners, and/or symbiotic entities that only appear to compete. Thus, those banking families unsurprisingly pull the strings on both the visible and dark sides of the economy.
    From here, it should be rather simple to recognize who funds the science, and who the transhumanists are.
    Well, should it really be such a shock to people that they are going to be deceived about the nature and purpose of the new synth DNA vaccines? Is it honestly such a surprise that a seasonal flu is being hijacked to unleash yet another pogrom? A few years ago the corporate media claimed that transhumanism was abandoned, a forgotten phantasie. However, doctors have consistently reported that altering the human genome has never been off the agenda. When Americans finally recognize that their media is a pernicious excuse for abuse, they just may stop investing their trust therein.
    The truth is that humanity could be using this time to invoke the consciousness that would turn this rite of passage into a step up toward a much more mature cosmos. Humanity could shake off their dependency upon a vicious and circumspect abrahamic ascendancy that truncates human potential, and substitutes moronic phantasie projection, for the strong food of Gnosis.
    There most certainly is daunting challenge ahead, as humanity casts its lot before the very root of existence, to determine if it will survive.

    1. "When does the Jew become a genetic robot, a clone, a golem of Jehovah? Beyond doubt, quite before this “Renewed Alliance”, at the very moment of the appearance on man on Earth. The great risk taken by Jehovah, in order to succeed in this artificial, genetic “creation”, is that he needs of a certain mix with the “animal-man”. And it is precisely here where his experiment may fail – and sometimes it does -, due to the conflict, the internal struggle, between the “genetic machine” and its human portion, which, in the end, could even produce a catastrophic explosion that may destroy Jehovah himself. Moreover, there is the risk of rebellion breaking out in the Jewish world, of human versus robot, clone, golem. And this is known and felt by the great rabbis and by the very same Jehovah. Thus his increasingly urgent need to provoke a world conflict of immense proportion, one that distracts the Jewish mass from its own drama, and feeds Jehovah. At the same time they are destroying the bases of millenary beliefs by revealing their falseness, the rabbis today are creating the new Holocaust Religion, to maintain their inner cohesion and paralyse the goym." - Miguel Serrano's last written words

      As you can see Mike, as per Master Serrano's wishes Jew now fights Jew in the streets, it will get much worse when the KM moves on the Karen's controlling BLM, gonna look like like Josephus phony accounts of Jerusalem but it will be real...

  9. Well Jack,

    I have decided to get mask "religion" as the battle will be over forced vaccination. Any mobbed up Doctors out there willing for a price to put me in the system as vaccinated?

    Always a way around the bullshit. Direct confrontation not always the best.

  10. The creepy mother fuckers flood America with oxi so why not?

  11. Transhumanism, both an ideology and an error, is derived directly from the abrahamic distortion of the Hellenic Cosmos. The Hellenic Cosmos is a complex multidimensional expression of two key observations; Emanation and Duality. Both work as key structures upon which human experience hangs its hat.
    Unable to achieve a necessary degree of comprehension of this crucial interplay, the scholars of the Septuagint reduced the Hellenic Cosmos to a vengeful demiurge with a particular affinity for a group of incestuous barbarians.
    This abrogation of the core human energy has been directly responsible for forcing humanity to accept fatalistic nihilism as it's central measure for qualifying the world into a repeatable and consistent teachable culture.
    In short, the description of life as nothing more than an arena for the venting of man's lower urges, the celebration of this brutal stupidity, and the elevation of it's exercise here is a great weight that chains human potential to the ascendancy of truth defying abrahamism.
    Transhumanism derives from the intolerable conditions that these chains define and actualize. Thus, the escape transhumanism so desperately seeks is merely a breathless, toxic affirmation of abrahamic domination. This even twists the notion of escape into a weird half life, where the once human can look forward to eternity as an expression within the machine.
    Where death is the ultimate oblivion, the terrifying reality, it becomes the obsession to avoid it at all costs.
    There is a difference, dear reader, between the deployment of wisdom to stave off death, and the rejection of human-ness at the paralyzing terror of death.
    The first is noble. The latter is pathetic.
    Humanity has been robbed of it's higher qualities again and again by this abrahamic ascendancy and it's twisted offspring. However, it is only through the higher qualities that humanity has anything to aspire to, any possibility of achieving a wider scope, a finer, higher state.

  12. Jack

    BLM came marching through the next town over and stored up the Hornets nest.

    One of them called in a bomb threat on the local fire station as it's right next to the bike trail they were marching on.

    2 dozen heavily armed Sherriff's showed up and squad patrols all day long. Dousman provided a nice warm welcome with no trouble and someone calls in a bomb threat?

    If you want a quiet paradise Dousman would be a good choice. White privledge? All of us worked our asses off to escape Milwaukee bullshit.

  13. They were on their way to Madison,ground zero for jewish lesbien princesses who lead said Black men by the proverbial nose ring.

    White privledge? Kiss my fucking ass.

  14. Meister Serrano, one of the very who both knew and could present this knowledge with a refreshing honesty.
    It is a relief to find someone other than Jews who can speak of the actual purpose behind the holocaust religion.
    Further, only one well versed in the esoteric can so succinctly explain the spiritual motive behind transhumanism.
    Quite timely, for the morass that is our current condition.

    1. Serrano is next up on my must read list.. thx Mike. Great having you back..

    2. Thanx, I am glad that you find my contribution worthwhile. Unfortunately, I do need to keep after this device with better diligence, as it changed my words...again.
      First sentence should read: Meister Serrano, one of the very few who both knew and could present this knowledge with a refreshing honesty.

  15. Well Jack,

    when is this insufferable parasite going to be dealt with?

    I personally believe that the video on VT about the mask resister being shot was staged as his death is probably real. However, I witnessed a mass shooting where I used to work and let me tell you there is going to be lots of blood when someone gets shot 8 times.

    I am immune to the bullshit and have gotten "mask religion" and just a few minutes ago I saw a guy at the gas station browbeating his little boy over taking his mask down. Seriously wanted to throttle him but that's what they would want as it ain't my family so I don't care how an agglutination treats his kids.

    As you said on Patreon they have their New World Order. I am good at surfing the wave...

  16. "It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy." - Orwell, 1984


  17. From the New England Journal of Medicine.

    " We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic."

    Fake news I guess however, I have the mother of all masks on the way Jack LOfuckingL....

  18. Facts on the fucking mask however, the one I have coming will actually filter out many viruses and other nasties and it was not fucking cheap.

    Ask the guy that paints your car in a paint chamber if he would wear a cheap peace of shit face tampon as can you not see the utter bullshit on the fucking mask?

    VT? 95/5 on truth to bullshit ratio as I just lowered their rating again as a public service.

    And Jim Dean calling for state enforcement of masks wtf?

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwsl-SuOEXc

    Tend to always agree with the Rolling stones....

  20. spirit is

    must warn all as all federal authorities say I am insane

  21. many evangelicals view covid as the end however as he said my spirit will come

    when it hits you

    impossible to overcome

    like the borg

    funny how his spirit works

    look out if she preys for you

  22. True to form, the mask is now becoming the signal that one has surrendered to the demands of the herd. People have now actualized their greatest fear, and that is fear of each other. Those who do not adopt the form of the mask are now the obvious other, that which triggers the hysteria and reactionary aggression.
    The mask is no longer about health, if it ever was. The mask removes the ability to read expression, hides the identity, conceals the worst grimace, and the warmest smiles.
    No rational argument will succeed against the mask culture, since no rationality was present as society adopted it's use. It is a statement about the nature of people that the mask was so easily, and so universally adopted.
    What is strange, is that condition whereby the fracturing of society demands a response towards cohesion, and from this response comes a most visible signal that yes indeed, everyone is in the group; the signal of the mask.
    The mask makes all fear a norm. The mask removes the requirement to evaluate the circumstances and accept the risks, which is the basis for decision making. The mask says that people are comfortable with others they never met making life changing choices for them. The mask is the symbol and the signal that one walks in step with the protocols of a society so broken that it's best efforts have to come out of sheer terror.
    However, those who do not adopt the herd mentality are a threat to the hegemony of the mask. They refuse to join the irrationality, and thus are a statement against it. This is forcing an examination of the mask culture, which threatens it's supremacy. Reason, evidence, and sober evaluation destroy the group madness demanding conformity above all else.
    In times of hysteria, the rational man has no place.

    1. if you do not see the FNORD, it can not eat you

      also, check out this *freedom enchantment*


  23. To return to the subject of human initiation, and these Rods of Power. At the time of the Initiation ceremony, after the two great revelations there comes a moment of utter silence, and in the interim the initiate realizes within himself the meaning of "Peace." He stands, as it were, in a void, or in a vacuum, wherein naught seemingly can reach him; he stands betwixt earth and heaven for a brief second, conscious of naught but the meaning of things as they are, realizing his own essential divinity, and the part which he must play when he again returns to earth service from the Council Chamber of Heaven. He is conscious of no anxiety, fear, or doubt. He has contacted the divine "Presence," and has seen the vision. He knows what he has to do and how he must do it, and peace and joy unutterable fill his heart. This is an interlude of stillness before a period of renewed activity, which begins at the moment that the Rod is applied. Whilst he has been thus withdrawn within himself, with all his forces centered in his heart, the attendant Lodge of
    Masters have been performing certain ceremonies and chanting certain words, preparatory to the appearance of the Initiator upon the throne, and the wielding [133] of the Rod. The Hierophant has hitherto been present, but the work has been handled by the Lodge and the Sponsors. He now ascends to the place of power, and the Rod is brought to him by its legitimate custodians.
    It is not possible here to publish the details of the next stage, beyond using the description as embodied in the words "fire descends from heaven." Through the utterance of certain words and phrases, which are one of the secrets of initiation, and which vary with each initiation, the electrical force to be employed descends upon the Rod, passing through the heart and the hand of the Initiator to the Three who stand in triangular relation to the throne of office. They receive it in turn, and circulate it by act of will through their hearts, thus passing it to the Sponsors. They again, by an act of will, prepare to transmit it to that center in the body of the Initiate which is (according to the initiation) to receive stimulation. Then succeeds an interesting interlude, wherein theunited wills of the Hierarchy are blended in order to transmit that force which the Rod has put into circulation. The Hierophant utters the word, and the force is literally thrown into the initiate's bodies and centers, passing down through the centers on the mental plane, via the astral centers, to the centers on etheric levels, which finally absorb it. This is the stupendous moment for the initiate, and brings to him a realization of the literal absolute truth of the phrase that "God is a consuming fire." He knows past all gainsaying that fiery
    energy and electric force constitute the sumtotal of all that is. He is literally bathed in the fires of purification; he sees fire on all sides, pouring out through the Rod, circulating around the Triangle, and passing through the bodies of the two sponsoring adepts. For a
    brief second, the entire Lodge of Masters and initiates, standing in their ceremonial places without the Triangle, are hidden from view by a wall of [134] pure fire. The initiate sees no one, save the Hierophant, and is aware of nothing but a fiery blaze of pure, blue-white flame, which burns, but destroys not, which intensifies the activity of every atom in his
    body without disintegrating, and which purifies his entire nature. The fire tries his work, of what sort it is, and he passes through the Flame.

    1. The effect is fourfold and lasting, but varies according to the initiation taken. The action of the Rod is most carefully and scientifically regulated, and at each succeeding initiation the
      voltage is increased, and the activity of the resulting fire and its heat intensified. By the application of the Rod the initiate finds:
      1. That the activity of each individual atom in the various bodies is increased, resulting in a greater degree of nervous energy and an elasticity and resistance which will serve him in good stead in the strenuous life of service ahead.
      2. That matter of an undesirable type in his bodies is shaken loose, and the atomic wall somewhat destroyed, making the atoms radioactive - if it might be so expressed - and therefore more easily eliminated.
      3. The fires of the body are stimulated, and the total energy of the threefold lower man is coordinated, so that there is less waste of energy and a greater coherence and uniformity in action.
      4. The aligning of the various bodies in connection with the causal, or egoic body is aided, and thus continuity of consciousness, and receptivity to the behests of the Ego, become possible. [135]
      The initiate will find, when he returns from the ceremony, and takes up his work in the world, that the stimulation received will bring about in his bodies a period of great activity, and also of strife. This strife, persisted in to the point of victory, will result in his taking
      out of his body undesirable matter, and building in new and better material; he will find that his powers for service are enormously increased, and his nervous energy intensified, so that he can draw upon reserves of force in service hitherto unsuspected. He will find,
      also, that the response of the physical brain to the voice of the higher Self, and its receptivity to the higher and subtler impressions, is greatly furthered. Eventually, through the work accomplished, he will succeed in eliminating all matter of a subatomic character,
      and will then build bodies of substance of the highest subplane on each plane; he will become aware that all his energies can be consciously and constructively controlled, that he knows the real meaning of continuity of consciousness, and can function simultaneously on the three planes with full inner realization.
      It is only possible to touch very briefly upon the effect of the application of the Rod to the causal body of the initiate. The subject is immense, and will be more fully dealt with in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. There are just two ways in which some idea of the fundamental
      truth will be conveyed to the mind of the student, which we might now consider.
      First, the student should bear in mind the interesting significance of the fact that he, on the physical plane, is a functioning personality, with known and realized characteristics, and yet withal, that he is a subjective Life, who [136] uses that personality as a medium
      of expression, and who - through the agency of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies which comprise the threefold lower man - makes his contacts with the physical plane and thus develops. The same general idea of development must be now extended to the higher Self, the Ego on its own plane. This Ego is a great solar angel, who is the
      medium of expression for the Monad or pure spirit, just as is the personality for the Ego on the lower level. From the point of view of man in the three worlds, this Ego, or Solar Lord, is eternal; he persists throughout the entire cycle of incarnations, just as the
      personality persists during the tiny physical life cycle. Nevertheless, this period of existence is only relatively permanent, and the day dawns when the life which expresses itself through the medium of the Ego, the Thinker, the Solar Lord or Manasadeva, seeks to
      loose itself from even this limitation, and to return to the source from which it originally emanated. The life then, which manifested as a solar angel, and which,

    2. The life then, which manifested as a solar angel, and which, through inherent energy, held together through long ages the form egoic, withdraws itself gradually, and the form slowly dissipates; the lesser lives of which it has been constituted, return to the general fount of
      deva substance, plus the increased consciousness and activity which is theirs through the experience of being built into a form and utilized by a still higher aspect of existence.
      Similarly, in the case of the personality, when the life egoic withdraws, the threefold lower self dissipates; the little lives which form the body of what has been called the lunar self
      (in contradistinction to the solar self, being but its reflection) are absorbed into the general reservoir of deva substance of a lower vibration to that which composed the body
      egoic. Similarly, also, their evolution has been furthered through [137] having been built into a form for the use of the higher Self.
      Through the application of the Rod of Initiation, the work of separating the spiritual self from the higher self is furthered, and the imprisoned life gradually escapes, whilst the causal body is slowly absorbed or dissipated. This has led to the expression, sometimes used in occult books, of "the cracking of the causal body" at each initiation, and to the idea of the inner central fire gradually breaking through and destroying the confining walls, and also of the destruction of the Temple of Solomon through the withdrawal of the Shekinah. All these phrases are symbolic wordings, and are attempts to convey to the mind of man fundamental truth from different angles.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Stan Stan the COVID man. Dam I've went and deleted my comment by accident, serves me right for not cut and pasting from Microsoft. Jimmy Carole, Americas greatest street poet once complained that "all the numbers refuse to zero," so we fixed it for him. My cousin the Sage of Quay has been calling this an initiation for over a month and zeroing the numbers, but it was Kevin Barrett over at Veterans Today that really impressed us. He republished a piece by Art Oliver:
      “The 11 minutes on 38th Street is an important part of the ritual. In the center of the United Grand Lodge of England is a black and white floor with 418 squares, 11 on one side and 38 on the other. The address for the Minnesota Prince Hall lodge is 310 E. 38th Street. Zeros mean nothing in gematria. 31 is the 11th prime number. 11×38=418.
      Aleister Crowley said “the key of the rituals” is “Abrahadabra” which equals 418 in Hebrew Gematria. Crowley said that ‘Liber 418’ was his second most important book after ‘The Book of the Law.’ The 11 (3+8) minute ritual on 38th Street gives us 418.
      The 11 letters of Abrahadabra represents the uniting of the macrocosm with the microcosm represented by the hexagram and the pentagram, the 6 and the 5. Abrahadabra has 6 consonants and 5 A’s. George Floyd has the 6 and the 5 in his name, as does Donald Trump and Corona Virus.”
      Give that man a Cuppie Doll!!!

    5. This information and more related to it, still is the only source I have ever found that explains what happened to me. There was no pomp and circumstance as it is detailed here. It was like, " Stanley, step over here, now look up." The whole event lasted about 33 seconds, the after effect has lasted now over 43 years.
      When it was finished, I did have that sense that I was not alone, and "others" were there.

    6. In this article, I do not know who this "she" person is, it doesn't say.
      Jack, if you have any questions about this, or several other kind of intelligent questions, concerning anything about Billy Meier or Plejarens, what would they be?

  24. Ventilator Blues rolling stones

    "When your spine is cracking and your hands, they shake
    Heart is bursting and you butt's going to break
    Your woman's cussing, you can hear her scream
    Feel like murder in the first degree

    Ain't nobody slowing down no way
    Everybody’s stepping on their accelerator
    Don't matter where you are
    Everybody’s going to need a ventilator

    When you're trapped and circled with no second chances
    Your code of living is your gun in hand
    We can't be browed by beating, we can't be cowed by words
    Messed by cheating, isn’t going to ever learn

    Everybody walking around
    Everybody trying to step on their Creator
    Don't matter where you are, everybody, everybody going to
    Need some kind of ventilator, some kind of ventilator

    What you going to do about it, what you going to do?
    What you going to do about it, what you going to do?
    Going to fight it, going to fight it?"

    My kinda people

  25. https://www.wilx.com/2020/07/19/ky-couple-put-on-house-arrest-after-not-signing-covid-19-self-isolation-order/

    I hate trump. All here know how I feel about him but a medical police state? I disagree with Mr. Duff on these issues however, pay the most respect to him. Look what they did to that young couple. More is on the way as the mask as I told you would bring in the harsh police action. BLM is correct as the police need to go. Sheriffs? What's the difference Jack?

  26. The issue with that young couple was not staying home but not signing the papers about medical care. The Issue? They would have to get permission to go to the hospital if sick. As always, the devil is in the details...

  27. The issue? you will obey.

    I think I will not comply with respect.

  28. Didn't cumo the homo put covid patients in nursing homes that infected and killed the elderly? How convenient LOL...

    A young couple with a child having to ask permission to get medical care from the "health dictator" ?

  29. There is nothing about the Covid issue that holds together upon examination. Government officials explain that the two primary tests used have very different applications, and then they conflate the tests, which is misusing the data.
    It is impossible to arrive at an accurate figure for Covid deaths, since any death w/registered positive for Covid results has been listed as a Covid death, even if the virus was not the cause of that death.
    The number of Covid cases is spurious, since every positive for the two misused tests is counted as a case, even if such results derive from the same person tested multiple times.
    Even if one tests positive for Covid, this doesn't mean that person has, or is a carrier of the Covid everyone is in fear of. Covid is a family of viruses, and the one in question hasn't even been isolated.
    The so called vaccine that is being rushed into existence involves blasting nonhuman DNA into human cells with electric shocks. This method is championed by Bill Gates, the misanthrope who claims to care so much about humanity. Exactly how an opportunist known for preventing any advance in the realm of computers is now at the forefront of championing untested DNA vaccines might give some people pause, make others wonder, and spark at least a semblance of curiosity...but not here in America. In America, it doesn't matter that a few years back Gates gushed about vaccines being the key to population control, Americans can find nothing to notice here.
    If the media scare tactics, the government tyranny, and the business world-holding indemnity up high-have nothing but the best of intentions, one must ask, why all the lies, why the tactics of lockdown, why the economic destruction, why orchestrate falsehoods to present a dire picture?
    However, hardly anyone asks any questions. In America, land of the brave, home of the free, the next generation of tyranny is being cooked up, because police snipers at ball games, invasive TSA searches, the de facto repeal of the bill of rights, government gun running to the Cartels, and human trafficking are just the beginning.
    I wish to personally thank all the abrahamics for setting the groundwork, and maintaining the conditions that enabled all these incredible advancements to take place. What a great job! Hat's off to you.

    1. Bill Gates is a human devil Mike but he and those behind him have their reasons as we covered in the Tookie Memorial post part II, which I was asked to rerelease for a reason...

    2. Well Jack, I hate to agree with an observation related to me a couple years ago, but it is solid. This came from an East European who explained that very little of any consequence was translated into English because of the impossible mind set of the English speaking world.
      This lack of cognitive fluency is something that you and Orage have confronted since stepping into vt years ago.
      Honestly, I sometimes sit back and wonder.
      Well, they're not going to let this one settle down. It's for all the marbles, and besides, she won't let em. Not this time.
      This civilization has but one unanswered question in terms of it's destiny, and that is who or what will discover it's ruins in the future.

  30. MK,

    Lets take a look at the cycling industry as they are now telling people to mask up at all times as I am still an elite athlete even though in my mid 60's as I assure you I can not breath properly during a training session with a mask on. Cyclists? A bunch of go along high income asshats. The men are mostly cowardly faggots and the women are fucking butt ugly.

    I sold all of my high end road bike stuff in 2015 because I simply could not stand road cyclist culture however, that nasty culture has moved into the discipline of gravel racing as I am done with that now to.

    Gravel racing culture has been totally taken over by lesbians and faggots pushing real men out of the sport. These lesbians are the ones whom are the editors of the cycling publications. Now? The fucking mask!

    I told my pals that I am buying a motorcycle as I am saving my pennies. The motorcycle bar in my town? Full of rebels without masks or social distancing and the women are fashionable and attractive to boot.

    Cycling women? Ugly fucking man hating lesbos....

  31. She told me that Mao was furious because he knew through intelligence that the powerful USA were planning an insane war to conquer the world, and that they wanted to drop no less than 12,000 atomic bombs in the , destroying the world and razing everything to the ground. The whole thing was to happen in Europe, the Soviet Union and in China, whereby millions of the entire civilian population was to be exterminated. For this purpose, many US atomic bombers were already on the move worldwide for a long time, day and night, without interruption, which could have struck at any time and plunged the earth’s surface into a lunar landscape and into nuclear contamination


    1. Stan, please keep in mind that communism is a Jewish utopianism, and as such it always had it's eyes on world domination. Currently, it is highly unfashionable and even dangerous to do anything but lavish praise upon Jews, so even the most obvious aspects of this abrahamic supremacy are censored.

  32. 12,000 atomic bombs in the cold war,

  33. cycling has become overrun with faggots and lesbians like in this article. They are led around by queers just like BLM as I have zero tolerance for the bunch of them. I have a small back pack with a trucker tire thumper in it just in case one of these skinny faggots has a problem with me riding without the fucking mask. LOL...


  34. https://theradavist.com/2019/07/salsa-terminates-jay-petervarys-contract/

    This top shelf Gravel racing rider got his sponsorship terminated by a bunch of lesbians on the Radavast a gravel cycling publication. I believe the editor is a faggot.

    You can read the links about the non controversy stirred up by a lesbian and as a white straight male you are the target. Jay is a straight up guy and a man's man as I know him personally and road in some really tough gravel events with him. Gravel now? full of weak willed men and controlled by lesbians.

    Fuck em...

    1. Few understand that Bolshevism, most accurately judeo-bolshevism, had it own philosophy, a philosophy they referred to as the "new man".
      This is significant because the principles behind the creation of the new man were ultimately destructive. Judeo-Bolshevik philosophers posited that the new man, the cog in the communist state, could only be arrived at once all intellectual, familial, ethnic, and cultural identities were destroyed. It was for this reason that Judeo-Bolshevik goals involved extensive mass murder campaigns, especially focused on those groups that held, or were perceived to maintain these identities. All communist revolutions that followed introduced their regimes with mass murder of targeted groups because of this philosophy.
      America, the land where every pertinent question goes unasked, has been under communist attack since the days of the Frankfort School. Gender, and gender identity, including family ties and roles were especially targeted by Judeo-Bolshevik philosophers, and the primary method to achieve this destruction was the promotion and enshrining of all forms of homosexuality.
      It is no coincidence that the attack on the American family began at the university level, as did all efforts to turn homosexuality into a human rights issue.
      All significant political movements in America since the 1950s derive directly from this Judeo-Bolshevik philosophy, and this includes the horribly misnamed neocons.
      The destructive nature of a homosexual supremacy was well understood, and this is the reason it was a centerpiece of that philosophy. Unfortunately for America, there are very few who recognize this, fewer who are willing to recognize this, and even fewer still able and willing to do anything to dethrone it.


    2. oh but Mike you are losing your sense of humor again, this morning I watched an obvious transvestite, on Southeastern news, break down why California's extremist efforts to control COVID have resulted in the highest surge statistics in the country, a surreal circus that was funnier than Monty Python. Enjoy...

  35. Jack, my neighbor just told me how covid is way over blown and she would know as she is an ER nurse at the local hospital and she told us the mask is a total joke.

    She also said that there will be a revolt over a mandatory vaccine as her and her friends will not get it.

    Guns will come out!

  36. Walmart in Mukwonago Wisconsin today had two Mukwanago police running security for Walmart as the shit stain clerk told everyone to put the mask on. My rebel friend complied but pulled it down from her nose and almost uncovered her mouth and walked past the cops as they did nothing however, she reported that she got the stink eye from a bunch of people in Walmart.

    This is not about health but about compliance. You will obey well my rebel friend did just that.

    Walmart should pay for its own armed guards and not use our local police paid for by the tax payer. Out here? The guns are ready to come out against the police over that fucking mask Jack.

    Me? Get out the pop corn and crack open a beer as the show is gonna get good.

  37. If I were a local police officer I would be terrified of what is coming as Black lives matter are a fucking joke compared to whitey is where I live if you stir up the hornets nest as it appears they plan on doing.

    The cops all live in the local communities as how will there lives be if they kill a couple of tRumptards as VT refers to them? They are few and we are many.

    Trump will be reelected in a land slide.

  38. The women where I live have way more courage than any VT keyboard warrior as that is for fucking sure. If the women will fight what do you think will happen when the men come aboard?

    You are going to need federal troops where I live.

  39. Just went past the Knuckelheads our towns local motorcycle bar and it was full of Bikers without the fucking mask and not social distancing. LOL...Good luck VT with the mask bs. Me? Retired on a federal pension and simply enjoying the fucking show. LOL>...

  40. The sign on my lawn Jack will not be defund the police but fuck the police.

    The hornets nest is being stirred.

  41. So, what do you think is going to happen in Mukwonago Wisconsin when the cops body slam a little 100 lb woman for failure to wear the fucking mask Jack? Inquiring minds would just love to know.

    My neighbor is a Waukesha county Sheriff and I would put a sign on my front lawn that says "fuck the police". I like my neighbor as he is a nice guy but its coming the body slamming of a little woman over the fucking mask.

    The war has come home.

    1. The sheriffs who are elected officials will not comply with these orders if they want to keep their jobs nine. I saw that in Richmond when Northam attempted to initiate the long planed globalist gun grab. It was the sheriffs who stood up and said "not in my county!" The right wing as always is working against themselves when praise the police, it is the police that are going to bust their heads open for not wearing their masks or for that matter not complying in any way, shape or form with the whims of petty dictators like New York's own Andrew Cuomo. We've spelled it out for them here, but they seem again as always to be impervious to facts. Perhaps "the police are our friends," line will be more difficult for Sean Hannity and company to sell when they start sodomizing White Americans with their nightsticks like they do here in NYC to Black drug dealers who are tardy with their police payoffs. You know I also ran in the same circles as Larry Davis (Google it), do we have to write about that too, or how about what I seen when I worked for the Italians? We can write about that too, but why would we fucking bother, after all Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage know so much more about the police than I do... Like you said nine we're just gonna watch the show, this is our last word on law enforcement, take it for what its worth.

  42. The funny thing about how this all works, is that it doesn't. A descent this steep cannot find its energetic complement within time. It has always been the business of man to turn life into absurd roller coaster rides, but this one directly employs the global control systems that no one considers to be control systems. According to popular opinion, the global control systems have been put into place by altruistic geniuses purely for the benefit of a people who derive their entire world view from them. No one believes Gates is a misanthrope, because their tv doesn't tell them to believe that.
    I know a woman who refused to take a tenant, not because they couldn't meet the rent, but because they refused to wear a mask.
    So you see, Jack, I still have some sense of humour remaining.

  43. Creepy Joe said he will mandate masks at the Federal level as DHS will be coming to a home near you to make sure you comply with the face diaper mandate.

    They will be shot where I live Jack.

    Refer to them as homoland security only good at beating the women and elderly as remember how we get treated at the airport?

    1. https://www.facebook.com/cody.edwards2/videos/10157028474006790/?t=0

  44. Hardy hardy hardy Jack

  45. Man, social media in my little town is on fire over the mask and how every single thing they tell us about covid is a lie. Mind you, its Trumplandia, however, the lies about the mask are what everybody that thinks knows that its BS.

    Remember this Jack, at that agency I worked at the Management all got Cipro to prevent Anthrax poisoning as the workers? To bad so sad as they let us get sick and die and then they covered up those that got sick with the totally nasty workers comp system called OWCP. So, that same lying government is telling me a cheap face tampon will save me?

    Fuck off....

  46. I went to a recruitment meeting by homeland security back in 2003 as the woman giving the presentation was a 350 lb black woman who could barely speak English. They wanted talent from the other Federal agencies as one could transfer retaining seniority and pensions etc.

    We had visions of grandeur on how with this new agency we could get in on the ground floor and after I saw that steller woman that was it for me as this is the public face of this Agency? LofockingL

    They might have a few thousand really tough hard core agents for all of America but the rest are a joke even though they have 200000 employees. Most of them are little Joe Bidens at your local Airport.

  47. Many conspiracy folks think that Homeland is this super fit well trained army but most of them are little prick bureaucrats that will piss their pants in a street fight that is coming to this country.

  48. I suggest that Homeland security be deployed to Virginia as those boys will cut the roads, and power, and water and will hit them gorilla style and fade back to their communities where they will get 100% support from their friends and families.

    Always remember jack that Evangelical family and social networks are strong and we hate the government. We view them as usurpers of our local Churches. Why the Government shut them down didn't they?

    No, homeland will go and beat up on the old and elderly and little 100lb women that won't don the fucking mask.

  49. The amazing thing about the English-speaking world is the universal assumption that everything happens within one level of awareness, one arena of experience, of consciousness. This is such a complete and ubiquitous assumption that there isn't even a word to describe it. The closest we can get is to refer to this as the waking state.
    The waking state is contrasted with sleeping/dreaming to give it a defined character, which is rather funny, since sleeping/dreaming isn't given any credence as a state of being or consciousness.
    This incredibly narrow perspective is irreducible, as the next step is to simply deny consciousness exists at all. This denial has quite a bit of traction in today's materialist reductionism, mostly centering around the problem of attempting to measure, evaluate, and delineate a set of values that represent this awareness.
    However, the problem is not solved by reducing this function to neurological dances, because if this feature, this function were simply a result of ostensibly physical actions, then those actions would have to occupy specific areas and activities within one's neurological system. The fact that they don't dooms materialist reductionism to the level of a rather uninteresting belief system.
    Of course, once one allows for consciousness, for awareness, then it's Katy bar the door, because all manner of subtle states and energies suddenly populate a not so barren cosmos.
    Suddenly, we have a science of subtle subjective objectivity to make any sense of this, where an individual facility must be realized in order to access and interact with this bigger picture of existence.
    Recognition then that one has descended from an ultimate principle, brings with it both a moral and intensely human experience. The transcendence of the human condition via embracing it in completion. Should humanity remember itself through this act of discovery, the recovery of the true ethereal nature of the European will become evident, and humanity will have traversed a great circle.

  50. https://theradavist.com/2020/07/pandemic-escape-vehicle-jareds-all-city-big-block-fixed-gear/

    GOT BANNED by the faggy editor because I called the cycling industry a bunch of faggy gangsters! LOL

    My username is KK.

  51. See Jack, will be heading to Madison to ride the trails without the mask as expect a fight over it, bring it skinny faggot!

  52. French cathedral gouging smoke and flame
    The abrahamics child
    It's head does raise,
    To kill the Father and take its place
    Dark days

    1. Hiya Mike, Thomas Sheridan made a statement that these fires are an inside job. The R.C.C. is declaring that they are finished.

    2. Stan, we are indeed witnessing the ultimate inside job, the one where the hybrid creates offspring.

    3. 215th Contact, Saturday, February 28, 1987, 2.09
      After the turn of the millennium, the papacy will exist only a short period. Pope John Paul II is the third from last in this position. After him, only one additional pontificate will follow. Then a Pontifex Maximus follows who will be known as Petrus Romanus. Under his religious rule, the end of the Catholic Church will come, a total collapse becoming inevitable. That will be the beginning of the worst catastrophe that will ever have befallen the human beings and the Earth. Many Catholic clerics, priests, bishops, cardinals and many others will be killed and their blood will flow in streams. But also the reformed version of Christianity will become just as infinitely small, as does Catholicism.

    4. Mary of Fatima
      The Sun from the sky
      Danced and dried those wet with rain.
      Three prophecies,
      Three children.
      Consecrate Russia
      Or pay the price.

  53. Propaganda?

    The poppa gander marries the mamma gander and they have a bunch of goslings.

    Curly from the three stooges

    1. Edward Bernays in his grave..." yes!"

  54. It is practically impossible for a populace whose actions are dictated by "education", by the "media", by "religion" to identify necessary changes in their world.
    If anyone believes that this condition is somehow organic, naturally arising, or a result of biology...well, you have my sympathy.
    The last genuine movement from the proverbial grass roots was the labor movement, and if you don't think it was real, if you don't think it was a threat to the controllers, then you need to discover why there is a plaque commemorating Ludlow Colorado.
    Today we post here via Google, an avowed social engineering multinational cog in modern corporate governance. If you don't think they have more rights, more privileges, more access, and more temporal power than you, then once again, you have my sympathy.
    Covid was engineered, and it's release was gamed thoroughly at the eve of it's release. BLM is a top down agent weaponizing guilt and compassion to distract from the blatantly obvious engineering of the Covid phantasie.
    The police regularly murdered citizens who sought to end child labor. They murdered those who sought safe working conditions. They protected the owners who murdered the workers for profit, who, like the Pullman company, reinvented slavery for their own fun and profit.
    Americans don't want to know their true history. Americans worship at the altars of a religion that got there through inventing the death camp. Americans today are less free, with less courage, less self direction, and less power than at any previous time in their short history.
    If you choose to believe something besides these truths...well, you have my sympathy.

  55. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/07/24/intel-drop-july-24-2020-trump-secretly-cancels-election/

    All for it burning to the ground Jack as America deserves what it gets.

  56. You would think hundreds of people would walk in to walmart and refuse to wear a mask and say I will not comply as the mask is the symbol of the tyrany to come as Americans are largely cowards afraid of their shadows and all of the guns they own are useless as they deserve what is coming.

  57. Great article, Jack & brilliant commentary, Mike. You two gentlemen set the bench. I've posted on how in the courtrooms across Soviet America the freemasonic swine in black dresses have ruled again and again that the cops have no legal obligation to protect citizens. The assholes stop short of delineating what they are really for, to protect the ruling class oligarchs and their ill gotten wealth while corralling the masses. Even if the boys in blue who serve the Jew were there for us, their role is more akin to garbagemen. The man is assaulted, maybe killed, the woman raped, the house robbed etc. etc. The damage is done, they just come to clean up the mess after the fact. If we truly had 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear (carry) arms, we wouldn't need cops as protectors anyway. We have no rights and have never had them. What we have at best are privileges subject to judicial whim and caprice and I don't have to tell you how that goes. The gun, when one has the skill and will to use it, levels the playing field between a 90 pound female and a 250 pound gang banger. As for "Stupid-19", no empirical or objective proof of its alleged existence has ever come forth. There has been a standing 1.2 million dollar reward for anyone who can do this and thus far no takers. Going deeper down the rabbit hole, the entire field of virology is based on fraud. Check out the work and research of former top notch virologist Stefan Lanka among many others. An excellent book on topic is, "The Policeman is Your Friend and Other Lies" by Ned Beaumont, a former cop.

    1. excellent comment Heretic you should have made it on Substack where over a thousand people will read it, this post is dead. I just linked to it so the idiots understand it was written in 2020, another piece obviously quite prophetic. I wonder how the law-and-order TRumptards feel now that they've had what little rights, they did have taken away from them at the hands of their beloved police...


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