Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Guest Post: A Perfection of Error by Mike Kay


A Perfection of Error by Mike Kay

I was dying. The blazing fire throughout my system was winning. It was taking me away.

I looked out at the incredible blue sky, filled with bolts of light. I looked down, to behold a scene that called up all my inner rebellion. I tried, as if I was simply imagining things, to make this reality change. I struggled to move into a better space, but it was to no avail. I could do nothing. I could alter nothing. I was swept along, helpless and hopeless in an irresistible current, and as I ceased my struggle, I moved my attention to observe the drama unfolding before me.

The blasted city sprawled out under the intense sky, crazy angles, amid impossible streets. Everywhere were the bolts of light, red and blue, held as weapons by armies of armored warriors, thrown with impossible speed and strength, to arc across the sky. The warriors were all identical in their silver grey armor, human forms, all identical save for the colour of the light they brandished.

They fought in a huge running battle, as I moved with them, too fast to catch a breath, leaping over piles of rubble, great ruins of a once prosperous culture, flowing with the combat at incredible speed. None spoke, nor even acknowledged my presence. It was a mad dash for death. Then, as suddenly as it began, I was left behind in the echoes. The battle moved onward, and I was left alone, until the vision returned me to my broken hospital bed.

This vision, for that is what it was, described the coming times. Those times are now.

The first, essential ancient step to the manifestation of this visible cosmos arrives into existence as a duality. Everything in the visible world takes on the perspective of subject and object, and this is the split into complements; Day and Night, Light and Dark, Smooth and Rough, the pairs of complements both inform and describe each other, giving a path to primordial unity. Thus the Red and Blue light wielded by the warriors, waking up the sky and filling the blasted city, are the one complementary power fundamental to all creation, all of life itself. For the sake of understanding, we can imagine this primordial duality in terms provided by Franz Bardon; the Magnetic and the Electric.

We will understand them as separate forces, yet in truth, they are intrinsic to one another. The humans battled in the vision, reducing these forces to mere weapons. Yet neither the Red nor the Blue light is truly a weapon. This conundrum will be resolved further on as we explore this condition. In the dim past, this battle, though not the weapons, was memorialized in the vast war between the Aesir and the Vanir. This first war, is the war we continue to have to fight, because the ancient split of first complements has laid bare unholy possibilities unlocked and deployed by those who truly believe they are now playing for total conquest, total control, upon the earthly plane. This exploitation has left us all fighting amidst the devastation this technology has wrought.

Humanity has now officially gone mad. We have nuclear fission on the level of the essential building blocks of life.

The weaponization of living systems is at the core of the messenger RNA technology currently used in the COVID injections. Just as the weather is weaponized, so too does the RNA derived from aborted babies and hapless animals, conveniently referred to as “Synthetic mRNA”, repurpose cells once it is injected into the host. Synthetic mRNA repurposes the cells it attacks to produce a virulent toxin, whose effect is indistinguishable from the alleged disease it is ostensibly designed to defeat.

The host body is thus repurposed into a weapon against itself. The host immune system mobilizes against the toxin producing cells, in a biological rendition of a civil war. This is a completely unique attack, one similar to, yet critically different from the understanding of a typical viral attack. It is said that virus are naturally taken in by cells, where they force the cells to produce more virus, to spread the infection. Yet the mRNA technology is actually designed to destroy the natural defenses of the cell, and hijack the biological pattern of that cell to transform it into an enemy of the very body it once supported.

The siege machine for the mRNA attack is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has become very popular of late, amongst various secretive corporations. The salient feature of nanotech for our purposes here is its’ behavior in fluids. It organizes itself in chains, and once so organized is capable of responding to various types of waves, be they millimeter waves, or something larger. Nanotech can also carry signals, which is one reason that a side effect of mRNA injection includes neurological damage. Nanotech does not have a benign side. In order to operate it deploys in highly toxic serums such as grapheme oxide, which itself is highly responsive to sound waves.

Two completely unrelated investigations into the blood of mRNA recipients have documented advanced cases of chaining of particles, in some cases forming tentacle like appendages in the blood. These chains have been observed moving, which is consistent with the behavior of nanotech. They have also been described as responsive, localized, and aware. Some more sensitive recipients of the mRNA injections have reported that the action killed god, and others described the results as being overwhelmed by an alien intelligence. An observable drop in cognitive function is also a common side effect of injection, where simple tasks of memory and focus become challenging.

Mystics have long found blood to be far more than a nutrient carrying fluid. Rudolf Steiner described blood as the seat of the ego, the very substance of incarnated identity. Blood is the awareness of the embodied self, carrying the inheritance from one’s ancestors. Blood holds the mystical bond to a species long history of struggles, successes, and connections that define the very characteristics of that organism. Thus the attack on the blood is of far wider significance than simple material function. It is nothing less than ground zero for the prime goal of the transhumanist agenda, the melding of man and machine.

This point, which transhumanists fervently believe is inevitable, has its own pseudo-religious name, the Singularity. Officially, this is branded as a great moment for humanity. Promises for how wonderful this event is supposed to be, range from the elimination of disease, to new capabilities of the brain. Less known, is their aim to relegate this technology to a small club of ruling cyborgs. For the remnant of what once was humanity, we have the Huxley-esque joy of slaving for the cyborgs, as genetically modified distortions of what people once were. Genetic modification is a central aspect to the mRNA technology, and we will visit this in more detail further on.

It should be noted that free will, consent, or even knowledge of this agenda is optional for those who advance it. No scientist ever questions whether or not animal experimentation is ethical, because science regularly kills animals in hideous ways to attempt to bring new products on board for their corporate masters. There is no effort to address the spirit of those animals thus sacrificed, because science finds such things trivial. In such a climate, it should not come as a surprise to discover that mRNA technology is widely deployed with the intent to alter its once human hosts, and to advance an agenda of control with the ultimate purpose of slavery as the end game.

Scientific research has greatly advanced their override of animal behavior with various synthetic brain interfaces. The ability to neutralize and replace the natural behavior of animals is, unsurprisingly, almost always cast in a medical light. According to researchers, such new technology offers a great hope for medical breakthroughs, apparently, just like mRNA “vaccines”.

The fact that research focusing on defeating cellular defenses, and bulldozing animal behavior exists, should, at the very least, offer a very crisp mirror for modern humanity to look into deeply and honestly. Humanity, via the weaponization of the primordial duality, has maniacally focused upon the lust for power, a lust which reveals itself in yet another deeply dysfunctional endeavor, genetic engineering.

Genetic engineering, as a field of application, features three salient operations; primarily, the assumption of the arrogance necessary to distort life forms. Secondarily, the hubris necessary to patent life forms. And tertiary, the arbitrary sanction to alter life forms. If we bother to reflect upon these endeavors, what we find is an invasive and destructive activity that only pretends to offer any benefit to wider humanity, and planet. The real purposes, which are dealt with surreptitiously, are far more nefarious. To this, we have every right to ask, what benefit, real and actionable, has science brought to humanity in the last half century?

The answer is obvious.

Continuing, the largest visible application of genetic engineering is in the field of agriculture. GMO’s, genetically modified organisms, currently ubiquitous across the dinner tables of America, have invaded the food supply without a single vote taken. Proponents of GMO technology, as always, promise unrealizable benefits to the world, while essentially working for themselves at everyone else’s expense. Some of the baseless promises offered, and now forgotten, include the decreasing use of dangerous toxic agrichemicals. According to most, even somewhat honest reviews, GMO tech has done nothing to remove the most toxic of such chemicals from the array of corporate farming strategies. Rather, it seems that proven cancer causing substances, such as glyphosate, are now becoming ubiquitous in the tissues of living beings worldwide. Let us not forget the second hushed up promise, to deliver a larger yield of crops. GMO tech was sold on the furtive lie that it and only it had the power to feed a hungry world. Far from producing higher yields, GMO farms have greatly accelerated the loss of arable land via the hyper adaptation of superweeds. Superweeds are regular, ordinary weeds that have absorbed the best and worst of GMO tech, and continue to thrive. Superweeds are immune to the toxic cocktail of agrichem bombardment. They grow with massive stems that disable corporate combines, resulting in a net loss of land available for cultivation. GMO technicians have no solution for superweeds other than even more toxic exposure, which has already proven to be a losing proposition. Never mentioned in this war against life, is the immense level of complex and toxic chemicals continuously dumped into the biosphere.

It should be obvious by now, that the claims of scientific wonders by those who weaponize life are at best, completely false, misleading, and intentionally designed to soothe any reservations to the contrary. What better people, then, to be handed the reins of human health than those who have never delivered on a promise?

The reality of GMO tech is far more troubling than the utopia that was promised. A perfect example of this is the plight of the Honey Bee. Currently, amidst the widespread extinctions across the planet, Honey Bees are experiencing catastrophic colony collapse. This is, once again, far deeper than a money hungry society is capable of perceiving. Honey Bees are directly involved with the elevated state of actualization that regularly does intervene in a world unequipped to provide grace. No, people, as the Manicheans tried to explain to you, grace is not something in this blueprint. It must be introduced by a higher order. So, of course GMO tech is going to target this order and bring it to ruin. It is sad that the average human has no concept of this, but it is criminal that a group of Archontic scientists would make it so. Then again, perhaps I am too harsh. The experiments of the Demiurge always result in failure, just ask the Seeress.

Certain researchers have claimed that the mRNA technology is not genetic engineering. Of course, they do not bother to discuss what they mean by such a declaration. Let us be clear, a synthetic substance that alters the biological activity of an organism, and introduces nanotechnology into this organism, with known significant repurposing within that organism, is genetic engineering. There is an ultimate purpose behind the deployment of transhumanist and genetic modification technology, and this purpose is directly linked to the fevered belief in certain people ascending to gods.

Uncovering the roots and development of the god phantasie requires an entire work unto itself. It is directly linked to a catastrophic devolution of consciousness that occurred at about the time of the completion of the Sphinx.  We are still immersed in this plunge into the abyss, even though there are mighty forces working overtime to help us to get out of this ignorance.

The god phantasie was well developed by the time of the Caesars; Sol Invictus, the cult of the emperor, was deification in incarnate life. Such was a widespread human degeneration of consciousness, as evidence for which we have various religious complexes around Asia and the New World, all of which revolve around the divinity of the select.

Contrary to popular belief, the abrahamic arrival, which included Christianity, did not dampen the phantasie; rather it developed such into greater complexity. For example, the divine right of kings offered a path to the select where they became practically indistinguishable from divinity.

Over the centuries, the phantasie shifted and changed, but it always maintained the trappings of god like status. This was true of the despotic communist leaders, of worshiped actors upon the silver screen, of Cthulu, and the greatest heroes and heroines of fiction. Modern reductionism introduced the dream of the fountain of youth, and incarnate immortality slid easily into the god phantasie, yet another area where fiction and science meet.

The world of research finds itself well-funded when it comes to life extension technologies. It seems that those who play god with the economy, society and life are more than a little obsessed with living much, much longer. One particular animal study claimed a 50% increase of lifespan, at the cost of the plague of being covered with giant tumors. The great success of life weaponization technologies has indeed opened the door to new possibilities.

We dwell currently at this nexus of genetic engineering, transhumanism, and god phantasie. This is the final chapter in the long development of a mad drive to modify everything according to an insignificant and diminutive point of view. This near terminal degeneration in consciousness is directly related to the red-blue split of light in the vision. It is the destruction of that intrinsic unity into starkly divided and warring camps, which allows, even demands an out of proportion magnification of lower states as exalted ones.

The ultimate step in this direction is the effort towards absolute power through the abandonment of the last vestiges of humanity. It is for this purpose that mRNA technology has been rolled out. The result of all three pillars acting in concert to a once beautiful species is not, nor ever will be anything beyond an attack upon that beauty.  The Gnostic sages said that the breathtaking magnificence of humanity derived from that ancient light that was the inheritance of the spirit. True identity, for those who have perceived it, lies in this unassailable place.

The devastation incited by the injection has hardly even begun. The plan is for ever more virulent attacks, ever more sadistic repressions. Like the guiding document of Agenda 2030, and its parent-Maurice Strong’s Agenda 21 make clear, humanity is a problem for the incarnate would-be gods. Those who embrace the path of the god phantasie, genetic engineering, and transhumanism are embracing their own species suicide. Of necessity, they cut themselves off from the Treasury of Light. If they ever apprehended such, they have since forsaken this perception. With the deep knowledge available to all their choice was made to ride the fear and the desperation, to place their faith in those who hate them, and to haughtily demand that others do the same.

Yet there always was another way.

The silence of the world reveals the folly of the exalted lower manifestation. A mantle of filth is not a mantle of light. The choice to follow extinction is available, especially here in this abyss. Disappearing forever, insensate, dumb, into the Kenoma, the primordial matter is nothing more than a return for the many. Yet for those who would find it, another fate awaits. The silence of the self is the key to cleansing, as William Blake wrote, the doors of perception.  Such will not make you an incarnate god. It will not provide you with a brain to computer interface chip. It will not alter your genetics into something unrecognizable, but if practiced with heart it just might provide you with that glimpse of the Treasury of Light that is adamant, and that glimpse, more than anything promised by the corruption that is science, will be sustenance.


  1. Whilst this piece is radically different from the usual fare at Jack Heart, it should have some elements of interest for those who might desire a more spiritual description of current events.
    Whether this is true or not, I wish to publicly thank Jack Heart for publishing this piece.

    1. Heh, heh. The entirety of the subject matter here could be viewed as radically different, to put it mildly, and your perspective is a most welcome addition. I was so pleased to find a contemporary Gnostic perspective here, that I was moved to reorient myself from dedicated, but always lurking reader and come out of the shadows of observation to make a post of appreciation. Rest assured that your content is not so much different as relative and complementary to the usual fare. I never thought of the content on here less than screaming, in- your- face shrapnel gnosis anyway regardless if Heart thinks of himself as gnosis-y or not. At any rate I’m happy to have that elusive creature, the very rare contemporary author of unconventional gnostic subject matter and perspective pop up on the radar. Not surprised it popped up here. Pleased to have met your acquaintance and looking forward to more.
      Thanks Jack!

  2. Those who wish for more evidence need look no further than the UK, where public health England has recently been replaced by the Health Security Agency.
    It's real.

    1. An excellent addition Mike to what is easily the best body of literature assembled on the internet. In my opinion, and I'm the guy along with Orage who has called all this from 2015, the best body of literature ever assembled. Casual readers, indeed if we even have any casual readers, have no idea the war that's been waged behind the scenes to keep this stuff up at least so it can reach a limited audience of the still sentient. Just my own observation about dreams, when you dream and you are in it you are dreaming as 99.9999% people, and animals too, all do. But when you are detached from the dream, an observer and not an actual participant you having a vision and have successfully accessed the what David Bohm called the Implicate Order. When you can do this regularly then you are a Shaman, in ancient societies a good Shaman was more valuable than a good king...

  3. Did you know Henry has a new gun?

    The Spirit told me

    Said this get a Henry repeating rifle.

  4. BTW, the work is simply the best. Me thinks he should be a regular feature here.

  5. I believe that in America I should be able to carry a Henry on my bicycle in Waukesha county Wisconsin.

    Do you think the rolling coalers would like that? There is way worse than that on a bicycle in America.

    Lever action? We could modify the barrel. Legal of course as its open carry.

  6. Why, that Henry has a five round magazine. How convenient as I could use it in Biathlon.

    A true James Bond weapon. LOL

  7. I advise a truth alert here:

    1. What an appropriate song for today nine when cowardly Americans will give thanks for being turned into useless capons by their vile homosexual media on the eve of their destruction. There they sit with all their guns and their second amendment, watching Sean Hannity and Racheal Madow in between watching idiot brutes toss each other in the mud in an incomprehensibly stupid game they call football. There should be Muslim style fatwas out on virtually everybody in the main stream media, the same goes for politicians and indeed all alphabet agency employees, dead civil "servants" should be barricading the DC beltway, yet we get nothing but token talk on Twitter. We've tried, we gave them the facts with the September Newsletter and the Spartacus Paper, and for this we had our ability to advertise on Facebook taken away and lost thousands in book sales, all for nothing, apparently you cannot raise the dead...

    2. Just got off the phone with a dear friend whom was enraged by our child sacrifice of our young Christian youth in Waukesha Wisconsin as I simply told him it was an opp designed to pull your attention away from the grandest sacrifice of our children which is vaccinating 5 year olds.

      He simply could only feel wrath about 6 dead children and not the literal millions that shall parish by this vaccine.

      I have zero sympathy for them Jack so unlike Neil Young's sympathy for his junkie friend. Is it not appropriate that a needle was used to inject heroin into one's body that will ultimately kill you?

      I have little else to say on this day of thanks.

  8. The whole shebang is built on sacrifices isn't it Jack? Perhaps most Americans deserve what they are getting as they love to go along with the program? Their own genocide.


    1. "I must not pass over in silence the question of sacrifice to the gods, to which a passing reference has already been made. Such sacrifices were not very frequent; the victims were the “failures,” those who were useless to the social economy.36) As they represented capital expenditure, the object was to recover this, at least, since no interest could be expected. The victim was therefore handed over to a High Priest or Priestess, who extracted the life by an instrument devised for and excellently adapted to the purpose, so that it died of exhaustion. The life thus regained was given to “the gods” in a manner too complex to be described in this brief account."

  9. The weaponization of living systems comes from the God phantasie.
    Do we not realize that over the millennia those who fantasize over God status have never been able to create a single living organism?
    There is only one avenue of power available to those wannabe gods. That would be the ability to destroy. Thus, what we are experiencing is the jealousy and the rage that stems from the impotency that their limitation places in front of their faces.
    Such is the arrogance and corruption of this state, that it finally reached to the highest visible duality of the visible cosmos. They didn't get here alone, they had lots of help, but here we are.
    Ultimately, this has nothing to do with what we deserve, and everything to do with what we can achieve, yet as anyone who has been anywhere can attest, challenges arise commensurate with the level of mastery to be attained.
    Currently, it isn't because humanity has been bad, but because the great powers are growing impatient at humanity, that we all must face this test.
    Thus, humanity is going to be forced to develop to the level of destruction humanity is capable of, or humanity will vanish, as humanity has vanished time and time again. You have a choice. You can choose the rage and corruption, or you can choose to attain. If you choose the former, your cognitive function will be reduced, as an act of mercy. You will then face the finality of that choice.
    If, however, you choose to attain you will be put through the proverbial ringer, because the great power is done with this paradigm.
    If you are wondering, a small but courageous subset of humanity is choosing to attain. They have powerful gods protecting them.
    This why I have said to drop your delight over death. There is no vengeance here, no bragging rights, no ' I told you so ', no smugness. This is thanksgiving, so dedicate your feasts to the old Gods. They protect you. Get ready for phase iii.

  10. The purposeful weaponization of living systems? As in a nutshell and simply put that is exactly what it is as MK nailed it.

    Neil Young simply saw ahead of the rest of us where we are at now as he captured truth and expressed it in a haunting poem as I suppose it's the nature of art?

    I caught you knockin' at my cellar door
    I love you, baby, can I have some more?
    Ooh, ooh, the damage done

    I hit the city and I lost my band
    I watched the needle take another man
    Gone, gone, the damage done

    I sing the song because I love the man
    I know that some of you don't understand
    Milk-blood to keep from running out

    I've seen the needle and the damage done
    A little part of it in everyone
    But every junkie's like a settin' sun

  11. Well perhaps as our dear elite want they shall have their great reset however, it is Spirit led so we don't need them anymore as perhaps their God shall die with them.

  12. If I may, Klaus Schwab and his great reset is quite the theatre.
    It's not that he isn't a great speaker, in fact it is because of it.
    The rulers of the world economy, all 148 corporations according to a Swiss study that was never translated into English, have simply run their course.
    This has been admitted in so many ways, it's hard to count. Why is communist China destroying and enslaving their ethnic minorities? Well, because paying factory workers $0.22/hrs is still too much.
    The world economy can only work as long as it has scapegoats to force their costs upon.
    Why is this?
    It is because all profit is illusory.
    Here is yet another reason why the paradigm dies, another reason why it is no longer being sustained.
    Greece reels today because the global economic system set them up to absorb their corruption.
    There is no such thing as a genuine economy, so there is no great reset.

  13. decided to take a plane away from Casablanca...LOL

    The only human present becomes the dictator
    Spirit runs the show as what do I know.

    barely spelled that corrict....

  14. Elon Musk to humanity...
    Only a few of you will be allowed to live on the Earth.
    How very godlike of you, Ellen.
    You don't look to be in tip top running shape for a wannabe God, but you might want to improve, at least for when the pitchforks and torches come out.
    Stay ahead of them, at least for a little while.
    Here's a question for those who think they can deceive everyone all the time, what's Brown and sticky?
    A stick.

  15. There are those who say, nothing here is worth saving. It's all winding down, why bother?
    The social engineering is all top down, any valid response a mere phantasm, lacking as it does, any power within this human matrix.
    All true, and this is exactly how it must unfold for there to be any discovery of truth and beauty that both informs and energizes the human spirit.

  16. Anybody foreseeing a repulsive B-movie coming our way.

    Latest horror flick - Omicron - an anagram for “Moronic”

    Stay tuned for their next low budget sequel – Necronomicon – the book of the dead.

    1. To funny, isn't it Mr. Hermit? I can't wait till we get to the part where they forget how to breath...

  17. The reality the human world has taken for granted since the onset of the "Enlightenment" is now officially deceased. This death occurred with a tremendous shift that happened over the winter solstice of 2019. This shift has changed the focus of humanity away from a fixation upon the so called objective universe, to the inner universe of awareness and mind.
    We can't be surprised such that the shift was hijacked by those who are foisting "the pandemic" upon humanity.
    Event 201.
    Just as the Bolshevik revolution was a hijack of the May revolution, the evil phantasie of "the pandemic" is the hijack of the reality shift.
    Unfortunately, humanity at large was horribly unprepared for a sweeping dissolution of the objective world. No current religion, other than perhaps certain Asian examples, and some forms of Gnosticism, was there to help humanity into this uncompromising and incredibly difficult transition.
    I should probably have written about this, but when Jack Heart generously offered to publish a piece, it seemed like the one here was most important.

    1. Ultimately, reality shift is something that has occurred many times in recorded history. I call it such because the fundamental apprehension of the circumstances surrounding existence change radically.
      The 18th century was exactly such an example, as is this current one.
      Literally, the condition of life changes, permanently.
      There are different explanations for this shift, yet the take home moment is that the adaptation necessary for the newly revealed circumstance has yet to be discovered. This particular change is massively onerous, specifically because we have to face a murderous and psychotic elite, which never saw a motion it didn't want to fundamentally corrupt.
      There are ways through this, all of which involve deep and unavoidable challenges.

    2. Mike you just keep writing and we will keep publishing, and yes the shift came in December of 2019, things got Grim. It's pretty much chronicled in Patreon and on Facebook, hey we even got a video and sound track.

    3. George,
      It would help if there was a title to this youtube video...
      Also, yes I would like to write another piece.

    4. Its vertigo Mike by U2, let my people go, the new one for this reality, go for it, this piece is preforming very well.

    They killed the man for this video
    Here is his wife talking about it
    Very sad :( - an


  20. Those are from anwn, this ones from me, its been authenticated, shots have been fired in the Netherlands, two are dead others are wounded. Such a shame the second amendment has been wasted on Americans...

  21. So, Jack, in Waukesha Wisconsin we simply wanted to have a Christmas parade however, I believe most of your readers hate Christmas? Well, we are heavily armed due to our second amendment rights however, a Black Lives Matters terrorist attacked our dearest community to the north east of me as I own a 38 special as I plan on buying a 22 rifle, for protection of course and shooting varmints.

    All of my neighbors are armed with 22 rifles as now they call it 223 as perhaps BLM wants to come to my sub division? Of course they would be welcome however, at the entrance to our fine sub division is a sign that says "go brandon go" of course they would be welcome at my house if civilized.

  22. Russia reveals hypersonic weapons.
    The west howls, celebrating the globalist death grip that is killing them.
    10 New billionaires on the backs of shattered lives.
    Demented Bidenistas howl for their idiot subjects to inject their innocent with the graphene nanoparticle transhuman serum.
    The unseen hands play, casting shadows on the world, making images that play so beautifully with the light from above.
    We who have inherited the lineage must remember ourselves.
    It is a great struggle to throw off the perverse fetters of shitstem.
    Your leaders are not gods.
    They serve only to guide you into the numb oblivion of the Kenoma.
    Remember your light.
    It shines when your laugh is true.

    1. Times are getting darker
      Yet the clock is not time itself.
      Sweden rushing to chips?
      Transhumanist Polka.
      Ukraine stiffs 8 billion in fees, shrieks for foreign troops to occupy their soil, already there.
      Deranged neocons cackle, always believing they will get their next war. They are too ignorant to realize that the real war never ended.
      Who wants to be human?
      Who will remember their light?
      Transhuman only brings on the night.

    2. The perfection of error is the victory of death. The Gnostic sages wrote extensively on this odd, yet extremely powerful condition.
      The Savior explained repeatedly that the inability to enter into silence was the first, and primary reason for the forces of error to have such strength, and yes, there were other challenges, yet the noise of the world of man was the first defeat on the path to becoming human, and for most, the final one.

  23. This is my first post to this blog. I have added this blog to my repertoire of resources in my quest to discover the truth (whatever that may be). After 10+ years of research I feel I have a solid understanding of the problems humans face on this Earth. The questions I wish to raise concern the possible solutions. While I believe one should not shirk their duty to defend themselves and their fellow human, I’m not an advocate of violence unless pushed to the brink. I am nearing that point, but still hesitant to embrace that as a solution. Aside from that, I am seeking clarification regarding the point Mike made when stating, “Yet for those who would find it, another fate awaits. The silence of the self is the key to cleansing, as William Blake wrote, the doors of perception.” Would someone elaborate as to the meaning of “silence of the self?” Is the only real solution purely spiritual and individual? Do we just allow the chaos to continue without a fight?

    As I begin to understand more about the spiritual realm, multiple dimensions, time, etc., I can’t help but to wonder how this relates to our presence on Earth and our own perceptions of reality. For example, are we all sharing the same reality or did my own seeking of the truth create my own reality based upon my current understanding of that reality, including the discovery of this blog? How deep and personal does the rabbit hole go?

    I have read a number of authors refer to Earth as a prison planet and have to wonder if the imprisonment extends into the spiritual realm as well. If we are able to escape, how would we be able to tell if we were really free or just entered a different type of prison? Without any true perceptions of the extent of what constitutes our universe (reference points regarding time, dimensions, senses, etc.) and perceptions of reality as spiritual beings, how does one ever know they have truly developed enough to escape and be free?

    I’ll leave it at that for now. I am interested in what Mike, Jack, or any of your contributors have to say.


    1. There are some circumstances, as William Blake well understood, where poetry and art is more accurate than prose.
      The essential nature, our essential nature, is not directly or easily accessible, because of the ferocious and abusive efforts that obscure it. Should we be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse despite the agenda, then we quickly become aware of a certain fact, that we are the only means by which we can apprehend anything.
      The first essential step lies in cleaning our own lens by which we apprehend, this is done through becoming aware of our own inner silence.
      The silence is primarily accessible through self observation. One realizes the noisy state because one becomes aware, and equally, one realizes the silence through observing when it too arises, as it always does when attended to.
      Silence is the state where the connection to that which is more significant can be available.

  24. Thanks Mike. This is helping me on my path of discovery.

  25. "From this time on will I attain
    To the rest of time,
    Of the season,
    Of the Aeon,
    In silence.

    -The Gospel of Mary Magdalene



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