Guest Post: The Abrahamic Folly and Humanity’s Burden by Mike Kay

The Abrahamic Folly


Humanity’s Burden

By Mike Kay

The purification ritual continued into the night, lead by the confident apprentice of Ghost Horse. The inside of the squat, dome like structure was utterly, completely dark, but for the faint red glow of the heated rocks that filled the central pit. I felt the heat they radiated, and heard, rather than saw the transformation of clear stream water to steam, as the wooden ladle poured its contents over the stones.

The water upon the rocks filled the small structure with a stifling heat, rolling across my form like fire. I sank to the bare earthen floor.

The soft chants had gone silent. I felt a change, almost electric. My right arm extended into the heat, a gesture of recognition. They floated there, across the open floor of the box canyon. I saw with eyes beyond the physical as they stood there, perfectly visible in the landscape, outside the structure, which had become transparent to me.

“The Lightning Ones”, I heard my voice crack as I hailed them. “The Lightning Ones are here!”

Later in life I was shown a series of images, from a pictographic panel somewhere close to Dark Canyon, where the Lightning Ones were painted by an anonymous hand so long ago, their ancient images upon the stone.

This is how the maps of the numinous are made, and it is from such maps that genuine religions are informed. This was the essence of Gnosticism, where experiential mysticism built an image of a navigable living cosmos. This was the religion of the Megalith builders, and this informed the reverence of the ancestors for all things divine.

That nothing here is even close to the experience and world view of today’s modern western religions should be immediately evident. The big three, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have long ago surrendered whatever immediate contact to the numinous they could claim. Rather, they offer a watered down version of experience for their faithful, one in which the cognitive world view held so dear, is never truly challenged, and the wild power of the numinous is never ever allowed free rein.

The world today is held in thrall by this big three, all different branches from the same root. Detail wise, on the surface, widely divergent, but at the core remarkably similar. They all claim to pay homage to a single male creator deity. Their world views are informed by a stifling proliferation of rules and laws. They distrust any mysticism as evidence of malevolent spiritual influence. They pretend towards a spiritual bent while manifesting an overt political, social, and economic dominance, both within and without their organizations. We call them abrahamic, because their ultimate origin is traced to the pact that Abraham made with the Asura to achieve the temporal success we all observe right here, right now.

Yet perhaps the most salient shared characteristic of the progeny of Abraham is an absolute, impenetrable, spiritual illiteracy.

Religion with all the answers, and none of the solutions arose from a fundamental misunderstanding concerning the nature of existence. Abraham was of the Hibiru, and the Hibiru were the outlaws. These were the people who preyed upon civilization from its fringes, eking out a meager existence whilst mindlessly adopting the stories and the beliefs of the true masters of the Levant. They were the whining lapdogs of Egypt, always calling for their masters to save them from the results of their own misdeeds. Incestuous cannibals, known for offering their own children up for sacrifice, they were driven mad by fantasies of their own great empire, and the pact of Abraham seemed to be the road to achieve their aim.

Yet there was another, even more corrosive template formulated with the founding of the abrahamics. This complex would subvert and invert the character of mankind, making it easy for the forces of corruption to take hold; it was the cult of the sacred victim. Sacred victimhood became a centerpiece of abrahamic thought. Pieced together with a culture based upon inferiority, and a lust for grandeur they were terminally incapable of achieving, the sacred victim both allowed for exaltation through misery, and a road for vengeance paved by the hatred the incompetent against genius.

Unable to fess up to the fact that the god of Abraham is an Asura, not some ultimate being, the abrahamics invented the religious war. This inability to understand the fundamental energetic of the Cosmos has oft been described as error, in a charitable act. Yet it isn’t merely a mistake. An intentional self deception and misrepresentation launched in order to exalt and elevate that which is aberrant to life, is hardly something as simple as an error.

Source, as Kurt Gödel proved through his absolute set, must always exist beyond any defined group, or sets of groups. As such, it becomes the Pleroma of the Gnostics, the Good of the Platonists; that which can only be defined according to what it is not. Source thus has no attributable characteristic, no easily understood identity. To be known and knowable is to possess qualities that define and colour. Obviously, this was far too sublime for the would be inventers of the abrahamic empire. Simple barbaric mentality demands that everything is reducible, especially source, so ultimate origin was debased into the personage of a lesser, jealous entity.

The result of conflating source with the lesser was to completely remove source from the cognition of the abrahamic. Thus the impulse to define god as an intrinsic aspect of creation, yet paradoxically, absent from it. The mania of intellectually attempting to prove god reached its peak with Thomas Aquinas, who arrived at the rather insipid proof that god exists, if one has faith he exists. Yet it was clear from the start of the fraud that the abrahamic creator god was none other than the Demiurge.

Mimicry and theft are the tools of abrahamic wealth. What is pretended to be native to the abrahamic corpus is in fact syncretic, a form of reductionism that is massively popular in intellectual circles today. The Demiurge is in fact the cosmic organizer, a spiritual principle, a liminal power. The Demiurge is the intelligence that weaves the visible world from the echoe of eternity, not from an inner genius, but from one fleetingly perceived.

Thus it is that the hand of the Demiurge is invisible. The cosmic Organizer works according to higher principles, and to the degree these principles are mimicked, is the degree to which divine beauty is revealed in all of nature. Yet all of the organizers’ architecture is an interpretation, a flawed memory, a lesser reflection.

Enter the final stages of what once was western civilization. The big three have run a complete circle, returning to their roots as political organizations. The world’s only Jewish state is leading the world in adopting the terror of the invisible boogeyman. Despite the horrendous toll on their citizenry, or perhaps because of it, the failure of Judaism in providing a spiritual tonic to self destructive insanity couldn’t be clearer. Similarly, Islam, long known as the most stringent rule based variant of abrahamism, is quietly adopting the cure that isn’t. Like everywhere else, their athletes are dying on the pitch, an ode to a counterfeit spirituality that cannot address, or even define the real crisis.

Christianity is quickly becoming a laughing stock, a sordid excuse for a religious organization. It is only because the state of the world has so deeply decayed, that the nonsensical justifications for faith in injections, to save one from irrational paralyzing fear, are taken seriously at all. Boris Johnson’s latest social media deliveries to his public invoke the Christian Savior, equating endless, relentless jabs to the teachings of Jesus. Christians now populate the internet with presentations that regard the injections as the blood of Jesus, or as some type of Holy Communion. The conflation, especially in America, of political and religious goals is forcing the new converts to Covidianity- Christianity applied to the boogeyman narrative- to define the spiritual in strictly material terms.

One wonders, since the greatest world religions have largely joined the political, social, and economic agenda of a cadre of murderous psychopaths, exactly how they find themselves relevant. The answer is unsurprising. Theological organizations are paid millions by NASA to study how people would react to a reveal of alien life. Abrahamic theologians occupy cushy jobs in the world’s most prestigious universities. They write books only they read, and go out on speaking tours attended by people like themselves. They live in a giant echoe chamber of their own imagined grandeur, so far removed from direct contact with the numinous that it doesn’t even register in their thinking. In short, they believe their relevance is not based on any actual benefit they bring to mankind; rather it is simply assured by fact of their existence.

Spirit does not favor the socially, economically, or politically connected. Spirit has no time for empty promises obscured by fancy suits and silver watches. Spirit meets those who prove themselves worthy through the efforts of their own sweat and tears. In order for the abrahamics to have any genuine call upon the spiritual, they had better develop the mettle to go meet it. Hubris delivered according to privilege, will only ensure their redundancy.

The first corruption of the abrahamic was the intentional conflation of creation with organization. This is a fundamental and catastrophic misapplication that forever confuses any approach to the divine. This cognitive disaster continues to paralyze the human imagination, allowing for incredibly stupid concepts, like the closed system, to be given reverence and adherence.

The second corruption of the abrahamic was the embrace of the temporal. The abject lust to achieve life and death dominance in the world has resulted in case after case of mass insanity sweeping across history. In our previous piece, THE MALICE MERCHANTS and THE IMMORTAL ARRAY we covered some of these manifestations. It bears repeating that the current crisis sweeping the world is once again, yet another example of mass insanity, one with significant religious undertones. The error ridden world view promoted by abrahamics is incapable of steering mankind through this wave of hysteria. It is a cheap and worthless trick to arrogantly rely on one’s societal position to be relevant, whilst demonstrating no connexion with the divine.

The third corruption of the abrahamic was the rejection of the mystical. Europe and Russia are especially rich in populations touched by the wild numinous. The abrahamics have long sought to crush this irrepressible characteristic. Those who found themselves consulted by people who wished for help, dared to share their visions of the divine, and sought to bring greater peace to their communities, were branded by the abrahamics as a danger, burned as witches, suppressed, and singled out by religious institutions that proved themselves havens for brutal arrogance and ignorant conceit. No better example of this mind set exists than Fatima. The very idea that some religious bureaucrat in fancy dress can pass judgment on the reveal of the numinous, which they have zero capacity to recognize, lays bare the truth of abrahamic institutions as power hungry spiritual illiterates.

The haughty assumption that the public at large will turn to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for guidance in an increasingly rudderless world can only be realized if that segment of the population keen to do so, survives its current savaging. Modern religion enjoys partnering with an agenda that works overtime to convince their faithful that only synthetic substances, given approval by transhumanists and billionaires, are worthy to oppose the boogeyman of a contrived pandemic narrative. It might seem, to one disposed to examine such, that driving your base crazy with bizarre claims of “vaccine divinity”, and then intentionally railroading them into an agenda of harm, is not a recipe for long term survival, and you would be correct.

The unspoken yet massively popular notion of today is that culling some other segment of the population besides one’s own is a great idea. To be fair, globalists and their pet politicians have subjected mankind to all manner of population culls throughout history, a great example being the US Civil War. Towards the end of that conflict, the Union threw massed troops directly into Confederate guns, and it was the Confederates themselves who raised the loudest objections to the senseless slaughter.

Indeed, perhaps the real question here becomes that of why a parasitic murderous entity is given any agency whatsoever. What is the point to the existence of religions that herd their flock to the slaughter on behalf of regressive demented interests? What possibly could be a justification, or even an apology, for “religions” that have consistently turned away from any genuine human progress in lieu of political, material, and social reward?

If those in power don’t think that these types of questions are going to be asked as the death toll marches on, and the damage written into the current boogeyman “cure” becomes impossible to ignore, they are in for a very rude, and much deserved, awakening. By then it will be impossible for them to placate the mangled with soothing words from Ivory Towers. It will be very difficult for them to make their case whilst being riddled with bullets and strung up from very tall objects by the neck.

The abrahamics have long, secretly, participated in the destruction of their supposed flock. Yet unlike before, this current game involves some very powerful players that are beyond the control of those who steer this current gambit. This is not going to be just another replay of the same style of event, only on a larger scale. I have written, in some detail previously, concerning Fatima, and the sea change this event has brought on. This rite of passage is not about determining the susceptibility of mankind to the deranged machinations of those who consistently have mangled them. It is not about the end of humanity and the beginning of a biological machine interface. It’s not about a new authoritarianism, where increasingly deranged political class operatives openly gloat over enacting new punishments for the public they despise. It’s actually much bigger than any of this.

A rite of passage is akin to an initiation, a vision quest, a spiritual journey towards greater connectedness with destiny, both personal and collective. This is what mankind is currently undergoing, and it will mean a significant transformation that will not be imaged according to any entrenched forces in this society. No institution, no collection of the super rich, no military, no corporation is in charge here. The Covid boogeyman terror is a well orchestrated attempt to hijack this process, as the forces steering society have largely hijacked previous events. Their hubris assures them that they can use a similar playbook, and achieve similar results. They are wrong.

Rites of passage determine relevance in any number of ways, yet perhaps the most significant is in the invisible realms. Mankind does have the possibility of achieving a new maturity and a new vision for itself. Neither of these accommodate an eternally petrified state, whereby the only means of escape involves a running to those who perpetrate the agenda. The implications of this should be clear. The abrahamics could, conceivably, move to a point where their societal authority enhances this human transformation, rather than profiting from the malaise. In the case of the Catholic Church, both Archbishop Vigano and Cardinal Mueller have spoken out against the boogeyman agenda, in defiance of the Pope, and in defense of humanity. It is possible that some in Judaism, in Islam will rise to the call, and recognize that so goes mankind, so go they. However, we are facing a time where everything dissolves, and in this dissolution it becomes the consciousness realized, which carries the day. I sat, naked upon the earth. The covering of the squat structure peeled back and draped over convenient stones to dry. Only the rough skeleton was left. We had returned the stones with thanks to their places along the streambed, chosen correctly, none of the stones shattered during their ordeal. The fire pit went cold, and as the day wore on, and we erased the signs of our presence. Only a practiced eye would know we were here. The soft glow of the numinous receded before the oncoming noise and brilliance of the return to daily life. Yet daily life was never again going to be exactly the same, as the journey to integrate vision into earthly existence never ends, not even today.


  1. Besides Archbishop Vigano and Cardinal Mueller, I'd just like to also credit Brother Alexis Bugnolo, in what is quickly becoming a papal insurrection, for his fearless broadcasts from the bowels of the Vatican.

  2. Absolutely brilliant, Michael and thanks for the link on the great Friar Alexis Bugnolo, Jack. (Disclaimer: To all of you quadruped swiving and goat piss drinking sons & daughters of pox riddled whores who serve the Cryptocracy, what ensues is fictional fantasy. I advocate no harm against any person, living or deceased.) The monsters driving this stay in the shadows. However they could not effectuate this without their surrogates & sycophants, the president, the governors, the mayors, and assorted technocrats, mediacrats, & bureaucrats. Those vermin, many of them with bodyguards notwithstanding, can be taken out. Naturally there will be many casualties as in any war, but it's good to remember that these servile scum are cowards. They are playing their respective roles solely for paychecks, pensions, perks, and the cosmetic trappings of power. They do not want to get hurt. By starching them with guerrilla warfare via lone wolf and leaderless resistance (to prevent fifth column infiltration of course) it would be tantamount to slicing the Cryptocracy's balls off, rendering them powerless. Replacements for them will be stalled by fear. It will cost much in blood but the swine want to kill us all anyway so we have nothing to lose other than our flesh prisons (The Devil's chains). Think Vietminh against France and later when they transmuted into the NVA & Vietcong against the U.S. They won against overwhelming odds. So can we.

  3. Sacred Victims are the Sacred Cows. They stampede easily when their sacred emotions and sacred beliefs are trod upon. They aren't really any different than the sacred cows of the east. God is taking care of all them in all their tubercular glory too, isn't he? But they serve a purpose.

    Stampeding creates more Sacred Cow Victims to the demiurge.

    One of the points is to create more victims.

    "The sacred victim both allowed for exaltation through misery, a road for vengeance paved by the hatred thee competent against genius."

    I have maintained from the beginning that we don’t have a political, religious, cultural, racial etc, divide we have an inherent psychological
    divide. I mentioned of your last post they all hate ‘stupid’ (which basically amounts to anything they don’t like to hear or can’t comprehend) but they equally loathe intelligence. They despise anyone who doesn’t have victim mentality. Religious or not, they are all emotionally driven and manipulated. Genius is based on intelligence and reason. You can’t use emotions to comprehend anything reasonable or intelligent anymore than your emotional body can solve math equations. That’s not what emotions are for. Out of control emotion is all they have. Primarily hate and self loathing projected outwards.

    “It bears repeating that the current crisis sweeping the world is once again, yet another example of mass insanity, one with significant religious undertones. The error ridden world view promoted by abrahamics is incapable of steering mankind through this wave of hysteria. It is a cheap and worthless trick to arrogantly rely on one’s societal position to be relevant, whilst demonstrating no connexion with the divine.”

    It bears repeating because it’s in repeat mode now and has been forever, the props change but the reenACTment never does. The same miserable psycho-spiritual shit played out everyday on the street level of perception and in global current events. I mean they turned the indwelling, The Christ, the connection to the divine, into a Sacred victim by personalizing what isn’t a person, then killing it in an alleged crucifixion and the sacredness of victimhood was solidified as a frame of reference for them forever and ever amen.

    They have to emulate Jesus after all, not in charity and acts of kindness, but to play sacred victim themselves. That’s how they tried to kill the emanation, the source of gnosis, the higher intelligence, the real creator. But they failed. That’s what victims do. They fail. They wallow in the mythical Christian persecution eagerly anticipating the day they will be persecuted so they can be official, and officious victims themselves. There’s a reason they aren’t called victors.

    For those who don’t claim to be religious if you don’t string them up on the cross beam they will crawl up there themselves to better see someone they can blame for their situation before they nail themselves on. That's Covid.


  4. “Indeed, perhaps the real question here becomes that of why a parasitic murderous entity is given any agency whatsoever."

    We know its primarily control, and...To continue the victimhood. Abuse and control are inextricably bound together. That’s the nature of self victimized sacred cow; they want the abuse to continue because that’s the control module. Ask any cop who shows up at domestic abuse situation. The woman calls the cops
    because she’s being abused. She’s THE victim. The officers show to arrest the offender and she flings herself at them in a fury as if they are the abusers trying to destroy her life. They are about to arrest the abuse and she can’t have that because how she going to play victim then. And if no one is beating the shit of them, they will fly into a fit of snowflake frenzy to tempt an assbeating….so they can claim victimhood afterwards. It’s an inherent part of their psyche. They do indeed think their cycle of martyrdom is sacred.

    What better abuser than a omnipotent demiurgical Abuser that will never be arrested, never locked up, never go away, never stop abusing them, never depart ensuring that -gasp—never have to take responsibility for their inner or outer life. No matter how many well intended people attempt to run an intervention. That’s from the largest Abrahamics to the least populated pop cults that spring up. Oh. Yeah.

    You couldn’t pry the Jim Jonesers from the Kool Aid pitcher, no amount of genius could or will. And all of this is the purpose the Demiurge whom they interface with mechanically, not spiritually, has given them regardless of if they are religious or not. It serves the demiurge. The hallmark mechanism of true victim mentality is to sustain whatever it is that makes them a victim.

    REAL victims of anything want to get better. They want to get of the sick bed, out of the cast, out of the psychosis, etc. Not sacred victims. That is status they will never willingly let go of. There’s nothing in it for them. If you provide a solution its perceived as abuse. You are cold and uncaring, an ‘unspiritual’ personage.

    As you have noted, they’ve elevated their victimhood into sainthood. You see it all over, with the virtue signaling and self-moralizing now particularly over the Church of Covid and its blood rite sacraments. The mask as the mantilla, the injection as the communion wafer and blood. Now even the unreligious have joined the church. It’s gotten even the un-religious falling to their knees in homage.

    Now that the Holy Spirit of whatever is in that shit has filled them, it promptly began to fail. No immunity continued transmission, just continued
    illness, death, but the rite goes on and on as it has for thousands of years. That’s okay. They get to be victims again. It's a virtue. Victimhood is addictive. Like heroin. It might kill you in the long view but in the moment you are getting something out of it.

    It’s a soul sickness. The sickness nourishes some depraved part of their demiurge displaced psyche, call it the mind, parasite mind, feeder mind, flyer mind, whatever castanedesque label one wants to slap on the artificial installation the human psyche is displaced by. Notwithstanding the parasitic murderous entity interfaces directly with that parasitical displacement of the psyche obliterating all reason. That’s why this victimhood pops up even among those who claim to be atheists. When the State became their God, they
    reveled in the abuses of the Father God The State. That is its own religion now. Everything has become religi-fied.


  5. Thank you Jack, for publishing this piece, and thank you, readers for comments that are a cut above the standard, and worthy of this blog.
    I read and appreciate them all.
    Be strong

    1. Excellent work Mike, we're proud to present you to an international audience. Say hello to all our French readers. Viva la France, we need some French men to come over here and school New Yorkers on how you deal with would-be Gestapo cops. Hey Mike,the big B isn't gonna like me narcing him, but he's really impressed with your work, so am I...

    2. " I and I
      Can never hold my peace
      While this is going on
      Day and Night.
      Fight down war and crime
      Fight down war and crime
      Fight down war and crime
      And build up righteousness
      Jah Rastafari
      Jah Rastafari
      Jah Rastafari
      Preserve our people."
      -Joseph Hill and Culture

      The true religion is not what is approved by society, it is that which is approved by the Numinous.

    3. I wrote this poem 5 years ago:

      Bach is precision of instruction of spirit

      Jazz is the Spirit played first hand

      All with the Spirit

      Love unconditionally

      What is unconditional I see

      We learn connection to community

      In her sermon on Sunday past

      Absence of community hell upon earth

      We are having a picnic

      Please come

  6. Mike, absolutely first class work and thank you! And Jack Brother Bugnolo is a fine man as I have watched many of his videos!

    I was raised a Catholic Jack and now the Pope says to take the Vaccine? Wow, what a world!

    1. Interesting you would note that stance by the Pope, KMB. I was waiting for some type of indication, and his address, calling for the opening of the third world to the injection agenda was it.
      What this told me is that the top dogs are going forward with their plan regardless. The die is cast.
      It certainly appears that mankind is being threatened by another release of pathogens by the psychotic elite, except that this time they won't be able to bury who did the release. They should have enough of an instinct for self preservation to avoid this path of action, but do they?
      Stay tuned.


    2. You're doing a great job Mike, almost 5000 more reads than last month, maybe I will retire for the year. Happy New Year

      All Time



      This Month

      Last Month

    3. Jack Heart December 23, 2021 at 2:50 AM
      Quote " "I deal in chaos and vengeance"

      Precisely the attitude and inspiration we readers require for 2022. Happy New Year !.

  7. I once confronted a friend with the wave function and asked him how he interpretes Schrödinger’s experiment with the cat. He answered, that he would immediately free the animal to save its life. That’s what’s constantly happening with abrahamites and adepts of other ideologies: they collapse the probability wave and create an artificial reality in dependence of their own mindset, while the broader picture of reality and the divine becomes inaccessible to them.

  8. I love this board. Thanks Jack, Mike & commenters. Let's make it a memorable New Year

    1. Orage,
      That is a true act of rebellion.
      Memory is perhaps the most significant cognitive function under current sustained attack. It's immensely twisted, but super significant, that this attack is taking place. Perhaps this needs to covered in a future piece...

  9. This time is, for myself and others with a similar bent, a walking, talking, breathing and digesting opportunity.
    It is exactly the combination of factors I've written about here on Jack Heart that provide for this mother of all opportunity. Without this deep convergence of insanity and depravity, the check and balance would be only be available to the very few who were poised to actualize the higher states.
    We know this is true simply through the plight of the Tibetan people, and the challenges facing their ways of knowing, which are as ancient and real, as they believed to be.
    I do not write to wish vengeance upon the Abrahamics, but to exhort them to come to the defense of their people.
    It is far too late to imagine a world without the Abrahamics. They, all of them, can have a vital and worthwhile role if they choose it.
    Like the cloud in the dark sky that ignites into brilliance with the Ray of the sun, humanity has within it an amazing and beautiful potential, despite all the horrors it has both perpetrated and seen. It simply must be ignited to be seen.
    I call the abrahamics to count for their error, because error must be corrected. I call them to task for their history, because the tears shed for genuine reasons deserve to be remembered. I write about the Gnostics because I am one, not through choice or desire, but through the weight of destiny.
    All of mankind has the potential to become human, in every sense of what this means. It is this time that opens this journey to a greater number than ever before.
    This why I write, instead of meditating in a cave, which admittedly, is very attractive.
    Be strong.

    1. Wave Comes.......tide/ frequencies Rise......

    2. Dense Falls by Wayside.

  10. There is a feature of the functioning of mankind that very few can approach, much less understand.
    This is the fact that mankind is not a fully cognizant, autonomous being.
    We are taught, in no uncertain terms, that we are free agents, comprised of free will, and that we are in charge of our choices, and our destiny.
    Thus we are taught.
    The same people who teach you this embody strange addictions they cannot overcome. They cannot explain the dark desire for intrigue and secrecy that consumes them. They do not know why they seek to become adulterated by everything in the world.
    They do not know their own hearts or minds, but they will gladly direct you to follow the path of error.
    How much of anyone's decision is their own?
    How much of a product of the times is the free will hypothesis?
    Are there indeed entities that truly exist that occupy your mind?
    Is the insect revolution taking place in the blood of mankind?
    If we have the time, we aim to explore this and more in the near future.


    1. The Way- stability between polarities- not Balance- the difference between Stability and Balance may easily be discerned.

      When this is done, Maya, Passions, the thoughts are all as Calm as Clear Water.

    2. Through knowledge shall the earth be saved and The Great Ones walk the earth as of old. Watch the trail of the Scorpion as he falls through the air (where he first becomes visible for what he is) into the sea which becomes blood. When the Scorpion is in the earth he is there the Father Principle within the Mother. See thou tell it not. Therefore the tree brings forth, the sap rises, the leaves start, the blossom comes and the fruit follows. So the plant its bloom. So the animal, being yet of the earth brings forth its young.
      But the Scorpion shall rise out of the earth, out of the Sea, through the air, carrying with it its starry crown, the redemption of humanity.
      Fragments From The Masters And The Afflatus of The Illuminati
      Ninth Degree Confidential Discourse
      Welcome to the days of bugs in the blood? Natural inborn immunity acquired through protective Scorpion like defense?


    4. Michele,
      Very beautiful...
      Yes, there is always the duality in this life, and yes stability equates to the skill that holds both polarities simultaneously, whilst being aware. However, balance is critical, if we are going to walk upright, yes?
      Do you write?
      Perhaps you should.

      The insect revolution is of the lower order that always seeks to devour the higher. This has never changed, though it has often been hidden in deceptive guise.
      This is both within and without us, so we cannot rely on external events to see us through.
      The stars reveal, to those who read their signs, yet they too are of the lower order, of mathematics and assumed certainties.
      I will address this issue in the next piece, and hopefully, after deeper investigation, will have something actionable for you and yours.

  11. Spirit leads as no weapon formed against us shall prosper

    preached all over the local Churches at the time of America's founding

    Said overcome by Spirit Led people

    Did the Spirit lead those that tore down that Statue of Lee?

    Perhaps the Enemy wants to disturb the peace

    Said Love Thine Enemy

  12. AI? Like a human wrote the Bible. Perhaps a Human is purely a bit of code but as I observe with a little Spirit added.

    Evangelicals worship the word and not the Spirit that wrote it! The Bible is AI or led by Spirit.

    Many say with a mantra "the constitution" like the Bible written by men to serve an Enemy

    As in so is out

    Goddess I see

    1. KMB,
      There is only one sure fire thing, and that is to refuse the agenda.
      Once one has taken the injection, there is very little one can do, despite what one might hope. A good analogy might be hurling oneself off a cliff onto rocks below.
      There are some actions, the consequences of which cannot be undone.
      For those who have done so, focus on the future generations. Protect them. Give them as much as you can to promote their survival. In this, one might rescue a thread of their humanity.


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