Guest Post; Reality Shift - Mike Kay




In an Aeon I was released

In a world, from a world, and in a type from a type

And from the fetter of oblivion

Which is transient

-The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Those who tend to consider the issue of reality cannot define what that external something truly is. In effect, reality is nothing more than an inherent ability to order and make sense of a series of impressions that make their way into the biological entity from unknowable source. Thus, reality is essentially personal apprehension of the condition of experience. Yet what is especially interesting about reality is that there is a shared aspect of it, a sort of collective dream. This dream has all the characteristics of existence integral to it, including a bent, a perspective, and like all such things is subject to change.

Even the most banal of histories admits that unique ages are intrinsic to the experience of mankind. These ages are characterized by certain qualities for which they become known.  The Enlightenment, for example, of the 17th and 18th centuries is generally perceived as a positive development. Most would attribute the development of science to this age, as well as more ephemeral characteristics, such as an abandonment of “superstition”, and the elevation of reason. In effect, Enlightenment philosophy and perspectives comprise the foundation upon which the vast majority of modern institutions and organizations are built, from the governmental system of the United States, to the belief that physical sciences hold the key to life.

The Enlightenment was a sea shift from the very substance of the previous age, and despite its’ modern significance, is but one of many such shifts in the wider human experience. The characteristics of the shift from one age, one reality, to another are similar across the spectrum. A shift is characterized by exhaustion, an impotence of the current paradigm to address the crises of the day. The new reality abandons those pre-existing ideas, beliefs, and perspectives, in order to foment a new adaptation to the condition of existence, which comprises the essence of the reality shift.

The paradigm of the Enlightenment is now officially eclipsed. What has been the guiding light for humanity over a period of centuries no longer exists. This should come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention, as serious cracks in the edifice of science, our environment, and society have only grown more prominent and daunting.

Foremost in this phalanx of the irresolvable, is the inability to address the issue of consciousness. For its part, science utterly ignores this issue, other than to advance thoroughly unhappy theories, such as that of Hammerschlag and Penrose. Science has no model that can accommodate consciousness, thus science operates within a conundrum of conundrums, which is to treat consciousness as a genuine aspect of human behavior, without the slightest idea of what it is. This has been true for some time, as B.F. Skinner and his famous-or infamous operant conditioning illustrated half a century ago, in its failure to construct any meaningful model of personality, cognition, or learning.

Environmentally, we march heedlessly through the sixth great extinction, the toxification of the biosphere, with no solution to crisis events such as Chernobyl and Fukushima. Indeed, the only answer concocted by the current paradigm is to create false crises that require huge amounts of debt slavery to address, while advancing strategies that strip humanity of its birthright to live whole and connected upon the earth and within the cosmos. The digital currency slated to replace physical money, for example, actually requires far more energy to maintain than conventional lucre. Digital currency greatly expands modes of monitoring and control, as it is being tied to passports, facial recognition, and global corporate players.

Socially, the attack on reason has reached a fevered pitch, where various Bolshevik strategies of gender bending, promoting homosexuality, and deploying cognitive dissonance, have been weaponized into a wall of noise that drowns out sanity wherever, and whenever it might appear. The demented phantasie of COVID cannot be addressed, even with essential facts laid bare. Any attempt to address commonly spurious conclusions with actual science fails utterly. Reason, it must reasonably be admitted, has left the building. This is how paradigms die, both naturally and do to intentional attack. The Enlightenments’ liberation through rationality is reduced to a trite memory upon the world stage.

However, we are not here to merely repeat conventional concepts. We are here to offer a spiritual perspective to the melting away of the Enlightenment. Our perspective is that this shared reality is not the avenue of primary agency it pretends to be, but a mere result of great forces at work. So many who believe themselves to be movers and shakers are in truth, little more than unwitting cogs in larger events they are ignorant of, and usually arrogantly dismiss. As such, events are hardly small scale organic occurrences. Rather, events happen first in the spiritual dimension, only playing out materially after substantial delay, and that is certainly the case here.

The key moment in this stellar shift of reality, the true turning point, the moment of no return, was December 21, 2019, commonly called Winter Solstice, but in truth an in-between time, magically potent, when chaos and opportunity reign supreme. Winter solstice is the shortest day of the year-and the longest night.  To the ancient Mayans, the last days of the year were uncharted in their calendrics, capable of producing all manner of horrors and plagues. In the old Fertile Crescent, and into Egypt, this time heralded the birth of the Crist, the divine presence, leader, and healer. In pre-christian Europe, this was the great festival of the year, and its final breath. The Rune masters scanned the skies to await the new moon, which was the moment when the new calendar was carved, and the New Year actually began.

The reality shift was observed as it occurred, and with it almost immediately, the planned hijack of this auspicious event arrived.  It is evident that those who wish for mankind to steer themselves correctly through such auspicious events are not the only ones who observe them. “EVENT 201” was hardly prescient, as the World Economic Forum declares, it was a thoroughly contrived conspiracy that was intended to unleash upon the globe the chimera of a pandemic, capitalizing on the reality shift to elevate the phantasie as truth. Obviously, it was and is, quite successful to date.

This concerted attack upon the people of the world by a deceptive and hidden group is an old story.  Jacques De Molay was promised a new role in Europe’s’ rekindled interest in the Middle East and Levant. Amidst the false fanfare, the allegation was quietly, almost casually made about certain possible heresies within the order of the Knights Templar. The Grand Master promised to look into them, realizing far too late that the Templars were on the precipice. Like all Gnostics, the Templars were already sentenced to the vengeance of the acolytes of Abraham.

This reality shift is in many ways, a most ominous one. It can bring huge reward, but the pitfalls are daunting. The shift is a moving away from a focus on apparent objective reality to one primarily personal and subjective. At first, this sounds rather insignificant, until, as we recall, all reality is essentially an inner construct, an experience in a shared reality of forces and elements that are represented in part rather than in total. What this means is that the navigation of this new reality requires a healthy understanding of one’s’ inner landscape, one’s personal dreaming. Unfortunately, we have just emerged from a time when all of that was seen as non essential, even a hindrance to living life. Thus, few have developed, or arrived at, their inner lexicon with which to assess their experience, and this means, as we can see, that they defer rather easily to others who tend to trumpet the loudest.

This “leave it to the experts” method promotes a non-critical view of whatever version of reality is advanced by those who have the pulpit. This cultivates a soft and accepting view of “authority”, whereby the problems in life are projected onto others outside the sphere of authority, rather than upon the contradictions, inconsistencies, and deceptions played out by the authorities themselves. Thus, “the pandemic” is the fault of the unvaccinated, which can only be resolved by a holy crusade upon them. This willingness to empower despotic controlling blocs is done due to the unwillingness, and inability to do the work required for a healthy relationship to reality. This is exactly the wrong kind of strategy with which to navigate this current rite of passage and reality shift.

Thus, mankind is in effect, its own worst enemy when it comes to making the most of this opportunity.

The absolute dearth of internal development leaves the person completely unprepared to face this apparent dissolution of the world. The necessity to recognize themselves as an intrinsic and meaningful expression of the universe goes A.W.O.L., as the lost flock forlornly to those institutions and figures that gleefully punish them for existing. Far from supporting the global authority, this condition merely hastens the demise of the entire structure of society.

It should be obvious that this condition is not sustainable, and that the transhumanist depopulation games will not get the authorities the world they believe they are constructing. The ultimate and essential purpose behind this reality shift we are experiencing is the nature of genuine identity. The hijacking of this purpose can delay it, make it painful, even brutal, but it has no power to alter its course.

The wannabe gods are just undeveloped instruments of the anti-nature that arose with the ultimate condition of this dualistic cosmos. The Gnostic sages exposed this anti-nature as something fundamental, a strange and viral passion that took over as a reflection, or a complement of that which is natural. Thus, the forces of anti-nature, no matter how well arrayed, are only capable of tracing their root to a deficient source. What they invent is corrupt, unruly, given to destruction and malaise. They did not craft this manifestation, they do not comprehend it, nor will they determine its course. Despite their insane passions and their imperative to fashion a pseudo-world of machines and computers and genetically ruined slaves, they will find themselves only at the bottom of the abyss, railing against their ultimate dissolution into the prima materia, from where they will never emerge again.

 We call enough to this celebration of their own ineptitude. So then, what is this great spiritual opportunity offered by the stellar reality shift of the winter solstice, 2019? Simply put, it lies in the realm of one’s true identity, in the discovery of one’s true self.

Throughout the ages, spiritual movements have manifested like waves upon the sea. They rise and they fall upon a common root. This root is the liberation from the doom and constraints of the material. Spiritual movements are ordered in such a way as to build upon the natural, the living, and the genuine. Their foundation lies in a personal participatory practice.

The collective is reserved for public rituals, like the blessing of the waters, and for great ceremonies and celebrations like Yule and Midsummer. Such provide for participation, and the experiential moment, never as a replacement for personal effort and achievement. The reason for this separation is simple, yet profound; the collective has a threshold of attainment, an effective limit to spiritual development, after which it actively works as a hindrance. This is the primary reason why modern, collectivist religions such as the abrahamics lack vibrant languages of the spirit.

I will leave an in depth discussion of the collective to another time. It is enough to comprehend that the collective cannot obtain full value from the current reality shift, because the shared nature of reality limits any ultimate expression. The realm for discovery as the new paradigm unfolds will be in the personal, which as it develops can inform the collective, and direct it, which is a return to the essential chain of manifestation.

True spiritual practice features the act of remembering oneself as a spiritual being participating in a vast cosmos through the wonder of sheer existence. This is the direct experience of existing beyond one’s physical and ego nature, and it becomes the seventh sense by which one perceives the invisible, but very real spiritual dimension.

The very barriers to participation with true identity are those constructs and images of the dying society, reinforced by the ubiquitous structures and patterns that bombard mankind on an hourly basis. The tyranny of purely one low level of discourse, a level which intentionally is reduced to the most insignificant and insipid, a reduction of all effects to purely servile emotional baths, an endless prattling by soulless profiteers who are so completely compromised that they gape vacantly at any operational level of honour, this is the stuff of anti-nature, and the barriers to approaching the honesty of one’s self.

There is no will left, in the general exhaustion of the dying time, to save much of anything. It is this reduction that makes it especially noteworthy for mankind to reach a point whereby the absurdity of materialistic tyranny is abandoned. It is a strange and odd seeming contradiction that when all value of the current paradigm is spent; the grist becomes the possibility to reach to that genuine place.

The recognition of true identity becomes the purpose, and the means to the unfolding of greater perceptions, deeper recognitions, concerning the true nature of existence. Mankind can indeed become human. This opportunity exists because of the potential. Reality can only be perceived through the personal, and thus it is that ultimate tool to be forged, is the personal.


  1. Humans have been ambushed ,different than the long siege we have been used to , at a very critical evolution in the Cosmos , hard to pin down as if we must again learn to describe the water we swim in , which historically fell to the Artists ,of all persuasions ,who have the innate ability to relate and describe dimensions of human experience and soul evolution . In the past the artist and shaman were the same ,leading people thru the dark with a torch of divine connection . Of course the "Arts" are no longer culturally ingrained , and the training of memory and perception lost to the digital gulag that strangles pineal connections to the higher dimensions like a soul deadening anaconda .
    Thanks , Mike ,for the introspection and timely comments .

    1. The hijack of the moment, old eyes, occurs through only a few conditions.
      So many things are simple in execution.
      We enter this new time with a monkey on our back. We start with genocide...or is it democide? A species suicide.
      The cure is spiritual, since those with arsenals refuse to use them.
      Stay tuned, it's about to get really interesting.


    IDENTITY has many levels, but we are absolutely not referring to anything associated with a conventional definition here.
    No license.
    No real ID.
    No personal history.
    No military discharge.
    No pattern of behavior.
    No modus operandi.

    Identity in this context is your true self undiluted.
    Your true self is that transcendent core of yourself.


    1. The Gospel of Mary is not canonical, even though it was widely known. Christians claim an ownership of Mary that is not theirs to claim. I quote her gospel, which is returned to its rightful place in the Gnostic Corpus, simply because even in its current fragmented condition, the instruction and truth here is unmatched.
      The Great Feminine Power is ignored by Christians, or perhaps immensely diminished, for deep and calculating reasons. The Gnostic embraces her, and recognizes her contribution to creation.
      It is this difference that is perhaps the most striking division between the Gnostic and the Christian, and perhaps the primary condition that ensures continued antipathy between the two.

    2. MK, did not according to Jack's narrative state that the female form created that demiurge? Perhaps this creation is one big happy dysfunctional family?

      After she created more light He appeared out of nowhere and as time went on got jealous of the creation of the other eight and destroyed them and cursed the woman? Only one according to our Jack stayed out of that creation. Of course in the narrative that would be Lucifer. The Bible has many truths but hides the real truth from its reader however, the first edition was by a King whose name was James as this was a way to control the narrative that has gone on for thousands of years. Just an observation.

    3. Saklas the rebel appeared with the lower order, after deficiency was already introduced to the cosmos. Saklas' time is charted in the stars, and as such, his end is the terrible end of the cycle of error, yet his arising was with the Emanation, from eternal Fullness to the depths of manifestation.
      As such, he and all occur due to the overflowing of the Fullness, as does the Great Feminine Power.
      This power is the primal force in this world, and her hand is in everything.
      The bible was codified over many hundreds of years, together with the dogma, to build what is essentially defined as Christian today. A thinking person might find it endlessly odd that so much of this document is a result of deletion rather than addition, yet it was the passion for editing that removed much of the explanation that clarified the text.
      For example, several narratives in actuality, are the work of Gematria, and this is a Greek teaching tool using the study of number to understand the unfolding of creation. This is thoroughly pagan, tracing back to Pythagorean philosophy.
      George Lucas of Star Wars fame once said that the family narrative is the basis of a good story. We'll go with that.

    4. Covid has its ascendancy due to it's esoteric side, which is the primary reason why modern society can't explain any of it. Covid links in seamlessly, because it is essentially taylor made for this current time.
      The path of Covid isn't any better understood by those who abuse with it, so expect a wild ride.
      This latest Comet is going to bring in a whole new load of spaghetti to the bowl, so much I expect it to overflow in some very interesting ways.

  3. The "Eye Of God," created by a Human god. :

    English Translation
    Thirtieth Contact
    Tuesday, 15th July 1975, 09:46 hrs
    Thought Transmission Contact

    Semjase: 21. Today it offers a strange picture, whose origin is based on a violent destruction of a very large star.
    22. The destruction was triggered a very long time ago by a barbaric and power-hungry JHWH,[1] which ended in the destruction of himself.
    23. According to his senses and predictions, however, the destruction developed exactly in the form of the desired image, which was to serve the life-forms of the universe as a memorial to his power.
    24. The predicted form was a gigantic image of an eye now looking through the universe as an evil memorial to human insanity and human greed for power, but otherwise millions in the entire universe, but of natural origin.
    25. True to its eye-like appearance, the structure has been named JHWHMATA in connection with the producer since its creation.
    26. This name means translated into your language: 'eye of God' or 'God's eye'.
    27. According to your astronomical data and designations you will find the 'eye of God' in the constellation of Lyra, and you name it the Ring Nebula or M57.
    28. These are the things I have to tell you today.
    29. If you still have a question, then I still have a short time to answer it for you.

    I feel like I have been transferred to the realm of fantasy, Semjase. But tell me, where in heaven can I find the 'eye of God'?

    30. You will need a bigger telescope.

    Semjase's statement number 22, will it apply again this time as it did in those ancient times?

    1. Bigger telescope indeed. Or more accurately tuning your own telescope into focus. One would be amazed at how miniscule and massive large and small objects become if you can master that focus if not only for a short time. The macro becomes the micro and the micro turns into the macro. In that sense space as we understand it becomes nothing but an ocean of atoms so to speak and you become a giant swimming in an ocean you never realized you were in. Playfully horrifying.

  4. The Ring nebula is the visible structure of sacred geometry at work, and yes, we are told that the Christian almighty God, who is only the Gnostic Demiurge, and who organizes according to reflection, has already built a cosmos which failed.
    This message should be clear.
    Just like Surt constructs the worlds from fire, all of which contain the fatal flaw, 9 world's, with only one beyond his plan, the 10th.
    They key to comprehension here is again, sacred geometry.
    Christians like to imagine that their worship of lesser cosmic forces provides just enough abuse to exalt them. Again, this derives from fundamental error.

    1. Mathematics, sacred geometry prepare the mind for deeper immersion into reality.
      They are not, however, and end in themselves.
      They are, of necessity, the forms extracted from the visible cosmic matrix, which means that they all contain the same deficiency as that they derived from.
      Math is the warm up for the actual contest, the discovery of the depths of the mystery.
      thanks for commenting, good to hear from you.

  5. BTW MK, wonderful article as I was at the Jewish owned bicycle shop today and no one had a mask on except for the goy bike girl. LOL

    Covid? Organized mental illness as now they call athletes that drop dead as having an anxiety disorder called post pandemic stress disorder.

    Money talks and bullshit walks as I am seeing my Jewish pals build a successful business in spite of covid illnesses. LOL

    1. Thank you for reading.
      Yes, Klaus Schwab really came up with a whopper over athlete deaths, but then what's the surprise?
      First rule of making your mind your ally?
      Never lie.

    2. Well Mike Erica put you up on VT yesterday, this is a superbly written piece, we will take more if you got it...

    3. Thank you Jack.
      This piece is definitely not standard VT fare, so it's a bit of stretch for them. Perhaps they do have some interest in perspectives beyond the ordinary.
      I am working on another piece, as this current condition seems to lend itself to all manner of examination...

    4. I always knew there was a reason why two things from my younger spiritual experiences I held onto (for emotional reasons I'm sure of) far into my adulthood. One was the sexual depravity which we all must overcome and my seething hatred (later realized the inversion) of the rainbow flag. Partly because I understood their higher significance of what they were doing on the whole. The other was my seething hatred for "Modern Medicine" and "Doctors". The privileged class who hides behind their shield of knowledge and commits unspeakable horrors even if with good intentions they are far more blind than they even realize unawares that their practices on the unseen levels are nothing short than Sacrificial Rituals. I've seen this. I know this to be true and always have and the skinning of my sexual organs turned into a national rite of passage on a national level verifies it.

      I can't help but think my father, with his recent passing having escaped the hospital only to die on his own terms literally in my arms days before Thanksgiving, was partly due to the same doctors who previously saved him from an infection turned gangrene over the summer. Why? They rejected all outside minerals, vitamins and supplements which have recently corrected my astounding health issues and were benefiting him. Nothing but big pharma fabricated chemicals would do they say. To make matters worse they shoved a giant Q-Tip up his nose to check for "Covid" weekly for 6 weeks. I know he had health issues and delayed going in for treatment a week prior with the infection which he later recovered that then brought about the heart issue that finally took him, but logic and rationality can't explain everything. I have a sense of what I don't know there was more too it. Maybe not but doctors have been on my shit list before I hit puberty and I can't help but fault the medical community for being sycophants now to the dark side no matter the false pretenses they tell themselves now. If for no other reason shutting the hospital down mid-way through his stay in the summer for this bullshit right as they then informed him he had Stage 4 Colon Cancer and having to read through text his emotions and fear like a child with nobody there to assist him in processing all the events. I will NEVER FORGIVE THAT! Perhaps this is the circle closing from before. You are all on my shit list until proven innocent. I'm sorry but no matter how much I want peace and to treat others well in life Serrano pulls me in every time. Sometimes War is the only option and Vengeance is all we have left.

    5. Vengeance?
      Perhaps someone can explain to me how vengeance is going to move mankind through this current rite of passage.
      The demented political and social and economic movements have captured and destroyed the language. Can we talk about justice any more without images of B-urn and L-oot M-onthly?
      They assert they are real, working for a better life. Yet they cannot even begin to reach to spirit, thus all their works are deficient, built upon the changeable, and lost in corruption.
      Mankind likes to think the spirit is a nice fantasy, that somehow their shifting focus is an origin rather than a result.
      In my next piece I lay out the reality of Emanation. No fantasy, no imagination. I don't know when Jack will publish it, but he has it.
      The Gnostic sages wrote of the effort required to reach the incorruptible, and it begins with the silence.

    6. Yes, Vengeance. As well as hate, love, anger, rage, apathy, anxiety, and the thousand other emotions and their nuances. All of these are very real and must be addressed. Nothing. I say with full confidence, NOTHING is wrong to harness, use, embrace, and recognize as it is what it is. Without doing so we cannot modulate these things and something such as "Anger" or "Vengeance" can, AND WILL be used to its extremes never mastering its emotional context and vibration and thus harnessing its true power. The problem I see with "mankind" is first of all that's a lie in and of itself. Man isn't kind and perhaps he's lying to himself based on a incorruptible inner aspect that he no longer finds recognizable in the external world thus it changes him into something he no longer recognizes.
      Without understanding our emotional bodies there is no advancement as I see it and I'm tired of pretending otherwise like the spiritual hipsters of the day who've made a mockery of the emotional body for spiritual escapism. Running in fear of the darker emotional aspects of the human experience that's a reflection of something coming from within, as well as being projected from without. I choose to embrace it all and have consistently and yes nearly got swallowed up by it but in retrospect I find it part of the process. Part of the rite of passage for Mankind if you will. Perhaps they're in the process of learning this themselves on a wider level as we speak. In fact I believe it to be the case and why Rudolf Steiner likely thought the theosophical types had failed after the break out of WW1. I could be wrong but its only in the chaos and collapse that we will find out who we are and whether or not we can dodge the cannon shell trenches and move forward.
      When I speak of Vengeance perhaps it can be taken out of context for someone whose stuck playing this dog and pony show we call reality. I only speak for myself when I say it's from a modulated perspective and I have no shame in saying so. I allow it to drive me to do what little work I can in this world to put a single piece if need be back in its proper spot. I'm not a child anymore so I cannot speak of mankind like I once could. It's probably why as adults with our experiences formulating our unique perspectives that we can come off jaded to those coming here for the first time and yet with a strange sense of fire. Something even the most "enlightened" fools of the day can't understand about even the likes of Adolf Hitler. Hence the mystery and obsession 80 years later that still puzzles the world after he dropped the bat on humanity knocking them conscious or putting them into a retarded like trance bordering on a coma.
      In order for mankind to move forward they have to want to. I care only about the ones trying to do so offering a hand where I can and watching the others who choose to flounder in that silence knowing that's their path and nothing can save those unable to save themselves. Often times because they refuse to simply ask. There's that sympathy we have after being pulled from the darkness, but I don't kid myself and often struggle with overcoming the feelings of trying to turn a retarded adult into a rocket scientist consciously. It's not easy sometimes and they make it more difficult than it needs to be. There are many paths some must take to get to the end and not one. Who are you or I to know their individual path as frustrating as it may be? While we may grow with age and realize perhaps striking an individual allowing things to escalate to violence was beneath us, perhaps we'll later find that was what was necessary all along for not just that persons growth but your own. I only can and only will speak for myself from where I've come from, but no doubt I take into account all others unique path with great regard and appreciation. Without it I wont rise to even greater heights.

    7. I never have, and I never will advocate escapism.
      At the same time, harnessing any emotion without being swept away by it, is a feat I have rarely observed. One may believe, especially after a bout with pain and loss, that vengeance offers some sort of return to balance, but vengeance is vengeance, not justice, not righteousness. The retaliatory action simply deepens the wound.
      No one can simply focus on one half of any duality and find completion. This is why the power of observation is coupled with the cultivation of awareness. With awareness, we can discover, sometimes much to our own surprise, the judgments and opinions that rule us.
      Mankind today is indoctrinated into the condition of being ridden by perpetual inner activity. Advertising is psychological warfare, society seeks to harvest the best of people before they reach double digits in age, governments are now synonymous with pathological lying.
      We cannot achieve a spiritual advancement through struggling on the level of the disaster. We must develop the awareness that opens the doors to a higher level than the orchestrated interplay of noise.
      The big secret was spelled out millennia ago, and it's still true, that higher level is always there.

  6. MK, all of my Jewish pals are vaxxed except for one as anti vaxx appears to be the new anti Semitic since Jews push the vaxx more than any other group as its just an observation!

  7. The "hitler pal" our local Guru says that its all about the Joos. So, all of my Jewish Palls are invited to the bunker I helped build. He says that they are the most honorable of men.

  8. A Jew and a pal and a bunker as Hitler had plenty of them

  9. Strategically speaking, the majority is quite unaware that their exalted status just means they are first in the cattle cars. The cognitive reduction is merciful indeed.
    This next piece is going to address the issue that ties spirit, life, and emanation to our rapidly changing paradigm.

  10. Here you go Mike, from two of the best writers the MSM ever produced:

    The article is terrific in laying out what the real problem is for most humans as this process continues to its conclusion. We have a question. Do you have any idea from what source the author drew the date of December 21, 2019 as the reference point that will lead to this final result? Love to know! Let us know how it goes.
    All the best,
    Paul and Liz

    1. Two of the very few ever endorsed by me:

    2. To paraphrase David Bowie from Diamond Dogs...
      ...How could they know?!?
      The most accurate description is that I was led to this date by a series of events and revelations...
      ...from a deed to a deed I was led to a deed
      and from a word to another word.
      I've never had the chance to open this to any kind of public view, until you yourself provided the opportunity.
      This particular date is central because of the evidence for it, the nexus of events. Not all were apparent at that time, but in the current light, it becomes becomes starkly clear.


  11. Just a short note to those dashed on the rocks by the demented transhumanist globalist death machine.
    Backup has arrived.
    Be strong.


  12. In the Gnostic Corpus, there is always Source.
    Source is real, present, and accessible, however any apprehension of source only descends upon who has found the eyes to see, the ears to hear.
    Arriving at these attributes involves becoming aware that they even exist. This is something that modern society absolutely does not want you to achieve.
    Modern society prefers for you to be lost to your higher faculties, for the simple and stupid reason that they want to sit in their stead. On the surface, then, modern society becomes the changeling, the artificial ersatz replacement for your true birthright and heritage.


  13. We know that source is more than a wish fulfillment fantasy, more than some foolish escapist dalliance due to the work of Kurt Godel(add umlaut).
    His proof of the existence of the absolute set was incontrovertible, a feat largely buried by the self proclaimed geniuses who, through their tireless efforts, have brought you the shining example of this world you live in.
    What Mr. G. proved is no less than the existence of source itself. If you think this has no application to what our eyes to see, ears to hear are attuned to, and their significance in your personal life, then you have not sat down to examine the depth and grandeur of cosmos this proof reveals.


    1. Mike you're on the wrong post Malice is up and burning up the hit counter

    2. Yes Jack, I did know, however I considered it important to issue a couple final comments.


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