Guest Post: The Unbelonging by Mike Kay

Two years in and it now should be apparent to anyone with a functioning mind that the reality they have clung too so desperately throughout the course of their existence no longer exists. The secret is it never did. In fact, the only thing that really exists is you; you think therefore you are. But how many of those thoughts are yours and how many are merely the parameters in this environmental construct you once mistook for real? New agers and dime store sages prattle on about the great awakening without ever realizing the dream is all they have. When it ends, they will end with it. They along with everyone and everything else they perceive are but part of the dream. If you are to see the morning then you must separate yourself from the dream of the night, you must unbelong... - Jack Heart   

The Unbelonging by Mike Kay

The event was drawing to a close. Despite the current devastating social condition with the supposed pandemic, it had been what he would call a success, although it was true that he had no expectations. Somehow, he had gotten through the whole thing without having to talk about injections, and that alone was cause for some celebration. He was about to close up when he got word that Joy had called, and she was on her way.

He liked Joy, and her guy Tyler. Joy was, true to her namesake, a bubbly and enthusiastic personality, and Tyler, well Tyler was basically just a good guy.

He looked out to the mountains, watching the clouds, his eyes tracing the faint lines of snow. He was still doing just that when Joy rushed in, a smile warming up her face below her sunglasses.

She always caught the eye of men, her lithe form moving quickly and precisely, her long dark hair trailing behind her with just a hint of natural rust. She was socially accomplished, and soon had what was left of the crowd buzzing anew, when she slid in close beside him, picking up quickly after the brief greeting. “Tyler is away, so I came alone, because I just had to see you!” She always was good at flattery.

“It’s always great to see you too, Joy’, he responded conversationally, “how have you both been, haven’t met up in quite some time.”

“Well, you know Tyler came down with Covid, and he brought it home to me, so we both had it for two weeks, and you know, we both are vaccinated”.

He felt a strange, odd thrill pass through him. He wondered at it. There was no telling where it came from, but at her words it definitely passed through him, leaving him a little disconcerted. He knew he was supposed to say something, but he could only manage a rather lame response, “well, you’re better now, right?’

She was very close to him, and she turned to face him as if it was someone, something else controlling her behavior. Her dark hair fell back and she looked deeply, directly into his eyes. Their gaze melded, and there staring through her, the pupil-less black oblong eyes regarded him. They were mounted in a pasty grey head. The Archon had the presence of an insect, and it looked at him, prospectively, as if wondering if he could be food.

The moment of Unbelonging is often an odd one. It almost never arrives on schedule, or when expected. Unbelonging is simple, and it can be bittersweet, as the moment makes it quite clear that the one it chose is most certainly a stranger, whatever the appearance, or condition. Loss, disconnection, uncoupling, all occupy the moment of Unbelonging. One who experiences Unbelonging knows completely that they are separate, apart. They know they can’t share their true thoughts or impressions, and those who need to navigate in the world wonder at their difference.

To be fair, a sense of separation is standard in this world. We all learn to see ourselves as embodied individuals, which center most emotional, spiritual, and intellectual experience “within”. This entire view, a philosophy of being, is largely unconscious, unexamined, and assumed. It develops in us before language. The ancient Greeks called it ego, and so do we. Ego is a necessary tool for the function in the physical world.

Where we go wrong, is in allowing the ego to move beyond this stage, to develop from a tool to an identity. Together with this assumption of identity, comes an obfuscation of genuine identity, a great forgetting of what we truly are. The ego can develop into such a hardened construct, that it becomes impossible to overcome its grasp, until death.

How do we know that our ego is simply a tool for organizing material experience, and providing a center from which the biological entity operates? How can we tell that what we are groomed to believe is the “I”, in truth is little beyond a system of self preservation? There are actually several methods, but we will only focus on two. First, we discover that ego is a tool because as it develops, it anchors the biological entity deeper into the physical world. It is a well known fact amongst reincarnation researchers, that past life memories must be retrieved as early as possible in a child’s life. Dreams and memories of other incarnations are quickly forgotten in favor of current experience, and the development as an individual. It is worth pointing out to the dubious, that there actually are researchers who provide exhaustive proof and testimony that something fascinating here is happening, and that reincarnation must be taken seriously as an aspect of human existence.

Secondly, we can discover that the ego is a tool, rather than our source of identity through the practical application of mysticism. Through mysticism, we gradually discover that the belief we are fully contained in a biological envelope, is a perspective. We recognize that this perspective of containment is unexamined, and that the very substance of which we define as identity, is not ours.

Previously, we set forth the experiment of entering the silence, exploring this state as one which truly exists, yet is seldom accessed, or even accessible by modern people. The primary obstacle to exploring the silence is the endless activity of thoughts, emotions, and memories. One must begin moment by moment, patiently moving into the silence by creating as few ripples in the pond of consciousness as possible. Yet it is this endless procession of thoughts, emotions, and memories that we believe constitute ourselves. It is this bundle that we refer to as ego, and our hopes, fears, ideas of the future, thoughts on our physical condition, etc. etc. etc. all convince us as to the reality of the bundle as the very source of ourselves. The sad truth is, that the vast majority of people alive today do not think. They do not feel. They do not wonder, imagine or plan. The vast majority of people today are thought, they are felt, they are imagined and planned. It is not they who are doing these things, it is they who are woven, spun and crafted by them.

No one knows why they might like pudding, but hate oatmeal. No one can explain why certain memories from certain times in life spark up to occupy our mental activity. No one knows, or even wonders, from where thoughts arrive, and to where they go. Yet despite this, modern people will swear that it is they who like and dislike, it is they who remember, it is they who think. This is so self evident to modern people, that questioning it seems ridiculous. Yet what is ridiculous is the imagining that “they” are doing any of this at all.

A similar hand in hand process occurs with the unquestioned perspective that we all have and exercise “free will”.  Proponents of free will state that no one, and nothing is controlling their actions. Further, they state that the gods are imagined in the mind of man, and that ultimately there is no morality, no ethics beyond what one can, or can’t do. Free will essentially states that we are our gods, and that our personal will is the measure of our lives. Thus, mankind is “free” to perform whatever act is topical at the time, good, bad, or indifferent.

However, in order to exercise free will, one must be able to decide. If one is going to decide, they must have the freedom to act upon this decision. The question is, how can one who doesn’t even understand their own likes and dislikes, claim to have the necessary awareness to be in control of any decision? How can one who is subject to various hungers, drives, and illusions even begin to claim that they exercise freedom in acting upon decisions? Clarity of origin is clarity of choice, and clarity is not simply lacking in modern man, it is actively suppressed.

The free will hypothesis is fundamental to the modern perspective on life. Yet the modern explanation of life is resulting in a world of devastation and loss. Far from creating a great society living in harmony with the dynamic forces of the planet, modern perspectives promote activity that ultimately removes all options from mankind’s’ future. Hilariously, it is the supposed state of free will that ultimately destroys free will. Are we really to believe that people freely choose to live in a burnt out wasteland populated by dead end objectives? At this point, it would be timely to introduce various arguments concerning circular thinking, but this would just be rubbing the free will nose in their own rubbish.

Ultimately, the development of total body consciousness occurs due to the butchering of the young, and the reliance on free will as an explanation, is developmental cowardice. The refusal to seek beyond the miracle of moving the body according to a mysterious process, enshrines this state as free will, and suddenly grinds to a complete halt. Taken together, ego and free will are responsible for bringing to mankind the fear, terror, and anxiety that make them so easy to herd along. Far from establishing a holy baseline of conscious activity, the dualistic core of ego and free will provide the terms of enslavement once more, and it is the enslavement of the mind.

Thus it is that the argument for universal, unearned, gifted free will is both spurious and absurd. Modern people run around in endless circles, terminally ignorant of the forces that control them, lost in complete delusion concerning who and what they are. Modern hubris is unwarranted, and it will play a very large role in the continuing deconstruction of global society, which is happily marching along, despite all those thoughts, wishes, and actions to the contrary.

Here then, lies another source of Unbelonging. For modern man, it is the Unbelonging to the truth of themselves.

The unfortunate result, for those who begin to understand who and what they are, is that the availability of that delusion of modernity actually decreases. Whilst one can still perceive and understand those narrow confines one is escaping from, one looses both the desire and the will to occupy them. The people who continue to shoehorn themselves into those crevasses become increasingly distant, as what passes for the substance of life is shared less and less. Thus begins to occur, not an existential angst, or alienation in a crowd, but a different focus, a different trajectory, to the path of one’s life.

It is important to point out that all manner of communities exist according to themselves, based on all kinds of different factors. Model railroaders come together due to their love for the railroad. Classical music preservationists come together due to their shared objectives in society. Military comes together according to the duty to serve. In each of these cases, there is a smaller community of shared motivation, yet there is in each a sense of separation from the parent society. Before we make too much of the separation of the aware, we need to realize that mankind has always separated in order to further its’ study, expertise, and support.

Yet the Unbelonging we wish to examine here is an altogether different beast, if only because of one fact, and that is its utter lack of support in modern society. While there are strong motivations within the reward system to withdraw in order to study engineering, there are essentially only negative rewards in the Unbelonging of which we speak. This might at first seem confusing, even counterproductive, until it is understood that the reward itself is the result of developing a more truthful, more genuine experience of self and reality. The ultimate premise of mysticism is that what is not known, can be known. The fact that this includes self knowledge should not be surprising. In science, one develops means of very exact measurement. In mysticism, the self is discovered to be the tool, and the measure.

The origin of Unbelonging can be as jarring as being sized up by the archon in a friends’ eyes. It can also be from a sense that life, as is explained by the overpaid sages of modernity, does not fit into any sensible review of experience. It cannot happen unless one is willing to become intensely honest with oneself. It won’t occur without dedicated effort. That it is a natural state, given the perilous physical conditions of this sphere, is often ignored or even thrust aside.

Unbelonging is a characteristic of development, surrounded by a world of arrested development, which does not understand development, or wish to understand it. Thus the divide in humanity doesn’t exist to be bridged, but to be recognized purely for what it is. One understands that the nature of humanity is to expand the definitions, experiences, and possibilities in the matrix of existence. This feature is simply built into the human model. In order to do so, the human mold must itself be expanded. The development that features Unbelonging does exactly that.


  1. That was brilliant and seriously profound, Mike. It flashed me back to feelings and dreams I had as a very young boy. The new age idiocy notwithstanding, I knew viscerally and intuitively that I was not "one" with everything and everybody. Not even close. Bob Miles used to say that if you truly believe you are just a body and the material realm is all there is (and I've known more than a few people like this) then when you die, that is what you will get. Complete nothingness. If you truly know that your origins are in the higher realms, then you will return there, no matter the obstacles you must face and overcome. We are pilgrims on this earth but by no means all of us. Master Serrano said the ancients knew (what most don't now) is that there are three classes of men on earth. The lowest he referred to as, "The Slaves of Atlantis" or "Animal Men". These beings are endlessly reincarnated as cannon fodder and chow for the Demiurge and his Archons. Reincarnation should more accurately be called recycling. For the rest of us, immortality beckons but it must be fought for and earned. It is not a given.

    1. HD, I am convinced every conscious being can change the state of consciousness it belongs to, even though many stick up to their ears in the mud. But it is not a given, it is hard work and sacrifice. So there’s endless work to do for bodhisatwas.

    2. When I was thrown back into this existence, it was similar to being burned by a whistling teapot held in bare hands, repeatedly.
      I do understand why Mr. S would place Jehovah to the right of the Demiurge. If one is going to boil frogs, then one might as well hire the best frog boiler around.
      Nothing is for free here, and just about everything one believes is theirs is actually on loan. What really is ours is hidden and obscured.

    3. Oh yeah, get 'em young MK. That explains a lot actually of the nightmare in the home reality and a nightmare in the dream reality getting DP'ed by both sides for the longest time. For me it was the constant drowning, probably something to do with being a fire sign as that inner pyro excites me even the fact of being burned alive in purification or ripped apart into a thousand pieces by an artillery piece, unironically stood ontop of (IED) later in life that failed to explode.

      Twin sides of leaving the world into the fear of darkness and the great beyond. It's like having meat hooks dug into the body and ripping away at you trying to exit the vessel. Air so light it feels like you can't catch a breath hearing whispers of calm down and just breath. Not the same air we know from this perspective. It's a journey after that but coming back down for me was like slamming into a cold, damp, meat suit from the twin towers. Feeling paralyzed until about 95-99% of all spiritual energy was required to drive my goddamn arm up so it's no wonder people eventually as adults choose one or the other. It's bloody hard the longer you go on down here in the trenches. What started off as a hated experience leaving turned into a hated one coming back as a master diver 2000 leagues under the sea wearing cinder blocks. The light air that once choked me to death now was in reverse by the dense and poisonous air I came back to. I'll never forget the poison air we call oxygen. Probably why I suffered with brutal asthma when I was young and ran into a screen door twice in 1 month because my mom liked to make the doors invisible with windex. Breathing, which is very key has always felt like torture to me trying to do it correctly.

      I'll take your fire and you can have my water.

    4. Yet if we review so many of the conditions we inherit via birth, we cannot help but discover that they present us with existential challenge.
      There is by no means any force to accept the challenge, and so few become aware of it, and even fewer step into it. That the challenge presented by life is impossible is a given, and it is because of that impossibility that some will take it no matter what, because to live without challenge is intolerable.

  2. I was fascinated by the word unbelonging and after a swift research learned, that it’s an important term in philosophy, sociology and politics. Mike Kay is broadening its meaning, as he is once again widening our mind into the roots and realms of our existence. What a great read!

    1. I had written a long piece, and when I went to edit it I had that feeling similar to food poisoning. I hated what I wrote, when from above shone a brilliant natural light in the eye of the spirit, and I heard her voice say...You will write from your true spark...and that is where this piece came from.

  3. John Kaminski - "Thanks Jack and Mike. This is very helpful to me. My principles offend everyone, sooner or later. My biological family is totally alienated, not to mention jabbed and completely self-centered. And I just got a letter from a recovering liberal in Vermont whom I've tried to cultivate because of his wide network of liberal intellectuals. He just told me both he and the movement for liberation my medical tyranny could not focus on two aspects at once -- the Jew and the jab. He doesn't see how they go together. And this is the pitfall of the current battle. Foes of the lethal jab job are fighting the tyranny with insufficient tools, a too shallow understanding of the problem, not realizing it is the system and not just the event that augurs the destruction of all humanity. The hip liberals enthuse over the apparent candor of Drs. McCullough and Malone spewing their anti-Nazi comparisons and casually mentioning how of course they've been jabbed and it was no big deal and the problem is really a mass psychosis without realizing this is precisely the affliction they themselves possess by preaching an incomplete escape from the deliberate myths that trap us in our poisoned world. Unbelonging is a very familiar place to me, sparsely populated though it may be.

    Best wishes,
    John K"

    1. This why we need Mr K to write, because the human condition is informed through it's humans who struggle with it.

  4. "Darn - I was hoping to hear more about the archon and his experience with that woman named Joy." - Jeanie

    Yea Mike tell me more

    1. That is two out of four names names of my 4 sisters. Can human gossip thought energy generate archons?

    2. Jack,
      It's my own failing, but I can't follow those links. Could you please provide a title?
      Rather than viewing the Archontic as a condition we create, try to see it as something we are born into.

    3. just a joke Mike, the soundtrack from Grease "tell me more tell me more..."

    4. If I was to write more about Joy, it would really become a history of her journey. While I might like to flatter myself by calling her my friend, the truth is that I'm not qualified to write her story, I can only write about those moments where stories connect, as honestly as possible.

  5. Jack: In his masterpiece, "The Triumph of Death", the great 20th century Italian author Gabriel A'nnunzio ("The Poet") was describing a scene between two brothers when (quote/paraphrase) "... there flashed that intense hatred that can only exist between family members." I know whereof he speaks. Very often, the worst enemy you'll ever have in your life will be a family member. I chalk it up to one of the countless anomalies of "life" in the realm of the Demiurge.

    1. Every problem I've had since VT published my first piece was with my own family Heretic, internecine warfare is the deadliest kind of warfare there is...

  6. Suprise surprise Mike, you're on Veterans Today under my banner

    1. Jack, you really know how to stir the pot.


    2. It's what I do Mike, at least till dinner is served...

  7. "I liked the article.

    Some Greek philosophers wrote that thoughts 'occurred' and were not an invention of the person who 'had' the thoughts. So, "The Thinker" sculpture is a misnamed.

    Psychologists claim that obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) occurs when intrusive thoughts become uncontrollable." - John H

    1. Interesting. For me it was washing my hands and only the dirt and grime the military offered allowed me to break that condition although hygiene is still considered a top priority. Mine could've just been this whole world was dirty and my subconscious was trying to clean itself of the filth.

      I'm curious as to whether you, Orage, MK, or the rest of the crew plan on doing a piece on what a lot of new people are coming to realize about our reality regarding the "Mandela Effect". I'm torn myself on whether it's this schema of two realities shifting, colliding, or restructuring like Inception or whether it's a gentle prodding from the beyond to everyone stuck in the illusion that this isn't real and you're in the malestorm of a group consciousness that's fractured because of events so large addressing them might fracture them further instead of reconstruct them into the whole. I lean toward the later, but the former also feels right as well despite the two seemingly contradicting one another.

    2. For those interested it starts about 45 minutes in:

      Really people are starting to notice the "German Connection" that once again finds itself in all conspiracies thus making the personal connection for myself that it's always been WW2 on everyone's consciousness that's the pivotal moment in our perceived history. The machine broke or was broken then, but it's still surprising even to me to see how cryptic the German connections are in the Effect.

    3. In order for us to adequately assess the mandala effect it will be necessary for me to publish an internal memo issued to the Jack Heart team that I am not yet ready to publish Greg. Those who know know like the faggot that hastily erased his pathetic cheer leader comment for transhumanism, shit happens, and so much has happened since then that I would have to invite you to leave the temple and follow me into the abyss. Trust me on this, you can't, not yet but the song remains the same

    4. There is so much more to thought, than what we measure via standard cognitive experience. However, the vast majority will never reach this realization.
      Thought is multilayered, and in most humans, it is resultant. Yet in the invisible realms, it is the opposite.
      Thus, to linger in the standard definition cognitively is to never realize the true nature of thought. Rather, it is a state of lingering in the shadows and devouring dead things.
      The oligarchs who believe they control you love this fact, even as they realize they too are it's prisoners. But they are a nodding and gibbering lot, and all their stolen wealth is as ephemeral as the thoughts they borrow.
      Do not emulate them.

    5. TBH, guys-- the Mandela Effect has been blown up into something much more than it actually is. And if you think we're all on the same timeline, you'll never get it. There's really only you on your timeline, and the Shadow People some refer to as NPCs buzzing around you like flies on a turd.

    6. "Please understand that there IS NO SUCH THING as coincidences"

      I've been saying that since day 1, the Reality bubble thing came out years ago. The each one bleeding into the other and influencing it is an improvement, but it still doesn't explain how some of us can influence the whole as easily as you change your socks. For that we must have supernatural beings; Gods, Devils, aliens and such which he does incorporate into this theory, I'll give him a B+ on this, good read.

    7. I definitely see it as a bleed over from my personal experiences. As though we're all trapped within our own reality bubble and we run into other peoples bubble for good reason as a net positive although the wrong people it can make it a temporary net negative for you based on your condition. It's the power of influence and created a shared reality working out the kinks the way I see it. It was the only way I could explain sitting in my dimly lit box with blackness outside the walls I called a room growing up and wondering every now and then who were these mother fuckers randomly appearing in my box when I thought I was alone. As far as I'm concerned we're walking our dimly lit boxes around and every now and then we cross into someone elses box. Some can see the other others cannot see you and are walking around oblivious or confused.

    8. I've noticed the politispeak change from "paradigm" to "timeline", and I've found myself laughing over this, because not one of our timeline experts, who previously were paradigm experts, ever
      clarifies what they mean when they refer to time.
      For example, are they referring to the measure of time, which is simply the motion of the earth?
      Are they referring to one, or a series of events that they are convinced are locked together?
      Or perhaps time is defined as some type of external thing, possibly massively encompassing, that can be subject to math, dimestore philosophy, and "common sense?"
      I wonder about this because time is really an expression of a limited consciousness, and far from being subject to the tyranny of timelines, mankind is making the same mistake he always makes, convinced that his ephemeral transformational existence is absolute.

    9. Or rather MK didn't read or else understand the article referred to above. Go figure.

    10. No, MK did not read the article, because MK has no patience left for happily advanced alien civilizations in a universe that is served by a mankind in the dark for mankind's own good memes.
      MK is not opposed to those who do so, or those who find value therein, but he finds the alien explanation completely insufficient, in very real ways.
      Timelines, reality bubbles, and Mandela effect refer to a narrative that is only powerful from a certain, limited point of view.
      The question has to do directly with the true self.

    11. The 'alien explanation' is all there is, manolo. And 'timelines, reality bubbles, Mandela Effects' are a direct manifestation of the Prison Complex the 'aliens' have constructed around us. All based on a fixed Reality Template shared by all Earthsiders, with the general path we undertake in 'our life' individually decided pre-birth with Mantid-like creatures ('living' in the 'Outside' Universe; the real universe, if you like) formerly known as our Guardian Angels. Kinda like sliding down a water-chute to put it crudely. Some lateral motion permitted depending on skill. But not much.

      (These creatures also farm us for emotional energy; but this hasn't been 100% confirmed as of yet. Working on that. The movie Soul is a fantastic reveal. Fantastic. And highly accurate believe it or not.)

      Unfortunately for us, the Bad Guys have the tech to bundle the worldlines of unsuspecting, dumbed down chumps-- who think 'reality' is just a bunch of particles hitting offa each other-- together. Toward whatever end they so choose. Just take a look around us, right?

      Fish in a barrel. Lambs to the slaughter.

      You, me, everybody, as a prisoner confined to this 'reality universe' are very much limited from our point of view. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. So, if you can find a way to exit the MWI reality universe we're confined to, access your real memories, and take your place again as a timeless, immortal consciousness-- very much more than just a sliver of the divine-- then I for one will be all ears.

      That's the True Self. They have the tech to keep True Self hidden from the self; and no amount of spiritual reflection can alter that.

      And True Magicians know this about our physical reality-- that's how they can manifest things so effectively as Jack has alluded to above. They, the magicians, are a very small number out of the total population. Very small. You might be one-- I actually know one or two myself-- but ultimately they are still trapped here. The nature of the intelligences and powers we are dealing with is beyond comprehension. Unfortunately. And even for us, :(

      Read this if you have the time and I guarantee you a lot of the readership on here would be very much interested in your critique. (And don't get me wrong, I'm no fanboy of Metallicman-- it's just that some old and wise compadres of mine have told me that pretty much everything this guy has written about-- Big Picture, especially-- is correct. Only problem is our philosophy, theology and metaphysics haven't really caught up with this stuff as of yet. But we're working on it.)

      It's no secret in the corridors of Those That Know either, obviously. It's just that until now, they've been pretty darned good at concealing the Truth from the Chumps via their control of, well, pretty much everything. For some reason Metallicman has been allowed to publish.

      Here ya go:

      ....and I'll refrain from mentioning anything like this on here again. Jack's readership is no doubt by now now able to research this angle for themselves. Our paradigm is in the process of being turned upside down as you well know-- and the irony is, the entities Metallicman writes about are directly responsible for it. The chumps, of course, think it's all about money, jabs, masks, Klaus Schwab, The Davos Set and their great reset. The chumps who can still think for themselves that is-- an ever decreasing circle if ever there were.

    12. The genuine self is neither belief or construct. It cannot be defined, because it escapes all attempts to define it. This goes back to Mr. Goedel-anglicized spelling, and his absolute set. We are the model for the Cosmos, and the Cosmos is our body.
      There is no technology that can sever the connect with the true self, but there is technology to hinder, misdirect, and deaden the incarnate self, which at least appears to sever the Daemon and Eidelon. Even this effort can be overcome, for Her spark is ever determined to be revealed, and this ancient way is more real and powerful than any technology.
      The reality of the true self is only experienced, and this reality lies at the core of awareness. The unfolding of awareness brings one to Her spark, and that desire to unite is the electromagnetic, it is the essential dual natured force that reflects in everything that is.
      Mankind shares this cosmos with innumerable entities that can become visible, felt, and touched. Referring to them as Aliens is entirely misinterpreting the condition, because they are not truly alien at all.
      I've experienced enough to know that UFOs are not some technological marvel from some other humanoid species. They are in fact, events where the assumed reality is shown to be insufficient in comprehending existence.
      The key here is that mankind is going to go through a journey that will take him to another shore. There are millions who desperately hold onto their old world, even as it dies and goes grey around them. Their clinging will lead to their own extinction, because absolutely nothing they can do will preserve what is already gone.
      This choice belongs to them alone. It isn't made by anything other than themselves.
      For those who are not going to cling, and would rather face the sting of the wind, lies a journey without light, where the power that emanates this world will guide them to the next shore, which is their destiny. Perhaps now it is possible to understand why those who cannot withstand the dark have chosen to fade with what was.
      There is no alien control holding mankind hostage. There is the impossible challenge, and the effort to meet it, or the decision to vanish.
      It has already been determined that the rite of passage will be travelled. Our only choice is to fade with the grey, or brave the deep dark.

    13. If they are so all-powerful B why ain't I dead? Why ain't Metallica Man dead? Why are guys like you figuring out how this works? Don't give them too much credit they have their own overlords...

    14. Easy, Jack. Because at heart you are a good person. It's service to self and sub-servient idiots who can't think for themselves who are doomed.
      Simple as that, really.

    15. So I'm guessing your entire readership and your contributors will meet up on the Other Side once we get through this shitshow.
      And very much looking forward to that.

    16. That's the gameplan and I will remember all of you, just like I will remember those that served these bug-eyed bitches

    17. The Aeon to come, in Coptic, is "Lord of the House".
      This name carries great significance, as it is a message that contains the direction for the destined manifestation.
      In all cultures, and across all times, the Cosmos has been seen as cyclic. All of eternity is held in the emanation that are the Aeons.
      The great separation that mankind is experiencing, I have written about previously. Knowing that we are embarking upon this rite of passage should make the separation easier to understand, and understanding is an energy that leads to soundness of mind.
      No one is going to escape the stress and tribulation. Yet we can use this as a measure of our own developing awareness, and as a catalyst to find our inner poise.
      We should give what is dead to the Great Power, and bring our resources to bear on the task at hand, for we need that reservoir now to heal and sharpen our focus.
      Things seem crazed and chaotic, yet the invisible realms promise balance and grace to those who attend them.

  8. Having Turned ON, Tuned In and having dropped out, Unbelonging myself, I imagine if I could only fully understand what caused, and what was, the source of that big cracking snapping electric sound, that left me permanently lit in 1977. Once upon a time, 100 years ago in 1922, a nice lady named Alice Bailey published a very helpful book I read in 1984 titled, Initiation: Human and Solar. The names and descriptions used in that book provide meaningful clues at best. But now, what is correctly demanded Now, is Clarity. What I keep getting back is: Now Is Not The Time. I can start listing reasons why it is Not Time. But personally, quietly, I give this world class mystery thought, beginning with: Describe The Planetary Logos and the wireless interconnection relationship with the human being.

    1. Stan,
      I've never read Alice Bailey, but I seem to recall she was a theosophist, and was part of the Krishnamurti event, which was, apparently, an attempt to force through an interpretation of the second coming of the Christ...
      This current situation, this current time is understood as one where great spiritual leaps are possible. Many are being pushed, none too gently, to develop spiritual muscle. Some have interpreted this as speeding up time, even changing the time, which they believe lies at the core of the Mandela effect, yet the present Aeon shines as always, and the immortal array is not disturbed by the death spiral of modern man.
      The artificial frequencies cannot trace their origin to anything greater than generation via burning, and yet the true frequencies all have a much different inception. Modern man believes that he has power through corruption, but he is only fooling himself. Finally, a question; what other time do we have to act in besides the NOW?

    2. There's probably good reason why they never bring her up. She wasn't a conformist like her fellow New Age Theologians it seemed in the Theosophical society based on her views of race and the jews she's been blackholed. Likely meaning there is more to her than first impressions based on her previous history with the Theosophists. I'm sure Rudolf Steiner felt similarly seeing how yet again good concepts got corrupted by weaker men and women into yet another dogma. I could be wrong but Dark Journalist really has a hard on for this kind of topic over the last few years and to be honest the Theosophical Society topic makes me want to vomit these days by its modern day discoverers not much different from the Love and Light spirituality crowd.

      I'm a little biased though I just don't have the patience for those two crowds throwing in 90% good ideas only to poison it with absolutely conformist bottom of the barrel takes on Germany, the NSDAP and Hitler which like with everyone is their crutch for all woes in their life and everyone else's. It's not just a lack of character but a lack of self-confidence to navigate the reality field without finding some scapegoat to blame for all the problems, but wait isn't that what Hitler was doing? That's what I was told.

    3. Maybe Stan will chip in here, but I honestly know very little of Alice Bailey. However, theospohy itself seemed to be more than just a little interested in creating magical/spiritual events.
      We do have, however, GRS Meads translation of Pistis Sophia, which requires a decoding on the part of the reader. I'm not aware of any other translation for this piece, and that makes it a unique contribution to the world.
      In terms of mankind and scapegoats, the veils of ignorance promote ignorance. It takes courage and dedication to shake these shackles off.

  9. 'Internecine warfare', no shit!
    At least I'm currently in favour with my Queen, unlike Randy 'Andy'
    who looks like he is about to be chucked under the 'bus.
    Great stuff Mike. Beautiful and transcendental, yet with a weight of universal truth vibrating throughout.

  10. Holocaustianity, like all things Judaic, is taking the factual and twisting it into a lie, all the while turning it into a buisness.
    The middle east nukers apparently have moved the agenda into suicidal self hate, to lead the mass of humanity into ruin.
    What I offer here is a perspective unavailable through the noise, the static that hides the Schumann resonance. You need nothing but yourself, and the patience, the tenacity to start with the truth that is Silence.
    It is a wholly different perspective, and it is one that is forever melded with the challenge, rather than the result.
    This world is dying, and those who have opened their veins to the Archontic are determined to take you with them. The unbelonging is the return to that vital spark sent through Her from the Great Power, and available to you, but you must realize it to understand.


    Some say it was only partially finished, others say halfway destroyed, others say its fabricated in-between. What I take much like David Irving's views on the Table Talks (up to 1942) is that the voice of both sounds very much like the two of them and the consistency is largely the same. People disregard the voice and get stuck in the contradictions not realizing peoples views turn to jelly and re-solidify as we move forward and grow older and that one can hold two contradicting views and move between the two like a ninja in the night based on what audience they're communicating to. It's clear as day you're hearing a master and his pupil where the master is letting his pupil rise to the conclusions he needs to self-realize.

    His part on Luther is very inciteful as is the viewpoint that Luther unironically gave the Christian retards an extension of life on a already failing Christianity. Once more proving that the slaves of this world, who lie about wanting freedom when what they really want is a master, will bastardize every honest thoughtform thrown there way and use it to continue their illusion which is really more of a self-induced delusion. What do your "Lutherans" who used his name in vein do today? Disown the Great Martin Luther himself! Pardon me will I scoff at the hysterics. Then the world wonders how the Teacher and the Apprentice saw Communism and Liberalism before it as nothing more than an extension and death-throes of Christiansanity before it. Old Testament style which the New Testament simply fractured the mind further while offering a way out on the other hand.

  12. The jews in the days when they were known as Scythians fed the most promising among them to starving dogs kept in a pit. If anyone was considered particularly intelligent, they were deemed a threat to the tribe and sacrificed to the snake god. They still do this till this day; David Erving is a splendid example, best historian of the twentieth century. History, real history, is always a clear and present danger for the tribe.

  13. All Time



    This Month

    Last Month

    The numbers, you guys are doing real well without me, keep em coming

  14. Jack: David Irving is excellent but as far as being the best in the 20th century, Harry Elmer Barnes for his brilliance, perspicacity, integrity and courage can give him a run for his money.

    1. Few have heard of him today, because his work merely affirms the darkest suspicions circulating unbidden, around the false narratives beloved by those who pull the levers in this increasingly evil society.


  15. Here you go nine, this just in from the other side...
    #Art by Anton Semenov

  16. I don't know if they're on the wrong side of history nine but their sure as fuck on the wrong side of the war. As I was told in 2016 when I disappeared right before the DoD's eyes at Jacksonville Airport: "we can rewrite their programs before they even come out of the computer..."


  17. They were told in August of 2020 let my people go (look the numbers up on this Mandala masterpiece) and this whole steaming pile of shit can be yours, “no one gets hurt.” There is no reason for them to fight me, only their own egos, which now will have to be annihilated...

  18. "Nothing came easy, nothing came free, nothing came at all till they came after me..."

  19. It goes without saying that this latest piece is hardly of benign sensibilities, but I'm starting to think there is some kind of record for the sheer number of comments that have been removed, including a couple of my own.
    I think the Star Spangled Banner should now be played to the kazoo.

    1. Of course, one could rightly demand that kazoo for many other reasons, including, but not limited to the triumph of ideology over rationality.

    2. Sorry Mike, I had to remove a comment and yours must have went with it, problem is when you remove a comment all the replies go with it, I'm just learning that myself. For now on anything important I have to say will not be said in a reply, just address the commenter and make a new comment.

  20. One thing me and VT agree on

    Hitler the most evil person on earth

    Would never mandate a vaxx on his people

    Took a Jewish controlled world

    To put him in his place

    Time will come when we put you in yours

  21. Your slipping B, your boy has a new book out, why did my people have to tell me this?

    Majestic Disclosure Paperback – January 26, 2022
    by Robert Sylvester Vannrox (Author), Daegon Magus (Editor)
    Book 1 of 1: Majestic Disclosure
    See all formats and editions
    2 New from $30.00
    In July 1947 a UFO crashed into the New Mexico desert, sparking the biggest controversy in America's history. As the dust settled, rumors began to surface around Roswell, and questions started to be asked; was it a spaceship from another world or a top secret military project gone wrong? More importantly what exactly did the US Military discover in the wreckage?
    After what many suspected was a cover up attempt by the government, Roswell remained as something that only speculation could guess at. It wouldn't be until the mid 1980s that documents would be leaked alluding to a shadowy ET tech retrieval team that had been established in response the Roswell Event; the legendary Majestic 12!
    Around the same time the Majestic documents were leaked, a young man was fighting for the most coveted position in the United States Navy, when he was recruited into the very program others could only dream of joining. But, as Metallicman was about to find out, Majestic's goal was much more profound than recovering crashed UFOs, and that is because it was related to the configuration of our consciousness.

    Metallicman is a qualified Astrophysicist and Aerospace Engineer whose name appears on several patents for inventions in those areas. He spent thirty years working for the US Government under the waived unacknowledged special access program known as Majestic, which Metallicman was recruited into after training to become a Naval Aviator/ Astronaut at NAS NASC Pensacola, Florida. Metallicman now hosts a website dedicated to bringing awareness to the reality he was exposed to during his time in Majestic, and to offer insight into geopolitical events.

    Order Here:

    1. Yo, homey-- I ain't no pushah! Folks on here are clever enough to read up on my measly offerings for themselves and extrapolate intellectually from there. Anyway, I've already downloaded several of his choicest works-- the Majestic stories are a doozy-- and bound them together for myself before the internet plug is pulled any week now.
      Believe Metallicman, or don't-- but like Jack's book, anyone who loves a good story will not be disappointed.

  22. The American Intel agencies? Full of cucks and traitors and faggots and perverts and pedos all blackmailed up.

    Best to ignore them and move on to build it back without them. Move to a red controlled area and let their systems collaspe. You want to mandate me to take a vaxx? Fuck you!

    Look at Lightfoot down in Chicago. Total tool but the fools go along with her, to my Chitown pals? Sell your overpriced Cook County houses and move to Iowa or Indiana as its better to flip burgers as a free unvaxxed man than to live high off the hog in Chicago as its time to butcher the hog!

  23. The black gangs are armed and the police are outgunned. The circus is going to get good Jack. The white North subs are full of cuckold men afraid of the coof as I laugh at them. Put your mask on and display your covid papers for a movie and a diner as my cycling chicago pals are all for this stuff. All cycling events in Illionois are still canceled and fear of the coof is over the top. I now mock them for mask wearing on the bike trails. This summer will be really fun for mocking masked retards riding bikes.LOL

    1. It's been a long time coming for them nine, I don't wanna sound like I still write for VT but nobody's ever been more deserving of being eviscerated by Mau Mau mobs. They all made that money pushing paper around in circles and consequently taking a cut of the farmers and craftsman's paychecks for doing nothing. They are the quintessential rent seekers and it's time for them to die...

  24. And while we're at it nine a word about two of the vilest and most disgusting individuals I've ever had the misfortune to witness breathing; Niel Young and Joni Mitchell. Now granted Niel Young, who is one of the ten greatest guitarists ever, has always been a whinny little faggot lyrically but he has never hurt no one, maybe because of the fact that his lyrics have always been an after the fact and nobody took them seriously. Joni Mitchell the Tavistock poster girl rode Bob Dylans coattails to some very underserved fame as a poet, give me a fucking break, and vocalist, I guess some people like the sound of chalk being rubbed on a blackboard, I’ve never voluntarily listened to a single song by her. She on the other hand probably got more than a few people killed in Vietnam. Now these two, in spite of both of them being functionally illiterate, think they know what’s disinformation and what is not in a field where the best investigative journalists, doctors and scientists, including myself by the way, have been struggling for two years to sought out the facts. Not content to just shoot off their big stupid mouths like jewboy Howard Stern these two have taken upon themselves to attempt a coup of the musical venue Spotify by blackmailing them to take down Joe Rogan or lose them as providers of content. I’d like to know how much these too soiled drug addicts know about microbiology. How many papers have you written on it Niel, and I’ll even give you a hint, Southern Man is not a microbe? And Mitchell you talentless pig of an MK Ultra whore, what do you know about microbiology? Rogan who everybody knows I have little use for interviewed one of the people who invented the so said vaccine. How dare you, to paraphrase Greta, no doubt one of your heroes, try to silence him and infringe on my first amendment right? Does Rogan try to tell you how to play guitar? The unmitigated gall of you Young is beyond my abilities to even comprehend and if I ever see you in the street your charmed life is going to come to a very abrupt and violent ending. I will never listen to another Niel Young piece again and I strongly advise anyone who holds their first amendment dear to do likewise. Joni Mitchell, a has been who never should have been, is jumping on Youngs totalitarian bandwagon no doubt just to see her name somewhere other than on her mail but she has proved just what so many soldiers who survived Vietnam said about her back then. She is everything they said about her and worse and I hope she dies spiting blood from that “Vaccine.”

    1. To joni and Niel just love Niel's song about the needle and the damage done and to Mitchel, would be a lesbien to if I could. LOL

    2. mitchel one of the finest women, of course could be a goddess. Just saying...

  25. To much truth for the retards Jack and thanks!

    Speaking of cycling clubs, Chicago has a Rapha clubhouse and of course one needs a vaxx pass and a mask to buy over priced clothes made in China. Rapha is owned by the Walmart clan. Total joke!

    They do have fit attractive women in their club I have to admit but the only female pro sponsored athletes are lesbiens and men dressed up like women! Total joke!!


    This is your future you retards that took that mRna vaxx. And the beauty of it is is that no one will connect it to the shots. You military geniuses never learn I guess. LOL

  27. See, VT getting a bit of history right just like a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day. LOL

  28. Jack: came over from VT and must say you have a good/lively blog going.Concerning those shots:they're not vaccines!They lied.Kary Mullis,inventor of the tests,says they cannot detect viruses or sickness.Again,they lied.[]We are not anti-vaxxers,just anti-liars.Farenheit1400

    1. the pills being pushed on what was formerly known as 'VT' are impossible to swallow, man. I personally think 'Gordon Duff' isn't even with us any longer. I mean, they even post COVID stuff from CNBC and Zero Hedge, or whatever-- shit, even the fucking Guardian Newspaper-- and expect their readership to swallow it.

      Then there's Dave Interesting Odell in the comments section, overwhelmed by the exuberance of his own verbosity, bless 'im, but don't get me started on that silly old Jabberwocky....

      safe and effective ya say, Dave? Or, has your immune system been monetised along with YouTube and Spotify? My arse, my choice-- and it's cunts like you that's put me in prison for making that statement.

      Luckily for our American friends, Biden and Company are getting ready to disappear. Watch this space. (Hint: Florida.)

    2. Exchanged some emails recently with someone purporting to be Mr. Duff. it wasn't...

    3. No comedy writer could have conjured the Biden Administration even in their finest hour. Screaming like he has Tourette Syndrome then suddenly and inexplicably lowering it to a whisper, forgetting where he is and what he's saying, then we got his sidekick laughing girl overseeing the invasion on our southern border, fake woman and fake generals, while Pelosi loots whatever's not nailed down, I was hoping it would last forever B, it makes Twitter so much more entertaining.

    4. Would love to meet minds on Twotter, Jack. But for some reason they sent me to permanent sin-bin months ago.
      Can't for the life of me think why.

    5. Yea well after the first hundred followers in a month they started ghost posting me, but I have a good time with the hundred and fifty or so they've let me have till they cut me off, I will not go back on Facebook, they are an abomination.

    6. Banger: I've seen this happen a few times. The nuclear education series was what I followed. Would have been nice to run some barefoot doctors articles. This BS would be over in a months time. That's IF people cooperated.

    7. I knew we had a terminal problem over on VT when, after years of exposing, and rightly so, organised criminals waaaay over and above local governmental reach and oversight-- but intersecting that local structure at all levels from boardroom to broom closet-- VT then turned around and started pushing an experimental, and evidently very toxic gene therapy, manufactured by these same criminal elites, as a solution to a bioweapon they, the criminal elite branch in charge of the USA, released globally to begin with. A bioweapon VT themselves even warned us was coming fucking well before Chinese New Year, 2020.

      As American humorist, Jim Dean often says: You couldn't make it up if you tried, heh heh.

      (Unfortunately, this humorist is also recommending everybody take the toxic experimental jab; as well as pushing it on their neighbours, kids and grandparents, too, while they're at it...

      HAHAHAHAHAH!! Very funny, Jim-- you almost had me that time!

      Now over to Carol.....or maybe even Dave Interesting Odell?

      Nah. Scrub that Jabberwocky. Yawn.)

      As for people cooperating? Unfortunately, amigo; NPCs don't do cooperation. They only do what's inserted into their low capacity craniums via social media.


    8. Alright on an open post once and just once I will discuss it, just for you B. VT began catching heat right after the first publication of my nine part Behind the Bush piece. I know this because the military intel people that led me there to write in the first place told me this. They told me it was co-opted and sure enough in spite of the first and second parts going viral the rest of it was back paged starting with three. Wanting to show I was a team player, after all at the time Gordon Duff was leading the charge, I gave seven, eight and nine to Gordon Duff to do as he pleased with, in spite of all the trouble it was writing them. Obviously they never got published in spite of the ruckus it caused in the comment sections with their blue-chip readers. After we started the Black Sun Rising series they wouldn’t publish part 2 and Jim Dean writes me telling me I should start my own publication, I didn’t need them, and they were going to down size to just a few retired old guys doing foreign policy analysis. So we published part two here and sure enough it got almost twenty thousand reads. To their credit they published three to six, beautifully edited I might add. The next thing I know they bring in the British version of Liberace to be a managing editor and said homosexual viciously attacks me in my own comment section, incoherently claiming that we wrote Otto Skorzeny found the grail, which we never did, and that he couldn’t of because Wikipedia says he was blowing up a bridge at the time. When I throttled said homosexual in the comment section the editors wrote me and said couldn’t say those things about Liberace and actually edited my comments. As can be expected they lost more than half their readers who came here because the insolent faggot was bullying people in the comment sections that would have sodomized him with a toilet bowl plunger if he even looked cross at them in real life. Seeing as I still had a relationship with some of the staff I continued to submit articles to them, on the strength that Jim Dean and Gordon Duff were still there. After seeing what you just described so comically for the last two years and a recent email exchange I had with someone pretending to be Gordon Duff I no longer believe that. Consequently ownership of the three missing pieces is reverting back to me and I will publish them for my patrons on the first of February.

    9. Jack,I've seen this happen so many times that I have lost count. Same basic theme/material. You start exposing the false reality, ancient history etc.,ZAP goes the site. As the video stated, all tests were lies. How many dead doctors are there now? Basic cure is eliminate white sugar. That's how they stopped the'48 polio epidemic. Before Dr. W Reich, it was the Hindus and their pyramids. A site got zapped when too much info came out. One casually. However, the Hindus still ask good questions - Farenheit1400

    10. Oh, man-- thanks for this, Jack.
      I presume you are referring to the 'historian and photographer' who speaks like a winded hobbit, or something similar. Where on the Good Lord's Earth did they drag that guy out from under.
      The funniest exchange I ever read on VT was between him and Shrimpton after he, the Hobbit, started deleting comments from Shrimpton's very own articles! Then Shrimpton had a go at him and told him to stop censoring his comment section, and that he, Shrimpton, is more than capable of censoring what he feels to be inappropriate comments himself.
      Fair enough, right?

      Then the commenter who was censored thanks Shrimpton, and as a last little dig, the fat arsed Jabberwocky Hobbit Thingy deletes a last few comments out of spite.

      As American humorist Jim Dean says....yada yadee yadaaa.

      What a bunch of fucking jokers extraordinaire; un tour de drole, as the French would say. An American--(or is it? hmmmmmmm...)-- veterans' news website trolled and censored by a fat, unhealthy British 'photographer' (I'm guessing mountain-scapes aren't his forte; but ladies' changing rooms most definitely are; remotely, of course, LOLLL~) who's been hiding under his bed at home in his mummy's house-- self admitted, btw-- since the pandemic began. As well as deleting anyone who doesn't think taking 3 doses of a safe and effective irreversible gene therapy-- that Pfizer's head jew said was neither safe or effective-- is the right way forward to prevent millions and millions of people dying. (Unless they're working class Americans who decided to reserve rights over their own bodily integrity; they can just fuck off and die. Which they won't really, because they know COVID A-- the U.S. version-- is about as dangerous as a poodle in heat.)

      Fuck that lot. Bring back the real Slim Gordon Duff Shady.

      daa-daa-DAAAA; daa-DAA-DAAA; DAA-DAAA-DAAAAAAAA, daah diddly daaah...

      Next thing ya know Alexis Jonas will be telling us all about the Khazarian Mafia. And Dresden. And E. Michael Jones......stunning exposes, indeed.

      Oh wait.....

      He's about as boring as Dave Interesting Odell.

      But naaaaaat quite....

      p.s. Jack, did you ever hear of paragraphs? They're this thing that Famous British humourist William Shakespeare invented, heh heh.

    11. Or here's a great one I read recently on the VT comments:
      Some dude calls Dave Interesting Odell out on his horse shit and Interesting responds with some lame excuse about having caught COVID and been at death's door, or some shit..

      But Interesting actually finishes off by saying: 'You have no idea who you're dealing with...', LOLL.

      Sure we do, Interesting-- a legend in his own mind with the experience to boot. Must be tough at the errrrr, top,,,,up where the winds are a-chill and the paths are treacherous.

      Yeah, Dave. Whatever you say. Now run along and get your 4th jab, mate-- you're waaaaaay toO heavily invested to chicken out now. And even if you wanted to chicken out, (we know you wouldn't because you're so full of shit I can smell it from across the Pond) you can't. Because Schlomo has monetised your immune system by turning it into a subscription service.

      Clever, right? Do let us know how it all works out for you.

    12. Exactly B paragraphs are coming back, I had to unlearn them to write internet articles under the real Jim Deans tutelage, they must be no more than a few sentences for those with short attention spans in an internet piece, but and this is a big but, if one is writing a book you get to finish a thought with the paragraph as intended when Shakespeare invented them, I like that and I like Francis Bacon, I mean Shakespeare...

    13. Actually, B nine sent me a picture of Interesting sitting outside his trailer, he's quite old and frail looking, I felt bad after that for some of the nasty things I've said about him, but the British fruit that's one hobbit needs a beating

    14. "Francis Bacon, I mean Shakespeare". That's a good one Jack. Funny as the early "Roman Caesars". Meanwhile, who built those aqueducts? Definitely, back in the day, there were some very skillful folks. Then there was Edwards little rock pile in FLA.
      The funniest part was when he had to move it to the right location.

    15. Only pulling your extremely long...leg...about the paragraphs, Jack. And spot on about the attention span. Anything more than a few lines of short sentences and you've lost the 'reader', these days. So books are on the way out too, obviously.

      (I'm not sure Shakespeare was Bacon-- I have another theory. For another time.)

      Now they're gonna start vaxxing infants, stateside. With an experimental gene therapy that it's own maker has said isn't working. (I'm sure the nanotechnology designed to hook you up to the internet and control your moods is working just fine, though. Even though it will probably kill you, too. It is a test, after all. And adjustments will need to be made.

      Hey Dave Interesting Odell!!! Go get your 10th booster like a good fellow...heh, heh.)

      Any parent who gives their child that poison deserves what's coming to them. It's just a damn tragedy about the innocent in their charge. I'm really beginning to feel that this is an intelligence test just like that French faggot said decades ago; idiots will line up to terminate themselves out of stupidity and fear 'because of a threat we are going to confect in the very near future'. (Or something like that.)

      MK has said similar more recently. Hats off, there, no quibble.

    16. I've also noticed that when I challenge somebody, who I know is wise, and who stupidly signed away their bodily sovereignty to Schlomo, or was wise anyway, and whom has asked me why I refuse consent to a genetic experiment run by a drug company-- rather than me wasting breath challenging some fucking idiot-- their eyes ALWAYS glaze over with something I can't quite put my finger on; fear? terror knowing they've been had and it's too late to back out now? Whatever it is, it's weird.

      Folks just know. Especially the sentient ones who for some reason bottled it and chickened out under pressure, or misplaced concern for others (enter: Virtue signallers), or whatever. But let's be honest, most of 'em just fear death. Boo hoo, good luck with that. Where do you think we're all going after 70 or 80?

      All you have to say to one of these chumps nicely is: 'but Pfizer's very own C.O. said the first vaccines aren't working, and that you'll need another one; and another one probably twice a year for the foreseeable future beginning this March with a 'new' Omicron version MRNA shot. Now, eventually I'm sure that because Pfizer really, really care about your health personally and also a very healthy population who don't need many drugs to function, eventually they'll hit on the right formula, and COVID will disappear at last. I trust the science, you see. But for now will wait a little while longer because what they've given you so far doesn't work and you still have to wear a mask, and I'd like a bit more data as to mid- and long-term side effects and safety studies which have as of yet not been possible to compile because this is, well, an experimental substance that was rushed out under emergency conditions in order to save millions and millions of lives even though it doesn't really work.... get me, Father? Now, that's right-- you toddle along to evening prayer and I'll have the matron send you up a nice glass of warm milk afterwards.'

      I find this approach effective because many I know who have been Jabberwockyd, if they're being honest, will tell me that 'to be honest, Banger, I haven't really felt myself-- particularly since the 2nd shot and/or the third booster...'

    17. I find it hard to summon up the pity, to be honest. With freedom of choice comes Great responsibility, but since most Normies/Chumps (fuck the NPCs who were already doomed, anyway) have been infantilised by cushty living and the lack of need in the West, especially, and they are about to find out what the consequences of handing over responsibility to a bunch of ***s and a drug company formerly known for peddling addictive anti-depressants running their government really entails.

      Think all the Zombie TV shows and movies are just entertainment? Nah, it's called 'predictive programming'.
      Don't believe me? Check out who own Netflix. I'll give you a clue: Bernays.

      All I know is, Jack, that there's a reckoning coming because here we are, gifted with a beautiful planet, infinite possibilities for the future....but instead the chumps will permit something like Bill Gates stand up on stage and tell you we are now entering into the Age of the Pandemic-- not a Golden Age; not the Future-- the Age of the Pandemic. And vaxxination will be our only way out of it.

      Anyone going along with that troglodyte deserves what's coming. As the old Gordon Duff/Slimm Shady used to say: too stupid to live.

      (I guess for Gordon that might have turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. But hopefully not.)

      There is a sentience sorting underway, Metallicman is right about that, and it's being organised from On High-- only thing that kinda bugs me out is that these Overlords don't really give a shit about individual prisoners-- they're Bog Picture guys, and it's lucky for us that some of us have potential-- 'service to others' types of folk, mainly; because if it wasn't for those good folks-- the whole planet would've been incinerated and seeded over with a clean slate. It's been done before, believe me-- but for some reason this time the ecosphere and flora/fauna is seen as important and will be preserved at any cost.

      Anyway, that might be a bit too much woo-woo for some of your readers so let's leave it at that.

      Nothing that happens in a Prison Complex is supposed to make sense, anyway-- especially when one is the Prisoner.

      Later, homeys.

    18. ....and just a final reminder for anyone who may have missed it-- take it or leave it; it's up to you. You can all guess at the source yourselves, I'm sure (Hint: It ain't Ra or Seth, okay?):

      [America and muppet show] is planning multiple strike attacks [against China and Russia] and will implement the first viable one as the situation matures. The first strike nuclear hit destroying multiple main Chinese cities at once, and then fabricating a reason [fucking very] high on the probability scale. It is disturbing that it is being considered at this time, but the drivers are emotionally driven M-band [power centres] with no scruples. [Read as easily as you or I would scan a news article]

      Meanwhile the Russian and the Chinese have already put into place a first strike plan and are getting systems in place to prevent the United States from launching nuclear strike counter attacks. This is the “counter plan”. This situation is at 72% readiness. So the Chinese and the Russians are [feverishly?] trying to work to get things in place before the USA is ready to start a major conflict.

      The United States is trying to prod and goad the Chinese into action, and will keep on pushing until something happens, then once the event occurs, a series of well planned attacks will take place. Everything is in place this week [w/e 21 November, 2021]. This is the primary (American) approved plan. It will go nuclear the moment the Chinese react to provocations. They will fabricate an excuse if this timeline is delayed too long.

      [Please scan and confirm interpretations]

      Interpretations are correct. not include are the [probable] actions in Europe. Not included are the Israel connections and [the things going] on regarding with Iran, Pakistan, and Australia.

      But if you are weighing in data feeds based on M-noise chatter [i.e. 'secret (😂) discussions eavesdropped upon], then it is obvious that your intel is as good as [redacted] can get.

      As you can sense the entire issue with Australia is floundering and there is a dynamic that can swing to any extreme. Right now it looks like it will "die on the vine", but there are issues and events that could keep it aggressive alive and there is great concern that if the direction heads that way, that the worst case scenario can be realized.

      For Australia, it is the key unknown at this time. If the entire Morrison leadership effort collapses and there is a reverse in policy , the best scenario may be realized. So Australia is the dominant player in the unfolding of the current events train.

      Pakistan is moderating the India *wild card* and for now it appears that this situation is under control and free from problems.

      Europe is a wildcard, and the situation is changing daily. The United States is aggressively using every "trick in the book" to make the EU join in a war, but they are very reluctant to do so. Firstly because they don't want to upset China who remains their largest trading partner, but also they fear Russian retaliation because they know that Russia and China now operate as one. This was shown in Chinese support of all the political and diplomatic spats that Russia has had with Europe.


      Good luck to you all, and see you on the Other Side. And if it's bullshit, well, we have another 5 years of MRNA dodging in front of us-- because these fucking cunts are serious as Cancer. And not just the cancer they intent to trigger in you.

    19. Also: have a read and think about it. Make sense? Utter bollocks?
      It's up to you.

      The entire premise of the mRNA "vaccine" protocol, as it has been promoted, is in error. There needs to be some other alterations in the chemical mixture injected that will mitigate the bad or more worrisome effects.

      This mRNA injection is not a vaccine. It is an injection that is designed to alter the population / society control by the governments that use this methodology.

      The concept is that this injection will require as-needed boosters to act as a shield to all manner of foreign substances, germs and viruses. This is not only attractive from that point of view, but that it will also become a predominant revenue stream to the producers of that injection formula.

      The governments that promote and use this injection scheme do so with no intention of vaccinating anyone. What they want is a platform to easily control, and defend the population with, when they create dangerous viral weapons to launch against the rest of the world.

      The nations favor this methodology as they can include other chemicals and substances at will that would be useful for them to maintaining crowd control, and to manipulate the population. Already there has been developed systems that resonate with the injected mRNA resultant mutations that create harmonics that allow the government to change the actions and thoughts of the injected populations.

      They can thus calm, anger, upset, or create any kind of emotional reactions in the population that they control simply by having the population so injected, and then pulsing frequencies at them through social media.

    20. This system is fraught with difficulties, and none of these were addressed during the rollout phase. And today some of the side effects are being noticed. This includes the biggest culprit with is known as the "spike protein", but others that alter the cell structures in a negative vector downward trend. The enthalpic result is early organ failures, particularly of the critical priority organs such as liver, heart, kidneys and lungs.

      The damage is being noticed with alarm throughout the nations using this type of injection. However, they have mandated that there shouldn't be any reporting of the danger, and the damages and deaths that have resulted so far.

      Unless there is a direct change in the policy positions of the various governments involved, then you can expect an increase in hospitalizations and deaths. None of which will be recorded as due to the mRNA injection, but rather to other causes.

      Due to the number of people so injected, there should be an increase in deaths directly attributed to the mRNA alterations through 2022, into 2023.

      By late 2023, the deaths should be obvious to all, and catastrophic emergency steps would most likely take place by the governments involved, with peak damage manifesting in the 2024 time period.

      This forecast can be changed and vectored to other outcomes provided that a different world-line anchoring program is in planning and in process of being implemented. Unfortunately, [redacted]) and MAJestic (in whatever incarnation it is today) is not operating such a program.

      There is another option, where immediate rectification injections occur and take place that would minimize the adverse effects of the spike protein alterations. There is action in this regard, but we have no information whether it will be implemented by the government so involved. Our supposition is that the results will be tabled and not acted upon for political concerns.

      Prior histories suggest that a "black market" for these modification mRNA injections open up, and would be able to be procured by individuals with the proper currency of value at that time. But whether that will happen in this case is unknown.

      The specific answer to the question is that deaths as a result of the mRNA injections are taking place presently. They will increase in scope and magnitude. By late 2023 it will be obvious that there is a major problem, and that at that time the actions of an increasingly unstable government leadership is difficult to predict.

    21. Is it just the mRNA vaccines that are affected or all Western vaccines?

      Only the mRNA injections are so compromised.

      The problem associated with the increase in causality figures have to do with an unanticipated side effect related to spike protein utility. This is only associated with the mRNA injections.

      Alteration of the spike protein though methodology not associated with mRNA changes should not be a concern. The problem is intentional mRNA alterations. Not the spike protein itself.

      With the other injections operate in other ways, and all have their own issues, as do the "dead host" vaccines, the primary worry and concern is with the mRNA injections that alter DNA.

      If anyone has taken the mRNA injection, the best thing to do is to maintain good health and healthy behaviors. This become more critical as this will help mitigate any potential problems created by the spike protein.

      Further, exercise, always needed, should become a priority. Not just for good health but to enrich cell wall maintenance with fine oxidization. The problem with this side effect is that people continue to indulge in unhealthy behavior when they should start eating better, performing a minimum of exercise and controlling their thoughts.

      Exercise with fresh air is best. This would be a nice walk in the woods or forests, a bicycle ride along a river or a lake, or even a icy swim (Russian style) in a frozen lake.

      If you have taken an mRNA injection you will seriously need to change your diet. Processed foods will need to be eliminated from your diet.

      Both exercise and diet will not, alone, prevent the catastrophic side effects of an errant mRNA initiated spike protein, but they will allow your body to heal if and when the consequences of a errant spike protein becomes apparent.

    22. Bravo B, a breathtaking solo for anyone smart enough to mine this comment section for hidden treasure, this may be the motherload going back to 2017. I think you got it all here, you’ve certainly been doing your homework, yes the Catholics are very big on homework, and they practice what they preach. War with China and Russia is eminent, how else could they cover up what naughty boys they have been, a few billion dead and who’s gonna care whether they were killed by the Chinese, the Russians, the Americans or the fucking mad scientists. Yes I believe Mary Shelly warned them about the mad scientists over a hundred years ago and Bram Stroker the vampires. That’s what you see when you look in the eyes of those trying to get you to join them and take your medicine, eyes without souls, just like the vampires of yore, the living dead. Later Lovecraft would warn them about mucking about on the perimeters of the outer darkness, with their new technological toys. There were things out there that were never supposed to get in but as Billy Shears / Paul McCartney / little Aleister Crowley Jr. said, “someone’s knocking at the door, someone’s ringing the bell, do me a favor, let them in.” And they did. We had a Thoth but now we have Azathoth, like comparing Beetle Baily to Genghis Kahn. I warned them but they thought they were going to carry on and it would all blow over, it won’t. And yea, someone is protecting this place, where there is Azathoth so too there is the blinding light of the shining one. “Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin...” Jim Morrison The Lizard King...

    23. Banger, I know for a fact that what you posted about the mRna vaxx and vigorous excersise and good eating and a healthy life style is the truth. I have a pal whom is 62 in my cycling club whom works for the local health department and is fully vaxxed and has absolutely no ill effects from the jabs and this is multiplied through out this fully vaxxed group.

      With that said I view these survivors as enemies deserving death because they all are in on forcing this upon everyone else. However, they seem to be taking a don't ask don't tell sort of stance upon the vaxx.

      It's a gay thing as they all dress up like faggots and wear gay plastic hats.

    24. that'd be great news for those whom we know and love who came over all funny this past year, Nine. But unfortunately, because it's a massive experiment with unknown substances mislabelled 'vaccines', my information is that placebos were used as a control. A British scientist, Mike Yeadon, has spoken about this recently, too. Varying batches; varying doses; varying stages. (All a completely illegal way of proceeding, of course.)

      In other words, if you were lucky enough not to get dosed your first time, they'll probably get you the second time or with one of the boosters. This is a well thought out plan, massive in scale, and in the planning for decades. They know what they're doing and they know Normie psychology even better.

      Problem is the spike protein and its effect on the immune system/vital organs. So the fitter they are and more oxygenated, the longer it's gonna take for the effects to manifest-- up to 10 years in some cases. If everybody dropped at the same time the jig would be up, obviously. So as with any massive project management scheme, stages and staggering are the only way to proceed. That way mistakes can be caught and solutions proffered without fucking up the whole thing.

      But as the above makes quite clear, the negative outcomes are already being noticed with panic, but political expediency means that solutions will not be rolled out and the media will be used to cover the deaths for as long as possible through 2022 ad into '23.

      What are they gonna do? Admit the whole scam on the 9 o'clock news?
      Of course not.

      So your guys on the bikes in faggy tights might look cool and gay now, but give it a few months or a year and see what happens.

      I hope I'm wrong, but unfortunately the source or two I have-- as well as Metallicman-- have made it clear to me that a MAJOR-- repeat MAJOR-- panic is now underway and war with China and Russia is the only thing that's gonna cover their arses as Jack figured above. In a year it'll be too late. These people are desperate and it's just a matter of time before the huge numbers of lawyers and doctors are successful in getting a hearing for war crimes involving biological pathogens against the U.S. and it's allies at the International Court of Justice. (As far as we know one of the few international bodies Schlomo and the U.S. haven't managed to penetrate fully.)

      There is major activity happening NOW along these lines. Why do you think the Eurozone countries are scrapping all the bullshit mandates, jabs, etc.? Because they are getting their systems ready for massive lawsuits, as well as conflict and mass deaths incoming. Nothing is gonna stop this now barring a miracle.

      We are at a massive Turning Point in our collective history. Especially in the West. Shit is over, man. Only question is what's coming after the bangs and booms. But no way is the U.S. gonna beat a Russia China combo. Dream on, Joe.

      Dangerous times, but read carefully again this last paragraph from above about the spike protein and its effects:

      "Both exercise and diet will not, alone, prevent the catastrophic side effects of an errant mRNA initiated spike protein, but they will allow your body to heal if and when the consequences of a errant spike protein becomes apparent."

      In other words, we have yet to experience and full medical fallout from the past two years, Nine. It's the calm before the storm. Enjoy it while you can, because once the narrative starts to break down and they lose control, things are gonna take a very dangerous turn indeed. They even have the urban gangs armed and ready to go, right?

      Lastly, the whole Russia thing is a red herring. It's only ever been about China-- and you won't hear a thing or two about that on the news, either.

    25. p.s. as far as Austria and Canada and other places that are trying to mandate jabs, goes; my info is that the best thing to do is just sit tight no matter how uncomfortable in the short term you are. Because the authorities haven't a legal leg to stand on, and if they fine you, or whatever, or eventually send some goons to arrest you-- because there's no way they can forcibly inject you, ever-- when all this breaks as it's starting to do now, all you need is a good lawyer and chaa-fucking-cheeenng.

      In Austria they've even relaxed restrictions for everybody jabbed or not. So clearly they're relying on fear and intimidation only to make folks consent. There's not much more they can do short of sending in the army and in Austria? That is never gonna happen.

      Trudeau's weekend comment about his supporting violent BLM protests over regular Canadian truckers was also fucking very, very stupid, so clearly these guys are in a panic and making mistakes.

      Hold fast, the rats are scurrying toward their holes-- but still dangerous times ahead. I just hope to God Russia-China don't lose patience and let rip. That'd be a lose-lose scenario for everybody and they know it. But they'll do it if they have to, too. What's the alternative? Gay anal rimjobs for kiddies in Taipei and Beijing as a REAL American humourist has been saying of late?

      I don't think Vlad and Xi are down with that shit, bro'. Nor are most of their family-centred populations.

  29. Well Banger, I believe Mr. Duff has moved on however, it would be in his nature to leave his beloved site in the state it is in now as he had a wonderful sense of humor.

    Perhaps he canceled them? That's what the young do to those they don't agree with as when your canceled your gone until one rises again and as they say pay back is a bitch.

  30. I have a question for Jack. Why is it that African Americans control a bunch of cool places in our American cities?

    Homeschooled daughter says its because of slavery. Sent her to the University of Wisconsin as money buys the best education. Forty acres and a mule I guess.

    Is it not racist that I can't ride my bicycle through many parts of Chicago?

    Chicago and particularly its south side should be a cycling destination.

    One of my cycling trips to Chicago land is to ride from the State line of Wisconsin as far south as I can and back upon a bike trail.

    The longest trail? 62 miles south from the state line. Gets you into vaxx pass territory in southern Cook county.

    Bottle of Gattoraid? And none for you without a mask or a vaxx pass.

    1. You know these Blacks could have been relocated to rural areas, given some land and taught how to farm it, you would have seen an entirely different and highly productive African American than you do now.

    2. I know a bunch of Rhodesian Boers who'd robustly disagree with the remotest possibility of that solution, Jack. And not before they've tried.
      But whatever. Not my fight.

    3. Yea I know some on Twitter too and some Blacks who hate the ANC more than they do. Black Africans been doomed since the British won the Boer War, the queen poisons everything she touches...

  31. So, with the advent of the smart phone a video of just about every moment under the sun has been recorded.

    Many say the joos stole the data. LOL

  32. Back to the war Jack

    alex I well take Marry Chestnut for 500

  33. Who was Marry Chestnut? To the woke college professors she was the enemy.

    She was married to a high level person in the Confederacy from 1860 to Appomattox in 1865 and documented the collapse of the Southland. The woman had a very astute sense of observation and knew everyone including Lee.

    What to do with our dear blacks in Chicago? Send them to the north subs to steal cars and sell them used in Wisconsin.LOL

  34. If dead people can vote democratic why can't dead people own cars? Should be a effective way to launder car titles.LOL

  35. Well Jack, car insurance can't be had on the South side because the insurance pigs redline. Opposed to the north subs where insurance is cheep and claims are paid. In the north subs a check is cut for a stolen car and they go buy another one.

  36. African Americans are true Americans Jack as they have mastered the grift as a people as who else gets food and housing without working? Well, I do its called Social Security and that's why we have our dear vaxx as they don't want to pay out. Our dear African Americans have low vaxx uptake Jack so who is the dumb asses? Why the readers of VT!

  37. But who set up the grift in the fist place? Why that would be our dearest joos that's who to quote Kaminski.they created the ultimate grifter class as its world wide! We call them banks and corporations and best of the grifter classes are called CEO and CFO and President! All under the control of the joo buck.

  38. Why the joo goo in the vaxxines is just an improvement upon the system of grift with a side benefit of getting rid of the joo buck.

    Just an observation.

  39. So by logic to be unvaxxed is to be the ultimate antisemite! Just trying to help out our dearest joos with their narritive.

  40. That book, Initiation: Human and Solar is the only source I know of that provides a number of points of Correspondence that describe details of events that happened on that day, that I have witnessed and experienced, and has remained so, since then, and now, soon to be for 45 years. Before I even arrived to the place I chose to go to, it was to be a reenactment of an event I experienced about 4 years prior, because of the fact that when I was 19 years old, I had the holy F scared out me during a meditation that involved an intense loud sound that was generating in my head, where everything seemed like it was centered, and feeling like I was beginning to extract out, through my head. I began begging for it to stop. The event finally ceased and I was back in the world of solidity. I started to read and study more, in around 1976 I found a small book by Blavatsky titled: Voice In The Silence, and personally, there is certain amount of Correspondence in poetic form:

    Before thou set’st thy foot upon the ladder’s upper
    rung, the ladder of the mystic sounds, thou hast to
    hear the voice of thy inner GOD* in seven manners.
    The first is like the nightingale’s sweet voice
    chanting a song of parting to its mate.
    The second comes as the sound of a silver cymbal
    of the Dhyânis, awakening the twinkling stars.
    The next is as the plaint melodious of the oceansprite imprisoned in its shell.
    And this is followed by the chant of Vînâ (26 ).
    The fifth like sound of bamboo-flute shrills in
    thine ear.
    It changes next into a trumpet-blast.
    The last vibrates like the dull rumbling of a
    The seventh swallows all the other sounds. They
    die, and then are heard no more.
    When the six (27 ) are slain and at the Master’s
    feet are laid, then is the pupil merged into the
    ONE (28 ), becomes that ONE and lives therein.

    At the point of the dull rumbling roar is when I hit the panic button and bailed out, because I had no idea of what has happening to me, and I really did think I might die. When time passed 4 years later I thought if I went somewhere that has really nice surroundings, I would try it again, through meditation with no fear, and just go, just let it go. When I finished, I got up and walked around a little, then something got my attention, I looked.... and then something different happened.

    Initiation: Human And Solar PDF This can be copied/pasted:

    1. It isn't all that unusual for different phenomena to appear, especially when one is young and just beginning to discover spiritual practice.
      One might think of this as the stamp of authenticity, in that there is this unequivocal experience, which imparts a sense of wonder, and makes both a lasting impression, and a starting point for future exploration and study.
      This work not only can expose energy and dynamics that are beyond the ken of the practitioner, it is guaranteed to do so. The form and the intensity vary, but such always appear. It is for this reason that students seek teachers, and teachers seek masters.
      It certainly isn't everyone who is brought to such a singular experience, but everyone will find through their practice the unexplainable, which is taylor made just for them.

  41. "In her vanity Sophia became obsessed with her reflection in the forms she and Lucifer had produced. She became convinced that alone she could generate the purest form of the great light. Then all the glory of conquering the darkness would be hers and hers alone. She resolved to make love only to herself and when she did a flaming beacon appeared far off in the darkest reaches of the outer void."

    This is from our dearest Jack's story called the fall. A post here from last year. It is simply the most brilliant thing I ever read. Perhaps Jack won't mind if I comment upon it?

  42. Well, David Lynch simply nailed it in Twin Peaks the Return.

  43. History seems to be a personal story. Like where we used to go to Church before Covid. Now? The vaxxers want a mandate at our dearest Church as the fight is bad. We watch them on Tv. My Queen told me that they were fighting over the Vaxx as I of course got angry.

    I personally believe the Spirit created them male and female. The difference was created.

    I propose we gather the greatest theologians here to talk about what Jack just penned. Of course if they come they will simply fuck it all up.

    However, the little Catholic Church in my little town built a place for the town together called a community center. can post a link if you like Jack as I am opposed to private email.

    USpostal has private mail for 59 cents a pop. Sounds like a racket to me.

    The problem with USpostal is that they are run by the most stupid of mother fuckers. The Black community coined that term I believe. Heard it at work. Spot fucking on...LOL

  44. My question to the most esteamed theologists.

    What gender is Spirit

    Spirit is the creator

    as a christian I shall refer you to our dearest Paul

    Talked about the Nine

  45. the problem of Paul for many of you is that he was Spirit led.

  46. Thanks Banger for the intel as all is well up here in the north land as we had a shooting right outside my neighborhood. Apparently he was driving "wrecklessly" and the cops shot up the road. I assure you are little town is safe and the offender will be punished.

  47. Lets take a look at the Sacraments of the Church. It appears that our dearest Jack violated every one of them.

    Is not marriage one of the chief sacraments? What happens when one is broken? What a play upon a screen that would be.

  48. now a part of Americana the classic american song book.

  49. "another 5 years of MRNA dodging" Banger I have good news for you. That meandering N. pole is only approximately 14 months away from a critical junction point. Folks in the know say expect interesting times. Suspicious Observer for mo info. Also,look at number vaccinated and correlate with the Deagle report. Yes,5G is a D.E.W. Army says so. Research Tom Bearden.

    1. Bring it on. I'm ready. We had a beautiful planet, perfectly engineered bodies, a future for us all, annnnnd... the plebs ignored it all, hid in their shoe box plasticated 'homes' and turned to Schlomo for salvation.

      Fuck' em. Let it burn. I know when the poles reverse I'll be taking my surfboard down to the shore sos I can catch that monster wave all the way to hell, heh heh.

      See you there, Nine. Just don't go pushing that fecking blade saddle on me!

    2. If you have time/interest; look up mud fossils. Despite the best effort of those Smithsonian fuckers to destroy history, thousands of artifacts remain scattered across the Earth. An archaeological site,Turkey:

  50. Everything that is happening, everything that is occurring is a glimpse of eternity revealed through the sequential dance of time. This reality is not the source, it is the result.
    Most of spend our entire lives in the result of thought, the result of emotion, the result of action, and this dooms us to a condition of powerlessness where we move nothing and are moved by everything.
    The way through this goes beyond the mind games that most believe make up reality. It is beyond the structure of the powers and principalities that have shaped this condition of existence.
    The vision of truth is revealed through the silence, when that silence becomes a welcome golden warmth, which is it's true nature.
    All this trauma, all this angst is a place where one begins to reclaim their power, instead of always giving it away to those who abuse it.
    Remember Yourself.

  51. Bangor, what do we do with a girl that sings, with a marginal voice and is very pretty and writes tremendous poetry?

    Why we hire the best musicians to put around her but for this song only needed one other.

  52. Of course they added drums and a base guitar after the intro with just her and a solo Guitar. God like qualities from the player. Just saying....

  53. With this dear Girl. Should we contract out the singing? To continue the narrative. To be on top of the narrative is like a cyclist flying down a big hill at forty plus. LOL

  54. well, the good news is that Duff is still with us. The bad news is that to my eyes at least he doesn't look too good at all, physically speaking. But then again none of us are growing any younger. Still, though, Gordy don't look too hot. One can only guess what Dave Interesting Odell and Hobbit Greenfingers-- or whatever-- must look like now.
    Two words come to mind: Not. Pretty.

    Anyway here's Gordon, although he does make some good points: I mean, Kevin cites fucking Reuters as a reliable source and that's fucked up, to be honest. It's a bit like the French military 'experts' talking about Macaroon's trip to Moscow on a popular French TV panel show (don't ask how I know that!) the other night; St Cyr graduates each and every one, no doubt, and get this: as they put forward their 'expert military views' for the benefit of a high brow French audience, pretty much their only 'source of intelligence' about what's happening in the Ukraine and that Macaroon should hit Putin with was the Washington Post and Reuters.

    Let that sink in for a second.

    You couldn't make it up if you tried, right?

    Anyway, here's a very much alive Gordon-- although any Kirlian Photographers in the audience may be able to tell us a thing, or two. I see a sick man and I hope I'm wrong-- Gordon has put out a lot of god stuff over the years and long may it continue. Just don't pay him too much heed about recommending a Jabberwocky up your arse.

    I mean, look at Dave Interesting Odell if you don't think that's a very, very, verrry bad idea.

    (Speaking of whom: Hey, Dave, we know you're an avid reader so geewww awnnnnn: take a bite of the cherry. You know you want to. You do have a reputation to keep up, after all, heh heh. Promise we'll be gentle and won't say anything about Catholicism or the Royal Family. Wouldn't want you soiling another diaper, 🤣.)

  55. p.s. Grrrreat track, Nine. Thanks. Kacey Musgraves is on my Bose Surround for the next month.

    1. Banger, Nashville is happening. All the best singer songwriters are moving there.

      I was watching the country music Christmas special and who did I see in the band? A great LA based studio horn man in Nashville. Boy did that band sound great!!

  56. It's artists like this who remind me there's still something worth fighting for. Air through fibrous, vibrating tissue or a dash o' Heaven on Earth.
    It's up to you. Godless wretches to decide that for yourselves, heh heh.

  57. Go Canada, you fucking beauty.
    Check out this crowd and speech.
    A fringe minority, eh?

    1. Banger, great intel with that Kevin Barret and Gordon Duff interview. My observation upon that? Why did Barret keep hounding Mr. Duff upon his well known pro vaxx stance? As Mr. Duff pointed out to Mr. Barrett that he had an audience. Duff also pointed out how he does not need money from any source as he is self funded.

      Mr. Duff in my observation just pointed out the problem with internet pundits in a New York minute and its this, where do you get your income? Mine comes form Social Security and OPM pension, the Federal Thrift Savings program and real estate investment plus personal savings over a life time of work.

      Barret had Mr. Duff talking openly about Michigan politics and that horrid republican party up there run by that equally horrid DeVoss family. Glad to here that those counties are 96 percent Covid 19 vaxxed up. LOL

      In regards to vaxxines, my dearest brother whom I never met was killed by big pharma one day after an inoculation and me personally developed a seizure disorder after a vaxxine which was passed down to my children. Did my mother get any compensation from big pharma for her sacrifice? Her compensation was in the form of lies from the medical establishment. Still love Gordon Duff.

    2. Banger, lets take a look at Amway corporation up their in Duff country.

      The typical corporation aren't they nothing but pyramid schemes just like Amway?

      In America we have a very popular program based upon the Pyramid model called Social Security. I am talking to someone intelligent here and not in the VT comment section. However, David Odell does make a few valid points about the Church.

      I have a local point about the Church and its this how did they build a huge full masonry addition to their already large masonry Church No one I know has a project of that magnitude anywhere else in town. Plan to go to the dedication to that fine building. Its already magnificent.

  58. The rite of passage continues unabated. Revelation upon revelation, shaking the sacred concepts of modern life, as implanted by the demented meat poppets of Eddie Bernays.
    Auf wiedersehen modern social order. The work of higher power was never absent, not once, but the institutional blindness infected all the halls of power with poison gas.
    Reality Shift gains momentum, as the gibbering retards in power continue to threaten measures no longer available.
    The psychopathy continues to blindly spray the skies, burning down the natural world, exposing their long denied incestuous ties to affrontery, excess, and evil.
    No need to celebrate death, as everyone by now should have a healthier view of what it is. What was begins to return, and Templar Time will provide for the bloodline to rest the curse of the last grandmaster.
    Platonism was never corrupted, it was the blindness that obscured, Error has her role, as She was sent forth. Yet soon will be the opportunity to put most raging beasts to rest, and remove the unworthy from their palaces of harm.

  59. I have a question for Gordon Duff

    does one need a vaccine to leave America?

    perhaps pass a law to make the prison complete

  60. 223 will be more plentiful than toilet paper

    Smart American? Stock up on TP LOL


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