The Depth of the Mystery of Life Dark Goddess Returns by Mike Kay

The fabric of life in the west unravels. The truth concerning agendas of destruction works its way into slowly dawning awareness, leaving in its wake a corroded paralysis. Normal avenues for work and routine disappear. Smoke from the fire that destroys the last recognizable icons of western society obscures the view. The west now mocks itself.

Extinction protocols are in place across what once was a civilization able, however briefly, to break its own fixation on self defeat. Those who still find some point to western society search for solutions, finding nothing to build upon. Perversion, corruption, dissolution are the three states championed by the corporate complex, its government servant, and its banking controllers.

The void now stands open and howling. Fixated stares try in vain to see something, anything besides the reflection of their own painful inevitable demise. Staring, gibbering into the endless depths, the vertigo and terror have brought out the insanity and depravity always lurking behind the scenes. The just are hated. The innocent are devoured. Like demented miners searching for the last vein, the west gouges away at all the pillars that support the stopes, daring the Gods to bring the roof down upon them. This is the time of the Dark Goddess, when life itself plummets into the endless night.

Previously we have discussed this divine principle in the piece, Lady of Light. Therein, we worked with extant sensibilities to bring forth a cogent understanding of how the fountain of the Divine reestablishes itself in the human psyche. From this establishment we now move to agency, for it is the Divine Darkness, the Dark Feminine which is the source for that which existed before the Gods.

The Dark Goddess was well known in ancient Europe. She was a feature of the oldest of knowledge, brought from the ancient Arctic across the distant tarmac. Her memory is preserved in the mystery of Nott, of the forgotten creation cycle of the sun and the Moon. She is remembered in Joerth, whose darkness was darkness upon darkness, impenetrable, relentless, unknown.

Her presence was closest at the caves and the springs, vast wetlands that once spread across the European landscape; still waters, first mirror, the keeper of souls, creatrix of Grendel, Avalon rested within her sacred space. In keeping with their war on the sacred, the west has long rejected her, abandoned her in favor of Desert Gods. Her echoe continues with Lilith, as the puzzled question of the black Madonnas continues to remind us today.

The Dark Goddess is more than a mere psychological fixture, more than an inexplicable remnant of folklore. She is the mystery that can be participated with, yet never unraveled. She is the essence of manifestation, the very forge upon which the beings of creation are made, flourish, and wane. She is the immoveable reality that everything made must follow its arc to perish. She is not female in any incarnate sense, certainly no woman born embodies her. Rather, she is female in the ultimate sense of what the female is; separator, definer, generative and multivalent all at the same time.

All that exists finds itself in the rule of three. The primary attributes are triple; Cause, Balance, and Limit. The first geometric shape built with point, line, and angle is the triangle. Three embraces the essential heavenly spheres, Sun, Moon and Earth. The earliest Swastikas featured three arms. This is the why of the triple goddess. Yet the Dark Goddess partakes of a more pre-experiential understanding, a kind of a-priori knowing that is not limited to manifestation. She is the power and presence behind the flow of the very cosmos. She will always be the shadow of the Lady of Light, yet it is the Light which accompanies Her as she is behind every thought, every feeling, like a cool evening breeze.

Thus it was that the consecration of Russia awoke the peace of the depths. From this awakening, a quickening, and from the quickening stepped the Dark Goddess, in all her forbidden glory, to center stage.

Perhaps here it should be stated that the conditions taken for granted that define manifest life are anything but ultimate. All such definitions, assumptions, ideas, and ostensible proofs largely belong to this existence alone. A greater power that enters this scene, one not beholden to the conditions of this life, thus becomes a catalyst and a nexus for catastrophic change.

The tendency here is to refer to such force as evil, yet evil seeks to obscure, subvert, and artificially replace the genuine causation, balance, and limit inherent in the cosmos. Evil destroys merely to destroy. Working structure is attacked and broken to cause harm, and to assert brutal power over others. The Dark Goddess has no such affiliations. Any such stance is provided by the corruption, terror, and ignorance of those who peer into her depths, not by Her Herself.

Thus the upside down wave sweeping across the west, which includes illogical logic, proof that isn’t, lies and demand for perversion to take the lead, hatred of history, abrogation of cognitive capacities, and totalitarian intolerance to name a few does not derive directly from the presence of the Dark Goddess. She is the depth, which reveals to the onlooker what stuff they are truly made of.

The rite of passage of mankind continues, entering the next, uncompromising stage, where the actual fate of mankind is currently being decided. The Dark Goddess is absolutely central to this process, and so it was neither by mistake or misfortune that she walks amongst us today. She is here because now is the time, yet in a very real sense she is here because she was evoked by western society.

Science, politics, economics, religion, entertainment, have all resolutely taken society to the edge of the void for decades. The supports, ideological, spiritual, and psychological that provide meaning and structure have been attacked with a savage campaign of destruction. Everything from the natural world that is devastated to release its capital, to the delicate sensibilities of infants that require a healthy environment in which to flourish, has been hacked to pieces in the name of greater profit, greater control, greater centralization.

Ultimately, the point of this walk into oblivion was to provide avenues of control for those who do the manipulating. It was to enshrine those who firmly believe that the world should follow their lead, and it was to provide fodder for the decrepitly bored experimentation demanded by those who see themselves as the next gods of man. It is thus, eminently ironic that their play paved the way for the real divine power to enter this sphere. To be clear, such was never their intent. The self described players never had the slightest motivation to sunset the desert gods, or to step aside for actual power. There was no intent to surrender agency, it has simply occurred that the players are only now beginning to comprehend their status as pawns.

Fatima, the consecration of Russia was, simply put, yet another cynical political trick of domination. It was set up as nothing more than another political power grab in a long line of political power grabs. The chuckles in the back room were all about the revamping of dominion, a way to get the barbarians to pay homage, a new/old script with the post text that all roads lead to Rome.

Yet it is the ultimate truth that all boundaries, all ambitions, and all desires dissolve in the scintillating depths of eternal darkness.

Fatima has given Russia a different choice than the west, even as the firmament for both the realm of action in the west, and in the east, is eerily similar. It is this deep similarity that reveals the instigation for action to derive from the same force, even if it might not be easily perceived. Russia’s decision was to act as its’ own immune system, or disappear under waves of attacks which would have been branded as “progressive” change. Their choice, to stand in defiance of the planned genocides, gmo poisoning, and NATO takeover opens new paths of action in the 21st century.

Russia still faces significant obstacles, not the least of which involves its’ own legacy of imperialism and gulag state dynamics, both of which continue display deep scars. It may well be that Russia’s run from totalitarianism simply leads them back into it. Certainly, the legacy of any brutal war is damage, and if that damage is not carefully healed, the resultant trauma leads to long term and persistent re-injury.

The west, on the other hand, is already calcified into persistent oligarchic edifices that do not adapt to new circumstances or conditions, unless the result of more of the same can be believed to be adaptation. For example, it’s been all of 400 years that corporate power has become a functional arm of western power. In that time, western society has embraced and enacted policies that range from slavery, usury, profiteering, and ownership towards the result of democide and planetary devastation.

Currently, corporations are inventing their own law, creating public opinion via campaigns of lies and censorship, and invading the most intimate areas of human existence, all with the explicit approval of western governments. Nothing happens in the west without corporations standing in the middle of it, be they contractors, banks, or broadcast media. Lest someone believe that somehow all this a recent phenomenon, consider the fact that the corporate government empire is a slavery empire.

America was most certainly built on slavery. Indentured servitude was the primary means behind which labor in the colonies was secured, yet as times matured; middlemen such as Aaron Lopez used his Jewish connections to develop the labor of Africa, a feature the nascent American state could not be without. Today slavery is widely redefined by the corporations that employ it, and the governments that sanction it. Hordes of undocumented immigrants work for poverty level wages. Inventions are routinely stolen without acknowledgment or compensation, to be awarded to corporate cronies. Contracts that are binding to the death, and crushing debt add two more favourite approaches by the modern slavery state, but certainly there are many others.

The real success of the corporate government slave state, has been the glee with which the population fully embraces its’ existence. Westerners are actually eager to join the corporate multitudes. The opportunity to become yet another pasty faced suit wearing cog is unquenchable. Slogans and rallying cries designed to support and make excuses for the corporate structure are the order of the day. Summarily supported by such hive mind mentality, the corporate structure is the visible means by which the extinction protocols are emplaced.

Everywhere, the concept of true time is lost. Now, there are only blank stares when those who support this age are asked about the flow of the cosmos. Self interest is the only principle worth remembering, and self preservation is the only methodology of life in the corporate government slavery state. Like Russia, the west is facing real and concentrated questions regarding its survival. Yet, unlike Russia, the primary form such challenges take in the west are from the west itself.  This is exactly the kind of condition the Dark Goddess brings, an uncompromising, merciless take on existence, removed from romance and fake ideologies.

The Divine Feminine is the penultimate shelter of souls. Thus is the Dark Goddess terrible, yet creative. Deep within the impenetrable, devouring silent undifferentiation of the void lies the mystery of life, the origin of flow of the cosmos, the very root of time. This apparent duality of terror and nurturance exists due to preset mental and emotional conditioning, rather than any true apprehension of the mystery. Thus, those who defame and mock creation are most influential in these times. To the ignorant, they seem to possess the keys to reality, yet all they manage to do is to misuse and misunderstand the teaching of the black void.

The west, lost before the vertigo inducing heights, thus idiotically attaches onto the sick and the depraved, as if somehow these shambling fixations are capable of leading anyone, or anything anywhere. This is the activity of the dark power unrealized. Left undiscovered and unrecognized, this force becomes massively destructive, bringing with it catastrophic change.

The key to mitigating such force is in the journey of self awareness, for as Hermes Trismegistus said, as above, so below. The human is a microcosm, and thus the activity of becoming aware of the forces operating within, brings with it an understanding that improves conditions without. In ancient European history, such journeys of self understanding were regularly undertaken, and were seen as indispensible in balancing the forces society had to contend with.

The continuing existence of the west literally depends upon some form of personal awareness taking root. Without this effort there is no direction to focus back beyond manifestation. The raw female forces of distinction, separation, rend the autonomy, the integrity of the essential individual apart. Thus scattered, the individual has the extreme challenge of collecting themselves again, only this time without the guidance of a God like Dionysus back to wholeness.

This becomes the field where only disparate bits and pieces can find each other. Without divine principle, the individual lacks the strength to resist further destructive force. These are now the ones enshrined by western society. Today’s social pundits gush that such examples of extreme wounding are central to their world of “liberal values”. The recipe then, is to shatter more people, especially when very young. The broken condition is now forced upon all, to instill an unalterable dysfunction, a virulent destructive anti-logic, an upside down rejection of everything healthy and normal. Thus, the leaders of the west believe they hold all the strings to make their puppets dance.

The west, which prides itself on high society, surely has noticed, in the last decades that their hold on the creative and upon mastery has been left behind. Whether we are talking about the Fabian Society, which discovered the genius sleeping in the lowest classes, and thence slammed the door, to Bertrand Russell who failed utterly in dooming mankind to dead axiomatic mathematics, or even the great modern mystics of India, the power to uplift, to renew, and recharge all comes from humble places, not from the halls of societal power.

The renewal, the refreshing, the recharging, is now conspicuously absent from the movers and lever pullers. Try as they might to rekindle a sense of their authority, their own fascination with corruption and depravity continues to get in the way. The Dark Goddess has her say where the souls of the wise, the gifted, are born. The next masters will not arise from the structures of the west, but from the chattel, the serfs, the cannon fodder, the betrayed. A very real irony is at work here, and as previously stated, the presence of the Dark Goddess does turn everything upside down.

Obviously, what this means in western society is that true power no longer rests with the elite. Thus it is that the political, social, economic realities of degeneration and decay are all the halls of power can bring. Such a condition, for those in charge, is known colloquially as “borrowed time”.

The cosmos is in no way any sort of vast mechanical creation of indifferent dead laws. Neither is mankind merely a series of electrical impulses, responding to stimuli in a simulation of consciousness. The divine is as real as the light, as present as thought, and as fundamental to this cosmos as breath. The Gods and goddesses are thus super real, existing to form unity and maintenance for this structure modernism calls the universe.

The west invented its cherished nihilism, imagining it to be advancement, perfecting it over the centuries. Nihilism is at the very center of the current genocide on Ukrainians, the current financial warfare on the populace by bankers, the biological weapons poisoning and killing millions by fake medical gurus. Nihilism features sickness on the level of “spirit cooking”, as it always seeks to expand its grip through persistent public repression campaigns.

It is far too late for such a society, now millennia in the making, to make any turn towards redemption, and thus self-preservation. For those who are born in the western world, the onus is now on the individual to become aware of the forces at work within and without. This time too will pass, and after the devastation, and the smoking ruin, the mirror of the void will call to those whose belief in the power of creation is strong. Yet for now, the time offers unprecedented opportunity to expand awareness. This is the true message of the Dark Goddess.


  1. Absolutely stunning work. I really don't know how you do it. My thoughts are thoroughly provoked that now I'm questioning whether that dark force that works on the other side, perhaps a Kalki of sorts, could be nothing more than an agent of the Dark Goddess itself carrying out her will. I'm in need of a meditation to reconsider my thoughts on the subject. I've been in a state of creation-destruction/love-hatred of the two most my life and you metaphorically made sense out of it in a single masterpiece better than I've been able to fumble the words out of my mouth in a quarter of a century.

    1. We must keep in mind, Greg, that our visible world is a result. This means that true agency exists beyond the visible. It is for this reason, primarily, why awareness is so important.
      Thanks for reading

  2. Elements of a viable vehicle in here, Mike.

    “The continuing existence of the west literally depends upon some form of personal awareness taking root.”

    “Without divine principle, the individual lacks the strength to resist further destructive force.”

    The West has achieved success without victory because it is based on exploitation, which is no foundation for any philosophy.

    “. . . the movers and lever pullers, try as they might to rekindle a sense of their authority, their own fascination with corruption and depravity continues to get in the way.” RIP, Epstein.

    “. . . true power no longer rests with the elite.”

    “. . . too late for such a society, now millennia in the making, to make any turn towards redemption, and thus self-preservation.”

    America never achieved the promise of its supposedly noble attempt because it never freed itself from the forces of greed that controlled it at from the outset, which predetermined its failure in the crucible of intent, which it has still not purged of its poisoned ingredients, rapidly killing it before any further attempts can be made, remaining without a noble goal, and no longer even looking for one.

    There was a time, not that long ago, when the goal was there, and clearly defined, now lost in a poison stew of self abuse of profit in pollution, the Brown & Root disease, the Pfizer potion, the blood covered face that Hillary and Huma wore that may not be mentioned. This is America’s Autopsy Report.

    1. Modern society is in love with a whole host of make believe props and stage sets. The measure of achievement is whether those who sit up high convince themselves. However, what is missing is the realization that they need very little convincing, they already believe they can fly. So when they flap their arms really quickly, and basically nothing happens, they will be facing two very pressing inescapable aspects of reality: first that their image of the world is a lie, and second that the image of themselves is idiotic.
      From here, we have America.

  3. Truly magnificent, Mike. The way you segue from the esoteric/metaphysical into the profane and mundane is very special. On slavery, the U.S. hosts a large parasite class of obscenely wealthy who contribute nothing to the productivity of society. This apex of the pyramid requires a huge slave class at the base to support its lifestyle and socio-economic dominance. With the demise of the antebellum south and its more vicious twin, the sweatshop, industrial north, the prison system was created to fill the gap. Prisoners are made to do slave labor for pennies an hour under UNICOR and other such satanic, communist programs. There are over 4 millions laws, statutes, and ordinances in America and the U.S. has a higher per capita rate of its population incarcerated than did the Soviet Union at the peak of its Gulag system as well as communist China today. Not to mention the millions of wage slaves struggling to survive on a pittance of pay. The world's largest open air lunatic asylum is also the world's largest jailer and slave holder.

    1. HD,
      I'm no fan of slavery of any stripe. My perspective is that slavery as an institution pervades this modern society, a condition that is re-branded to avoid the truth.
      Few complex societies escape this curse, but one, ancient Egypt, was able to achieve great things without slavery.
      Thanks for reading.

  4. You're welcome, Mike. and you are absolutely correct. I would add that there are more white slaves than any other race, yesterday and today. A deliberately obscured fact of history is the thousands of white slaves who toiled and perished in the tobacco and sugar cane plantations of the "New World" before and during the Jew financed slave trade in blacks from Africa. Oswald Spengler, author of, "The Decline of the West" on Americans: "A bunch of dollar trappers. No past, no future."


    A very interesting article about Russia and the spiritual forces driving the country.
    Who is Alexander Dugan? The Christian mystic who clearly has the ear of the Russian power elite.

    I am telling you if America is to be saved a spiritual ethos will arise from that evangelical church and it will be Spirit led.

    The Russian Church is patriarchal in nature yet allows for mystical realities and perhaps its your dark Goddess driving Russia? America that I see now is a land of LGTBQ perversion and theives at banks and a murderous military full of perverts. Perhaps when that military dictatorship is defeated the real America shall return however, I see them doubling down for war like a dog returning to its vomit.


    1. In short, the Russian Orthodox Church is a political club it was they who prevented Soviet military might from being depleted to the point where it was no longer effective when the USSR broke up. They are where the real power in Russia resides, they are the Russian people. Edward Stawiarski has written a political article backed up by Dugan's political correctness, yes of course he's Christian nine...
      Read his work, you can start with our own; Return of the White Queen. It galls me that anyone wants to talk about Dugan without reading him thoroughly, because yes, he is the guru behind Russia, and at this point you dam well better fucking read him. Too bad the West is to insolent to have their own guru...

    2. Alexander Dugin is one of the very few Christian intellectuals I respect. I've gone on the record earlier on this blog , stating that his fourth political theory is what inspired Schwab to start up on his fourth industrial revolution/great reset. Schwab doesn't give anyone credit, not even Marx, whom he obviously idolizes, yet the parallels between the fourth political theory, and the great reset are too consistent and too fundamental to be coincidental.
      What the west misses badly upon with Dugin, is the role he assigns to orthodoxy in identity, culture, and direction. Such a role simply doesn't exist in the west.
      I've also stated that Christianity is the closest thing the west has for approaching the divine. It's not all that it's cracked up to be, because in the west, Christianity is also the primary force behind the politicization of what passes for the spiritual. One uses the language one has.
      Personally, I don't see that the west is capable of attaining the kind of sophisticated outlook illustrated by Dugin. The cognitive life of the west is in steep decline, with truly stupid visions heralded as enlightening.
      The individualism of the west is part of that language we can use, and it is for that reason I see an expansion of awareness as the fundamental lesson of this rite of passage, the essential teaching of the Dark Goddess.

    3. The Christianity in Russia is strong Mike, all those people praying, generating their own reality, amplified by ceremonies and traditions passed down from times before Egypt, that's some powerful Magick. Up against what? Anne Rand and Michael Aquino?

    4. No Jack, please do not assign a western conflict value upon orthodoxy. If there is any conflict, it comes from the west alone. Orthodoxy preserves some of the elements of the Platonists, which is what gives them connexion to the divine, and raises those psychic forms above base assumption.
      The west never experienced a Stalin who turned their churches into machine shops and livestock pens. The west, literally has no idea of what it has done, and with the crash dive of consciousness, probably never will. Yet the east is not spoiling for a fight. They are the oak planks that formed the ships hulls, ready to be tested by the sea.

    5. Well Mike I don't even know what a western conflict value is, and I beg to differ with you about the West knows exactly what it's done, maybe not the fucking morons who watch television and vote for the candidate du jour but the ones who run it, know exactly what they have done. And Stalin, before you criticize him...

    6. Western conflict value=Hegelian dialectic, Marx social theory. The west uses this model to orchestrate conflicts across society and the world. They may not be fully conscious of it, or as you say, they may be fully conscious, but regardless the result is the same.
      lets look at one obvious example right now-the Ukraine. The average Jane and Joe in the Ukraine has been demoted to the position of cannon fodder in a western orchestrated war. I've just hear the Ukraine is now calling up their women to military service. If this isn't a bald faced attempt to stamp out the next generation I don't know what is.
      Western conflict value is all about creating wars, chaos, and disruption, busting things down to ever more basic and worse level. Its evil in intent, and evil in operation.
      In speaking of Bolshevism, Vladimir Putin recently commented that Bolshevism was not good for the Russian people, and of course what we had with Stalin was simply an extension of Bolshevism.
      I'm not just criticizing Stalin, I'm actually referring to him as a regressive influence on the entire world.
      I will give you this much, Jack, there would have to be some actors in the west who are fully cognizant of the games they play, but they have no idea what forces are now operating in this world. There is a massive difference between the common assumptions concerning the image of free will and agency, and being ignorant of the very conditions one is fulfilling through that arrogant idea of free will.
      In a world dedicated to free will, there can be no plan, no purpose, no prophecy. The fact that such are always unfolding should speak volumes.
      The west is full of itself, constantly acting with an astounding hubris that belies its own shallow ignorance. Well, if you play with a bear trap long enough, its going to spring shut on you, usually when least expected.
      I think we're on the same page here that said trap snapped shut, right on a whole collection of western planners and social theory prognosticators.
      Anyway, I'm not going to suddenly turn into another analyst for current events. I am here to hopefully shed a little light on the spiritual forces at work. If we choose, we can be like a sail in this wind, and utilize it for our own development. This is an odd thought today, but that's why I wrote this piece.

    7. Not asking you not to criticize Stalin Mike, some might say and have he was the Devil himself, but sometimes "good" is "bad" and bad is good, anyway signing off, this post is up there with our own as far as exposure.

    8. Well Jack and MK, I could think of a few churches that would be more useful as pot farms. LOL

    9. Speaking personally, I believe people should be free to choose their religion. This means that the human religious impulse is respected in and of itself.

  6. Again, we come down to the primary problem. There have always been Gurus, the pontifex maximus, a bridge to the divine. When we left off Russia had Gurdjieff and the West had Crowley. But Crowley hated them, and they reciprocated, not by ignoring him but quietly seething while they kept him comfortable but contained. Now these stupid stupid men think they can operate without no bridge to the sublime, outside what they get from us while meanwhile Russia whom they know by prophecy is destined to crush them has a successor to Gurdjieff; Dugan. I hope everybody who really knows me knows how much I am enjoying this...

    1. Well Jack, there is very little about the west that is ever allowed to be organic, and that includes spiritual leaders that are branded as societal gurus. The last one was Krishnamurti, who besides leaving us a few choice acerbic quotes, made about zero lasting contributions.
      It's as I wrote in this piece. Spiritual masters, like all other genius, is now born amongst the plebians. Agency has left the halls of societal power. The Catholics walked right into this with Fatima, and what is done will never be undone.

    2. here you go mike VT got you

  7. Let me tell you a story about the finest man I know an Evangelical Christian as his wife of 85 has lost her mind.

    No Jewish nursing home for her since the family was sternly told “I can handle her” and I watched him put on the finest show.

    Of course the entire Evangelical Family is on their side since they wish to remain together.

    The Jewish nursing home?

    The finest place to asset strip the American evangelical family.

    Time to say no.

    She will die of old age at home.

    He at 87 is teaching me how to live as he prepares to send her to heaven.

    Love is demonstrated.

    First fruit of Spirit

    Gospel I see

    1. I am telling all of you this as the Nine exist.

      It is the Spirit sent by him and how do we know that Spirit?

      Said will know them by their love.


    2. There is the first love, and it is a true love, and as the ancient Gnostics said, it was immovable.
      This love cannot be broken.
      This love cannot be destroyed.
      Though it looses its ornament through the abuse of this world and it's agents, it gains an adamant understanding.
      The ancients called this by many names,
      Yet it has no name
      It's beauty is the transcendent perfect truth.

  8. I observe an uneasy peace between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed

    Should vaccines be mandatory or a personal choice?

    Should we vastly restrict abortion?

    Can 12 year olds join the US military?

    What is an assault rifle?

    I assure you American white youth are taught from birth about the AR.

    Very unwise to try and take it at this time.

    Question: how do we get many young men to put those guns down?

    What is assault and do we need an American rifle?

    Only American rifle I needs made by Henry

    1. South side of Chicago? Not a rifle issue but a concealed hand gun issue.

      Only carry should be open carry.

      Next question? Exactly why you need to open carry a firearm?

      Go to any American Black Community

    2. AR actually is a contraction of Armalite. Alkaline, first manufacturer and designer of modular US rifle design. Armalite was purchased in total by Colt, of Colts mfg. corporation, and since then Colt owns the term AR, which in the public's perception equates to "assault rifle"
      Globalists, wokists, and ccp operatives waste no time in ponying up with a media that demonizes America and Americans, screeching repeatedly about their beloved AR.
      The media is, of course, simply treachery in buisness suits, because not one of them has the integrity and honesty to actually discover what an assault rifle is, and report thus.
      They will never tell you that the first assault rifle to actually fight was Germany's STG 44.
      They will never tell you that the government lied to you when it stole your access to fully automatic arms.
      They now tell you that an installed professional criminal who opened the USA to direct conflict with Russia against the will of the American people can now proclaim the status of the bill of rights.
      I almost feel sorry for these liars and scum, because they will never know the life of meaning and truth.

      wokists spell check again

  9. Then we went from kenitic to chemical to nuclear then back to chemical and now biological and right now war is Spirit as there is biology of that great Spirit.

    Can’t have a human attached to a spirit.

    Death than resurrection into his kingdom

    As Putin sends chemical bombs at great velocity

    Spirit in his kingdom in charge of air strikes.

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  11. Why do you support and care about the military will be used against all of us at some point in the future? They‘re brainwashed fools anyway, send them off to die, we don’t want them here. They’re serving our rulers in their military for a paycheck, undeserved hero status they’re given, and because most couldn’t do anything else, they have no skills or they were denied opportunity, is every ignorant White man serves in their military and wants to be accepted and be seen as a hero.

    I hope China sends an entire CVN Battle Group to the bottom using hypersonic missiles. I won’t trust China unless they kick the occupiers out of Formosa. Taiwan is China, they have a right to Formosa a right the United States never had to Hawaii or any of the land known as America.

    China, Russia, and others are real nations. There are many other real nations throughout the world but not America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any other fake nation, including Israel a fake nation guilty of ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, recent history.

    United States, Britain, and NATO is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, they’re the real axis of evil. The world doesn’t need the United States is a Zionist colony of brainwashed degenerate willing slaves a degraded culture and society a collapsing violent civilization is no longer civilized with access to firearms.

    Their solution to every problem they’ve created is the agenda, it’s every western nation, including Five Eyes nations, fake nations exist to serve their rulers. People are fucking brainwashed beyond help. Watch the brainwashed fools celebrate the 4th of July a fake holiday. I hate America now the mask is off America, and it’s ugly.

    The United States government is a subverted usurped rogue lawless out-of-control criminal regime needs to be taken down, and it needs to hurt. America needs to suffer the results of a war it started and it loses the loss needs to be felt by its entire population. The world won’t miss America, it would instantly be a more peaceful and better place. America has nothing good to offer the world.

    1. The point is not the elevation of the base to the sublime, E9, nor was such ever my point. Perhaps a little clarification is in order...
      The operation to demonize and reduce certain targeted individuals and institutions to powerlessness is a top down plan across the western world. This same plan requires a military for obvious reasons. The military serves the power in the society, and so they serve the current agents of destruction.
      Perhaps the key word here agency, and the military is there to devour one's agency.
      Thus I do not glorify the military or participation with it, however the legacy of this country is built upon certain premises, the primary one being that the security of the country is provided for by a populace competent in arms.
      It's hard to imagine such can be accomplished without access to military grade armaments.
      It is not glorification to recognize such.
      Western civilization is currently undergoing a rather painful death experience. I've attempted to shed some light on the spiritual nature of this process, yet perhaps I could have done a better job of illustrating the aspects of this civilization that provide some benefits.
      In conclusion, the new master arise from the lowest orders, not because the lower is to elevated artificially, but because they earned it.

    2. The founders were no more entitled to the land known as America than the current occupiers occupying Palestine are entitled to Palestine, recent history Israel’s terrorism, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity supported and enabled by western powers have plundered the world.

      People that fled oppression and tyranny in what is the United Kingdom and Western Europe became occupiers and oppressors, they subjugated people, killed people, destroyed their land, and plundering their resources. They should have stayed and fought their oppressors instead of serving the same oppressors in what is a Zionist colony exists to serve their rulers, people today are brainwashed willing slaves.

      It was never Christian Zionism in the past, it was created in England, it has Oxford roots, it isn’t that old. Younger generations have abandoned failed religions unfortunately they’ve been indoctrinated and brainwashed, they will fight for all things woke, gay, and transgender believing it’s freedom, believing they have the right to sexualize children so they can reproduce and serve the same master any Zionist Christian or Zionist Muslim is serving.

      History is being repeated in Ukraine, and it’s still all about Israel, Zionist global power and control, same perpetrators throughout history the only difference is Israel exists the entire 20th century and 21st century to date fighting wars so our rulers could consolidate their wealth, power, and control, rule the world, and eventually make everyone a slave.

      Barack Obama is an Uncle Tom, he sold out to the original slave traders same as that Uncle Tom Defense Secretary. These members of the White Evangelical Christian Zionist Cult and other cults believe they’re entitled to rule same as any Zionist they serve, they serve the master any woke gay transgender is serving, and so is their army of criminals in the streets.

      They use, exploit, and sacrifice anyone and everyone. They’ve destroyed Black culture too, and people adopted it, it’s uniquely Uncle Tom African-American, and so is America’s culture is half time at the super bowl, literally the dumbest most degenerate people put on a pedestal and worshiped as role models worthy of emulation.

      America’s culture is no father’s, no families, sports-ball, rap, hip hop, drugs, crime, and bitches. They call it progress, and it’s celebrated by that Uncle Tom Barack Obama was groomed for the job, they’re all groomed for the job. Barack Obama was a celebrity President, he drove the getaway car for George Bush. It was the Bush Crime Family created the Clinton Crime Family, same so-called deep state created Donald Trump and Joe Biden is old, he served our rulers almost 50 years, he has nothing to lose. Kamala Harris wasn’t even supported, her qualification is her husband and whatever she’s done making her easy to control like the rest of them. The Biden administration as Zionist as the Trump administration, it is Project for the New American Century.

      Same perpetrators responsible for 9/11 are responsible for COVID-9/11, they’re traitors to America and humanity, guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. It is our rulers losing economic, geopolitical, and military power due to their own corruption, and due to their own actions.

      People like Ghislaine Maxwell from Britain and Jeffrey Epstein from the United States aren’t the worst of it, they’re a diversion same as any other diversion like that shooting in Texas. People don’t care anyway because they don’t believe their team is involved. Supreme Court is involved in all of it the timed rulings, leaks, it’s all part of their divide and conquer strategy, it’s more gaslighting. It’s the Supreme Court installed George Bush in 2000 after the election in Florida was stolen when Jeb Bush was Governor, it’s everything is happening now. They needed George Bush in office prior to 9/11, it’s why Texas and Florida is central to much of what’s happening now not to say the other team has anything good to offer.

    3. Mike Kay - "Just remember that much of what is stated is perspective. Adventurers and merchants came to this land repeatedly over millennia, before the official history began. They traded in tools, in medicine, and cloth to name a few. They had things the locals wanted, and some of them stayed. There are real stories of white tribes living here. Did anyone tell them where they had a right to be? Modern history buries such truth. It couldn't be because of a desire to mold your opinion, could it? Maybe I shouldn't say this, but it's been in print so I will. There are old prophecies concerning the return of the white brother, and what would occur, depending upon how the people were living. There is a direct correspondence to conditions today. I've written a lot, maybe too much concerning agency, but these prophecies really hit the essence of what this complex word means. When we assign moral judgment, all too often, we forget how agency is balanced and revealed. One last point, your analysis all stems from the days of the US empire. Politicians, historians, and media infotainment has banked a lot of gold to convince us that empire and country are one and the same. Nope. This bait and switch operation is done to convince you to give it up for those who want to glorify the military, wokism, slavery, and all those things you rightly hate. It's the mind fuck of mind fucks. It's black magic perped by suit wearing professionals. I write this stuff because I'm an idiot. I stupidly hope it might help people to extricate themselves from the jaws of this beast, to show the reality of spiritual truth, that such is truly powerful in this life. Nothing here can change the politics of empire, it can only, maybe help the individual on their journey. MK"

  12. Fine work in support of the Great Work , the magic of the ' word ' placed in context , magical realism , poetry of the soul , aum intonate , falls only on the ears of the ready . Those deafened by the crushing dance of Shiva are grist for the cosmic mill as witnessed by me in a lucid dream depicting the destruction and rebirth in an eternal ballet . Better to listen closely while the flensing demon removes your illusions , paring away life after life .
    Yes , Jack , i am sure you are enjoying the roiling cauldron nearly ready to smelt a transmogrified Reality , i sure the Hell am .

    1. I am of the opinion these days that the Christian Hell is simply the furnace of the alchemists.

  13. Calling any rifle that shoots full automatic an "Assault" gun is analogous to calling a Corvette or any high speed motor vehicle a "Getaway" car. It's just crude, semantic propaganda to justify an illegal ban on them.

  14. As I age I am becoming increasingly aware of the problems humans face. It seems pretty consistent that throughout history there are those who only think of themselves and how to amass more power and greater control. Unfortunately, I don’t see that ever changing. The question I have – of myself in particular – is what do we do about it and what role do I play on this cosmic stage.

    Combating hate with hate hardly seems to be the solution, even though the thought of wielding a weapon has crossed my mind on more than one occasion. Yet standing passively by hoping all these problems will somehow resolve themselves without some sort of intervention seems to me to be an obvious path to failure. Even raising ones spiritual awareness seems to fall short in the absence of taking action to combat those who seek to subjugate others. So what to do?

    Over the years I have attempted to educate anyone who’s willing to listen and I have become better at engaging people without overwhelming them or seeming condescending. In the end I always point people to two sites: the Jack Heart blog and Covert Geopolitics. Yet this too seems to fall short on my part.

    I said once before that Mike’s best weapon is his keyboard. The same goes for Jack, Orage and company as well. Keep up the good work. As for myself, I believe I may have an angel that could play the system upon itself; to turn disadvantage into an advantage, or in my case turn education, a solid paper trail and poverty into a force to be reckoned with. Yes, there may be nothing more powerful than dealing with someone with nothing left to lose. My physical life … well, I no longer live in fear of losing it. Perhaps I’m just delusional and overly hopeful, but not attempting some sort of action is a guaranteed failure. If I’m unsuccessful I could find myself “disappeared” into the system. That’s okay because I believe I have people watching my back and willing to pick up the ball. If successful, then I hope to (finally) meet you all on Substack.

    As Hunter S Thompson once said, “Insanity is a legal term, crazy is an art form.” I aspire to be an artist. Things may just get more interesting for me. Cheers!


    1. That's "angle", not "angel". What a word and piece for spellcheck to miss. My bad.

    2. Indeed, Mark, those who are moved to act do so in different ways. Much of this has to do with predilection, on an individual level.
      We certainly do not control our predilections, any more than we control our genuine, wild love. Like breathing, these are simply the conditions of experience.
      Thanks for reading, and best of luck on your quest

  15. Does the British royal family deserve the same fate the Russian royal family never deserved? Do you believe the Muslim/Asian rape gangs supported by the British government and British royal family are just another diversion so people won’t focus on the fact the British royal family and the British government have been gang raping children for God knows how long? The British have contributed to corrupting and compromising the government of the United States, every other Five Eyes partner, EU, and NATO. If we didn’t live in a world of lies and propaganda we would free ourselves from the British again so we can free ourselves from the Zionist stranglehold.

    1. The Nine? Already here.

      The nine whisper to you and then shout at you

      Possessed all around you

      Spirit I see says love unconditionally

      Those around you

      And build a bubble of peace

      Firstfruits is love for the other

      Gospel I see

    2. If anyone with a conscience dares to look at the world around themselves, they inevitably discover horrifying things.
      Yet the real question here is not what other people do, it is rather about oneself. Much of inappropriate behaviour as manifested has to do with ignorance, and inability at healthy action, yet there is another dimension to this life, which deepens its mystery. Much of what we don't like in others, is also what we don't like in ourselves.
      It is interesting, to note the levels of "objective" focus in mankind, and to know that so much of what we see is actually within.
      Certainly, on face value, the statements I make concerning efforts towards self knowledge, and the deepening of awareness, seem to have no efficacy in the "objective" world, because they are not political, not economic, not ideological.
      In any externally focused understanding, working internally has nothing at all to do tackling real problems.
      Yet it is as has been said for untold thousands of years, that the way within is the way without.
      If we are going to lock ourselves into an external explanation of reality, a place we simply happen to find ourselves in, then the forces of the Dark Goddess rising are going to create separation and distinction in the very existence we define as objective.
      There is a way through this, perhaps several ways, but they all entail work, effort, and an allegiance to the Divine.

    3. "Much of what we don't like in others, is also what we don't like in ourselves."

      I was told what I was before I ever had a chance to live it. The normal response is to deny, reject, and fight it only to realize you're already fulfilling it as I have. We all like to pretend we're Saint's and some like to pretend to be Sinners. All we're doing is pretending in fear of being our true self because if we were none of that would matter and other peoples judgements on our thoughts and actions wouldn't matter. We want to be accepted, we NEED to be accepted, and so we don the mask even indoors until we forget who we ever were. Then we add add layer upon layer of masks until the burden becomes too difficult to bear and we internally combust into who we truly are wondering why we ever put the fucking masks on to begin with in the aftermath of being unable to contain our true identity.

      I never take anyone serious who says they're the bad guy or good guy or anyone trying to tell me who is the good guy or bad guy. Frankly, such logic is infantile at best to begin with as I am both and always have been. I've seen how good I can be and others and how dark I could be and others. When dealing with true humans you're always dancing these two internal forces within yourself and in them.

      Even as I was told my path all the darkest thoughts and actions I'd have and all the good ones and walking right into it I still did the same thing when I had to walk this world alone, "It's not real". Implying that while seeing through my two eyes some things are real, some aren't and a shit ton of reflections. Few ask themselves who reflected their dark thoughts that led to their dark behaviors back to them and is that person or force working through a person that lit the spark really a bad guy or good?

      Bottom line its my sincerest belief we're all working through some shit while we're here. Others are a little bit a head and others are trying to help others while not losing themselves at the same time. When walking through the darkness the testament is to do it alone, but it's always nice to have a friend or two.

    4. Its taken me most of my life to break free from my own indoctrination and brainwashing. I must be missing the God gene because I’m not buying what man is selling, it’s easy to poke holes in all of it plus there is recent archeological and other evidence, still easy to poke holes in it. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a higher power, good and evil.

      America surrendered its independence and sovereignty long ago, it hasn’t been a force for good, it’s a lie. Destroyed from within, it won’t be able to save itself from itself at this point although they’ve already defeated America. They took total and complete control after 9/11 although they’ve been in control the whole time, their plan a timed phased incremental methodical plan spanning multiple generations. It’s not difficult to go backward through time and see how it all played out.

      America is a lie, it was never a real nation, and now it’s just a Zionist colony exists to serve our rulers the economy and government exists to serve our rulers, and so do you. America isn’t real the flag is as fake and gay as the government. I would never pledge allegiance to anything that flag truly represents, and it’s nothing good. America is a foreign and corporate controlled kleptocracy a talmudic theocracy in many ways the transgenderism is talmudic.

      I don’t have any hope for America’s future. Whatever rises from the ashes won’t be America. Hopefully the good guys win in the end. I will never vote again. 2016 was my last election. It’s a lot to deal with mentally once you break free, see it for what it is, you can’t unsee it, and you will never see it any other way. Ignorance is bliss but it’s impossible at this point to not know something is seriously wrong.

      We’re not going to vote our way out of our circumstances. We’re along for the ride. Just do the best you can, it’s all you can do. I find it difficult to talk to people, it’s all politics. I don’t relate anymore. I don’t have a solution, there isn’t a solution not that I can see. We’re ruled by warmongering psychopaths believe they’re entitled to rule the world.

    5. I will answer both comments here soon. For now, I would like to leave you with the words of the Buddha...Nirvana and Samsara are not two...

    6. America? All good little Pilgrims of that great little society from Great Britton.
      Why the Victor's of any war write the history of any war.

      The country formerly known as America lost its very first war

      Lost all wars their after

      A fine national past time

      Loosing wars.

    7. Greg,
      You comment has the most potential to add to the discussion of those in this section, because your focus is beyond merely venting and rage.
      When it comes to understanding who we truly are, the material, social, and biological explanations all fall short. We often place great import upon the observations of others, yet if we were truthful, we would recognize that the boundaries of what mankind is are beyond thought, beyond feeling, beyond even experience.
      This recognition can be arrived at, but not by any form within this society.

    8. Now, to address our friendly neighborhood rage master;
      The Divine, that which our society defines as God, is in the English language merely a concept. A concept is by definition something smaller than mind.
      People in the west say that they believe in god, or they don't, according to how well this concept fits into their other ideas cannot, most of which are simply introduced by the endless bombardment of media, business, and special interests.
      A good analogy here is the phenomenon of dreaming. In my experience, most people in this society will say they don't have dreams. Such people simply cannot go beyond a conceptual format when discussing dreams.
      However, just because one cannot go deeper doesn't mean the dream experience doesn't exist. It means it doesn't exist FOR THEM.
      Similarly, to dally on in the conceptual realm and play with concepts of God is pretty much all western society can do. As I've written previously, and actually spent quite a bit of effort in attempting to explain, Christianity, which is the religio-spiritual edifice through which the west attempts to explain existence, literally murdered its own spirituality, leaving intact only the existence of faith.
      Thus, the concept of God as existing or not, which seems so real to the primitive western mind, is in effect rather stupid. If one does not have the spiritual muscle to withstand the direct apprehension of the divine, then the best one can do is to act like our example of the guy who never dreams, and entertain concepts.
      God is not a concept.
      Keep this in the forefront of your mind.

    9. Ok, my response was suitably mangled. Lets see if we can correct it...
      the word cannot in the sentence on ideas...according to how well this concept fit into their other ideas cannot... cannot should not appear in this sentence. clever, because this one word completely monkey wrenches that statement.

  16. I find the comments that accompany the articles posted on this blog to be equally important and I must say that as fine an article written by Mike Kay I believe this single comment by Mike may even surpass the article itself.

    1. Well, you must be a real smart guy, I for one am tired of being called a Satanist, a Luciferian, by those who can barely read and believe the road to their salvation goes through a faggot of a Jew in white dress, they will die, and their gods will die with them

    2. Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for reading. Yes, the comments can deepen the discussion. They certainly have accomplished this today.

    3. The Russians of Ukraine just put out a new song concerning the soul of Russia.

  17. The book of Revelations says Jesus is Lucifer Jack.

    Calls him the morning star.

    In America it's not yet illeagle to ask who is Jesus however it will soon be illeagle to criticize those that murdered him.
    Please ask Ron De santis why he loves Israel more than America?

    He knows whom butters his bread


  18. Ron DeSantis? The new tRump.

    And one of the finest American Pilgrims.

    He will make a fine commander in chief to lead us into our next war to lose!


  19. Jack could not help but notice that Biden pulled America out of Afghanistan and one year later they get hit with a massive earthquake?

    Did the land of the Pilgrims get mad because some Muslim stopped growing poppies?

    Curious minds and all no dots to connect here please move along.

    Biden oversaw the final days of America's longest war that of course we lost.

    20 years of war? But no worries there is Ukraine and a fine enemy to lose another war to.


  20. The problem subverted and usurped the government is the problem. The problem is why Israel is always first, it’s Israel unites Democrat’s and Republican’s not America or humanity.

    The problem is why the British are involved in our politics, embedded in their media, and why the royal family is shoved down our throats like Israel is shoved down our throats like it or not.

    The problem is why mentally ill LGBTQ NAMBLA lunatic tyrants and their agenda is shoved down our throats like it or not. They reproduce by indoctrinating, brainwashing, grooming, and molesting children. Supported by a subverted usurped government.

    Left or right there is no good option, no saving a conquered nation. They’ve been successful subverting their Abrahamic religions a Zionist Muslim in Saudi Arabia is no more a Muslim than a Zionist Christian in Texas is a Christian. I can see it because I’m not indoctrinated, brainwashed, and blindly faithful, willfully blind and willfully ignorant.

    Religious zealots in America more loyal to Israel are as brainwashed as any woke gay transgender, and they all serve the same master the roots are the same. It’s mind boggling to me. I’ve given up the lunatics on the left and right will never allow us to free ourselves from the Zionist stranglehold.

    I see these fools on the right fall into every trap set for them, they’re used against all of us, and so are actual White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis will never lead anyone to the truth about Zionism or history, they will never gain support or sympathy, they’re used against all of us. America is dead anyway, it’s a rotting corpse.

    I’m sick of it. I don’t want to live like this anymore, it doesn’t mean I want to die, it just means I don’t want to live like this anymore. I don’t even like people anymore, sick of it. I don’t care about clown puppet Donald Trump or clown puppet Joe Biden. You can identify with either clown not me. I don’t want to be Donald Trump. The Trump Cult is a cult, they identify with him, they’ve become him. Get away from me. I know what Donald Trump is, and I know what Joe Biden is, and I know neither one is like me. I know they’re both professed Zionist’s.

    The world is sick of America and Israel. I’m rooting for the good guys that’s not America. America is dead to me. Wasted my entire early adult life serving our rulers in their military I no longer support, and I can’t stand to be around other Veterans because they act as if the whole world owes them something. Most Veterans want to be seen as heroes, it’s pathetic. Anyone proud of their military service and that fake and gay flag at this post in history is pathetic, they’re still brainwashed, they’re suspect, they’re not to be trusted, wouldn’t take any advice from them or support their politics.

    To hell with Democrat’s and Republican’s. I hate that rainbow flag. I hate the American flag. I hate the Israeli flag. I fucking hate America now.

    1. I suppose your ability to voice your personal pain has a certain cathartic effect for you, in the short term, but in the longer run you are merely destroying yourself.
      Part of this situation really isn't your fault. Yet however justified, you perhaps haven't noticed your refusal to take any proactive measures.
      Only you can discover the path that will enable you to once again employ your talents and abilities in ways beneficial to yourself and others.
      The choice is yours alone, however I would caution you that your rage is quite toxic, and you must deal with it.

    2. I’m fine not a threat to anyone including myself. I’m keeping it simple for the simpletons. America is a lost cause. I’m not counting on anyone in government or in America to save anything.

      I see brainwashed degenerates and people are practically fucking retarded. And you know what? I would I say a person is probably mentally ill if they’re not sick of it or if they support it and enable it in any way, and especially if they’re happy about our circumstances.

      We live in a sick twisted world ruled by sick twisted people are as cruel as they are anything else. I’m always calm. Don’t read your own emotions into anything I write. I didn’t use caps or explanation points. I’m expressing how I feel about our circumstances, call it online therapy. I don’t believe I’m alone in how I feel, what I think, and what I believe, and I would never claim to know everything.

      I enjoy reading your writings, and I enjoy searching for the truth. I know my limitations, and I know I won’t be saving America or the world not even going to try. I’m good. I don’t use alcohol or drugs, eat healthy and exercise. I will never vote again or get involved. I would leave America if I could.

      I know what these psychopaths, sellouts and traitors to humanity deserve. I love my dog more than I like most people. The mask is off America, and it’s ugly. Toxic or truthful? I’m not going to lie to myself or pretend.

    3. Uh huh, cathartic, as I surmised.
      If one persistently repeats a position, almost verbatim, for what is now going on months, it begs the question why? Why the endless repetition?
      Well there are reasons, but according to you, your hatred is actually a game. You don't have any rage, you just portray it in your posts. In other words, you don't truly represent what you write. Rather, you've found a way to get a kick out of posting things you never really intend to embody.
      If indeed what you say is honest, then there is no one need take anything you write any more seriously than the comics in the local paper, or hype in advertising.
      Glad for the clarification.

    4. Not a game. I’ve been lied to and brainwashed same as everyone. There is no arbiter of truth. I have a right to be angry same as anyone should be angry. I probably shouldn’t do it here. I’m not angry with you, you’re angry with me. My anger is under control. What to do with it? You saying I shouldn’t be angry? You can’t talk to people today, it’s a waste of time and effort like voting. I know it’s all an illusion. What has been going on has been going on for years, decades, centuries, it just took this long to get to this point unless you’re referring to my comments you can delete I don’t care. They have a plan, they’re not going to deviate from the plan. What is it you are trying to achieve? Enlightenment? There is no point fighting anyone for a lost cause. We’re stuck in their world. We’ll be free when we’re dead. What should I do? What should anyone do other than help people you care for? Honestly, knowing what I know now, America would have never been worth the sacrifice assuming the military existed to fight for America and freedom, it’s all bullshit. You wouldn’t sacrifice your life for me. I’d risk my life for three people and my dog. I’ve risk my life countless times not once was I thinking about that fake and gay flag. I’m still learning. I don’t have all the answers but I can see the future, you don’t have to be a prophet to see the future. I was a flag waving idiot in the past. I’m retired military, and it doesn’t mean anything other than I was a brainwashed but I do know it’s corrupt, and I know what happens on deployment. People have never listened. I don’t want their help or their drugs. I’m not allowed to discuss the problem might get red flagged. They’re crazy not me. I’m good. I can control myself but I can’t control them, and they’re out-of-control.

    5. Well, whatever you claim is your claim. As you've already stated, military service isn't a godsend, and on that, and only that, we actually agree.
      You are absolutely wrong to claim that there is no one who can speak with truth, because truth, like the Divine, like dreams, is beyond your definition of it. Since you don't know what truth is, your claim concerning it is at best, a shot in the dark, a wild guess, an unsupported proposition.
      I've always wondered at this society, and the people in it. From a certain point of view it's interesting to note the exceptional levels of bullshit that passes for knowledge.
      When it comes to dreams, to the Divine, to truth, suddenly everyone is convinced that they are an expert, when in truth, listening to them is like listening to a three year old telling you the sun is following them around.
      I get lectured repeatedly about the spiritual by people who can't tell the difference between a warm fuzzy feeling and a religious experience.
      So the truth, the Divine, dreams exist independent of your opinion about them. Stop blaming your blindness on others, it's yours alone.
      Mankind actually has a destiny,.
      Mankind actually has a purpose and a point.
      It needs only to be lived.

    6. Anyone claims to be the arbiter of truth isn’t including you pal. Take it for what it’s worth, and it’s not worth much. You have a problem believing you’re the arbiter of truth, you don’t know anything. Prove it.

    7. Again, your rage in your words.
      Yet another game?
      Jack told you to get a handle on yourself, and it's past time you took his advice.
      If you have something to actually say, I will engage, but your posts such as the one above ignore much of what has already occurred, and if you think you are special enough to get your own summation think again.
      Go back and actually read what I wrote. If you then have a valid question you will get an answer.
      However, if you are going to continue to play your rage card, you will be ignored because your posts are like fake news on a hot day.

    8. We don’t have time to enlighten the population is totally brainwashed. I apologize. That said you shouldn’t insult people with knowledge and experience dealing with these people, witnessing the corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse. I know what happens on deployment. I’m just participating. We’ve all been brainwashed from birth. There is no arbiter if truth in government or on television, same thing.

      I’m just saying, we don’t have time to screw around anymore, time is the one resource we no longer have. I understand there are evil forces influencing people, whatever it is it’s evil, they believe it many if them. This probably isn’t the best place to try to reach people. We don’t have time to be too complicated.

      Our population is approaching 340 million people. Same perpetrators responsible for 9/11 are responsible for the bioweapon, it’s COVID-9/11. Vaccines aren’t safe and effective, millions of people their lives shortened, they will live with the damage until the day they die, many will not live as long as they would have if they hadn’t gotten vaccinated.

      I am angry. It’s a justified anger. I’m not angry at you. I’m angry with millions of people refuse to wake up. You can’t reach these Zionist Christian’s, anyone supports Israel, and the woke gay transgender loving lunatics serve the same master.

      These Evangelicals are willfully ignorant, they support and worship the source of everything they claim to oppose. It’s just mind boggling, and frustrating. I’m not raging. I’m pissed off. I want to fight but it’s a losing battle when you’re on your own a minority in your thinking. I don’t understand how people can still be so willfully ignorant and brainwashed considering all that has happened, especially since 9/11.

      I would never claim to know everything or to be the arbiter of truth. I know there is more I don’t know than I do know. I can feel the evil, whatever it is.

    9. Why did I write the piece on the Dark Goddess?
      In truth, this piece was an attempt to make the great forces that shape human destiny more approachable, and more understandable. If we can begin, just even begin to extricate ourselves from the prison we are in, the glimpse of reality thus offered is, as I can attest, transformative.
      If we are going to reach this transformative threshold, then we are going to need to hone ourselves to a workable edge, so that we can cut through the B.S.
      Humanity is undergoing a huge separation, a division and a promise of a future birth. These forces are feminine in nature and expression. To put it a little more simply, large numbers of people have forgotten they have a mother, and she is on the phone.
      In terms of knowledge I do the best I can to present it in an understandable and readable form, that is concise and at the same time artistic. I take this quite seriously. However, I do this on aging machines, without any compensation, as a gift to humanity.
      So, people can hold whatever opinion they wish, on what I should or shouldn't do, but I will write as long as I can, as an instrument that makes the invisible, visible.

    10. I started questioning everything after the Iraq War based on a lie, many of my beliefs now are opposite what I once believed. Much of our history is a lie. People are mind controlled zombies, it’s easy to be a mind controlled zombie if you’re afraid of the truth and being wrong. Many people will die stubborn self-righteous fools.

      Politically and religiously it’s lunatics on the left and right serving the same master although I will say the overtly degenerate lunatics on the left are worse, they’re more violent. With regard to politics Israel is the one thing unites a Democrat and Republican, it’s not America or humanity.

      America was never a real nation. China is an example of a real nation. There are other examples of real nations the history of the world, human history, isn’t central to the Middle East although the fight for freedom is in the Middle East, and London, Brussels, Davos, and Washington D.C..

      The land known as America is a Zionist colony the British still playing a role the government subverted and usurped, subservient to their Zionist masters and Israel. They do want to rule the world, and they can’t rule the world if Russia won’t let them, China too, and the rest of the world.

      I’m not rooting for America is a lost cause. They will collapse America after they’re done using it and raping it same as they collapsed the Soviet Union. Whatever rises from the ashes won’t be America doesn’t exist now, it remains to be seen who will rule over the ashes, if anyone.
      Russia has embraced its roots plus the imposters that founded what is known as Israel today their ancient homeland is what is known as Ukraine. I don’t believe Israel will last a hundred years.

      America is a rotting corpse, they’re going to bury it about the same time they’re done using it is about the same time the boomer generation dies off is about the same time the demographic shift occurs.

      People are motivated by their vices, whatever is given to them, including permission. People will fight for all things woke, gay, and transgender, same as prior generations were willing to fight for whatever they were told they were fighting for when in reality they were fighting for their own subjugation, enslavement, and eventual demise. You have to be impressed with the fact they can brainwash and control people to the point they will fight for their rulers have enslaved them, it’s Stockholm Syndrome.

      I look at some of these people in politics on the right, especially the female politicians, the lights are on but no one is home. I can see it, they’re void of something. It’s a certain aura a glow. And the other lunatics are overtly degenerate lunatics supported by the brainwashed masses. There is no good option politically.

      They’ve got the most effectively brainwashed hopelessly divided gaslit population in history to work with, and I don’t trust the Supreme Court because even if the ruling may appear to be right they’re doing it for the wrong reasons, they serve our rulers too.

      America is done, it doesn’t exist. Should you celebrate the 4th of July you’re celebrating a lie among all the other lies, it’s another fake holiday the flag is as fake and gay as the government. America really is a Zionist colony the economy and government, including the military, exists to serve our rulers not you. The FBI and Justice Department serve and protect them, they don’t have the excuse of being ignorant. I couldn’t do it willingly knowing what I know now. Imagine what they know?

    11. Gordon Benjamin PERIC
      Blog Member
      June 27, 2022 7:51 pm
      NOTE: This comment espoused killing and annihilating people, disparaging whole ethnic groups, etc., none of which is in harmony with the principles, ethics, morals, etc., of the Creation-energy teaching and hence isn’t being approved.

      If the writer wants to submit more reasoned and rational comments, points of view, solutions, etc., they will most likely be approved.

      MH (Russian tribal)

      Nobody and nothing can delete this:

      Seventieth Contact
      Thursday, 6th January 1977, 00:01 hrs

      143. In truth, the Hebraons were the real scum and outcasts of Earth humanity, because through them fights and quarrels within the whole world were constantly stirred up and yet further spread, which has been maintained until the present day.
      144. Earth will only finally be at peace, then, when this power-hungry and bloodthirsty Hebraon alliance, which has declared themselves as a people, and which has split into various sects addicted to world control, and so forth, has been fully dissolved.

      Be careful what you wish for because what's coming could be sooner, not later.

    12. Much has been said, and much more will be said concerning the quickly arriving devastation across the planet. It really doesn't matter if your focus is upon the natural world, the political world, or the military world, because in each case it is standing in quicksand.
      Those who follow the developments in their specific fields all quietly mention that there is darkness on the horizon.
      Yes, the U.S. is targeted by treasonous forces, however such a focus is really way too small to grasp what is happening to mankind. It is, in fact a condition that I write about consistently, looking at the experience the way one might deeply study the facets of a crystal.
      In a sense, the complete take over of the highest levels of western civilization has been accomplished. I wrote about Fatima as the single event that heralded the arrival of the peace of the void.
      All of the west, and soon, all of the world will be staring into that void. Uniquely, the void is the great mirror. It makes what you are visible.
      Who is mankind?
      Look into the void.

    13. We’re definitely not going to vote our way out of our circumstances. I didn’t vote, will never vote again. I will ride it out until the end. I can only control myself. Good luck everyone, you’re going to need it. Enjoy the rest of your life best you can, it’s all you can do. This is as much entertainment as it is anything else at this point. I actually doesn’t fear nuclear war. I do fear biological warfare. Whatever.

  21. Well anon as to drugs and alcohol I suggest good micro brewed beer as that's legal in all 50 states and some good cannibis however, in Wisconsin it's not leagle but no worries there is a pot store right on the state line in Illinois right across the border. You can ride a bicycle there to for some excersise.

    Wisconsin? We need a transgender pro Israel union pot shop as perhaps we can get some jews to run it? If anyone could get pot legal it would be the tribe.

  22. The above post is a joke. It's best to chill out and control what you can control and leave the rest alone and if one has food and a place to live be thankful. And if you are in a position to help someone help them as me thinks things are going to get interesting.


  23. Current (6-13) food plant fires.


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