Theater of Military Operations (TOM) Day 214, 09/25/2022 (excerpt) by Anderson Petrovich Komarov Felix (Cuban analyst translated by Georg Stien)


Valeria Osipovna Gnarovskaya (October 18, 1923 – September 23, 1943) was a Soviet military doctor who fought in the 907th Rifle Regiment, attached to the Stalingrad Front, during World War II. On September 23, 1943, when a German tank broke through the Soviet defense line where she was treating wounded soldiers, she threw herself under the tank with a bag of grenades, killing herself but repulsing the German counterattack. She was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union on June 3, 1944.

 War is a political, social, economic and military phenomenon, which must be treated as a science, not as a street fight outside a bar.

 There is a marked tendency not to understand war itself, while all the while to opine on it. This war in particular, was never seen before, it is a very special context, in my opinion it has been the best prepared war ever, because there were new elements to consider, in particular, the consequences of the attacks, not of the Ukrainians, but of the West. The Ukrainian command made a serious mistake, it misjudged the situation. It had to define either a war of positions, a classic confrontation of divisions and army corps, or to spread autonomous units all over the country, with a lot of "guerrilla" work of special forces. They chose the former, and the Russians were prepared for both variants.

 Already in the first week, they hit everything necessary so that the Ukrainians had no control of the airspace, the NATO command knew that, the Russians combined previous intelligence work, with the information collected during the development of the mission, how to explain otherwise the devastating blow on March 13 on the border with Poland? The Russians fired 30 missiles at the Yavoriv (NATO) military base, where part of the Western military aid to Ukraine arrives. More than 150 mercenaries were killed, and most of the remaining fled to Poland.

 The neighboring oblast of the Kiev oblast, Zhytomir, received between the end of February and April, 4 surgical air strikes. There was no fighting there, there never was, but the air strikes were devastating. Why? Because the Russians first of all destroyed the vital military strategic capacity of Ukraine, i.e. its anti-aircraft defense, perhaps you do not know it, but only in S-300SP that they had in Ukraine, they have lost 3 times the money they have received from the West all together. I am only talking about the S-300SP. Also the planes, which they had quite a lot, while today they circle around with about 15 to 20 repaired planes, sent in parts, yes, it can be done, we did it to take them to Angola.

 The Russians knew, in fact everybody well informed about military matters knew – except YouTube analysts – that it is impossible to change the armament matrix of a country in the middle of a conflict. Training a tank driver will not go overnight, the same applies to an artillery unit, although it is easier. The Ukrainian command has been acting according to the circumstances, while the Russian command has been creating these circumstances. The difference is fundamental, though many do not manage to unravel this simple task. Moreover, concerning that famous Ukrainian offensive, about which I used to ask: and what is the outcome? and what are they going to do? is hardly mentioned anymore. All the while attempts continue, because there is no other option but to try.

 There are people who become nervous because the Ukrainians are attacking here and there. Gentlemen, it is a war and they have the means to do that. Do they have the means to win the war? No, do they have the capabilities to defeat the Russian army, no. Do they have a military strategy, to change the course of the war? Not even remotely. But they do have some infantry, some tanks and armored vehicles. Some damaging artillery, but since September 6 until today, September 25, 19 days, they have only lost many men in attempted assaults.

The turnout by region at the end of the third day of voting on the annexation to the Russian Federation:

In the Donbass Republics, more than half of the citizens have already voted, despite the shelling by the Ukrainian army. At the end of the third day, according to the voting results, the statistics are as follows:

·  The turnout in the DPR after the results of three days of voting was 77.12%


·  The turnout in the LPR after the results of three days of voting was 76.09%


·  The turnout in Kherson region after the results of three days of voting was 48.91%


·  The turnout in Zaporozhye region after the results of three days of voting was 51.55%

What's behind Ukraine's rapid breakthrough strategy. Ukraine has regained more than 8,000 square kilometers of territory in the east of the country – roughly the sum of the area of Biscay and Tarragona – so far this month. It is a sea change in the war. Until now, Kiev had been able to launch counterattacks. But never a counteroffensive. And its significance is more than symbolic. In response to this progression on the battlefield, Vladimir Putin has threatened to use atomic bombs against his southern neighbor and has ordered the mobilization of 300,000 Russian civilians.

 Putin's excuse is that the offensive is not Ukrainian, but NATO. In his speech announcing the mobilization, the Russian dictator spoke of "foreign mercenaries", said that Ukrainian troops "receive orders from Western military advisors", and tried to justify his escalation by saying that Russia is fighting "against the entire military machine of the West". Moscow is clearly having trouble digesting defeat, and even more so when it is being inflicted on it by a country, Ukraine, which many Russians see as a nation of hillbillies. One of the advocates of the Russian invasion in the West, former 'Marine' Scott Ritter – who was the head of the UN inspection team that oversaw the disarmament of Saddam Hussein prior to the US invasion of Iraq – wrote: "Russia is no longer fighting a NATO-equipped Ukrainian Army, but a NATO Army run by Ukrainians."«

 Here is the archetype of the disinformation emanating from the Western press, another filthy »El Mundo« word scrabbler, but this time in Washington. Putin has never said that he is ready to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, I have explained it a thousand times. This journalist knows it, but he doesn't mind lying. If Ukraine was able to recover a little more than 6,000 km2 (and not 8,000), it has lost 116,500 km2 at that very moment. And then he claims that the Russians are losing the war? a defeat? mercenaries? and he doubts it, when they have even sent those captured, and many of all possible nationalities have died, they filmed and photographed themselves in the frontline areas, and the journalist doubts that there are any mercenaries. He also doubts that it is NATO that manages the Ukrainian army, when everybody knows that.

"The enemy hit three times the administration building in the center of Odessa," the Command mentioned in a message on Facebook. One of the drones was shot down by the Ukrainian air force, it exploded, and there were no casualties. A spokeswoman for the Southern Operational Command, Natalia Gumeniuk, indicated to AFP that they were "Iranian drones, suicide drones". These drones will have to be given psychological treatment, besides …  are they Iranian because they were wearing a veil?

 Spain is being decisive in the war: after having trained 19 Ukrainian militaries, now this is added: The Canine Unit of Castellón will train rescue dogs in Ukraine. The Canine Unit of Search and Rescue of Castellón will travel to Ukraine with its dog Gass to train the emergency services of the country, in the middle of the war, and help them to improve the search for people who could be buried in buildings and houses collapsed because of Russian fire.

According to a source in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in all regions there is a high participation of reservists. In 11 regions, the number of arriving reservists has already exceeded the required plan. There is a large influx of volunteers who have served in the military and with combat experience. In light of the report made yesterday at the Ministry of Defense, the military registration and enlistment offices are working according to the new guidelines.

For being Sunday, a day of prayers for believers, church masses and so on, I’ll add this note: A Ukrainian clergyman said during a sermon that the Third Reich was built on correct holy principles. Ukrainian priest Yaroslav Yasenets said during a memorial service for "Cossacks who fought in the German Army" that the Third Reich was saving the world from evil. "And a new force appeared in the West, the heirs of the great Germans, the great Vikings, Siegfried, Hermann, Friedrich Barbarossa, Henry Kramer [an inquisitor, known to be the author of 'The Witches' Hammer'], Wagner, Goethe, Kant, Nietzsche. They were able to unite, and as true knights of Christian Europe under ONE MAN [Adolf Hitler], they founded a power that was built on the correct sacred principles. Unlike the communist empire, which wanted to destroy everything sacred, which wanted to replace them with false values, the state in the West [Nazi Germany] was built on the correct sacred principles and set itself the goal of liberating the world from evil. To free the world from a nation that has implemented all possible atrocities on Earth," he said. "Unfortunately," he concluded, "things didn't go the way we would have wanted them to, unfortunately something went wrong."

On the ground.

The Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft is used in Ukraine. The Tu-214R is equipped with a radio-technical complex that allows intercepting radio communications, as well as receiving information in active and passive mode.

The documents of the terrorists who planned explosions in the republic during the referendum in the DPR reveal, that all of them were trained in Poland and the Czech Republic.

"Imperialism, higher stage of capitalism" (Lenin). "Zionism, superior phase of Nazism" (FpS). The man, who is in fact the leader of the Nazi and chauvinist ideology, where it is customary to wear the symbols of Nazi Germany, which massively exterminated the Jewish people in the 20th century, is recognized as one of the 50 most influential Jews according to the Israelis. The Jerusalem Post. (

 Very healthy exercise, after voting: Ukrainian passport is torn up. (Video)

The Lviv administration reports that the senior officer of the 93rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Matveychuk Valeriy Anatolyevich, was liquidated the other day.

More footage of the morning attack by one of the Geran-2 kamikaze drones on the headquarters of the southern command in Odessa.

In Ukraine, another mercenary of the "International Legion" was killed. The Russian army eliminated the mercenary Yevgeny Brakha. He served 5 years in the French "Foreign Legion".

 Arestovich said that, if necessary, five and a half million Ukrainians could be mobilized. Including students. Arestovich being always so Arestovich. In fact, this mobilization is already necessary and you have been for 7 forced ones, it seems that they do not work very well.

Photo: military activity today 09/25/2022. The red ones are the Russians (of course), and the blue ones are the Ukrainians, the map is made with UKRAINIAN information, not Russian. There are a lot of overlapping symbols and there are several actions in the same place.

Russia does not start wars, it ends them. Today, is Russia closer to Kiev, or Ukraine to Moscow? If you have the answer, then we are clear.


  1. Did you ever here of that movie Austin Powers?

    1997 but the cat was in the show for me to see

    25 years later

    I believe had a cat just like it?

    1. I still do, the Blue Aliens are holding him for me

  2. So correct me if I am wrong but some in authority are saying
    The frequency has changed please go along
    America to a tee!!
    I see as Spirit within me
    Peace evidence of me
    Peace within war without
    Our American government believes they control
    Spirit teaches otherwise

  3. Some estimates circulating on the web. Russia mobilizing 300000,plus China's 200000,also N. Korea going to toss in a 100000. I think Ukraine is about to see what a real counteroffensive is.

  4. Thanks for the update.
    Alexander Dugin recently (Sept 16) posted an article about WWIII. Interesting perspective from Russia.

    Gordon Duff was on radio last week (Sept 21) and said current events are frightening.
    Interview starts at the 1:37 mark and lasts 20 minutes.

    1. Dude all I am getting is a Christian sermon on this, the only sign of Mr. Duff is his picture, you got a real interview with Duff I'd love to hear it but this guy here he gets slapped right off his bar stool in mid-sentence of his sermon he try's that shit around me...
      Now lets check Dugins piece

    2. Ah, that's more like it, we'll run this one. You redeemed yourself, thank you, go see B for your penance

  5. You want to lose a few IQ points create a Gab account, it’s not an endorsement of the other lunatics it’s an indictment of the people worship the source of everything they claim to oppose, and these actual Hitler loving Neo-Nazis are used against all of us. Whites need allies not enemies, it’s the whole world needs to wake up.

    These Christian Nationalists are brainwashed morons beyond reach, including those that claim they’re not Zionists, they share the same ideological belief system, ethnocentric theocratic supremacy. They’re no different than anyone on the other team will support corruption, lawlessness, and traitorous crimes, they justify it because it’s a means to an end, they believe it’s justified. They have no problem killing people in the name of their God same as the other team serves the same God, their God is the government. The right wing and left wing worship the same God because God owns and controls the government.

    I’ve never wanted to rule over anyone and make them a slave, use and exploit anyone. I don’t blame the people are brainwashed I blame the people brainwashed them, still diversity isn’t a strength it is a weakness they use to divide and conquer, they would never allow for peace even if it was possible, and it’s not possible.

    We should be living in peace by now. It’s distressing how stupid, ignorant, and brainwashed people are, many aren’t capable of learning, even the so-called educated are educated idiots. Just venting. There really isn’t that many people can think for themselves, they’re lazy thinkers, they want others to tell them what to think and what to believe, fatheads that eat up the force fed propaganda and shit it out, and it stinks.

    Washington D.C. isn’t a swamp it’s a cesspool full of turds. It’s all a Judaic lie the entire Abrahamic fraud. The New World Order is Judaism, and yes their agenda is Talmudic, it will be their One World Government, and you will be their slave. You’re a slave now, you may not be a willing slave, still a slave. Donald Trump is a slave, wealthy slave, still a slave. Joe Biden is a slave. These people are not free, they’re totally owned and under their control.


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