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We will be changing direction with the new Human and no longer publishing articles that do not reflect our basic core values. Recently we’ve been publishing articles focusing on White Nationalism and Jewish subversion, important issues considering Whites have obviously been targeted for extinction by outlaw regimes installed by the World Economic Forum through rigged elections and Jewish writers dissembling the issues that constitute the current collapse of western civilization.

Unfortunately, some of the very same people who scream the loudest about Jewish subversion are only too happy to promote Jewish obfuscation of the issues such as a recent article blaming America for blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline and promoted in the Jewish controlled mainstream media like it's an epiphany when everyone with two brain cells to rub together knew the very next day after the sabotage who was responsible. The question is not who did it but what is Germany going to do about it.

It occurs to me that Whites who live extravagantly in McMansions, push paper around in circles all day without producing a thing, and curse the virile old gods like Horus as devils while they pray to an impotent dead Jew nailed to a stick are getting just what they have coming. If I was god I would kill them myself. So, what am I doing promoting those who would defend them and act as their apologist?

Views have dropped dramatically on the Human from 1200 – 1500 a day to 200 – 300 while our Substack page is having its best month ever averaging over a thousand views a day. When you don’t believe in what you are doing and it's hurting you financially it's time to stop what you are doing. Consequently, I will be purging the old Human of all offending articles in anticipation of moving it to the new Human. Going forward we will concentrate on the things that have made Jack Heart the best English literature on the internet, things like Humans, the ones worth saving...           


  1. Well done my friend! Stay True!

  2. Well said, Jack; and good call, too, IOHO.
    We were wondering what the focus was supposed to be this past good few months, or so. But given that a goldfish in a bowl has more recollection than your average chump this past few years, at least, allow me to re-post a reminder as to what's approaching in the real world for a change. It's overdue; apologies; and especially for anyone feeling complacent and unaffected by the 'fake war' going on in central Europe (350,000 dead not counting civvies-- but 'Greg' will tell you it's all made up, right?) We might say ripe for the plucking, rather. And we don't mean the shiteaters getting down and dirty in country 404, neither.
    You might further even say: Izz it fooo-turrr? Or izz it pahhssst?
    And sure as a fat girl likes cake, it's only a matter of weeks before EVERYbody starts to notice...
    "Question: Data on the MRNA technology rollout-- is it dangerous?"
    The entire premise of the mRNA "vaccine" protocol, as it has been promoted, is in error. There needs to be some other alterations in the chemical mixture injected that will mitigate the bad or more worrisome effects. This mRNA injection is not a vaccine. It is an injection that is designed to alter the population / society control by the governments that use this methodology. The concept is that this injection will require as-needed boosters to act as a shield to all manner of foreign substances, germs and viruses. This is not only attractive from that point of view, but that it will also become a predominant revenue stream to the producers of that injection formula.
    The governments that promote and use this injection scheme do so with no intention of vaccinating anyone. What they want is a platform to easily control, and defend the population with, when they create dangerous viral weapons to launch against the rest of the world. The nations favor this methodology as they can include other chemicals and substances at will that would be useful for them to maintaining crowd control, and to manipulate the population. Already there has been developed systems that resonate with the injected mRNA resultant mutations that create harmonics that allow the government to change the actions and thoughts of the injected populations. They can thus calm, anger, upset, or create any kind of emotional reactions in the population that they control simply by having the population so injected, and then pulsing frequencies at them through social media. This system is fraught with difficulties, and none of these were addressed during the rollout phase. And today some of the side effects are being noticed. This includes the biggest culprit with is known as the "spike protein", but others that alter the cell structures in a negative vector downward trend. The enthalpic result is early organ failures, particularly of the critical priority organs such as liver, heart, kidneys and lungs. The damage is being noticed with alarm throughout the nations using this type of injection. However, they have mandated that there shouldn't be any reporting of the danger, and the damages and deaths that have resulted so far.
    Unless there is a direct change in the policy positions of the various governments involved, then you can expect an increase in hospitalizations and deaths. None of which will be recorded as due to the mRNA injection, but rather to other causes. Due to the number of people so injected, there should be an increase in deaths directly attributed to the mRNA alterations through 2022, into 2023. By late 2023, the deaths should be obvious to all, and catastrophic emergency steps would most likely take place by the governments involved, with peak damage manifesting in the 2024 time period. This forecast can be changed and vectored to other outcomes provided that a [redacted] program is in planning and in process of being implemented. Unfortunately, [redacted] is not operating such a program.

    1. contd.
      There is another option, where immediate rectification injections occur and take place that would minimize the adverse effects of the spike protein alterations. There is action in this regard, but we have no information whether it will be implemented by the government so involved. Our
      supposition is that the results will be tabled and not acted upon for political concerns. Prior histories suggest that a "black market" for these modification mRNA injections open up, and would be able to be procured by individuals with the proper currency of value at that time.But whether that will happen in this case is unknown. The specific answer to the question is that deaths as a result of the mRNA injections are taking place presently. They will increase in scope and magnitude.

      By late 2023 it will be obvious that there is a major problem, and that at that time the actions of an increasingly unstable government leadership is difficult to predict.

    2. Question: Is it just the mRNA vaccines that are affected or all Western vaccines?

      Only the mRNA injections are so compromised. The problem associated with the increase in causality figures have to do with an unanticipated side effect related to spike protein utility. This is only associated with the mRNA injections. Alteration of the spike protein though methodology not associated with mRNA changes should not be a concern. The problem is intentional mRNA alterations. Not the spike protein itself. With the other injections operate in other ways, and all have their own issues, as do the "dead host" vaccines, the primary worry and concern is with the mRNA injections that alter DNA. If anyone has taken the mRNA injection, the best thing to do is to maintain good health and healthy behaviors. This become more critical as this will help mitigate any potential problems created by the spike protein. Further, exercise, always needed, should become a priority. Not just for good health but to enrich cell wall maintenance with fine oxidization. The problem with this side effect is that people continue to indulge in unhealthy behaviour when they should start eating better, performing a minimum of exercise and controlling their thoughts.

      Exercise with fresh air is best. This would be a walk in the woods or forests, a bicycle ride along a river or a lake, or even an icy swim (Russian style) in frozen water. If you have taken an mRNA injection you will seriously need to change your diet. Processed foods will need to be eliminated from your diet. Both exercise and diet will not, alone, prevent the catastrophic side effects of an errant mRNA initiated spike protein, but they will allow your body to heal if and when the consequences of a errant spike protein becomes apparent...."

    3. Pleasant reading, right? Uncle Sham spreading democracy far and wide, as always.
      And given that the mass genocide of billions (lmfao) hasn't actually happened yet-- even the stupidest must be asking themselves at this stage: duuhhhh, then what was the MRNA rollout really about? And why do I feel so shit after taking 3 boosters at this stage????

      ...the above was a segment taken from a comms that circulated-- let's just leave it at that-- November 2021. And if I recall there was a liddle bit of butthurt when we posted this the last time...folks really were taken in by the ranting fools calling that genocide, right?
      As programmed-- billion dollar coverups of bioattacks gone disastrously wrong are designed to do just that. And oh, there'll be a disaster, alright-- just not for the originally intended victims.
      Known as a boomerang effect in the Game. "Blowback" is such a freaking Hollywood term.
      Later, amigo.
      Hope you have your popcorn ready and the cats topped off on jerky.

    4. You see, already the new format is paying off with insightful comments pertinent to the survival of our readers. Playing kick the Schlomo for a while was fun and relaxing but playtime is over...

    5. Banger, great to hear from you!
      You know I have this dear friend that really is into Hitler and National Socialism so much so I refer to him as my Hitler pal.
      He says that it's a great honor to be refered to like that as he reminds me so much of Loki, Jack's white nationalist writter.
      It's a sad world we live in but facts be told you are so spot on about your comments about that crown and the city of London and schlomo being an effective player but not running the show.
      I believe this change in direction is a good thing. I tried with humor and poetry attempted to convey my opinions on the matter however, communists always get rid of the collaborators after they assume power as how could you ever trust them?
      Jews do what jews always do as their fate is sealed either way.
      They would be wise to join with us.
      I just love the art of your lead in picture and your graphic artist is awesome!
      The art is of the he and she united in embrace more powerful than mere sexuality.
      Powerful art!


    6. Banger, I've always appreciated your commentary--nice to see you back here. Appreciate all the info....

  3. Kick the Crown Corporation, Jack-- Schlomo was only ever a useful side-show; but a very effective one nevertheless. Look into what happened in retaliation after the attack on Iran last month if you don't believe me; hint: it wasn't reported on CNN. And it really, really hurt⚡⚡⚡🔥.
    Note that major events are happening now and will pass into the history books unrecorded. Anybody interested can start by looking for what's NOT being reported. Or alternatively, keep looking out for Chinese balloons, 🤣🤣🤣.
    But now there's a new sheriff in town, y'hee-yah? And rather than our being accused of spreading disinfo, we'd suggest instead y'all kick back and watch what develops in the coming weeks/months at quite the accelerated pace. '23 is gonna be a doozy. And if you're stateside please consider accessing the internet only via TOR and a good quality VPN. Otherwise you'll never find out what's really going on. And no, The Duran and Gonzalo Lira won't be keeping you up to speed, unfortunately...

    1. Oh and we should add, the Brits in some form were responsible for the Nord Stream attack-- everybody except Hirsch knows that-- and the Russians have already confirmed British (and Polish, 🤣) culpability. The Russians also have a series of intercepted telephone calls and texts between ex-British PM Liz Truss and Blinken cleverly and securely done on an Apple iPhone, hahahahahahaha.
      They also discussed-- securely-- a (failed) British attack on Sevastopol using a nuclear device dialled down to a few dozen tonnes of TNT. The Russians struck a British SF base in Nikolaev immediately afterward with a hypersonic projectile killing a few hundred in retaliation for that particular boo-boo. All unreported, obviously.
      (But nukes don't exist either, right Greg?)
      Needless to say Truss is no longer British PM. Saner heads saw to that after the Russians sent a transcript to somebody who matters. But ask her what happened to the British submarine a few hundred kilometres off Scotland-- in water miles deep-- a few days later and just before she was fired, though...
      wink wink.
      So Hirsch's piece was designed to take focus off the Brits which could only suggest Biden and Company are very desperate to keep them on side for something big coming up. Because word is some very powerful people in Britain are starting to get cold feet and would like to take a rain check.....
      (Ukraine's still winning, though! Don't worry, heh heh.
      And "Russia's losing"...
      That will go down as the stupidest headline ever, right?)

    2. I know the British blew the pipeline with help from Poland B, we all knew that months ago and I am livid at Kaminski for persisting to promote that trash piece of steaming shit crayoned by said Jewish author, even after I warned him. Playtimes over and stuff like that will no longer be tolerated amongst Team Jack Heart, roll over Bethoven and let Jack takeover...

  4. Yes and yes and yes. As to what is Germany going to do about it, not the obvious suing Washington, Warsaw, City of London for damages and leaving treaty apparently. The current cast of Pinoccios in Berlin takes the prize being outright hostile to the interests of Germans and German industry. Germany wants to increase their contribution to their own occupiers NATO and their yapping neighbors, the news screams. You know, the propaganda every citizen pays for out of own pocket under threat, called GEZ. Conscription is floated. If Scholz has an independent thought they just say CumEx of Warburg Bank fame. New narrative is the Golden billion, in a racist play that carrots Global South with Shared tribal victimhood. We got work to do.

    1. Orage, the old and reliable Putin-Schroeder relationship is about to grab Germany by the collars and slap some sense into her finally. Or so I've been informed at least.
      Keep an eye on that one. Word is they're two very patient men with an understanding and a love of country; something a gang of rootless itinerants could never understand. Ever. And will strike mercilessly as soon as a window is opened to them by a certain arrangement of associates.
      Nothing is ever as it seems; and previously long standing arrangements as the rats on the other side start jumping ship have been scattered to the winds.
      Tick Tock...
      Its just a matter of time.
      (The invading Chinese Army stationed in Mexico must be getting sun stroked with all this waiting around by now, right? HaHa. The tooled up rednecks with cellars full of ammo are gonna be disappointed. After all, Yellowstone is just a TV show, y'all. And Kevin Costner's just a faggy actor from California.)

  5. Speaking of truth, there is a great movie on Netflix called White Noise brought to my attention by our dearest Greg.
    It's about a Midwest town that has a train derailment spewing out a huge sentient toxic cloud force a huge evacuation.
    The movie is a farce and a wonderful comedy.
    For example this gem of a classic line "I always lie to my doctor" as that says it all right? They lie to us and we lie to them.
    So, at your next appointment when they ask if your vaxx8nated you always say yes.
    Doctors and medical people get killing mad at the unvaxxed. LOL


  6. Can you make this up? Well they did.
    In the movie Jack the main character is married to a woman who is a drug addiction. She is addicted to a drug that treats the fear of death but the drug is experimental and ran by a secret government program with shoddy characters.
    The movie makes a mockery of our system of disaster management and secrecy of governments itself.
    A stunning brilliant comedy.


    1. And "Jack" the "professor" of "Hitler" studies at the local "Hillside" College.
      Just about spit out my beer laughing at that one!


  7. White Noise trailer


  8. With VT? It's on your time table.
    Sleep in wait for the time of day when natural light is best, I would say 11:00 am.
    Not on "their" time table.
    You know what I think of the new management after Duff`s passing.
    However, the Evangelical queen demands that I chill out, lay back, have a beer and enjoy the world that is right in front of you.
    You know that World created by a creator? Not Von Newman's world, the real world.
    The creation is not a Jewish amusement park. Controlled by them.
    Like a spoiled child many jews will grow up and grow a pair and join us.
    What was that jews name that says "I am the destroyer of worlds" as they believe that the ultimate power is destruction. However, creation just continues to recreate itself.
    The ultimate power is the creator.

    1. "Duff's passing." as in passed on dead or moved to another web site?

    2. Has Dean shuffled off, too? His name was recently removed from the Intel Drop. Jim wanted anyone refusing a mystery injection drug companies and their cocksuckers in national government told us were safe and effective locked up in a concentration camp camo.
      Go figure, 😵😵😵.
      And good riddance.

    3. I doubt those guys took that shot B, Duff had been setting the stage for years on it, matter of fact he told me back in August of 2020 that they were going to put all the rural Christians in camps and that was before Orange Jesus even rolled out the shots. This blog already doubled its hit count, somebody doesn't like Loki and I can see why. After everything I've done for him, he calls me a Jew like I should let him take our blog down with him. He better hook up with the Aryan Brotherhood in prison or he just ain't gonna survive it...

    4. A certain Montana faction made a couple of 'tubes with a very qualified individual aimed directly at those C people. The theme was, how the cow is fixing to eat your cabbage. "Cold dead hands", not a problem on our end.

    5. Yes, Jack-- It's clear that Duff and Co. were exit-stage-left'ed some time before things kicked off in early 2020. Voluntarily or not, who the fuck knows. I like to believe the bots pushing the jabberoonies were just that. The criminal gangs (running most 'western governments') responsible for the 'pandemic' thought they had it all figured out, eh?
      Duff did reveal on a number of occasions that 'something big' was incoming, well before 2020-- something 'global'-- and that it had been in the planning for decades just waiting for the right opportunity(ies) to initiate a whole series of events leading to where we are now. Only thing is, nobody figured on a Russia China double whammy.
      Fatal oversight.
      Here's an older classic from VT republished last year-- although whoever republished this edited it, and mixed in that moron 'Preston James'' horse shit to confuse the reader. Strange that-- I wonder if Duff had this published with disinfo from that fucking idiot added to throw the censor's off the scent?
      The first few paragraphs are bona-fide-- and the James' nonsense starts about 11 or 12 paragraphs down-- all that can be disregarded. Disregard the first 12 at your peril, y'all!

      What's happening now-- and I shit you not-- is that whoever's seized control of the US and its military apparatus are actively angling for a first strike-- nuclear-- opportunity on Russia China, and Russia China are successfully countering every move along those lines while at the same time waiting-- it will come-- for an opportunity to decapitate and throw the US into chaos. They have FULL support of their global partners in that regard, and while the chumps are still watching the 'news' and listening to Tucker Carlensohn's take on trannies in the toilets (where else would they be, heh heh), what's REALLY happening is that national governments the world over are preparing for this RC strike and the effects it'll have on their populations and economies, as well as preparing for the effect exponentially increasing collateral, from the safe and effective injections, will have as panicked chumps flee EurAngloLand en masse as governments there get desperate and try to clamp down via police/military (all being drilled for now especially in Europe) this aspect will pan out is anybody's guess...
      The inoculations were an attempt to protect Eurangloland chumps from multiple, phased releases of deadly biotoxins on the rest of the world, while at the same time injecting certain hi tech elements designed to resonate with EMF arrays for mass mind control into those very same chumps. You know this, I'm sure
      ....again, nobody figured on Russia China stopping these clowns in their tracks...and nobody realised the 'global genocide' angle isn't happening-- because the MRNA rollout wasn't 'global'.
      what'll happen next is anybody's guess, but have the popcorn handy!

  9. I create what you destroy

    I Am

    Birth death resurrection

    Nature of Spirit

    Rate of return

    Is exponential

    How can a retard see

    Vaxx8ne injured

    Instructed by Spirit

    Currently a war on teachers

    Like Jack Heart

  10. Canada has a UBI program for its National Socialists.
    They gather them together in one place providing housing, food and free life giving medical care such as vaxxines.
    They are provided free education services that will help them to re enter society in a productive manor.
    All as a public service to the great Canadian people.

    1. Do they have room for some Ohio refugees?

    2. Of course they have room Anon, but all refugees must get vaxx8nated.

  11. Interesting what you wrote about Loki, here, Jack, and about Duff. He wrote that he did an interview with Kevin Barrett, I think it was, just a few days before John Kaminski said he was dead. Maybe Kevin can invite Gordon to do an interview with him again, live video, real time, so that we can know for sure? Or maybe he has a look-alike?

    1. Politely, who cares? This chemical false flag we just experienced is effecting everything from the Mississippi river eastward. Search Vietnam and dioxin.

    2. Agreed this should be the only thing Americans are worrying about at this point. I have a call into my sister Adrienne Esposito the leading environmentalist in the country. VT can worry about who killed Kennedy, I will stay on this as a service to my American readers...

  12. Banger, the things you wrote reminds me about some very interesting posts that Jack Heart and Sage of Quay posted. At 14:00 minutes on the timeline Dr. Astrid Stuckleberger is dealing with the things you wrote:

    -and this equally important one Jack shared: Dr. Lee Merritt with Dr. Thomas Cowan exposing the lie of The Covid-19 Virus & mRNA :

    If only Norwegians scientists who are preaching from their cult pulpits that "it's OK" could take a look at the statistics shown here and look at "the bigger picture", not just one favorite region of Italy, maybe less people would be injured in the future:


    1. First thing is to get rid of Pasteur's germ theory bs. The key to health is your inner terrain. Keep your body at neutral pH. One of the main disease creators is white sugar. Eliminate. Clean water to keep your inner ocean replenished. You need a mineral salt. Himalayan pink or,better yet, Celtic sea salt(France). Here in America,in 1931, we had a cure for all diseases. That gentleman got thrown under the bus real quick. Many alternative health doctors they just murder.


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