Israeli Agents, Not Russian Bears, 'Hacked' The 2016 Elections For Trump

Israeli Agents, Not Russian Bears, 'Hacked' The 2016 Elections For Trump

Fellow German Bernhard at Moon of Alabama had the following omnibus article that may be of interest to our community here. He draws on recent revelations by James Bamford of The Nation and of along with his own observations. Specially for those that still keep illusions of political champions.– Orage

Seth Conrad Rich, 27, a Jewish staffer at the Democratic National Committee, was shot and killed on July 10, 2016, in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC. (LinkedIn screenshot)

Roger, hello from Jerusalem,” read the message from the Israeli secret agent. Dated August 12, 2016, it was addressed to Roger Stone—at the time a key player in Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign. “Any progress? He is going to be defeated unless we intervene. We have critical intel. The key is in your hands! Back in the US next week.” Later, the agent promised, “October Surprise coming!”

The Nation has a new, and way too long, piece about secret Israeli interventions in favor of Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign:

The Trump Campaign’s Collusion With Israel
While US media fixated on Russian interference in the 2016 election, an Israeli secret agent’s campaign to influence the outcome went unreported.

The piece is by James Bamford who has revealed and written a lot about shady intelligence stuff.

Before we go into details here is a short summary of the story. A Netanyahoo aid with intelligence experience contacted Trump aide Roger Stone and fed him news of upcoming releases of the emails that were allegedly hacked from the Democratic National Council (DNC). Later similar occurred with the emails from Hillary Clinton and her political advisor John Podesta. The Israelis informed Stone of these 'hacks' before anyone else knew of those issues.

The 'hacks' were later claimed, without any evidence, to have been done by the Russians. Bamford, the author of the Salon piece, holds that up. However the details he describes, what the Israelis knew when and what they had told Roger Stone, make it way more likely that it was some Israeli entity which had acquired the emails and used them to give Trump an advantage in the campaign in exchange for political concessions.

It has never been proven that the DNC has been hacked. Many people have pointed to Seth Rich, a DNC IT administrator who had favored Bernie Sanders and was disgruntled after the DNC cheated to make Clinton the candidate. He may indeed have downloaded the DNC emails and may have given them to someone else. Later Seth Rich was murdered under curious circumstances. What I did know until I researched on him today is that Seth Rich was Jewish which may have played a role in the events Bamford tells about.

Here now is the essence of the Salon story:

While the American media and political system fixated on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his armies of cyber warriors, trolls, and bots, what was completely missed in the Russiagate investigation of 2016 was the Israeli connection. No details of it were ever revealed in the heavily redacted Mueller Report. Nor was there any mention of an Israeli plot in the similarly redacted Senate Intelligence Committee Report on collusion charges in the 2016 election, or in any of the indictments or trials stemming from the Russia charges. Nor did any mention of Israeli involvement ever leak into the press. Yet I can reveal here the details of an elaborate covert operation personally directed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that aimed to use secret intelligence to clandestinely intervene at the highest levels in the presidential election on behalf of Trump.

Shadowy hints of the plot only became visible with the little-noticed release in 2020 of a heavily redacted May 2018 FBI search warrant and its accompanying affidavit.
Although the affidavit did not specify any individual defendants, the numerous potential criminal charges laid out in the FBI documents spoke to the seriousness of the Israeli plot.

For his intervention in the U.S. election Netanyahoo used Isaac Molho, a 'trusted aide he would send on the most sensitive missions':

The key for the Israeli agent was finding a back door—a covert channel—to Trump. Roger Stone, long a key Trump aide, fit the bill.
Another Trump aide heavily involved in the conspiracy, according to the FBI documents, was Stone’s associate Jerome Corsi, who appears to have been the original contact who connected the Israelis to Stone.
After Corsi provided contact information to Stone, the secret Israeli agent and Stone connected. Then, on May 17, the agent wrote, “Hi Roger, I hope all is well. Our dinner tonight for 7PM is confirmed. I arrive at 4PM. Please suggest a good restaurant that has privacy.” The original plan was for Stone and the agent to meet alone, but Stone wanted to bring Corsi along as backup. “I am uncomfortable meeting without Jerry,” Stone wrote, and then rescheduled the dinner for the next day.

According to the FBI warrant, the same day that Stone communicated with the Israeli agent, he began Googling some very strange terms, including “guccifer” and “dcleaks.” It would be nearly a month before those same terms would make headlines around the world. On June 14, The Washington Post reported that the DNC had been hacked by Russian government agents. The next day, someone calling himself “Guccifer 2.0” took credit for the attack. He claimed to be an American hacktivist, but according to a Justice Department indictment in July 2018, he was actually a Russian GRU employee. Soon afterward, the website DCLeaks—another front for the GRU—began releasing hacked Democratic Party documents.

There is no evidence that the GRU, a military(!) spy service, had anything to do with the 'hack', the Guccifer entity or with DCLeaks. The claims  were always evidence free and never made sense. But before these entities stepped into the world the Israeli spy briefed Roger Stone on them:

The timing implies that the Israeli agent was Stone’s most likely source of confirmed details of a Russian cyberattack on the DNC, a month before it became known to anyone outside of the Kremlin and the GRU. If that’s the case, there are two critical questions: How did the Israeli agent know, and why was he revealing the details to a close associate of Trump rather than to the Obama administration, Israel’s supposed ally?

The obvious answer is of course that there were no Russians involved and that the Israelis, maybe through Seth Rich, did the 'hacking':

On May 18, the day after Stone’s Google searches, Stone, Corsi, and the Israeli agent met for dinner at the 21 Club on 52nd Street in New York City.
The next day, the agent pressed Stone in an e-mail: “Did You Talk To Trump This Morning? Any News?” But Stone was coy. “Contact made—interrupted—mood good.”

Then, in early June, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee Report, Stone learned that Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks, was about to release something “big.” Stone relayed the details to Rick Gates, Trump’s deputy campaign manager, and told him that Assange appeared to have Clinton’s e-mails. Yet it wasn’t until later, on June 12, that Assange would publicly announce that WikiLeaks had “emails relating to Hillary Clinton which are pending publication.”

However it was later proven that Stone had never been in contact with Assange or Wikileaks. Someone else must have told him that Wikileaks had or soon would have the Clinton emails and would release them. – More at Moon Of Alabama along with pertinent commentary


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